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#dr strange x reader
blood 11 - Strange/Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dr. Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult Themes, smut, adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence
Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. When the king disappears during battle, hope is lost and he is presumed dead.
When the late king’s uncle, Obadiah, takes the throne until your brother Peter is of age, he quickly arranges a marriage for you with a wicked king in a neighboring kingdom.
With the realms politics in question, and rumors of an upcoming siege to overthrow Peter’s rule before it starts, you quickly learn who is loyal to the crown and who is not.
part 10 - part 12
Chapter Playlist
11 - a battle cry
“Good as new,” Wanda helped Stephen sit up, her arm wrapped around his torso, his arm sling over her shoulders. 
“I feel like a horse ran over me,” he grumbled, pressing a finger to his temple. 
You’d long fallen asleep, though you’d been too stubborn to leave his side and sleep in a proper bed. Instead, you’d curled up in one of the ornate chairs and passed out, hand draped as close as physically possible to the injured sorcerer. 
“It was an herb from Brock’s kingdom that stopped the blooding from clotting,” Wanda explained, summoning the book she’d read the antidote in. “It’s rare, even for that kingdom, and she wouldn’t have had enough to cover all the arrows.”
“Someone must be bitter,” he commented dryly. “I don’t know why, I’ve been nothing but nice to the old witch.”
“You weren’t exactly subtle in your romancing of the princess,” Wanda reminded him with a knowing smirk. 
“Not a good enough reason to try and kill me,” he decided, standing and giving his arms and torso a stretch. The wound still tickled slightly when he shifted, a side effect of the magic used to seal the cut. “Now, do we have any idea why the princess is a homing signal of magical energy?”
Both of their eyes fell on you. Your seidr had spread, making gentle waves of violet light over your skin as you slept. It was almost overwhelming how powerful it felt to the magic users. Stephen felt almost suffocated and he didn’t miss how Wanda skirted the edge of the room, avoiding direct contact with you. 
“Loki sent a raven to Asgard,” Wanda supplied. “Hopefully Frigga has a suggestion.”
“It won’t matter if Amora keeps her wards up,” he huffed in frustration. “There’s nothing at Kamar-Taj on the subject that I’ve been able to find. The ancient Asgardians were effective in their campaign.”
“I’ve solidified the wards around the keep as best I could, but this is going to break through and Amora will know,” Wanda warned, chewing her bottom lip anxiously. 
Stephen tried reaching for your hand but the seidr snapped back at him like a guard dog ready to fight. He ran a tired hand over his face, shaking his head at the situation. This certainly was not ideal.
“We maintain our plan of attack,” Peter instructed, pouting around the base of the castle. “We’re going to use the tunnels.”
“The wards are all around the castle,” Loki protested. “There’s no way in.”
“My sister, Gods rest her soul, had snuck past every ward that every Master had put on the castle,” he pulled up the map Sam handed him and drew his finger across the page. “They’re outside the boundary lines and protected by older runes. The wards don’t effect them.”
“The problem is, we can’t bring enough men to thoroughly attack their forces from within,” Sam continued, eyeing Loki. “We have to take down Amora and break down the wards so our men can get through.”
“That’s a suicide mission,” Loki frowned. “She’ll kill anyone on sight.”
“And you trained under your mother as well,” Peter noted. “You know her tricks and capabilities. If anyone is getting close to her, it’s you.”
“Peter, I appreciate your enthusiasm but I’ve tried killing her numerous times in the past,” Loki replied tersely. “We’re evenly matched. If she has any other magic users with her, that’s it.”
“We need something more powerful then,” Thor reasoned pointed, looking to Loki with a knowing stare.
“Short of a miracle, we’re limited in what we have until more Asgardians arrive,” Peter countered. “We need to get inside and take back the castle.”
Loki had fallen silent. 
There was a way. A force of magic more powerful than any known user could imagine.
It was risky to say the least, and he knew at least one person would disagree.
“Absolutely not,” Stephen snapped throwing his hands up. “Have you lost your mind?”
“She’s going to be found regardless,” Loki directed the statement to Tony. “And intrinsically, her seidr will lower Amora’s defense enough for myself or one of us to get a move in edgewise.”
“It isn’t entirely unreasonable,” Wanda voiced, earning a glare from Stephen. “We send in the guard with her to protect her from a physical threat... certainly she would be able to handle any magical ones.”
“She’s untrained,” Stephen stressed again, looking to Tony for support. “What if, Gods help us, the seidr stops doing whatever it’s doing? We don’t know. It’s too unpredictable and unreliable to make a plan centered around it.”
The trio had tasked you with helping some of the wounded men while they debated Loki’s suggestion after he’d returned from the battle front. The general agreement had been that you would have immediately volunteered and that didn’t bode well for some of the logistic issues that needed to be brought up ahead of you charging headfirst into battle.
“It defeats the point of faking her death,” Tony agreed, looking to Loki for a rebuttal. 
“It doesn’t,” he insisted. “Amora won’t see it coming. Not until it’s too late.”
“That’s rubbish and you know it,” Stephen snapped back. “She could be across the kingdom and anyone with a speck of magic in their system would sense her coming. She’s a storm of uncontrolled energy.”
“Is she?” Loki asked innocuously, quirking a brow. “I certainly don’t feel anything in here... isn’t she only the next room over?”
Stephen froze. 
The Asgardian prince was right. 
He couldn’t feel your seidr anywhere in the room, outside of it, or within the castle walls at all. 
“What did you do?” he asked, dumbfounded. 
Loki held up a small amulet and he heard Tony suck in a breath of surprise. 
“Where did you find that?” the king demanded, standing from his chair and reaching for the necklace. Wrapping his fingers around the amulet himself, he ran his fingers around the edges while he listened. 
“Your late queen entrusted it to my mother,” Loki explained. “It arrived an hour ago with her written incantations to seal the seidr temporarily. It had to be taken by Lady Sif to the Asgardian border, then transported to Kamar-Taj by Mordo, and delivered to me by Wong. A lot of trouble went into getting it and I would hate to see it go to waste…”
Tony clutched the the chain of the amulet in his fist and held it up for Stephen to better see. 
It was definitely old, with weathered metal and jewels embedded in the ridges that had long lost their luster to time. 
“If there’s a chance, it would be in this,” he stated firmly in agreement. “Alexandra used it while she was still training her abilities with Frigga. It saved a lot of trouble while she experimented and on her death bed, when her powers were in a frenzy, this protected the kingdom from harm.”
He turned it over and showed the sorcerer the rune on the back. Stephen was, admittedly, unfamiliar with the symbol. It resembled old Asgardian, but the way the letters curved suggested another origin.
“Vanir,” Tony explained when Stephen flickered his gaze up curiously at the king. “She found it in an old temple on the outskirts of Asgard near the old Vanaheim border.”
“The princess keeps it with her, and we slip in undetected,” Loki continued. “We ambush Amora, and Peter’s troops break the siege and the castle is once again under the proper Stark royal.”
“I don’t see why the princess can’t remain here, with the amulet, undetected and safe while we deal with Amora?” Stephen seethed. 
“Stephen, it’s as best a plan we have,” Wanda urged, watching him with a steady gaze. “You knew the potential outcomes. It isn’t ideal, but this isn’t unexpected.”
“What?” Tony looked to her, furrowing his brow. “What do you mean? Was there more than you told me?”
“Nothing has changed in your destiny,” she quickly assured him. “But your children... their paths have been sporadic.”
“Explain, now,” Tony shot back. “Are they in danger?” 
“Your majesty, it’s best not to dwell on potential futures,” Loki cut in, slipping between the king and the sorceress with an arm. “They’re possibilities, not guarantees. Tampering to avoid certain outcomes is how you end up in a worse scenario than anticipated.”
“I want to know,” Tony snapped, looking to Wanda. “What else did you see?”
She looked up at Stephen uneasily and he finally relented, holding up a hand in her direction and taking over the explanation for her. 
