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rosirii · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Empobreon and Haxark, two dark types not made to fight faries. Especially since I have the x4 weakness. Empobreon is my irl friend, Voltaradragoness on Deviantart.
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rhunevild · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Empoleon! This counts as MerMay...right? 
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neonheartz · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
393 / 394 / 395
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apricotthevixen-arts · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A friend bought me lunch, and wanted some art instead of paying back.
She wanted a ship of our pocketverse babies, and I got to have some fun with a lineless style. Feeling a good :) mood.
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wowow-cool · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
an arrogant little piplup i did in an art trade with someone on artfol
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mindofkimbo · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
**Shout Out** So now that it’s May, that means it is officially Haitian Heritage Month. All month I’m showing loving to my favorite Haitian creators. First up is my guy, @aroundthaben !! If you’re into hilarious let’s plays and all sorts of funny Pokémon content, he’s your guy! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Here’s a few pieces that I’ve done for him in the past, including one for his upcoming wedding! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #artofkimbo #pokemon #poketuber #aroundthaben #empoleon #greninja #blastoise
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Meet the team!
Ripley (Empoleon, water/steel)
The first partner I recieved to start my journey. She likes participating in cuteness competitions, and so wanted to stay a Piplup for quite some time. One day after a lost competition, we were challenged by the winner to a Pokémon battle. The trainer nearly had us, until frustrated by her loss and unwilling to suffer another in the same day, Ripley evolved into a Prinplup and finished the battle. She was what inspired me to study Professor Oak's work on the relationship between people and Pokémon, as I watched her needs and wants change over the years we've spent together.
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jadeazora · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Upcoming promos for some previously announced Battle Decks (Gardevoir and Victini) and tins (Tyranitar and Empoleon).
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Tumblr media
#395 - Empoleon
Type: Water/Steel
Abilities: Torrent/Defiant
Base stats:
HP - 84
Attack - 86
Defence - 88
Special Attack - 111
Special Defence - 101
Speed - 60
With unique typing, good all round base stats and an odd movepool, Empoleon is definitely one to stand out in a crowd. Let down by only its Speed, and even that can be fixed with Agility, it makes for a fun and versatile threat if played well.
Unfortunately, its typing does subject it to some of the most common weaknesses in the game, including Fighting, Ground and Electric, but it has answers for each of them, and won’t just fold like a pack of cards thanks to its natural bulk.
Able to stall, sweep or wallbreak, Empoleon is a surprising threat if left unattended. Make sure to keep an eye on it.
Bulky Offensive
Empoleon @ Life Orb/Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP/252 SAtk/4 Def
Modest or Quiet nature
-Flash Cannon
-Grass Knot
-Ice Beam/Aqua Jet
Like most pokemon with Empoleon’s build, it functions best as a tank. Maxing out its HP on a Modest (or Quiet) nature allows it to sponge hits while dealing them out at the same time, resetting the momentum when needed and building it back at Empoleon’s leisure.
The Life Orb is a popular choice for this set, boosting Empoleon’s damage at the cost of HP per hit, meanwhile the Leftovers are a fine alternative, granting it passive recovery and keeping it healthy. Torrent is the more useful ability here, boosting its STABs by 50% if its HP goes below 33%, which can and will happen after tanking a weaker Earthquake or similar.
Surf and Scald are the main STAB choices. Both are reliable and hit relatively hard coming from Empoleon’s 353 Special Attack, however Scald has that benefit of occasionally burning things, which may come in useful. Surf hits slightly harder though, which is generally more important for a set focused on damage.
Flash Cannon is the backup STAB in slot 2, packing decent coverage and hitting anything that doesn’t resist for good damage. It can help make the decision between Surf and Scald in slot 1 if you need a more powerful STAB. It does leave Empoleon walled by opposing bulky Waters though, which is why Grass Knot in slot 3 hits them for heavy damage... assuming they are heavy in the first place.
