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#end tweet
anytruers · 4 days ago
it's so frustrating how even dream's own subtwt will deliberately misconstrue his words or actions, make an issue out of it, and then expect him to address the issue that they made up. dream doesn't word something perfectly and it blows up in his face in near-immediate speed, like every time. and then fans have the audacity to complain and spam him and roll their eyes when they don't get the apology thread (and even if they do get the apology thread, it's once again poorly-worded and therefore unacceptable).
like people will literally complain about dream getting constantly dragged by antis, and then turn around and spend their days pouring over and nitpicking his every word and action, trying to find something wrong. like can he catch a break? can he catch a break. the dude is getting doxxed & sent death threats DAILY but everyone forgets as soon as he stumbles through a tweet. it's infuriating
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tardis--dreams · 4 days ago
Not me stalking my favorite lecturer on Twitter and getting upset about her tweeting being done grading all term papers back IN DECEMBER while I'm still waiting for the results of my paper I handed in OVER 7 MONTHS AGO!
Like, just tell me I failed and we can move on. But this uncertainty has given me anxiety for over half a year now and is slowly driving me insane!
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matonda · 5 days ago
I really don't want to come onto tumblr just to have endless screenshots of arguments from twitter on my dash and yet here we are
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haloodst · 6 days ago
There are horrible official Microsoft pride stickers. They tried to be so inclusive to cover all their bases that it wraps around to being homophobic again.
Graphic design is not their passion
GKKHKSHSK I AM NOT SURPRISED . Never stop being homophobic Microsoft 💖💖💖
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yatsugarekun · 6 days ago
sometimes i feel bad that taichi has just 3 event SSR (2 in EN since no collabs), but i'm aware that chikage fans have it worse, i'm so sorry, i'm sure he will get an event SSR soon
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fail-big · 6 days ago
i did not mean to start a whole thing with my question but i love all this talk lmao
so my friends all have a lot of diff music taste as well so the song selection is always all over the place :') but we all grew up on r&b and pop from the 90s-2000s! all or nothing is definitely a favorite, as well as songs from usher, alicia keys, destiny's child, ashanti, boyz ii men, etc. lots of nsync, bsb, and 98 degrees too! beautiful soul is such a good one 😭 really gets the group going and for some reason we always go hard when come clean by hilary duff comes on lmfao
mr. brightside and all the small things also always gets us so hyped like there's a bunch of us that love throwing it back to the angsty teenage years and songs like check yes juliet alwaysss comes on. all american rejects songs also are great to keep the energy up!
mmm i'm not a great singer but i can kinda get by with rapping so moment 4 life and super bass are literally my songs 😭 like the mic always gets passed to me and my sister when they come on lol lose yourself is also another one of my go-to's i think i could rap about mom's spaghatti without even looking at the screen at this point 🍝
we also sing a lot of chinese songs (the ballads always hit) and kpop songs too! i leave the singing to my krn friends while i clumsily dance using whatever moves i remember from the choreo lmao
there's probably so many much more but i'm blanking now and ugh i seriously love and miss ktv so much. there was a time precovid that my friends and i went 3 weeks in a row xjshdn
yaas this is a really strong set list. yknow there's just some songs that transcend all time and space, and if international anthem for all the peoples of the earth, it would definitely be mr. brightside; also everytime i think of all the small things, i also think of 1985 by bowling for soup but that's such an obscure song among my friends that it'll probably be never added to the queue 😭
i just listened to coming clean because i didn't recognize it immediately, but when i shocked myself with how i knew every lyric... if we were in white collar, i'd be mozzie spewing something about us being government test subjects for hillary duff haha
dude moment 4 life is quite literally my song too; i whole heartedly stand by nicki minaj as an incredible lyricist- like she's clever and that song goes so so hard; we need to duet a;vn;ern
haha well america's opening up a lot more (for some reason i got american vibes, feel free to correct me if im wrong) so im sure you can go back to your ktv fun times pretty soon!
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realitynotfound · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
how do i tell him that he means the world to me
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fhett · 8 days ago
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@khenobi​​ said: hewo has anyone told you that you are a wonderful handsome man? That is creative, funny, and so kind? You are all of those things, and I'm so honored to have met you and to really get to know you too. You make me smile everyday, and I'm so proud of you to come this far. You're so strong. Keep up with your writing and art. You can go far with it. I believe in you. No giving up. Thank you for pressing the ❤️ and trusting me!
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not    gonna    lie    chief    !    had    this    in    my    inbox    for    a    long    time    bc    whenever    im    sad    i    look    at    it    <3
but    wow    .    simply    a    CALLOUT    POST    for    MY    GIRLFRIEND    for    being    SUCH    A    RAY    OF    SUNSHINE    and    AN    AMAZING    WRITER    +    PERSON    IN    GENERAL    !    !    !    !    you've    made    me    so    much    more    secure    in    both    my    writing    and    portrayal    it's    SO    CRAZY    (    AND    my    art    !    )    .    i    never    thought    once    (    1    )    in    a    MILLION    YEARS    that    i'd    just    remotely    like    the    things    i    make    but    you    made    that    possible    so    THANK    YOU    for    that    .    .    .    you    make    me    smile    everyday    too    and    i    cherish     every    moment    with    you    !
on    a    SIMILAR    NOTE    ,    i    hope    sometime    you    can    see    how    AMAZING    your    writing    and    portrayals    are    too    .    I    KNOW    you    have    A    HARD    TIME    with    that    but    i    can    PROMISE    you    that    they    are    PERFECT    !    !    I    JUST    THINK    ALL    OF    YOU    SHOULD    GO    FOLLOW    AND    WRITE    WITH    AJ'S    OBI    -    WAN    AND    HER    OCS    ,    AND    ALL    OF    HER    OTHER    BLOGS    ,    GO    FETCH    (    OR    ELSE    )
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rockoblanco · 8 days ago
yea sex is cool, but have u ever left work at the end of your shift?
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