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rohirra16 hours ago
My love.... my other love at least lol
OTP for them: Him and his wife? Maybe him and Gildor? Oh fuck did I just manifest a new ship for myself... I think I did damn...
BROTP for them: Elrond, Gil-Galad, his wife
Other ships: Gildor now I guess lol
What kind of fic I'd write about them: something about him and his children talking about his choice and the aspects of being mortal?
A favourite canon moment: "Yo Elrond you fine here being an elf and helping the king govern, yes? Neat imma head to my island and live in peace. Greet dad from me if you find him. Great thanks byyyeee." (Probably very inaccurate description of what occurred)
Colour that reminds me of them: uhhh silver and like orange?
Song that reminds me of them: Soldier, Poet, King - The Oh Hellos
A headcanon about them:
He's the better healer out of the two of them. Elrond is good yes but the hands of the king are the hands of the healer.
Also he inherited some of L煤thiens shape shifting powers and his eye colour changes depending on his mood.
A random AU I think up on the spot for them:
Aside from the coffee shop au?
Him being miraculously reborn during the time of the Fellowship and just like joining them
He's totally vibing with the Hobbits lol
Boromir and Aragorn are thiiiiiisss much away from fangirling
Legolas is not sure whether it was a good idea to sleep though history class
Gimli is also just vibing with him
Gandalf is questioning all his life choices
Anything else: He's super fucking underappreciated and that hurts my soul
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maglorious2 days ago
I couldn't finish it 馃様 but anyway here you have that painting I told you about a couple of weeks ago.
It's the Vingilot, sailing across the clouds, and Elwing in her white seagull form. She should be carrying the Silmaril, but I hadn't time for that :(
Someday I'll finish it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oil on canvas, 130 x 93 cm
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jaz-the-bard2 days ago
The real question is if Elros also had the same effect as Elrond. Is Elros also adopted by every person he comes across, or does it only happen to Elrond? Is it unique to them or is it a familial gene? If it is familial, which side does it come from? (Betting Idril on the last one tbh)
Elros is ALSO adopted by everyone! It comes from tuor's side of the family, he got adopted too and so did t煤rin (more than once if you count orodreth)
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possiblyhomer2 days ago
Ares: Just be yourself.
Moros: 'Be myself'? Ares, I have one day to win Elpis over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Dionysus: Couple weeks.
Prometheus: Six months.
The Keres: Jury鈥檚 still out.
Moros: See, Ares?
Moros: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?
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possiblyhomer3 days ago
Moros: Given the circumstances, I will let you hug me for four to five seconds.
Elpis: Forty five seconds?!?
Moros: No! I said four TO five seconds.
Elpis, hugging Moros: Too late.
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vardasvapors4 days ago
I really enjoy your thought-provoking metas on Elrond and Elros and find myself agreeing with you a lot. I have issues with certain popular fanons of the twins, but I tend to be insecure about countering and potentially disrespecting discussions on childhood trauma... However I do feel like their complex cultural identity and the theme of mortality and immortality that Tolkien said was central to his Legendarium aren鈥檛 given enough focus. The exploration on what it means to be Peredhil.
Tumblr media
Rfdlcjvhkjbhjb AHHHHHH HI ANON YES SORRY I FORGOT TO ANSWER THIS ASK my distraction it is eternal and powerful. THANKS SO MUCH I'M GLAD TO HEAR IT MAKES SENSE TO YOU. Regarding the first ask: i wouldn't worry too much about countering fandom norms with this though, since unlike some subjects.....cough.....that will remain nameless because there's more than i can remember atm, this one doesn't really suffer from like....people vociferously defending the popular viewpoint against other less common ones, as much as people like.....not considering that there is any other possible viewpoint at all and just passively passing along the most surface-level fanon without giving it much thought. I think plenty of them would have no argument with you if you argued this viewpoint, and in fact might enjoy it a lot! They just haven't seemed to have noticed it at all on their own for some reason lol.
