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#dream mcyt
cowmaid · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
animal crossing: dream smp where dream is blanca and he asks players to draw a face for him on his completely blank face and when he met george he drew a smiley face and dream liked it so much he just kept it for a long time!
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rocky-rabble · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Heard we were making movie posters! Here’s my take!
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ghost-legeek · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
have a little doodle of our beloved ghost boi ‘w’
im practicing more with shading and yee...
I might do more of these expressions drawings
who knows ‘-’
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gogywasfound · 14 minutes ago
Mama Gogy can I get poly dreamteam finding out their sub, the reader, went and got her nipples pierced. So they decide to have a little fun with her ☺️ please and thank you
of course, my dear. 
nsfw minors dni !!
poly!dt x fem!reader
apparently i really enjoy doing blurbs tonight.
nsfw under the cut. minors dni
“did it hurt?” sapnap asks, dumbfounded, groaning as dream gives him a nudge in his side with his elbow.
“are you stupid? of course it would have hurt sapnap” george exclaims, running a hand through this hair. you slowly begin to pull your shirt back down, watching your boyfriend’s argue. 
“don’t you fucking dare” dream growls at you, catching the others attention. dream takes a step closer to you and pulls your shirt off. he leans down and gently nips at your right nipple, watching you whine and arch your back. 
“god, you look so fucking pretty” sapnap groans, gripping your jaw softly, locking his lips with yours. dream gently tugs at the piercing with his teeth and you moan loudly into sapnaps mouth. sapnap groans loudly and pulls away from the kiss, shoving dream out of the way.
“move, bitch boy. i want to make her moan like that.” sapnap leans down to suck on your sensitive nipple but is stopped by dream holding him back by his hair.
“take her other nipple, you idiot.” dream’s tone of voice was sending sparks of pleasure soaring down to your clit. george grips your jaw and guides your head up to look at him. 
“god, you look amazing, my pretty baby.” he kisses down your jaw, slowly making his way down to your neck where he sucks a beautiful dark purple mark into your skin. 
with the stimulation on both of your nipples and the way george is treating your sweet spot is enough to make your body jerk as you finish, letting out a loud moan. 
the boys work you through your high before pulling off of you, looking at each other impressed. you go to sit up but dream places his hand on your chest.
“did you think we were done?” sapnap pulls of your pants and underwear, spreading your legs and placing soft kisses on your thighs.
“oh, baby girl-” dream pinches your nipple, giving it a gentle smack afterwards.
“-we’re just getting started.”
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rainia · 15 minutes ago
When I was 14-15ish and first got tumblr, discourse and drama were not a thing. I had a mainly lotr blog and all I did was reblog pretty gif-sets and art. Not a thought, not an ounce of stress.
Then the great Tumblr Fuckering happened. Suddenly my entire feed was full of “this person is cancelled” “here’s a something terrible going on that you have to know about” “if you don’t sign this petition you’re an awful human.” Everyone was angry and I couldn’t escape the constant stream of stress. Sound familiar anyone?
The solution? There wasn’t one. I abandoned my blog and left tumblr, and all fandom spaces for a while. Eventually, years later I’ve ventured back to tumblr (now in a completely different fandom lmao).
The point is, it’s not the platform that makes the fandom survivable. It’s the people. It’s the work the community puts into being kind to each other. To being understanding of different perspectives. To being open, to being patient. To agreeing to disagree. We on tumblr go on and on about how much better it is than Twitter. And we’re right. But it’s important to be aware of exactly what makes it better. And how we collectively need to work to maintain this environment.
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mcytwheeze · 22 minutes ago
Hi! I hope your having a good day. Feel free not to do this, but can you do a irl!Dream x reader where the reader is from the UK and has to back to England and dream is all soft and like “I don’t want you to go!”
