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i-am-darth-feanor · a day ago
i’m going to do a stormlight archive ship because i know you’ve read them and i’m curious! also you totally don’t have to do it for all three i’m just very curious
also fun fact shallankaladin was my first tumblr username back in 2016 lol
Ooooooooh fun here goes
Shallan/Adolin: vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell
I love those two idiots, they’re so cute together
Adolin/Kaladin: vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell
I have a thing with pairing idiots with idiots lol and I love those two
Shallan/Kaladin: vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell
I used to ship Shalladin before I read Oathbringer... and I honestly still do XD
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fantasychica37 · a day ago
I’ve seen “haru” for grandfather in Quenya, but apparently the [neo, which means fans extrapolated them] Quenya word for grandmother is “haruni”! And the neo-Sindarin words, pulled from Tolkien’s earlier Gnomish, for grandparents are dad with a ^ on the a for grandfather and mam for grandmother (easy to remember!)
(Although I guess translating “grand-parents” literally as “Daeradar” and “Daernaneth” is really no less valid because fans made up all of this, but still, we have semi-official words from for anyone interested!)
( @foxindarkness thought you might be interested because you have Celebrian use Elvish terms for her family)
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quintessentialarts · a day ago
Tumblr media
📸 New photo 📸: Maidenhair Fern Necklace in Pure Silver with Pink Pearl Romantically elegant cascading maidenhair fern in pure silver, in a draping chain design with tiny pink freshwater pearls~ 🍃🌸🍃
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i-am-darth-feanor · 2 days ago
I don’t even remember why I followed you! I think maybe a mutual reblogged one of your posts and i was like: oh, that person’s funny! anyways, i’m glad i did because you’re hilarious and so kind!
Aw, thank you! I love your posts too, and you’re amazing!
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tolkienlanguages · 2 days ago
How many languages did J.R.R. Tolkien make? The short answer to the "How many languages?" question must go something like this: "Apart from the extremely fragmentary or entirely fictional ones, he provided varying amounts of information about some ten or twelve languages, but only two of them are highly developed with really substantial vocabularies."
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sarcasm-the-toad · 4 days ago
Today I baked bread from scratch for the first time in my life! I looked up a recipe online and found one for herb and garlic braids, so I used the dough recipe from that but then did my own thing to make them fancy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I call them Herb and Garlic Bread Leaves! The first pic is what they looked like before I baked them. They turned out way better than expected and actually tasted really good! It took me way longer than I thought it would to make them, but I'm really proud of myself for even trying!
Probably my favorite thing about these is that the dil weed that I put in them turned the dough slightly green, which just adds to leaf aspect of them. My sibling said it reminds them of the elven bread (lembas bread) from the Lord of the Rings
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thenerdyduke18 · 4 days ago
Symbol of Eternal Nerdiness
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bewilderedfae · 5 days ago
I needed to get through a group of people and  forgot how to say " excuse me" in English so I went to say "Mellon" then realised.
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sekilat · 5 days ago
realistically speaking , even before the formation of Arlathan , the elves depending on region would have spoken in an individual unique dialect followed by their version of a standardised language of the general elvhen language . thedas as a continent is rather huge & it is not a stretch to play into the idea of the modern language also having its own unique words / dialects .
a word can mean one thing in a clan but it could completely refer as otherwise in another clan . the city elf dialect would have had the city's main language mixed into their version of the elvhen language along with various bits of different Dalish dialects introduced into the vocabulary .
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wonderwafles · 5 days ago
I really feel like if I put on a neat dress and wore a circlet on my head and danced barefoot in the grass for a while, a good deal of my problems would be solved
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quenyatranslation · 5 days ago
Hi there! I was working on attempting to translate the Lament for Theoden (the one that goes "Out of doubt, out of dark, to the day's rising" etc. etc.) into Quenya (for a project, ), but I am .... hmm Not Sure I did it right, at all?
