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#dubh is 7
chainedbones · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Baby San and her cake munching friends 💜
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chainedbones · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Birthday girl does not want to share her cake
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chainedbones · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Birthday girl and her cake 💚
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chainedbones · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy 7th Birthday to my oldest and dearest daughter 💕
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chazzawrites · 3 days ago
Saw @seas-dubh do the 30 questions tag and I haven’t done one for a little while so thought I’d make use of the open tag!
1. (Nick)name: Charlotte, but I go by Chazza
2. Gender: cis female
3. Star sign: Aquarius
4. Height: about 163cm
5. Time: just after half 5 as I’m typing
6. Birthday: 14th February
7. Favourite band: I have so many... atm it’s Måneskin, but overall Guns N’ Roses
8. Favourite solo artist: Taylor Swift and/or Harry Styles
9. Song stuck in my head: none right now but earlier it was Zitti e Buoni by Måneskin
10. Last film: Despicable Me (I unashamedly love it haha)
11. Last TV programme: Doctor Who (s7)
12. Blog created: Christmas Eve 2020
13. What I post: stuff about my writing, reblogs of others’ writing, general writing posts
14. Last thing I googled: Måneskin’s youtube (I’ve been getting into them today)
15. Other blogs: my main and studyblr @chazza-studies-alevels and my (classic rock) music blog @dust-n-roses
16. Do I get asks? Sometimes; usually after reblogging ask games :)
17. URL meaning: pretty self explanatory!
18. Following: 701
19. Followers: 258 (ty!)
20. Average sleep hours: 8-ish
21. Lucky number: don’t really have one
22. Instruments: none but I’d like to learn the guitar at some point!
23. Current clothes: denim shorts & a light blue long sleeved check shirt
24. Dream job: astrophysicist! which I’m on the right trajectory for :) I’d also love to do something volunteering-wise with animals <3
25. Favourite food: veggie sausages, probably other things that I can’t think of right now haha
26. Nationality: English, with some Scottish and a little German in the family
27. Favourite song: again, it’s so hard to choose! At the moment probably Wide Eyes by Badflower; one of my all-time faves is Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver
28. Last book: The Secret History by Donna Tartt (that’s the last one I finished)
29. Top three fictional universes: gotta love those of Shadowhunters and Harry Potter (especially Marauders-era fanfic), and that of the Gone series is interesting (wouldn’t want to be there though lol)
I’ll leave this as another open tag to anyone who wants to do it! :)
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lend-your-lungs-to-me · 4 days ago
would you rather: writing edition
Thank you to @seas-dubh for the tag! I love would you rather tag games so this is going to be a lot of fun!
1. historical or futuristic
I almost always end up leaning towards the past, even when I’m writing off-earth fantasy... I never end up doing futuristic tech levels. A future project is definitely going to change that, but it’s an outlier.
2. the opening or closing chapter
Endings are one of the first things I come up with when I’m outlining, and I’m always absolutely ecstatic to get to my endings. I even know how the sequel to my current project is going to end.
3. light+fluffy or dark+gritty
I lean towards darker plots. I just do. I don’t consider myself a grimdark author by any sense of the word, and all my work has lighter moments mixed in, but the overall tone of my projects usually leans towards darker territory, or at most the middle of the road.
4. animal companion or found family
I don’t usually go super hard for found families (I have a couple hypothetical projects that have them that I have not written yet), but I go hard away from animal companions. Not even on purpose. Somehow, despite growing up with animals my whole life, I have never actually written a character with a pet that’s, like, actually around. I think maybe a family in an old WIP maybe had a couple of dogs who barked in like one scene? Somehow I just forget that animals exist.
5. horror or romance
I legit can’t choose with this one.
6. hard or soft magic system
Unfortunately, I enjoy rules too much. I am not a Brandon Sanderson level hard magic builder, but I find systems with clear consequences easier to write about... however, I enjoy a combination as well! UHT has some elements of this, with Godsblood being a hard magic system and another magical element being much softer due to the fact that nobody knows what the heck they’re doing with it at any given time.