Finally, Ice Beam is standard coverage on most Water-types, so it can hit incoming Grass- and Dragon-types for super effective damage. It still does on this set too, and sees plenty of usage. As Flash Cannon covers them relatively well though, you can consider Aqua Jet instead, as a decently powerful priority move that can pick off weakened targets. It’s recommended to use the Quiet nature if you pick Aqua Jet, as it won’t care about the Speed loss anwyay, because it’s got priority.
Specially Defensive
Empoleon @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP/252 SDef/4 Def
Calm nature
-Stealth Rock/Defog
-Protect/Knock Off
Empoleon’s special bulk is deceptively good, and it packs a whole bunch of useful resistances thanks to its typing, including Dragon, Fairy, and especially Ice and Steel.
This set runs a Calm nature to make the most of its Special Defence, meanwhile Torrent remains the ability of choice, despite this set wanting to avoid low HP if possible. The Leftovers are a staple of defensive sets, and sadly Empoleon’s only real means of healing itself outside of Rest.
Scald is the only STAB this time, hitting for decent damage and potentially burning anything that isn’t immune. Stealth Rock and Defog are options in slot 2, where Stealth Rock lays the trap, and Defog removes them. Note that they’re on the same slot because they shouldn’t go together, as Defog directly counteracts Stealth Rock more often than not. Also note that Defog is transfer only.
Toxic is also transfer only, but very useful for breaking down opposing walls, particularly if they can’t get burned. Generally beating other Steel- and Poison-types one on one makes it relatively easy for Empoleon to just throw around too.
In slot 4, Protect works well with Toxic to stall for time, damage, and Leftovers recovery, meanwhile Knock Off is another transfer only option that lets it remove the target’s hold item while dealing damage, adding a bit more utility to the match. It also stops the likes of Jellicent from becoming too much of a problem.
Agility SubPetaya
Empoleon @ Petaya Berry
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 12 HP/252 SAtk/240 Spd
Modest nature
-Surf/Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam/Grass Knot
A classic set by today’s standards, but effective nonetheless. With its natural bulk and resistances, Empoleon can force switches well, which it can use to set up Substitute and Agility.
 If it keeps Subbing down to 25% HP or less, it can activate its Petaya Berry to boost its Special Attack, which when combined with Torrent, can give it some serious stopping power, mowing down almost everything in sight. 
That’s the plan, anyway. Sadly, it doesn’t always work, but that’s the fun thing about high risk, high reward sets.
12 HP EVs takes Empoleon to 312, which divides exactly by four, making sure it can get three Substitutes and activate its Petaya Berry at 25%, even from full HP. Meanwhile the Special Attack is maxed out, and the rest are poured into Speed, taking it to 216 and hitting 432 after one Agility, outrunning most of the unboosted game up until Electrode and similar. 
Substitute and Agility therefore go without saying, being the most important moves of the set. If Empoleon can squeeze in a second Agility, even better, but it’s far from guaranteed, and shouldn’t be relied on. Once is generally enough to sweep an unprepared team.
Surf is the main STAB once again, but Hydro Pump is also an option, hitting even harder at the cost of potentially missing at a crucial moment. It’s worth considering, as it can break even bulky resists with a double boosted Hydro Pump, however Surf is generally preferred for the safety.
Lastly, Ice Beam and Grass Knot are the coverage options, and hit either Grass- and Dragon-types, or opposing bulky Waters, depending on what Empoleon needs to hit. The rest of its team comes into play here, as which coverage Empoleon uses depends on what its team-mates can weaken or remove. If they can take out other bulky Waters, then use Ice Beam, and vice versa. Just remember that whichever one you pick, Empoleon will struggle for coverage at least some of the time.
Physical Attacker
Empoleon @ Leftovers/Life Orb
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Def
Adamant or Brave nature
-Aqua Jet
-Drill Peck
-Liquidation/Hydro Pump
While Empoleon’s Attack stat isn’t as impressive as its physical, it’s still a respectable base 86, and its access to Defiant essentially gives it free boosts when Intimidate and Defog are thrown about so freely.
