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#dreams are weird
distorted-vive · 6 minutes ago
Every day I go a day with someone complaining about how much they hate Dream/throwing Dream slander I get this much closer to just personally dming the person and asking if they just hate him because he’s the biggest Minecraft youtuber, or if they think hating the next popular youtuber makes them feel apart of the bandwagon mob.
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emilx311 · 52 minutes ago
Had a dream where tumblr turned something in every picture on my dash in to a cat and I didn't realize it at first and just kept reblogging what I thought were tons of cat pictures.
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akraziia · an hour ago
Omg you have the best style come shop with me pls
pls my irl style is so boring like 95% of the time but i love shopping for new stuff to fit my style vibe of the month
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aro-aizawa · an hour ago
nnnnnnnnnot gonna lie i always feel slightly off balance when i think “oh that’s something i think i might be able to do as a job!” bc on one hand, yes! finally! but on the other hand i’m super noncommittal and i really don’t want to say that i’m interested in something, someone take me at my word and think that’s now my lifes goal when it’s smth that i’m only thinking i could do at that moment. i might change my mind or it’ll lose its appeal after a little while.
#shut up danni#anyway i just thought of smth i could do bc i've been thinking it in the back of my mind for like. years.#but never really did any googling for until now??#anyways one thing that i've always wondered is that i love walking through graveyards#it's always serene and i like taking a moment to think about the departed there and paying respects to their life#even if they're not anyone that i know they're still human and deserve respect in their final resting place even after decades have passed#anyways there's this old church on my road and i walk past its graveyard nearly every single time i take the bus or walk anywhere#and i've always been sad at how...weathered and damaged the gravestones have been#so i idly looked into what it would take to clean it and i found out that there are professionals for that!#ppl who actually clean and tend to the graves for money and idk i just think that might appeal to me???#bc i like cleaning things it's satisfying to me if i can get it pristine its just the motivation for it#so learning how to do that might be smth that i could do??? becoming a professional grave repair person#i've always had a bit of a weird relationship w death and the whole. thing. around death? so this could be for me#like yeah its a bit morbid and almost ripped from a goth kid's dreams but maybe it'll be smth i'll look into#no CLUE how i'd go about it#i did email that church tho and ask if there was any upkeep on the graves#bc idk might try and clean up a few of the graves there myself if they let me#some look like they could just do w a bit of polish and attention#but also like. completely unironically i'm#also laughing bc i LOVED danny phantom and the aesthetics of ghosts growing up so.#me thinking abt professionally cleaning graves? HA
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anonymous3ch0 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
(Do not repost on any social media or take as your own!)
They all came out they way I wanted minus the Nightmare soul, skele legs and tree.
I drew Two flowers! A carnation and the other I think I made up. Dream and Nightmares true form came into the light as well!
Carm and Zeal made an appearance well! I love the way they turned out.
Carm/Carnation and Zeal belong to @anonymous3ch0 (me)
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pastelbear12 · 2 hours ago
It's weird cause I rarely have dreams but in these 3 days in a row I always had crazy dreams. It's still 8.41 am in here where I'm supposed to be still sleeping but this dream woke me up
First dream, I killed my dream crush and tried to run away by crawling inside a sewer but then it was storming and I got struck by lightning
Second dream, I was a sailormoon and the mf villain threw me to a church glass until I shattered it and he said "repent your sins!" "BITCH I'M ISLAM!"
Third dream, y'all requests were chasing me around and watched me as I fell from the cliff
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mzyraj · 4 hours ago
Scrolling my steam games I just remembered I had a very vivid and creepy and weird dream last night which was like an odd mix of Phasmophobia and House Flipper - you bought a horribly haunted house and had to resolve the haunting, after which you could then do up the house all nicely :)))
There was like this ghost in the attic that was fairly chill, but to get rid of it you had to destroy this orb thing on the roof - it needed several hits, but with every hit the ghost would form and chase to like kill you, so you had to run away out of the house asap and wait until it calmed back down before you could go back to hit the orb again (I think it needed 5 hits).
Even once I finished doing that, there were a couple of rooms related to the haunting below the attic that I could not change at all, they were nice enough but creepy with the history, so I just set to work decorating the rest of the house to sell.
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the-local-sad-kid · 5 hours ago
So, I had a dream the other day that Capcom made Ethan gay in RE8 and he was really, REALLY into Heisenberg.
That’s the only detail I remember about the dream.
I made this image as a reconstruction.
