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#eco activism
adiarose · a day ago
Genevieve Padalecki
When Gen showed up as Ruby I looked at her credits in acting and such as I’m sure many did. But scrolling through Pinterest I found her website and can I just say, she's kinda freaking amazing.
If you didn’t know, Gen is not just an actress. She has her own blog, had a clothing line, and is a activist. Her website centers around health and fitness while adding in some interviews with authors and eco friendly advice. I’ve been flipping through her clothing line (Sonoma + Now and Gen) and the stuff is actually pretty cool and looks super comfortable. And lets never forget that she is raising three children on top of it. She’s a tried and true business woman with a good heart from the looks of it.
I always generally liked Gen, but I’m only now realizing that this woman is pretty interesting. I really recommend that you check out some of her stuff because she’s a badass. I’m really impressed with her, Genevieve Padalecki is amazing!
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transcontinentaltimes · 9 days ago
Eco-Social Transition of Societies Starts Local
Eco-Social Transition of Societies Starts Local
SPAIN: Successive local and global crises show the inefficiency of traditional and static hierarchies and push ahead humility as a new type of leadership. Today’s interview with Nacho Garcia Pedraza, Coordinator of Climate Mobilization for Greenpeace, Spain, emphasizes how “here and now” individual activities contribute to eco-social transformation globally. To do that, one does not need to be…
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punkofsunshine · 10 days ago
Agriculture reform, vertical farming, and environmental restoration
Agriculture is one of, if not the best advancement humanity has made, but modern agriculture does not fulfill the needs of people. In fact, modern agriculture fulfills the needs of livestock more than people, roughly 39% of cattle feed comes from what’s leftover after ethanol production. In fact, 40% of the corn we grow here in the mid-west actually goes to ethanol production for everclear and as an additive in gasoline. More information found here. This is only one part of why we need agriculture reform, another part is soil depletion and pesticide runoff. Pesticides and artificial fertilizers seep into groundwater and often times become runoff in rivers which harms yet another aspect of our ecosystem, more on soil health here. So what can be done? Right now? Not too much, cooperation with lawmakers may help however, if you emphasize the importance of the dangers of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides you may grab their attention. Carcinogens are no joking matter, especially on a mass scale like most agriculture is now.
What do we do after basic reform?
Well, we try to push for a more cost-effective, water-efficient, and space saving option. Vertical farming, now, I know next-to-nothing about hydroponics, so I’ll be leaving an article right here. But the benefits include year-round crop production, no runoff, reduces usage of fossil fuels (transportation mostly, energy for the pump can be produced rather easily via renewable sources), makes use of unused/abandoned properties, is sustainable (really good for urban centers and food deserts), and more are listed here. A push for vertical farming would generate new jobs in cities, rural environments, and would have the benefit of going to the communities that are running the operation. It’s essentially farming on a mass scale, but without the need for all the potentially harmful chemicals used in arable land farming. I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial this would be to any community.
The relation to environmental restoration?
It’s kind of a stretch, but I believe that we could turn that farmland back into prairie, with some help from environmental restoration initiatives, it should be possible to convert old farmland into its original state. The benefits of this would include soil stability, encouraging ecological diversity, a regeneration of the microbiome, more habitats for indigenous species, and a change of landscape for once. Prairies also absorb a lot of rain, making them fantastic for erosion prevention, wild grass roots grow deeper than lawn grass, meaning it will hold more soil in the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado. In general, it’s a wonderful idea to restore our natural environments, no matter where you are, it’s essential to prevent desertification in any way you can. I used the example of a prairie because it’s one of the most endangered natural environments in the world today, only 1% of its original area remains, more on that here. 
That was all for today, hopefully I gave you something to think/reflect on.
Have a good one babes and stay safe.
This has been @punkofsunshine, out.
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amysaffirmations · a month ago
Taking a breath is important. But it's also important to rejoin the choir after the breath to allow others to take thier breaths as well.