This set runs an Adamant nature generally, however Brave is also a viable alternative, as it keeps Empoleon’s Special Attack sweet, and lets it mix offences. The Leftovers are a staple once again, and the Life Orb powers up its attacks at the cost of HP, which can help it hit harder should it fail to get a Defiant boost.
Aqua Jet is the first attack on the set, making for a decently powerful priority STAB that can finish off a weakened threat. It pairs well with Drill Peck in slot 2, which hits the Grass-types that resist it, as well as the Fighting-types that can hit Empoleon hard, and just has good overall coverage.
Earthquake ties up their coverage nicely, and importantly hits the Electric-types that could otherwise pose a problem for the set, meanwhile Liquidation is a stronger STAB in slot 4. It doesn’t have Aqua Jet’s priority, but does hit twice as hard, breaking into bulkier opponents when Empoleon needs the power. As a fun alternative, Hydro Pump is also an option here, as it can hit physical walls that this set might struggle against such as Gliscor or Skarmory for much higher damage than anything else would manage. It’s not without its risks, but can make a real difference.
Empoleon’s unique typing and overall good stats serve it well under Dynamax conditions, particularly if it can get an Agility boost in beforehand to fix its subpar Speed.
Max Geyser is always useful, activating heavy rain and effectively giving itself a 50% power boost for the next time, meanwhile Max Steelspike boosts Empoleon’s Defence with each use, making it harder to deal with.
Max Overgrowth can activate Grassy Terrain, slowly healing Empoleon and reducing the power of Earthquakes, which could potentially save its life. Max Hailstorm is also available to hit Grass- and Dragon-types, and while the coverage is useful, the weather change isn’t always appreciated. Note that Empoleon can simply change it back with Max Geyser though, just as long as its Dynamax doesn’t run out first.
Empoleon isn’t available in Gen 8 just yet (as of April 2021), but with the Diamond and Pearl remakes coming later this year, there’s every chance it’ll gain a Gigantamax form alongside its other two starter brethren, and probably a G-Max Move to go along with it. A Water-type charge that boosts both of its attacking stats upon use or something? Sounds fun.
Other Options
Combining the sets can be done, where the first set can throw Defog or Stealth Rock onto slot 3 or 4. Defog combines very well with Hydro Pump actually, as it reduces the target’s evasion and either forces a switch, or gives Empoleon a clear target.
Rest and Sleep Talk are available, and Empoleon has the space to use them, combined with Scald and Ice Beam or Knock Off for a status absorbing set. Agility can be used without Substitute or the Petaya Berry, simply swapping out for the Leftovers or Life Orb instead for a 3 attacks set. This turns it into more of a cleanup sweeper than late game, but it’ll have more coverage than the SubPetaya at the cost of being less dangerous.
Going physically defensive instead of specially is more than viable, and it works well with Scald to really help shrug off resisted Ice Punches and similar, meanwhile Roar and Yawn are available to help force switches, which can rack up hazard damage and just irritate the opponent, particularly if Empoleon’s able to force out a threat like Magnezone.
The physical set can use Swords Dance if you can find a space for it. There aren’t many other attacks in its movepool that haven’t already been mentioned, but it gets access to Rock Slide and Shadow Claw if they appeal to you for whatever reason. Sadly, its best physical Steel STAB is Metal Claw, so you might want to avoid that.
When Empoleon makes it to Gen 8, there’s no doubt it’ll get some more moves to play around with. Flip Turn and Body Press both seem likely, and while the latter will be mostly outmatched by Earthquake, Flip Turn could be useful for pivoting in and out of battle.
Spikes would also be a great addition to its movepool, giving it another entry hazard to set, and it would be good if it got a specially based Ground move, even if it was just Mud Shot. Earth Power or Scorching Sands would be ideal, but they’re not too likely.