“They were cloudy,” he replied. “The princess was in the throne room during the siege. Prince Peter was nearly overwhelmed by a wave of Northern Kree. They were vague and not necessarily connected.”
He left out the part where you were stabbed. 
Stabbed through the heart, more specifically, but Brock Rumow’s sword. It’d devastated him for days after Wanda had shown him the visions. He’d worked so hard to keep you out of the castle, to move you t safety, and avoid the very outcome. 
But it seemed the fates were not done with your part of the story. 
“You told me this ended with me by the throne,” Tony turned on Wanda. “My children out of harms way. Peter’s coronation.”
“Nothing is certain,” Loki caught him by the arm and spun him back toward him and Stephen. Tony from, fixing up the prince who dared touch royalty so directly. “The visions are murky. They’re not clear and if they were to be solidified by the decision we make, we would know.”
Tony looked to Wanda who nodded slowly in agreement. His boyd language softened.
“Is this truly the only chance we have at taking the castle?” he looked between the trio. 
Stephen saw something in the king’s eyes that begged for one of them to disagree. 
But even Stephen could see the inevitable. 
Amora was too powerful and too evenly matched against any or all of them.
Using your seidr was the only way to overwhelm her and kill her.
He hated it. Gods he hated it so much and had prayed, despite not necessarily being a religious type, that someone would have a better plan. Loki and Wanda were among the strongest after himself, after all. 
The room remained silent at the kings question.
When no one objected, Tony swallowed hard and nodded to himself. 
“Bring her in then,” he murmured. “We must move quickly.”
Stephen offered to retrieve you, quickly filling you in on the idea. 
And to no surprise, you readily agreed and volunteered your help in whatever capacity you could manage. Stephen sighed, weaving his fingers through yours while stopping outside the meeting room.  
No seidr was fighting back at his touch. 
Loki’s amulet was working. 
“I’d hoped you would put up more of a fight,” he confessed, lifting your hand and seeing none of the violet glow that once emitted from your body.  
“You nearly died,” you reminded him tersely. “I have a bone to pick with Amora. Not to mention, there’s nothing more I loved to see than Brock’s body skewered on the top of one of our men’s swords.”
There was a venom to your tone that seemed almost unnatural considering your usual caring personality. Never had Stephen seen you so determined to cause harm to another human, but perhaps he’d underestimated the fury you felt toward the enemy king. 
“Right,” he murmured, giving your hand a squeeze and pulling away. He opened the doors, ushering you inside while the others began detailing the plan. 
Peter was directing his men when a portal opened up and Loki stepped through with Stephen and a cloaked figure. 
“We need a distraction away from the base of the castle,” Stephen explained briskly, maneuvering his body so Peter couldn’t get a good look at the third figure. 
Assuming it was just Wanda, Peter turned his attention to the battalion nearby.  
“I can have them make a move for the western wall, but it’d be pointless if Amora’s sorcerers have up their barriers,” he explained, running an anxious hand through his hair. “They’ve barred us off.”
“We just need attention diverted long enough to slip through the tunnel system,” Stephen supplied, sending a knowing nod in Peters direction.
Three powerful magic users? Going in undetected? 
They were going to break down the barrier, Peter realized and immediately started rallying more men. 
“Thor! We need a distraction,” he called to the Asgardian prince. Thor reached for the large hammer on the ground next to him and lifted it to the air. 
The sky began to crackle above them, and Thor’s expression filled with an excited glee.
“That, my friend, I think we can manage,” he bellowed, grinning between Loki and Peter, turning to wake the Asgardian soldiers who’d been sleeping in the camp nearby. 
“I’ll start the first wave, give us thirty minutes to start an approach before trying to breach the tunnels,” he instructed, again trying to catch the eye of the cloaked figure. 
He couldn’t be sure, but he almost thought the person’s eyes were glowing violet, not red. 
Chalking it up to a lack of sleep, the group started toward the castle in the darkness at the edge of the forest, and Peter focused on readying his men. 
What Peter didn’t know was what his father had planned for after the shield fell. 
The Wakandans had finally arrived and in greater numbers than King T’Challa had originally promised. 
They’d remained discreet and undetected by Rumlow and Obidiah’s forces, and once the shield was down, they were prepared to storm the castle with the entire combined armies of Tony, Thor, T’Challa, Carol, and Peter. 
The final key was taking down Amora and her circle of magic users. 
Ultimately, once she fell, the others would quickly fall in turn and that was exactly why you were trudging through the forest with Loki and Stephen toward one of your preferred tunnels to the castle. While Peter and his men readied their attacks.
“Natalia and James are still inside posing as servants,” Stephen explained. “They have agreed to lead us to Amora. They sent a message through one of the kitchen maids’ sons.” 
“No one recognized them?” you asked in surprise. 
“We both know how talented they are at blending in,” he hummed with a sly smirk. “In fact, I seem to recall Natalia being the one to show you the tunnels in the first place. They didn’t garner their reputation for nothing.”
You let out a small breath of relief. Of course he was right. If anyone had a penchant for survival and adaptability it was Nat and James. Still, they were your friends and beloved companions, you were going to be worried about their well-being assassins or not. 
At least Peter was still in one piece. And Morgan and Pepper were in good spirits in Asgard, at least according to Loki. Your family was safe, but even so, Stephen had insisted upon accompanying you and Loki into the belly of the castle. 
You’d protested significantly. He was healing. He was a target. It was too dangerous with Amora, and he’d countered backwith similar arguments. 
In the end, your father made the final call, sending you both and joking the two of you would do well to protect one another. 
“Perhaps when this is over, you and your sorcerer can come to Asgard to train,” Loki murmured while Stephen scouted ahead for any stray troops. 
“And here I thought the offered had been rescinded after Stephen showed up and started to tutor me?” you teased, recalling the conversation you’d had with the prince at the ball honoring Stephen’s arrival all those years ago. 
“It was always there, you know that,” he replied, glancing you over. “You forget I was tasked to look after you. My mother would be pleased to see you both. When Strange studied in Asgard briefly, she had nothing but high praise.”
You could tell the compliment bristled your old friend and you set a hand on his shoulder. 
“Everything has changed, hasn’t it?” you asked quietly, watching Stephen’s darkened form maneuver the wilderness ahead. 
“The dawn is going to rise on a new kingdom,” he agreed. “My father will be disappointed in your selection of a groom.”
You felt your cheeks warm at the off handed comment, though you didn’t bother to object. Stephen was the one. Your heart couldn’t even consider another. Not now. Not after all you’d been through together and how he so lovingly knew you mind, body, and soul. 
“And your mother?” you asked lightly. 
“She’ll be thrilled regardless,” he hummed. “You’re the daughter she never had. She adored your mother, you know that, and promised to take care of you. Marriage or not.”
You paused, carefully selecting your next words. 
“What about you?” 
He stilled. You must have taken him by surprise, or maybe no one had ever asked him directly. Loki looked forward at the tree line ahead, taking a few moments longer than expected to give you an answer. 
“I’ll be fine,” he said quietly.
You were about to open your mouth to ask him if he really meant it, when Stephen reappeared in the shrubs in front of you. 
“The areas clear and I can hear Peter and Thor have started their attack. We need to move now,” he waved the two of you over and you sent a final glance to Loki who flashed a small, reassuring, smile before following shortly behind. 
One step at a time, you reminded yourself, your heart giving a small throb of guilt at his reaction. Marriage, betrothal, none of it mattered until your enemies fell. 
12- a memory 
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kimistorm · a day ago
Thanks for Listening (Doctor Strange x Reader Part 10)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Doctor Strange x fem! Reader
Series: It’s all a Little Strange, Chapter 10 Masterlist
You were sitting in front of Daniel’s tomb. The weather was falsely bright and sunny. Part of you was saying that you should go spar with Stephen. The other part was telling you to rest and let yourself heal. However, you were in front of Daniel’s tomb. Mourning his death. “I’m sorry I didn’t do anything. I was there. I could’ve used my element of surprise. I could’ve fought harder.” Tears were slowly falling down your face as you cried for your friend, “believe it or not, Stephen has actually been rather nice to me. I think we’re finally starting to see eye to eye. He got the Cloak of Levitation.” You wiped your tears away with your hand and fell into silence.