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lovely-low-waster · a month ago
Tumblr media
Always use all your resources to stay informed on environmental policy to be a better activist and more conscious consumer for the people and planet. There’s so much we can all be learning everyday about how to better ourselves and the environment through all sorts of actions!
photo from consciousstyle on instagram
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small-eco-changes · 2 months ago
“Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last” - Vivienne Westwood
This is so important!
Right now I am in the process of using up all of the things in my house that I will no longer be repurchasing. If I want new make-up, it needs to wait until I have used up the ones that I have now and then I will purchase an eco friendly option next. Once I use up all of the products, I will find a way to reuse or recycle those containers. 
Terracycle is going to be my new friend for this process. A lot of the things that I want to recycle can be sent to them and they will recycle it for me. All I have to do is pay the shipping! There are other options on their website to to receive a box, fill it up and send it back to them however those cost a lot of money and I have found that just about everything I want to send can go through their free programs. 
Little by little, a small amount at a time, I will be able to purge of all of the single use plastic in my home and replace is with something that is better for the environment. 
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endemicja · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
We are a diverse creative space; studio; sanctuary, working hard at transforming ideas into emblematic art. . Our work seeks to highlight plant and animal species found throughout the Caribbean, while relentlessly commenting on environmental challenges, urban issues, and food politics 🌎🌿💚 . You can find us on Instagram @ endemicja as well visit our stores for merchandise & fine art prints @ enDemicJA on Redbubble! Our collections include: high quality posters, select home décor items, graphic tees, crop tops, and more 🖤✨ We can't wait to "merge powers" with you!! ☮️💜🍀
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victoryofthecommons · 2 months ago
Anyone else get really annoyed at the mainstream attitude that “good brands will save us”? Like, no they obviously won’t.
And to those who want to comment “no one actually thinks that” - you’re either naïve or in denial. A LOT of mainstream eco-influencers focus so much on brands that they themselves, and their followers, adopt that attitude. Asking for reform is one thing - believing that “good” brands are our heroes is very dangerous. If you recognize that tenancy in yourself, please pause and reflect on it.
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eucanthos · 2 months ago
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Vivienne Westwood   (b. 1941)
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sleepybosjessss · 2 months ago
I am trying to find blogs that talk about communism/socialism, political issues, radical action, anarchism, etc etc that aren't mostly a fandom blog and I'm having a really frustratingly hard time
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ground-zoro · 2 months ago
Not enough people realize this website is basically a giant Eco Chamber. The vast majority of people who don’t use this website aren’t going to know half the things you’ve learned on here, political or otherwise. Even things you assume are common knowledge or widely held beliefs might not be. 
I’m not saying people, politicians or celebrities or whoever can’t or shouldn’t be canceled for things they’ve said or done. Just remember there’s more ignorance is the world than there is malice.  
And before anyone chimes in with “Google is free”, that’s true but useless when people don’t know what they don’t know. Most people don’t have the time or energy to go searching out the information and constant updates that suffuse Tumblr. 
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small-eco-changes · 3 months ago
“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” - Anne Marie Bonneau
I absolutely love this quote. This is why I try to convince anyone who will listen just to start with something small. Look around your home life and acknowledge what is plastic and what you can swap for a sustainable option. Take it one day at a time and one product at a time! This doesn’t have to be a change that your create over night. 
In the past I’ve made lists for people of the things that I know there are eco-friendly options for and let them decide what they want to start with. Once they get comfortable with the new products and way of living, they incorporate more. 
Sharing your knowledge of the zero waste community and what they have to offer is important because there are a lot of people who don’t even know the basic statistics of the things going wrong in the world. It is very eye opening and disheartening. So make sure you’re sharing what you know to spread as much information as possible so we can make huge strides!
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punkofsunshine · 3 months ago
Art and Activism: soft and hard action
We all know direct action is important in resistance, but what about the humanities?