Nasty Plot and Air Slash would suit Empoleon, as would Burning Jealousy and Lash Out, though at least one of those seems very unlikely. If it got access to Iron Head or Heavy Slam at last, it would finally have a physical Steel STAB worth using. Triple Axel or Ice Punch would be nice too.
Checks and Counters
Empoleon are a surprisingly versatile threat, so reliably countering them can be tricky.
Special walls are generally a safe bet, as it rarely runs physical, and even then, often lacks a powerful STAB. The likes of Blissey and Snorlax are standard options, able to tank the hits and wear it down, however unless Snorlax packs Earthquake, it might take a while doing so.
Magnezone can trap and remove Empoleon with its signature Magnet Pull, but can’t always switch in safely due to it not resisting Water. Empoleon throw Surf and other Water STABs around a lot, so it’ll have to be careful, but can hit it hard with a STAB Thunderbolt or Volt Switch once it’s in.
Ground and Fighting users can hit it hard, however they can’t come in safely, as a lot of Ground users in particular are weak to its main STAB. Many Fighting users are also physically based, and won’t appreciate being burned, however those with Guts like Heracross or Conkeldurr will welcome it.
Heliolisk, Poliwrath and Toxicroak are good initial switch-ins, as they absorb its Water STABs due to their ability and can hit it hard with their own. Its other attacks may give them trouble, but they definitely threaten it. Jellicent is another solid answer, taking everything it’s likely to use and stalling it out with the combination of Will-o-Wisp, Taunt and Recover.
Ferrothorn beats just about any set one on one, however it will struggle to keep its momentum against the Defog set as any attempt to use Spikes or Leech Seed will just get blown away. Ferrothorn’s strong Body Press will wear it down pretty quickly though, meanwhile a neutral Ice Beam will only dent it in response.
Opposing bulky Waters are a problem if Empoleon doesn’t have Grass Knot, and lightweight ones like Vaporeon are trouble even if it does. Defensive Vaporeon sets will have trouble damaging it back, but chipping away with Scald and fishing for a burn will take it down eventually.
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medievalmon · 26 days ago
What would some of the knights or monarchs do if they weren’t well, working for the castle..?
Tumblr media
“Well, I don’t imagine it would be—” 
Tumblr media
“Probably living a nice domestic life with my husband-to-be in a nice cottage off in the outer woods of the kingdom’s borders. We’d have a lovely garden and he could finally have time to help me practice cooking. Quite likely lots of kissing and hand holding as well.” 
Tumblr media
“Actually, you know what? That’s extremely interesting, precious, adorable, and I want that more now.” 
Tumblr media
“Lovesick fools.” 
Tumblr media
“Somebody sounds jealous...!” 
Tumblr media
“Am not! ...To answer the question, I’d likely be a researcher. Hopefully that would be a safer climate to raise my family in.” 
Tumblr media
“Huh. This is a good question. Maybe I’d figure out what to do with my life and understand my personal interests better.” 
Tumblr media
“Oh hey, that’s a great idea! Me too!” 
Tumblr media
“You guys sound more depressing than my voice, and that’s saying something.” 
Tumblr media
“Raising a family sounds nice! ...And you’d get to be home, dear.” 
Tumblr media
“Nice try, but you’re not fooling me with that one.” 
Tumblr media
“Domestic living with the husband and son would be ideal!” 
Tumblr media
“Probably work at a library.” 
Tumblr media
“May I join you?” 
Tumblr media
“Sure, that’d be a perfect fit for you.” 
Tumblr media
“This feels like it’d take forever to go through for everyone...I wonder how many folks I could recruit to my personal fan club instead!”
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trishunahatesohio · 29 days ago
I'm picking up my copy of pearl tomorrow, and I'm super excited, because it's the first time I'll ever play a Sinnoh game!
However, I have a delemma
I can't chose which starter I want.
I've narrowed it down to Piplup and Chimchar.
