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#emetophobia cw
aurumsanguine · 7 hours ago
@schattenmagier continued from here
“Liar.”, Laurence muttered under his breath. He knew the signs. A childhood full of being sick taught him enough to know when someone hid when they were feeling unwell. It was so common for him to get sick with a stomach flu, that Gehrman could pinpoint the exact moment he needed to puke and always had a bucket ready to save Byrgenwerth’s floor. Regardless if she had heard his first word or not, he speaks up: “Well, I don’t think it interests you, but I know how it is to feel sick. I spent large parts of my childhood hunched over the toilet, because my stomach decided that eating or putting anything into it didn’t sit well with it.” He paused for short moment and then continued: “Whatever, I know that you won’t take the blood, even though it would get this sickness out of you in mere minutes. Just telling you, not eating or drinking anything will only make it worse. There is some herbal tea in the kitchen and feel free to ask the kitchen personell for some dry bread, that should stay down.” Laurence turned around, but before he left, he said: “And if you insist on not being sick, the next bathroom is three doors to the left. Please go throw up there instead of on my carpet.”
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snarp · 23 hours ago
I have stopped throwing up but I am still pretty sure it's a bad idea to go to the neurologist like this in-person. I'm glad the plague has forced doctors to learn to use skype.
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selfconfusion · 2 days ago
Me: Oof. Got mucus in the back of my throat. *coughs and prepares to spit*
My shit body: Puke? :)
Me: What? No–*coughs and pukes*
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fictionkinfessions · 3 days ago
Sometimes I look back at the things I did in my source and I feel sick to my stomach. I feel like puking because of the things I've done to all those people, civilians, Nunnally, my friends.
And then other times I don't feel anything at all.
Everyone seems quite pushy that I have PTSD but I don't.. Believe it. I don't know why when I know they're right.
Today I had a panic attack because the sound of a ball bouncing reminded me of the gunshots that killed so many people I knew and held close.
What have I become, at this point?
- Lelouch Vi Britannia. (Tag fictive.) (#🥀🌌🛸)
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leguin · 4 days ago
just experienced the human equivalent of when your cat eats some grass and then it irritates her stomach so she throws up and then she eats some food and throws up again and then gets so dehydrated she feels too sick to eat or drink so you have to take her to the vet so they can inject a big shot of water under her skin and then she’s instantly fine
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
watch this!!! [has a two hour breakdown, crying to the point of nausea and hardly able to breath due to wilbur soot dropping new ghostbur lore on reddit saying that i’m completely alone in limbo and that it’s already been half a year and that i’m forced to hear how everyone’s happy that i’m gone constantly and that he’s done with me and i’m stuck like this forever] — a ghostbur fictive 🔵💙🔵
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maefords · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
level 100 alchemy basically makes you a master mixologist right??
my other morrowind main, René Vidas, about to ruin someone’s night
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nerdlytreasure · 6 days ago
Oh gosh I missed it somehow but someone posted it here. Emetophobia warning for the end of Sam’s bit. Visual only.
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i live
but man that was one of the worst nights ive had in a while
Moderna, each dose given around 10:30 AM
First dose: Very achey arm, mild general run down-ness. Easily staved off with small doses of ibuprofen, and a generic nyquil got me to sleep like a rock through the night and wake up with zero symptoms. Never broke a fever.
Second dose: Less arm pain, much stronger symptoms. Broke a fever as soon as I was a little late on the next dose of cold meds and was out like a light at 9:30 PM. Spent the entire evening between 12:30 and 5:30 trying and mostly failing to stay hydrated and keep anything down in between dozing. Even going from a mostly-propped-up sitting position to a fully-upright sitting position by myself was too much. Finally got some applesauce to stay down long enough to get some meds to work. Slept until past noon.
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shockdowndefiance · 8 days ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
Does your character enjoy making plans or are they more spontaneous? How do they react when a plan (either made by themselves or others) falls through? 
Hello! Thanks for the question. This is one I haven’t thought about before, so I’ll be answering for twins Allison and Elliot Shepard.
Allison Shepard
Ooh. Allison (and Elliot) are both navy brats and in the military themselves, so I’d anticipate they have an understanding that sometimes An Event occurs and their parents may not always be able to keep promises.
Allison builds her own military career on being flexible and finding alternate options and solutions, something that was built upon after the siege of Elysium and her induction into the Interplanetary Combatives Training specops course.
However, she is very much someone to plan out events and make concrete plans on her end. She carefully schedules meetings and house events with everyone, in part because after the end of the Reaper War (when she’s in a position to be making plans) if she wants everyone in attendance she has to manage fifteen different schedules, and things have to be planned meticulously.
(I may be exaggerating on the fifteen schedules, I haven’t counted. A few of Allison’s friends and crew live nearby to each other, if not with each other in some capacity, but they are still scattered across the galaxy).
She understands when plans others have made fall through, though she’s harder on herself when she has to cancel - partly because she feels she has to carefully plan everything, so a cancellation means a few months before they can meet up again.
(She tries to be more flexible on this, especially when needing to cancel is because of things like having a bad depressive episode or having bad morning sickness and being unable to move from the bathroom.)
