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floralflowerpower · 4 hours ago
You know, the one thing I hate about being dyslexic the most is not being able to read pen names.
Like I confuse the fuck out of people all the time because I'll mention a blog name in a group chat in discord and no one will have any fucking Idea what I am talking about!!
I just came back on here to tag the name so I could screen shot it to send to the group chat. Because as long as you get the first couple letters right Tumblr will tag it right most of the time.
And God did I have it very very wrong omg.
This one was worse then the time I thought Bilbo was Libido during my entire first read of lord of the rings.
Excuse me while I die in a corner
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persephone-nymph · 9 hours ago
I don’t like the way Michael is spelled- like why does the ‘a’ have to be there it looks weird and wrong and I don’t like it!,,, sorry to all the Michaels out there
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yollering · 19 hours ago
yesterday i was in a barnes and noble - one of the big ones, which is actually relevant to this
it’s june so i know there will be lgbtq+ books highlighted so i go check it out
in the YA section, there are 2 full shelves of (mostly front-facing) lgbtq+ books. there are over 100 titles (i made a list, it’s 105 items but there were a couple i couldn’t write down because i couldn’t read the title in my pictures)
there were also tables scattered with lgbtq+ YA books being highlighted, though I don’t remember if this was because they were lgbtq+ or if it was just the typical books on tables thing.
there were a total of 2 tables for childrens’, middle-grade, and adult lgbtq+ books. there were 3 total middle-grade books on these tables. the childrens’ books were all large childrens’ books so despite being a ~whole table~ it was maybe 7 books, and i think about 10 adult books (i still prefer YA personally so i didn’t look very hard)
i understand that “gay ya” sells but this level of disparity (3 middle grade, 7 childrens’, 10 adult, 105+ YA), especially from a major bookstore chain, perpetuates the myths that being queer is a teen thing and that nearly all lgbtq+ books are YA
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juju-pkmn5 · 20 hours ago
How about M and W for the ask? :-D
Hiii! Sorry this took me forever but I'd be glad to answer
M. Music- Do you use music to write or make playlists for certain fics?
I definitely do listen to music! It's usually my usual 60s bull shit but sometimes I want to write something especially emotional (usually last chapters) I'll listen to classical or something emotional like that. I've never made a playlist but it sounds fun!
W. Wips- How many wips do you have? What is taking the majority of your time?
uh... oh godd,,, shit. I have two mutlichapters that are out and that I'm working on (three if you count culture shock), I have a two shot that's coming out on the 19th, I have a multichapter that I'm not gonna put out there untill November (but I wrote 2k already for some reason), I have another one that is 7k but I wanna re-work, I have a oneshot that's prob never gonna see the light of day, and I have two things I'm not gonna publish bc one is a vent fic and the other is too self indugent for public viewing. Overall I have, like, 9??? and over 12k of unpublised fanfiction in my docs </3. I used to have tunnel vision idk what happened :(
ADHD demands I switch constantly between my thousands of wips but probably Will You be the Cure to My Aliment since I have the end planned out
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ndcultureis · 21 hours ago
Dyslexic culture is reading a Yale article on symptoms of dyslexia with your dyslexic friend and saying things like “If you’re biologically female and have dyslexia surprise you’re trans!” (<- referring to how the article almost always uses only he/him pronouns) “Just use he why don’t ya Yale” “Yale stop calling us out” “Yale woke up and choose violence” “This is just a Yale being dumb compilation” & “Clown on Yale because Yale clowned on us"
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olli-676 · 22 hours ago
Headcanon: Because Jamie is dyslexic he can't read well so he listens to audiobooks he finds/steals. Or he annoys Roadhog until he reads to him
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zoejameswilliams · a day ago
Tumblr media
#theghostgarden #emmaCarroll illustrations #kajakajfez #barringtonstoke 8+ ..#mglit #dyslexiafriendly #dyslexic #reluctantreaders . .##MGBOOKREVIEW . A spookily good historical fiction for middle grade readers set in the lead up to first World war. . . Summer 1914 Fran keeps finding mysterious items in Long Barrow house that Seem to fortell future events. Forced to look after Leo a young boy with a broken leg are his predictions of impending war true? . . An easily digestible story punctuated with delightful atmospheric illustrations this is the perfect read for for kids who like history, adventure and a good ghost story. A Sensitively told story with quietly building tension about friendship family and hints at the impending changes of home life with the inevitable war. . This would be great for a holiday read and classroom discussion. Also perfect for children who don't like long books (reluctant or emerging)and are not attentive readers but want a really good story. It is also made dyslexia friendly with tinted pages and accessible font. .