I know people are like "you have to chose fire because fire is a super rare type in Sinnoh"
And, yeah, but Piplup is so cute....and Empolean is so cool....but Chimchar is also so cute...and monferno and Infernape are awsome
Another thing is, I think I might use a lucario, but would it be beneficial to have 2 steel/2 fighting types?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fight-for-your-write · a month ago
Dawn. Selene. Decidueye. Empoleon.
Childhood Dreams. First Meetings. Bareknuckle Sparring.
3070 words.
Selene Ailey Luna was only five when she saw Dawn Johanna Margaret Perlman-Platt for the first time. She had witnessed the televised battle between her and Cynthia Carter when it happened live, watching the match with awe in her little eyes. Her parents grinned as their little one was glued to the screen, gazing with fascination as Dawn’s Empoleon tanked an Earthquake from Cynthia’s Garchomp and finally finished off the beast with a well-aimed Ice Beam. It was an event that shocked both Sinnoh and the world beyond.
Seeing the Mach Pokemon finally fall caused a wave of rushing joy to surge through Selene. Suddenly she was on her feet, jumping up and down and cheering at the top of her lungs, surely causing the ire of her neighbours in the apartments beside hers.
Happily, Selene’s father picked her off the ground and cheered with her. Together with her parents, the three watched history being made as the thirteen-year-old Dawn Perlman-Platt was crowned as Sinnoh’s new Champion, and the youngest one in the region’s history to boot.
After that day, Selene did everything she could to learn about the pride and joy of the North. Once she could read, she took in every article she could find. Once she could work the TV, she watched every interview that ever aired. She memorized everything from the way Dawn would speak to how her eyes looked when she was in the midst of a battle. She became capable of recalling whatever superficial detail the interviewer would ask of Dawn, such as her favourite colour (slate grey), her favourite food (chilled chocolate-coated peanuts), her favourite beverage (coffee or bluk berry soda), her favourite instrument (piano), or her favourite music (bossa nova and jazz), details that weren’t important in the long run but capable of fusing themselves into Selene’s mind.
In her heart, she wondered if one day she could meet Dawn. Sometimes she dreamed about what she would say to her idol, occasionally wondering if she would stutter like a fool or somehow keep her cool.
During other dreams, she would dwell on the idea of potentially challenging her idol. At the time she was not a trainer, only being familiar with Pokemon through books and movies and TVs. She dreamed of maybe receiving a Pokemon of her own, perhaps even going on a journey and taking on the gym challenge. It was a daunting task, but sometimes if she was feeling particularly motivated, Selene would research Pokemon typings and species. Sometimes she would even look into what ‘Mons would be best to combat the likes of Dawn’s mighty Empoleon or her steadfast Gallade.
In a way, the dream came true.
Selene left Kanto when she was barely twelve and arrived on an island of sun and legends. The move to Alola gave her opportunities that she could never have imagined. Now thrust into a world of totems and deities, Selene’s childhood wish to take on Sinnoh’s Champion was put on hold. She had selected her partner Pokemon without even thinking of her old research to combat Dawn’s team — she picked Rowlet simply because she liked the way it smiled and liked how it was round. A whole journey of interdimensional travels and perils had consumed her life, things that most people wouldn’t even believe even if she told him. She made friends for life that she would never forget, she fought many battles and even lost a few. Somehow it brought her to a place that she never thought it would.
When she herself got crowned as Alola’s first Champion, she had come so far in her own journey that her childhood dreams seemed more like a distant memory. It was not to say that she was displeased with where she was — in fact, Selene was unfailing proud of where she had gotten — it was simply that her priorities changed and that new responsibilities had been thrust into her lap. With a powerful team on her side — heeded by her demon of a Decidueye — Selene felt as if she could take on the world.
Then suddenly, her Championship brought her to her idol.
