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grapecaseschoices · an hour ago
4 and 8 for my baby Reuben 🥺🤲 (i just think 8 would be funny lol) and 10 and 14 for Emile my beloved
4. Scared.
Reuben doesn't get scared. Reuben gets angy!
No, in truth. Goodness. Reuben is a jigsaw of various bits of anger and frustration and self-hatred patched worked together by caution, paranoia, and more frustration.
Thus, it doesn't seem as if he has room for anything else. In public he definitely gives into that vibe. He's so cautious and distrustful, he'll either lash out (depending on who it is) or clam up. And clam up not in the sense that he shuts down but, it's like his mind starts ticking in overdrive, his eyes start darting around but he, himself, is rigid.
When he's by himself he probably rage cries. Privacy gives way to vulnerability. So emotions - like fear or being scared - that he might / just naturally turn corrosive or be locked away can sorta sink out. (It's ... not as healthy as it sounds, though.)
8. Feeling Pretty.
Stop! You know he dresses like some bland ass skater boi. ~nondescript preppy~ (what does that even MEAN, malin??)
I think he might get himself a good haircut. A good shave or trim. He doesn't indulge in a lot but his hair is strangely always nice. So. he might actually let himself get clean shaven. Show that pretty face off. In a RARE moment where he apparently got smacked upside the head too hard and wants to be all ~hey~ (or he finds himself feeling foolish about wei chen, idk) He might also let himself get a colored polo. LMAO. A knock off crocodile that's like a dark pink ... instead of black. (OMGOODNESS NOW IM SITTING HERE PONDERING AN AU WHERE THIS BITCH LETS HIMSELF COURT WEI. AND IM CRYING AWSEDR WHY.)
10. Betrayed.
You betray Emile? You HURT Emile? You disregard Emile's feelings like they are garbage? JAIL! JAIL FOR YOU FOR ONE BILLION YEARS!!
Okay, Emile isn't THAT dramatic. That'd be Kendis. But it really depends on who and how. I think Emile is very cut you out of their lives sort. And with a sort of relish, a sort of 'this is what you did and you will be ripped out my life and i will patchwork myself back together, see if i won't'. It's very clear eyed but not necessarily cold, but self-protective. I think about their approach to Kol. There was a desire to make him hurt, and there was a consideration of sabotaging the recovery process, but they didn't so they just sort of didn't want hands on involvement. When they found out they had magic, they were very hands off with their parents -- but it was like, I'm going to tell you why and that you hurt me, but goodbye.
There is a desire to make you emotionally suffer mixed with showing that they can move on from you (which is its own suffering). Again, depending on what and who it is, forgiveness is difficult if near impossible. I don't know that they will forgive Kol, but then they weren't very close. However, I do think with time they can forgive their parents.
14. Calm.
Emile is always calm. JK. I mean -- of the four it's 1. Nicola 2. Emile 3. Irvin 4. Kendis. (and I'm pretty sure santiy-wise Emile would beat Cola.)
Emile is -- I don't want to say unbothered. But Emile is precise. And that requires not just a clarity of vision but a coolness of head. There is a certain aplomb for their age but also they want to seem on top of things. There is too much going on in their lives to be anything but (at least, that is their approach.) Let's just say -- no matter what they think, their mom (adopted mom) definitely is an influence, no matter how indirectly.
Like, yes they can be bitchy and mean. But in general Emile tends to be calm, I feel. They are mindful to relax when they need to and keep themselves on the level.
Thank you for the asks @pixelburied
oc asks, here
#grapes chars#oc: reuben casseus#oc: emile ryan#i thought VAL was your beloved#jk i am glad people like emile#i worry bc they're my baby and i adore them but they can be kinda Awful#(it's funny. me: *pleading eye emoji re: emile* pls be fond of the chaihold~~~#also me: *whenever someone loves andy* garbage man how can you even look upon he get thee away#tbf emile has only killed ONE bitch.)#emile and betrayal is like kol crossed them but also wasnt loyal ENOUGH (though yes they do note his sacrificie) .. they also weren't that#but they werent that close to him. on the flip side while they werent that close to their parents (and to them their lack of being good par#ents is a betrayal.) they are trying NOW and offering emile what they want -- which is love. which makes me wonder how emile woudl react if#betrayed by astrid or cressy (bc emile was ready to dump cressy - at first - whehn sis didnt give them enough attention early on but now th#ey're a PAIR. a TEAM. which is why despite their ambitions and dislike of monroe they hesitated re: the truth potion i mean they did it but#there was an approach to it that woudlve been different if they didnt love cressy and if monroe hadnt been her dad)#also idk what im doing with the parenthesis#i think they would still cut cressy and astrid out -- but it wouldnt be as clean cut#now one could say wanting to sabatoge kol's treatment isnt generally calm behavior but#i disagree#ty for indulging me!#sorry i took forever to answer i justw anted to review some emile stuff :-D#also leon isn't included in that bc i dont think emile would figure leon COULD betray them lmao#(which is funny ... given ... ya know)#but outside for that ye#long post
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businesshala · 2 hours ago
British minister urges same rules for streaming services, broadcasters -Times
British minister urges same rules for streaming services, broadcasters -Times
June 23 (Businesshala) – Britain’s streaming services and broadcasters must be on an equal playing field, as traditional broadcasters now compete with “one hand tied behind their back”, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said on Wednesday. Dowden plans to unveil a white paper on broadcasting that aims to make streaming services such as Netflix (NFLX.o), Amazon Prime (AMZNO) and Disney+ (DIS.N)…
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jeromehesterent · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Learn about the of In most cases, laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers are found because of the symptoms they cause.
