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almost-john-work · 16 hours ago
It’s absolutely incredible how every single theme song from any part of the Drakengard / NieR series that I have heard so far is just That Good. Like there’s a bunch of good video game music out there but whomever Yoko Taro got to compose for him is peak That Good.
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drag-on-dragoon · a day ago
if a normal person asked me for wlw media recommendations they would try to kill me when i answered
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jadesnapart · a day ago
Tumblr media
“The first time I saw this flower... was the day I died.”
im here for EN reincarnation in a year
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jadesnapart · a day ago
zero reincarnation colors
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taravapeandgame · a day ago
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#livre #livrestagram #lecture #nier #yokotaro #drakengard #nierreplicant #nierautomata #thirdeditions #squareenix #cosplay #pinkaesthetic #ps4 #niergestalt #niercosplay #kawaiigirl #emil #2b #anime #floralgrunge #gaming #kawaiigrunge #otaku #instagaming #pretty #kawaii #nierautomatacosplay #gamergirl
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wvoukbb · a day ago
Tumblr media
hey little bitches!
ps: this time my brain is heavily based on an idea from the kid jokes: what did the BIG flower say to the little flower? - "Hey bud!"
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indexvirus · a day ago
Now that I've replayed Drakengard 1-3, Nier Gestalt and Automata and played Replicant, I got to say these games are good.
You know you can go straight from...
"Ah, hell yeah nice butt"
"why am I even alive anymore..."
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video-game-jams · a day ago
Drakengard 3 - Aethervox
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sweetchcolate · a day ago
“Until that time comes, no matter how many times my life is lost, I will protect you.”
Don’t mind me, I’m just thinking back on all the endings where Mikhail dies (and Zero’s subsequent reaction) 😭😭😭
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reflectionsofacreator · 2 days ago
look, if you take Drakengard 1′s version of Growing Wings and throw some “normal” music onto it you’re doing it wrong and it’s a bad cover 
it’s supposed to sound bad and that’s why it FUCKS
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lavendermarker · 3 days ago
I am so engrossed in NieR Replicant rn it's not even funny
God it's so good.... I'm so happy to finally be playing it for myself.
And I'm excited to talk about the whole story with my best friend whenever he gets through ending D/E
(I'm still working through ending A but I know the full story of the game from when I played Automata and went on a deep dive into Drakengard/Nier to learn as much as I could)
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mxgbf · 4 days ago
Ain't it fucked up knowing that with all the info the drakenier universe and Yoko Taro has provided us the most likely answer to the origin of the gods that fucked over humanity and want to destroy them completely is probably the fault of whatever data was left behind during the white chlorination syndrome pandemic and YorHa creating shit with that info to fight off the alien invasion on the dark side of the planet (such as Accord, Dragons, a recreation of old world magic, and potentially the fucking FLOWER OF DESTRUCTION)
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jadesnapart · 4 days ago
WIP for zero’s new look in NieR:Reincarnation
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nyu4nyu5nyu · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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daddopenguin · 4 days ago
Drakengard 2 is really hit or miss but.....
It has this banger so I'll give it points on that (Along with Legna's theme)
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