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#elena of avalor
artsyfartsy69 · 40 minutes ago
Twas an idea I had on the discord.
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70's Roller Skater Anita
70s AU where Anita is a roller skater. (Just an excuse to draw her hair fluffy and bell bottoms)
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lieutenant-amuel · an hour ago
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"I don't need a trophy to be proud of my son."
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princessgina88 · 13 hours ago
Love your style. Nice to see a happy jaquin! 
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lieutenant-amuel · 14 hours ago
Can you do an edit of Elena and Sofia?
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Here it comes! Thank you so much for the request!! I really hope you like it!
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idishido · 17 hours ago
Do you think falling into the Crystal forge greatly extended Elena and Esteban's lifespans?
I mean, are we sure Esteban hasn't always had a slowed down ageing process? /s
But as a serious answer, I didn't see any implication of that. Tbh, I don't know if those two would want that kind of burden.
It'd make an interesting fic idea!
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bigfrozensix · 20 hours ago
Elena, if she counts!
Put a Disney princess in my ask, & I'll answer~
In my book she counts! She deserves to be in the official line-up, gdi! (Get on with it, Disney...)
Favorite thing about her?: It's easy to just say "everything" but I think one of the main appeals for me is how she's a badass without giving up her feminity. That just really speaks to me. And I also like how Elena's single without the "eww romance" attitude.
Least favorite thing about her?: Honestly, I find it hard to dislike things about her, because she's such a well-rounded character, that her flaws just make me love her more.
Do I like her movie?: (or show in this case) EOA is literally my second favourite show and I could rewatch it forever without getting bored. It just puts me in such a good mood.
Favorite outfit she wears?: Elena has such a big, amazing wardrobe and I love pretty much all of them, but I do think her Queen dress makes the top for me.
Favorite song from her movie?: Oh boy, this show has so many songs... I still haven't decided which one I like most.
Favorite animal (or human) friend she has?: Isabel!
Which trait of her personality do I most see in myself?: Acting on emotions before thinking.
How would I rate her prince?: N/A
Where does she rank on my top 10 favorite princesses?: At number 2, Anna is literally the only Princess (though, both of them are Queens now) I like more than her.
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stupid-idiots-blog · a day ago
Gabe: Hey are you right-handed or left-handed?
Elena: Oh actually I'm ambidextrous
Gabe: That's what's up, love who you love. But also that doesn't answer my question-
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ameliathefatcat · a day ago
Tumblr media
Aro/Ace Esteban for Pride Month
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ameliathefatcat · a day ago
Hey, I'm off my account right now but I was what are your favorite tv shows to watch? - @taylor-talks
Hi Taylor.
My favorite shows are Elena of Avalor, Sofia the First, and The Owl House. I also like watching Family Guy, and Rugrats
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ameliathefatcat · a day ago
Tumblr media
My last edit before I’m off to camp for the summer.
It is for the glorious pieces of shits I call my closet friends, @castpenny248867 and Meew. Our friendship has no heterosexual explanation. I can’t wait to live with you guys for the summer, I’m so happy we are in the same bunk (I got the pan flag for the bunk). We are siblings and I love you bitches so much. I can’t wait to wear the pan flag together on Shabbat. Let’s hope no boy in a baseball cap ships us. If he does he will be sorry, since well I can’t say what @castpenny248867 will do with out getting in trouble with Tumblr. Also if anyone sees in the news that three teenagers from a Jewish sleep away camp made a golem that’s probably us.
I love you bitches so much and can’t wait to be our second home together.
Elena and Naomi reminds me so much of our weird friendship (Naomi definitely calls Elena a glorious piece of shit and a bitch). I hope you bitches love this edit.
