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#elliott park
biogay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
elliott park -- the soldier and the oak
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biogay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
elliott park -- the soldier and the oak
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hoval · a year ago
All ways | Elliott Park cover with @kim-k8
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dammitjameskirk · 2 years ago
theres a song i love i just found it today and its all about a kid mistaking a worm for a baby snake and being so heartbroken....... ‘my baby snake is just a worm, the vet just checked it is confirmed! by now he should be slinkin but all he does is squirm... my baby snake.... is just a worm’ i love it it is such a good story told in song
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scottlivesaymusic · 5 years ago
Cincy’s Song of the Day (11.19.15)
Elliott Park- Moon River
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realizethestrength · 6 years ago
Now I'm the wooden arch that holds a mighty bell Three stocks before me cracked but I shall never fail Up in a tall cathedral high above my dreams Of long ago
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teamfreeforall · 6 years ago
I didn't know a song about a tree would make me want to cry but here I am
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apex-headcanon · 8 hours ago
Mirage, sitting at Crypto‘s desk: So.. what‘s the password, old man?
Crypto: Stop talking.
Mirage, typing: It didn‘t work.
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videodead · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not sure if I wish Sam Elliot was my Dad or my Daddy...
Mask (1985)
Roadhouse (1989)
The Big Lebowski (1998)
Parks and Recreation (2014)
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Legends react to being hit on by another legend? could be interesting! sorry for sending two i just rlly want u to make more 💕
Hey, sorry for being so long to reply! Because it would be a lot to do a reaction for everyone, and I feel the reactions would be extremely different depending on who hits on/flirts with who, I narrowed it down by tackling what I would probably consider my personal major ships, sort of in order by which ones I got into first; miragehound was definitely the first, though the last four kind of all came on in S7 with the invention of my newest coping mechanism, Mary “Horizon” Somers.
This also turned into more of a “Legends react to other legends hitting on/flirting with them/asking them out on a date”, just kind of whatever I guess. Ships listed below, ship names applied to the paragraphs following:
MiragexBloodhound, CryptoxWraith, WattsonxMirage, HorizonxBangalore, HorizonxLoba, RampartxLifeline.
Anyhow, here we go.
Miragehound – Mirage x Bloodhound
Bloodhound: It’s probably happened before in a joking manner, because it’s Mirage, but when they realize he actually means it this time they’re totally caught off guard. If they’re wearing their mask, they are blushing like the dickens underneath it and smiling because he’s sweet and kind of funny about it, and they really don’t get that often. If they are not wearing a mask, they are trying so hard to not let it show, except they’re grinning like a dork so RIP Hound, Mirage won this one (and also probably your heart).
Mirage: Just a bumbling mess. Bloodhound was probably kind of blunt but also weirdly poetic because They’re Just Like That, probably compared him to the sun or something and he stumbled out a “thank you” and then was like, “your goggles, goggles they’re, you know they’re hot-er-cool-er-I like – your face.” If he hasn’t seen their actual face, he’ll try and add that he’d like to see their face to try and flirt back and then wish he could go consult his 14 year old self, because that guy got two girlfriends at one point and he could really use his advice right about now.
Cryptaith – Crypto x Wraith
Wraith: She wouldn’t know she’d been hit on until an hour later, because Crypto’s version of hitting on someone is probably, “your hair looks nice” or “you’re really good with that knife”. Honestly, she probably wouldn’t know for sure until he offered her some of his lunch, since the man is pretty well known to think everyone is going to poison him. Frankly, she’s quietly flattered.
Crypto: Error 404: brain not found. Issue: Pretty girl flirted with me. Initiate shutdown and embarrassment protocols immediately. This will prompt an immediate system override, he will forget how to talk, trip over something, squeak and run away with his head down in his collar like a turtle. Unfortunately (read: very fortunately) for him, Wraith thinks it is adorable and will probably proceed to flirt with him more and forever.
Wattage – Wattson x Mirage
Wattson: Surprisingly easygoing about it, a little flustered but manages to say something right back with a grin. She definitely did not practice flirting in her head. Never. She will later tell her Nessie or Horizon all about it.
Mirage: Not quite as nervous as with BH but he does bumble a little because Wattson got him when he least expected it. Probably teased him about his equipment not being waterproof and he went on the defense, citing all the alterations he’s made and she said something like, “pretty and smart? I like that.” He got shot while trying to think what to say back.
