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#drug use
thecreaturesblog46 minutes ago
Her demons start to show and they start to come out. She tries to hold them all in but her recent activity has her out. The crystal that you buy from crystal, no doubt, puts you in a rare mood. You acting like a dopehoe now.. a lady does not fiend, i suppse its been a minute since you held that title. Struggling to sleep, demons see the opening and start climbing out of your skin. You yell you shout but no one can figure out what you want. Theyre giving up on you right now wondering what possess you to act like a child.
You have places to be, people to see, but you hide out in your tiny closet all day instead, toking on the pipe you never can let out of your hand. Work goes undone, you miss important calls, you havent moved an inch just enough to spin that bowl. Not even going to check your shit out. People are leaving you now, saying i havent seen you in awhile, and your demon he wont let you beg them to stay. Strangers can even see your body, has gotten too skinny. You tell all your 'advisers' to fuck off. 'You dont look dead to me victoria' why arent you poppin off, the demons tell you lies, they made you break up with that guy, youre getting super paranoid. Thinking the normies are trying to kill you. Or maybe your dying from an incurable disease that came strsight out of your mind.
Youre sweaty all the time, that chemical stench leaks from your body.
Youve been repeling everyone and i cant tell if you know it..
The demons tell you to cause sceens, to get mean, you just know they deserved it.. they tell you that youre doing fine. They tell you baby just one more line. The rip you apart and put you back together, just so you can be ripped up again and again..
Youre tearing at the seems, look theres a gun to my head, lordy lordy looks like im holding the it, right up to my temple, not sure if im really gone do it or if this is all for show
Man i wish my parents were still around..
I wish my father would have taught me that drugs were bad. Hed know all about that. And mother could have taught me to tell humans no, that it wont be cool, when youre homless at 24. Maybe if wed have talked more i wouldnt use meth to beat up myself.
Been sober for a few days now. My demons still haunt me, i still look for drugs, i would have smoked anything, and i still got that in me. Im still a drug addict when im not using. I feel more alive on drugs even though they rapidly kill me. I feel closer connections to the creatures ive used with. I cant write a good story. Without crystal my life is insanely boring. I cant sleep at night or durring the day. When i get sober i ignore everybody. Act like im hustling but ill be just laying in bed for days. Ive harmed myself because my drug use caused me to be out of control. Ive lost a lot of friends, ive lied to my mother and father. Lied to most everyone i know...
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blackpearlgirll14 hours ago
Omg, 103 followers! Thank you guys!!! 馃槏 I totally missed the 100 mark, lol! Lets drink, snort, smoke and all that shit, for that! Cheers, mfs! 馃枻馃拫
- Cristina 馃尮
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cokee-queen-1816 hours ago
BRUH, why are people telling me to post videos of me nodding? Like I slam COKE I am very much so WOKE. Go to the nod squad for that content. 馃憠馃徎
I only nod when intake shit to help my crash馃槀馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆烩嶁檧锔
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everythingstarstuffa day ago
Capitalist Realism, Mental Illness and Societies of Control
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cokee-queen-18a day ago
I'm a whole noob when it comes to bud but id say this looks decent?
1g of White widow just isn't time for 420! 馃挩馃榿
Tumblr media
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batsu-cat2 days ago
Tumblr media
Every one of my drawing ideas is the fucking idea ever
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eboyeminem3 days ago
Hoax smokes and Ghost cant stand it
Ghost likes to stay undetectable as fuck thank you and smellin like smoke just gives himself away. He might as well be like "hey Im here fuckin shoot me"
I mean Ghost does coke to stay alert and not fall asleep on missions
But you know its fine
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ereri-lost-and-found3 days ago
hey! could you recommend some prison fic? is there any? thanks in advance!
Hi @theliw!聽
We鈥檝e answered a similar ask before. You can find it right here.聽
Here鈥檚 some more~ All of these fics contain potential triggers. Please read carefully.
Junkyard Dogs by acidtowns
(Rated E, 70,431 words, multichapter complete)
Autocracy 鈥 a system where one leader has absolute power 鈥 is the only government that exists in prison. Levi is the current 'Top Dog,' and for years, no one has had the mind to challenge his position 鈥 at least, no one until now. Enter: Eren Jaeger, a new inmate with indefinite mentalities and obscure motives. With the power to shake Levi's throne, Eren becomes the one exception of everything.
Behind Walls by Dominura
(Rated E, 91,843 words, multichapter, complete, major character death)
Eren is serving 15 years for second degree murder of his uncle. He accepts that his young life is going to be wasted in this cramped and horrible place loaded to the brim with the worst people imaginable. But, what he doesn鈥檛 want to accept is maybe this place and it's people arn't as bad as it may seem.
A Time or Two by lilbonnieparker
(Rated E, 61,745 words, multichapter, ongoing, Erwin/Levi warning)
Levi runs Stohess Prison. A new batch of inmates gives him a toy and a run for his money.