7. standalone or series
I am terrible at NOT writing series. UHT is the first book in a duology, and that is the smallest thing I have ever plotted out for myself.
8. one project at a time or always juggling
Laser focus or bust, baby
9. one award winner or one bestseller
I like money. The only book award I really know about is the Hugo, but I would rather have money.
10. fantasy or sci-fi
I really like sci-fi, but my tastes in that genre are more specific compared to fantasy, where I will just eat almost everything I can get my hands on. I love big sprawling epics, I love fantasy romance, I love horror/dark fantasy, I love more contemporary deconstructions of the genre...
11. character or setting description
A problem I have had in early drafts for YEARS is forgetting to tell the reader what my characters look like until it’s awkwardly late. I don’t forget setting descriptions when they’re relevant, but I still haven’t given Hadriel a single character trait beyond ‘blue eyes’ in UHT draft 3 and I am more than 20k in, so...
12. first or final draft
I’m a weirdo. Revising makes me happy. I love editing and rewriting, and find finishing first drafts to be the hardest part of the process.
13. literary or ‘commercial’ genre
I really like reading literary fiction, because I love literary prose... but I am not a literary writer.
14. love triangle in everything or no romantic arcs
When I say I prefer love triangles, I don’t mean, like, literally... I just love really complicated character dynamics, and relationships are 100% part of that! Stringshatter features a love triangle that eventually becomes a polyamorous relationship, UHT features... well, a lot of people have a lot of feelings and Sionri is manipulating ALL OF IT. And also deeply involved in it. However, UHT has a lot of political elements and sometimes you have to seduce someone for political benefit. It happens.
15. constant sandstorm or rainstorm
Rain for the aesthetic, 100%.
Tagging anyone who sees this and wants to do it. Yes, that can mean you!
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sleepy-night-child · 7 days ago
Would you rather: writing edition
Thanks for tagging me @solipsism-lemonade!!
Would you rather write:
1. historical or futuristic
My current wip is sort of historical, and I'm having such a hard time with the absence of technology, so I'd definitely write sth futuristic. Also research, yikes! With futuristic you can do basically anything without anyone whining about it not being accurate lol.
2. the opening or closing chapter
I think I know how to end my story, but the beginning is nowhere in sight.
3. light+fluffy or dark+gritty
As much as I adore characters being soft and happy, some good trauma and/or grey morality just hits different.
4. animal companion or found family
There is a reason my MC has at least three pets!
5. horror or romance
This is a hard one, but I'll have to go with horror because I just love some darkness and gruesomeness in a story.
6. hard or soft magic system
I just like when different people have different powers :D
7. standalone or series
I don't really know actually but let's say series, because this way you can always add more, even if you start with a standalone.
8. one project at a time or always juggling 2+
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't know how people manage multiple wips!! I don't have the time and probably also not the brain capacity lol.
9. one award winner or one bestseller
Since most of the books I own are also bestsellers, I'd have to go with that one. I honestly don't have any knowledge about book awards.
10. fantasy or sci-fi
I'm a slut for both
11. character or setting description
Neither actually haha. But I feel like I'm better at describing surroundings than characters.
12. first or final draft
I've never written a final draft so I can't choose. It's fun to come up with things for the first draft, but it can also be pretty hard. And I kinda enjoy editing, so making your wip that final draft seems very satisfying.
13. literary or 'commercial' genre
literary is too much think work lol
14. love triangle in everything or no romantic arcs
Just one love triangle is fine, but not in everything I guess. And I also don't think romance is everything.
15. constant sandstorm or rainstorm
I despise sand so much lol. Though a constant rainstorm is also a bit much.
