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mylastbraincellisrotting4 hours ago
Just started watching hunter x hunter
Animator: Hey how should we design this new character, Kurapika?
Desginer: give me a few, blocks I know what to do
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wilimia5 hours ago
BRO UR BIRTHDAY FELT LIKE YESTERDAY WTH?!?!? Rip dancing queen馃様馃拑 and HAPPY BIRTH ADULT HUMAN BEING WOA congrats on legal drinking age in sweden lesgooo馃
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Jdjdkdkkeej I'm growing too old too fast but YEAH ADULT LETS GOO >:D thank you keeeeees
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There's a new Yiddish course on Duolingo if you haven't heard! There's Hebrew too.
I have seen them! It's just my dyslexia makes it really hard for me to learn new languages I've never been able to :(
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duskler-bella day ago
could i bother you too ask for little tidbits of info you've come up with for the dream team? like is one of them sneaky, do they like certain things, etc. ?
Oh yes! There鈥檚 a big one that I don鈥檛 think anyone has noticed yet, probably because I haven鈥檛 had time to draw them a lot, but Sapnap always sticks to Dream鈥檚 right side. This is to cover for Dream鈥檚 blindness. This is also why Sapnap has scars on the right side of his body, since he was protecting Dream鈥檚 blindside from attackers until they both grew into better fighters.聽
If Sapnap isn鈥檛 there to cover Dream鈥檚 right, Dream either ask Punz to cover it or keep himself close to walls or solid objects. When he first met George he would constantly keep the kittypet on his 鈥済ood side鈥 because there was no trust鈩.
Even before Dream was blinded he used to stick close to Sapnap when they were kit, but back then it was because the lose of Sapnap鈥檚 tail gave him some balance issues. Dream would always be there so that if Sapnap tripped or lost his footing he could catch him uvu
Little cute thing about George as well! He likes his person space since he鈥檚 grown up a solo cat with his humans, so he isn鈥檛 very big on cuddles. Dream and Sapnap will usually curl up together to sleep and George will sleep with his back to one of theirs. During winter however, he will force his way right into the middle, because heck, this ex-kittypet truly hates the cold more than anything else XD
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the-laughing-snowdropa day ago
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@gentrychild I wanted to draw fanart for 鈥楬ow to murder your father鈥 for awhile. I wanted to show my appreciation for your writing. I hope you don鈥檛 mind and that I didn鈥檛 mess up on the designs to much. Again thank you for writing!!! 鈽嗗健
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Don't know if there's anything to better exemplify my dyslexic ass than my attempt to write "might be a bit dyslexic related" on a questionnaire and fucking up that very sentence of explanation.
Edit: I meant "might be a bit dyslexia related"
Srsly, fuck sake, need to check what I write
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thequizzicaldreamera day ago
I鈥檝e been playing way too much Fallout: New Vegas.聽
How do I know this with such certainty?聽
Well, I referred to the real life, actual聽Los Vegas as New Vegas. Like a Buffon. Right in front of my whole family. This is the second time this has happened.
聽Help me.
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arabskaya-devushka2 days ago
we recently studied in pediatric psychiatry about learning difficulties including dyslexia. and I learned that this developmental issue shows more/ has more consequences in languages called "opaque". it's languages where there are many graphemes corresponding to a few phonemes. like English, for example, an irregular language by excellence. it has 1120 graphemes and around 40 phonemes. or French too, with 190 graphemes and 35 phonemes.
Languages with regular orthography has less incidents of children developing dyslexia. like Italian with 33 graphemes and 25 phonemes. and Arabic with 28 graphemes and 28 phonemes!
(phoneme is the smallest unit of sound and grapheme is a way of writing down a phoneme (can vary from one letter up to four letters))
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latinposeidon2 days ago
Oh no I started thinking about dyslexic Reggie and now the home is where my horse is scene鈥檚 sad. Imagine Reggie spending ages trying to make sure his song鈥檚 presentable and properly spelled, even getting Alex to proofread it to make sure it鈥檚 all perfect. He gets super excited to show Luke and Julie that he鈥檚 a good songwriter, so he just casually slips his song into Luke鈥檚 journal only for it to immediately get ignored
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dyslexiachampion2 days ago
Influence of Dyslexia on Pablo Picasso鈥檚 Artistic Skills
One of the world's greatest painters has also struggled with dyslexia throughout his life. But many people believe it was his dyslexic traits that helped him become the genius he was. Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1881, and grew up in a family with an artistic background. His father was an art teacher in school. For more information, You can visit:聽
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larryincottagecore2 days ago
anyone else have like 5 docs opened with beginnings of fics you know you're never going to follow up on?
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marlinspirkhall2 days ago
Dumb question- have you ever betaed someone鈥檚 work before? Is there any sort of etiquette or requirements you need to know before you beta?
Hi! Thanks for the ask :D
I apologise in advance for how unnecessarily long my answer is. There is a Too Long Didn鈥檛 Read at the bottom <3
This isn鈥檛 a dumb question at all, especially as we enter beta reading season. First up I鈥檒l copy and paste what I said last week in The Uhura Bang Discord regarding why an author might seek a beta reader.
Q: What sort of things do they edit for - is it anything you want or just specific scenes?聽
A: It depends on who you're matched with & how much they want to do. Generally, beta readers will read everything that's given to them and give you feedback on anything which may not make sense to a first time audience & any typos/grammar errors they notice. It's a good way of eliminating any glaring errors you may have missed when editing it yourself/eliminating some of the editing process depending on how far along you are.