“Thanks for listening. You’ve always been my best friend who’s always there for me. I wish I told you that when you were still alive.” You tried to smile but it proved to be a fruitless effort, “I hope you’re in a better place.” You continued to sit there. In front of his tombstone. You couldn’t find the energy to get up and do anything.
“I thought I’d find you here.” You jumped and spun around to see Stephen.
“Oh.” You turned back to the stone, “leave me alone.”
There was movement next to you and Stephen sat down next to you, “you can’t just sit around and do nothing (f/n).”
“Who says I can’t?” you tried to retort but it was a sad retort without much venom behind it.
“There’s a war going on (f/n). You wouldn’t want Daniel to die for no reason, would you? It’s our job to finish the war. Don’t let him die in vain.”
You shook your head, “sorry to disappoint.”
“Go away Strange. I don’t want you here.”
“What happened (f/n)?” he asked and it sounded like he was hurting inside, “what changed? I thought we were starting to be friends.”
“You want to know what?” you turned and looked at him, “I’m angry at you Stephen. All my life I’ve been working and training to use a relic, and here you are in your glory. You’re able to use the Eye of Agamotto no problem! You’ve even convinced the Cloak of Levitation to be your relic! Where am I? I’m just a nobody who doesn’t even have a relic.”
“Oh. I’m sorry you feel that way.”
“So am I.” You redirected your attention to the still stone in front of you, “I need time to mourn Stephen. So can you please go away.”
You didn’t see his conflicted face before he asked, “can I tell you something?”
“Hasn’t stopped you before.” You scoffed.
There was a pause and you turned to look at him, “this could totally shake everything you know.”
“I don’t want to know. I’m already hurting, I don’t need anything more.”
“Okay,” he quietly answered and stood up, “I’ll be sparring with Mordo if you need me.” There was the crunching of boots on gravel and you knew he was gone.
You let your head rest on the cold stone, “what should I do?”
You were still sitting in front of Daniel’s tombstone. You hadn’t moved since Stephen had left you. You heard boots on gravel again, “go away Stephen.”
“Oh,” you turned around when you realized it wasn’t Stephen’s voice, “I’m sorry Wong. I thought you were Stephen.”
“We’re preparing to defend the Hong Kong Sanctum. Are you coming?” he asked.
“I don’t know Wong,” you looked away from him, “I’m not really at peak performance.”
“You’re an excellent fighter, we need you on our side. You know what will happen if we lose Hong Kong.” He persuaded.
Wong was also one of your closer friends and you respected him a lot. It was hard to argue against him. “Fine,” you relented and stood up, but your legs collapsed underneath you since they had fallen asleep from you sitting down for who knows how long. Luckily, Wong was there to catch you.
“We won’t let Kaecilius win this war.” He whispered.
You nodded, “I’m right with you.” Wong led the way to the door that led to the Hong Kong Sanctum. It was already open and people were going through the door to prepare for the fight.
“Choose your weapons wisely!” he shouted to the people in the room. He picked up the Wand of Watoomb. Then picked up another relic and handed it to you.
“Is this-?” you looked at the two hollowed disks in your hands with the s stretching across the empty center.
“A chakram relic?” Wong finished your sentence and you nodded, “yes.” You looked at it in awe. “No one steps foot in this Sanctum!” Wong commanded and spun around his wand dramatically, “no one.” The people quickly dispersed outside of the building to be in ready fighting positions.
“He’s here.” You whispered to Wong as you saw the bright light that signified a portal and followed him to confront Kaecilius as he approached the Sanctum.
“Kaecilius.” Wong warned.
“You’re on the wrong side of history, Wong.” Kaecilius warned and lunged at him. The street exploded into fighting and you and Wong fought Kaecilius. “Oh I remember you,” he mused, “weren’t you stabbed?”
You spun the chakram at him and at the last moment spikes protruded out of the side which took both you and Kaecilius by surprise. He smiled, “you’ve never used this relic before, have you?” you faltered at his grin and took a scared step back.
“Back off!” Wong yelled and hit his wand at Kaecilius.
“There’s only three of them, we can do it!” you shouted words of encouragement.
“That’s what you think.” Kaecilius smiled. The building behind you suddenly burst open and Dormammu emerged from the broken building. “Oh no!”
Kaecilius started to cackle triumphantly, “there’s nothing you can do now! Earth belongs to Dormammu now!”
“If we defeat him, might we be able to stop this?” you asked Wong.
“There’s a very small chance it’ll work.”
“A small chance is better than no chance.” You ran at Kaecilius with your chakrams and Wong went around. You dodged multiple of his punches but each one of your hits was successfully dodged by Kaecilius as well.
“Weak.” He snarled and grabbed your arm and threw you at a crumbling building. You hastily put up a shield above you but your leg got crushed by a piece of cement. You screamed at the pain and your shield went down, along with the rest of the building on top of you.
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greasymarshmello · 2 days ago
D.S x Reader!Platonic Chapter 5
Doctor Strange x Reader (PLATONIC!!!)
This takes place after the movie and before infinity war and endgame//
Summary I guess// You are out late one night and you get snatched into an alleyway by some random sorcerer. The man attacks you and demands money, but of course you don’t have any, so he tries to kill you before another man comes out of a portal, scared , you try to run away after the man that tried to mug you is killed, but the sorcerers cape grabs you before you make it out. You are spelled unconscious and wake up in a sanctum, you meet the man who saved you, and you learn the mystical arts. What happens to you and this man you will eventually call family? And what happens when you lose it all?
This is going to suck
Chapter 5 //Past and explanations//
Stephens POV
I honestly felt bad for y/n, she obviously has had a rough past around doctors. It's been a half hour since the doctors have been done with her, and I refuse to leave her side until she wakes up. We can't have her freak out and possibly open up any stitches. While she's been asleep, well, half asleep, she keeps whispering words. Just random words. Like she's whispering for 'help' and chanting the words 'sorry' and 'I didnt mean to'. I'll have to ask her about it once she's stable, and awake.
y/n POV
I slowly start blinking awake in a dimly lit room. I panic again for a split second until I see Stephen. I am still strapped down to the bed, and my wounds are cleaned, stitched, and bandaged. I guess they did mean well, I'll have to apologize to the lady I kicked in the shin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
" Stephen. " I say getting his attention. " Oh, y/n are you alright? '' before i could answer he cut me off- " Oh what am I saying of course you aren't, you were burnt and cut when I found you and then I forced you to relive an obvious trauma- " Now it's my turn to cut him off. " Ste, your hands are shaking again calm the fuck down. " I say casually. He gasps dramatically, putting his hand to my heart. " y/n Hailey Wilson! " He says to me, his voice and octave higher. I know what he's doing now, he's just trying to get a smile out of me, he does that when he knows if somethings wrong. " Stephen Vincent Strange. " I say back with a shit eating grin on my face. " First of all, language, second of all, how do you know my full name? " He looks at me, and I just stare back.
" Wong " We eventually say in unison. I start full out laughing, tears threatening to spill. Stephen is next to me laughing as well.
We both calm down and just enjoy the silence. I just then realize that Stephen hasn't let go of my left hand ever since I woke up. He must have been worried. He doesn't usually show emotion, unless it's anger, he shows that one the most but I think it's just to get me off his scent.
He's not just an emotionless prick like I first thought.
Stephens POV
And she's not just another kid with a huge ego.
Hey it's marshy, just to clear things up, this story is a bit confusing at the moment. The next few chapters will explain most of the crap going on. And just to let you know- school starts soon for y/n, starting her junior year at midtown, and yes you guessed it, her best friends include Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and MJ, and you guessed it again- this is a future Peter Parker x reader story// I'll be changing some of the people who get snapped away, ik ik im not supposed to do that but it's what I wanna do.
