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“Linger” Elrohir x Reader Drabble, Lord of the Rings
You watch the young elven lord adjust the circlet on his head. He looks uncomfortable in the muted blue robes adorned with such designs as to befit one of his standing. You smile to yourself, comparing his manner to that of the previous week, out in the wild when he was but arrayed in traveler’s clothes and astride a liver chestnut mare. He was joyous then, aglow with the mirth elvenkind is so infamous for. 
Indeed this son of Elrond is not much like his elder brother, though the twins share many similarities. Both lighthearted and bold, cursed with adventerous spirits. Yet under the confines of Imladris, Elladan blossoms into the peaceful life while Elrohir finds none until his feet breach the threshold of the stables. 
Perhaps that was what endeared the younger to you, leading you to linger in your business here.  You have not lived many seasons yourself,  but ambition served as a great ally in your short life, making you one of the leading horse breeders in the elven world. To meet another so devoted to the animal is always an interesting occasion. This time it also stirs the juvenile whims a handsome face can spark in an elleth. 
Elrohir certainly is handsome, and what harm would it serve to remain in Imladris a while, build new connections, new clients? Another ride in the glade just beyond the sheltered valley, demonstrating the speed of your newly broken stallion; another evening under a green and blue sky painted with the first splattering of stars, hiding shy faces behind your horses’ shoulders, flirting with the care of one skipping stones across the still surface of the water.
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lordsofandunie · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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Celebrían | Women of Arda - Ladies of the Teleri | Part 6 of 6
Celebrían was the daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, who by the Third Age ruled as Lord and Lady of Lothlórien. Although her parents likely met in F.A 6, Celebrían was not born until the early Second Age. Her birth place may have been by the shores of Lake Neunial, or perhaps she was born later after S.A 750 when her parents relocated to the Noldorin kingdom of Eregion.
In S.A 1350, Celebrían joined her mother in departing Eregion through the halls of Moria and arrived in the realm of Lothlórien soon after. There, they lived as guests of King Amdír and his son, Amroth. Given this timeline, it is likely that Celebrían was born by the time Sauron came to Eregion in S.A 1200. Sometime after S.A 1590, Celebrimbor delivered to her mother the ring of power Nenya. Eregion’s capital, Ost-in-Edhil, would later fall to Sauron in S.A 1697. Celeborn fought in defence of Eregion, but along with Elrond, who had arrived with a host of reinforcements from High King Gil-galad, was forced back into a dell on the western slopes of the Misty Mountains. There they founded the refuge of Rivendell, which was also called Imladris by the elves.
Celebrían and Galadriel crossed the Misty Mountains in search of Celeborn in S.A 1701. Upon arriving in Rivendell, Celebrían met Elrond for the first time. It is said that Elrond loved her then, but he did not speak anything of it for many years. Eventually they would marry in T.A 109. Celebrían was a distant relation of her husband on both sides of her family, as Galadriel was the granddaughter of King Olwë of Alqualondë and Celeborn was the grandson of Elmo, both brothers of his ancestor King Thingol of Doriath. Additionally, Elrond’s grandmother Nimloth was the daughter of Galathil, Celeborn’s brother, and they both could claim descent from King Finwë of the Noldor. Together they had three children, twin sons named Elladan and Elrohir who were born in T.A 130, and a daughter Arwen in T.A 241. At some point, Celebrían would pass on the elfstone she inherited from Galadriel to Arwen, which would later be given to Aragorn and earn him his name of Elessar. This may have been the same elessar worn by Idril Celebrindal of Gondolin and her son Eärendil, or perhaps a latter one fashioned by Celebrimbor in the former's image.
Celebrían’s company was attacked by orcs while crossing the Redhorn Pass in T.A 2509 when she went to visit her parents in Lórien. Elladan and Elrohir rescued her from the dens of the orcs, but although Elrond was a skilled healer he was unable to cure the spiritual wounds she suffered during her torment. She departed for the West in T.A 2510 to seek healing in Valinor. Her sons fought many battles against the orcs, seeking vengeance across Middle Earth for her loss, while Arwen visited her grandparents several times across the mountains.
