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#dysgu cymraeg
another-heckin-langblr · 4 hours ago
Welsh Numbers 1-12
quizlet link
un - one
dau - two
tri - three
pedwar - four
pump - five
chwech - six
saith - seven
wyth - eight
naw - nine
deg - ten
un ar deg - eleven
deuddeg - twelve
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sheepfroggy · 7 days ago
LGBTQIA+ Vocabulary in Welsh!
Hey, everyone! Since I'm a queer Welsh person, I figured it was important I share some of the common queer terminology we use in our day to day lives, but in Welsh! Enjoy!!
Lesbian - Lesbiaidd
Gay - Hoyw
Bisexual - Deurywiol
Transgender - Trawsryweddol
Pansexual - Panrywiol
Non-binary - Anneuaidd
Queer - Cwiar (Can also be seen just as queer)
Questioning - Cwestiynu
Tumblr media
All the information on this post has come from Stonewall, who's page has more terms than what I'm sharing here. Please take a look if that interests you. Also, feel free to share any additions or corrections! <3
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lexiconofhope · a month ago
It is so funny to open a Welsh learning article and immediately be able to tell where they the author is from… “lle dach chi’n byw?” Oh you are a gog, s’mae.
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sheepfroggy · a month ago
For those looking to explore traditional Welsh culture...
This video that I came across happens to be a fantastic insight into both the old and the modern traditional Welsh music cultures, as well as the history behind our music and it’s importance to the Welsh people.
If you have the time and are interested, please give this video a watch as it’s very well put together and informative.
The creator of this video also put together a fantastic playlist of wonderful traditional Welsh music that you can find on spotify, which I highly recommend you check out as well!
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cwtch-gwenyn · a month ago
ASGSJDLSLAJ I just started the 1st lesson of level 2 of Say Something in Welsh and here I was casually settling down with some coffee, fully expecting the same intro song as level 1, but it started playing "Dwi angen coffi yn y bora" and I was so taken aback so when it hit "coffi du coffi du ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ" I almost spat out my coffee in laughter 😭 it's one of the first songs I learned in Welsh but I completely forgot about it this is a treat.
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sheepfroggy · 2 months ago
Question Words in Welsh
Tumblr media
Who? - Pwy?
What? - Beth?
When? - Pryd?
Where? - Ble?
Why? - Pam?
How? - Pa?/Sut?
How much? - Faint?
Which? - Pa?
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falconblackwood · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Barddoniaeth- poetry
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falconblackwood · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Gwdihŵ/Tylluan - Owl. Gwdihŵ is south welsh. For pronunciation, go to
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hey, can i ask what "yr acên" means (from your tags like 2 days ago)? dwi'n newydd dechrau dysgu
Of course you can!!! It means "the accent". I do apologized as it is acen and not acên but ive recently picked up a habit of randomly adding ^'s to words.
I am more than happy to help with any Cymraeg in the future I would love to be of any help as I know it can be a tricky language to learn! Dal ati a pob lwc!!!
Thank you so much for this ask, sorry it took so long to reply this is my first ask so I didnt expect it.
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lexiconofhope · 4 months ago
Okay welshblr, if you were to say “Y Wyndodeg” in English, would you say “the Gwyndodeg” or just take “Y Wyndodeg” like “I speak Y Wyndodeg dialect”?
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lexiconofhope · 5 months ago
It’s always excellent to find welsh videos but finding welsh videos with the exact regional dialect you’re looking for is the absolute best.
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bendigeidfran · 5 months ago
This succinct article includes a useful pronunciation guide for Welsh diphthongs.
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unexpectedyarns · 7 months ago
Sometimes I make posts like this so that during times that I’m down and feeling like the Great Pandemic Sloth being spotted in its habitat, o can look at it and say, “hmmm.”
My ex took an impromptu vacation this week. Wolf is out in the truck. I got to bed at like 3AM.
I slept til 10. Went out and planted 12 seedlings of black pole beans, and watered all the garden.
Started a dozen stringless green bush beans to plant in a few days. I can just squeeze in a crop to freeze before our first hard frost.
Went to Lowe’s and got 2 copper Ls to make a frame for strings for the pole beans to climb, out of copper pipe I have on hand.
Which maybe I’ll build said frame this evening. Or tomorrow evening, since I have appointments in the morning.
Also tomorrow I’m going to plant the miniature Tennessee Dancing Gourds, and the Birdhouse gourds I have started.
Stopped at Culver’s and got food for Josiah and me, including a gluten free bun for my sandwich.
Came home and ate.
Talked to Autumne.
All before noon.
Now I’m gonna do Welsh. I’ve learned over 850 words in 67 days.
and knit.
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thesouthernearlgreylady · 7 months ago
In American English, we would never question a team and their location being a singular noun. Sure, the Yankees are the champions, but New York is the champion. Today I learned that in British English, a team is thought of as more plural, and most people in the UK would say New York are the champions. Just some trivia for you and evidence that learning a different language will help you understand your own language better!
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anarchist-luke · 10 months ago
Noswaith dda Tumblr, mae'n amser i'r Gymraeg.
The tag I’ll be using for welsh posts is #luke siarad cymraeg 
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coto524 · 11 months ago
so i've been studying welsh since i saw your w post a week and a half ago, and i'm about 20% through my course and i've been looking up welsh language music on spotify and i've found some cool stuff, but i can't find lyrics for any of the songs online. can you rec some welsh language musicians whose lyrics i can read along with somewhere? thanks!
heya, if you’re a fan of modern stuff i normally recommend sŵnami and yws gwynedd and gwilym and the like, but the lyrics online for scene stuff can be kinda patchy! i’d recommend maybe having a look for more traditional songs – sosban fach, bachgen bach o dincer, yma o hyd, or maybe christmas carols. less useful for learning modern welsh slang, but infinitely easier to find lyrics for
i’d also recommend checking out youtube – this channel seems to have a lot of lyric videos (i’m especially fond of fflur dafydd’s stuff), and even if you can’t find lyrics, you might be able to find live and/or acoustic versions of the songs. sometimes i find that it’s easier to hear/understand lyrics with different background noise.
if there’s any other welsh speakers who fancy chucking in their dwy geiniog, please do reblog and add suggestions!
pob lwc a dal ati!
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dysgucymraegynamerica · a year ago
I am not okay with how little difference there is in Welsh between "bwydo'r gath" ('feed the cat') and "bwyto'r gath" ('eat the cat')
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entomotheist · a year ago
I started learning Welsh on Duolingo around May of this year, and while I’m still nowhere near fluent, I’m obsessed enough with learning it that I started a new side-blog to dump everything I can find about learning Cymraeg (and any other language-learning resources): @dysgucymraegynamerica 
Learn with me! I need other people to bounce bad Welsh off of until it turns into Cymraeg da! 
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boobs69 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Duolingo said gay rights
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thehaikubandit · a year ago
Ydyn nhw’n dweud “rwan” neu “nawr” yn Aberystwyth?
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