Also I'll give a follow to anyone who can guess the future crossover and who y/ns long lost brother is (it's pretty easy) :)
bye bye see ya next chapter.
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whoppert · 2 days ago
changing my meds have really taken it out of me but i will be uploading my new loki and stephen strange fight over reader fic by the end of the week!! 🕷️🌸🕸️💞🖤🌼
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clickbait-official · 2 days ago
resting by the fire
160 words
Stephen and you huddle by the fireplace at night after making snow angels in the fresh snow.
You shiver in his embrace.
"It-it's cold, Stephen..." You say as your fingers curl around his.
"I know it is." He says with a smile.
He lights up the fireplace. As the firelight dances over his face, you get lost in those eyes of his. Bottomless pools that look back at you.
You lean in.
His lips meet yours. His arms wrap around you as he draws you closer.
For the first time in years, you feel warm. Safe.
You are home.
You're cuddled up together in the sheets later that night, with your head tucked under his chin.
"We should do this more often." He says.
"Mm... Yes, we should." You reply, nestling in even closer. "I love you, Stephen."
"I love you too." He says as he places a kiss on your head.
Neither of you go to sleep that night.
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huxs-waifu · 3 days ago
Chapter 3 will be up soon! in the mean time here's 10,000 nights playlist :)
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greasymarshmello · 3 days ago
D.S x Reader!Platonic Chapter 4
Doctor Strange x Reader (PLATONIC!!!)
This takes place after the movie and before infinity war and endgame//
Summary I guess// You are out late one night and you get snatched into an alleyway by some random sorcerer. The man attacks you and demands money, but of course you don’t have any, so he tries to kill you before another man comes out of a portal, scared , you try to run away after the man that tried to mug you is killed, but the sorcerers cape grabs you before you make it out. You are spelled unconscious and wake up in a sanctum, you meet the man who saved you, and you learn the mystical arts. What happens to you and this man you will eventually call family? And what happens when you lose it all?
This is going to suck
Chapter 4 //Hospitals, Fears, and FlashBacks//
Stephens POV
I was looking for certain books in the library to help with y/ns training. She's a bright young kid, reminding me of myself a couple years back when I was kind of a dick to everyone. She has shared a lot with me, vise versa, she has this metal bracelet she never takes off. But whenever I ask about it she always says that it's a story for another day. I mean it's probably from a friend so I don't pry. It does blink at random moments, in different colors. Maybe it's some kind of mood tracker. When she's calm or happy it's green, if she's sad it turns yellow while it blinks faster, and when she gets mad it blinks the fastest while it turns red. I saw it shock her once, she doesnt know I saw that. She just got comfortable around me and I don't want to force her to talk about anything. She's strangely never mentioned my scars, and I know for a fact she has noticed them. I'm grateful but curious. She's too sarcastic for her own good, she's smart but she is just now starting to open up and apply herself. She could even possibly wield one of the relics. To tell the truth I think she's starting to grow on me-
The ground starts shaking, and I drop all my books with a gasp. "y/n.." I mumble under my breath. I signal for Wong to make sure everyone gets to a safe place until the shaking stops.
I'm walking to y/ns closed room, currently on the stairs when I hear a blood-curdling scream coming from her room, along with a red light coming from under her door. I sprint there and break the door down to see her on the floor, her right arm burnt and bleeding out while she whispers out my name.
I pick up her head off the floor, she tries to look at me but her eyes roll into the back of her head and she falls unconscious.
Without thinking I open a portal to a supply closet in the hospital, hoping to find Christine, I pick up the bloodied y/n and walk through, closing the portal and almost sprinting out of the closet with y/n in my arms.
" CHRISTINE! HAS ANYBODY SEEN CHRISTINE?! " I yell over and over, until she's rushing out of the break room, gasping at the girl in my arms. " OH GOD- Stephen who is that? Is she ok?- " She begins asking me all these questions, that i tune out until 2 men come over and take her from me and start wheeling her away in a bed, but before I even knew what was going on my hands were on the bars on the edge of the bed, keeping it from moving when my knuckles started turning white, my scars showing.
" Stephen, you have to let her go, I promise she will be ok. I will be in there with her '' Christine says, while guiding my hands away, y/n no longer in sight. " You don't know that Christine, just let me- " She blocks my way, her eyes telling me to stay out here in the waiting room. " Stephen, she WILL be ok, I will be there. Your job right now is to wait and trust me. " She looks back to me before entering the operating room. Leaving me in the middle of the hallway out of breath trying to comprehend what just happened.
My eyes water as I slowly sit in one of the chairs in the waiting room. If I had kept my eye on her this wouldn't have happened.
y/n POV
I wake up slightly on a bed with a ton of people looking at computers around me. Nobody has noticed I'm awake yet. I then realized- I'm in a hospital. and these people are doctors. My heart rate picks up, I hear quick beeping, and the doctors start crowding me. I have a bad past with doctors. I push the most of them away from me, rip the cords out of my numb arm, and I get up in my bloodied clothes and sprint out the door ignoring the shouts of protest that follow me.
I needed to find Stephen.
I dont like admitting it but I was terrified.
The group of doctors have caught up to me, at this point I'm just trying to find the quickest way away from them. I'm running down a hallway, they are following me, when I run into a wall, which turned out to be Stephen.
" Stephen, they are following me, you gotta portal us out of here- " I say, shaking him. " hey- y/n stop shaking me, its ok they are helping you. " He says back. The group of doctors comes up to us.
I try to claw my way past Stephen but he grabs onto my good arm, and looks at me with worry in his eyes, " y/n i'm sorry. " He says to me. I know now that nobody is on my side.
I yell out for help while Stephen helps the doctors drag me back to that dreadful room I just escaped from.
Stephen is chanting 'sorrys' in my ear trying to calm me, while I'm forcefully layed back on the bed and strapped down. Stephen is holding onto my hand and trying to distract me but its not working. I fight against the belts they used to strap me down.
Another man starts talking to Stephen as he starts rubbing his thumb across the palm of my hand trying to soothe me. I'm hyperventilating and still trying to get out.
Stephen nods to something the other man said. He then looks at me. " y/n, just know I'm sorry in advance. " He says to me. Just leaves me confused, until someone comes up with an anesthesia machine. I shoot my head back to Stephen. " Stephen- Ste, please. Don't make me do this- don't- '' I get cut off by someone trying to put the mask over my face. I thrash around again, Stephens hand tightens around mine.
" Make her hold still, " one of the doctors said. " just breath " he says as he slips the mask on my face. I hold my breath.
" y/n you have to breathe. It will be ok, I promise, I wouldn't do this if it was going to hurt you. '' Stephen says to me. I start crying. He has never seen me cry. Ever. " Stephen no, I can't do this. I don't want to.... " I say, trying to stay awake. I don't hear what he says after that. but he started to tear up before everything went black again.
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scarletxwinter · 3 days ago
Strange and Sam, now have to lead the problematic society where they have to take care of things that Tony and Steve had taken care of before with stress, trauma, anxiety, and hope: 🤝
Wanda, Peter, Bucky, Alternative Loki being the ones to cause stress, anxiety, more trauma, yet with no hope to them: 🤝🤝
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lostinthoughts23 · 4 days ago
I loved saviour! It’s so good. Plus there aren’t many good Dr. Strange fics out there. Keep them coming gal..
Hey... thank you so much for reading!
I’m glad you like it! 💜😇
I’ll keep ‘em coming!
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aprilbeanos69 · 5 days ago
*Peter and Y/n bouta do some dumb shit*
Y/n :Bruh If we die we gotta make sure they make a Netflix documentary about our death
Peter: *Realizing Y/n is the girl he wants to marry*
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era-of-fear · 6 days ago
Daddy, Daddy!~ Dr. Strange
Tumblr media
Desc: Father headcanons for MCU Dr. Strange
~From the second his child is born, he has eyes on them, even when he isn’t there. 
~Not a single thing can happen to his child without him knowing. I mean he is ready to catch that kid anytime they fall down, anytime they start to wander too close to danger, or about to get into something they really shouldn’t be. 