Again don’t worry if not, especially if your not from the UK xx
omggggg want!! and i’m not from the UK, but i did it anyway haha
Boa Constrictor
cc!Dream x GN!Reader
Warning(s): x
Note(s): x
"Your phone is still blowing up.", you giggle as you watch the seemingly millions of notifications pop up on his phone.
Dream doesn't even reply, simply shutting his phone down.
"What if they need something?", you ask, tilting your head up just enough to meet his eyes.
He rolls his eyes.
"They'll survive for one night without attention. You get all my attention tonight.", he mumbles, pressing his face into your neck.
Your cheeks heat up the slightest bit, and you bring one hand up to run through the waves of his hair.
His arms snake around your waist, and he squeezes tightly.
It's like there's a boa constrictor wrapped around you.
"Hey.", you playfully pat his head.
"You know, you can't leave tomorrow.", he mumbles, voice muffled against your neck.
"I kind of have to. I'm not going to prison.", you laugh, continuing lightly scratching at his scalp.
"I'll pay your bail. You'll be fine.", he replies.
"Clay, you've known since we planned this trip that there's a beginning and an end.", you gently remind him.
He moves his head to rest on your chest so you can hear him better.
"I have a good idea.", he suddenly suggests.
You raise an eyebrow in curiosity, already knowing you're not going to like what he's about to come up with.
"Let's get married. The courthouse opens at seven, your flight doesn't leave until nine."
He looks way too serious about this.
"No.", you laugh, draping your arm over your eyes, not even able to believe that he's serious.
"You'd be a citizen.", he practically sings, for some reason still trying to tempt you.
"No.", you repeat, uncovering your eyes to see his best attempt at a pleading look.
"Come on now. Pleaseeee?", he whines.
"You're not going to win this.", you tease, poking him in the forehead.
"What if George steals you when you go back?", he whimpers.
"George isn't going to steal me. Now you're just being annoying.", you giggle, shaking your head at him.
"I think you'll make me feel better with kisses.", he finally decides, pushing himself up enough to reach your face.
"Mmm, how many?", you pretend to think about it.
A giant grin spreads across his face.
"How many days have we been together?"
"We've been dating for almost a year now."
His grin gets even bigger.
"Get kissing."
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cotton-candy-flowers · 23 minutes ago
Cotten you're honestly god them selves and I can only compliment you that way. I have a request but I fear that you're excellence might outshine it.
C! Techno with a reader who has a extreme love for animals. Like they just keep funding animals and coming to Techno like 'Can we keep 🥺' and he has to either hive in or tell you no -
Also like I just got a pet rabbit and her name is Chicken! She's vv cute!
Notes: The techno simps have come/j Thanks for the request! This idea was so amazing that I made it into a short fic! Also, Chicken sounds adorable!
Once again you were walking throughout the snowy tundra that you called home. The icy wind whipped at speeds that were hard to endure. You did this quite often to clear your thoughts. This time your boyfriend refused to join you.
You heard a squeak in the distance and immediately turned towards it. You knew it was some kind of baby animal. Your heart ached at the thought of an animal being stuck in this awful weather.
Turning towards the noise you started walking towards the creature. You didn't get to walk 10 paces before you saw a small shivering ball of fur. You approach it calmly and crouch down next to it. Upon closer inspection it was a small arctic fox. Its tail was wrapped around itself as it tried to stay warm.
Slowly reaching out a hand you placed your fingers upon its small head. It jolted up and looked at you, it sniffed your hand and growled a bit. You pulled out some chicken from your inventory and offered it to the small fox. It ate the chicken. You repeated this cycle until it was tamed.
Now that it was tamed you picked it up. You could now feel how cold the pup was. How long has it been out here?
You immediately turned around and started walking towards home. As you walked you tried your best to keep the little fox warm.
Finally you reached home. You walked into the house.
“Hey, Tech! I’m home” you talked nervously. Last week you brought another dog home and you had to convince him to let you keep it.
