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bootlegpokedex · 4 days ago
#452 Drapion
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kolereid · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
The Drapion that you used to see at Balmoral Station when the 47 used to end its service at the UofW from Transcona but now, the 47 ends its service at the UofM, which I like a lot.
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ghostlyanon · 18 days ago
₱ gib poke pls?
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#451 | Skorupi | Poison/Bug
Tumblr media
“Oh, this little one likes you. I haven’t noticed him getting along that well with other people so far— He hatched last week and it’s still a bit of a baby.”  And like many babies, the pokémon was interested in taking into his maws whatever object within his reach, including the heel of Kale’s shoes, which the bugger began nibbling on. 
“He’ll need some attention for a time, but if you can give it to him, he’ll make for a good partner. Oh, you might have to watch what he takes into his mouth, though...”
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houseaegir · 21 days ago
oh my god i absolutely love shadows of almia!!! it was my first pokemon game and i hold it so dear to my heart. what are your favorite things about it?? i'd love to hear someone else's perspective bc i've never met someone else who's played it
!!!!!! :D
It wasn’t my very first but it was among the first few pokemon games I played and the first spin off I played. I just absolutely love the story, especially compared to mainline pokemon games (and even compared to most video games, period). Like, the fact that the player character isn’t just some random kid caught up in someone else’s mess, because saving the world is literally their job. They signed up for it! They went to school for it! They are actually qualified for this!
It’s also my favorite looking pokemon game, because it’s all pixel art so it all looks cohesive, yknow? Diamond was my very first pkmn game and while I do love it oh god the 3D rendering capabilities of the original DS were not quite up to the task. And I never liked how black&white looked tbh. Gen 3 is close with it’s all pixel art, but I much prefer the more realistically proportioned and more detailed overworld sprites in the ranger games. Plus! The pokemon have attack animations! Real ones! The detail put in the pokemon themselves really makes the whole game come alive in a way the mainline games have never recreated.
Almia specifically is my favorite of the ranger series, because of the QoL improvements in the capture mechanics from the original rangers game, and because Guardian Signs‘s world textures are weirdly over-detailed and not the same art style as the characters which I hate. And GS’s story (which I still haven’t finished) was not impressing me.
I also just? Genuinely like all of the characters in Almia? Usually in pokemon games there’s at least one major character that annoys me (side eyes Hop and fucking Ben from GS and his useless exposition. Actually I kinda hated all the characters in GS rip) but! All the characters in Almia are great. Even Wheeler and his bidoof 😂
I always pick Pachirisu as my partner and almost never switch her out, both bc Pachirisu is adorable and also bc her capture assist is super useful and very intuitive
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neonheartz · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
451 / 452
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pokehaviors · 27 days ago
Hey! I'm a trainer from Kalos (Luminous City if you wanna be more specific) and my Drapion "Pink" has been wayyy more territorial as of late. Hissing at other trainers and hording his toys. Is there anything that could explain this? Thanks in advance!
As I’m sure you’re aware, Drapion is an incredibly territorial Pokémon. Keeping one in Lumiose City is... pretty risky, I must admit, but if it hasn’t been a problem till now then count me impressed.
There’s a handful of reasons Pink might be acting out. I would mark out it being mating season, as Drapion typically try to range out during that time rather than retreating and getting defensive. If you’ve been injured recently, or there’s a new Trainer nearby, it’s possible this could have frightened him. (Especially if there’s a Hippowdon nearby; they’re natural predators, and even the bravest of Drapion stay away from a bloat of Hippowdons’ territory.)
The hoarding is also interesting... If there is a new and scary Pokémon in what he considers his territory, it’s entirely possible he’d get defensive and try and protect his own. Look over stuff, categorize what’s changed, and see what you can do to reassure him that everything’s all right.
(Also, a bloat is what you call a group of Hippowdon. The more ya know.)
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canalaveblog · a month ago
Chapter 8 of the polished chapters is up on FFnet
and Chapter 1 of the polished chapters is also up on the new Forum.
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scammydoesstuff · a month ago
What pokemon do you think Beetlejuice and Lydia would have on their teams, or type if they were a gym leader? I do think Lydia would be a ghost type gym, but Beetlejuice might go a different way. He'd also probably have a mimicku on his team as a trainer, Lydia would have a cubone. What do you think though?
Ooh! Interesting question! I’m no Pokémon expert or anything, so I wouldn’t have very good answers based on, like, strategies, but it’s a fun what-if regardless.
