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ares85728 days ago
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internet find
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juliawcloseta month ago
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Campaign | Julia Wieniawa x Nakd (Volume 2) Off Shoulder Puffy Sleeve Cropped Top by Julia x Nakd Raw Hem Mini Dungaree by Julia x Nakd Left Hand Hinge Fridge Freezer by Smeg Product code: Top - 1603-000041-8471 Dunagree - 1603-000042-0047
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fairycosmosa month ago
8 and 28? 馃ズ馃拹
8. wheat fields or cattails
wheat fields!! reminds me of the song fields of gold. but also reminds me of when the ex prime minister was asked what the craziest she she鈥檚 ever done was and she said running through fields of wheat. crazy bitch
28. straw hats or dungarees
dunagrees omg :) love when theyre embroidered so pretty
thank you v much angel!! all my love x
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notquiteaghost2 months ago
i would love to hear any sam genders thoughts and/or jack genders thoughts if you have them and are willing to share <3
primary jack gender thought is he鈥檚 a guy ('''guy''' he鈥檚 three) directly because cas is a guy. the 'stolen from my dad' gender. like cas he鈥檚 like... dammit i can鈥檛 think of a better way to phrase it than 'none gender with left boy'. he has no gender but he IS a boy. he wears skirts & dresses as well as jeans and dungareess (sidebar: absolute crime jack never wore dunagrees in the show) and paints his nails bright colours and he has SO much jewelry, he loves bracelets & necklaces and he will not learn the '''rules''' of them he will wear a string of big chunky chewable beads and a long delicate chain of metal daises and a cord with a bottle cap pendant all at once. also, all pronouns actually. all of them in the same sentence if possible. will always correct strangers who gender them incorrectly but like politely but will also chide people for presuming
and i have definitely talked abt sam genders before but. trans nby lesbian Thank You. she/they but in the 'she for the cis' sense. went to college a '''boy''' came back a girl. gender euphoria of dressing exactly as she did before but all their clothes are from the women's section now. and nicer colours also. when they're in fbi getup but not fbi context strangers always assume they're an investment banker or smth cuz she gives off such a powerful vibe
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assssziraphale2 months ago
Love how this anon is assuming your sexuality and accusing you of objectifying when you have never once made a post that objectified gay men AND you and your mutuals are literally making the same jokes as the majority of the hannibal fandom. Like . . . go outside, anon. Touch some grass.
It's very odd. There's nothing wrong with a bunch of queer people jokingly objectifying a fictional character?? But even weirder cos I don't particular do that it's just like aw Hugh Dancy looks quite aesthetic in these dunagrees but I also reblog art with men in and like the eyeshadow on star trek so guess I'm straight now
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fictropes5 months ago
dan and phil have moved to the countryside where phone signal doesn鈥檛 exist. only horses and being in love and planting crops and wearing dunagrees聽
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ckhitt7 months ago
I just added this listing on Poshmark: Lee Dunagrees Jeans Shorts.
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awkwardplant7 months ago
馃尭 if you were a cartoon character with one main outfit, what would it be?聽
I already kinda am a cartoon chara with one outfit lol, I always wear my black hoodie with my name on the back, jeans with the cuffs folded (bc I鈥檓 short) and white trainers (aka sneakers)
Ideally I鈥檇 wear dunagrees with sunflowers embroidered on them, with a tie dye t-shirt, and boots that are good for trekking.聽
I鈥檝e also seen outfits I鈥檇 wear on needle felted mice/frogs; they look SO cozy and a little bit nerdy, which is perfect
Tumblr media
(suppose it鈥檚 more of an ass out look)
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earlymodernstudent10 months ago
@fluencylevelfrench replied to your post 鈥減ins i want to add to my collection: unseen university doctoral badge...鈥
where do you put the pins? I also have a few. I used to put some of them on my backpack, but it's too teenager-like lmao :D and I lost some
mainly on denim jackets (but also waxed jackets and faux leather too) but i have them on backpacks, pinafore dresses, and denim overalls/dunagrees too. i don鈥檛 mind looking like an overgrown child but the material does need to be fairly sturdy to keep them in place!聽
i had some on a canvas bag and they all fell off so i stick to denim mostly now.聽
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Prompt 15 Snafu to Eugene? Smut or not...