Elrond sailed in T.A 3201 following the War of the Ring along with Galadriel and they would have been reunited with Celebrían in Valinor. Arwen chose mortality for her love of Aragorn and became the queen of the Reunited Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor. She had one son, Eldarion, and several daughters. When Aragorn died in F.A 120, Arwen went to the abandoned realm of Lothlórien and died on the hill of Cerin Amroth the following year. Celeborn and the twins did not initially sail West. They may have lingered in Middle Earth until Arwen passed or remained there until they faded, but it is not known. Consequently, Celebrían may never have seen any of her children again and was never reunited with Arwen.
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entishramblings · 7 days ago
okay I’m in love with the concept that Tolkien’s elves don’t see gender and they just fall in love with souls. So it doesn’t matter what they identify as, they only see the person’s soul and that is what they fall in love with.
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gwangsik-e · 12 days ago
Your art is so beautiful, love your style :D Can you do Estel and one of the twins(Dan and Ro)?
Tumblr media
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trans-middle-earth · 13 days ago
braids in the firelight
ok I never claimed for this to make sense time-line-wise
nonbinary three hunters!!! tw internalized transphobia
Aragorn supposed they thought they were clever.
He knew full well that the only reason Legolas and Gimli would spend long hours talking near the fire was because they believed him to be asleep.
If there was one thing Aragorn had learned while on their long road, it was how flirtatious you could make hacking spiders apart sound.
Ordinarily, Aragorn would smile in the dark and fall asleep to the sounds of his companions discussing the best use of certain herbs, or perhaps exchanging childhood misadventures.
But tonight Aragorn laid on his bedroll listening intently.
“It symbolizes that I am neither male nor female,” Gimli told Legolas, evidently showing him the braids adorning his beard—and Aragorn wondered if Legolas understood what it meant, to be shown a dwarf’s beard, but it did not seem to matter as Gimli’s words nestled between Aragorn’s ears.
I am neither male nor female.
“Oh,” Legolas murmured. “Yes, the Silvan folk have something similar. If a wood-elf gathers their hair behind their ears with certain braids, you can know that you must look past their appearance for their gender.”
Gimli snorted. “Imagine assuming one’s gender based on their appearance.”
Legolas let out what might have been a sad sigh. “Alas, my friend, we are not all like dwarves.”
The fire crackled and Gimli said, “Is that what your braids signal? I must confess to not having thought much of them.” “Yes,” Legolas said, voice almost lost in the sounds of the fire dying. “I do not truly hold to one or the other of the Men’s sexes, but have never really found the proper words to describe it in my own tongue. But I still wear the braids, though it is mostly to honour my mother’s heritage. It does not matter much to me what gender others assign me.” There was silence, and Aragorn turned what he’d just heard over in his head. He had known that some elves were neither male nor female, but had thought it a biological occurrence, like what sometimes happened in Men. But his companions’ words made Aragorn wonder if, perhaps, one’s gender was not determined by their genitalia. Legolas let out a soft laugh and Aragorn returned to the present with a bump. “So we truly are not that different after all! But you must tell me, Gimli—do you not wish me to use male pronouns when referring to you, friend?” Aragorn had not even considered that, but he still listened, fascinated, as Gimli hummed and replied, “When we are among friends, aye, I would rather be called ‘they’ than ‘he’. But you know how Men are.” “Aye,” Legolas said thoughtfully. “I do not think Aragorn would hold with the prejudices of Men. He was raised in Rivendell with the elves there, and he may have been living when the twins asked for their names to be changed, though I am not sure about when that was.” “Aye, and elves never hold prejudices,” Gimli said, but there was no heat in his—their?—voice, and Legolas laughed again. “And certainly there are none among the dwarves,” he teased. Legolas paused, then added, “But Estel—why so quiet?” Aragorn flinched and his throat went dry. “Forgive me, friends,” he croaked. “I did not mean to over hear.” “No, you didn’t,” Gimli agreed. “And I trust you, Aragorn, but I must ask—does it trouble you, knowing we are not male after all?” “No,” Aragorn replied, and it was the truth. He paused. “If I may—how do you know?” He sat up and watched his companions glance at each other—a natural reflex neither of them seemed to notice.
Legolas shrugged. “It was only after I became friends with someone like me that I realized that she and I were not so very different. Before I had not realized I was different from anyone else.”
“Dwarrow learn from a young age that there are not simply two genders, or even sexes,” Gimli added. They shrugged. “I suppose I just always knew.”
Legolas nodded. “Like Tauriel,” he said. “She always knew.”
