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#epel i love u
melo-nyan · 13 days ago
Oh wow i actually finished it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The crown part gave me arthritis
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melo-nyan · a month ago
Happy late birthday gift to the cutest and most manly country bumpkin, my beloved, Epel Felmier (grown up ver. Bc i wanted to kill myself)
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Tumblr media
Now give me your last name pls 💍
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melo-nyan · a month ago
Now I know why my mutual told me I was brave to simp for Epel before his birthday. His groovy killed me
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ruru-ni · a month ago
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melo-nyan · a month ago
I... I love you so much
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah bye 😍😍😍😍 I replaced them with the cutest manliest man on Earth
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melo-nyan · a month ago
I fell inlove with Epel Felmier and I am flabbergasted with the amount of nsfw and yandere content he has JDNSJDJDJDJD HES 17 (yes turning) HES LACKING FLUFF CONTENT AND WHERE IS THE SLOWBURN FIC❗❗❗❗ I NEED A SCENARIO WHERE ITS AUTUMN CARNIVAL AND THERES LIKE— games that test ur strength and masculinity, Epel who has a crush on gn!reader notices that they've been ogling that one prize but then they doubt their own strength so Epel tries to win it for them + to impress his crush and he fortunately wins it and then and then— reader gives him a kith as a thanks AAAAAAASSAAAAAAAAHDJSJDJEJDKEJFKDIDJDKSKDJDJJWSEOFKSJDOWIJDJAAAAAAQAQAQQQAAJEJWJJDKEKJDJDJJSJFNSJFJDJNDJFJDNDNDJDJFJ
*Sighs* Epel.
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squid-god-supreme · 5 months ago
This is a bit late but you know why I ship you with Idia so I'ma tell you why I ship you with Belphie because sleepy bastard would like the emotional support you give him. I just think you two would be so cute together. Hold him and sleep together, cuddle!
Can we also pls talk about how OM! is from the looks of it giving us hot women pls?
Ogsunwkwneow belphie is my favorite brother- and I'd give that salty down all the emotional support he need, my touch starved self need a cuddle monster!
Also alsnalbs I for rid of obey me but since this new event plus my birthday is coming up- I might get it again lol, belphie books so cute alabaksns and barb- honly jebus Christ Barb looks so hot like- goth gf goth gf goth gf goth gf goth gf goth gf goth ahhhhhhh-
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venenumpple · 5 months ago
Epel ssr voice lines spoilers???
He mentions something about his parents...
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venenumpple · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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ihaveanidia · 8 months ago
Yall im so soft for this
My brain: does not function my
My heart:
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twstedsnoot · 2 days ago
list of twisted wonderland guys i have very serious very real beef with:
*note - this is not very serious very real beef*
ace trappola - rude little man. first instinct upon meeting someone who was pretty obviously not having the best time was to lead them into a false sense of security and THEN mock them. u know that one john mulaney bit which is all ‘thirteen year olds are the meanest people in the world’? yes i know he’s a high schooler but thats him 
trey clover: made me think using oyster sauce in baking was legit for a whole second and i haven’t forgiven him 
cater diamond: instagrammer. 
leona kingscholar: old. also tried to dust ruggie BEFORE he got inked and it was kinda cringe 
jade leech: im so sorry to all the people who want to kiss him his vibes are just off. also i think he would try and make me eat mushrooms and though they aren’t guaranteed to be poisonous i am not taking my chances
jamil viper: dragged us into his problems and got upset when we fucked around and found out. u literally asked for this buddy not my problem u couldn’t micromanage ur scheme well enough
vil schoenheit: admirable work ethic i think however not sure if i entirely agree with his tough love approach or what he thinks beauty is. also i know he’s paying us but he is in my house and i want him out 
epel felmier: misognyist but only a little bit 💜
dire crowley: if dire crowley was dangling from a cliff and i was the only person in that moment who had the ability to help him i would, by all means, be willing to pull him up. but before that i’d stand over him looking into his stupid birds eyes so he knows that he is at my mercy in this moment and he lives or dies by my whim. 
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magebirdi · 5 days ago
🌹🦁🐺🍎!!! for the twst ocs asks
luna i love u thank u so so so much for sending this!! uwu ♥♥♥
🌹 what relationship does your oc have with riddle?
At the start of the story, their relationship isn't good at all. Like Rose gets the need for order, but she hates how he goes about doing it. After the end of the first chapter, she starts to warm up to him pretty quickly. Even though Riddle is technically a year older than her, she decides she's going to be his honorary mom (because his actual mom sucks) and makes sure the poor guy loosens up a bit. It gets to a point where she regularly goes to Riddle for help.
🦁 what relationship does your oc have with Leona?
Their relationship also isn't all that good, and I'm not sure it ever gets too much better?? She gets that he's a total tsundere, but she doesn't want to deal with getting past his dismissive exterior to get to the heart of gold underneath. He also doesn't fully apologize for everything that happened during his little arc/chapter two, so she's not all that fond of him.