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thoughtlessarse3 days ago
Divine Mohammad knew right away that some people would use George Floyd's drug use to discredit him.
Like Floyd, Mohammad is Black and once struggled with chemical addiction. Like Floyd, Mohammad had his own run-ins with Minneapolis police. He had lost several friends to police killings and knew that defenders of law enforcement would look for a reason to justify why police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for more than nine minutes.
"I'm going to call it like it is: When a Black man gets killed, the first thing they want to say is the negative things about him," said Mohammad, who works at the addiction treatment center Turning Point in north Minneapolis. "There's always an excuse."
The Chauvin murder trial is shining a light on the intersection of addiction, race and criminal justice as the defense argues that Floyd died of a drug overdose and other health conditions, not from the pressure Chauvin put on his neck.
continue reading
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cokee-queen-183 days ago
Hey! So, Saturday maybe sooner I'll be making a bunch of new videos. Are y'all interested in the rush afterward or just the shot itself? I know I love when people continue to record after the shot when the rush hits so I definitely want to. 馃榿
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blackpearlgirll3 days ago
Drug talk & blog thoughts
It was my 3rd or 4th day in a row with no sleep, geeked and avoiding reality the reality. My double life had started to turn from an exciting quilty pleasure, to a distressing trap of self sabotage. Guilty conscience pushed me to almost admit everything, but I wasn鈥檛 ready to face the consequences of telling the truth.
So this was my compromise. I didn't think anyone would come accross or be interested in my sad little blog 馃槀 but I still thought that if someone does find it and is going through similar struggles, I would be happy to talk, listen, share, distract, make friends with them.
In 4 months, or so, my tumblr has grown to 92 followers as in right now. Maybe its nothing for most people, but to me it feels unreal! I don't even know that many people in my real life, haha!
I'm happy and sad at the same time for how many ppl think my tumblr is worth the follow. Makes me feel little less alone when messaging in DM's or the group chat or seeing your likes and reblogs of my posts. Thinking like "wow, someone saw my angsty post and related to it."
(NOTE! If Iam not answering to your messages, its not that I dont want to!! There is always a good reason, like Im sleeping, hanging out with someone in real life, having alone time or just forgot to answer back, thanks to my dopey brain, lol. If I post stuff and still dont answer, just hit me up again, please!)
I really want to do something good here. But I'm not sure what. So I'm gonna continue posting my thoughts and messaging with anyone who wants to chat. If you have any ideas or things you'd like to see me post about, pleease share! It can be anything.
Like what should I do or post when I hit the 100 followers mark? Is there some other social media platforms I should look in to?
Thank you again my fellow jerky junkies and ding-a-ling druggies!馃拫 Xxx
- Cristina Rosa, the blackpearlgirll 馃枻馃尮
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self-destructivee4 days ago
i go down to the river and wash myself clean coated in dirt and methamphetamines i try to breathe but my airways are clogged with all of my tired excuses聽 choking out of my mouth like the vomit that soaks my clothes i guess i'll just keep saying that I鈥檓 not addicted at least that'll keep me company
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hp-fanfic-archive4 days ago
Only The Stars by NachoDiablo Pairing: Remus/Sirius Rating: T Word Count: 514 Prompt: Absolutely zonked out stoners Remus and Sirius in love, come up with the craziest ideas for their future future wedding while toked up. Additional Themes added for the RS 24 Hour Writing Challenge from pommedeplume: Winter moods, spilled glitter, a mutual interest, an unexpected guest.
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I've been sober from meth for 107 days. Heroin for 64 days. I am so proud of my self for the days I have clean. This is the longest I've been sober in 10 years. And today is feeling like it is going to be an extremely tough day to stay sober. I Thought in getting sober the drugs would stop controlling me. But they have just as much control if not more now then they did when I was using. Instead of me running too a high, I'm trying to run away from it, much harder. I don't really have the ability to say no yet. So if I Want to go hang out with friends, can't they get high. Party tonight, not going to that. I'll start drinking then it's game on. You find out the blue house at the corner of your block sells, so you don't go that way any more. Try and make new friends, hell even a significant other that doesn't use. But how!? drugs are how I made friends and has sex in the first place! so how do you even approach the drug topic without making it weird and awkward. I wind up Introduce yourself like an NA meeting. Hey my names so and so and I'm a recovering addict. I like you, it would be way cool if you didn't do drugs...... Who doesn't like someone that over shares. sobriety is going wonderfully!!
Tumblr media
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belphies-corner5 days ago
Do it
Fill my mouth with your cum
Shoot it in my mouth
And shoot it on my face
(To Mun : Also how鈥檚 your day going? There鈥檚 a thunderstorm right now, so that鈥檚 pretty cool.) 锟
You know what鈥檚 better than a thunderstorm? Getting fucked during a thunderstorm. You can choke me too (please) so that you can hear the thunder instead of my moans. (Cause I get pretty loud)
(To Mun : Also getting high and eating Taco Bell sounds like a blast. You鈥檙e fucking awesome.)
