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#eileen leahy
match-less-bee-bud · a day ago
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dadstielweek day 6: family
they‘re going to the beach.
ID under cut
[ID: a framed drawing with the tag family. It shows , from left to right, dean grinning as he’s draping his hand on cas’s shoulder, cas has a squinty look but otherwise is stoic. Jack is getting his hair ruffled by Eileen and he is grinning, Eileen is grinning too and winking, Sam is looking at Eileen lovingly while trying to stop her. They are at the beach. /end ID]
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cookietacular · a day ago
they only put blood on eileens face ONCE and it was during her death scene. women can never win
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cookietacular · a day ago
i just noticed how many times they threw eileen on the ground
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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itsabookishblog · a day ago
I just know when Sam was drunk or even when they are just bored in the bunker he would would sing and dance to “Come on Eileen” to Eileen.
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pastornovak · a day ago
Ruby and Rowena are witches. Jess and Sarah give me spiritual vibes. Eileen is appreciative of witchcraft. Basically, Sam and their girlfriends start their own covern.
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kastrzmiel · a day ago
Tumblr media
“Dad, why can fishes breathe in the ocean?” “Why don’t you go ask them?”
WOO BOY I have an early train tomorrow and should not have stayed up finishing this but! tfw and some of their found family having the beach day they so deserve for the fifth day of @spnprideweek :D 
day 5: found family / fun 
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transkaia · a day ago
Tumblr media
@spnprideweek ⊹ day five ⊹ fun
↳ ˗ˏˋ ⊹ sam and eileen (they are t4t. they are queer4queer. they go look at art. they recreate it. <3) ⊹ ˎˊ˗
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hubbynatural · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you have preschool at 2 and pride parade at 3
@spnprideweek day 5: found family! :’)
in my mind, four year old jack is Spoiled as hell by every adult in his life SO... earrings from eileen (she has a jewelry side hustle and you CANNOT convince me otherwise), sunglasses from rowena, marvelous marvin from cas ofc, bracelets from our hippie queen sam, DOWN WITH CIS TUTU FROM DEAN, and shoes from jody and donna (thanks moms)
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rainbow-shine · 2 days ago
the happiest of endings for the best team in the universe
@spnprideweek's day 5: found family/fun
lowkey inspired by this amazing art
The sun was shining.
Dean never thought he could have something like this.
He spent years of his life dreaming of what they would do when they could finally retire, what they would do when his family got the peace they deserved, but he always ended up convincing himself that they would do it after they solved one last problem, after one last hunt, after saving the world one more time.
Over and over again, and eventually Dean ended up burying that little dream in the depths of his mind, because it reached the point that, instead of finding comfort in it, he found pain.
But he finally got it, against all damn odds he got it.
"It's beautiful," Sam murmured, he had stayed by his side to get the things off the impala while the others had already run to the beach.
It was, in fact, quite a beautiful sight. Neither of them had been particularly excited to visit a famous beach full of tourists, so Dean had looked for a much less popular beach where they could relax without worrying about anything. The sand looked soft and almost white in color and the sea was so blue that Dean almost wanted to compare it to Cas' eyes.
"Are you telling me that in all your years at Stanford you never took the time to visit a beach?" Dean scoffed, but with a soft smile curving his lips. “I always knew you were a nerd, Sammy, but not this much”.
Sam rolled his eyes, but couldn't hide his own smile.
Once they got everything they needed, they headed to the beach and Dean pretty much dropped everything on the first stretch of sand he saw before moving on to where Cas, Jack, and Eileen were curiously looking at what appeared to be a small crab.
"Did you know that crabs are a species that has teeth in their stomachs?" It was the first thing Cas said as soon as Dean got to his side.
"No, I didn't know that," Dean replied, smiling slightly at the amount of strange and fascinating facs that Cas had. “Although there is something that I do know”.
"What?" Cas asked, matching the smile, but with a hint of suspicion in his eyes.
Eileen seemed to know something was about to happen, because rolling her eyes she gave him a wide smile before taking Jack's hand and guiding him to where Sam was spreading a couple of towels on the sand and setting up a large umbrella.
"You and I are going swimming," Dean said, his smile widening and before Cas suspected his intentions, he wrapped his arms around Cas' waist and carried him over his shoulder. Cas let out a tiny sound of indignation before he started laughing, a laugh so happy that caused Dean's treacherous heart to race inside his chest.
The water was freezing, but neither of them seemed to care about that. They probably should have stripped off their clothes and put on their swimsuits, but Dean couldn't think of anything other than how much fun it was to finally be able to enjoy something as insignificant as a water fight in the sea. Cas was beaming, his cheeks slightly flushed and his eyes glowing. Dean loved him so much.
"Dee!" Jack yelled and before Dean could realize what was happening his arms were full with an excited four-year-old. At least Eileen and Sam were careful enough to put him in his swimsuit and in a couple of arms floaties.
"You want to help me defeat daddy?" Dean asked, picking up Jack and noting that Cas' entire posture had softened and a look of utter adoration had taken over his eyes. “Do you think that if we join forces we will be able to beat him?”
"Yes!" Jack yelled, holding on tighter to Dean as he maneuvered him into sitting on his shoulders. “Dee and I can do anything!”
"Did you hear that?" Dean exclaimed, turning to Cas. “Jack and I can do anything!”
"I'm sure you can," Cas admitted, without erasing his smile.
They resumed their water battle, being a little more careful so that Jack didn't accidentally get hurt, but the kid didn't seem to mind, laughing like crazy and having the time of his life.
Eventually they got out of the water and made their way over to Sam who was sitting on a towel, reading a book and Eileen who was laying next to him, sunbathing. After solemnly announcing that Dean and Jack had defeated Cas in their water fight, Dean and Cas shed their wet clothes before following Eileen's lead, letting the sun dry their bodies while Jack approached Sam, trying to see what he was reading.