So my question is this right? If not, do you know what would the best/correct translation be? (I used Parf Edhellen for most of the words, but I don't know if that information is needed or not-) Thank you so much!!
Attindello, huinello, anarórëo oryalanna
Nortanës lindala nu árë, utópala macil
Encaltanës estel, ar nu estel telenës;
Fíriello, sossello, Ambar-ortanello
úhepiello, coiviello, alcarello
Hi anon, 
Thanks so much for your message! I’m sorry for taking a few days to respond 💖
Your translation is very good and I only have a few remarks/suggestions to make:
line one
Attindollo, huinello, anarórenna 
I think attindello should be attindolo (from attindo doubt).
For to the day’s rising, you could probably go with anarórenna to the sunrise. That would result in a nice regular sentence structure with three case words!
line two
nortanës lírala áressë, túcala/sácala macil.
I’d translate singing as lírala (lir- to sing in the active participle). 
For in the sun(light), I’d go with áressë based on the attested example auressë in (the) morning. 
Unsheathing could probably be translated as túcala (from tuc- to draw) or sácala (from saca- to draw, pull; note that saca- can also mean to pursue, look for, search). 
To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit unsure regarding the use of the active participle for singing and unsheathing, but I’m not sure what alternative options there could be.
line three
Encaltanës estel, ar as estel telenës;
I’d suggest as estel with hope, since in hope in this context is figurative and a bit tricky to translate. Another alternative could perhaps be to use the respective case to make esteles in hope (figurative).
line four
fíriello, sossello, Ambarello ortaina
I’d change the last part of this line and have ortaina lifted (passive participle of orta-) separate at the very end.
line five
úhepiello, coiviello, alcarenna.
I believe the best way to convey unto (long) glory would be to use the allative case on alcar > alcarenna to express movement towards.
Also, this is purely a question of personal taste and your method probably isn’t wrong, but I’d personally remove the diaeresis (¨) in nortanës, encaltanës and telenës. As far as I know, it’s mostly used to clarify that the e should be pronounced separately (if let’s say there’s a vowel next to it), but in the three cases I just mentioned that’s already obvious so I don’t think the diaeresis is needed ✨
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band--psycho · 6 days ago
hi!! congrats on 1.6k that is so exciting!! could i request a fluffy/funny Aragorn x Reader with the dialogue prompt
“I didn’t do it!” / “Then why are you laughing?” / “Because whoever did it is a freaking genius.” 
thanks so much, and congrats again!
AHHH thank you so much!! I love this idea and I'm so excited to write it!!
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dmtreasury · 6 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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akashavampire · 6 days ago
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quenyatranslation · 8 days ago
Hey there! You did the "I do not believe this darkness will endure" translation for me (thanks btw) I was wondering if you knew how to write it in elvish or if you maybe knew where I could find that? Thanks so much your translation was a big help!!!
Hi again, thanks for the ask! ✨
Unfortunately I can’t write tengwar - only have some basic knowledge of another, less popular script called sarati. I do have a friend who used to do tengwar transcriptions online, but she’s been busy and hasn’t taken requests in a few years, and all the other pages I knew now seem to be inactive or inaccessible.
Perhaps you could try your hand with blogs that post content related to Tolkien’s languages and writing systems and/or tengwar, for instance:
There’s also a good website out there which you can use to generate pretty great approximate transcriptions if you download tengwar fonts onto your computer. If you’d like to try that, you can message me and I’ll explain how it works in private! Or I could generate the transcription for you if you’d prefer 💕 Just keep in mind that it might not always be 100% accurate!
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😃 I am so proud of you fellow nerd. I wish you luck in your mathematical endeavors. If you would be so willing, please let us know how it goes - I am curious to see and understand how math works in your created language. But nonetheless, I hope the rest of your day is as wonderful as you are. - math nerd =)
For right now, I'm just going to be switching out the usual 'x, y, z' with the Elvish equivalent, everything else staying the same (I do have a few numbers that look slightly different in elvish but that's a different matter).
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