Tumblr media
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I find my Ikea glass Tupperware and I know it’s specifically MY glassware because in non-dreamland I’ve been trying to remove the sticker for AGES and it doesn’t come off. In non-dreamland it’s been soaking in warm water and I know exactly what the shape of the remaining sticker looks like. / #dreams
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mrfoox · 6 hours ago
Someone: -shows interest in me that could be romantic-
Me every time: ok but... It's probably just my imagination... They're just being nice... If they actually is interested they'd surely say it.... (after they say it) haha yeah but they're probably just joking haha, not like they've given me a 10 point/reasons why they like me anyway so-
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enochno · 6 hours ago
Which peculiar children would want the things my mom got me just now
Hot chocolate that changes colours: Olive, she would probably think it’s cool
Unicorn s’mores: Claire because I think she’d like the unicorns but she’d probably share with Olive as long as she got a packet of the hot chocolates
Six of Crows + Crooked Kingdom books: Millard but when he’s done reading them Bronwyn probably would
Fish Whacker: Enoch because he craves violence
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autisticmuse · 6 hours ago
The entirety of humanity is spontaneously and instantly shrunk to one foot tall, molecular density sustained but future generations which would still be constrained by this new imposed size modification would slowly have adjusted natural biological density making the first generations incredibly hardy to survive the sudden change. Across all landmass every square kilometer would have a small terminal descend that would be able to interface with existing technology and store information/act as a 3D printer for miniaturized versions of existing technology we know of. There would be no more assistance and until humans could learn to repair them they would become useless relics of the Great Reduction.
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randomzeldanerd · 7 hours ago
I just woke up from an accidental nap where I vividly woke up at least around 50 times in diferent worlds and diferent bodies and they all felt completely real.
One of them was in an empty apartment on a mattress on the floor, my head was hanging off the side so everything looked upside down, a couple little fairy lights made the room look warm, I tried to move and was hit with this overwhelming feeling that this isn't my body and I shouldn't be here. When I 'woke up' again I was in the passengers seat of a Subaru on some kind of road trip through a hill country with a man I registered as my dad even though he didn't look like him, my vision was blurry cause the glasses I had were too strong, they weren't my glasses, this wasn't my body. The next time I 'woke up' I was in a bedroom, there were people in the other room I could hear and someone came in and handed me a present to wrap but told me to hide it for now, it was some kind of plushie in a whiteish bag with orange ribbon straps, I even waved my arms around to be sure it was real this time but as soon as I felt the tape on my hands I knew this still wasn't my body.
This went on for like an hour, most I don't fully remember. Once I was in a waiting room of some sorts, then in a hammoc in the woods, for a while I was on a hotel pullout couch wondering what my uncle made for breakfast before the feeling came and I woke up somewhere else. Every time I 'woke up' the people around me knew me, they acted like they just woke me up and a few asked if I was okay because I was 'acting weird'. Twice there were people speaking languages I didn't recognize, a handful of times the thing that caused me to 'wake up' was realizing that my hands were the wrong skin tone (I'm a very pale white person and I swear I woke up with brown hands a few times). For the most part it was like peoples everyday lives but once I woke up in an alleyway with a bruise on my forehead like I'd just been knocked out and mugged (I was a boy that time, he was really scared).
I don't know what the frick just happened to me, I've never really been the type to believe stuff like our souls leave our bodys as we sleep, but I swear each of those dreams felt just as real as I do now. I really hope that boy's okay.
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mahrdika · 10 hours ago
adlan's form in the fade during HLTA not retaining his elvhen appearance but instead halfway falling down he turns into a giant tiger twice the size of the ngandong tiger before landing ...
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official-dave-striders · 10 hours ago
Ship Bingo: Terezi x Eridan?
Tumblr media
Okay, I started looking at the art and some content, and ngl it may be growing on me
Though it also depends which quadrant you're talking about 👀
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lmtyl · 11 hours ago
Dinosaur dream
I dreamt I was at some big museum (Field? Smithsonian?) and the dinosaurs all came to life or something, anyway I was one of hundreds of people trapped in this museum complex with live Tyrannosaurs and shit. Some people were looting the food court for supplies, or the historic wing for weapons. I ended up folded into a school group because their teachers were too busy having nervous breakdowns (understadable) to look out for the kids.
At one point I climbed up a tree and there was a pterosaur clinging to a large branch all camoflagued like an owl, despite having a 3-ft body length. It was some species of prerydactyloid.
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