"Cas was at a disadvantage, I'm sure if I join his team he and I can defeat you," Sam exclaimed, putting down his book to start tickling Jack's belly.
"Is that so?" Dean asked, arching one of his eyebrows.
"Of course”.
"That arrangement leaves Eileen without a team," Cas commented, although he didn't seem very interested in the conversation, opting to snuggle closer to Dean and only getting up enough to be able to sign.
"Obviously I'll be joining Jack and Dean," Eileen exclaimed, rising from where she was lying to save Jack from Sam's clutches, sitting him on her lap and brushing the sand from his hair. “They are the best team in the universe, right?”
Jack nodded with a proud smile.
"Sorry, daddy," Jack said, giving Cas a smile that tried to be apologetic. "But it's true".
"It's okay, baby," Cas said, smiling softly. “Many years ago I did the exact same thing as you”.
It was in that moment, discussing their teams for a water fight, that Dean was completely struck with the realization that this was his family. His broken, dysfunctional little family that had managed to get the peace and happiness they deserved. They had (literally) been through hell and now they could finally rest. This made all the pain, suffering and fear worth it.
Because Dean didn't think he could be happier than he was now, with his husband hugging him, his kid laughing with joy, one of his best friends smiling as bright as the sun and his brother looking relaxed and happy, finally without the weight of the world on their shoulders.
"And we made a pretty good team," Dean murmured, low enough so that only Cas could hear him and leaning in to gently kiss his husband's forehead.
This was the happy ending they deserved.
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mic-writes · 2 days ago
Day 5: Found Family / Fun @spnprideweek (AO3 Link)
Left Foot, Red
“Left food, red,” Eileen’s voice called out.
On command, there was rustling heard throughout the bunker, accompanied by some agonized moans.
“Dean,” Claire panted. She was looking at him through the gap in-between both her arms. Her hair was wildly dangling down like a curtain in front of her face, and a few strands were caged below her hand on the twister mat. There was a leg blocking part of her view at Dean – either Cas’s or Sam’s, she couldn’t tell for sure with all of them being tied up in one big knot. “Left foot red. I saw very well you didn’t move”
Dean ducked his head under the leg – It probably was Sam’s, Claire now thought – and replied in an almost desperate-sounding voice.
“How the fuck am I supposed to- Did you see the gymnastics I’m doing here? It’s literally impossible-“
“Left foot red, Dean,” Kaia commented from the side. She was comfortably slouching on a pillow on the ground, right next to spin master Eileen who had little Jack on her lap and the spinner in her hand. “You don’t get a pass just because you’re old”
There was a little wheeze heard from the back, presumably coming from Sam. Claire couldn’t tell that for sure though, since neither Sam’s nor Cas’s face were currently visible to her. Meanwhile, Dean tried to turn his face to Kaia, but failed. His own arm got in the way.
“As someone who got eliminated ten minutes ago, you got no say,” he groused.
“I only fell over because Sam pushed me,” Kaia protested. “Otherwise, I could’ve easily beaten you. Since my back doesn’t crack with every change of position”
“I didn’t push anyone,” Sam threw in his objection from somewhere in the back of the knot.
“You did,” Kaia said.
“Can’t prove that,” Sam muttered, more to himself than to anyone else.
“My back does not crack,” Dean protested.
“It does,” Claire commented.
“Lies,” Dean mumbled.
“It did crack on yellow last round for sure,” Cas now entered the debate, his head hidden somewhere behind Dean’s upper body. “Now would you please move your left foot to red, because this is becoming extremely uncomfortable on my part”
Dean rolled his eyes, probably invisible for everyone except Claire, but gave in.
“Fine,” he sighed, “But I’m telling y’all, if I’m pulling a muscle-“
“Please just move,” Sam panted, and Dean did. Accompanied by dramatic moans, he moved his left foot over to the one free red circle in his reach. While doing so, he bumped into Cas with his hip and kicked against Sam’s leg, earning him loud protest from both men.
Finally, after lots of moans, “ah”s and “that was my hand/foot/finger!”s, they were all back in stable positions, all four situated somewhere on the twister mat, and Eileen spun the little arrow again.
“Right hand, yellow,” she announced, earning a frustrated groan in unison from all four participants.
Rustling followed as they meandered around each other, trying to change into at least somewhat comfortable positions.
“Could you take your butt out of my face?” Cas’s voice complained from somewhere in the middle of the knot, hidden from Claire by a bunch of body parts belonging to both Winchester brothers.
“Never was a problem before,” Dean grunted, but granted the wish and moved slightly to the side.
“GROSS,” Claire commented.
Suddenly, there was the tapping of small feet heard, moving towards the twister mat and the human knot that was intertwined on top of it.
“Oh no,” someone muttered somewhere inside the knot, and that was the last comment right before disaster. A small body got on all four and crawled into the knot, started out below Sam’s right leg and continued his journey further through the maze of arms and legs.
Jack’s little face appeared right in front of Claire with a proud grin on it.
“Hi Claire!” he said and reached for her arm, in order to support him while standing up.
Jack pulled at Claire’s body, and within only a fraction of a second, the complicated construction of bodies collapsed like a house of cards.
The next thing Claire knew, she was lying on her back on the twister mat, Dean, Sam and Cas around her, legs and arms still intertwined. Only little Jack was standing in the middle of it all, looking down on them with a smile on his face.
“Jack won?” he asked, causing the entire human knot on the ground to chuckle.
“Jack won!” Eileen declared from the side.
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mishas-camera-finger · 3 days ago
Just got to 12:21 when Eileen dies, and I know she comes back but it still hurts so bad.
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