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#edmund pevensie
Narnia Incorrect Quotes 43/?
Susan: How did this happen?
Edmund, stuck in a trash can: How does anything happen? Move past it.
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leftonreid · 19 hours ago
If I get kidnapped I'll annoy the kidnapper with the story of Narnia's creation.
Polly and Digory, two kids living in a sort of attached houses become friends. They play around the yard, do children things. Digory lives with his mother who is very sick and his uncle, who stays up in his room in the attic all the time. Digory is never allowed up there, it's simply forbidden. But one day, he and Polly go on an adventure. You see, all the homes are connected, so there is a dusty crawlspace with doors to each attic room within it's dusty tunnel. Polly and Digory stumble upon the forbidden room of Digory's uncle, Andrew Ketterly. It is there that they find a little pouch that contains green and yellow rings. We do find later that these rings originate from the lost city of Atlantis. Upon touching the yellow ring, they are transported to a mystical place called The Wood Between Worlds, which I will then refer to as TWBW. TWBW is a wood full of trees. Evenly spaced trees with puddle like ponds neatly placed along with them. There is no wind there, no breeze. The air is thick, but sweet. Upon jumping into one of these ponds, Polly and Digory find themselves in another land. They transport to a land they find is called Charn. Charn is desert-like. Calm, hot, a ghost town in the form of a kingdom. Charn is also about to die. Their sun glows red and it is near the end of it's life, about to explode. Polly and Digory find a hall full of people who are still and unmoving. It is there that Polly and Digory find the mystical gong and once banging it, waking the Empress of Charn, also known as Jadis. Jadis talks to the children, then turns on them in order to leave Charn. She gets a hold on the green ring to take her back to the WBTW along with Polly and Digory, finding herself taken all the way back to modern England in 1900. Jadis rampages, determined to take over this place so new to her. She steals a carriage from a man and nearly kills tons of people. On her way, she rips a lamppost from the street and uses it as a weapon. Enlisting some help, she is eventually ripped back to the WBTW with Polly, Digory, the carriage man, and Digory's uncle Andrew, the magician. It is here where they fall into Narnia, an entirely blank world yet to be named. A lion appears, it's Aslan. He begins to sing life into this world before their eyes and Jadis throws the lamppost at his head, but it just bounces off and into the ground. This is where the lamppost in the movie can be found, years and years later. Jadis is enraged, she runs off into this new world Aslan is creating. Animals, trees, magical life springs into everything. To quickly sum up more, Andrew finds that the animals speak, the man with the horse finds that here in Narnia, his horse can talk and Aslan gives the horse a new name and a set of wings. Jadis is already far far far. Everything is new now, Aslan crowns the random carriageman the king of this new land. It's time for Digory to gain a mission from Aslan and that is to fetch Aslan a fruit from his garden up far on the mountainside. You can only take the fruit if it is for someone else. It must be without selfishness that you take it and since Aslan is the one who needs it, Digory goes to fetch the fruit. But sneaky Jadis is there already. She collects the fruit, eats it and is stained with a horrible juice from the fruit. She was selfish, so then the fruit curses her with painful immortality. Digory manages to collect the fruit and leave Jadis be, but once he brings the fruit to Aslan, Aslan gives the fruit right back to Digory saying it will heal his mother and to go now. He collects the people he needs, says goodbye to Aslan, Narnia, and the carriage man and pegasus and goes back to his normal world, back to England. It is this time when Polly and Digory become the first two friends of Narnia. Digory gives his mother the fruit and she gets better soon after. Digory is smart, he plants the seed from the fruit in the backyard of his home and it becomes the one true extension of Narnia in this world. The tree blows without wind, as it mirrors it's counterpart all the way in Narnia. Years and years later, the
tree falls. Digory, not wanting to let it go for good, turns it into a wardrobe. He follows his studies, becomes a professor, finds a good home in the countryside. The wardrobe he keeps in a spare room. Oddly enough, it stands still there until the war, when four siblings come to stay with him. Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter.
Me: hey kidnapper, do you like Narnia?
Them: No
Me: Perfect.
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toreadornottobe · a day ago
When he finally got his first long-term assignment, he almost broke down and cried in the commander’s office. After all he’d done for Narnia, and then for England, how could the Lion still require penance? Why was his first serious assignment for the remnant of the Special Operations Executive a long-term posting based out of Prague to track and report on the activities of the Winter Soldier?
Or, Edmund and all his to-do with the White Witch and eternal winter + the Winter Soldier just makes sense, you know?