The humanities have a place as well, music, drawings, paintings, murals, etc. They’re all important due to the fact that is may draw people in and it’s important for the people doing a lot of the front-line work to relax for a while and art is one of the best ways to do that. Burnout is real shit, I should know because on my first eco-activism “crusade” I went too long without indulging myself in entertainment or the arts. I burnt out for a while, which is why I realized the arts are important, work all the time wears you down even if it’s for a good cause.
In short, take a break, even if for a little while. You don’t want to burn out and leave the movement.
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silentleviathan · 3 months ago
Flower bombs
Flower bombs are great. They’re easy to make and sometimes just lobbing stuff over fences and into industrial waste lands is really fun! 
But you need to be aware they are not always that effective. Most people throw them in abandoned properties and bare land. Land is normally bare for a reason wether it’s soil ph or density, so flower bombs often end up just adding dust on top of unfertile soil. 
So if you’re gonna use them (and you should!) throw them at places they have a chance of growing to be more effective. So avoid old industrial plants or purely concrete places (some car parks have enough cracks that plants can grow but it’s rare), go for places like pavements and muddy verges. 
Go wild!
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grandmasterbitch · 3 months ago
What's with the weird sudden rise of eco fascism on the internet? Especially by white ""leftists"".
Calling humans a virus and saying they deserve to die is a problem. Remember back when corona virus was in its early days? Peoole acted like it was doing good by killing humans while ignoring that this virus was spread by the wealthy who were able to get quick and easy treatments and spread to poorer people, vulnerable people, minorities. People who can't afford health care. Who can't afford a day off. Poor black and brown minorities. Y'all are happy they are the ones dying??
Overpopulation is a myth. It is an issue wirh over consumption. Overpopulation was an idea used to blame poor individuals in black and brown populated countries vs the mass over production of products that ends up in landfills. We have a problem with lack of distribution. We have enough food and resources to provide to all. We just can't distribute it properly. Which can be fixed.
The idea of overpopulation is what fueled ideas of eugenics. It's what fueled ideas for the holocaust. Its why black and brown folks are targeted for sterilization. ICE right now is sterlizing illegal immigrants. Canada still sterilize immigrant women and natives. Even in Canada there was an ad for anti natalism and used the face of a black baby.
Companies try their best to shift the blame on individuals. Making it seem like if they don't thrift, buy second hand, take 10 minute showers then it's your fault the planet is dying while turning a blind eye on all things the companies are responsible for. Scientists even agree. The 1% is responsible for majority of the pollution. Unless we hold them accountable then the planet will only continue to suffer.
And to say humans have only caused the earth to die is a big fat racist myth. The natives who lived on this land took care of the land. They didn't hunt too much. They used their resources carefully. That only science now is acknowledging. These people were removed from their lands. Forced to loose their culture and way of living. They are poor and suffering. Slaves under this current capitalist system put in place by colonizers then we blame them for existing and using the only resources available for them?
They displace millions of people in the world for their selfish needs and force them to adopt an unstable system for living and then you blame them?
Colonizers always want to act enlightened. Now crying how the earth is dying and its all the poor black and brown folks faults. Having the audacity to exist without paying every step for their very existence. How evil are they??
This is why I have no sympathy to white leftists who fall into the eco fascist mindset. They don't even bother to take a step back and recognize how racist the idea is.
You might say "oh humans are the one who are colonizing and created capitalism" bruh that's a nice way of avoiding which humans were doing that and shifting the blame from yourself.
Humans exist. They chose how they want to live and most people are just trying to survive. Oh the audacity they have to do so. Saying they are all terrible doesn't fix the problem and only supports innocent people's suffering.
While you fetishize animals and cry about them because they are sweet innocent babies who can't talk back and are cute faces that have no opinions and thoughts that you would really consider doesn't make you a good person.
Children in the foster care system are treated so much worse than dogs in foster care. And even bringing this up, some people say the kids deserve it. For being human.
I remember some vegan lady saying she stopped being an organ donor (which is fine on its own) because humans are so bad and that if a child was dying and in need of organs then just tell them that humans are so awful that they don't deserve it. And this lady preys on minors a lot yet she feels so high and mighty to even act think this way.