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janewaystolemyheart · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ash’s Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch:
4x12 Babel One
First aired: 28 January 2005
Synopsis: Escorting a Tellarite ambassador to a conference between Andorians and Tellarites the Enterprise is attacked by a strange ship. 
Ash’s rating: 4,5/7
woah what happened here?
Shraaaan what happened??
Dead Andorians
Tellarites attacked them :/
Abandon ship!!!
Hoshi is screaming at Archer 😂
He is screaming back XD
They are practicing for when they meet the Tellarites xD
Omg the Tellarites might wanna eat Porthos :/
Tellarites love arguing 
Enterprise has to be a mediator for Tellarites and Andorians
That was some handshake xD
“I find it small and unimpressive.” - “Funny, I was about to say the same about you.”
They also like to complain
Trip enjoys their company xD because they are so outspoken xD
okay he was joking xD
Uh oh, they are going to pick up a few Andorians on the way o.0
He is *not* happy with Tellarites being on the ship
Archer has to put up with angry Andorians and angry Tellarites now
Archer and Shran getting drunk again 😂
Awww, Shran has a relationship 💜
Andorian Ship on intercept course!
Why firing???
Shran thinks the Tellarites are behind the attack
Uggghhhh bois, stop it
Archer is so done with their shit
The same ship that attacked the Andorians attacked the Enterprise apparently?
Shran don’t you dare talk like that to T’Pol
T’Pol is no longer married to Koss!!
They found the evil ship!
Holy shit it’s Romulans
It doesn’t look Andorian tho
Looks kinda dead too
Whoops, it powered up
Oh nooo, they didn’t get Trip and Malcolm back!!!
And they are leaving them back o.0
Who is that in the helmet???
Enterprise goes nyyyooommmm
They surpassed warp 5.0!!!
The ship was neither Tellarites nor Andorian
They suspect it’s Romulan!!
Trip and Malcolm are trying to find the bridge xD
Talas (the Andorian) is trying to seduce the MACO guy
It’s not working
She knocked him out
Are you seriously talking about T’Pol’s ass again???
Uh oh, Andorians got into Tellarites’ quarters
Noice, the Romulan ship can mimic the appearance and weapons of others
Did the Tellarite grunt??
Trip and Malcolm are on the bridge!!!
But the Romulans aren’t!!!!!!
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jonathanarcher · 5 hours ago
Actually I’m very very very curious so please tell me what you think the best episode of tos, tng, ds9, voy, and ent. not necessarily your favorite but what you think the best is
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manwhorepicard · 5 hours ago
i have only seen tng and ds9, but ive gained knowledge about enterprise by osmosis! im basically an expert
here is what i know:
- only 80 people on the boat
- t’pol is so pretty
- there are three identical white men
- gay leech doctor
- hoshi is so cool
- mashed potatoes.
- t’pol jazzes it up
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nuclearr-wessels · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*☆. Jeffrey Combs in STAR TREK from 1994–2005 .♡°
ID: Eight gifs from different Star Trek series. Each shows an alien character portrayed by Jeffrey Combs in a rainbow colour: Brunt in red, Krem in orange, Tiron in yellow, Penk in green, Shran in blue, Weyoun in purple, Mirror!Brunt in pink, and human character Kevin Mulkahey in black. End ID.
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startupproductstudio · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
StartUP Product Studio is a forward-thinking and results-oriented incubator and accelerator that can materialize your ideas faster than you can imagine.If you have an idea and still you wanna support for it, even your idea is in process or may be collapsed but still your idea have innovation then we are with you.
Dm us...
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romulanfucker · 6 hours ago
ok no but for real I'm still fucking laughing over my mom saying "I stopped watching voyager soon after they brought on seven of nine, she was just there to be tits and ass and I was sick of it", and my dad CONFIDENTLY announcing "I stopped watching voyager when they got rid of Janeway and replaced her with the quantum leap guy", and me having to tell him "you mean when it ended and they started the next show?"
