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secretsscrutinies5 minutes ago
thank u sm for showing me the tweets. sorry if my ask came off wrong or mean spirited i genuinely just didn鈥檛 know 馃槄
Hi love,
No, I completely understand!
I also believe he mentioned, in general, believing that sexuality is fluid during TrainwrecksTV podcast back in December, but I just woke up from a nap and I'm too tired to go hunting for the clip right now lmao
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blufox234isadumbname16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
246 days since we鈥檝e had Dreamon Hunters on the Dream SMP
Tardigrade Song - Cosmo Sheldrake
If I were a tardigrade I'd move out from home
Why live in the shrubbery when you could have a throne?
Pressure wouldn't squash me and fire couldn't burn
These are the things that I will never learn
The spores held the two in almost a chokehold without the suffocation. They were certainly at the brink of it with every breath of the contaminated glowing air. The raven-haired bored holes of his eyes at the Dreamon, the one so casually letting more tiny mushrooms grow at his palms. In the cramped palace of towering capped fungi, the only Hunter remained in a state of disgusted shock. Yet, his jaw never slackened, only tightened as he grit teeth. He wondered why must he kneel with his torso so lowered in front of a dead man on a throne of amanita. The question only whitened his knuckles and dug crescent nail dents into his palms. He turned to the dirty blond with the cursed mask affixed to the thief's side.The reminder of what was at stake still eyed him with mocking smiling expression. Behind that, the thief looked back at the Hunter with uncertainty in his lightly creased brows.
"You really want his help?" Sapnap hissed, at least the whisper held the courtesy in faux silence
"I'm sure, just trust me-" Dream huffed in a hushed tone too.
"I can hear you fools and your breathing from here," The Dreamon stopped toying with the mushrooms in his hand, "Every word is crisp and clear in my chambers"
"Sorry 'your highness' that I would rather trust a cow than a Dreamon to give an answer to...whatever this is!" The Hunter added volume to his words, heavy and angered
"I never said I'd give answers, I just wanted to extend out an offer, and that human there said yes."
George paused only to lower his crossed legs and lean forward to the living beings.
"I'm glad he did. It's not every day in this forest I see a human survive that mask. To survive such stinging pain, a condition worse than death, is a strange gift after all."
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magicelle16 minutes ago
hey do u wanna see something cool
Tumblr media
might i introduce you to my charmingly low quality 'dreamxd is simply a future iteration of the present dream that we know' graph
here is my (fragile) reasoning
dreamxd seems able to tap into dream at a moments notice. idk if this is just an imitation or not - if dream is dreamxd, it makes sense that he would still be able to harness dreams attributes.
dreamxd is, for want of a better word, obsessed with george. he follows him around, learns from him, protects him, helps him, and 'feels welcome whenever george is online'
so far, there have only been 2 (3? including schlatt - and possibly quackity...?) characters with canonical power over life/death. dreamxd, where he sends niki to hell before bringing her back, and dream with the resurrection knowledge. if we take this knowledge as a catalyst for godhood, then dream in the present is well on his way to becoming dreamxd.
timetravel/time fuckery has been confirmed! if whatever karl is doing on tales effects the smp at large, it could be possible that his meddling begins to 'melt down' the timelines of the smp, allowing future and past characters to interact in the present (this is something id be very interested in seeing in other characters as well). the best thing i can relate it to is doctor who s5-6, where theres a crack in the fabric of space-time and the whole vortex falls apart around it. if karls travel were to have an effect like that, id be curious to see what happens to the main timeline.
in the lost city of mizu tales episode, ranbob (dreams character) says 'everyone here had an idol they worshipped'. perhaps this is based off of memories of the church of prime, or perhaps from dream/dreamxds own experience of idolising the other. (ranbob also says 'nobody leaves here' in reference to the other characters dying - perhaps this is commentary on the black/whiteness of life and death.)