Regarding your second ask: canon is quite patchy, dry, and ambivalent in most places (even if it's very vibrantly full of Explanatory Emotions And Personality in other places -- The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen in Appendix A for example) so there's a lot of unconnected dots to connect in a LOT of different directions, and the dots i've connected are in large part formed by a lifetime of scrounging for mixed-heritage experiences, as a mixed-race/culture/nationality person myself. AND a lifetime of wholly personal fixation on immorality stories and general hatred of those innumerable eliding sour-grapes platitudes about immortality vs mortality in children's fantasy, not to mention a lot of (also quite personal) 'uhhhh......really??' about the fact that people were so ready to believe WHETHER OR NOT YOU GOT TO BE IMMORTAL OR GOT TO ESCAPE THE CURSED WORLD would just naturally (rather than arguably, for very specific personal reasons and loyalties that you may or may not have) be way less of a factor (or not a factor at all!!!??) in your fate-decision than what part of your heritage you ~vibed with more, and that the one you vibed with more fundamentally negated the other one. (ftr, many (though not all) mixed people i know, myself included, consider their identity to be primarily Mixed, as in their mixed-ness itself, is more prominent/salient a personal identity, than either of their separate heritages are. and there are like 426284 not-conclusive but still very suggestive pieces of evidence that Elrond feels the same and is also seen by outsiders as the same. However a very funny thing is that if we are mixed x/y, we also often feel very x when among a population of y, and feel very y when among a population of x. Fandom get on that! Peredhil feeling very human while among elves, and very elf while among humans??? Ideal????) Some people who......ugh.......ARE VALID I GUESS...........focus on uh certain other elements of Elrond and Elros's story (that I personally find kind of boring) to extrapolate their characters from, and I know those dots and the connections between them are as canon as the dots I personally focus on connecting instead LOL. But I'm of course extremely gleefully glad/prideful about people agreeing with ME! :P
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Mina: Guys, I bought a snake, what should I name him?
Elro: You did WHAT?!
Robin: William Snakespeare.
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undercat-overdog5 days ago
For WIP Wednesday: Elros and Elwing, post-founding of N煤menor.
鈥淵ou remind me very much of him. Tuor that is.鈥 Elwing reached out to brush away a strand of black hair behind his ear, her eyes gentle and sad but with a bitterness in them too. 鈥淣ot in looks of course. But he lived an unkind life and yet took such joy in all things good. The tales I told you and Elrond as children, the tales of the heroes of the Edain, they were ones he told to your father and me as children.鈥
Elros raised his eyebrows. 鈥淵our stories were鈥 abridged.鈥
She laughed. 鈥淥f course they were, and so were Tuor鈥檚 at first. I never wanted you to have nightmares.鈥
She had had nightmares, he thought, and so had his father. He and Elrond had had them too; he still did at times. As a youth, his night-terrors had been of the Kinslaying; now they were of the great War, and of what had been found in the bowels of Angband. But he did not say that, and his mother went on.
鈥淎nd you have Tuor鈥檚 laugh too, and his smile; Earendil鈥檚 laugh and smile. But your greatness is your own. Oh Elros, for what it means, we are so proud of you, you a merry and mighty leader of Men.鈥
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milfcodeddean6 days ago
Something something Feanor and J*hn parallels... vengeance oaths that destroys your sons and burns the world in your path... something something Maglor and Maedhros and Sam and Dean parallels... something something raising your enemy鈥檚 child(ren) with your brother
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sauronnaise6 days ago
Tumblr media
Dear You, chapter 8, exciting stuff.
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disco-descent7 days ago
Royal screams for like 15 minutes and tells basically everyone he knows to go fuck themselves except his girlfriend, a dead person, and his lesbian friends
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commandermollyobrien7 days ago
Current Kidnap Dads Brainworm: Star Wars A New Hope AU.
