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fictionkinfessions42 minutes ago
I'm going to university to become a mathematics teacher - Technoblade
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fictionkinfessionsan hour ago
whats up sometimes i get hit with the intense and unreasonable fear that at some point in time i may get popular enough as a streamer that i come onto my favourite Tumblr Dot Blue Hellsite Com blog fictionkinfessions and see "[name] just gave the okay on kinning their character anyways hi its me your local c![name] kinnie." and while fuck yeah kin character me or have fictives and introjects of me or my character and i would love to talk to you about your memories because tbh i think that's cool but at the same time that feels like such a weird concept to me and i am both ready and not ready for that day
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fictionkinfessions4 hours ago
@ oh 100%. my mind starts dropping and all of a sudden im a ram convicted of war crimes or a science experiment without emotions (c!dream and izuru kamukura)
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dsmpkinfessions5 hours ago
canon events and twenty one pilots have given me a revelation of not quite memories it seems -wilbur who fractured into ghostbur and voidbur who ended up as a revivedbur who kinda wants some tea. or cocoa perhaps. may all tommy, tubbo, and friend kins (alongside other burs) have a good day today #馃専
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dreamcoin-kinhelp7 hours ago
鉃"hey could i get a shufflemancy for my (tommy's) relationship with ranboo? thanks ^^"
Tumblr media
I got:
Lowlife by That Poppy!
Looking at the lyrics youd definitely get a romantic insinuation,But im more leaning twords you and Ranboo just being really close,Partners in crime who always had eachother backs.
During exile he was your closest friend,and maybe even helped your return to new L'manberg. You always felt very comfortable talking to him!
-Mod bonk!(馃師|Ranbutler shift)
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dsmpkinfessions7 hours ago
wilbur kinnies my beloveds..... i love you all so much i hope ur all having a good day. drink some water you鈥檙e probably fucking dehydrated. -馃晩馃挌
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dsmpkinfessions9 hours ago
I just now remembered that the reason I had ram horns was because I was jealous of rams. Like I was just "Why can't I have those?? Oh wait, I can!" and just shifted to where I had ram horns, I kept them for my original form aswell lol.
-鈽侊笍馃挋 (Friend the Sheep)
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dsmpkinfessions10 hours ago
Technoblade -
I am so sorry I never got to actually say hello. I admired you so, so much, and I wish I had gotten over it! Yknow with the egg and all, it just made it hard to come into contact with my heroes. I wish we could have sparred or something! It would have been an honor to fight with you as friends. Even though you were intimidating, I admired your prowess and skill, and I wish I could have asked for some pointers! I hope this life treats you better. Maybe in some universe we actually became friends over the battlefield. It鈥檚 nice to think about. Even if Phil helped me with flying lessons after escaping the eggpire, I was just way too nervous to ever say hello to you. So, I鈥檓 glad I can now.
Your biggest fan, Hannah
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dsmpkinfessions12 hours ago
okay you know what everything is fine actually nothing bad has ever happened ever, everybody is alive and well and very not traumatized and i am fine :] (unfortunately /j) - 馃馃Л鉂勶笍馃専
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dsmpkinfessions13 hours ago
anyone else get weirdly jealous about smth another kinnie says, even if you aren't canonmates? like i'll see someone i was friends with lovemail the person i was dating and i just start vibrating with rage. like nooooo they are for meeeeee >:[
And then I remember I'm a whole adult and being pissy about someone else's canon is Not gonna make my life any better and I move on. And then repeat lol
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dsmpkinfessions14 hours ago
lov hanging out with our hosts friend, who kins quackity and tubbo while i am not only fronting (cro doesnt know about our sys yet) but also in both vilbur and schlatt shift
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fictionkinfessions18 hours ago
In the topic of kinnies with jobs.
That quackity video subtitulated to spanish may have been done by Nico Di Angelo B)
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fictionkinfessions18 hours ago
i dont have this job yet but if in a few years you get coffee at a local shop, it might be tubbo underscore!! - tubbo, dreamsmp
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fictionkinfessionsa day ago
@the Italian kin
Hi!! I'm Italian and I kin Tommy and Quackity from the DreamSMP + Benrey from HLVRAI
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
ive learned that sleeping in the sun andd listening to YCGMA apparentlly causes funddy shifts :3. in other newws i have a cool sttick!-fundy (馃摋馃敨)
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
I have given up on caring about people without believing that they'll hurt me. We had Phil, then Wilbur, then Techno, then Tubbo, then Dream ig, then Techno again, Niki, Ranboo (indirectly) and now Sam too. I don't have anyone left and I am tired. It feels so hopeless, I said Sam was my last hope, the last important person to cross off the list of people who's voices ring in my head at night, and I crossed him off yesterday evening. I wish things could be okay again... 鈥擆煉筐煂
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
I am half into a BBH kinshift, and I miss Skeppy so much D:
I remember that my timeline was somewhat calmer, and our relationship could be terribly sweet and romantic. I miss my silly, favourite muffinhead.
I wish I could remember more, though...
- #馃鈽曫煂 (If it's not taken yet)
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
i miss my schlatt:( (#馃暥馃崉鈽侊笍 if i may)
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dsmpkinfessionsa day ago
honestly i remember being in a romantic relationship with schlatt but i don't like talking about it because the main fandom thinks he's abusive and he's not ! in my canon he's very nice and it makes me sad D: -wilbur
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