Thanks Anon. I think this might be the first time I鈥檝e managed to write non-smut Sledgefu. Not entirely happy with it, maybe cos there鈥檚 no smut? But I hope you like it, I enjoyed writing it.
15. 鈥淪top being grumpy. It鈥檚 lame鈥
Snafu watched as Sledge swung his legs back and forth, back and forth; the bare skin of his heels banging out a rhythm against the battered oil drum he was using as a seat. He鈥檇 been there for hours; not bothering to move, even for chow. His shoulders were pink, the unforgiving Pavuvu sun beating down on them even at this late hour of the day.
Sledge鈥檚 mood bothered Snafu. Sledge got angry, frightened, agitated but Snafu had never seen him grumpy. Not once.
Lighting another cigarette Snafu considered heading over to join Sledge on his perch looking down towards the sea. Hesitation sat wearily in his stomach after watching both Burgie and Jay attempt to talk to his boy and being completely ignored.
He assumed Sledge鈥檚 mood was over the news they were soon heading for China. They were meant to be going home. Being sent to China wasn鈥檛 something that any of them had considered. Sledge should be going home, he had lots to go home for. Snafu didn鈥檛 however, so another few months being fed by the Marines didn鈥檛 bother him at all.
鈥淪ledgehamma鈥欌 Snafu tentatively placed a hand on Sledge鈥檚 pink shoulder, 鈥淵ou burnin鈥 up there boy.鈥
Sledge shrugged Snafu鈥檚 hand away, 鈥淟eave me be Snafu.鈥
鈥淵ou been sittin鈥 here hours.....missed chow an鈥 all.鈥
鈥淭hanks for lettin鈥 me know鈥 Sledge鈥檚 eyes never left the beach.
鈥淪top bein鈥 grumpy.......it鈥檚 lame.鈥 Snafu smiled around his cigarette. If there was one thing he was good at, it was riling people up. Even someone like Sledge who meant more to him than anyone else ever had. He wanted a rise out of him and he was gonna get it. The softly, softly approach hadn鈥檛 worked for Burgie or Jay and Snafu showing he cared had had little effect.
Sledge immediately swung his gaze to meet Snafu鈥檚 beside him. 鈥淚鈥檓 not grumpy. I鈥檓............pissed off.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 the difference?鈥 Snafu raised his brows. Sledge鈥檚 face was as pink as his shoulders, a wave of affection threatened to overturn his plan to get Sledge so angry that he鈥檇 finally snap out of whatever this was. Snafu laughed it away on seeing Sledge鈥檚 furrowed brows.
鈥淔uck off Snaf......鈥 Sledge jumped down from the barrel and headed to the beach.
Snafu was pleased with himself. He鈥檇 got Sledge to move at least. Hopefully he鈥檇 find some shade down on the beach or he was gonna be in pain.
鈥淚 hope you goin鈥 after him?鈥 Burgie appeared at his side 鈥淭hink he needs you right now.鈥
鈥淣ahhhh.....he鈥檚 fucked off about somthin鈥....nothin鈥 I can do.鈥
Burgie sighed as he crossed his arms over his bare, sweat soaked chest, 鈥淪naf.....go talk to your ever thought this might have somethin鈥 to do with you?鈥
鈥淗uh?.......I ain鈥檛 done nothin鈥欌欌 Snafu rolled his eyes at his friend.
鈥淢aybe that鈥檚 the problem Snafu.鈥 Burgie slapped him on the back before heading back to the humid, shade of their tent.
What the fuck did that mean? After they鈥檇 been told that they were heading to China to 鈥渃lean up,鈥 he hadn鈥檛 even seen Sledge until he鈥檇 found him perched on that oil drum. How his grumpiness could be due to him was a mystery.
