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im-a-mcsimp-for-mchotties · 3 minutes ago
Doritos: Woods x Mason
A/N: here, take this beautiful thing that was based on yet another prompt lol
The bright fluorescent lights reflect on the linoleum floors of the grocery store as Mason and Woods walk in. “You push the cart, I pushed it last time,” Mason says as he gestures to the cart. Woods rolls his eyes and grumbles about it under his breath as Mason walks down the aisle.
As they walk, Mason throws random things into the cart, Woods watching incredulously. “Did you not make a list, or are you just throwing random things in?” Woods asks with a tilt of his head. “Yes. The answer is yes.” Woods chuckles. “You didn’t make a list, did you?” Mason just grins sheepishly.
When they turn down the produce aisle, they both see the onions. “I swear to god Frank, you better not do it. I will start crying.” Woods grins and makes a grab for the onions. “Alex. Alex look. I’m an onion. I have layers,” he says, holding back laughter. Mason shakes his head disappointedly. “This is why your mother doesn’t talk to you.” Woods laughs, and responds with a brief “I know.”
“I just remembered we need to stock up on snacks,” Mason says. Woods follows him into the snack aisle, and they each take one end of the aisle. “Hey Frank! You want Doritos?” Mason says from the other end of the aisle. “OH HELL YEAH! I’M A WHORE FOR DORITOS!” he yells back at full volume, then claps his hand over his mouth. Mason’s head snaps over to look at him. “That’s it, you aren’t coming to the store with me ever again,” Mason says while holding back laughter. “Oh c’mon, you know it was a little bit funny!” Woods says. Mason starts laughing. “Yeah, yeah it was a little funny. But you still aren’t coming again.”
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thornandshield · 7 minutes ago
Hey, you guys wanna see something painful?
(What I wouldn’t give for a snap tool with guild decorations sometimes...)
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welldonekhushi · 23 minutes ago
The dark secret of "Der Drei Deutsche":
Germany created "Der Drei Deutsche" for the protection and strengthening of the German Army so that the Axis powers can achieve victory, making Kaiser Wolfgang as one of the main leader.
Along with Heinrich Vogel and Aleksandr Hermann being the subordinates of the group and leaders of the Wehrmacht, they are following Wolfgang's orders respectively but reality is, they both are unhappy at the same time.
Heinrich, who wanted to serve his Fatherland not to kill or massacre people but protect everything. Kaiser's orders were forcing him to do so, which always made him feel guilt-tripped.
Aleksandr, the German enlisted ranked and one of the dangerous sniper around Germany, never wanted to serve Kaiser at the first place. He thought being a hitman for him was just useless. Aleksandr knew that the Nazis were responsible for ruining and massacring his Fatherland and still, they were keep on going committing the same mistake. His father was a Wehrmacht soldier who sacrificed his life for the sake of protecting Germany, and Aleksandr itself, who should have been doing what his father left, he's stuck with killing people for what Kaiser felt to be a threat.
Aleksandr's anger states to hide his pain and grief in front of everyone. He never broke in front of everybody except Heinrich itself. He wants it all to stop. He just wants to serve his country. He doesn't want to kill innocent lives.
But, until Kaiser's alive, they both cannot escape.
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providencedesires · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“The Templars are quite odd individuals I think. But given the creatures of the night and threats the have to deal with I can’t say I could hold it against them, one must be just a little odd to face off against such scary threats after all. But despite all that I do welcome their protection when it is needed.”
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welldonekhushi · 2 hours ago
@samatedeansbroccoli this is for you mostly for appreciating these three dumbasses and our Russian Lieutenant 🥺💗
My CoD:WaW OC as vines, aaaaa! I hope you enjoy, sorry for it being short but I'm out of ideas lately argh—
All vines belong to their respective owners.
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mulattorightsactivist · 2 hours ago
I come to court for jury duty and the judge smashes a gavel over my head, killing me instantly. I am expected to return tomorrow.
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candidaluna · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
i'm so cute that i put the cute in excuted .
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storyrecorder-au · 2 hours ago
How Bumblebee become a lieutenant in Duty and Peace AU
Bumblebee:*almost shoot Sentinel*
Optimus:That's Sentinel not the target
Bumblebee:I see no difference
Optimus:.....Congratulations now you're my liutenant
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second-vtoroy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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guigz1-coldwar · 2 hours ago
'Friendly talks': New chapter for "Redemption in a Spirit in a Cold War" is out !
"Friendly talks"
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary : Yirina is facing her first morning in the CIA safehouse in Moscow with her new revelations in head.....
To read it on AO3, click here !
