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art-of-e · 17 hours ago
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i decided to take a lil steppy step outside my comfort zone pose-wise so here’s clover doing a big stretch after working out :)
rbs > likes !!
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vampylittlesub · 18 hours ago
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It's been a whileeee, so sorry my sweets, I've been sad lol🥺 but I've been drinking all day, and I think I'll post some new stuff tonight🥰Hope all of you have a lovely day😉😋💕
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zhuhongs · 19 hours ago
oh my god.. this girl from hs that was an annoying transmed bitch that was a fragile uwu ppl think im japanese white girl commented on my old instagram posts and said she missed me.. i dont miss u!!!
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incorrect-azur-lane · 21 hours ago
Enterprise: Are you drinking Pepsi for breakfast?
Cleveland: Yeah.
Enterprise: *stares judgingly*
Cleveland: what did you have for breakfast?
Enterprise: ...
Enterprise: Nothing.
Cleveland: Looks like I'm doing better than you at least
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