Horizonlore – Horizon x Bangalore
Bangalore: So, this woman is oblivious. I’m talkin’ brick wall oblivious. No goggles underwater blind. Driving in a blizzard with your lights off so you miss every sign along the way. Horizon hits on her blatantly. Several times. Horizon isn’t sure she’s into women, Loba promises she is. By all calculations, saying, “you’re so pretty I could kiss ye right here in the dropship, lass” should instigate something else than, “oh, uh, thank you! I like you’re hair.” It’s the day Horizon finally says, “you look great in those jeans, want to go on a romantic date?” That Bangalore realizes and has to sit down and contemplate how much of a dumbass she is.
Horizon: Significantly less oblivious, it only took her about three days to realize Bangalore had been hitting on her. She now perks up like a puppy every time, especially since most of what Bangalore says is (sometimes revamped) Shakespeare quotes. Yeah, they’re both romantics.
Horizonhound – Horizon x Bloodhound
Hound: Pretty girls make them stupid. She says anything that can be interpreted as flirtation and they’re hardly much better than Mirage, though they’ll say something poetic and kind of pretty back regardless, thanks to a little thing called “random immeasurable luck”. Having the favor of the gods helps, too.
Horizon: So Bloodhound doesn’t so much hit on Horizon as perform a complicated mating ritual that begins with bringing her small gifts and trinkets and then evolves into book exchanges and evolves from there into actual conversations. Then that, finally, evolves into them growing a pair and, while watching her do something mundane, casually state, “you know, I have recently realized I might have a thing for redheads, felagi.” They are not prepared when she states that she has a thing for blondes and, “I’d like to ken if you’re part of the rule or an exception at, say, at 7?” Because she has been waiting for them to say something like that and takes great satisfaction in practically knowing they’re blushing under their mask.
StarStealers – Horizon x Loba
Horizon: The first few times she didn’t think anything of it, since Loba is just like that. But then there’s a time after a game that Loba says, “I’d like to see you around a lot more often, beautiful,” and tucks a piece of paper in Horizon’s hand with her phone number on it. Horizon probably covers her mouth while giggling like a schoolgirl because it’s fucking Loba and she would have never guessed she’d be interested in her but fuck is she not complaining. Smart pretty women are kind of her ideal.
Loba: So, Horizon is such a sweetheart and whatever method she chooses is probably a little dorky, and maybe a bit clumsy being she’s rather out of practice but will probably involve a love note with a really bad science pun on it because she asked Wattson for advice. Whatever it is, Loba is absolutely head over heels. If she’s in the dropship or otherwise visible, she just slowly grins. If she’s alone she bounces in her seat and might even giggle, just a little bit. She keeps a copy of the note taped to the inside of her Apex locker like a lovestruck teenager (this is, provided, they end up in a relationship).
Rampline – Rampart x Lifeline
Lifeline: Rampart tends to go big or go home. After spending approximately 2 weeks debating with herself internally, Rampart just waltzes right up to her, leans on the doorframe or something and says, “do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” Lifeline would think she was joking and laugh, wave her off. Then Rampart would sort of panic and say, “no, I mean, like, you wanna like, uh, I like you but in a gay way.” Lifeline then smiles brightly and arranges a date on the spot, much to Rampart’s relief.
Rampart: They’ve been hanging out a bit and are chilling when Lifeline just sorta says, “hey, I think yuh really pretty, you know?” And Rampart, with all the grace of a donkey on roller skates, says, “that’s neat” while her voice cracks like a thirteen-year-old boy’s. Somehow Lifeline’s laugh banishes most of the embarrassment, and she even manages to flirt back without stuttering.
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mmthemayoarts · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just some bois bein’ fancy
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virtualcookieart · 12 days ago
Mirage: “Besides, who fights on the dropship?”
Crypto: “Yeah, really”
Also mirage and crypto:
Tumblr media
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astalior · 13 days ago
Mirage: Tae Joon and I are having a baby. Octane: That's gre- Mirage, slamming adoption papers on the table: It's you, sign here. NOW.
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astalior · 14 days ago
Mirage, texting Crypto: cryppy! help me im being kidnapped!!
Crypto: where are you?
Mirage: im with some weird dude. in a car. hy elp
Crypto: i'll call octane
Octane, answering his phone: Y’ello?
Crypto: Where’s Mirage? He texted me that he was being kidnapped.
Octane: Mirage? Whaddya mean, he’s right next to me-
Octane: I’ll call you back. hangs up
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astalior · 15 days ago
Mirage: Who thinks I can fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth? Crypto: ...You’re a hazard to society. Octane: And a coward. DO TWENTY.
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astalior · 16 days ago
Mirage: HELP! I TOLD TAE JOON I’D COOK DINNER TONIGHT BUT I CAN’T COOK! Octane, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?
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