Words : +3000
My really a real mystery to even me. Each day, I'm discovering more about myself and if at the beginning, the process was like slow with only my brain to work with, Zasha's presence with me allowed me to accelerate the slow process of my recovery of my own memories that are all hidden behind a door.....a door that opens to an random memory but even like that, I can know about who was 'Yirina Grigoriev' before someone in the Perseus Collective tried to end my life by putting 3 bullets in me and then someone inside the CIA avoided me to know more with a bullet in my head.
I couldn't still believe that during all this time, my father was an british man that worked with the SAS & the MI6 during & after WW2. In fact, I'm half-russian by my mother, half-british by my father and frankly, it kinda make me smile to think that I maybe find a part of my origins in this world. Park was like me and honestly, I couldn't smile more about the fact that me & the United Kingdom aren't only linked by the fact that I'm an MI6 agent now.....british & russian....what an life !....
After we got out of our 'sleeping place', the car, we decided to return back into the warehouse to join the others and by surprise when we entered in it, there were nobody that was awake : Greta & Zasha still sleeping silently in their respectives couchs and no one else in the big main room. We were still in the early morning so that can make sense that me & Park were the only one standing up.
"Guess that we don't have to make too much noises." I started in an low voice to Park, watching Zasha sleeping in their couch as Park was looking at both.
"That make senses, let's go find the kitchen if this place has one." She suggested also in an low voice as we didn't want to wake everyone up with our voices before she started to walk with very silent step while I'm following her, getting ourselves inside further in the warehouse until we managed to find the kitchen : it was quite big and it was just a few steps from Zasha's couch just behind an door. "Here you are." Park twinkled when she entered the kitchen with me behind her as I closed the door.
"Now, where's the coffee ?" I asked as I looked around the kitchen before I found it on the counter right next to an fridge. I was ready to go next to it until Park stopped me, putting her hand in front of me.
"Wait, let me do it & go sit at the table." She ordered and she was sounding like an mother that is avoiding her children to do something stupid.
"Sssshhh." She cut me right away, pointing an chair to me while having her left index finger in front of my lips. "I told you that I will make your coffee so be nice and let me do it." She affirmed, making remember that only 2 minutes ago, she said that she will do to me 'an big coffee'
"Yes, ma'am." I breathed as Park smiled lovely before I move myself to get sit on the chair she pointed at me. The kitchen table was big enough that it was almost separating the kitchen in two. I watched Park as she was trying to find cup for us....since we only take our equipment with us...not our cups. She found them in a drawer just on top of the coffee machine.
"Let's do this." Park whispered as she was getting the coffee machine ready and when she activated it, it start to make some loud if it was an jackhammer in function in the room.
"Very silent." I taunted as we were both looking at the coffee machine desesperated by it. It could be seen on our both faces, sniffing.
"CIA equipment...." Park crossed her arms, taking an quick look around the say that we're going to live, work in here for days...and sleeping in the car because I'm not sleeping in the same building as Hudson. Our cups of coffee were finished and Park took the two in her hands. "It's gonna be like that every day." She added as I took the cup she was handing to me.
"The risk of working with the CIA." I said before I took a sip from the was pretty good since Park was the one to do it despite the horrible coffee machine and its noises. "Taste so damn nice."
"I always doing them like you love them : sugar and an bit of milk." She exclaimed as she smile at me and me too before she drink her coffee as she make me remember that I love coffee with sugar & milk. Then, the door of the kitchen opened, revealing Zasha themselves.
"Looks like someone hear an jackhammer in here....or the coffee machine to say." I scoffed, laughing about it before I waved at Zasha with my free hand, the other holding the cup. "Hi Zed." I & Park spoke in unison.
"Hi." Zasha waved back at us with an smile, sounding in an low voice before they streched their arms again. "The not so comfortable to be honest." They affirmed as they sit down just next to me before Park got up from her own chair.
"I'm going to make your coffee if you want, Zasha." She proposed and Zasha nodded with an grin on their face as she was walking back to the coffee machine.
"So, you sleep well in the car ?" Zasha asked to me, looking at Park as she was launching the coffee machine again....or the jackhammer.
"Well, it's much better than sleeping on the ground." I replied referring to Hudson stupid advice, taking the cup in my two hands before I took an sip from it. "You see the bald man with sunglasses ? Better than you keep your distances with him." I added, serious in my voice as Park was finished with Zasha's coffee.
"She's right, Zasha." Park exclaimed, having the same thoughts as me while she was walking back to us, handing an cup to Zasha. "Hudson is an real douchebag and he doesn't really trust non-american people."
"Like an true american patriot." Zasha expressed, sounding right as we nodded to them.
"In fact, Hudson doesn't really like to have me & Yirina around him and as far I can see on his face last night, I can say you've just been added to his list." Park affirmed, looking at Zasha who have just drink their coffee and they were looking so relieved....can say that they're liking the coffee Park just made..."I can see that you're liking it." She added, seeing their good face.