In order to promote the Alola League, it was agreed that an exhibition match would be held between champions of different regions, starting with the esteemed Dawn Perlman-Platt, who was now in her early twenties with nearly a decade of experience under her belt. When Selene got the news that she would be going against the trainer who inspired her to battle in the first place, she dropped her cup of tea and felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Despite seeing things that could only be found in the wildest of nightmares, Selene wasn’t sure if this was even real.
But somehow it was — her ticket to Sinnoh was mailed over shortly, emails regarding accommodations were sent into her inbox, and press events to promote the match were immediately set up. Every detail of the trip fanned the flames of Selene’s old childhood dream, a passion that had been dormant ever since she stepped foot in Alola.
The plane trip to Sinnoh was absolutely nerve-wracking. As nervous as Selene was, the battler in her knew that when it came down to it, she couldn’t let her giddiness affect her in the field. A battle was still a battle, no matter who she was facing.
After landing in an airport outside of Jubilife, Selene got off the plane and was directed to a chauffeur who’d take her to Canalave. The details of the match and the venue were rather hard for Selene to focus on, as the chilling air of Sinnoh hit her like a brick. She shivered under the cover of her parka even after she entered the town car — clearly Alola’s tropical climate had left her completely unprepared for the frigid cold of the North.
After a night in one of Canalave’s nicer hotels, Selene met Dawn in the morning.
They came across one another in the breakfast eatery. A nervous Selene spotted Sinnoh’s Champ eating across the room with her Empoleon by her side, wordlessly tucking into a bowl of fruit and an excessively large cup of coffee. It took all of Selene’s courage to walk up and introduce herself.
Dawn Perlman-Platt was not how she seemed in interviews and matches. Her hair was a little shorter and just the slightest bit damp, presumably from a morning shower. Instead of the piercing, ice-cold glare she held in the midst of battles or the air of aloofness she showed in interviews, Dawn was actually a lot more… quiet. She seemed lost in her own thoughts most of the time, or maybe that was just how she was in the morning. When she spoke to Selene, Dawn managed a gentle smile and spoke to the younger Champion in a surprisingly calm, pleasant voice. She even invited Selene to sit down with her for their meals.
As they ate, Selene could feel her heart beating again. Her fingers twitched nervously as Dawn and her spoke. All those hours she had spent dreaming of this day felt useless now, seeing as all Selene could do was sit in her spot and wonder what to say next. The two managed to speak of simple things, like their upcoming exhibition match and what zany interview the PML’s PR team cooked up for them now. Somehow Selene ended up blurting a request for Dawn to teach her some of the Sinnoh Champion’s training methods. Dawn apparently was famous for sparring with her Pokemon, something she learned from Maylene Kemp, a fighting specialist and one of Sinnoh’s gym leaders.
With a grin, Dawn agreed and said that they could fit a little training day in. Despite Selene’s impulsiveness, the fact that Dawn reacted so cooly to the sudden offer steadied her heartbeat just a bit.
Two days before the fated match, Dawn brought Selene to Iron Island, a place north of Canalave that required a ferry trip to reach. She had cut her teeth in the mines long ago, training alongside a fellow named Riley who helped her hone her skills. On the boat ride to the Island, Dawn told Selene about a day where Riley gave her a blindfold and had her spar her Pokemon with her ‘aura’ guiding her.
Curiously, Selene asked if she could do the same, but Dawn simply ruffled the young Champ’s hair like an old friend would. “Not today, kiddo,” she said with just the slightest bit of playfulness.
Iron Island was desolate. Being a former ore mine, it was mainly frequented by trainers and hikers nowadays, but the occasional worker could be found due to safety reasons. Sensing her excitement to explore, Dawn gave Selene a tour of the place before getting down to training. She led the Alola Champion through the winding tunnels, healing her ‘Mons as they moved through and helping her with doubles battles instigated by the occasional trainer.