Elrond F毛an谩ro, raised by a pair of Mandalorian rebel commanders, is on a very simple operation on Tatooine when he receives a coded message from rebel agent and senator Elros Minyatur. The holorecording is corrupted and flickering, but Elrond can make out a message. Elros will be executed if Maedhros can't save him.
One problem: Maedhros and Maglor are on the other side of the Outer Rim- and he has under a week to save Elros.
Another problem: Elrond's ship got blown up in the course of the mission. It was planned. Mostly. Look, he didn't anticipate Elros's courier arriving at exactly the wrong moment!
Enter Ereinion Gil-Galad: rebel arms smuggler with more debts than he can pay.
Aaaaaaand a whole movie's worth of Nonsense, including one-in-a-million shots, Mandalorian and Jedi mythology, Elrond's dilemma of how-do-I-ask-the-rebel-I-just-broke-out-of-Imperial-prison-why-we-have-the-exact-same-face-without-breaking-the-Creed-by-taking-my-helmet-off, and really, really, awkward family meetings.
@jaz-the-bard seems like the kind of thing you like?
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livielfinarfiniel8 days ago
I have this weird headcanon for Elrond and Elros where they would plan their pranks on everyone in the public but in feanorian quenya so their victims would know they're planning something but not what.
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livielfinarfiniel8 days ago
I think that Maedhros and Maglor were the only ones who could controll Elrond and Elros because they knew how to handle chaotic children. But after they were gone everyone lived in fear of their pranks...
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selenite858 days ago
Whose Voice is Heard over the Seas: Part III
(Part I. here,聽Part II. here)
Of course Maglor had heard about Elrond, the wise master healer of Lindon. Of course he had heard about the kingdom of N煤menor and he realized that Elros had been the first king.
But somehow, Maglor had forgotten to care. The grief over the lost jewels, lost brothers, and the lost purpose of life had been all he could focus on for a long time. And it would surely have consumed him by now, if it hadn't been for the two short encounters with the Atani.
But now it was time to stop running away from himself.
Was he doomed to stay here until the End? Yes.
Was he all alone? Yes.
But whose fault it really was? 聽
Everyone's. No one's.
His own.
Truly, Maglor was alone, as lonely as an unknown wandering stranger can be. But for the first time in many years he realized there still might be those who sometimes look upon the stars or over the sea, and wonder: Where is the Minstrel? What is he doing right now?
Or perhaps they do not wonder at all. One thing was for sure, though 鈥 he would never know until he goes to see for himself.
Maglor suspected the sea would not let him cross the distance to N煤menor. He would probably never make it there. Still, he traveled to the ports, to all the harbors which ever saw the sails of the Isle of Elenna, to at least try. But as expected, invisible hands always held him back, silent whispers brought by the western wind always lured him away from the ships.
All he could do after years of this fruitless effort was buy a piece of parchment and ink. He wrote the letter during one winter and finished it in the spring, crafting each word with care.
He felt reluctant to send it, though, and was filled with doubt when he was about to hand the writing to the D煤nedain sailing west. Maglor wondered whether there was still something he should add; he was not certain he was entitled at all to send letters to the kings of N煤menor. After having heard about the wisdom and deeds of Tar-Minyatur and his descendants, he felt humiliated and useless. He felt ashamed of himself that he hadn't even tried to reach Elros and his kin earlier, when it had been still possible.
But not just that.
Even if a small part of the stories told about his foster son and his kin was true, Maglor realized he had contributed to it all in his own way. The time he and Elros had spent together had been short, too short for his current liking, but it had been intense and worthwhile. And this sudden sparkle of fatherly pride in his heart was enough to finally dispel the insecurity, and made Maglor drop the letter to the hands of the royal mariner.
He was alone again when he watched the ship leave the port; on a cliff away from the city gates.
Maglor had decided not to wait for a possible answer. He had attached instructions for it, however, he did not really expect any 鈥 he had not made any requests or claims in his writing, after all, and he had not signed it with his name. All he had intended was to express gratitude and add some final missing pieces to the personal history of the first king.