Tagging (no pressure obvi): @drippingmoon, @writting-in-blood, @seas-dubh, @formulatingfiction, @stuffaboutwriting, @starry-sky-stuff and anyone else who'd like to join. Feel free to say I tagged you! I mean it! I like reading everyone's opinions on these things :D
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sleepy-night-child · 8 days ago
Three facts tag game
Thanks so much for tagging me @drippingmoon <3 I had to think real hard about this one, because I apparently don't know myself, and then I thought too much and I had too many facts lol.
Rules: post 3 random facts about yourself (or your book/OC) and send it to the 7 last blogs in your notifications.
I want like four dogs (yes, at once) in the future. I even already have an entire list in my phone's notes with dog breeds and names haha. But I'm afraid that my future job (whatever that might be) will be too busy and I won't be able to have any dogs :'(
It is my dream to ride on a Shire (horse) at some point in my life. They're just so big!! The bigger the horse, the better! (Funny I say that, 'cause my favourite horse at the riding school (is that what you call it?) is actually pretty small.)
I am of the opinion that the Netherlands has some of the best foods and no one can tell me otherwise! It is honestly impossible to find a decent bread in a foreign country. I don't want France's hard baguette crust. And USA, wtf? We also have chocolate sprinkles that we eat on a slice of bread for breakfast or lunch, and it is the best thing in the world and the exact reason why I will never move to another country. Also stroopwafels!
Tags (no pressure, I just did as the rules said, and I'll tag everyone's writeblr account 'cause that is where I know you from): @writing-is-a-martial-art, @seas-dubh, @formulatingfiction, @mel-writes-with-her-dragons, @starry-sky-stuff, @lend-your-lungs-to-me and @wiz-is-sorta-a-writer.
BUT if you see this and want to join as well, feel totally free! Say I tagged you if you want.
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black-cat-aoife · 11 days ago
@tatzelwyrm tagged me
1. why did you choose your url?
My favourtite band is called An Cat Dubh which is Irish for The Black Cat. Aoife is just a name I picked once because...reasons
2. any side blogs? if you have them, name and them and why you have them.
Side blogs as in 'A second blog where I only post/reblog stuff from fandom X': No. I did start two fandom-meets-tfln blogs a long time ago. The Musketeer one is now dead and...the Tatort one has recently been resuscitated know and because it's 2021 and weirder things have happened.
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
I don't want to know
4. do you have a queue tag?
I barely remember to tag other stuff regularily
5. why did you start your blog in the first place?
Because everyone moved here from LJ
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Because it's...a black cat.
7. why did you choose your header?
I mean it's not technically a header but a sidebar's random holiday photos I found vaguely artsy when I made my layout...a long time ago
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
This one.
9. how many mutuals do you have?
No idea
10. how many followers do you have?
535 and I have no idea how that happened
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
Admittedly Tumblr is my go-to "I'm bored while on the computer" site so it depends on how bored I am
14. did you have a fight/argument with a blog once? who won?
In my very early Tumblr-days I did disagree with a couple of things and said that but I can't remember the discussion/argument continuing after me going "I see this differently"
15. how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog this’ posts?
Go away
16. do you like tag games?
Yes, even if I forget about half of them
17. do you like ask games?
Generally yes, but some have questions that I find either too personal or too weird
18. which of your tumblr mutuals do you think is famous?
this is tumblr, lbr, none of you are famous <- this
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
20. tags?
@crankyfacedknitter @katistrophe @sidewaystime <3
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chazzawrites · 15 days ago
Tag game - catch up with me
Tagged by @vellichor-virgo, @ecwrenn and @whisperingsunrise - thank you and sorry it’s late, I’ve been ill for the last few days :(
Favourite colour: pastel purple, and also pastel pink/blue
Currently reading: just started The Secret History by Donna Tartt (the studyblr classic™️)
Last song: I actually haven’t listened to much in the past few days since I’ve been ill, which is unusual for me, but according to my recents playlist it’s Stranger Things Have Happened by Foo Fighters
Last film: can’t remember lol, I don’t watch them much
Last series: Doctor Who - I’ve stared watching again after a bit of a break and am on series 7 
Sweet, spicy or savory: sweet!