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demigodofhoolemere · a day ago
Things I have never gotten over and never will: the Pevensies finding the ruins of Cair Paravel and realizing how so much time has passed that all the things that were not so long ago commonplace for them are now merely dusty echoes serving the only proof of the lives they lived
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celeste2033 · a day ago
The Ice Princess Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
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ocean-calls-me · a day ago
Where are all the Narnia fans i'm suffering through the books rn and would love to fangirl with someone did you all find narnia or why is it so quiet here 😩
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imjustdreamingig · a day ago
the founders
the fact that people still associate peter with gryffindor or him to be the founder of the gryffindor house baffles me.
don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the theory or idea that the pevensie's were the original founders of hogwarts, they simply got the houses they founded wrong.
and it's not that they even based it on the colors during their coronation scene, peter literally had a yellow cape, which are hufflepuff colors, whilst lucy had a red one, gryffindor colors.
(also susan's clothes were more leaning towards green which are slytherin colors and edmund's are blue, ravenclaw colors, but my reasonings for them is a topic for another day.)
most people must've thought that because peter is the oldest of the four and he was seen fighting the most out of all of them during the battle of beruna that this totally makes him a gryffindor, and they did the exact same with lucy when associating her with hufflepuff (she's the youngest, wasn't present when the main fighting was happening etc.)
the name that is given to lucy during their coronation is literally Queen Lucy the Valiant as in brave, as in a characteristic that is associated with the gryffindor house.
lucy was the one that went in headfirst into an unknown land without thinking about the consequences, let her curiosity pull her in to explore this new terrain that promised the possibility of an adventure.
lucy was the one that faced an entire army with nothing but a small dagger and a wild lion beside her, ready to take them all down if she had to.
not to mention out of all the four siblings, i think she was the one that wholeheartedly trusted aslan the most. he's a gentle lion yes, but nevertheless he was still untamed.
lucy said she thought she could be brave enough if she had to fight in the battle of beruna with nothing but that dagger of hers and her cordial. 8 year old lucy was ready to do everything in her power to help defend the land she barely knew but already had formed such a deep connection with.
peter never really wanted to fight in the battle of beruna, in fact he said he didn't feel brave at all in that moment. the only reason he was there fighting in the first place was because of his family.
he fought for his family, the loyalty towards them was so strong he made himself go through with the fight if it ensured their safety.
peter is brave yes, but his bravery is derived from a different source, loyalty, and loyalty is a characteristic that defines the hufflepuff house.
peter forced himself to face the fighting and the wars and his behavior and initial responses to it were completely different compared to those of lucy.
not to mention the only reason he attacked the white witch head on was because he had just seen her stab edmund. after witnessing that of course he went in to try and defeat her, doesn't matter if he was scared or not. he fought the witch to try and protect edmund.
peter made a promise to their mother, to take care of of all of them whilst they were away. during that battle, the memories of england were probably still very much clear so he was obviously thinking of that promise as he fought the witches army.
peter and lucy both care for their family fiercely and are passionate and extremely brave but in their own ways. the source from which their bravery stems from are different from one another and it's influenced by distinct factors.
this is why i firmly believe that the pevensies are the founders of the houses as follows;
edmund pevensie - ravenclaw
peter pevensie - hufflepuff
susan pevensie - slytherin
lucy pevensie - gryffindor
Tumblr media
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Narnia Incorrect Quotes 42/?
Susan: What's he on about?
Edmund, smirking: Oh, nothing.
Lucy: He didn't know those were fake?
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prettyboigenius · 2 days ago
The Knight of Narnia Masterlist
Maeve is the Knight of Narnia. Sworn to protect the kings and queens for eternity. She's been there from the beginning, doing the same job her whole life. Jadis has inflicted a 100-year winter upon Narnia. She waits for what she always waits for, the next kings and queens. The two sons of Adam and the two daughters of Eve. But maybe this time she'll find more than just the people she needs to protect. Maybe this time she'll find family.
Chapter 1
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prettyboigenius · 2 days ago
The Knight of Narnia
Chapter 1 Masterlist
I was training with new recruits when I got word that Aslan wanted to see me in his tent. As I walked to his tent on the end of the camp I nodded to the many different creatures that were busy preparing for the inevitable battle against the White Witch.
“You wanted to see me?” When I walked into the tent Aslan’s back was towards me and he seemed to be in deep thought.
“Yes dear child,” he turned to face me. “The sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve are in Narnia. Find them and aid them in the final parts of their journey to the camp.” I listened to his instructions carefully and turned to prepare to leave when he was done speaking.
I gathered my weapons and armor in preparation to leave the camp. As I readied my horse I thought of the long war we have fought and how now it very much may come to an end. The cold will finally cease and Narnia will be restored to its former glory. I think of all we’ve been through just to get to here. How many we’ve lost, and how many we may still lose. I think of all the battles I’ve fought in the past, and how many more I still have yet to fight.
