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allegxdly4 minutes ago
Congrats on 100 !! 馃帄
thank you viv!!!!! honestly all i do is shit abt my life so i'm kinda 馃槼 okay das cool
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lippedgloss5 minutes ago
Don鈥檛 be mad but you really look like Aaron carter sometimes
Tumblr media
STOP IT @lunachix :(((((
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definitely-a-living-human9 minutes ago
jmdhmm I feel like saying good night, so good night n sweat dreams!! ( 藰 鲁藰)鈾
:D goodnight! May you rest well!
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nayrs-thoughts-1310 minutes ago
hiiii hope y'all have a good day OwO
Stars, the rainbow, and bmc uwu
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arcadehero35 minutes ago
馃尃 :0
persona 5, the colors pink, light blue, and red, and your turn to die(specifically joe tazuna from it lol)
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arsonistblue39 minutes ago just realized we're moots and I know we never talk but like 馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼馃槼 SINCE WHEN like your blog is so great
alfhskfhksjf no YOUR blog is great are you kidding me???? i鈥檓 just some dude you鈥檙e awesome
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ohdamitsme40 minutes ago
The Owl House s2 drops on June 12th.
The Welcome to Night Vale 9 year anniversary episode comes out on June 15th, three days later.
I am
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housesoftheholymp343 minutes ago
(tommy shelby voice)
no reminiscing. no reminiscing. no fucking reminiscing!
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tamasaba46 minutes ago
im in kinblr or at least kinblr adjacent but i still don鈥檛 fully know what kinning is. and i don鈥檛 want it explained to me either btw i love living in ignorant bliss
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lilsparkyswife48 minutes ago
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tamasaba49 minutes ago
those pics of characters with the speech bubble under text posts are annoying when i don鈥檛 like the character/media and genius when i do
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lilsparkyswife51 minutes ago
oh... yes of course that鈥檚 normal! most definitely is, i agree with you 1000% baby 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃槦馃榿馃榿馃榿 -your armin馃
mhm, as you should 馃槍 SEE YALL ??
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catboytheo55 minutes ago
hii !! idk if it鈥檚 obv but i鈥檝e been straight up stalking nd liking everything in ur acct LMAO i鈥檓 too shy but i wanna be friends w u ! ur content is absolutely chefs kisses mwa <3 can i be 馃崚 anon ?? :D
omg are you who i think you are 馃憖 (jk i dont know...... or do i ??)
aw i'd love to be friends with you !! 馃ズ and THANK YOU SO MUCH 馃挅
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tamasaba57 minutes ago
you either die scared of billy the puppet or live long enough to think he鈥檚 adorable
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slut4dream58 minutes ago
pls with the 24 hour thing you鈥檇 stop for like a hydration break and before you even got a chance to take more than a sip he鈥檚 got you bent over the counter -馃
fr he wouldn鈥檛 even let you breathe
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gorgxoxusan hour ago
good morning sunshine!!
Good evening to you 馃挆
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iimmortalistsan hour ago
hi bestie 馃尃
HELLO MAIRA grocery stores in space. like on a space station zero gravity where u can like propel urself up to grab stuff off the top shelves and the aisles are multidimensional (is this making sense) also the lemniscate which is a fancy word for the infinity symbol and moon jellyfish聽
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