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#drivers license
sxft-kisses · an hour ago
Olivia Rodrigo Icons ♡
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fearlesslyallison · 15 hours ago
1 week until olivia on SNL omg
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ch0colatefr0gs · a day ago
bestie mel!! you remind me of jily, pretty sunsets with stars, and those really really cute VW buses <333
anyway I’m crying in the club rn Sophie ily 🥺🥺🥺
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What are three things you associate me with??
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myfavoritevoices · a day ago
Olivia Rodrigo
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allforbesson · a day ago
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☆ sad/songfic
☆ requests are open here or on my wattpad: allforbesson
☆ no warnings!
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𝚢/𝚗 𝚙𝚘𝚟:
"y/n, you have got to be kidding me," Jack jokingly scoffs at me, jumping up next to me on the end of my bed, almost sending me flying.
Jack is my best friend in the entire world. Our mothers grew up together, so of course we have been inseparable since we were born.
We spend the weekend at each other's houses during the school year, but during the summer, we are together pretty much every day.
As of right now, we are in the middle of our summer of sophomore year. You may have guessed it at this point, but I have had deep feelings for him for years now, but I'm way too chicken to say anything.
But can you really blame me though? I mean, there's a huge chance that he will not have the same feelings for me, and then it would just fuck up our entire friendship.
Just a moment ago, I had told him about how I still don't know how to drive, and of course, he is making fun of me like he always does with everything.
"I know, I knowww," I sigh, hibernating my phone and rolling over to look at him.
He lets out a loud, comfortable sigh before launching himself off my bed, standing near it with his hand mysteriously stroking his chin.
"Well, you need to learn at some point," he says, "You're already 16 and haven't started!"
With my arms crossed over my chest, I suspiciously raise my eyebrows at him. I know way too well, because I could tell that he was up to something almost instantly.
"Anddd??", I hesitantly question him.
He smirks at me, "And I'm going to teach you."
I shake my head at him.
"Teach me, like right now?" I ask, pointing at the door.
Nodding his head vigorously, he snatches my hand and drags me out of my room, and dashes down the stairs.
As we pass through all the rooms, we sped by our mothers sitting on the couch with the Twilight saga on the T.V., glasses of wine conveniently in hand.
They look at each other, expressing their confusion without saying a single word.
"NO TIME TO EXPLAIN," Jack interrupts, yanking my front door open.
Our parents don't bother to question us, seeing as how we've been in all sorts of shenanigans together for 16 years now. So to them, it's just like a normal Tuesday afternoon.
Actually, not even afternoon, it's well past that. It is around 7:00 pm, so the sun is just starting to go down.
A mesmerizing sunset is displayed before our eyes. Warm-toned colors fill the sky, with the golden hue tinting everything around us. The street lights flicker on, gently shining over the asphalt paved side roads of my tiny neighborhood.
My house is the last one standing at the end of my street, so right next to it, there's a shit ton of bushes, with a little patch missing. Through that window, a clear view of a large pastel green field can be seen through it. No one keeps up with the maintenance of it, so the grass is dramatically long, with little daisies scattered all around the landscape.
Never letting go of my hand, we reach his car, and he opened the door on my side excitedly.
He is jumping up and down like a little kid in line to go on their first rollercoaster, rushing me because apparently, I was taking way too long to get in.
I sit down, and he scurries to his side, not wasting a single second.
When he got in, I nervously smile at him as I placed my hands on the steering wheel.
"Okay, Okay," he begins, "You know which petals are the gas and the break right?"
"Jack! of course I do," I snicker, my eyes rolling to the back of my head, "I'm not that stupid"
I place my foot on the petals, pausing for a moment. I wonder how long it's going to take him to realize that he didn't give me the keys yet.
I look up at him, in his eyes, I can easily see how eager he is to get this lesson started. He for sure isn't thinking super hard about this whole thing, because if he was, he would've noticed at this point.
"Y/n, let's get a move on here!!!" he complained, shaking my arm aggressively.
"Maybe the key would help?" I laughed, holding my hand flat out in front of him.
A pout is displayed across his face as he smacks the key onto my hand. I blow him a kiss before I turn it in the ignition.
The engine roars and my adrenaline officially kicks in. It didn't really sink in that this was actually happening, and there is also a chance that I could injure both myself and him, until this very second.
At this moment, I feel somewhat intimidated by this death machine that I'm sitting in.
Jack puts his hand on my shoulder comfortably, calming my nerves. He always knows how to make me feel better, and that is one of the many reasons why I love him so much.
"I don't know how you really expect to teach me Jack," I tell him, "You barely know how to drive yourself.
He drifts off into deep thought for a moment, considering everything I just told him.
"You know what, maybe you're right," he admits, "How about I just drive and show you the steps while I do it?"
I agree with him, and we swap seats, not even bothering to get out of the car. Jack hops over the center console, squashing me with his entire weight on top of me. With the extra added pressure, the only thing I am able to do is laugh. It's not even that cute laugh either, it's the smoker's wheeze.
"OWWW, JACK YOU'RE CRUSHING MEE," I exploded, not being able to get it out without a wheeze in between each word.
Without thinking, Jack opened the door, rolling out of the car. As soon as he gets off of me, I let out the biggest breath of relief.
When my breath finally catches up with me, I peek down onto the ground and see Jack, laying there watching me very carefully.
"I'm okay now," I giggle, breaking the silence, "Get up you fool."
He rolls his eyes as he reached for my hand to help him. I hesitantly obliged, just to be forcefully yanked right to the ground on top of him.
Eruptions of laughter fill the air, Jack wraps his arms around me for a hug. We stay like this for a few moments, not wanting to let go of each other.