~On that last note, just because he knows whats about to happen and he’s ready to catch them should something happen, he doesn’t always do that. Strange understands that sometimes accidents and mistakes are a part of growing up, and he will only interfere if these incidents are fatal. 
~You know those videos of dads explaining complex things to practical newborns and what not? He does that casually, not even for videos. Strange is telling his 2 month old about the multiverse and timelines and what not and the babies just like “wow I can’t function with my hands!”
~He teaches his kid about magic from a young age, though the child is very confused on real and fake magic (and the concept of illusions are bewildering) Strange decides to let them decide for themself. 
~This man. Will fight with his toddler. It doesn’t matter if it takes him 2 seconds or 2 hours, he will make them put on their shoes. He will sit at that table until they finish their vegetables (and he won’t move either, so its either you eat them or you sit there all night). 
~He is so snarky to his child, but gets genuinely surprised when they like dish it back. He’ll say something sarcastic, and his kid will sass him right back. Usually he finds it amusing though.
~Strange has to practically battle the Cloak of Levitation from his child, because its a whole ass magic carpet to them.
~The second Strange catches them using magic for mischief, he crushes it. Nope, your not being evil in my house kid. No, your not stealing or causing trouble. 
~I can see Strange as being a borderline helicopter parent with strict tendencies. He might always be watching, but he’s definitely not always reacting. He will slowly assemble lists in his head and reveal what he knows at crucial moments. (”No, you may not go to Kyle’s sleepover, you stole from the party store two weeks ago.”). When you can see everything, sometimes you keep it to yourself.
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marvel-sluts · 9 days ago
request: Could you make a Dr.Strange x Wizard reader.
Where Strange is helping reader master her powers and there have been sexual tension between them for a while until one decides to confess and perhaps some smut
- @creepybook (sorry it won't let me tag you)
a lesson in magic
Tumblr media
pairing: Stephen Strange x reader
warnings: FILTHY SMUT, unprotected sex, swearing, overstimulation, wong walking in on them.
summary: Stephen is trying to teach you a new spell, when an innocent act of comfort turns into something a lot less innocent.
a/n: I absolutely loved writing this, I haven't written smut in ages so this was great. thanks for the request. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"ugh I'm never going to get this" you groaned, watching the sparks fizzle out in the air.
"yes you will, come on. one more time and then we can have a break." Dr Strange said from behind you. "have this hand here, and this one here." he said, positioning the hands as he spoke. you were very aware of his hot breath against your neck, making your heart beat quicker. "try it now." he said, when he had finished adjusting your position.
you waved your hands in the air, trying with all your might to get this damn spell right. you watched the sparks float in the air for a second before they fizzled out just like last time, and the hundred other times before that. you sighed loudly, shoulders dropping in disappointment.
"you will get it eventually y/n, I can feel it." Stephen said, gently placing his hands on your shoulders and giving them a reassuring squeeze.
you tensed at his touch, skin tingling where he touched you and butterflies erupting in your stomach. "hopefully" you mumbled.
"yeah, hopefully" Stephen said, giving your shoulders another squeeze, making you moan slightly. you immediately clamped your hand over your mouth, face growing hot.
"don't be embarrassed darling." Stephen whispered in your ear, moving his hands from your shoulders to your hips quickly. he spun you around in his embrace as your eyes found his.
"do you want this?" he asked, always the gentleman.
"yes." you murmured, as he leant down and captured your lips in a breathtaking kiss. his lips felt like they were meant to be against yours.
"I've wanted to kiss you like that for so long." Stephen whispered against your lips when the two of you finally broke apart.
"me too." you whispered, gasping slightly as he lifted you up by the thighs, pressing you against a near by wall.
he kissed down your neck, whispering sweet nothings against your skin. "sorry about that love, I just couldn't help myself. you look so tempting." he said, kissing down your collarbone. "are you sure you want me to continue?" he asked, pulling away slightly.
"yes, please Stephen. I need you." you moaned, missing the contact between the two of you.
"okay darling." he mumbled, before attacking your neck with butterfly kisses. he pulled back again before adding “we should probably move this somewhere else, if Wong catches us we will get an earful about his precious books."
“fuck Wong” you hissed, slamming your lips on his harshly. he reached down, working on undoing your trousers until he finally got them around your knees. pulling your underwear aside he slid two fingers into your drenched pussy.
"my my, you are wet." he said, smirking at you.
you nodded, throwing your head back in ecstasy as he pumped his fingers in and out of your cunt. you reached your hand forward slowly, beginning to palm him through his trousers.
Stephen stopped his assult on your pussy, pulling your trousers and underwear completely off of you in one motion before reaching to undo his own trousers.
"no, let me." you said, sinking to your knees and unbuckling his trousers before pulling them down and discarding them in the growing pile of clothes.
you gasped at the size of him, long and thick with pre cum leaking from the angry red tip. you gave the head a small kiss and licking away the pre cum before slowly rising to your feet and looking into his lust filled eyes.
Stephen turned you around, backing you into a table before picking you up by your thighs again and lifting you onto it.
"please Stephen, I need you in me." you whimpered, bucking your hips against his, trying to get some friction.
he slowly lined up at your entrance, gently pushing into you until he bottomed out. pausing for a second to make sure you were okay he pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into you, making you moan loudly.
"your so tight darling." Stephen growled, starting a brutal pace. he hit your g spot everytime, making you throw your head back in ecstasy.
"that's it princess, take my cock." he hissed, pounding into you relentlessly.
"I'm gonna cum Stephen." you moaned, before he captured your lips in a harsh kiss.
"go on darling, cum all over my cock." he said once he had pulled away from the kiss.
you moaned as the vibrations took over your body, clamping down on his cock like a vice as he helped you ride out your orgasam.
Stephen kept pounding into you, determined to make you cum one more time before spilling his seed in you. he reached up to your pussy and started rubbing circles on it, making you moan at the oversitmulation.
"come on, cum for me again darling." he whispered.
"I- I can't." you stuttered.
"yes you can, let go for me." he said, adjusting himself so that he could go deeper into you.
you moaned loudly as the second wave of ecstacy hit you, clamping down on his cock again, triggering his own orgasam. he groaned loudly as you felt his hot cum paint your walls. he thrusted into you a few more times before pulling his throbbing cock out of you slowly and collapsing onto the table next to you.
"we should do that more often." you said, when you had caught your breath, smirking up at him.
before Stephen could reply the two of you heard the door to the library open. you whipped your head around to see the shocked face of Wong.
"what the fuck?"
safe to say, the two of you did get an earful about "doing that in the room with my precious books."
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mastermystic · 9 days ago
Stephen Strange x Male! Reader Headcannons
Tumblr media
Stephen meeting you first when he was a doctor and you came in to visit a family member in the hospital 
He started “accidentally” bumping into you whenever you came to visit 
On the day your family member was getting released from the hospital he tried to ask you out but got so nervous he basically threw a piece of paper with his number on it into your hand before hurrying off. 
You called him later that night and arraigned a time to go out for dinner
He was adorably awkward at asking you to be his boyfriend after the second date 
Being there to comfort him after his accident and supporting him through the many surgeries
Assuring him that you’d never leave him even if his hands were never going to be the same. 
Going with him to  Kamar Taj to support him but not being allowed in. 
Stephen teleporting into your room the moment he learns to properly use a sling ring
Celebrating his small victory together. 
Pacing your room for hours while Stephen faces off against Dormamu and helping him recover from the trauma afterwards. 
Going to live with him in the Sanctum Sanctorum. 
Taking Wong’s side sometimes just because Stephen’s reaction is funny. 
Getting along well with Wong, and having him tell Stephen to treat you properly. 
Low-key just being best buddies with Wong and Stephen getting low-key jealous sometimes. 
The cloak of levitation wrapping itself around you randomly or pulling Stephen towards you. 
Stephen still being amazed and love-struck every-time you introduce yourself as Stephen’s boyfriend. 