"Oh yeah, it's so nice." They confessed, bringing me to smile about it, knowning their love for coffee.
"Zasha is an big lover of coffee so if one day, we don't find any coffee here, we know who has done it." I joked before they do a little friendly nudge to my shoulder while I have just put my empty cup on the table.
"Hey, I'm not like that." Zasha was sounding an bit offusqued before I looked at them with an raised eyebrow, knowning that they were faking it. "Okay, I may have one day almost emptied the entire reserve of coffee that we had in our old office in the Lubyanka." They added, making me laugh as I wasn't aware of that and Park was smiling at us, maybe wondering if it was true or fake before an minute of silence arrived in the room, everyone in their thoughts. "Oh, talking about the old days, I managed to find out who was your father."
"Yeah, me too." I breathed, looking at them at the same time as them. They were looking surprised of that since we have both dreamed of the same thing. "He was named James Doyle, an SAS soldier and an MI6 spy." I continued and Zasha nodded, meaning that we really had the same dream. "But after I killed those mens, what did we do ?" I asked.
"Uhm..." They started, putting their cup down. "Well, we...hide the bodies, we closed the place down for coming back later to it and then, we took the dead guys truck to burn it in a isolated place." They fully replied, confirming my suspicions on what happened next that day.
"And after that, we came to this Perseus base before returning to Moscow." I added.
"If I didn't left earlier, Portnova would have been here with us....well, were we going to be there in Moscow ?" They questioned me and I raised my shoulders as I couldn't find an simple answer to that.
"I don't know but now that we're here, we can try to fix our mistakes." I finally spoke my thoughts out as I looked at Park. "Do you have any ideas to start with ?" I asked to her.
"Well, not exactly." She said in an low voice as she put her cup down. "As we preferred to have some rest, we can start to work on it when Garrett & Greta are fully awake." She then got up from her chair, taking her & my cup with her. "For now, we can check what Woods's team has been working on."  She proposed and we both nodded with Zasha as Park took their cup too as they were handing it to her and put them next to the sink.
After that, we then left the kitchen to see if someone else than us was awake. In fact, when we arrived back into the main room, we could see Greta that started to get up from her couch and we said hello to her before she got to the kitchen to eat breakfast as for me, Zed & Park, we moved to look at the mysterious dashboard that Woods and his team were using and looking at their works they have done since 2 weeks.
In fact, it was quite filled to be honest. They've been working non-stop as they were pictures of Perseus agents with notes next to them, pictures of some locations that Woods has raided with his teams and at the center of dashboard, an picture of Adler himself noted 'MIA' I can hate an man like this alongside Hudson ?.....But of course, there were nothing that could have helped us with Stone and nothing for us that could help them on Adler.
Since the dashboard had no more space for us, we wanted to find an free wall on the warehouse for our own operations but....we don't have anything on Portnova yet except her presence in Moscow, meaning that we have to find a lot of things before we can act to save Portnova and get her out of the country with everyone alive. Then, we put ourselves on the couch that Zasha used to sleep, now awaiting for the others of our team to arrive to discuss of what we can do today.
"What are you doing here ?" A familiar voice arrived in the main room and it was Mason, looking stunned to see me & Park in here.
"Hey, Mason." I moved from my seat to walk to him, handing my hand for an shaking. "Long time no see." I added as we both shook hands, still looking shocked as Park arrived with Zasha at her side.
"I don't believe that you came here, Woods didn't tell me an word of that." He explained as he moved to shake hands with Park.
"All of our safehouses in Moscow are used so we had no choices to come here." Park told him as the two finished before Zasha moved next to her, offering their hands. "Mason, they're Zasha Smirnov, Yirina's friend." She added as Mason smiled to shake hands with them.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." Zasha breathed, sounding astonished to see the man.
"Oh, you can call me Mason." He grinned before he put his hand on his head, like having an headache. "Fuck, this fucking headache again." He added, narrowing his eyes as he passed through us to get sit on his own desk that was just next to the dashboard.
"Woods said that you were pretty tired last night." I exclaimed, saying what Woods told us.
"Yeah, some bad thoughts that came back say that this night, it didn't help me by an lot." He sniffed, scratching his shoulder with his left hand. "Let's just say that two person didn't go silent all night." He added and me & Park looked at each other, understanding his words....did Garrett & Song really do this loud ?....
"I second that statement !" Another voice came in the room and by turning our heads around, we could see Woods with an cup of coffee in hands. "I wasn't able to close my eyes for one hour straight without getting up by an woman who was groaning loudly in another room." He continued, arriving next to us, looking tired.
"Did they really do this ?" Park put her face inside the palm of her hand, snorting to think about it.
"What ? You didn't hear at all ?" Woods asked confused.