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Sofia the First / Elena of Avalor Gender Bending Headcanons - Part 1
Time: Before Coronation Day
Place: Nueva Vista; Lagoon and Beach
Elena = Emilio
similar to young Esteban
red shirt; partly free on the chest
brown boots
one earring
occasionally a flower between his teeth (latin lover)
Sofia - Seb:
dark blue vest and trousers with board stitches; purple shirt
board boots
short brown locks with one pony streak; middle parting
Amulet of Avalor as broche
James: Jamie
narrow and short skirt; green costume
gelled blond wavy locks like Amber’s but shorter
necklace with blue stones
Amber: Ambrose
slicked back hair
yellow bowtie 
jagged crown
read cape
white and yellow suit
Gabe: Gabriella
still the guard uniform like Antonia Bello
long and bouncy hair
Naomi: Nate
close to the classic outfit but trousers, epaulettes and a captains hat
Naomi’s father’s beard
spiky hair
Matteo = Matthea
red sorcerer’s robe but with a emerald green dress under it
1 side braid coming out of the hood
Lucinda = Luke
spiky hair
half fingered gloves
Wand with golden ornaments and form of a feather
one earring
purple hood with waistband around the hips and half length sleeves
acid green shirt with long sleeves 
black combat boots
Isa = Isaac
short brown trousers; blue shirt
messy spiky hair with a head band (like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)
Hugo = Hugoette
dark blue dress similar to Amber’s from „Dads and Daughters Day“
Middle length hair and full bangs
fine and low high heels
Zandar = Zahara
similar outfit from „New Genie on the Block“ but creme 
band like Jasmine’s from „Aladdin“
Vivian = Victor
square glasses
side bangs
disheveled hair
outfits more red than magenta; dark blue bowtie; light red shirt; red suit; white high-tigh socks
Oona = Oscar
Tail yellow gold as always but boarder and stronger
comb turns intro crown
golden gauntlets
a turquoise necklace from sea tang
hair: knot like a surfer
Ixlan = Ixalichar
stays besides the, well obvious female components as before
Ivy = Ivan
one side of the hair longer than the other; dark longer; white short
crossed dressed
butterfly darg queen make-up
butterflies form intro a high cylinder
dark shoes with butterfly wings on them
black cape; clasp in form of a butterfly
white strass body
black tights
Shipping: Seb - Hugoette; Emilio & Matthea; Zahara & Ambrose; Jamie & Isaac; Ixliachar & Ivan; Nate and Gabriella
Hugo and Gabe swimming competition; Gabe wins and Hugo is a bit envious
Mermaid Sofia, Elena and Oona dive; secretly Sofia observes Hugo’s and Gabe’s swimming competition
Amber and Ivy tries to have a spa day but get interrupted by Ixlan’s actions and Ivy takes a first glimpse at Ixlan
James and Zandar try to get Ixlan out of her reserve with different beach activities for her (like running; stir up sand and stacking rocks form the sea)
Isabel and Vivian try to bring Isa’s latest inventions (some sort of the Nautilus); they have a conversation about Isabel wants to get to know James better
Naomi and Matteo want to organize an ola ball game (as Gabe and Elena love to play it) but everybody is busy with something else; they find out about their crushes
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zoeology31 · a day ago
How do you feel about ships like Esteomi and Gababel?
I covered my bases pretty well here, I think.
I gotta say, I think every other fandom I've been in has way more controversial ships than these two. We're talking Frozen, Star Wars, RWBY, etc. So Esteomi and Gababel aren't ships I particularly care to debate about either way.
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lieutenant-amuel · a day ago
YAY!!! I can’t wait to see more edit requests from you! May I ask for an edit collage request just of Carla and Mateo being dorks throughout the Series? Feel free to post pictures where they are in the same scene together, but it doesn’t always have to be. Just a collage of these two dorky Wizards being their dorky selves!
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for the request!! Since you were asking just for a collage, I made the one. Anyway, if you would like to request a more complicated edit, feel free to do it! I would love to make an another edit for you!!
I really hope you like it!!
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whitequartz08 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Requested by Alva Mother Mercury on the 800 watchers milestone from Deviant Art Here we see her OC cosplaying as Elena of Avalor, from Disney. She's really passionate about becoming a voice actress!So I'm just going to put some links to her social media accounts: Youtube Twitter Facebook Hope you like it! I'm grateful for your comments, reactions and even more when you share my illustrations. Thank you!
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zoeology31 · 2 days ago
How did Marzel transition?
The normal way???
Once again, I'm not trans myself, but also I think this is generally considered a weird/uncomfortable question to ask about trans people. I'm just gonna say the Ever Realm has the ability to do gender transitioning equivalent to real world tech, because my love of historical and scientific realism yields to queer escapism.
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youcancallmekatie80 · 2 days ago
Gabe Nuñez (from Elena of Avalor) aesthetic board?
Sorry this took a long time, but I finally finished! Hope this is to your liking.
Tumblr media
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ameliathefatcat · 2 days ago
So back in April I made a post about Friendship Elenaomi Headcanons. And it has come to my attention just chilling on the floor is a Pansexual thing not a Bisexual thing. Since both Elena and Naomi are Bi they will not be chilling on the floor. I’m sorry that a messed up a Pansexual thing and a Bisexual thing (that Headcanon is based off something and my closet camp friends do and all of use are pan).
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