As to be expected, Dawn proved to be different than the young fresh-faced thirteen-year-old who defeated Cynthia Carter. She no longer donned the pink peacoat of her youth, having shed her threads in favour of a topcoat in a dark grey hue. Her old white beanie was gone as well, as she preferred to go bareheaded nowadays. The look gave her an added air of maturity, a testament to the near decade she spent as the Champion of the North. Despite the composure she held, she spoke to Selene like the colleagues they were, never speaking in a condescending way and making it clear that she had the best intentions in mind.
It was outside when Dawn could finally show Selene what she came to see. Letting her Empoleon out of its ball, she secured hand wraps over her bare knuckles and prepared to take her signature ‘Mon head-on. She shed her topcoat and stepped into a clearing with the Emperor Pokemon.
With her Decidueye by her side, Selene took a seat on a rock and watched her idol work with the stars in her eyes. Together, the two Alolans witnessed a sparring match between trainer and Pokemon.
The Sinnoh Champion stood barefoot in the dirt and she faced off with her Empoleon. The calm, mentorly gaze that she held in the last while suddenly disappeared, and in its place was the cold, piercing glare that Dawn Perlman-Platt was undeniably known for. Pokemon and training circled one another, occasionally trading blows. Empoleon would swing its razor sharp wings, something that Dawn was surprisingly quick to dodge. It seemed that the match was not really about causing damage, but rather just touching the opponent. Somehow it helped Dawn and her Empoleon understand one another, whether it be on a physical level or on a spiritual one.
By the way Dawn was dodging her Empoleon’s blows, Selene was starting to wonder if that whole ‘guided by her aura’ thing was more than just a rumour she read in an old book.
The fight between Pokemon and Trainer ended when Empoleon launched a well-timed Flash Cannon towards Dawn, something that the Sinnoh Champion could not dodge quick enough. Selene had witnessed Professor Kukui taking much worse moves, but the difference was that the Professor took the moves to test theories in the name of science, whereas Dawn took the moves… differently.
Needless to say, Empoleon’s rather impeccably aimed Flash Cannon knocked Dawn off her feet. All the air in her lungs rushed out when she hit the ground, causing her Empoleon to cease the attack and stop in its place, a look of concern coming into its eyes.
Worried, Selene leapt off her rock and rushed to Dawn’s aide, her Dedicueye flapping its wings and flying behind her. Soon the two were standing over the Sinnoh Champion, Selene in particular thinking through first-aid procedures in her head.
On the dirt, Dawn caught her breath slowly, then raised her hand up to signal for her Empoleon to stop. “You win,” she told him. With all her strength, she sat up and eyed her ‘Mon. “But don’t rub it in.”
Empoleon scoffed and puffed out its chest proudly, a common habit of its species.
Dawn got onto her feet and rubbed her ‘Mon’s beak. “You know I’ll get you one day, right?”
Empoleon let out a noise that sounded similar to a laugh, something that garnered a chuckle from both Dawn and Selene and even Decidueye. With the crisis over, the Arrow Quill Pokemon flew to a rather large boulder and settled on top of it.
“That was awesome, by the way,” the Alola Champion said, grinning from ear to ear.
Dawn looked modest as she made her way to her bag and clothes, which were sitting neatly by a nearby rock. She put her coat, then began putting on her boots. “It’s nothing, really.”
“Are you sure?” Selene asked, following Dawn. “Because I haven’t heard of any Champion fighting their own Pokemon barehanded.”
“I think the Indigo Champion does,” Dawn replied, shaking some dirt out of her hair. Despite how polished she seemed in public, it was clear she had no reservations about getting dirty.
“Oh, Red?” Selene guessed. “Or uh… Ethan, right? Is that his name?”
“Yeah, him,” Dawn confirmed, doing up her coat. “I met him a few times, the guy has this wicked Feraligatr, they wrestle sometimes.”
Selene blinked in disbelief. “Really? Dude, how does he like, not get ripped to shreds?”
Dawn let out a playful chuckle. “With practice.”
