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gundamdeathscythe · 3 minutes ago
It is Duo Friday :]
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the-scientists · 39 minutes ago
[Oliver is looking for cain, he’s got amnesia and remembers almost nothing about where he is, but wants to slice into somethings organs regardless]
[cain chirps upon seeing oliver, but he can't form coherent thoughts- only a sense of warm familiarity and happiness mixed with curiosity. He stays where he is, observing Oliver without noticing anything amiss.]
[Clueless M!A 1/3 (C.D.)]
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mochifaceduo · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Give it up! 💙❤️
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thefangirlinduo · 59 minutes ago
Reblog if you're bengali-american and sympathize
Mom: Anandi tomi ki ay ta aantha paro ay thake?
Me: Um...What?
Mom: Ay ta ano!
Mom: Figure out koronao, na! Aama ka kano jalacho?
Me: Ma, here you go-
Ma: AY ta noi, oof, useless pooro.
Me: ...
English translation
Mom: Anandi, can you get the ay from the ay?
Me: What?!
Mom: Bring the ay!
Mom: Figure it out, no? Why are you bothering me:
Me: Mom here you go-
Mom: Not this, oof, completely useless.
Me: ...
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mello-theory · an hour ago
but this now is making me think. what if foolish like. (this is me reaching and moving into largely hc stuff but it’s fine shhh) has the power of totem of undyings so we regens after being killed and is brought back to life but what if it is only canon canon when he is giving away his life for someone else’s.
So let’s say at the banquet what happened was that they went to hit Eret and Foolish grabbed onto Eret’s hand or smth transferring his powers to them and then killing himself instead so that Eret could have his life instead of Foolish regaining his own. And so what happened at the prison was just him going in, being killed but his powers enacting and saving himself
Hmmm that’s a thought. Foolish implied that his power was suppressed by the egg on his sacrifice and that he wasn’t supposed to die at all, but we could put that down to him not having a full grasp of his abilities. The question is, has Foolish stepped in to die for anyone before?
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mysso · an hour ago
bi rock peepoHappy
ranboo: -this. it's all filled with that stone
tubbo: maybe. [pause] it's the bi rock [laughs]
ranboo: oh, yeah, it is! yeah [laughs]
end transcript]
clip via @/song-of-echo, from tubboLIVE's "25" stream
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You love it, you live for it, you were born to do it, I'm the same way. Everybody tells me to get a life, although I don't know why... I find life to be terribly overrated. It's actually quite boring when it's not disappointing. Say what you will about what we do, but boring it is not.
Slytherin, to Ravenclaw
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soleilorsomething · an hour ago
This is how dangerous parasocial relationships can form. The Pickle doesn't love you. It can't love you. The Pickle doesn't KNOW you. It can appreciate you but it can't fucking love you—
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midnight-mik0 · an hour ago
This came to me when I was falling sleep
Eret: Yoooo this party is littt
Foolish, trying to keep Eret away from the Wither Cult trying to sacrifice them: Eret we are about to die-
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himbothy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ximaginarydinosaurx · an hour ago
Tumblr media
found this on pinterest with no @ but it’s my new favorite thing
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karlnapity-brainrot · an hour ago
anyway. hoh tommy & nonverbal ranboo <3
ranboo feels bad sometimes because he's a very soft spoken person, whereas tommy is pretty loud, and tommy can't hear him a lot of the time because of how quiet he is. so ranboo works on speaking louder and clearly when he's with tommy so tommy can hear him.
and also tommy feels bad for being so loud sometimes because one of the reasons ranboo goes nonverbal is overstimulation and tommy knows he can be a lot so he's working on helping ranboo the same way ranboo helps him.
but they use sign language a lot when speaking with each other because it's easiest and it makes both of them very happy because they don't have a lot of people who accommodate to their needs.
yeah. hoh tommy & nonverbal ranboo <3
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bbandito93 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
im just gonna draw my little silly beeduo designs and pretend i dont see recent dsmp lore
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supermeh-krishnah · 2 hours ago
Hey Kanha! 😊
Sakhi!!! how are you!! It's been so long! I've missed you so much
First impression: youre so full of knowledge and that's so cool
How old do you look: younger than you actually are /pos
Have you ever made me laugh: yes when you got real pissed at Yudhi and that was so badass hhahaha
Have you ever made me mad: aww never! But I bet I have annoyed you so many times :3
Best feature: the way you take care of everyone and how you kick asses but with grace, you're amazing
Have I ever had a crush on you: nah
You’re my: idol. The best elder sister I could ever have. And I love you so much, Sakhi
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