Thus whispering a quick prayer to Ulmo and Varda, he looked one last time at the flying banners of N煤menor, and turned east.
Strange visions accompanied him on his way, and he wondered whose doing it was. Was it still the Doom of the Noldor? Or could it be his personal curse he had once called upon himself should he ever break the Oath? Perhaps something else entirely, as his journey was hard, but he was still able to go on. The invisible strings that tied him to the shore and kept him from sailing west did not hold him back this time.
But as he continued, the forest darkened and closed over him, so he could not tell the day from the night. What was the meaning of this? Perhaps he was not worthy to see Elrond, either. Or was it an ordeal he had to pass, to be allowed to speak to his kin? After all, many of the Noldor had been forgiven after having passed cruel ordeals of their own, Maglor thought and recalled the melodies of the Lay of Leithian. And with his withered voice, he started to sing, quietly but with a firm resolve that helped him keep his pace, even if his visions encircled him, trying to choke his song down.
He stumbled many times, but kept going. When he fell, he rose again. And when he got to the part that spoke about the great courage of Finrod Felagund, Maglor felt his voice grow stronger, the echo of it coming back to him clean and unshaken. It poured back the strength into his whole being, and the trees and their protruding roots seemed to move back from him on their own accord.
However, his voice failed him when he got to the darkness growing in Valinor 鈥 to his father, his brothers, even himself killing the Falmari. Maglor remembered his own heart bleeding over the deeds, regretting for uncountable times all those decisions and events. A desperate cry left his throat as his legs gave out and he fell, just like Finrod before Sauron's throne.
Unable to tell the reality from this vivid nightmare he felt a presence, an intense gaze upon him, piercing and burning. 聽
鈥淲hat do you want to accomplish here?鈥 Maglor asked in a wild, raging defiance. 鈥淵ou have nothing left to take from me. From this point, I can only gain, and I will, when my time comes!鈥 He cried, raising his head high to look the threat in the eye.
He saw the Enemy's face loom over him, the inner cruelty and twisted nature spoiling its original fairness.
鈥淵ou cannot break me any further, and you won't, just like you did not break him. Finrod now lives in the light of the West, and you will never reach him again. It is you who shall fall!鈥 He shouted and all he could do afterwards was cover his face from a sudden blaze of heat. Strong gale pushed him back and tugged violently at his hair and clothes, tearing his cloak apart.
He screamed against it, clutching the tree trunks and protruding roots in despair, the splinters of wood biting into his bare hands and face, but he would not let go. Not like this, when he was so close. 鈥濱t is you who shall fall,鈥 he repeated stubbornly, almost choking on the wind. 鈥淎nd we will watch!鈥
One last cry, and it was over.
Maglor sank slowly to the quiet ground, nestled between the massive roots and just lay there. As he watched the newfound daylight play between the branches overhead, his eyes started to close. Listening peacefully to the high whistling noise in his ears, he felt a sweet tiredness take over him. And he did not protest.
-End of Part III.
(written for the @aspecardaweek)
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maglorious8 days ago
Okay I have to say this
I find kinda incongruous the fact that Maedheos desperately wanted to find Elured and Elurin because he thought it was horrible that Celegorm' servants abandoned them to die.
And then at the next kinslaying he is like, oh, two more innocent children, let's kill them. (Luckily he didn't but wtf)
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mai-sau9 days ago
Prompt "give me attention" for kidnap family?
"haha, im gonna take it easy with prompts this time around, only a few hundred words -" cue spongebob title card "2.3k words later"
seriously tho thank you for the prompt!! (and sorry about the wait!) i had fun working on this one bc well i love any chance to write about this lil family of murderers and tiny bois :') hope u enjoy!!
Prompt: "Give me attention."
Thump. Maedhros slammed his book shut. A puff of dust wheezed out from the crusty pages; Maglor could make out the swirl of particles flying about in the dim shafts of sunlight peeking into his brother鈥檚 study from windows that he was sure were clean at some point in their existence.