Technoblade walked in from the kitchen “Hey, darlin, How was-” he paused seeing the fluffy white creature in your arms “again?”
You laughed nervously “U-uhm, yeah..”
“You brought another animal home last week, we can't keep this one to” he said sympathetically. He knew how much you loved the furry creatures.
“Please, Tech? I found it abandoned in the snow. It can go with your other arctic fox” you begged
“Love, are you sure about this? You’ll have to take care of this one as well” he warned. Your boyfriend’s policy was that if you brought home an animal you had to take care of it
“I can't just abandon it..” You mutter. You hear your boyfriend slightly sigh
“Okay, dear, you can keep this one” He kissed you on the cheek before taking the small creature from your hands. “Take off your coat then meet me in the kitchen. We’ll see how we can help the little guy”
You smile as you see him walk off holding the small fox. You knew he loved the animals you brought home.
Hope you like it!
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axololtza · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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axololtza · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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axololtza · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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axololtza · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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stuff-from-the-void-matron · 27 minutes ago
Laurel Wreaths & Animal Teeth (11)
Tumblr media
(c!technoblade x fem!reader)
(people showed chapter 10 some nice love so here’s chapter 11. sorry it took so long to get out. I threw my back out and doing just about anything has been physical torture. but I’m starting to feel better so here’s hoping I’ll write more soon. but remember, please comment and reblog. they keep me motivated! <3)
Things settled down pretty well after the election. Almost unbelievably so. Wilbur pretty much completely disappeared afterwards. You felt worried and voiced your concerns with Niki, saying you hoped he wasn’t terribly upset he’d lost the election. You understand he no doubt felt incredibly attached to the title of president, and he may feel resentful of you for ‘stealing’ it from him. Niki smiled at you, glad you were being kinder about this than the other contestants would be in your shoes, but sighed and said,
“Yeah, he’ll probably be upset for a while. But I’m sure he’ll come around to accept you as the new president.”
You gave her a thankful smile, even if you didn’t quite believe her words. But then you paused and wondered if maybe, despite all your reservations about the brunet man, it was possible to smooth things over with him? Maybe all you needed to do was sit and have a talk with him. Perhaps he’d gone insane in the original timeline because both Schlatt and Quackity were… well, for lack of a nicer term, total dicks to him. They were openly antagonistic to the former president, banishing him and his younger brother from the very nation they fought and died for, which no doubt added to his crumbling mental state after L’manberg chose a new leader.
But maybe you could be different from Schlatt and Quackity. Honestly you had no desire to be cruel to Wilbur, though you would not put up with any of his BS, and honestly you hoped to have a neutral relationship with the man. So you decided right then that there was no harm in trying. Your smile brightened and you nodded and said to the blonde woman,
“You’re probably right, he just needs some time. Maybe after a few days he and I can have lunch and just talk. Clear the air between us. I’ve never been president before so I’m sure he’d be a great help in getting me better settled in!”
Niki was super glad you were being so chill about all of this. She knew you were the best choice for president. That’s probably why she’d voted for you. (yeah she’d heard your little speech and was really moved) But she’d never tell Wilbur that. He fully believed she’d voted for Coconut2020, and to be fair she had intended to until she was so moved by your speech. You had a way with words that just put the listener at ease.
“Yeah, I’m sure things will be alright,” Niki replied with a cheerful smile.
You settled into being president pretty well all things considered. There wasn’t as much work as you were expecting there to be for a president. But perhaps your only frame of reference (the US president) was a bit different than your current job (l’manberg president). L’manberg was super small actually. Especially compared to the United States. Hell, Punz’ house was almost as big as L’manberg if you remember right. 
You’re glad there wasn’t much presidential work to do at that moment. Because you wouldn’t have had time to juggle that work plus going back to your village and packing up some of your stuff in your ender chest before telling the villagers (and azo) what actually happened while you were gone. Which had been an ordeal in itself. You felt bad for just leaving to a new place so out of the blue. But you felt obligated to complete the role of president given to you. You’d feel less obligated if there was some other option you felt safe passing the torch to. Someone not a child. That left out every minor on this server and Wilbur. 