You like to act enlightened by hating people but loving animals but you just like obedient pets that can't have any opposing opinions, thoughts, or feelings that you have to deeply care about.
Instead of supporting eco fascist ideas actually try to not do that?? And support harmful ideologies that will only make minorities suffer??
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dissociatedaze · 3 months ago
Help save the environment with the "Shadow Self" Organic Reusable Tote Bag
Tumblr media
For every tote sale, a donation is made to environmental non-profit organizations.
Available at Building Burning
"Embrace your whole self, including the shadows."
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punkofsunshine · 3 months ago
An Intermediate Guide To Solarpunk: Activism, Vision, and Sharing Ideals
If you're more accustomed to the Solarpunk movement, you may not need this guide, but it's to get a grasp on how to share the ideas without preaching or annoying those around you with political talking points. That is not me saying Solarpunk isn't inherently political, but if it sounds like a politician would say it, I'd suggest not using that talking point.
Well, I know how putting practice into theory works, but what about making it effective?
That's where activism comes in, sadly it's not enough to just fulfill praxis, you must have support for your ideas whether from friends or an entire city council. It requires planning and cooperation, but how to get people to agree is entirely different, different people want different things. If people don't want what you want, don't try to convince them of your viewpoint.
I'd recommend having a plan in place first in terms of activism, just as an aside. Vision is an important aspect in terms of activism and eco-conscious initiatives, it's essentially playing the long game, cooperation with certain people may be necessary for the goal to be accomplished and maintained. As an example, you talk to the city council and give them a plan, but they're torn on allowing a certain aspect of the plan to go through, they give you a task to collect signatures from the people that the plan would affect. You should definitely cooperate because there's only one hiccup in the plan, if they want to cut out entire sections of the plan you made, don't cooperate. It's all about getting what it deemed necessary, most of the time it's financial backing and hiring experts in a certain field.
Sharing Ideals
So, what about the ideas that inspired the activism, shouldn't that be credited with the actions that were taken to get there?
That's dependent on regional attitudes toward climate change, left-wing action, and even regional economic stability. If you live in a place that's accepting towards your political beliefs and accepts that these actions are essential in slowing down the climate crisis, go right ahead. However if you have a strong right wing presence in your area that could be considered dangerous, don't expose yourself or others to the dangers of being left-wing associated. It's all situational.
Sorry I rambled on in this post, but I haven't taken my vyvance today and I cannot focus on a topic for long, and by no means mistake cooperation with compliance for hierarchical power structures. This is a no bootlicking zone, and you should know this by now.
Anyway, this has been punkofsunshine, have a good one and stay safe.
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punkofsunshine · 3 months ago
The Solarpunk Aesthetic: How to draw people to the ideas of the movement.
You guys may not know this, but I started out as a liberal, shocking, I know. We were all liberals at some point, but something radicalized us, for me it was solarpunk. I’d found the aesthetic about 4 years ago on Pinterest of all places because I was looking for greenhouse designs, I looked into it more and that’s what led me down the rabbit hole. I started showing pictures to my friends and asked them if this was a future they would want to live in, unsurprisingly, it was a resounding yes, but then one friend asked a question that made me think. “What do we have to do to get there?” I didn’t know, so I looked into something with connections to Solarpunk, eco-anarchism. That’s what set me on the path I’m at now. I’ll allow you to extrapolate from incomplete data, as I’m not looking to write a biography of how I was radicalized to the left, that’s a lot of personal detail that I absolutely refuse to bore you with.
What I’m getting at is the pictures are beautiful, but it’s the thoughts behind that actually count, I view the pictures as a recruitment tool more than anything. This aesthetic is essential in the recruitment of new people who care about the same things we do, they don’t even have to be radicals even, they just have to care. This movement doesn’t need perfect, it just needs us to start working towards our goals no matter how distant they seem. It’s a movement of hope, and I refuse to let it be forgotten that we have to carry the torch to a brighter future.
This has been punkofsunshine, have a good one and be safe.
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