Said brother tossed a glare over to Maglor from the other side of his desk.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e allowed to be here. Quietly.鈥 Maedhros threw a pointed look towards the abandoned scroll in Maglor鈥檚 hands.
鈥淏ut I鈥檓 so very lonely, Nelyo,鈥 Maglor pouted, and dropped the scroll on the desk. The parchment rolled out towards Maedhros, whose face was fast approaching the same shade as his hair. 鈥淏esides, I鈥檝e already taken care of all my correspondence for the day. Nothing much else to do, really, but seek out the company of my darling brother.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 older than you,鈥 Maedhros grit out, rubbing his temple in terse little circles. Which one of them he was reminding Maglor couldn鈥檛 say.
鈥淥nly by a few years,鈥 Maglor teased. He let the corners of his lip curl up - he was well aware this made him look like 鈥渁 cat about to feast on the fattest saucer of milk it鈥檚 ever conned鈥 according to his brother, and that was why he did it.
On top of that dusty old book, Maedhros鈥 fingers twitched. Got you.
鈥淐ome on, Nelyo,鈥 he whined. 鈥淕ive me attentiooon.鈥
Maedhros threw him a positively hateful look, but Maglor knew he wouldn鈥檛 throw him out just yet. By this point, Maglor liked to think he knew his brother well enough.
There were some things he didn鈥檛, of course, and this was fine. When his brother would wake and traipse out to the courtyard in the dead of night, staring at the moon hungrily for hours and hours as if he would never glimpse its light amidst the pitch dark again; when one of the many elves around Amon Ereb would do something wrong - not when one of their craftsmen made the same excited little exclamation as Curvo used to, or hunters fletched their arrows just how Tyelko did, Maglor understood these, at least - but a request phrased too sweetly, an abrupt movement, a smile too wide, and Maedhros鈥 throat would tighten, his words clipped, before excusing himself to go lock himself in his room for an hour, or two, or three: these parts of his brother Maglor may never know.
But he knew much, or at least enough. A few months after they鈥檇 taken in the twins, Maglor had just finished mopping an explosion of jam on the dining floor and sweeping up the shards of what was once the hefty jar that contained it. He鈥檇 first gently let Elros know that if they wanted food, they need only ask; he鈥檇 then let him know that no, of course they wouldn鈥檛 cast him out for breaking the jam jar, with no small amount of tears or internal panic on either end of that conversation.
By the time Maglor slunk into Maedhros鈥 study that evening to go over reports from around the fortress, he was maybe a bit tired. When Maedhros told him to wait for just a few minutes while he wrapped something or other up, Maglor might鈥檝e let slip a touch of petulance and no small amount of theatrics into his voice when he asked when his dear Nelyo could spare just a moment for his poor baby brother, simply wilting away from the neglect.
Maglor had frozen, fearful of what his second-most severe brother would have to say in response to - well, whining. He couldn鈥檛 even remember the last time he鈥檇 let himself do so. Oh, he鈥檇 been quite the brat in Valinor, and used to be quite proud of that fact, thank you. Each and every one of his brothers鈥 last nerves practically had his name on it. But it seemed ever since they arrived here, it was as if they simply couldn鈥檛 afford the waste of time. Ribbing was a favored pastime of his in Aman, but Beleriand offered no such frivolities.
But living with the twins, putting on playful words and coaxing laughter from two young faces that Maglor couldn鈥檛 bear to see two seconds from breaking anymore, had apparently loosened his discipline.
He鈥檇 thought Maedhros would treat him to one of his signature frowns, barking at him that neither of them had time to make things any harder for each other, but instead he鈥檇鈥 laughed. Just the slightest huff of air, yes, but a laugh nonetheless. Maglor hadn鈥檛 heard his brother laugh since鈥
Well, if anything, he was honoring his cousin鈥檚 memory.
So Maglor experimented over the years, let a few more teases and whines slip into his day-to-day interactions with Maedhros. His brother had since mustered a valiant effort to act annoyed, but Maglor could still catch a muffled chuckle or smothered grin here and there.