I definitely agree with Lydia having a Cubone as a trainer (they have so much in common, what with the whole Dead Mom thing) and I can so see Lydia running a ghost type gym. As for Beetlejuice, I think he’d probably have a dark type gym, so he’d have Pokémon that’d be considered ‘evil’ n shit.
I know I’m biased af, but I genuinely see him having a Gengar. Much like Lydia and Cubone, Beetlejuice and Gengar just have a lot in common. I mean, really, they’re described as super evil and powerful monsters, but let’s face it; they’re both a couple of babies prone to temper tantrums who just really want a friend. They also like being the center of attention all the time and scaring people cuz it's fun. Also toooooooooooongue…
But as for the rest of his team, that’s kinda tough cuz I’m not super familiar with dark types, but I’d say his line-up would look something like this:
Tumblr media
Gengar — see the above explanation. Houndoom — Is hell hound for demon and mega Houndoom is metal as fuck. Zoroark — The illusions it creates seem like something he’d have a lot of fun with outside of battles. Obstagoon — the design strikes me as very Beetlejuice what with the stripes and black & white and such, but its description of how Linoone evolved while in Galar strikes me as spiteful, which I think BJ would be into, to some extent. Drapion — It evolves from Scorupi, which is bug-poison and I could see him having a bug type at one point. This one specifically stuck out to me because of the design, kinda like with Obstagoon. It’s segmented body kinda looks like the stripes, so to go along with the pre-evolution bug type, I could possibly see this one, but I admit I was reaching a bit. Grimmsnarl — The little Impidimp was one of the first things I thought of cuz I imagined he’d think it’s funny. It also has the ability ‘Prankster’ which seems to suit him well. Then, as a gym leader, it’d have evolved to Morgrem and then eventually Grimmsnarl.
As for Lydia, like I said, I love her having a ghost-type gym, but maybe a psychic type in there as well, if only for one specific one I have in mind. So I could see her line-up being something like…:
Tumblr media
Alolan Marowak — because if she’s a gym leader, she’d have prolly evolved her Cubone and she’d definitely have the ghost-type from Alola. Trevenant — specifically because it’d be a fun reference to the spooky tree she & BJ save in the cartoon. Chandelure — which takes the place of the chandelier in the house just for funsies so she can scare her family whenever. Mismagius — It’s a very witch-like Pokémon, which I think she’d dig. Runerigus — As a photographer, I’d see her wanting to explore ruins and stuff, so I could see her having his one in her party. Hatterene — if only to mirror BJ since it’s the companion evolutionary line in Sword & Shield to Grimmsnarl and I think that’s kind’ve adorable.
So ye…I hope that makes sense. Thanks again for the question.
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aotoreiki · a month ago
Why does Ice love Dragonites so much? (hc question!!)
I wouldn’t say he loves them, but he does have an appreciation for them because it’s thanks to one Dragonite that he’s still around. This Dragonite is a wild Pokémon that’s friends with the person who got Ice started with aura (a guy named Timothy from the Sevii Islands).
Now I would leave it at that but since you asked for story earlier I’ll explain the debacle a bit more. B) Under cut for length.
What happened was that after Ice screwed up trying to take over Altru Tower again, he had a mental breakdown and wanted to properly disband Team Dim Sun. A particular admin called “Svern” didn’t like that idea (Ice hadn’t told anyone at the time, Svern was bored and did some snooping and learned about it) and arranged it that he and Ice went out on the pretence of looking for a new base location.
It was honestly not that hard to do, because Ice had shut himself off from most people and at that point Lavana and Heath (the other Sinis Trio members) just wanted to pry him out of his office. Checking out a location was as good an excuse for that purpose as any.
Ice probably knew this was a half-baked excuse to get him out into a change of scenery, but there was no reason for him to question it, nor could he honestly have been bothered to have done so even if there was. So he and Svern found themselves in a cave system by the ocean. Caves are as good a place as any to construct a base, right? And having access to the ocean gives an alternative opening for water transport, which was something they’d already used before.
Svern then attacked Ice and caved in the tunnel so that it would pass as a natural occurrence. Ice himself fell through into a cavern where the water level was at, which just so happened to be right where a small family of the Dratini line were hanging out.
The Dragonite spotted him and scooped him out before flying back to the Sevii Islands to get Timothy to patch him up (while not an official physician at that point, Timothy did have medical knowledge from earlier years and assisted on and off throughout the islands). Thanks to this, Ice eventually recovered, physically and mentally.
Dragonite was not only a literal lifesaver, but also (along with Eevee, now Espeon) a kind and steady presence during that less than stellar mental period. Ice feels gratitude to the species because of that.