Getting to teleport instantly to where ever you want 
Stephen and Wong teaching you enough magic and fighting skills to protect yourself from threats 
Late night cuddles in bed talking about anything that pops into your minds. 
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huxs-waifu · 14 days ago
10,000 nights - Chapter 2- Loosening up.
Tumblr media
Chapter Summary:
So what happens after Chrissy and Dr strange are found in the closet together? even more sexual tension that's what. So this chapter there is nothing explicit again just some touching, chapter 3 though is where we are going to have some real hardcore smut XD !
Part one - can be found here 
A03 link -
Eventual Smut . Romance, Fluff and Smut, Cloak of Levitation (Marvel),Romantic, Comedy, Meet-Cute, Diabetes, Diabetic Reader, Medical Conditions, Daddy Kink, Stephen Strange & tony stark Friendship, Oblivious Stephen Strange, Flirting /Arguing. 
Chapter 2- loosening up 
The Cape releases us. Dusting myself off, before bending at the waist over to reach the bottle of wine we needed, not thinking about the position it put me in. My ass being directly lined up with his crotch. Just hearing Strange make a tutting kind of sound almost to make it clear,  he wasn't enjoying the view to anyone watching. The blush on his cheeks said otherwise. "This is the one. Thank you for your help Mr strange. I have work to attend to." Walking away as calm as possible, Tony gives a not so subtle wink, receiving an eye roll from Strange who is just the same trying to keep his composure as most of the party goes back to business, some still keeping a eye on the scene that has unfolded.
Dr strange walks out, standing next to Tony surveying the area around him." I don't have time to date Tony. I'm the master of the mystic arts. I'm busy learning,” placing his hand on his chin thinking in a fake manner “oh and protecting time."
His playboy companion leaning in glass barely to his lips. "That's exactly why you need to date or human contact. You need to have fun for at least one night. what has it been 3000 years since the car crash, McGonagall? Anyway isn't that the whole stick you have all the time in the world?"
"No, I have spells to learn and training to do. She would be too much of a distraction if something was to go wrong. Plus there's Wong as well."
"I didn't realise you and Wong were dating now. Distractions are good. They keep the world running longer." Taking a sip from his glass before raising it. "Look, you're drawn to her, for some reason in the universe. you may not know it but the Cape does." The cape in question straightens out a little when Tony mentions him. Tony nods towards the kitchen. The Cape itself took note of what was said, flying into action. Pulling Stephen along towards the open door.
Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen finally with my bottle of wine, placing it on the counter to restock the glasses from under the bar. Various people were milling around. A very large chested woman with long dark hair about the same age approaches me. "So you like the wizard huh?" she states, no beat missed.
"Whatever would make you say that?" Blushing a little at her observation, Stacking glasses more slowly as she spoke.
"I saw you in the cupboard, a bit old school but it works. Not my choice, the grey-haired stripe must just do it for some people"
Looking at her fully now the task was done, splitting into a smile. "He was the one to follow me in, you know."
"I'm Darcy by the way." Extending a hand.
"I'm Chrissy." Taking it shaking it lightly.
"British huh, not one of Shields undercover agents are you?"
Laughing, throwing my head back, in a jovial manner "why does everyone hear, think that when they hear the accent."
Darcy extends a finger coaxing me forward, drawing in closer, to say in a low tone. "Don't look now but I think you've drawn an admirer. The close quarters must have worked." looking a little over my right shoulder, Strange casually stepped into the kitchen. Feeling my ears burning red, that I'd maybe attracted a superhero. Was never my intention but the heat of arousal to the danger of it was definitely taking over.
Darcy clocks that my eyes are dilating with attraction. Reaching behind her she pulls on the arm of another man in the kitchen, making him turn to us two.The man in question is incredibly buff in a tight shirt, his arm muscles making the fabric bulge. With long sunny blond hair and beard. “Thor, THIS is my very good friend Chrissy. Chrissy, this is my very good friend Thor.” Announcing to the kitchen.
“A pleasure Lady Chrissy.” Bowing slightly, before taking another sip of the ale bottle in his hand. “ Not joining us for a drink tonight?”
“Why Thor!” faking a shocked voice, getting the hint of what Darcy was doing straight away. “ Of course not would be very wrong of me while working. I'll just have to think of other ways to be mischievous!” Winking at the pair.
“I like you.” Thor grins down at me as I rest more on the worktop in front of me. “Would maybe give my brother a run for his money. Depending on the mischief that is”
“Is it a habit of flirting with every superhero you come across? Or just a new one for tonight?” I hear from behind me. A warm presence now looking over me Dr strange had stepped closer to us three, a little too close to me standing behind no less than an inch keeping me trapped leaning forward on the counter. The conversion is too tempting not to get involved in.
“It's a newly formed habit. Mr Strange if you're trying to keep tabs on me.” Pushing myself up to stand fully, chuckling  “it's it for your own private records you want to know? I hope you're not writing an article about me I can assure you it would be very boring.”
“Perhaps Dr strange here is just trying to figure out if he needs to Examine, “ Darcy starts joining in placing the examine in air quotes with a wink. “you later in case this habit becomes worst.”
“I think you ladies have had your mischief for tonight. “ Thor injects in “Darcy lets let Chrissy get back to work.” dragging her around the counter.
Strange stepping back allowing me to turn and face him again. "So what changed your mind then about me? The Cape or the supposed daddy issues "
"Tony actually. He says I need to loosen up "
Darcy snorts "is that what you old men are calling it these days" overhearing from the other side.
“I'm not dealing with two of you tonight!” Strange says before placing a hand on my shoulder. The cracking of golden sparks fill my eyes as he Portals us back into the wine closet without warning.  
"Really back in the cupboard, how original." crossing my arms
“I'm not going to mess around. There is something here between us two. meeting twice must be for some reason.”
“I will admit it is a Weird circumstance but I have nothing to do with it as I keep trying to tell you.”
"Tony thinks that having some fun with you, will help me in some way. I'm tempted to humour him on this one. So will you help me loosen up as he put it?"
"Well as long as you show me something other than a closet.  Yes, I will DR strange."
"I'm not promising to show you the world like the Aladdin song if that's what you're after."
"No, I think the cloak." Gesturing "would get jealous of the carpet. Just seeing that handsome face in some daylight would be nice."
"So a date in daylight?" Still questioning himself why he is asking me out just because tony and the cloak told him to.
"Yes, I'd love to be seen in public with you if you can stand to be with me."
“I should think that's doable,'' smugly looking down at me realising he'd won a prize suddenly, moving me back so I'm caged between him and the shelf. Strange leans down to my ear. “So you said it twice now you think I'm handsome? More than Thor?” He's close enough now that I'm sure by now he can smell, the sweeter scent of me, the sweat kicking in more from a mixture of attraction and body heat.
“I say what I see. Why shouldn't I find you attractive Mr strange?” pushing myself back more into the rack behind me, as he smirks beside me before drawing back to his full height. The size difference is noticeable now, him being a good foot taller.
“If I think of any ill write you a list.” The snarky come back was quick. He draws out a gloved hand to cup my hip, coaxing me away from the wine rack. This time the touch is warming, looking down at the hand cupping me I couldn't help but smile. His other hand joined, trying to pull me forward. Chest swelling with a hitched breath at the touch, pushing my breasts out more. His eyes seem to rake down to them as he tugs at me.
“Ah, I see you don't need the cloak to do everything for you, Grumpy old man.” Stepping closer looking up into the bright blue eyes I had fallen into already that night. His grip tightening a tad on the rump of my back where both hands had slid around too.
“Are you always this quick with a comeback? Little one.” My own hand placing on his arm, the cloak picks at it sliding it closer up to the biceps. Feeling the toned muscle tense at the new closeness. His hands though gripping are light. Flexing to keep a gentle unsure hold on me.
“Not always. About the other night. I wasn't myself-” The door clicks again flooding in the light like the first time. Tony stood there again this time with Darcy giving a thumbs up.