So. All in all, he鈥檚 sure he knows his brother pretty well at this point, and Maedhros was not troubled (bad), just bothered (good).
Which, of course, meant they could continue to play; Maglor would show no mercy.
鈥淧lease? Please, please? Just a smidgen of tender love and care from my dearly beloved big brother?鈥 Maglor asked, eyes wide and pleading, hands clasped in front of him as he leaned over the desk. His hair, inky black, spilled all over his scroll.
Maedhros鈥 nose twitched. His right ear flicked. Oh yes. He was close to a chuckle now, he could tell. His dearly beloved big brother stood no fucking chance.
鈥淥h dear Eru, let my brother pay attention to - MANW脣鈥橲 TITS!鈥 Maglor shrieked, springing up from his seat after spotting a dark shadow peeking through the window.
His brother whirled around. Quick as a viper, his hand darted out to grasp the hilt of his sword. Despite this, Maglor could hear a choked noise he was more than halfway certain was the chuckle he had so desperately hunted. Oh well.
A chubby face stared right back at them, eyes round as saucers. Wait, make that two faces.
Both Maglor and Maedhros sagged with relief.
鈥淓lros, can you please come in?鈥 Maglor croaked, feeling five feet to the left of his physical body. 鈥淵ou too, Elrond.鈥
The two of them nodded bashfully, heads bobbing as they fumbled over to the glass. And they were鈥 flapping. Each twin sported small brown wings on their back, looking much like the falcons Tyelko used to play with as a child. Maglor supposed, thinking of a great bird soaring away over the sea with light itself clutched tight in its talons, maybe they should have expected this one in particular.
Elros pushed once, twice at the windows, tiny arms straining against the pane and looking more panicked by the second. Behind him, Elrond simply pointed to the - oh, the window latch. Yes.
Maedhros stood up and flicked it open. Elros came tumbling through, nearly bashing his skull on the desk before Maedhros caught him midair.
Elrond flew in smoothly and landed on Maglor鈥檚 empty chair, wings neatly folding in. Maedhros dumped Elros on his own chair. His wing smacked Maedhros鈥 arm by mistake.
鈥淲e talked about this. No new shapeshifting without me or Maglor there,鈥 Maedhros said, fixing each of them with a stern look.
Both the twins looked down at this. Elrond wrung his little wrists.
鈥淲e鈥檙e sorry!鈥 Elros burst out, tears welling up in his eyes. 鈥淲e won鈥檛 do it again, promise!鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what you said last time, sweetheart,鈥 Maglor told him.
鈥淎nd the time before that,鈥 Maedhros grumbled.
鈥淲hat we鈥檙e saying, dear, is that we understand that you鈥檙e sorry. But keeping your word has to take first priority,鈥 Maglor explained softly.
Maedhros coughed.
鈥淥r, er, not doing it again,鈥 Maglor corrected. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 what counts.鈥
鈥淲e understand,鈥 Elros sniffled. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just, we wanted to hear, but you weren鈥檛 there to check with, because well, you were here, and, well, um, yes -鈥
鈥淏ringing us to the next point of order,鈥 Maedhros rumbled. He raised a brow at both of them. 鈥淓avesdropping. We have also been over this.鈥
Oh dear. Elros looked like he was about to drown in a puddle of tears. Maglor rubbed a hand between his shoulder blades soothingly, careful of the new feathery appendages.
Thankfully, Elrond stepped in. 鈥淲e remember, it鈥檚 not nice because we like to be in private sometimes and it鈥檚 not fair for us to not let other people be too,鈥 he recited shyly. 鈥淯m, we just鈥 we know you both meet up a lot like this, and we know it's important鈥 but鈥 um鈥︹ His lip trembled; his voice cracked. 鈥淒o you... talk about us? Do you not want us to hear because it鈥檚 bad? Because we can do better!鈥 He promised quickly, eyes wide and wet. 鈥淓lros is getting really good at his music lessons, he鈥檚 practicing a lot! And I鈥檓 working on my writing lessons every day!鈥
Something in Maglor鈥檚 chest twisted. 鈥淥h, honey, no -鈥
But his brother beat him to the punch. Striding out from behind the desk, he knelt down in front of Elrond. 鈥淐an I hug you?鈥 he asked very quietly.