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cinna-wanroll · a day ago
I am this close to snapping
Update: It was at this point I realized I have already snapped
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girlbossganondorf · a day ago
I’ve embarrass myself in front of cis yt girl Star Wars fans enough for me to be numbed by it at this point but also not really 😕
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delightfuldisaster · 2 days ago
So Luna Lovegood might be dyslexic-
My maths teacher was talking about her dyslexia the other day and she said that reading upside down really helps her read, and she found some of her dyslexic friends do the same. 
What if Luna was dyslexic the entire time but everyone else just thought she was weird. 
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hanzidanzi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Be yourself, quit pretending...”
I've always been so worried. Am I being fake? Am I being true to myself? Am I too much? Am I enough...?
I like using 'TV HEADS' cause they can mean so many things. Some look at them as scary or even funny creative ways of exspresseing oneself. And it is! I love the simplicaty of it + the symbolic value it holds. For me it's a way of showing what I'm truly scared of; not being free/not being true to myself. I've always locked myself inn, believeing I was less than everyone else and that I was stupid. I wanted to fit in, I didn't want to be different (of course I wasn't much different, but my head kept telling me otherwise). I wanted to mirror the people I saw, the people I conversed with. You'd probably think a 'MIRROR HEAD' would fit better! But I believe no one is truely themselves. Everyone puts up a front, they do it by nature, they do it to protect themselves. And alot of what you see is mirrored by social media! Things we see online....
We look up to eachother, as well as we want to fit inn. Humans are herd animals, we search for a click. We want connections, lovers, family, friends you name it! Anything to have someone to tell us we aren't no different, that we are tolerable, that we aren't strange. Because humans fear what we don't know/understand...
I hate that. But I also can't live without it.
I want to embrace myself, I want to embrace my weirdness. I want to be confident, moreover I want to be confident in myself.
A couple of weeks ago I found out I had dyslexia, I'm in my last year of high school so it came very late. At this point I was exspremaly burned out, I struggeld with anxiety + panic attacks and I had a hard time being around people. But even if it came late... I've never been more relived! It took this weight off my shoulders, a weight I didn't even know I had. And I've never felt more like myself?
I wish to go forward now, with newly found energy! And a new view of myself. I've actually worked hard? All the energy I've put in to EVERYTHING has been for something??! Here in my 19 years of living I thought I was stupid!? I thought I was less than everyone else! Cause I used a longer time understanding things.
I know now that I am not stupid and that I'm a fighter. Cause even if I've struggled the past 13 years of school, I still have managed! Most importantly I haven't given up.
From now on I'll try to be more myself and I'll be damn proud of it too!
I want everyone to celebrate our differences; and as a proud pansexual girl/woman I hope everyone is having a wonderful pride month! 🌈🌈
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boom-baebee · 2 days ago
Who actually uses Duolingo plus?? Give us money for something we do for free????? How about u give me money for using ur app
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amerrymystery · 3 days ago
I've mentioned that my game reset which means I get to replay the moment that Robbie and Penny first met! To think, these eleven year olds just met their future spouse and are none the wiser. If you look closely you can see the love in their eyes.
Sidenote, headcanon that Robbie hums I’ve Just Seen A Face by The Beatles for like a week after this without even realizing, that’s how dense he is.
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silvercatnip · 3 days ago
Can we give some love to neurodivergant but mainly to my dyslexic readers out there. We see you, we love you, we know its hard, but we are happy you work past it for something you love!
Coming from someone who is dyslexic I thought it was wrong to love to read because I was bad at it but just because I may not be great at it doesn't mean I can't love it :). Also audio books and the best think on earth.
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themidnighttiger · 3 days ago
So those blue alien smut books booktok is talking about? I may or may not of signed up for kindle unlimited just to read them. I got it like 20 minutes ago and am already 25% of the way through the first book
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killuwa · 3 days ago
whaqt the fuck for some reason i thought dyslexia diagbosises only lasted 2 years what the hell i just found out its a lifelong condition
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