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#ed funny
datlokibumtho · 10 hours ago
Ed: trying to sing It's Been A While by Staind while not knowing any of the lyrics except the words it's been a while
Envy: having difficulty breathing due to laughter
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enemy-to-the-state · 11 hours ago
if my high school life was a show with oddly vague netflix descriptions of episodes part II
Season 2 | Sophomore Year:
Episode 1: Ash reluctantly helps move into the new house with his newly remarried mother. Ash struggles to accept that Joseph is his new step-father.
Episode 2: After making the choice to drop the IB program the previous year, Ash starts his sophomore year in Advanced Placement classes. Ash makes two new friends.
Episode 3: Academically, things are going much better at school, but Ash faces new struggles at home.
Episode 4: Ash is hastily thrust into the position of jazz pianist by the new band director.
Episode 5: Ash sports a new look in order to cover up a black eye, leading to misconceptions about his personality.
Episode 6: Several off comments from Joseph about his eating habits causes Ash to become insecure.
Episode 7: Ash takes drastic actions based on his newfound insecurities.
Episode 8: Ash and the friend group discover the joys of Dungeons & Dragons.
Episode 9: Weak and unhappy with himself, Ash begins to have nightmares, affecting his school. Ash’s father comes up with a solution.
Episode 10: Ash adopts some healthier habits, and gradually begins to gain some self-confidence. Ash grows angry at the original cause of his problem.
Episode 11: Ash attempts to talk to his mother who is unwilling to listen.
Episode 12: Tired of the torture at home, Ash considers staying full-time with his father.
Episode 13: In the season finale, Ash makes two important decisions, one about a piano, and one about his parents. Guilt gnaws away at Ash when he makes his final decision.
Opening Theme: Devil Town by Cavetown
Ending Theme: Daisy Jane by America
part I here part III here
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slut-for-freckles · 22 hours ago
i was crossing the street and some car said “get your fat ass off the road”
like damn ok guess i’ll starve 🙄🙄🙄
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genericmedsusasblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bluemen 100 💊 Tablets are efficient to help resolve the ED💋 problem in an adult individual💦.
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teachingdespair · 2 days ago
Only reason Blake being gay isn't something anybody wants to discuss is bc there's no Tumblr Approved Sexyman (tm) to ship him with since Val's the only sexy one and she's a woman
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aspiring-corpse · 2 days ago
They finally sell monster zero here again. But I can't drink it because it will mess up my sugar level. I will need some powerful ass forces to stop me from buying it😣
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datlokibumtho · 2 days ago
Pinako: "Never a dull moment with you two, even when you're not doing anything."
Ed: "Heh,'s great..."
Winry: "It doesn't sound great."
Narrator: "It was not, in fact, great."
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bi-dazai · 2 days ago
i want the exact opposite of this lol. toxic pr0ana bf/gf who shames me for eating more than 800cals a day
Tumblr media
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dhero · 3 days ago
danganronpa fans r so funny theyre like "komaeda is...completely an enigma...ghes a psycho guy.....the way he thinksmust be due to.....crazy dr killar disease......." and psychotic fans (5 ppl ever) r just like.he is literally just psychotic. he is a guy w psychotic symptoms very obviously . his thought process is rly not that weird a lot of the time.
Tumblr media
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coffee-exterior · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
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