(She does love his nephew, though. Cheka is downright adorable and she'll always volunteer to babysit him despite not liking his uncle.)
🐺 what relationship does your oc have with Jack?
Rose absolutely adores Jack in a totally platonic way. She loves how dedicated he is to his values, and also is so happy to finally have a NRC friend that doesn't regularly cause chaos. I like to think that she goes to him whenever she needs a break from the others, and also goes to him whenever they need to study for some exam. They're totally a brOTP.
🍎 what relationship does your oc have with Epel?
I haven't really seen Epel yet in canon, so I don't think I can go super in-depth with their relationship. But I do know his whole thing is wanting to come across as more manly, and I think Rose would lowkey vibe with that? She likes pushing gender boundaries with her clothing choice and overall appearance, so I could theoretically see them bonding over not wanting to be perceived as super feminine.
But if he's as babie/as much of a cinnamon roll as some things have made him out to be, then she's totally adopting him on top of all that, too.
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softyswork · 6 days ago
tw noncon; glamorising(?), mental torture
hii softy, i hope ur doing well, feeling horny so i hope u don’t mind if i dump some of my horny thoughts for tonight featuring the pom pom bois (*´-`)
there’s just something about pomefiore perhaps it’s the mean girls vibe which i’m digging? who knows anyways.. vil and rook would concoct various potions and poison to use to experiment on poor little scared reader, but there’s no need to fret! they’ll do their best to glam you up and make you look absolutely stunning,, that is, before they violate ur sweet beautiful flower, before they do, they need to have a limp, motionless broken doll to ensure a smooth process, so try all your might to fight back, it makes it easier! to manipulate and torture poor reader til she’s shaking and absolutely broken, once the spark in her eyes are gone do they doll you up and put you on display before digging in, vil, rook and epel especially like the life-sized doll you are now, easy to carry around, soft, beautiful and most importantly, a hole to stuff their love juices in.
Epel needs practice too so Vil will allow him to attempt to make love potions. They do nothing but make you hump the floor like a dog, your juices gushing down your thighs as you sob for a cock to fill you. Tsking at the unrefined display, Vil will instruct Rook to breed you enough to take the edge off while he teaches Epel once more.
They’ll break you. Epel doesn’t care. You’re a pretty slick hole for his cock after gruelling lessons with Vil. He may complain that you’re a little too still sometimes when he wants you to bounce on his cock but aside from that?
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zackcrazyvalentine · 16 days ago
Which twst boys AREN'T invited to the carne asada!? Cause I know damn well Ace ain't coming over the little rascal
Well, Leona clearly HAS to be invited bc of his love for meat I'd invite Ruggie too, idc if he chips in to buy stuff or not. I bet he has KILLER hand to roast the meat and makes some great side dishes So... maybe Savanaclaw are definitely invited EPEL TOO BC HE LIKES YAKINIKU!!!
Jade and Sebek have MONSTER appetites, D O U B T on that invitation (I don't want them eating everything, yanno) Tho I would like Octa Trio to try bbq meat since they eat raw stuff in the Coral Sea
Tbh I wouldn't be keen on inviting the boys who were too picky in the Master Chef event: Malleus, Vil, Jamil, Idia
Sebek is a most probable NO And Lilia is also a NO bc old man bat would definitely want to help prepare food... no thnx this is a nice little reunion, not a collective funeral
But, overall, carne asadas are very lively here! Doesn't matter if you have a weird uncle or an overly friendly aunt or there's beef between family members, EVERYONE is invited to get together for some meat! I'd be up to inviting everyone (bye bye money lol)
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lanshappycorner · 20 days ago
Please, can I ask for Neige x Vil, or Neige x Vil x Epel? I love those ships!
Sure! I'll do Neige/Vil✨
Absolutely the "someone will die" "of fun!" otp
Neige probably tries rly hard to impress Vil, like he might try to dress like him ?? But they have completely different vibes so Vil might just be like "what The Fuck are you wearing u look like a clown, dude" vil is the queen and neige might as well be the court jester
But anyways Vil can't have his bf dressing in clothes that dont suit him so he just takes Neige out on a full blown shopping trip date and makes him try on Literally Everything
Honestly it was just an excuse for him to take a lot of pics of Neige but whatever, he's not going to admit it
Neige also does not shut up abt Vil but like who can blame him, his bf is The Vil Schoenheit, he could scream it from the rooftops and no one could fault him !! He is just very proud of his bf and hes willing to spill deets to everyone who will listen
No really if u bring up Vil he will just go on non stop abt the dude. And if u dont bring him up then Neige will bring up Vil by himself and go on an absolute tangent like Yes we get it ur in love Calm Down
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Birthday Burst | Deuce Spade | Twisted Wonderland
Tumblr media
       Welcome to the Birthday Burst! In celebration of my own Birthday, I decided to send some love to the Geminis I love most, hence the burst of content. Characters ranging from Ikevamp and Obey Me to JJK and Genshin Impact will be included! Enjoy the works and have a good Gemini Season and stay safe!