I think of all the kings and queens that I have served in the past, and wonder how these new ones will fair ruling over this kingdom. I wonder how not only will they command an army but how they will command a room. I wonder how they will all tend to the needs of their people and to the needs of each other. I wonder if this will be the time that I find more than just another king or queen to protect. Maybe I’ll find true friendship with these new rulers. But most importantly I wonder if they will fulfill the prophecy and save us all from this seemingly never ending winter.
After I’m done readying my horse I dawn my cloak and mount up. I have to make my way to the frozen river with haste if I am to reach the future kings and queens before Jadis or her secret police do. I know what she’s capable of and we need them to defeat her and restore our kingdom. 
As I get closer to the lake it gets colder and colder. I can feel the bitterly cold wind hitting my face as I ride, I can feel how it stings the tip of my nose and ears and eyes. As I make my way through the field and the forest I start to hear a commotion.
My ears pick up the familiar growls of wolves and the voice of Maugrim. Beyond them I can hear the voice of Mr. Beaver and something else strange. As I leap off my horse and send him back to the camp I come to the edge of the frozen river and finally see who is involved in the commotion. I see the wolves and the beavers and strangely enough I see a group of three children.
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Narnia Incorrect Quotes 41/?
Susan: Hello people who do not live here.
Peter, Edmund and Lucy: Hello!
Susan: I gave you a key for emergencies.
Lucy: We were out of Doritoes.
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lxncelot · 2 days ago
shades of grey | s.p.
The Chronicles of Narnia - A Susan Pevensie story, slight angst requested by @davey-in-a-minivan​
tw: mentions of stabbing, grief
word count: 435
song: show me the meaning of being lonely - backstreet boys | ✒️
Summary: A queen like Susan had long been acquainted with the everlong sting of grief.
Tumblr media
Susan walked down the Corridors of Cair Paravel, Edmund on her arm, escorting her to her chambers. Outside, the evening was deepening into the rich colors of night, and with the night came quiet pensivity. The two royals walked deliberately slow, not wanting to reach their destination, and when they met them, they paused outside the thick doors.
"Here we are, Su," Edmund said, something solemn in his voice.
"Here we are," she echoed.
The shadows at Cair Paravel stretched longer. In no time at all, the night would be upon them, and all the splendor of Narnia would be hidden in obscurity.
Edmund squeezed Susan's arm in the way one does before leaving, but she placed her hand on his as though begging him to stay. Edmund looked deep into Susan's eyes, and his countenance was warm.
"It didn't hurt?" Susan asked. Her words felt foolish and small, but she asked him anyway.
"Only at first," Edmund replied, his right hand ghosting at his side, where once, he had been impaled (where once, magic had touched him). "It was alright, after that."
"Did Peter tell you to say that?"
"I I told you what Peter wanted, I would have told you it didn't hurt at all."
Susan sighed a laugh. "And Lucy?"
"Is too busy dancing with dryads to be bothered to think about it."
Susan smiled, somehow bittersweet. She could picture Lucy if she closed her eyes - nestled amongst the flowers in the garden, sleeping, now, and just waiting to rise with the sun. Peter, strong and stoic beside her, his eyes on a distant horizon. She could picture them if she closed her eyes.
She kept her eyes open.
"They're not lonely, then?"
"No." Edmund inclined his head toward the doors, then, as though beckoning her forth. "I suppose you are, though."
Susan looked at the heavy wrought doors. She imagined England, beyond it. It was cold and clouded, sodden in rain, and immersed in solitude. It was pale, deep in shades of grey. When she closed her eyes, she would be there, again, and her siblings would be in their Narnia. In the glittering corridors of Cair Paravel.
Susan straightened her spine. She looked at Edmund, then, so young. So full of life, still. "A Queen can walk with the feeling."
Edmund let the smallest of smiles flicker over his expressions. He dipped his head in the mocking sort of bow he had always given. "Yes, they can."
Susan started to cry, the tears in her eyes stinging, pulling her eyes shut. "Ed—"
Her eyes closed.
Somewhere, in the darkness, Susan was weeping.
-- taglist: @musicallisto, @theletterhart, @locke-writes, @brokenandheadoverheels, @neelia-thedaughtherof-athena, @swanimagines, @catsbooksandmusic, @captainshazamerica, @amortensie​, @fives-cup-of-coffee​ // message me if you want to be added!
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joemerl · 3 days ago
Going by movie canon, Mrs. Pevensie’s name is Helen. While there’s interesting symbolism with her having the same name as the first Queen of Narnia, it kind of bugs me if something like that is just a coincidence. So my new headcanon is that the two of them are actually related. The future Helen Pevensie was named after her aunt, who mysteriously disappeared one day with her wash only half-done. Possibly she went to look for her husband, who also vanished after a rather strange accident. 
As a bonus, this means that the Pevensies aren’t just random kids, they’re cousins to the ancient Narnian kings and thus have a legitimate claim to the throne. 
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