dreamxd and dream both seem somewhat desensitised to violence/death etc. dreamxd finds it funny, as if its a concept so trivial to him (which is understandable, given he seems to have power over it). and if dream is developing a similar power & he鈥檚 been confronted with so much of it in quick succession its reasonable to assume he鈥檚 become numb to it
okay this one is small bc i dont actually know if its genuine canon BUT in georges fake lore stream (the one where he met up with tommy & co), tubbo gave him the nightmare armour, & all george has hinted at wanting IS armour/protection. also i have slight theories that whoever is wearing the nightmare armour is like, opening themselves up to dream to the point of being controlled by him but thats another post
anyway thats all i am VERY passionate about this theory i think it would be so so cool thank u for reading. also there might be more/less hints towards this i havent rewatched any of the older lore streams in a while so, you know. this is all hoping that memory serves.
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gogywasfound17 minutes ago
Can I get Dream railing a fem reader who is to out of it to verbally call their safe word so she taps the bed three times. Dream misses the taps so he continues until she just barely taps him three times, he helps ground her and later profusely apologies for missing their cue?? Please Momma Gogy 馃檱馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煈夝煆火煈堭煆
聽phere鈥檚 a small blurb my darling!鉂わ笍
only years later ha..ha..
sorry not sorry
it鈥檚 like two in the morning btw LMFAO
dreamwastaken x fem!reader
nsfw minors dni.
everything is starting to become a little overwhelming, from the feeling of dream鈥檚 hand on your waist to the way your face is being pressed into your cool bedsheets, your head is spinning and your body is overheating, you need to tap out.聽
you tap the bed three times, like dream had told you too if you ever felt like this. but dream didn鈥檛 stop, he kept thrusting, slamming into your core harder and faster. you make a few more attempts, even trying to vocalise a safe word but it just came out in a desperate babble.聽
you reach back awkwardly, tapping dream鈥檚 thigh three times and you let out a audible sigh when dream pulls out of you. your eyes flutter shut and you collapse onto the bed.聽
dream lies next to you and curses under his breath before leaning down next to your ear. he mutters praises in a soft voice so he doesn鈥檛 startle you. dream rubs his hand soothingly up and down your back, drawing different shapes and patterns.聽
鈥測ou鈥檙e doing so well, baby鈥
鈥渋 love you so much, princess鈥
鈥渟uch a good girl鈥
when he feels you stir he backs away a bit, one hand interlocked with yours. your eyes flutter open and you look at dream with a dopey smile.聽
鈥渉ey honey, i鈥檓 so sorry i made you safe word. are you in pain? was it too much?鈥 you place your index finger against his lips, shushing him. you yawn and wriggle closer to him.
鈥渄id nothing wrong, just a lil鈥 sensitive.鈥 dream nods and places a kiss on your forehead. you snuggle into his body, wrapping your arms around his torso.
鈥渄o you want to get cleaned up. honey?鈥 you shake your head and yawn again.
鈥渘ah, we鈥檒l just do it tomorrow.鈥 dream nods and grabs the water bottle from the side table and makes sure you have a drink before he finally lets you close your eyes and fall into a deep slumber.
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dnfersunite24 minutes ago
Hey! So as a dnf shipper I feel the need to say this. the majority of shippers fetishize mlm relationships, and are fetishizing dnf. I鈥檓 not gonna argue with anyone about this cuz it鈥檚 not worth my time, but it鈥檚 something we really need to talk about. I鈥檓 not an mlm, but I am a lesbian and I know what it鈥檚 like to be fetishized. here鈥檚 a Twitter thread about it from an mlm, and you really should listen. Fics like Accelerate feminize George and masculinate (idk if that鈥檚 a word) dream because straight people think there should be a man and a woman role in relationships (whether intentionally or not). I don鈥檛 read smut, and I don鈥檛 plan to because so, SO much of it is just fetishization (and I don鈥檛 even like men). Honestly, this problem is the worst on TikTok and in fanfics/fanart, but tumblr has both of those. I scroll past a lot of disappointing stuff on here, and I think everyone could learn something from that Twitter thread. I myself am now reflecting and changing the things I say on here to be more careful as to not fetishize, and i think every shipper of mlm relationships should do so.