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foxgirlships · a month ago
Dark/Poison!! Like a cute yet deadly pokemon!!
Ohhh, I love Dark/Poison as a type!!!! It’s such a good combo aaaaaaaa 
I could be a Dark/Poison fox Pokémon...... cute and fluffy.... but also dangerous.... hehehehe >:3
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leopauldelr · a month ago
Tumblr media
ドラピオン VS マスキング
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Tumblr media
#452 - Drapion
Type: Poison/Dark
Abilities: Battle Armour/Sniper/Keen Eye
Base stats:
HP - 70
Attack - 90
Defence - 110
Special Attack - 60
Special Defence - 75
Speed - 95
With a great typing, sole weakness, solid base stats and a respectable movepool, Drapion is tragically underrated. 
Sporting natural bulk and even a good offensive presence, it can function in most team roles, whether you need a stallbreaker, late game sweeper, hole puncher or just straight up wall. It’s far from the best thing out there in any position, but that unpredictability means that can you can just throw it onto a team, and more often than not, it’ll pull its weight.
Taking all of Skuntank’s positives and refining them, Drapion isn’t one to be underestimated.
Swords Dance
Drapion @ Black Sludge/Shuca Berry
Ability: Sniper
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 Def
Jolly nature
-Swords Dance
-Knock Off
-Poison Jab
Drapion’s typing and bulk gives it plenty of switching opportunities, and it can easily set up a Swords Dance by forcing something out.
With a Jolly nature letting it outrun as much as possible, Drapion takes advantage of its least useless ability, Sniper, which powers up moves by a further 50% if they become critical hits, potentially letting them hit 2.25 times harder than they would normally.
The Black Sludge is a solid hold item, granting passive recovery and deterring item Trickers, as anything holding it that’s not a Poison-type will be damaged by it instead. If you don’t like the Black Sludge for whatever reason, the Shuca Berry protects it from its one weakness, halving the damage from exactly one Ground move. This can let it act as an emergency check or as a lure to random Earthquake users.
Swords Dance in the first slot boosts Drapion’s Attack stat by two stages with each use, which can turn it into a threat in little time. Knock Off is arguably its best STAB in slot 2, removing the target’s hold item and dealing hefty damage to anything that doesn’t resist. It doesn’t have Night Slash’s critical hit rate, and thus won’t benefit from Sniper as often, but the better utility is generally preferred.
Poison Jab also chooses reliability over Cross Poison’s higher crit rate, but packs great coverage alongside Knock Off, and Earthquake completes the package, as barely anything resists all three attacks, and Earthquake simply hits a lot of important targets hard, namely the bulky Steel- and other Poison-types that like to come in against Drapion.
Drapion @ Black Sludge
Ability: Battle Armour
EVs: 252 HP/56 Def/200 SDef
Impish nature
-Knock Off
-Toxic Spikes
Drapion’s base 110 Defence can’t be ignored. Its typing lets it take on a whole bunch of things with relative success, as it only has one weakness, and they’re generally pretty easy to avoid.
This set uses an Impish nature to boost its best stat, letting it tank hits as well as possible. 56 Defence EVs hits a nice jump point, while the HP is maxed out, and the rest are poured into Special Defence for optimal bulk. 
The Black Sludge make a repeat appearance on this set, passively healing Drapion while discouraging item Trickers, and Battle Armour is the ability of choice this time, preventing Drapion from getting hit for critical damage. It doesn’t happen often, and unless they use something that’s guaranteed to crit (like Frost Breath), you won’t even know if it made a difference, but it’s better than nothing.
Knock Off is the main attack on this set. It doesn’t hit as hard on this set as the previous, however its utility is invaluable, removing hold items and giving insight into the opponent’s strategies. 
Toxic Spikes lets Drapion set entry hazards for the team, poisoning anything that touches them, unless they’re immune. Other Poison-types can remove them by simply switching in, but nothing’s stopping Drapion from simply laying down more, so they’re consistently useful. 
Taunt in slot 3 stops other walls from irritating Drapion, as well as random things from attempting to set up against it, and also Defog users trying to get rid of its Toxic Spikes, giving it plenty of utility. Whirlwind on the other hand forces things to switch out, which can be used to either spread poison via the Toxic Spikes, or just end a boosting threat before it can attempt a sweep. The negative priority does harm its viability, however Drapion makes good use of it. 
Either of these moves can be swapped out for Earthquake if you need it, as Drapion can use it for coverage and checking other Poison- or Steel-types, helping the effectiveness of its Toxic Spikes.