Sledge鈥檚 auburn hair was shining in the late afternoon sun; the sea breeze ruffling it gently as Snafu plopped down into the sand next to him. He watched as Sledge purposefully ignored him; eyes tracking the movement of some birds at the shore. Flushed pink, with a grumpy face and Snafu still thought he was the most gorgeous thing he鈥檇 ever seen. His big feet were buried, the tips of his long toes peeking out and curling against the white sand.
鈥淕ene鈥 he linked his fingers with Sledge鈥檚, sand sticking to his sweaty palm. He squeezed gently and smiled softly at the sand beneath him as Sledge squeezed back.
鈥淵ou pissed about China?鈥 Snafu pulled out his battered lighter, realising he鈥檇 have to let go of Sledge鈥檚 hand to actually light a smoke; so he placed in back in his dunagree pocket.
鈥淜inda鈥 Sledge still hadn鈥檛 looked round. The birds were squawking now, flapping about and trying to peck each other.
鈥淢ight be know we might have our own bunk ll be private.鈥 Snafu desperately needed a smoke - his hand fidgeted with his hair instead; fingers tangling in the knotted curls.
Sledge whipped his head round so fast, Snafu was worried he鈥檇 get whiplash. His bottom lip trembled as he stared at Snafu.
鈥淲hat........鈥 Sledge鈥檚 adam鈥檚 apple bobbed as he swallowed 鈥淪naf.....what....what did you just say?鈥
Snafu鈥檚 hand dropped from his hair to his collarbone, dragging his nails over the prominent bone.
鈥淐 might be easier...private.鈥 He shrugged.
Sledge nodded as his face crumpled; tears falling down his cheeks and into the sand.
鈥淵ou mean that?鈥 He stuttered out, 鈥渢hat this.......鈥 he waved his hand between the two of them 鈥渋sn鈥檛 gonna stop?鈥 He gaze fell on Snafu鈥檚 face and his heart broke.
鈥淵ou thought this was a thing to pass the time? Feeling you up in a foxhole? You think I was usin鈥 you?鈥 Snafu felt like shit. Sure he wasn鈥檛 great with his words but he was sure Sledge knew how he felt about him.
Now he thought more about it, he didn鈥檛 remember actually telling Sledge he loved him.
He disentangled his fingers from Sledge鈥檚 and pulled him in to his chest.
A fellow Marine walked down the path, looking over at the sound of Sledge sniffling. Snafu used his 鈥榞et the fuck out of here鈥 face and sent him running back the way he came.
Sledge lay against his chest, Snafu enjoying the weight of him against his body.
鈥淚 was worried everythin鈥 would change鈥 Sledge spoke suddenly, startling Snafu. They鈥檇 been quiet for a long time; Snafu too scared to say anything else.
鈥淪naf....I never thought you were usin鈥 me.....just never thought.....this thing...... with us could mean so much.....I don鈥檛 want things to change.鈥 Sledge kissed Snafu softly, drawing back and looking into Snafu鈥檚 big eyes.
鈥淕ene.....everythin鈥檚 changing. Everythin鈥....the whole world.鈥 Snafu stared back at Gene鈥檚 face, running his thumb under his eye to wipe the tears away.
Gene shook his head.
鈥淲hat..........you鈥檇 rather stay at war?鈥 Snafu鈥檚 brow was furrowed, not understanding Gene鈥檚 point at all.
Gene smiled softly, playing with the curls at the back of Snafu鈥檚 head.
鈥淣o....Snaf no............鈥 His lips met Snafu鈥檚, tugging his top lip with his teeth and making him stifle a moan. Gene breathed words against his mouth that would remain with Snafu forever.
鈥淚 wanna just stay with you.鈥
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2-point-5-da year ago
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Model wearing our racer girl dunagrees and Furby earrings ( 8 colours available !) 拢10
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