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this-cat-is-bi · a minute ago
Nastya: so, HRT reduces your muscle mass over time,
Raphaella: correct!
Nastya: AND it gives you tits.
Raph: mhm!
Nastya: so that means, estrogen takes your muscles and builds boobs out of them.
Raph, cupping Nastya's face in her hands: Nastya, you're the funniest woman alive, but sometimes your words physically hurt me.
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mctoman · 2 minutes ago
SMILEY do YOU have something interesting to say?
draken had to feed mikey in the morning once because he was so tired - smiley
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animemoonprincess · 5 minutes ago
So for the Uno Reverse Card Swap, what's the spider gang up to?
remember how i said that Mei and Red Son were vigilantes?? yeah, the spider gang is some of the day to day villains they fight.
when they’re not making havoc though, the whole spider gang works together to run a bakery that rivals Red Son’s cafe (the spiders have no idea that the Red Son who owns the cafe is also the vigilante they fight on a day to day basis)
also, Spider Queen also goes to Macaque for therapy so like- one day MK goes to his appointment, and happens to arrive at the same time where Spider Queen is just leaving and both of them just. stop like;
Tumblr media
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ilovemaxiel · 5 minutes ago
I’m not that used to posting a lot here, but I needed to share this with you. EVERY damn time I hear ‘I wanna be your slave’ by Maneskin I have to think about Maxiel. Who else has this as well?
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dustjacketmusings · 10 minutes ago
Ah yes. Another moment where a fandom tries to sort characters into hogwarts houses and everyone's sorting conflicts
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asongofhopeandjoy · 15 minutes ago
I need season 2 of Trese right now.
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viktoriakomova · 17 minutes ago
i cant tell if im being myopic bc i so badly want it to happen but does it look like riley is emerging as an obvious choice for the specialist spot to anybody else?? 👀
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hyperfixationisamust · 19 minutes ago
Titles?? Maybe????
Romantic titles
"My Fire Burns Brightest (When I'm With You)" 一Zuko x undetermined or Azula x undetermined
"Third Time's the Charm" 一Sokka x undetermined, Sokka x past 2 others
"Golden Boy, You Glow So Bright" 一Zuko x undetermined
"An Ode to the Moon" 一Yue x undetermined
“you don’t have to say ‘i love you’ to say I love you” 一something gay; title from Troye Sivan’s “for him”
“Love, Love, Love” 一any ship, maybe multiple ships if you’re up for it
“Heal my Hurt and Heart” 一Katara x undetermined
Gen titles
"Karma is Cruel"/"Karma is Kind" 一Azula pre-redemption/going through and post-redemption
"Mother Knows Best" 一Zuko travels to find his mom, maybe Rapunzel Zuko, who knows? Definitely Mother
"blue's the happiest color" 一Sokka-centric? Katara-centric?
"When Lightning Strikes Twice" 一something about Zuko and lightning and being lucky to be born and second chances and change and forgiveness, dunno
"The Brightest Lights Make For the Longest Shadows" 一burnout gifted children Gaang + Fire Squad modern AU
"Home is Where Hell Can't Touch" 一Zuko gets help. Maybe Azula does too. That’s the fic.
“Scars Are Permanent, Not the Pain” 一everybody got scars, everybody accepts their scars let’s goo
feel free to use them, just credit me :P
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georgerus63 · 19 minutes ago
Feel free to drop some angsty merc drabble ideas if you have some and I might finish one or two 👀💙
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take-ya-to-the-ghey-bar · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Just what was all the fuss about today?... With that somewhat fuzzy thought, Minato was reaching for his phone, checking the time before having spotted the date.
Tumblr media
Ah, right... It was that day, wasn’t it?... The realization didn’t sting as much as Mother’s Day, but still...
Tumblr media
Still, maybe it was a good time to just not get out of bed yet. Even if it was getting a little late, it’s not like he had anything in his schedule for the day anyways.
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assgod · 24 minutes ago
Left all my weed shit in my friends car
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