“Really guys a second time?”
Part 3 - coming soon
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bri-made-a-mistake · 14 days ago
*clinks two wine glasses together*
would you hate me if i said i had a dr strange fic on the way?
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bespinbaddie · 15 days ago
Cocktails/Drinks that I think MCU characters would order
Part 2 ‼️
Here is part 2 of my list of drinks that I think our favs would order 🥰
Just a classic beer
Tumblr media
Scott Lang
Clover Club Cocktail
Gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup, and an egg white
Tumblr media
Bruce Banner
Vieux Carre
Rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth liqueur, Bénédictine, and Peychauds bitters
Tumblr media
French 75
Gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar
Tumblr media
Paloma Cocktail
Tequila, lime juice, and a grapefruit flavored soda
Tumblr media
Peter Quill
Classic Mojito
White rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint
Tumblr media
Penicillin Cocktail
Whisky, ginger, honey syrup, and lemon juice
Tumblr media
Espresso martini
Vodka, espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup
Tumblr media
Dark n’ stormy cocktail
Dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice, and simple syrup, garnished with a lime slice
Tumblr media
Strawberry Daiquiri
Ice, sugar, strawberries, lime juice, lemon juice, rum, and lemon lime soda, blended
Tumblr media
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dizzydancingdreamer · 15 days ago
The Calm in The Storm | Stephen Strange
Hey lovelies, happy Sunday! I deviated from my requests today as I was feeling kinda down. I'm adding it to the master list because I used the prompt. This is pretty self indulgent-- still a reader insert but just what I was feeling for a good part of the day. I really hope this gives you a sense of peace like it did for me-- All my love!
Appetizers (Tags): Fluff, a smidgen of angst at the beginning
Entres (Pairing): Stephen Strange x F!Reader (Third person)
Sides (Prompts): 8: “Look, it’s me, I’m here, deal with it. Let’s move on.”
Notes: Requested by: me LOL
Word Count: 1.4k
Dinner at Dizzy’s Master List
Tumblr media
The water pours over her head, rolling down the curve of her spine and the slope of her chest, completely engulfing her in the warm water. She can’t tell if she’s still crying— or if she ever was to begin with. She feels numb. Overworked and burnt out. That kind of melancholic exhaustion that sets in after a long day of feeling everyone else’s emotions alongside her own. She’s tired.
She lolls her head onto the cool tiles, closing her eyes as the water now streams over her lashes, catching for a moment before dropping to her feet with the rest and swirling down the drain. The stream passes her lips on the way, gliding down her chin, and she wishes she could work up the energy to move away. Sighing she cracks an eye open, glancing at the bottles lining the shelf. The thought of having to wash her hair— of raising her arms from their slumber at her sides— makes her want to scream.
“Need some help, baby?”
She jolts up— something which makes every rusty joint in her body groan in protest— whipping her head to the side where a familiar head pokes past the curtain.
“Stephen, you scared me.” She sighs— again— letting some of the tension melt from her shoulders.
The water is still pouring over her, catching on her limbs and waterfalling off of them, exposing every curve in intricate detail. If it were any other day she would wrap her arms around her chest, her cheeks blooming with heat and embarrassed. Right now, though, she can’t do more than press her lips together, watching as the man watches her, a deep crease forming between his dark brows. His crystal eyes are filled with worry, big and shining. It makes her own chest bubble, her magic drawn to his emotions. She sighs. All she can do is sigh.
He doesn’t say anything for a few moments and soon the sound of the shower running is not enough— not enough to cover the heavy silence— which leads her to murmur through the rushing water. “What are you doing in here?”
He blinks as though finally remembering he has a purpose other than interrupting his girl’s shower, ducking his head back from the curtain. She almost questions him— I’m serious, Steph, what are you doing— until she hears the latch of his buckle and the sound of his jeans pooling with a thud on the ground. Oh. Finally some of the heat pools in her face. He’s joining her. On cue he shuffles the curtain back open, lithe body on display as he steps in next to her.
“Steph—” He pulls her wet body to his chest, leaning down to wrap his corded arms under her own, pressing her against his body until she’s staring at his lean chest.
“Look, it’s me, I’m here, deal with it—” he mumbles softly as his jaw nuzzles against her temple, beard scratching at her skin— “let’s move on. Not leaving you alone, okay?”
Somehow his skin is warmer than the water, his hands splaying against her spine, slightly shaky but entirely him. His skin against hers is blissful— both to her and to him. She can feel his aura settle as his lips press against her temple, the anxiety lacing it dying away. In turn her own, overextended soul takes a breath. The relief makes her head drop against his chest, her forearms settling next to her head. The movement of his shoulders slouching— the final click of his energy settling back into the calm flow that it usually is— is like balm to her stiff body.
“You could have told me.” Her skin pinches at the dull ache in his words and skin.
She runs her nose across his sternum, lips moving against his now dripping skin, catching a few of the droplets. “You have enough on your plate as it is, Mr. Sorcerer Supreme. Didn’t want to add more to that— your job’s more important.”
His protest hums in his chest immediately, his chest rumbling beneath her cheek as she turns her head to meet his blue eyed stare. “Don’t say that. All I do is fight, baby— you keep the team together. You really think I could do the emotions thing all the time like that? I didn’t become a therapist for a reason.”
She pats his chest, her skin prickling with his attempts at humor, clearly meaning to ease her magic with his own emotions— a mixture of concern and love. “Oh I know, honey.”
“Hey—” he chides, his voice and aura remaining light as he chuckles— “rude.”
She giggles, sagging more of her weight against him as his nose shuffles through her sopping hair, his own breathy chuckles joining hers.
“You love me.”
Stephen doesn’t have to answer for her to know it’s true— she can feel it. It exudes from every part of him, strengthening when she suggests it and curling around her body in a fog of warmth and sweetness. Not all emotions have scents— thankfully— but this one does. Stephen Strange loving her smells like picking strawberries in the august heat. Like sun kissed skin and tarte lips. If she weren’t looking at him now, watching the shower stream soak his skin, she would think she’s on a farm— it’s wonderful.
His lips pull up higher, his trembling hands dancing up her back. “More than anything— turn around.”
She scrunches her nose at the tall man. “Why?”
He rolls his eyes in return. “Do you have to question everything?”
“I’m dating you.” She deadpans and he laughs again, chest shaking and aura lighting up at her gentle teasing.
“Rude again—” he leans down further and her fingers search up instinctively, scratching through the hair on his face— “but fair. You were looking at my shampoo a minute ago. I want to wash your hair, sweetheart.”
As soon as he says it she can feel the flick of nervous energy pulling at her magic. She knows why his aura shifts— even without her abilities she would have been thinking about it alongside him. His hands. They’ve had the conversations before— she’d love him without hands, let alone with hands that shake, and she makes sure to tell him that as much as he needs. Still, he’s always been conscious of them. She doesn’t blame him but she hates how uncomfortable he gets, his energy darkening— like there are spiders crawling over his skin and, by default, hers. It’s the worst feeling and she would do anything to take it away for him.
She passes him a soft smile. “You don’t have to, Steph.”
His heart jumps, aura spiking and pink flashing behind her eyes, the sweet strawberry scent magnifying. “I know— I want to. Turn, baby.”
She doesn’t protest any further, spinning in his hold— she doesn’t want to make him feel like he can’t do it. She knows he can. Perhaps with a little less dexterity and a little more focus than her own fingers could do it but that’s part of what makes her so desperately in love with him. She knows at one point those hands were sought after. They were practically life giving. She wants him to know that they still are— that everytime he touches her it feels like her entire being is being lit up. Even when they’re simply shuffling through her hair.
Reaching around her, firm chest pressing into her back, he grabs the bottle. She can hear him squeeze some of the woodsy scented soap into his hands before setting the bottle back down. Her body thrums in anticipation, her skin electrified and scalp prickling. The first touch of his hands smoothing against her hair has her sighing one last time— this time though it’s from delight. From the pleasure that melts across her bones and has her tipping her neck against his collarbone. His fingers— while a tad quivery— are heaven against her. He is heaven.