Drapion’s low HP receives a much appreciated boost under Dynamax conditions, letting it tank plenty of damage while dishing out punishment. Sadly though, its typing and Max Movepool clash pretty horribly, where Max Ooze raises its Special Attack, and Max Darkness lowers the target’s Special Defence. At a base 60, Drapion’s never going to use its Special Attack, so it’s far from ideal to say the least. None of its non-attacking moves will work under Dynamax either, as they’ll simply turn into Max Guard and waste its time.
Max Quake is very useful however, raising Drapion’s Special Defence with each use, meanwhile Max Knuckle can boost its Attack via the underpowered Brick Break, and even Max Steelspike is available to raise its Defence with every use, so Drapion is more of a tanky Dynamax user rather than a purely offensive one, but it’s got plenty of Max Movepool to play around with.
With Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl coming later this year, Drapion could well gain a Gigantamax form, especially considering how much Aaron loves it. A Poison-type G-Max STAB that throws out a layer of Toxic Spikes while damaging the target would suit it perfectly, however this is just speculation, so don’t quote this.
Other Options
As mentioned in the intro, Drapion is perfectly capable of more than the listed sets. They can combine into a stallbreaker that sets up with Swords Dance and shuts down walls with Taunt at the same time. It may struggle for coverage with only two moves, but it’s more than useable under the right circumstances.
A Choice Band or Scarf set is also perfectly viable, given its respectable Attack and Speed stats. The loss of Pursuit does harm it, but there’s plenty of movepool to fill in that gap, including the elemental fangs, Rock Slide, Leech Life and Aqua Tail. The latter is transfer only, but good coverage against incoming Ground-types.
Agility is useable instead of Swords Dance to boost Drapion’s Speed instead, but it generally prefers the power, meanwhile it has enough bulk to use Rest and Sleep Talk somewhat effectively. Manual Toxic can be used instead of Toxic Spikes to poison Flying or Levitating targets, but it doesn’t have the same utility or feel as the Spikes, so it’s not as recommended.
The Assault Vest is also viable, boosting its otherwise mediocre Special Defence at the cost of limiting it to attacking moves only. Leech Life really shines here, letting it drain HP away from targets while tanking most special hits.
It can float on an Air Balloon to avoid Earthquakes, but this only works for as long as Drapion can avoid direct damage altogether, as any other direct attack (other than Psychic) will pop the balloon and remove its Ground immunity.
Checks and Counters
As Drapion only has one weakness, it tends to draw in that one weakness, so it better prepare itself to fend off Ground-types. Any with decent physical bulk can threaten, as they can tank a couple of hits even after Swords Dance, and then hit hard with a STAB Earthquake. The likes of Rhyperior, Steelix and Gliscor are all great answers, possessing great physical bulk and resisting at least one of its common attacks. Gliscor even has Poison Heal to keep it healthy if Drapion manages to poison it on the switch in, making it an even bigger threat.
Krookodile and Tyranitar resist both of its STABs, and can hit it hard with Earthquakes of their own, but Krookodile isn’t especially bulky, and Tyranitar won’t take Earthquake all that well itself, so they’re not solid answers, but still pretty good options.
Skarmory and Corviknight are immune to Poison Jab and Earthquake, and have the bulk to tank a few Knock Offs, and can wear it down with Brave Bird or Body Press, force it out with Whirlwind if it gets too strong, and heal off damage with Roost. Neither of them will like being Taunted by the defensive set, but they’ll generally win one on one.
Both forms of Weezing can tank its hits, and the Galarian variant is about the only thing that resists all of its common attacks, assuming Levitate. Either of them can burn it with Will-o-Wisp and whittle its HP away with Pain Split, but they’re also vulnerable to Taunt, so not perfect answers.
They rarely use a Choice Scarf, so anything naturally faster than it can at least threaten, particularly if they have a strong STAB. Consider the likes of Flygon, Infernape or Starmie, as none of them can switch in entirely safely, but will happily finish a weakened one off.
Simple offensive pressure can wear Drapion down over time, as it lacks reliable recovery. Its Special Defence is significantly lower than the physical, so strong Flamethrowers, Ice Beams and similar can generally 2-3HKO. As long as the user isn’t directly threatened, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
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neonheartz · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
451 / 452
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divine--tragedy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi hi hi!! I redesigned my main boys, the old designs were umh very filled with my own trauma and started to make me uncomfortable as it twisted the wrong way, I have a few vent art comics that explain it better and I'll probably post them soon enough.
I hope you like them!! :] i still have to give them clothing and i will make a post for each singular ref later on!
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