Suddenly, a loud squawk resonated through the air. The pair of Champions and the Emperor Pokemon looked up to see Selene’s Decidueye leaping off the boulder it was sitting on. It soared a few feet off the land, soon touching down on the ground near its trainer. The Arrow Quill Pokemon looked rather startled as it went.
Selene was quick to acknowledge her partner. “Hey, what’s going on, buddy?”
Dawn was suddenly silent. Her eyebrows now furrowed in concentration, she glanced at her surroundings with caution. She looked at the rocks on the slope carefully, doing her damndest to see anything out of the ordinary. She focused on where Decidueye was formerly standing and saw what appeared to be movement near the rocks.
Her stomach clenched as her mind came to one possibility, but the conclusion was unconfirmed. When the supposed rocks began glowing white, a surge of fear rushed through her.
Immediately, Dawn dashed towards Selene. She wrapped her arm around the younger girl’s waist and brought her to the ground. The movement was vigorous and hasty, something that caught Selene off guard and sent a surge of terror through her spine.
“GET DOWN!” Dawn yelled as she got on the ground as well. Once she was on Selene’s level, she added in, “Cover your ears.”
Selene was as terrified as she was confused, her heart beating fast but for all the wrong reasons. Unsure what else to do, she followed Dawn’s orders and placed her hands over her ears, pressing them hard as she ducked her head down and shut her eyes tight.
Seconds passed and all of a sudden, the sound of detonation burst through the vicinity, a force that caused vibrations to resonate through the air. Although her eyes were shut, the blast could be felt in every nerve of her body, vibrating every atom that made up her being. Miraculously, she felt nothing hitting her, maybe a pebble against her shoe, but despite the knots in her stomach she felt no urgent pain. Even with her hands shielding her, the explosion caused a ringing noise in her ears. When Selene felt safe enough to take her hands away from her head, all she could hear was a high-pitched ringing.
There was a weight on Selene’s back. She couldn't tell what it was at first and actually assumed that it was some kind of debris, but once she opened her eyes and began moving again, she felt the weight moving too. It was then she realized that the weight had been Dawn, as she had shielded Selene’s body with her own.
The two Champion’s got off the ground, Dawn offering a hand to get Selene on her feet. The younger girl was still overwhelmed by the sudden blast. All she could make herself say was:
“What the fuck was that?”
“Graveller,” Dawn explained, looking back towards the slope, which was once covered in ‘rocks’ but was now empty. “They explode when they get spooked.”
Selene could only nod slowly. She looked around slowly to find her partner and soon spotted her Decidueye standing next to Dawn’s Empoleon, a fine coating of dust covering the Emperor Pokemon’s steely exterior. Seeing as there was not a speck of dirt of Selene’s Pokemon, it was fair to say that Empoleon took after its trainer in more ways than one.
When Selene looked back to Dawn, the Sinnoh Champion was shaking even more dust out of her dark hair. She soon noticed a dark red splotch forming on the sleeve of her coat, something she didn’t see before. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized what happened.
“You’re hurt!” she exclaimed, rushing to Dawn and looking at her right arm.
Dawn glanced to her sleeve and seemed unfazed by the wound on her body. “It’s nothing, really,” she said in a shockingly casual tone.
Selene wasted no time in reaching into her bag and pulling out her first aid kit. “Here, I got this.”
Dawn nodded her head and took off her coat, allowing Selene to do her work. The injury in question was situated just above her elbow, a piece of debris having seemingly pierced through both her coat and woollen sweater to mar the vulnerable flesh underneath.
As the two sat down to patch up the wound on Dawn’s upper arm, Selene’s mind was being bombarded with a sudden rush of thoughts.
As a young child, she put Dawn Perlman-Platt on a pedestal in ways only children could. As she grew up, she learned that praising idols could end to disappointment. Sometimes the world was sad to find out that the heroes they called living legends were ordinary people more often than not.
But sitting now with Dawn Johanna Margaret Perlman-Platt, Selene Ailey Luna could only think of the falsity in her learnings.
The pedestal just got higher.
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