Elrond bit his lip and nodded. Without another word, Maedhros wrapped him up in his arms.
They stayed like that for a moment, Maedhros鈥 hulking frame wrapped around Elrond鈥檚 body, like a drape of russet locks, leather and rich furs. When his brother finally pulled away, he gave a heavy look to both children.
鈥淲e will never give you away because you鈥檙e not good enough. Alright? You will always be good enough. Both of you,鈥 he told them. He reached out and covered Elrond鈥檚 tiny hand with his own, fingers curling around and intertwining. 鈥淎nd not because you鈥檙e caught up on your lessons, or do what we say.鈥
鈥淭hough those are certainly nice,鈥 Maglor added. He flashed them a teasing grin before taking care to soften his expression once more, and laid a gentle hand on Elros鈥 shoulder. 鈥淵ou will always have our love. And nothing, not even the worst jam spill, or missed harp lesson - don鈥檛 think I didn鈥檛 notice that last week, dearest - can ever reach in and steal it. It is your鈥檚 by blood and birthright.鈥
鈥淟ove you,鈥 Elros sniffled. Elrond echoed him, voice no less wobbly.
Maedhros gifted them with a small smile. 鈥淟ove you both, starlights.鈥
鈥淎nd -鈥 Elros started, hiccuped, and continued. 鈥淎nd same for me too. Nothing can change that! I鈥檒l always love you two.鈥
Maglor felt a pang of sickly guilt invade his chest and looked away. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Maedhros stiffen.
鈥淢e too,鈥 Elrond said, voice suddenly clear. Maglor glanced at him and met a gaze that seemed years ahead of its time; he froze, rooted to the spot. 鈥淲e鈥檒l always love you no matter what you do.鈥
鈥淲ell -鈥 Maglor started. 鈥淭hat鈥檚鈥︹
鈥淣o need to worry about us,鈥 Maedhros recovered quickly, waving his hand. 鈥淣ow then, it鈥檚 nearing bedtime, hm?鈥
鈥淏ut wait!鈥 Elros cried. 鈥淲hat were you two talking about then?鈥
鈥淵es! We saw Atya going like this,鈥 Elrond clasped his pudgy hands together and shook them. 鈥淎nd his voice sounded all funny, and then he prayed to Eru about Atar paying more attention to Manwe鈥檚 t-鈥
鈥淎LRIGHT!鈥 Maglor yelped, clapping his hands. His face must鈥檝e been steaming, his cheeks were burning, oh stars - 鈥淏edtime!鈥
鈥淏ut we want to know why you were saying all those funny things,鈥 Elros complained loudly. His voice slipped into a high pitched whine, dripping with petulance. 鈥淣elyo, Nelyo, give me attentioooon -鈥
鈥淚 do not sound like that!鈥 Maglor gasped, scooping up a giggling Elrond to be carried to bed.
鈥淚 do not sound like that!鈥
Maglor turned around, gaping. That was not Elros鈥 voice.
Maedhros stared back. His eyes glinted with mirth and the most shit-eating grin curled his lips. In his arms was a starstruck Elros, who looked no less shocked than if the clouds themselves had just burst into song and danced a lively jig. And quite frankly, Maglor would be less surprised.
Maedhros dealt him one last smirk before twirling on his heel and walking out of the room to go deposit one elfling in his bed. Maglor still had the other, who poked his cheek.
鈥淎tya? Are you okay?鈥
Slowly, ever so slowly, Maglor felt a smile grow across his face. His eyes stung with tears. He quickly wiped them with his sleeve before they could fatten and spill over his cheeks and probably make Elrond worry even more.