Part of you considered Fundy and Niki for the job but another part of you doubted if they’d be able to handle it. Honestly they shouldn’t have to either. It’s no secret that being president is one of the most stressful jobs a person can have. Being in charge of the safety and well-being of a group of people is enough to turn anyone’s hair grey. Even if the group was just like 10 or so people like L’manberg had. You remember seeing a post about pictures at the start and end of American presidents’ time in office. And each president looked at least a decade older in each after picture. Complete with wrinkles and grey hair. Those happened in FOUR years! Their jobs were so stressful that they aged 10+ years in only 4 years.
You were pulled from your thoughts by Tommy practically shouting “We’re here!!” as you all made it over the hill that led to your village. The first thing you saw was the towering bamboo wall around the perimeter of the place. You’d been so in your own head that you’d actually forgotten about the two boys on either side of you. They’d insisted they accompany you to your village as ‘presidential bodyguards’ despite the fact you said you would be fine. They’d practically demanded to go, to ensure the ‘new prez’ didn’t get attacked on the journey. Amused and touched that they cared, you’d finally relented and let them come along. You’d only be gone a short while anyways. At least that’s what you told yourself. 
It didn’t take long to pack up everything you wanted to take with you to L’manberg. You put all the nice gifts the villagers gave you (as well as a couple of the banners you made) and some of the stuff you made and packed it away into a shulker box you pulled from the Creative inventory before picking up said box and putting it inside your ender chest. Then you just picked that chest up and tucked it safely in your inventory and you were basically done. With packing anyways.. You still had to talk to the villagers and let them know you had to move away for a while. But you doubted they’d be heartbroken or anything. Maybe bummed out but they’d understand. It’s not like they’d be lost without you. They’d been living in this world long before you showed up and they’d probably be here long after you left.
Then you were ringing the village bell. And like every time you did the villagers all poked their heads out from wherever they were to see who rang it and what was going on. And when they saw you they brightened and hurried over to see what was happening. They gathered around you and the bell, murmuring curiously between themselves. You sighed and cleared your throat, gathering their attention to you before you hesitated, not entirely sure what to say. Should you explain the entire story from start to finish? No, probably not. That would take a while and you felt like they’d get bored fast. But just blurting out that you were leaving felt too abrupt and blunt. Though your indecision ended up not mattering because Tubbo finally lost patience with the silence and just let the metaphorical cat out of the bag in his usual laid back candid way.
“Are you gonna tell them you’re moving away?”
Oh that caught the villagers’ attention and suddenly you were surrounded by displeased grunts and hums, like surround sound stereos. You sighed and confirmed yes, you were. So with the news out there you started explaining what happened the day before, or at least a shortened version of it. You mentioned how you’d gone to support Tommy, placing a hand on his shoulder as you said this. Then you said how you’d sorta advised everyone to vote for who they felt would lead them smartly, and how you guess they took that as you entering the presidential ring.. And finally how you’d won the election by some points and how you’d not wanted to reject their trust so you’d accepted the job…
“Reader is our new president!!” Tommy practically shouted, clearly excited. 
Though from the disgruntled murmurs from the villagers they didn’t seem happy.. But you told them it would be okay. You’d come and visit them as often as you could while juggling your new job. But even with that promise they didn’t seem happy. Your shoulders slumped a bit and without thinking you said,
“I’m not happy about having to leave the village and move away either. But I made a promise to the people of L’manberg, one I intend to keep.” 
Despite not feeling the best about this you were determined to keep your word.
“Besides, it’s not like I can just pack up the village and move you all next to L’manberg!” you said with a flippant wave of your hand.