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janewaystolemyheart · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ash’s Star Trek Enterprise Rewatch 4x11 Observer effect First aired: 21 January 2005 Synopsis: When Hoshi and Trip are infected with a silicon based virus Phlox and T’Pol try to find a cure. What nobody knows is that they are being closely observed by aliens. Ash’s rating: 4/7 Malcolm and Travis playing chess And being bored by it? Malcolm is the ship’s champion! WAIT THEY ARE NOT MALCOLM AND TRAVIS AAAHHH THEIR BODIES HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER somebody is gonna die I CAN DO ANYTHING!!! Wow, Trip and Hoshi together on a mission? Trip? You ok? Awww Hoshi is flying the shuttle back
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fazbear-ent-official · 7 hours ago
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ent-is-undecisive · 8 hours ago
finished closing the sides of the shirt (tiny backstitches my beloveds <3) so tomorrow i can start attatching the sleeves!
well tomorrow is friend day but if i have some evening time thats what im doing
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jonathanarcher · 9 hours ago
The Star Trek: Enterprise fandom is dying reblog if you have faith of the heart
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philosopherking1887 · 9 hours ago
Finished "Picard," now back to "Enterprise." I didn't think female Vulcans went through Pon Farr... I strongly suspect this is just an excuse to have a hot actress run around all sweaty in her underwear.
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janewaystolemyheart · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ash’s Star Trek Enteprise Rewatch:
4x10 Daedalus
First aired: 14 January 2005
Synopsis: An old friend of Archar wants to make tests for his subquantum transporter on board the Enterprise. What he doesn’t tell the crew is that this transporter was never meant to happen.
Ash’s rating: 3,5/7
awww, one of Trip’s idols is coming to the ship!
Archer is teasing him about itxD
Emory is in a wheelchair!
Since when is there a ramp leading to the transporter pad?
awww Archer and Danica greeted each other with a kiss ;-;
wait what tests??
T’Pol is reading the Kir’shara :) “It's… interesting.”
Trip wants to comfort T’Pol but she says she doesn’t need it :/
Subquantum teleportation, okay
Transporting over loooong distances
Hmm, something seems off with Emory
Did this guy invent the transporter?
Wow, they are 100 lightyears away from any other system
Ooh, he knew Cochrane xD
Trip is very attached to his engines and stuff :)
Hmm, why are you being so protective of your power converter, Emory?
Emory and Danica have issues
Woah what’s wrong with his back?
“We can’t trust *anyone*!”
Why nooot? What are you hiding?
Power fluctuations?
Spatial anomaly?
Hey look a redshirt
Aaand dead
Woahhhh what happened to his face?
Archer thinks the test Emory is running is responsible for what happened
Wait, who are Emory and Dani talking about?
Ooohh, are they trying to save someone?
Danica is not happy with how things are going
Emory you are acting so weeeird and obsessive
Hmm, Trip is suspecting something
The thing looks like a person!
It touched T’Pol!
Her hand is injured :(
Omg it *was* a person
Emory is confessing everything
Quinn was a test subject
Emory knew this wouldn’t work all along ;(
Oohhhh Quinns signal is trapped in that part of space
Archer agrees to helping him
Trip is *not* happy about it
he is such a good boi
Awww, Trip wants to bring movie night back
“I don’t get you T’Pol.” Does anybody really?
T’Pol and Trip have issues too…
Quinn was there but um… something exploded
Damn, Archer, what’s going on with you?
They are beaming him in!
Nooo they are losing him!
He’s dying ;-;
Emory can’t let him go ;-;
He materialized 😭
And died 😭
She is trying to communicate that she doesn’t have the space for a relationship right now and Trip actually understands!
Emory has ideas to increase the transporter distance!
Awww, Dani really liked Porthos 😭
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qcontinuumgroupie · 9 hours ago
im almost certain everyone agrees on this but it bears repeating. t’pol should be allowed to say fuck.
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fazbear-ent-official · 11 hours ago
D-did I just see a dragon with a trans flag flying away from a broken fox robot?
@glitterdragonthegreatprotector look, whatever conclusion you'll come to about your gender i'll love and accept you but what the everliving heck happened to foxy ??
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fazbear-ent-official · 12 hours ago
Oh shit! Now Charlie and Elizabeth are singing it
well mr. afton doesn't pay enough attention to his kids to care about their language but boy mr. emily gonna get the flamethrower and vaporise me on spot. it was a pleasure being a community manager for this company, now let me retire and leave the country real quick-
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queerfandommiscellany · 12 hours ago
Yesssssss it's time for Dragon Bashing in guild wars 2
My favorite festival of the year
Fuck yeah let's go murder Jormag in effigy again
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