鈥淲onderful, dear.鈥 He frowned for a second, considering. 鈥淎lthough I think there is a dreadful amount of mockery in my future.鈥
He looked down at Elrond. His son merely tilted his round head, offering a blank look. Maglor sighed happily. 鈥淏ut that鈥檚 okay.鈥
In time, it became clear that there was no need to worry about the looming threat of brotherly teasing paid back in full; Maedhros may have been looser with his laughter, but even this was a rare occasion still. Maglor did not mind, for any time he saw his brother鈥檚 eyes alight with anything other than fatal passion was a gift.
The true threat that lurked within Amon Ereb made itself known eventually.
Two weeks later, Maglor was scurrying to meet up with one of the smiths to discuss pending repairs but stopped short in front of a small figure in the courtyard blocking his path.
鈥淣ot now, sweetheart, Atya鈥檚 very busy,鈥 Maglor told Elrond, harried, ready to flag down someone on the way to attend to whatever his son needed.
And then it happened. Elrond鈥檚 face crumpled just so. His eyes widened: big, round, and wet. His lip wobbled. When he opened his mouth, his voice took on a tone so absolutely, horribly pitiful that Maglor half-suspected the echo of L煤thien herself lived in his words.
鈥淧lease, Atya,鈥 he begged, every word a death sentence. 鈥淕ive me attentiooon.鈥
Oh Eru, Maglor despaired, even as he opened his arms for an evil little elfling to leap into, repairs forgotten. I鈥檝e made a monster.
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clown-champion9 days ago
ok headcanon time: that post about the dad absolutely distressed about losing his daughters hamster for a day except kidnap dads. maedhros is still 100% in intimidating scary emotionally distant mode, but grudgingly lets e&e keep a little bird they found.
maglor takes the twins out for a day trip and they come back to find maedhros worried sick looking everywhere for the bird apologizing profusely nearly in tears saying he is so sorry and he鈥檒l make this right and in true feanorian fashion has come up with like twenty different harebrained ideas to make the birdie come back. he promises to put all duties on full stop hold until he brings their bird back to them. 鈥渘o atya you鈥檙e a prince and he is a parakeet鈥
eventually they find the bird just chilling out in his nest as if he鈥檚 been there the whole damn time. maedhros gifts the bird with some very colorful quenyan epess毛s but hes also crying with relief and swears up and down this is the most stressful day of his life which earns a half-indignant/half-amused look from maglor. the next day maedhros tries to go back to being the stern gruff dad but the jig鈥檚 kind of up. it鈥檚 a valiant effort anyways. they catch him slipping the bird extra seeds when he thinks no one鈥檚 watching. and sometimes e&e make little tweet tweet noises just to watch his ears perk up :)
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goldenvoicedminstrel9 days ago
To have a mother
鈥淚s it true what you said yesterday?鈥
Elros is hovering at the edge of the campfire, trying hard to suppress his shivers. The evening鈥檚 grey is turning darker and colder by the minute, and the first chills of the winter to come are sliding yet unseen over the land鈥檚 still warm body.
Maedhros raises a single eyebrow at him.
鈥淭hat Maglor fusses worse than any mother.鈥
He huffs in amusement, but the boy in front of him remains serious and so he sobers.
鈥淒epends on the mother, I should say.鈥
The campfire crackles when a few lonely raindrops fall into its flames, and a sharp gust of wind blows tiny, biting sparks around in a frantic dance. Maedhros wipes clean his sword, the spotless blade reflecting the fire鈥檚 glow in an orange hue he has seen all too often in the fires of a forge- and outside of it.
鈥淲hat is it like?鈥
Elros stands across the fire from him now, his gaze turned pointedly into the flames. The twins have grown quickly during these last few months, and their round faces have turned sharper, their limbs longer, but their legs are still gangly and used to running instead of marching.
鈥淗aving a naneth.鈥澛
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