But the idea didn’t sound too bad to the villagers. They basically worshipped you as their guardian deity. So if loading up all their possessions and hauling them to a new place meant they got to stay within reach of their deity then so be it. They’d still be living in squalor if it hadn’t been for your kindness and generosity, so they wanted to follow you wherever you went. Be it sunny skies, harsh rain, freezing snow. 
So they all made excited grunts and you blinked at them, catching on to their train of thought pretty fast. You shook your head, missing the confused looks the two teen boys were shooting between you and the villagers, and said they couldn’t follow you to L’manberg. Hearing this made the boys’ eyebrows shoot up and they started asking if the villagers wanted to come live in L’manberg. You sighed and said they seemed to, yes, but it wasn’t viable because there was nowhere for them to live! Moving them all on a spur of the moment thing would be reckless. Not only would the journey be very hard on them and take quite a while but there’s also no homes available for them in L’manberg. 
“We could make some houses for them if they want to move to L’manberg!” Tubbo said with a little grin, not seeing the issue with them coming over.
You rubbed a hand down your face, careful not to jostle your mask too much. But then you sighed and finally caved in. 
“Okay, you can all move next to L’manberg,” you began, but before they could cheer you cut them off with, “BUT! They can’t leave today. I refuse to let them take the whole long journey to L’manberg just so they can be homeless when they get there.”
You said you and some others (who you would pay) would build a new village next door to L’manberg for them. And once it was complete you would come back and help ferry them all over safely. But you might have to take them over in small groups to avoid hostile mobs and stuff. Though despite all the risks the villagers seemed quite happy with everything. So you pulled out your notebook, the same one you’d used when you first showed up to the village actually, and made a note to start construction on a new village to either the North or East of L’manberg. Or whatever side had better building room. But now that that all was settled you bid the villagers goodbye, saying you’d start construction as soon as possible.
With that out of the way you decided to pay a visit to Azo. You missed the adorable little piglin and hoped she was doing okay. Your boys followed you into the Nether, asking what you needed from there so badly. That made you pause and realize they’d never officially met Azo! You smiled down at them and said you’d sort of taken up guardianship of a little piglin girl who lost her parents. You’d expected questions and some comments but got nothing but silence in return, which left you feeling a bit confused. But when you glanced over at the boys you saw Tubbo looking lost in thought and Tommy looking mildly upset. This caused you to stop short, which made them pause and look back at you. 
“What’s wrong?” you couldn’t help but ask.
But they both waved you off, Tubbo with a soft ‘what do you mean?’ and Tommy with an almost harsh sounding  ‘nothing’, both of which didn’t sound the least bit convincing. So you tilted your head to the side and in a firmer (but still gentle) tone you asked again what was wrong. Tommy’s nose scrunched up and he crossed his arms, adamantly saying nothing and asking if you all could hurry up and see ‘this kid’ since you had to hurry back to L’manberg. Tubbo tried to piggyback off Tommy, his smile attempting to be brighter as he agreed, saying he wanted to meet your ‘new kid’. That’s when it hit you..
“Are you two upset that I adopted a kid?”
Tommy wasn’t very subtle with his feelings, his loud “WHAT?! NO!” didn’t convince you of his supposed ‘uncaring’ regarding the situation. Tubbo however reacted slower than his friend, like he was processing what you’d asked before he gave a laugh that sounded too stilted to be genuine and denied being upset, saying that was ridiculous. Tommy actually started walking away, heading in the direction you three had followed when you were together here last time, with the goatish brunet watching him anxiously. But you called for him to stop and come back, maybe a touch sterner than you’d wanted. But when the blond came back to you he refused to look at you, just scowling down at his feet. You felt your heart ache at the sight and let out a calm breath.