“Thank you for telling me, my friends,” Aragorn said. He took a fortifying breath and glanced between them. “I—I had not thought.” His words stuck in his throat. “I had not thought there were others like me.”
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sauronnaise · 14 days ago
Arwen: Can I go out?
Elrond: Ask your mother.
Celebrían: Ask Erestor.
Erestor: Ask Glorfindel.
Glorfindel: Ask Lindir.
Lindir: Ask Lady Galadriel.
Galadriel: Ask your grandfather.
Celeborn: Ask Thranduil.
Thranduil: Ask your father.
(Arwen from that moment on always asks her brothers because they always say yes.)
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majestictolkienelves · 17 days ago
Erestor: so in conclusion, the length plus the breadth plus the height equals 943.24. Are you with me so far?
Elladan and Elrohir: no
Glorfindel from the back: no
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immortalmuses · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Starter for @dunadaneth​ from Elrohir
         It is the height of spring in Middle Earth, and Elrohir is passing north. About this time each year, when the days are warming and creatures emerge from their winter burrows, the Peredhel makes a circuit between the Weather Hills and the North Downs mountain range, passing just south of the Ruins that were once Fornost Erain. Sometimes he makes the trip in the company of his brothers (twin or otherwise), but this year sees the Half-Elf on his own, letting his Mearas mount pick her way across the awakening terrain while he scans the line of trees they are following. Spring season is, inevitably, when the roving Orc bands come out of whatever hole they were hiding in, and make yet another attempt to reclaim the lost city at the foot of the range.
          Elrohir prefer to nip such a thing in the bud, ensuring agents of the Witch-King never even attempt to establish a foothold in these lands again. At least, not here.
       The Peredhel senses the slowing of his Mearas companion and lowers his eyes from the tree line, a palm resting across her withers. Sílalë snorts, her voice in Elrohir's head carrying a warning, but no alarm. Someone is nearby. Twisting easily on the mare's back, the Half-Elf directs his gaze more pointedly into the depths of the forest on his left. Few can hide from the trained eye of a Maiar descendent, but those who can without the use of darker magic are generally call friend.
         Elrohir's mouth slants crookedly, something between a smirk and a smile. He raises a hand, "... Greetings, traveler. It is rare to see another this far North of Amon Gwilwist"
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talvenhenki · 20 days ago
Fic: For None Can Carry The Burden of Grief Alone
Read here!
When Elrond's sons hunt the orcs for months after their mother's sailing, Elrond begins to fade. What will his sons do, once the Lord of Imladris can go no further?
I’m re-reading LotR and got feelings about Elrond and his family so I made a little fic!
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prekliata-bryndza · 21 days ago
I have a question for everyone - would you be interested in Half-elven Week this autumn? I've already thought of prompts, but I would like to know if there's a point in doing it. Also, I would appreciate if someone helped me - either with organization in general, or simply in answering some questions I have about organizing it (there aren't many, but just to be sure). If yes, please, dm me. Thank you!
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meteors-lotr · 21 days ago
Elrohir: Ugh my hair is getting too long.
Young Arwen: I could cut it for you!
Elrohir: You could?
Arwen: Sure! I cut Elladan’s hair all the time.
Elladan: ...when do you ever cut my hair?
Arwen: You take a lot of naps
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carodrugficrecs · 22 days ago
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 山河令 | Word of Honor (TV 2021), 天涯客 | Faraway Wanderers - priest
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wen Kexing/Zhou Zishu
Characters: Wen Kexing, Zhou Zishu
Additional Tags: episode 3 coda, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, alcohol consumption, wkx: i'm your soulmate, zzs: what awful thing did you do to deserve that, Nails of Seven Apertures for Three Autumns, Identity Porn, Перевод на русский | Translation in Russian
Show me your true appearance, Wen Kexing had said at dinner, looking up at Zhou Zishu through half-lidded eyes. His long fingers were cool against Zhou Zishu’s, who clutched his wine cup for dear life. And I’ll tell you what I want.
I know what you want, Zhou Zishu didn’t say. It’s written all over your face.
Wen Kexing invites Zhou Zishu to his rooms, and Zhou Zishu forgets about the nails.
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melianindoraith · 23 days ago
Arwen: Wait you guys still have glue on your fingers?
Elladan: It was industrial grade superglue
Elrohir: Not that we knew that when we put it on
Elladan: Although we probably still would have done it if we did know
Aragorn: Apparently washing your hands in warm water with soap gets it off
Elrohir: Who said we wanted it to come off??