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secretsscrutinies30 minutes ago
when did dream tell people to stop assuming his sexuality? i genuinely just don鈥檛 know i鈥檝e been out of the fandom for awhile. i also thought he confirmed he was straight?
Hi love,
Here we are! Dream says mind your own damn business about his sexuality!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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npc-dudebro32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Glowy boi
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aoi--fifi43 minutes ago
did anyone watch the new h3h3 dream video
it鈥檚 now unlisted + has age restrictions
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silverdreamscape47 minutes ago
Thinking about Techno and Dream sitting in the prison and talking, because there isn't anything else to do.
Maybe Techno tells Dream about his pets. And when Dream sadly says "I wish I could meet them" Techno says "You will" with such confidence that Dream feels the smallest spark of hope.
Maybe he will.
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bozowrites49 minutes ago
Airport Confessions
鈫 Prompt I think I just fell in love with you from @ttakinou and @cherios writing event!
Pairing: CC!Dream x F!Reader
WC: 0.9k
note: congrats you two!! changed the wording a bit and also, accidentally posted it on my alt ;-;
Tumblr media
She was right there, standing alone, looking around with a face of anxiousness. She was looking for him. So many damn years of friendship and he can finally see her in person, in the flesh, not through a screen. She鈥檒l finally see the face of her best friend. He can鈥檛 stop the smile that takes over his face. He has to speed over to her, he has to see her closer, she鈥檚 right there. His heart is pounding so hard against his chest. What鈥檚 there to be nervous about? She will love him no matter his appearance, he knows that. Or maybe it鈥檚 not his appearance that matters. The feelings he has for her, the ones that took over every fiber of his being all those years ago, is what matters. Over a screen it鈥檚 so easy to keep to himself, but in person, when he can feel her warmth, see her face, touch the smoothness of her skin. How could he keep it all in? They both knew there was something, they weren鈥檛 too oblivious to the feelings they felt for each other. They always danced around the idea of being together鈥攁 couple鈥攂ut never spoke forwardly about it. Long distance wasn鈥檛 something neither wanted. But now, in this airport, she stands just a few feet away from him. He has to move faster, so he can trap her in a hug finally.
鈥淵/n!鈥 he shouts for her. It鈥檚 loud in the airport, people chattering and yelling all around, babies crying and toddlers throwing fits, but she hears him. She turns to face him and there, in front of him, was the woman of his dreams. In person. Right before him. He has to look down to meet her eyes.
鈥淒ream.鈥 she breathes out, a smile breaking onto her face. She dropped the bag she was holding, throwing her arms around his shoulders. He giggles because it was real. He was with her in person. He was hugging her. He can smell the shampoo in her hair and he can feel the texture of her hoodie against his hands. He grips onto that hoodie, feeling so safe in her arms.
鈥淵ou actually have a face.鈥 she pulls back, taking his face in her hands and examining him closer. He put his hands over hers, almost encasing them completely. They were so different in size. He wants to say something back but he鈥檚 so entranced by her beauty. She鈥檚 glowing. He gulps.
Say something, dummy! Clay shouts to himself in his head.
鈥淚 think I just fell in love with you all over again.鈥 Not that.
He takes back his hands as he feels her pull her own away from his face. She stands idly, hands held close to her chest, while looking at him with the most confused face. It really felt like time had stopped the moment those words left his mouth. Did he really just say that? The quiet between them is loud. It felt like they were the only two in the room. The windows that made nearly a whole wall that casted in the sun, the floors that squeaked under people鈥檚 shoes and the roof that was so far up no one could touch it? It was all to them in this moment. The loud airport sounds seemed like they were miles away. And the people that walked around them seemed completely invisible. The eye contact between the two was all that was there. The few centimeters between them felt like so much now.