Craving: sleep? idk lol
Tea or coffee: tea all the way, I don’t understand how people love coffee lol
Currently working on: recovering from whatever stomach bug (?) steamrollered me and revision for my end of year exams
My 9 tags are @writing-is-a-martial-art, @fuyugomori, @thegoldenseries, @writer-who-sometimes-writes, @seas-dubh, @iparisaltanwing, @pens-swords-stuff, @ofbloodandflowers and @blindthewind if you want to :)
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sleepy-night-child · 17 days ago
5 and 7 for nova for the character asks! (@seas-dubh)
Thanks for the ask!
5: Speech! Will they give one, and what about?
(This is actually a fun one, 'cause I've been having an idea for this in my story for a while now. Though it's also a bit of a spoiler, so I'll try to give as little context as possible haha.)
At a certain point, Nova is looking for Nerezza and he finds other angels in his way. They basically say something along the lines of Nerezza being one of the coldest/most unloving people out there, and then Nova kind of puts them in their place by defending her and saying how wrong the angels are about her.
7: Describe them in three words. Now let them describe themself in three words.
I would describe him as a ray-of-sunshine (that's one word right haha), patient and curious. He would describe himself as caring, persevere and helpful.
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WIP update/re-intro
Tumblr media
[Image description: a book cover mockup with a photo of space, with bright stars and a purple nebula in the background. In the center of the cover, "The Foolish, Foolish Stars" is written in big, white letters, and "Len Bell" is written in smaller letters at the bottom. /end ID]
What is TFFS?
TFFS is an experimental project of mine, where I write a short chapter of about 400/1000 words (something of a vignette, if I'm using the term correctly) every day and post it. I check the grammar, proofread it a couple of times, and sometimes bother one of my friends to beta read, so there is some level of quality (hopefully).
There is currently a total of 5 posted chapters and 3.4k words, the final length estimated at about 11k. I may take breaks if I need them, but for now, I haven't missed a day.
What is it about?
The story is a sci-fi and a fantasy, but not a sci-fi fantasy mix - rather, there's a sci-fi narrative and a fantasy narrative. The sci-fi narrative is that of a court Jester being abducted by aliens to rule an intergalactic empire (but there's a twist here), and the fantasy one is about a court magician trying to rescue them.
What are the story's themes/genres?
Even though it comes in sci-fi/fantasy stripes, there is a connecting genre! Comedy is anywhere and everywhere in this story.
| absurd horror/absurd comedy | friends to still friends | court intrigue | sci-fi empires | high-fantasy worlds | cosmic horror (but in a comedy way) |
| Enby protagonist | all-LGBTQ+ cast | POC main characters |
Links to posted parts:
Chapter 1 (1166 words)
Chapter 2 (442 words)
Chapter 3 (500 words)
Chapter 4 (692 words)
Chapter 5 (609 words)
Chapter 6 (720 words)
Chapter 7 (718 words)
Taglist (contact me to be added/removed!): @viskafrer @47crayons @apocalypsewriters @drippingmoon @chazzawrites @wizardoface @drbibliophile @dragon-with-a-pen @writeblrfantasy @mel-writes-with-her-dragons @seas-dubh @indecentpause
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extransient · 2 months ago
first lines
rules: list the first line of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). see if there are any  patterns, choose your favorite opening line, and then tag 10 of your favorite authors!
Gott tagged by @tilltheendwilliwrite
alright you are getting these fast and dirty and in no particular order and these are excluding several fandoms and if the title (if it even has one) doesn’t link somewhere it’s currently unposted
1 - If you had told Darcy when she signed on to be Jane Foster’s Official Gremlin for a semester for the college credits that she’s meet and tase a god, she’d have snorted and asked you where you got the good greens you were toking on.