"We slept in the car." I replied, sounding like proud of it. "I wasn't going to sleep on the floor like Hudson the way, where is he ?"
"He's not here for today." Woods responded, putting his coffee down on Mason's desk. "He left in the middle of the night first because of the two lovebirds in their room but most importantly, to meet some peoples around Moscow all day."
"So, he's not going to be around to harrass me ?" Mason & Woods shook their head to me. "Well, that's better."
"By the way, you didn't explain much why your group are here." Woods turned his head towards Park as we didn't speak too much about it.
"We are trying to save an friend of Yirina & Zasha that is working with the KGB and Perseus." Park exclaimed, crossing her arms as she moved next to the dashboard with us. "She's basically our only lead against Stone right now."
"What's her name ?" Mason asked.
"Yirina Portnova." Zasha whispered to him, breathing away to pronounce that was very painful for Zasha to have left Portnova alone 3 years ago and I could see the guilty on their face.
"No, don't know her at all." Mason & Woods said in unison, shaking their heads to hearing that name before we could see Garrett & Song themselves coming inside the room, stretching their arms along the way while Greta was just behind them, looking embarassed.
"Hi everyone, how was sleeping ?" Garrett asked obviously to us, we nodded to him with Park & Zasha.
"Mmhm..." Mason & Woods however weren't so sharing that feeling with us, looking away from the two.
"We didn't wake you up ?" Song asked in an low voice.
"Not at all !" Woods almost said loudly to her in an lazy voice, making me, Park & also Zasha laugh silently as Garrett & Song literally blushed from weren't silent, people.
"Uhm....well...uhm, how's everyone doing then ?" Garrett scratched the back of his head, looking embarassed as hell.
"Quite good to say." I was the one to reply on behalf of everyone if it was mixed for some....Woods & Mason to be honest. "Guess that we can all start to work on our goals." I proposed before Woods removed himself from Mason's desk.
"Before we start, I need to show you something." Woods said as he was getting something out of his playing cards before he got back to us. "Seems that attack on the mall in the US wasn't just for killing civilians." He then showed us an playing card with Adler's picture labelled as the King of Spades "We found this in a Perseus safehouse in Astana."
"Isn't something that the CIA used before to track their targets ?" Garrett asked as we gave the playing card to him, knowning apparently more about the subject, Woods nodded.
"Yeah but it seems that Perseus has decided to do the same." Woods added to that, giving us more infos about it. "With the hatred that Stitch had with Adler, we can understand why Adler was kidnapped that day."
"And that's why you are here ?" Park questioned the two as she gave back the card to Woods.
"Perseus has some agents that are linked to Stitch around Moscow and we have something in South-East Asia but for now, we can only focus here as our lead over there isn't too concrete to investigate." Mason was the one to respond, crossing his arms on his chair.
"How much time you think you will stay here ?" Woods demanded. "For us, it's gonna be like more than one week and an half to be sure."
"Well, I think we can try to have 4-5 days to get Portnova before we return to the West." I suggested, looking at Park & Zasha who kinda agree to my suggestion before they both nodded.
"Wait, we can help you with that." Garrett expressed, looking at Woods. "I know a lot of people around Moscow and I could help you while still working with Park, it can shorten your presence here."
"Why not ?" Woods put his hand on his chin, the same for Park.
"Yeah, since I worked here before I got called by Park, I can use my contacts in the BND for that." Greta proposed as Woods was thinking about it before he agreed by nodding while Park does the same.
"It can work but you're still helping us with Portnova." Park ordered, removing her hand from her chin. "You're now our two intermediaries between each group : you help us while helping them."
"Of course." Garrett told her as he looked around the place. "We need to make some calls for that."
"Don't worry, I will show you both ." Song exclaimed as she was walking away with Garrett & Greta and everyone looked at them with narrowed eyes.
"Watch out : we got good ears now !" Woods warned them in an funny way before the two got out of sight from us and then, he looked at us, especially me & Park, knowning of our relationship since we had to tell them weeks ago....
"It's the same for you two, little lovebirds !"
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candidaluna · 2 hours ago
Since you bonked my head, I'm not giving you the drawing I made for you >:(
Tumblr media
bonks him back even harder , " if you don't give me the drawing , I'll have no other choice but to use bankai. "
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40splishsplash · 3 hours ago
Time to check out how Modern Warfare 3 is doing in 2021! A game that was released 10 years ago, in 2011!
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omfg-cl0wn · 3 hours ago
would you all like more carthus content again???
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providencedesires · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Ah....perhaps I have pushed my body a bit to hard today and have worn myself out. Hmm i suppose I should retire a bit earlier tonight, perhaps after a warm relaxing bath and setting out my clothes for tomorrow. Ether way tonight is going to be just a little slower then usual.”
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