And to answer your original question, I鈥檝e beta鈥檇 many pieces of fanfic (and the occasional original works) for @herenya-writes in the past, and I believe they were the first author I beta-read for. I think they initially asked me for feedback regarding how it would read to an audience member and to tell them which pieces weren鈥檛 working for me, and I gave a few pieces of feedback on lines which I thought could be shorter or more impactful.
We鈥檝e both beta鈥檇 a few of each others pieces in the past even though we have quite different storytelling and writing styles, and I think that鈥檚 part of the appeal of it- you can see how your piece might appeal to a wider audience and either change it accordingly, or emotionally prepare yourself for having a smaller readership than initially anticipated, etc.
Plus as a dyslexic who makes a thousand typos, I often miss stuff if I鈥檓 editing by myself so having another human and text-to-speak running through my work helps me eliminate most errors. (Though I still come back to stuff after a year and notice something which slipped through the cracks... It unfortunately takes me about 5 stabs at editing something to get it perfect).
Whilst beta reading I generally use text-to-speak because I鈥檓 better at hearing spelling errors than I am reading them (my brain has a very over-eager autocorrect). Unfortunately this does come with the caveat that I鈥檓 often worse at picking up homophones (i.e, 鈥渟aw鈥澛犫渟oar鈥 and 鈥渟ore鈥) than I would be if I was reading the page with my eyes, so thats something I have to be aware of/ remember to mention to the author before I hand it back to them.
Although most author鈥檚 notes (very charitably) read 鈥渁ll remaining mistakes are my own鈥, if you want to judge my beta鈥檌ng for yourself, here鈥檚 list of things I鈥檝e beta-read in the past year (and some shameless promotion of my talented friends because why not?)
The Universe Itself by Herenya_writes
To the Stars and Back Again by VTSuion
Strange Wings by Herenya_writes
Descent of Halcyon by itwastheband
On My Lips by Herenya_Writes (Chapter 5)
Of A Different Kind by Herenya_writes
Follow Your Heart by kotekru
TL;DR: Discuss what your author wants you to comment on in advance (i.e, if it鈥檚 just spelling and grammar checks, or character interaction.
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frogwithadhd2 days ago
ive been thinking recently about my adhd meds yknow, and ive come to the conclusion that i am more focused, but the distractions around me are magnified. and often that feels like more of an issue and kind of overshadows my focus
it takes so much to get that focus onto the thing i need it for. a lot of times i cant do my work because my focus is on the people talking in the background, someone tapping their foot, people unzipping bags, etc etc and i cant shift from that to the thing i need to be doing. its easier to be upset by those things, too. if im in the zone or something and then someone interrupts it by talking or asking a really loud question to the teacher, i get so frustrated and upset when i know i shouldnt鈥攁nd its pretty easy to bring me to tears about this kind of stuff too which is embarrassing lmao but it feels like you just cant control it in the moment
is this accurate for anyone else? that you have better focus but distractions are magnified? im just curious, or if you have anything else similar to that feel free to share, ive just been thinking recently
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himbo-knox2 days ago
pitts: *barely given any kind of character in the film*
us: he can't be confined to any one character type! he is complex, he is enigmatic and bewildering. in the words of uncle Walt, pitts is large, he contains multitudes.
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ssavanessa222 days ago
I don鈥檛 know wether it鈥檚 just me but sometimes when I read a fic and it鈥檚 written so well and the writing is just a different level and amazing I don鈥檛 flipping understand what there saying like I was ready this one fic and I felt so dumb I didn鈥檛 get a thing 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槕
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addiesagenoise3 days ago
coping techniques for being moderately dyslexic:
*full disclosure my dyslexia is only moderate, and it was caught at a very young age so I was taught to read and write as a dyslexic student. I have been very lucky. These techniques are just what work for me*
聽-I make up musical associations for things I need to remember. I will listen to a particular song while studying a topic, and sing the facts to a melody to solidify them in my brain. This is how I survived biology and memorized my multiplication tables.
-Rhyming helps when remembering names and dates.聽Even if they are terrible rhymes or rude. examples: Suzie鈥檚 a doozy, Sam鈥檚 always got a plan, Dimitri likes trees, Aasif is well-off. Or in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
-color blocking is a lifesaver, especially in a planner. It makes it easier to actually see how many things you need to achieve that day without being overwhelmed by all the text on a to-do list. Each thing I need to do each day is highlighted a different color, so I look at it and say聽鈥淚 have to do four assignments today!鈥 instead of聽鈥淚 have a long list of scribbles I need to work through鈥澛
-Reading aloud slowly really helps when doing reading from a textbook or for long instructions. Finding a private place to study to do this *the best*
-OpenDyslexic text does not help me, but reading aloud with a paper to keep track of what line I鈥榤 on does. Annotation also is very helpful when reading longer passages of text. Here鈥檚 a great guide on annotation.聽If you鈥檙e annotating a library book, sticky notes are your friend.
-Standardized tests and complex written instructions are hell, but I find annotation is also the best way to keep the words in questions straight. Here鈥檚 a good guide for annotating test questions.
-All of these techniques can be applied to math too! I find equations, especially general ones in calculus, to be very disorienting, but reading aloud equations, annotating questions, and color coding the parts of a complex formula聽to be really helpful!
-lastly, spatial and artistic association are very helpful for me. I can remember patterns and tables much more easily than straight facts. so for example, practice writing a table of orbitals in chemistry instead of memorizing the full string, and quickly jot down the table when doing homework or a test.
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enderham3 days ago
Tumblr media
hohoho Serbian folkwear inspired genshin oc lets goooooooooooooo
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