You wrapped one arm around the blond’s shoulders and the other around his back, pulling him into a comforting hug. You laid your cheek on the top of his mop of hair, glancing down at Tubbo who was shifting between watching you both and glancing away nervously. Without much thought you removed the hand holding Tommy’s back and instead used it to carefully tug the brunet boy into the hug. They just stood there at first, still and awkward almost. But once Tubbo wrapped his arms around your hips and Tommy’s back his blond friend quickly caved and sunk into your warmth, wrapping his arms around you both tightly, like he was afraid you’d both disappear. 
You took a breath and gently began to rock the two back and forth, missing how Tommy’s eyes pricked with hot tears as he heard your steady heartbeat against his ear. After a couple minutes of just standing there relaxed into the hug you said quietly but with as much emotion as you could put into it,
“Tommy, Tubbo, please talk to me. I can do many things, but reading minds is not one of them.”
You felt your shirt become warm and you frowned and hugged them tighter,
“If something is bothering you two, if you’re sad or upset or angry then you need to tell me so I can maybe do something to make you feel better. I never wanna see either of you upset, so please… talk to me?”
The air around you three was unintentionally heavy, only the sound of fire crackling nearby broke up the silence. It was killing you to remain quiet but you didn’t want to push them to speak. That would just make them clam up and possibly push you away. So you waited, just holding and rocking them as you did. And your eyes brightened when your patience was rewarded.
“.... Why’d you have to go and get a kid?”
You half expected for Tommy to be the one to break the silence, he was always so against the quiet. But no, instead it had been Tubbo who finally buckled and voiced his thoughts. You couldn’t help but ask what he meant. And he sort of stuttered over his words, not sounding exactly sure what he wanted to say before he got his thoughts and mouth to cooperate.
“I thought you already-.. I mean you have us.. Why’d you-..”
If your heart could physically break like glass then you knew after hearing that it would be in a hundred pieces on the floor. You couldn’t help but pull them closer and bury your face between theirs, unknowingly letting out a softened keening sound. 
“I want you both to listen, just because I take another child under my wing doesn’t mean I no longer care about you two. I don’t think I could ever stop caring about you. You’re my boys, and I-....” here is where you hesitated, not wanting so sound weird but you continued,
“If you both want… I mean since neither of you have one to my knowledge… I’d happily be your mom.”
Shy isn’t exactly how you’d describe the two boys you’d begun to care for, but there was no other word accurate enough to describe how they agreed to your offer to be their mom. Tubbo gave an almost meek, “alright, sure” while holding onto your waist and Tommy gave a long-suffering sigh while trying to discreetly wipe his eyes and said, “I guess you’re cool enough to be my mum. Barely though.” That caused you to let out a loud guffaw, your grip on them loosening enough to where you could ruffle the blond’s hair.
“Ohhhhh, Big man himself thinks I’M cool? Very high praise~”
The heavy atmosphere lightened and your laughter had the two boys laughing too. But then a sly grin took over your face and you chuckled. The sound alerted the boys of your mischievous mood and they looked up when you started talking.
“Well, now that you’ve accepted me as your mom I’m legally obligated to do all sorts of ‘Mom Stuff’, I hope you realize that. Like making sure you both eat things besides bread and meat, make sure you sleep regularly, and do the spit thing when you’ve got dirt on your face.”
They gave you a look that was a mixture of confusion and mild disgust, and Tommy couldn’t help but blurt out,
“What the fuck do you mean by ‘spit thing’??”
Unbeknownst to him, he’d activated your Mom Trap Card and your grin grew into a smirk and you raised your hand, casually commenting that he seemed to have a bit of dirt on his cheek, and then you licked your thumb and moved it towards his face. He shrieked and practically threw himself backwards to avoid your spit covered finger. But you still had your arm around his shoulders so he didn’t get far. He rapidly screamed out a verbal blur of ‘nonononoNONONO!’ that had Tubbo nearly doubling over, howling with laughter.