2 - “his car shot flames” Pepper might have been running a fever when she woke up that morning in her hotel room.
3 - Visiting Hours (from the Biokinetic uiniverse that’s currently being rewritten) Steve isn’t terribly surprised at the idea of Howard being a terrible father.
4 - It’s Not Home Without You There (also biokineticverse) Jane, when Heimdall fetches them, punches the Watcher square in the face.
5 - Of Marksmanship (What Even Is Thor?) (also from biokineticverse) Thor is often boiled down to a simple man: food and fighting.
6 - Varying Degrees Of Sexual Acceptance  “Oh, sorry to just barge in like this to a public area and all. Feel free to keep going though.”
7 - Misstep (old username but still mine) Pepper is mortified when one misstep, despite her careful, certain stride, sends her Bambi-ing across the sidewalk outside a business that she’d just settled a software deal with.
8 - Sunday Mornings Are For Belief (also  from my old username) Darcy is a fan of music.
9 -  Maggie groaned as she shuffled into the sunlight living room of her little house and took in the chaos of everywhere but the loveseat where Steve was sat in a pair of well fitting jeans and a sweater that she had finished knitting and gifted to him half a year before when the trees were the color of fire and the air in her neighborhood smelled like bread and cinnamon and woodsmoke.
10 -  “Oh, that’s dangerous.”
11 -  Bucky had no desire to go to war again.
12 - “this isn't gonna be done until the fourth anniversary is it jfc” the tentative working title of a fic for my wife @mama-dubh Siobhan dragged her hands down her face as her feet carried her through the open floorplan to the kitchen in search of the high-grade caffiene she could hear percolating in the coffee machine.
13 - “science bros crack treated seriously” Steve really didn’t trust a damn thing that Tony and Bruce were up to.
14 - The Taste Of Death’s Kiss; Prologue “Oh, fuck you…” Bucky grumbles as he runs down the alley to crash elbow first through a security door of some swanky office building downtown.
15 -  It feels like being smashed against the glassy black coasts of shattered obsidian.
16 -  "What's that..." Jaskier pauses inside Geralt's tiny, shithole apartment's front door and stares at the enormous electric blue monstrosity that is suction-cupped to the floor in front of the most unnecessary door he's ever seen, holding it open. “uhm... there?”
17 - untiled bucky criminal mins xover au Bucky leaned back in the big leather office chair as he sank into it, a small thermos in his hands.
18 - “stardew valley thingomadingo ‘fantasy au’” The first time Paul sees the thing, he’s fishing in the dead of winter and the Glacierfish gets off his line because he’s distracted.
19 - There Is Pleasure In A Certain Amount Of Exposure (also the old username...) The game is simple. There are a few rules, and they are all easy enough to follow.
20 - With My Every Breath, I Give You This Promise (also that old username) The first thought in Bucky’s head on his and Darcy’s wedding day goes something like, Buchanan, even with an increased metabolism, you are not immune to the morning breath that comes with drinking that hard.
patterns? marvel. smut or crack are my specialties apparently. i really like bucky barnes. i write a lot of female ofcs bc i know m/f or canon characters in slash pairings are what get hits... and if i’m writing a trans character it’s geralt.
Gonna tag... @anotherdayforchaosfay @poisonousbuttercup and any fic writers in my followership if you see this you gotta <3 (that way i can get tagged and go read ur stuff o 3o)
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siumerghe · 2 months ago
Daoist Cosmology in Men with Sword
The local empire is called Juntian 钧天 which means zenith, center of the sky.