He wanted to kiss her so bad. Her lips looked so antagonizing. But would she want to kiss him? Again, he knew there was something between them, but would she ever want more? Would she ever want to hold him in her arms like he did her? Feel his warmth like he wanted to feel hers? His fingers tingle because he wants to touch her. Graze her cheek, hold her hand, touch her lips. The feelings inside his body were swirling, like a wind of butterflies all taking flight at the same time. He had to swallow the lump in his throat. How could mere seconds of waiting for her answer feel like a millennia?
鈥淎gain?鈥 she finally lets out. He gives a tight lipped smile. 鈥淵eah. I love you. A-and, seeing you here, before me, I just鈥eel like, well, no鈥here鈥檚 no way to explain it. I just love you.鈥 he stumbled over words and phrases. He didn鈥檛 know how to explain it. She would understand what he meant. She always does.
鈥淕ood,鈥 her hands took their place back on his cheeks. He feels them warm up and all he can think of is the beautiful cast of sun reflecting in her eyes. They popped even more than before. 鈥渂ecause I love you too.鈥
There was a tiny moment when those words left her lips that he felt his heart stop, or skip a beat. Those clich茅 romance movies he would watch seem to feel like real tales as he lives in his own clich茅. Could this be the next start to his happy ending? Please, let that be it because she was the one. Y/n had nothing on any other person he had ever been with. She was his best friend, his safety net, his everything.
鈥淭his feels so clich茅.鈥 he mumbles, leaning his head into her hand. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 it the clich茅s that have happy endings?鈥 she smiles, lifting her eyebrows and giving the softest expression. 鈥淐an I kiss you?鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 want anything more, Dreamie boy.鈥
Tumblr media
@llvyu @lukerycyja @quivvyintheclouds @lmfaosoph @b3l0v3ds @sabinanotfound @youngstarfishdinosaur @acidtabletz @loonylovegood13
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mico-drawsan hour ago
thinkin about how wilbur is writing both tommy AND tubbos lore.
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quidditysstuffan hour ago
sapnap said that him and dream spent like all of the past two days together...
am I becoming a dreamnap truther????
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mico-drawsan hour ago
i feel like everyone is just forgetting dreamxd exists??? like there鈥檚 a whole God at c!george鈥檚 will?? did we forget c!george can bring stuff back from his dreams???
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mico-drawsan hour ago
hey dsmpblr, kinoko kingdom and karl are probably the only homes sapnap feels like he has left.
/rp /dsmp
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simp4gnfan hour ago
i have so many sad c!dnf headcanons that im not sure are ready to be put out into the world yet.
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mr-scandalousan hour ago
I know the whole revivedbur is a dilf thing happened but I just remember Wilbur was the one to give birth to Fundy
Would that make him a milf?
the thing about fundy鈥檚 birth is that the circumstances are so weird and there have been multiple accounts so much so we don鈥檛 even know what to believe anymore.
in technicality wilbur is a dilf. wilbur could be a milf in theory though we aren鈥檛 fully sure.
dream on the other hand fully admits he鈥檚 a milf with his whole chest (cough multiple pregnancies cough) but that鈥檚 to be debated if true with dreamblr
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blanknamedan hour ago
okay here's my list of fics for pjo au:
son of ares!sapnap x child of hecate!reader
son of nike!dream x child of nemesis!reader
son of hypnos!george x child of demeter!reader
son of tyche!quackity x child of hebe!reader
son of iris!karl x child of aphrodite!reader
son of hephaestus!sam x child of apollo!reader
child of aphrodite!eret x child of khione!reader
son of hermes!punz x child of athena!reader
they're all confirmed to be in my roster and after i'm done i'm thinking of writing on the side for this series just like the hp one :)
as i've stated before, i'll write when i have the time or if an idea struck with me so there's going to be a shift between hp and pjo a lot for the next few months.
i also know that dream gave him, george, and sapnap's idea of what cabin they'd be in but i honestly don't like how they weren't consistent with canon for pjo (big three not having much kids anymore, hera vowing to never have demigod children, etc).
i did some researching through fanarts (specifically volcanofrog on twt) and looking through the wiki and thought these fit better for those three (although sapnap did fit very well with being the son of ares so i kept that).
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