Let鈥檚 eat a fuck ton of edibles and see how sloppy the sex gets when they start kicking in, Hmm? ;) -that鈥檚 to Belphie, just to elaborate so no one comes at you 馃槀
- @belphies-cuhm-sluht
Hahahahahaha WHAT IS THIS ASK
Yeah, I love fucking during thunderstorms. I don't think I've ever been rough during one though, but I'm very fucking willing to give it a shot....
Your neck would look awfully pretty with some bruises around it....
(lol, day is going well. Hot pot & bubble tea = Happy mun. Now I'm hanging out on Runescape and watching fucking Desperate Housewives.)
Hahahahahahaha oh man Idk, when I hate edibles I'm in fucking space. Would be interesting to see what it's like to cum like that.... Alright I'm down, let's do it.
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cyberpunkimagines5 days ago
Can I get something for V(nb)/Misty/Jackie. Maybe a date night or just headcannons, nsfw or sfw or both. I'll leave it to you. I'm not picky I just want to see more content of them TvT
YES, I love this and let me begin by apologizing for how long it took me to get to this, school and work have been nutty with COVID happening. But I hope you enjoy this!
warnings: mild language, drug use
The inside of Jackie鈥檚 garage was smoky and soft, the light in the corner a warm, dim glow and a welcome change from the bright neon lights of Night City. V was laying in Misty鈥檚 lap and she was playing with their hair, her long fingernails scraping gently against their scalp. Between their fingers, V held a blunt, classically rolled and procured by Misty. It was a rare treat to find weed in Night City, or at least to find any that hadn鈥檛 been tampered with.聽
The door to the garage clicked and then swung open, Jackie striding in.
鈥淚 got聽鈥榚m! A whole order of em鈥 for my two special chooms.鈥
Misty huffed, taking the blunt from V and taking a long hit before speaking, her mouth a perfect聽鈥渙鈥 as she exhaled.
鈥淐hooms, eh? Is that all we are to you, baby?鈥
V chuckled and Jackie backpedaled, setting the brown paper bag he鈥檇 brought on the coffee table in front of the couch.
鈥淲hat?鈥 His eyes were big and shiny.聽鈥淣o, baby, of course not! I just meant that I loved you both is all, that you were special to me, I didn鈥檛 mean nothin鈥!鈥
Misty and V laughed and shared a glance before Misty passed the blunt across to Jackie.
鈥淚鈥檓 only teasing you, babe, take a load off.鈥
Jackie laughed and dug into the paper bag with one hand, taking the blunt in the other. He passed around a few burritos, nabbed from his favorite street vendor who, according to Jackie, made聽鈥渢he real shit, V, I鈥檓 tellin鈥 you!鈥
The smell of honest salsa and overly spiced fake meat filled the room and it made V鈥檚 mouth water. They each took a burrito and settled back again, this time Jackie settling with V鈥檚 legs draped across his lap.
The trio ate in comfortable silence for a while, passing the blunt around between bites until both the food and the weed were gone. A sweet sort of sleepiness settled over the three of them until Misty shifted, moved V's head from her lap, and stood.
"Hey, you two. Come with me, I wanna show you something."
Jackie and V rose to their feet and followed Misty out of the garage, the night air of the city cooled by the night sky and filled with sounds of the evening shenanigans that were all too common in Night City. Misty walked out from the alleyway and onto the sidewalk, taking Jackie's hand as they walked across the street. Jackie was quick to take V's arm, wrapping his beefy one around V's waist as they all walked.
Over to a tall building, Misty slipped into another alley and up onto a fire escape, extending the ladder down to her two favorite mercs. The three of them climbed up and up and up, passed windows full of broken families in windows, half-assed meals from vending machines, a pair of gang members sharing an inhaler of something nefarious looking until they all came to the roof of the building.
It was quiet. Much quieter than V was expecting. The sounds of the city were muted up so high, the lights only a faint glow through the evening clouds. It was hazy, or maybe that was the weed talking, but the crispness of the night air brought relief to V's head that they'd never felt before.
"Shit," Jackie half-whispered in awe, glancing around. "Feels like we're the only three people in the city up here." He grabbed Misty and pulled her close, the blonde burying her head into his broad chest. V stepped to the edge of the building and glanced out, a smile crossing their face. Misty spoke between them, smiling.
"I come up here to be alone sometimes, when the world feels like too much. But you guys- you guys mean the world to me, so I wanted to share it with you."
Jackie and Misty came up behind V and they smiled, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Misty's lips. Jackie kissed the top of V's head as they did, and the three settled in silence on the rooftop, a thunderstorm rolling in the distance.
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