Though his laughter abruptly cut off with a gasp when Tommy escaped your hold, causing you to turn your sights on him. He let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like the bleat of a goat before turning and running from you. You just cackled and chased after him, your longer legs giving you the advantage. You caught up with him before he knew it and lifted him in a backwards hug. Now it was Tommy’s turn to laugh at Tubbo.
But you did let him down, without cleaning his face, and smiled down at the pair and said sincerely,
“All joking aside… I think you two would make a cool pair of big brothers..”
Tommy took that and ran with it, saying of COURSE he would be! He was practically Tubbo’s big brother already! Which just caused Tubbo to argue with him that uh, NO, he was older than Tommy! So HE was the older brother out of the two of them, if anything! And oh boy that caused them both to go back and forth, arguing about who was the ‘older brother’ between them. Tubbo insisted it was him because he was born first but Tommy insisted it was him because he was taller. You just shook your head and led the bickering duo down the familiar path to Azo’s little ‘house’ you built her. And as you reached the open area you saw her outside the house playing with a couple other baby piglins. But when she looked up and saw you she squealed happily and all but sprinted over to you. You made sure to bend down and hold your hands out to catch her. 
She was so excited to see you again that she totally missed the two boys standing at your sides. At least until she heard them and then she stiffened and stared down at Tubbo from her place in your arms. Neither boy really knew what to say so you decided to intervene and put out introductions. You tapped her hand and smiled down at her, helping her worry ease a bit.
“Azo, I missed you! I want to introduce you to my sons! This,” you gestured to Tubbo, “is Tubbo. And this,” you turned your head and pointed to the blond on the other side, “is Tommy. They’re both very nice. And they wanted to meet you!”
You turned so you and Azo were both facing the boys and saw them smiling genuinely. Relief flooded you, thinking they were actually glad to meet the little piglin, unaware the smiles were more stemming from the fact you’d called them your sons so easily.
But you saw the wariness still on Azo’s face and worried she’d not like her new brothers. Suddenly you got a bright idea and your smile widened as you spoke up and said, 
“Hey, don’t you two have a gift for Azo? Maybe something yellow and shiny~?”
Tubbo’s mouth dropped down into an ‘o’ as he realized what you meant. Then he elbowed Tommy and then pulled open his inventory and started looking through it. Tommy glared at him, moving his arm away after getting jabbed, but then his eyebrows raised when he saw his best friend pull out a gold ingot from his inventory. Then he understood what you meant and hurried to look through his inventory as well. Thankfully he did have some gold ingots leftover from when he was crafting golden apples.
Azo perked up when she saw the gold ingot Tubbo had taken from his inventory. And when he offered it to her she couldn’t hold back the happy snort she let out as she joyfully accepted it. You giggled at how she admired the saffron colored bar. And when Tommy extended his own gold ingot you laughed when Azo’s little tail began to swish back and forth in glee as she took that one too. She looked so cute as she admired her new items. You rubbed her back and said,
“See? They’re pretty nice, right? Why don’t we go have something to eat? And we can hang out.”
The tiny piglin seemed more than happy with that plan and snorted happily. You carried her towards the house, her little friends having long since scurried off. The teens behind you followed your lead, joining you in the house. You sat Azo down and suggested she show off her toys to Tubbo and Tommy, which she started doing gladly. The two played with her while you brewed some tea and crafted some cookies. Chilled rosehip tea and shortbread cookies were on the menu and after it was all done you laid it out on the table before calling them over. The boys were all too happy for the chilly drink, the cold giving them reprieve from the heat of the Nether. But Azo was shocked by the cold, not having experienced something like this before. It took a bit of explanation to get her to give it a try, and despite how it made her shiver she seemed to really like it. And cookies were always popular. So the plate was emptied in a flash.
As you sat with the three, listening to Tommy brag to Azo about how ‘cool and tough’ he was and how he’s practically a hero in the Overworld while Tubbo interjected with contradictions, you felt yourself smile serenely; truly happy where you were right then.
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What if Ranboo is just an enderman with vitiligo?
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