She has to tell him.
Outstretching her hand behind her, she blindly finds his neck, her fingers curling around his skin and massaging lightly. “Hey, Stephen?”
“Yeah, baby?” She can hear the focus in his voice— feel his determination edging green into her magic— and she pushes her head further into his hold, fingers tightening.
“Thank you for being the calm in my storm.” She pauses, waiting for the jolt of his heart again, her lips pulling into a blissed out grin before adding— “I love you.”
He doesn’t say anything but when she breathes in all she smells is strawberry jam and sunny days— his way of saying I love you too.
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desparadowrites · 16 days ago
Strict, Loving Care
Characters: Stephen Strange x female!reader; Christine Palmer
Summary: After you get injured in a car accident, your favourite Master of the Mystic Arts takes over your care, which you find just as endearing as you do annoying. Set before Infinity War
Request: @writingonabrokenwall​ I am into Dr. Strange but more as a caretaker boyfriend/husband/soft-dom idk what your preference of writing is. :)
I’ve been very excited to write for Dr Strange and I hope I did him justice! Long life the soft sassy magician!
Warnings: Some swearing, more comfort than hurt, fluffy moments
Words: 1300
Tumblr media
“Vitals?”  “Low but stable. She’s a fighter.”  “ETA on arrival?”  “Six minutes. Doctor Palmer is ready to receive.”  “Did we get a next of kin?”  “Yeah he’ll be there… apparently he’s some kind of doctor.”
A distant beeping grew louder, slowly bringing you into reality. You opened your eyes to find yourself in a dimly lit hospital room, hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV drip. Taking in a deep breath, you were surprised by the pain in your chest which set off a coughing fit, causing even more pain. “Hey there, take it easy.” A soothing voice called out, followed by a pair of hands holding you carefully and helping you sit up. Leaning against the figure, you immediately recognised the fabric of his clothes and the scent of old books and magic. “Stephen.” You barely croaked out. He helped you lean back into the bed and used the remote to raise your head to a more relaxed position. “The one and only.” He grinned. Grabbing a cup of water from the side, he placed a long white straw in it and the guided the other end to your mouth, “Drink.” You obeyed and very slowly managed to drink the whole cup, feeling the cold liquid easing down your throat. Your eyes never left his face, watching him concentrate on holding the cup carefully for you, not wanting it to spill. You loved the way his eyes narrowed in on his task, how his brows would furrow to the point of joining together, and sometimes you’d see his tongue protruding between his teeth. “You’re staring.” He smirked, placing the cup back on the table.  “I’ve never had a hot doctor before.” You teased.  He raised his eyebrow, “Oh I’m not your doctor.” He replied, just as the door opened and Christine walked in, a big smile on your face when she saw you, “Hey you’re awake! That’s great news!” You turned to Stephen, “My statement still stands.” Then winked which made him laugh. “Hey Christine, or should I say ‘Doctor’?”  “Christine is fine,” She gave you a polite smile then began looking at your charts on the end of your bed, “How are you feeling y/n?”  “Like I got hit by a truck.” You tried to laugh but it came out as a pained chuckle. “Is the other driver okay?”  “Not a scratch,” Stephen answered, his tone harsh, “But the asshole is in custody, he was drunk as all hell.”  “Damn. I assume if Christine is my doctor then I was in bad shape?”  She pursed her lips, “Was. A broken tibia and plenty of bruising. You even tried to challenge me with some internal bleeding. But you’re healing well, a few more days and we can look at discharging you.”  “Why not just discharge her into my care now?” Stephen added, glancing at you both, “There’s nothing more to be done here, I can take care of y/n back at the Sanctum.”  “Oh dear god, please don’t Christine.” You joked, earning a frown from Stephen. Christine smirked as she stood by the door, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be so cruel. See you later.” She winked at you then left, closing the door behind her.  “Are you saying you don’t want me to take care of you night and day?” He asked in an almost accusatory tone. Turning to look at him, you smiled at the mock offense he was showing in his face, “Sweetie, as much as I love having your attention, being your patient would be a nightmare!”
Despite her comment, you ended up being released that evening, most likely because of Stephen’s influence in the hospital. As he brought you to the Sanctum, you realised he had made various preparations to his bedroom, including a stack of books and a suitcase which looked very similar to your one. “Did you… raid my apartment?” You asked as he wheeled you to the side of the bed. “Well, I went to get some clothes then I figured you’d want some books, I didn’t know which ones so I brought them all.” He flashed a smile before helping you into the bed, propping you up with a mountain of pillows and taking great care with the cast on your left leg. “You okay? Need any more pillows?”  “I’m good thank you.” You beckoned him closer with your finger then grabbed his collar to place a kiss on his lips, “So now you’re my hot doctor, right?” He laughed, staying barely an inch from your face, “I guess so. But don’t think you can get away with anything, I’ll be having you under my strict care.”  “Ooh promise?” You teased before another coughing fit caught up with you, the bruising in your chest throbbing. Stephen quickly wrapped his arms around you, gently rubbing your back until the coughing subsided. “Wow, cockblocked by my own injuries.” You croaked. Stephen laid you back into the pillows and lifted the bedsheet over your body, “We can pick that up another time. For now, rest y/n. I’ll be back later.”
Over the next few days, Stephen’s care was certainly proving to be strict. That said, he gave you anything you wanted; drinks, food, books, whatever you requested he would get for you no questions asked. But he never let you out of his sight, only letting you leave the bed for bathroom breaks and even then he’d be in there with you. “Stephen, I can piss by myself thanks.” You groaned as you hobbled to the bathroom door, trying not to lean on your cast.  “I know, but you still don’t have your full strength yet and I can’t have you collapsing in there.”  “Stephen.” You said in a stern manner as you leant against the doorframe and looked at him, “I love you and I appreciate you looking after me, but if you follow me in here I swear to God I’ll piss on you instead.”  “Alright, alright.” He said holding his hands up in surrender. You sighed and entered the bathroom, making sure to close the door behind you and lock it, knowing that would annoy him even more. Stretching your legs and feeling the cut that ran down your right calf, you decided to also wash yourself as well, taking the time to move slow as you undressed. You caught your reflection in the mirror and was shocked by the amount of bruising, a watercolour splodge of blues and yellows. Using a sponge, you very gently began washing your skin; the water felt soothingly warm, your muscles breathing in the heat, as you slowly cleaned yourself. Being independent had always been important to you, never needing anyone since you were a teen; and as much as you lapped up Stephen’s attention, the man couldn’t differentiate between being caring and being obsessive. Eventually you wrapped a dressing gown around yourself and unlocked the door, finding a sorrowful looking Stephen on the other side. “I did it.” You said with an almost childlike smile. His frown melted away and he moved over to you, placing his arms on your back and kissing you gently. “Well done, honey.” His smile only reached his mouth, his eyes still dull, “I’m sorry for crowding you. When I got the call about the accident I almost lost it, all I could think about was my crash and I… I couldn’t bear it if the same thing had happened to you.”  “But I’m okay,” You placed your hand on his cheek, offering him a reassuring smile, “I’m only a little broken, but we already knew that.” You winked, causing a small smile to appear on his face. “Let’s make a deal. You can dote on me all you want, but you let me go to the bathroom on my own. Agreed?”  “Bargaining’s my thing,” He smirked then kissed your forehead, “But I accept.” He helped you put some fresh pajamas on then led you to your side of the bed. “For now, I want you to relax and I’ll make some lunch, got it?”  “Yes doctor.” You grinned. He squinted at you before placing another kiss on your lips. Maybe being his patient could be much better than you thought.
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black-veil-chemicalz · 16 days ago
Since Taylor re-recorded some of her greatest songs can someone PLEASE write a fan-fic of Stephen Strange and the reader where they sing Hey Stephen to him I'm begging
Like please someone write this for me I love taylor and that doctor I just think this would be great just please do this and tag me so I can read it lol
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