I can't shake my feelings for him anymore. This is literally the perfect opportunity to tell him. You know what they say, with great risk comes great reward.
"Jack, I love you," I impulsively blurted, turning my head to look him straight in the eyes.
"I love you too goof, you know that," he smiles, giving me a noogie. I couldn't help but giggle.
"No Jack," I add, "I love you, love you."
Before either of us could say anything else, Jack slams his lips onto mine. At that moment, I couldn't even process what was happening.
You know that feeling when you want something so badly for such a long time, that when it does happen, it doesn't feel real? That's exactly what it felt like. Our lips fit together perfectly, like puzzle pieces, they were really meant for each other.
He pulls away looking me straight in my eye, "You think I didn't already know that?"
I shoot him one of those, "are you serious" looks.
"I love you too idiot," he whispers, snaking his arms around me. I scoot closer to him on his lap, deepening the hug.
"I'll make you a deal," Jack tells me, his voice muffled from me squeezing him tighter, "We can make it official once you get your driver's license?"
I nod my head in agreement, even though his plan is the cheesiest thing I've ever heard anyone say.
There can only be one reason why he won't commit now, he has always told me about the struggles he has with commitment. They began once his first girlfriend cheated on him. That was one of the things he had the hardest time telling me about.
Not because it was embarrassing, but because it was hard for him to talk about without bursting into tears.
No matter how hard I try, I still can't get the image of it out of my head. It haunts me to this day. His salty tears rolling down his face, the way his entire face burned up, and his lips pouted.
He is the cutest crier I've ever seen.
I miss Jack so much.
The summer times are always my favorite because I get to see him every day, but every good thing must come to an end I guess.
It is now the middle of winter, and It's been forever since the last time I saw him. We usually spend the weekends together, but lately, he's been bailing on me when I ask him to hang out.
As devastated as I am, I don't bother to ask him why. But today, today's a different day.
With the license in hand, I slam the DMV doors open, eager to get to the car. Jack promised me that as soon as I pass my driver's ed class, we can make it official.
My poor mother obviously had zero clue about this, which sucks. But I have no option to ride with her because obviously I just passed so I don't have a vehicle of my own to take.
I aggressively yank the passenger door open, wasting no time to jump into my seat.
My mother, who is in the driver's seat almost had a heart attack because of my sudden movements. She was just innocently reading a Harry Potter book, minding her own business.
"Mom! Jack's house. Now," I announce, buckling my seat belt.
"So demanding," my Mom teases, folding up her reading glasses and placing them onto the center console.
She says that, but I know that she can sense my excitement, so she will take me. It's that motherly sense is what she always tells me.
My leg bounces up and down rapidly, even though I shouldn't be, I am just so nervous for some reason.
As we are turning the last corner onto Jack's street, my gut wrenches, taking me by shock. I look up as we are almost approaching Jack's house.
Through the tall pine trees lining his driveway, I can faintly see Jack, but he's not alone. I squint and lean forward for a clearer view.
Looking back, I wish that I didn't because I am surprised with the sight of Jack and a blonde girl kissing on top of his car.
I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. Unable to hold back my tears, my hand flies over my mouth and an agonizingly painful whimper escapes my lips.
"Drive away," I beg, not able to look my mother in the eyes, "please."
Thankfully, her motherly senses kick in once again, and she obeys, not saying a single word.
Ever since that very moment, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.
I still refuse to talk to Jack, and I never had to tell the reason why. All I had to say to him was that I drove by his house right after I got my license.
But every now and again, I drive alone past his street, picturing I was driving home to him.
I just can't move on as much as I want to, I know that we weren't perfect, but I have never felt that way for anyone.
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cryinginthisdennys · a day ago
i can now relate to olivia rodrigo as i also got my drivers license last week, however i can’t relate to her as my boyfriend did not dump me, so win some lose some
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gaylivia · a day ago
Tumblr media
Full picture of Olivia in that suit.... I'm feeling a lot of things rn.
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two songs by olivia rodrigo and i cry like a baby. imagine a whole album!!!
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How u could be so okay now that I 'am gone
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"I got my driver's license last week...
Tumblr media
...just to run Joshua over and make him to feel something"
Tumblr media
(Sorry, not sorry, LOL)
(Only for the record, I love both of them and am just kidding)
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jacquelineposter · a day ago
Olivia Rodrigo - Flowers Olivia And Guitar Poster
Blank walls suck, so bring some life to your dorm, bedroom, office, studio, wherever
Printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper
Custom cut - refer to size chart for finished measurements
Includes a 3/16 inch (5mm) white border to assist in framing
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colorscosmic · a day ago
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➜ 䨻▓⃞⃯🥏𑁯 𝙽ᦸᩚ𝘄 𝗽𝗈᥍ꫫ ˚★ೃ ꒷꒦꒷꒦ ⌒⌒⌒ 舞웄。🌐🔒 𖥔 ݁ ˖ଘ 𝗅𝗂𝗄ᴥᩚ ꩜ᥰᩚ 𝚁𝕖𝗯𝗹𝗈𝗀 ୬ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ៳ ⁑✂️📕𐚱ꊞ ❭ 𝕔𝗋𝖾𝖽𝗶𝘁𝘀 ꧙𝗲 ★☆!!
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grxybean · a day ago
Holy fuck my cramps are so bad right now omfg
But in good news I finally get part 1 of my COVID vaccine tomorrow 🙌🏻
And in other horrible news I had to get my health card renewed and get a gov issued card along with my pic be taken, with my mask off so I didn't breath the whole time my pics were being done 🙃
Now I'm going to have a nap because I'm in so much fucking pain, oh the joys!!
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