Its vassal lands are named after the 7 stars of Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper (Beidou 北斗, the Northern Dipper in Chinese):
The four major kingdoms: Tianshu 天枢国 in the east - the star Dubhe (α Ursae Majoris) Tianxuan 天璇国 in the south - the star Merak (β Ursae Majoris) Tianji 天玑国 in the west - the star Phekda (γ Ursae Majoris) Tianquan 天权国 in the north - the star Megrez (δ Ursae Majoris)
And the three smaller principalities: Yuheng 玉衡 - the star Alioth (ε Ursae Majoris) Kayan 开阳 - the star Mizar (ζ Ursae Majoris) Yaoguang 瑶光 - the star Alkaid (η Ursae Majoris)
In traditional Chinese astronomy, which continues to be used throughout East Asia (e.g., in astrology), these stars are said to compose the Right Wall of the Purple Forbidden Enclosure which surrounds the Northern Celestial Pole.
In the south, behind the high mountains, there is another country - Nansu 遖宿. The first character, 遖, isn’t used in modern Chinese, but it’s pronounced the same as 南 - south. This is most likely a reference to Ursa Minor - Nandou 南斗, i.e. the Southern Dipper.
The symbols and colors of the four major kingdoms in Men with Sword correspond to the Four Auspicious Beasts - four mythological creatures appearing among the Chinese constellations along the ecliptic: Green Dragon 青龙, Vermillion Bird 朱雀, White Tiger 白虎 and Black Snake-Turtle 玄武 . These creatures are viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions: east, south, west and north respectively. 
The rulers of the four major kingdoms are named after the anthropomorphic personifications of the Four Auspicious Beasts:
Tianshu in the east - Green Dragon, Meng Zhang 孟章. Tianxuan in the south - Vermillion Bird, Ling Guang 陵光. Tianji in the west - White Tiger, Jian Bing 監兵 (in Men with Sword - 蹇宾 Jian Bin). Tianquan in the north - Black Snake-Turtle, Zhi Ming 执名 (in Men with Sword - 執明 with the same pronunciation).
There is also Yellow Qilin which symbolizes the center. In Men with Sword, Yellow Qilin serves as the coat of arms of the Juntian empire. (As far as I know, Yellow Qilin doesn't have an anthropomorphic personification with its own name.)
Other important characters in the series are named after the eight trigrams of Bagua (from Yijing, or the Book of Changes) - eight symbols used in Daoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality:
☲ 离 Li (east, fire) - Murong Li 慕容离 ☰ 乾 Qian (south, sky) - Gongsun Qian 公孙钤 ☵ 坎 Kan (west, water) - Qi Zhikan 齐之侃 ☳ 震 Zhen (northeast, thunder) - Qiu Zhen 裘振 ☷ 坤 Kun (north, earth) - Zhong Kunyi 仲堃仪 ☶ 艮 Gen (northwest, mountain) - Gen Mochi 艮墨池
☴ 巽 Xun (southwest, wind) and ☱ 兌 Dui (southeast, lake) were apparently to appear in Season 3, which won't happen.
In Yijing, the long unbroken line represents yang, ang the broken line stands for yin. Everything in the Universe is seen as a combination of these two principles. Although it’s unrelated to Men with Sword, but the Four Auspicious Beasts have Yijing bigrams associated with them: ⚎ - east, wood, spring, lesser yin, ⚌ - south, fire, summer, greater yang,  ⚍ - west, metal, autumn, lesser yang, ⚏ - north, water, winter, greater yin. The list of various associations is very long, actually. 
The Bagua trigrams and the images of the Four Auspicious Beasts are shown on the Men with Sword posters between the names of the actors and their characters:
Tumblr media
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psychadelicpotatoe979 · 3 months ago
My Top 20 Favorite U2 Songs
1. Magnificent 2. Zoo Station 3. Where The Streets Have No Name 4. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 5. Vertigo 6. Bullet The Blue Sky 7. Acrobat 8. Sunday Bloody Sunday 9. Desire 10. Discotheque 11. Mofo 12. Red Hill Mining Town 13. One Tree Hill 14. New Year’s Day 15. The Fly 16. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight 17. Even Better Than The Real Thing 18. Staring At The Sun 19. An Cat Dubh 20. Gloria
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