Elliot Shepard
I feel like Elliot is the more laid-back of the two in terms of making plans but is more aggravated by plans falling through when they’re made by other people. He’s the type of person to call you up a few days in advance and be all “want to go out for drinks?”, specify a vague time to meet, and show up.
However if someone - non-military - makes plans and can’t follow through, Elliot does get annoyed. He has the perception that civilians don’t have such Big Emergency Crises that military people do, so a cancellation because of work is, well, a them problem.
Thankfully those who know Elliot well know when to offer an invite on something that is flexible and something that is set in stone. He does start to appreciate the importance of a set-in-stone plan after the end of the Reaper War.
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
I hardly ever sleep good anymore. Between waking up every other hour and the nightmares that I get it just doesn't happen. I had a nightmare about Hannibal leaving me and woke up nauseous. I shouldn't be this attached to him in this life but I am and I can't stop it even when it's to the point that it makes me physically sick from time to time. Thanks, I hate it. - Will Graham (#🕛🦌)
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fictionkinfessions · 8 days ago
wondering if the world is making me pay for calling arthur blacklung, in my life before. don't know if i'm just feeling under the weather, but i can't seem to stop coughing, and it's getting so bad i feel like i nearly wanna hurl. serves me right, i suppose.
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statisticalcats · 9 days ago
I’m not having as bad of anxiety after dry heaving anymore, so I’m hoping this is a step towards me just eating despite the chance I’ll throw some of it back up from dry heaving. Something similar to this happened to me years ago, where I was having the problems with dry heaving but was still able to eat in spite of that. I guess that’s my goal now, to get to that headspace again fuewgfoewghfoewgqf
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markedmuses · 10 days ago
💭 + a childhood memory from Hilda!
[ Send me a “💭“ and your Muse will experience one of my Muse’s Memories | ACCEPTING ]
"Get up!"
The barked order didn't come from the person pulling on her hair. It came from her father, who was spectating from the saddle of a black stallion. His navy cape blew like a warbanner in the wind, except, it didn't inspire anything in the teen, it just made her feel dread, and sickness. She wanted to rip it off and burn it. She wanted to rip off his black armor and mold it into a dagger and stab it through his ribs. But she didn't. She had no way of doing it. Certainly not now.
All Hilda could taste was blood and dirt. She'd collapsed to the dirt of the training ground, her weakening legs unable to support her weight as her body silently shrieked for mercy from the blows she failed to parry or dodge. At the back of her head came a sudden, sharp pain as her hair was yanked and she was forced to stand; she nearly retched, coughing and wheezing.
"Stupid girl. Get up! Then tie back your hair or cut it off. If Johan were a monster, you would be long dead by now."
"Fuck you. Not even a monster'd ever do this shit."
"What did you say?!"
"Right away."
As soon as Hilda was up, she felt like she was going to fall over again. The sky was on the floor, the ground the sky, and it just kept spinning, warping, distorting. Shaking hands reached into her pocket, procured a ribbon, and put her hair into a messy but practical bun. With eyes that struggled to remain open and arms that burned with soreness, she held her sword in a defensive position. The first blow attempted by Johan landed, and Hilda blacked out.
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oneshortdamnfuse · 12 days ago
I am thinking about buying accupressure anti-nausea bracelets but I don't know how well they work. Zofran is great, but I can't really take it before driving/going to work.
I get nausea frequently from my gastrointestinal issues, as well as from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. I also have emetophobia, which makes nausea a nightmare situation for me.
So... If anyone has advice/has used them before, let me know!
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spadesclaws · 13 days ago
👻// don't ask me for a pep talk, because I'll tell you that you can vom but you have to get over it afterwards.
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2d-gorillaz · 14 days ago
A way for me to get an indicator of my health currently is that I started the day with a mint tea. Stay with me. Added oat milk and a bit of sugar because regular milk just might kill me. Anyway I usually drink mint tea to soothe my stomach or start my day. Today it made me hurl.
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bosspigeon · 15 days ago
I'm almost afraid to ask, but what's the gross frog thing?
okay but it is HELLA gross so I'm warning u now
have you ever seen, like, dead frogs/toads floating in chlorinated pools with a white bubbly thing sticking out of their mouths?
so, basically, if frogs eat something poisonous or otherwise harmful, they can't really throw it up normally. what they have to do is eject their entire stomach (it's called full gastric eversion, and in this one article that showed up it is helpfully described "kind of like turning out your pockets") to get out the harmful thing, and then they physically push their stomach back in with their little froggy hands
when they're floating around in a pool (worse for toads who arent really swimmers) they do this to try and eject the chlorinated water, but if they can't get out, they can't get the traction to push their stomachs back in, so they die.
i was a Weird Fucking Kid who wanted to be a zoologist, so i knew a lot of weird/gross animal facts that i would just bust out the second i thought it was even remotely relevant
understandably, i was not terribly popular
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kneelb4kesha · 16 days ago
shout out to self esteem so low that i didn’t take a day off work even though i was literally pushing back vomit for 3.5 hours :/
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