Elladan: Yeah we’re picking this off like we’re 7 years old again
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starwrought · 26 days ago
the river on the window
Elrond adds a log to the fire and watches the bark catch with flames and the splinters of wood curl beneath the heat. His hair is pulled off his face and bound once. It falls across the grey sweater he wears, spilling down his back.
There is always a fire burning in the hall. It has burnt for centuries.
‘Ar, stop pulling my hair,’ Elrohir says, quietly, across the hall. Elrond turns. Elrohir sits by a pillar with his little sister in his arms.
They are the only people in the hall. It isn’t usual. But it is quiet today, even as the rain falls hard outside.
Elrohir sits with his long legs stretched before him and stands Arwen on his leg, holding her beneath her arms. Arwen reaches for his earring, but he holds her out of reach of it.
‘No, Ar, don’t hurt your brother.’
‘I see it,’ Arwen whines. ‘I’m careful!’
Elrohir takes out the blue diamond earring and hands it to Arwen. The matching earring glitters where it hangs from his other ear. Elrond sits on the floor beside them and swings the left earring with a gentle push from his finger.
Elrohir rolls his eyes at him. ‘Really?’
Elrond kisses him and then Arwen. Arwen looks up from rolling the earring along Elrohir’s arm. She presses the diamond to her mouth.
‘Don’t choke on a diamond, dear,’ Elrohir says. Too many of our family have died already from jewels,he finishes in Elrond’s mind. He takes the glittering stone and slides it back into the hole in his ear.
‘I’ll make them,’ Arwen says. Her eyes flash when she looks at Elrond.
‘Only four and already getting an occupation,’ Elrohir says. ‘You’re beating me.’
Arwen turns to Elrond and holds her arms up to him. Elrond takes her from her brother and settles her against his hip. He stands and then pulls Elrohir to his feet. Elrohir jumps up with a swift grace and wraps his arms around his father’s arm.
‘Let’s read, Ada,’ he says.
Elrond brings them to the library. The rain beats against the tall windows, making a river over them that obscures the trees and mountains outside. It does not drown out the Bruinen. The Bruinen is high, and it grows higher every day. It runs madly through the valley.
Elrohir flings himself down onto a velvet sofa. His hair is pinned up with his mother’s butterfly pins. It is black with silver strands running through, bright, like shooting stars.
He rolls onto his back and holds his arms up. ‘Ar.’
Elrond hands Arwen to him and goes to look at the books on the shelf near to the window. These are the ones Arwen likes with the beautiful pictures.
Elrond takes one about a growing tree and the world about it.
‘You can’t sit,’ Elrohir says, stretching out on the sofa when Elrond comes up. Elrond tickles one of his bare feet, and Elrohir draws his legs up long enough for Elrond to sit and then immediately throws his legs over Elrond’s lap.
The river on the window grows stronger as Elrond reads. Elrohir watches it, eyes distant. Arwen plays with the laces on Elrohir’s black shirt, untying them and then tying them back together, practising the loops to tie, getting lost for a moment with where the ribbon should go next.
Elrohir strokes her hair absently. It falls to just beneath her chin.
‘The tree is growing,’ Arwen says. ‘Can it grow forever?’
‘It can grow,’ Elrohir says. ‘There are trees older than Ada.’
Arwen looks over her shoulder at Elrond.
‘That is true.’ Elrond strokes her cheek with the back of his hand. Her cheeks are so round. She will be a baby forever in this memory, staring at him with huge eyes as she tries to figure out what the thousands of years he’s lived feel like. He feels her mind against his, trying to tumble into the whirlpool of his memories.
‘It’s all right, darling,’ Elrond says softly. ‘It isn’t something you want to know yet.’
‘I want to know.’
She does, but she would regret it once she knew. He smiles at her, but she doesn’t smile back.
‘Fine,’ she says.
Elrond draws her close. She peers over his arm at the painting and touches the branches. The leaves are silver-green.
‘I’ll know someday?’ she asks him.
‘You’ll know.’
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entishramblings · 27 days ago
Store Worker: Would a Lord Elrond please come to the front desk?
Elrond, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there a problem?
Store Worker: *points to Elrohir and Elladan*
Store Worker: I believe they belong to you?
Elrohir and Elladan, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Elrond: I didn’t even bring you guys here with me—
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