[ Birthday Burst Masterlist ]
Deuce Spade [ June 3 ]
        The sand was still warm even as the sun came to rest on the horizon, the beach settling down as the natural push and pull of the waves was the only thing you could hear, the sky taking warm tones of peach and coral before fading into a deep violet that bleeds into an inky abyss that is littered with the light of stars. Your bare feet padded against the wet sand, slowly sinking in before moving forward, the push of the waves against your ankles cooled your body down from a long day outside- a perfect ending to an amazing day.
Tumblr media
| J u n e   3 |
        The other Dorm Leaders are farther back on the shore, setting up the bonfire and bringing out the cooler and snacks, with Sebek taking a lead and leaving a deep purple fire to erupt. While he looked rather proud, the Savanaclaw and Pomefiore leaders, Jack and Epel, looking rather queasy at the thought of grilling their dinner over... that, while Ace howled with laughter at their displeased faces.
        But, you had to admit you were in the best place, standing next to Deuce. His hand in yours as you walked by the shore, enjoying the walk together, having a moment to yourselves once and for all. The hectic life of Night Raven left both of you wanting to spend his birthday somewhere isolated, but you couldn't leave the island due to your responsibilities as Dorm and Vice Dorm Leaders, so you all enjoyed a day at the beach.
        "Thank you, for everything today. It was perfect." Deuce smiled, a small, content smile; his eyes meeting yours as he gave your hand a gentle squeeze, making you feel the calloused areas of his palms against your own, his mood almost beaming as you ran your thumb across his knuckles in response.
        "You're welcome, you deserve it, after everything you've done for us." You responded, bumping against him playfully before you both came to a stop, staring ahead at the sunset for a few moments. Standing there as the waves brushed against your legs, the gentle breeze of the wind started to nip at you both, watching the sun disappear from the horizon as the moon took its place in the sky. It was comforting, fulfilling, enjoying one another's presence and the peace of being next to each other. Your head came to rest on his shoulder, your arm coming around his side, his own head settling on yours.
        "Happy Birthday, Deuce." You whispered, still resting against one another, wanting to congratulate him once again.
        "Thank you, for everything, again..." He chuckled before pressing his face against your hair.
        "I love you, so, so, much."
        "I love you too."
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tonguetwster · 24 days ago
I hope you’re well! If it’s not too much, can I ask for some fluffy headcanons where Riddle, Silver, and Sebek have a sweet and nurturing s/o who’s really good at baking and cooking please? (that means Diasomnia’s stomachs are saved from Lilia XD) thank u!
I’m mostly fine! Thank you for asking uwu)b
Tumblr media
Riddle finds that you’re such a refreshing change of pace. 
After all, he’s aware that most students in NRC aren’t exactly all too kind compared to you
It’s always a delight to have Unbirthday Parties with you attending them
Trey also gets someone to help him out so that’s a plus. 
He’s been worried that he’s overworking himself to bake for everyone so having you around puts his mind at ease
It’s also great when you teach him how to bake. 
Tumblr media
Considering Silver is part of the cooking event, I’m sure he’d love to learn more from you
Since he wants to learn from you, you and him end up having lots of kitchen dates where you’re just teaching him stuff
Lilia is amused but happy that Silver is getting along so well with you
When he is able to, sometimes Silver will cook or bake you something that he learned from you just to show you how much he’s progressed thanks to your help
Perhaps he might make treats for the animals that hang around him since they help him out a lot too.
Tumblr media
As seen in Sebek’s interactions with Epel in Epel’s R personal story, he gives praise to those who he deems deserving as he’s someone quite honest
Basing his reaction around how he reacted to Epel’s skills, I would imagine that Sebek would want to watch you cook and bake
Then eventually would ask you to make something so that he can give it to Malleus
If you offered to teach him, he’d work very hard to learn because he doesn’t want to be a disgrace to Malleus
He also doesn’t want to disappoint you either so he will do everything he can in order to make you proud
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maesh-molowaa · a month ago
Vil! also Epel
thank u!!!
how i feel about this character:
all the people i ship romantically with this character:
no one really i think??? sometimes i talk positively about treyvil or rookvil but i wouldnt really say i ship them.. although i usually think a lot about leovil.....
my non-romantic otp for this character:
JACKJACKJACKJACKJACKJACK. also her and divus being besties...!
my unpopular opinion about this character:
he's not extremely mean or abusive... 😟
one thing i wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:
nothing really actually.. im pretty happy with chapter 5 :))
how i feel about this character:
it took me a while to start liking him actually.. initially vil was the only pomefiore character i liked but then he started growing on me alongside rook as time went by and i said Oh Shit I Am a Pomefiore Stan.. in conclusion he is my son
all the people i ship romantically with this character:
i Quite Like jack x epel and epel x deuce but i think i like these more as platonic than romantic
my non-romantic otp for this character:
see above
my unpopular opinion about this character:
people kinda misunderstand the point of his character.. at least from what ive seen from youtube comments
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