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#dr strange and the multiverse of madness
stop i just watched that marvel trailer thing and i’m literally crying. i’m so excited. and sad.
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magic-glasses · 9 days ago
I made memes for the occasion cause I'm so hyped omg
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ˢᵒⁿʸ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵖˡˢ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵒᵗᵗᵒ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ᵗʸ
But like,,, I'm so excited to see natalie play lady thor and just see them again :)) peter quill too. I kin him 💃💃
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titaniasfics · 17 days ago
if your prompts are still open, for wanda and vision: "my love for you is set in stone" (bc tell me that 'Heart of Stone' from SIX isn't the perfect song to encapsulate the devastation that was the finale of WandaVision?! gahhh I just want Wanda, Vision and the kids to be together and happy!)
In which Vision needs to defeat Wanda before he can save her.  
Inspired by a mashup of two prompts:
1)    One shot of Vision and Wanda making up after a fight. Would love to see your take on it.
2)    If your prompts are still open, for Wanda and Vision: "my love for you is set in stone" (bc tell me that 'Heart of Stone' from SIX isn't the perfect song to encapsulate the devastation that was the finale of WandaVision?! gahhh I just want Wanda, Vision and the kids to be together and happy!)
Bonkers drabble speculation on how Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness movie might end. I make a ton of assumptions on this so please be aware that this all made up. Like, more made up than usual. Leans heavily into comic book lore, especially the Giant-Size Avengers Comic Book, Issue #4.
Oh, and I’m a noob when it comes to fight scenes, so I’ve contrived every way to avoid writing one.
Thanks, anons! The song “Heart of Stone” is now on my WandaVision playlist.
Heart of Stone 
Vision’s vibranium arc reactor, which Dr. Cho installed to replace the Mind Stone and the flimsy solar absorption unit courtesy of SWORD, strains against Wanda’s sustained energy blast. Her beautiful blue eyes which normally turn a color of magma when she invokes her power, are now pitch black from Dormammu’s possession. Under his influence, she is doing her best to fulfill his diabolical directive.
Kill The Vision.
Even after Dr. Strange’s attempts to weaken her, she is as incandescent as the black energy that pulses at the center of the Dark Dimension. The Supreme Sorcerer tried to warn Vision when he first appeared in this hellish dimension of evil in search of Wanda.
She won’t recognize you. She will kill you and when she returns to herself and realizes what she has done, nothing in the universe – not me, not Agatha Harkness, not even Dormammu himself – will be able to withstand the force of her rage.
If he cannot reach her, she will not only destroy him, but in her grief, she will tear apart the multiverse and everything within it. Wanda’s grief is a cosmic force all its own.
He knows. He became well-acquainted with it in Westview when, like a puppet himself, he was sent to neutralize her.
Now, suspended between a host of conquered planets at the mercy of the god of the Dark Dimension, Wanda is draining him, even as he dredges up every last store of energy that the reactor can generate to resist her. Around him, the dimension roars with the collective fear of an infinite number of trapped beings.
I’ll hold off Dormammu, but if she doesn’t snap out of his spell, neither of us will be able to stop her and Dormammu will take Earth’s dimension.
As Dr. Strange warned, Vision needs to thwart Dormammu’s endless designs to absorb Earth into the Dark Dimension, but Vision also needs Wanda and he must find a way to get her back.
He sends another pulse of energy, forcing her to pull back, but she recovers quickly, his blast nothing more than an annoying insect bite. If he could just get to her. Look into her eyes. He knows like he knows who he is, who they are together, that he can reach her.
“Wanda, you are killing me. Darling, please,” he begs, knowing his words are a poor substitute for what he needs to do to free her.
“The Vision must die,” Wanda repeats, sending a last, decisive blast towards him. The impact sends fire through his body, heat like nothing he’s ever experienced. He falls, hurtling like a chunk of meteor to the hellish rock below. The impact is nothing compared to the pain. Vision is burning in his skin. His senses are compromised, his systems failing, despite the nanobots unfurling in his bloodstream, scurrying to stem the hemorrhages of a body struggling to remain intact.
When Wanda lands before him, he senses her more than he feels her. He reaches out to her, lifting his eyes to gaze into hers. Even though his vision is fading, he sees that they are as bottomless as the dark matter of the cosmos. As dark as the evil that holds her.
“Wanda, you must remember…who you are…”
“Wanda Maximoff is no more,” she drones and his heart fractures at the realization that her words might hold an unwanted truth. Perhaps Dormammu has buried Wanda…his Wanda… so far inside herself that she may never emerge again.
“Who said…Wanda is no more? Dormammu? You once said…you needed no one…to tell you who you are. Do you really take him at his word?”
She blinks, shaking her head as if to clear it. “Dormammu,” she murmurs and the emptiness in her voice is rich with confusion. On the strength of this, Vision staggers to his feet.
“You are not a puppet.” He reaches for her, her flinch half-hearted because she allows him to grasp her by her upper arms. “You are Wanda Maximoff. You are the Scarlet Witch –“
“The Scarlet Witch,” she repeats.
“—and you are my love,” he finishes before his strength gives out and he falls to one knee before her. “I am weak. I am not sure if I will recover, but you must remember who you are.”
The struggle is clear on her face. “Remember who I am. Who I am...”
“Yes. And remember that my love for you is set in stone, no matter what happens here.”
“Vision?” she asks, her question as plaintive as a child’s. He looks up again at the brittle tone of her voice. The darkness in her eyes floods with a blue as bright as the summer sky over the mountains, a blue that is out of place in this terrible hellscape.
“Wanda,” he says, reaching for her, but his strength is failing him as energy is diverted to repairing his damaged systems. “Remember us.”
She stiffens as if a distended rubber band has snapped into place. “Vision!” she shouts, kneeling before him. “Did I do this?”
He wants to say give her an affirmative answer but speech has escaped him and staying conscious consumes his every last effort.
“No-no-no-no,” she moans, tears distorting her words. “You can’t…you can’t die again.” Her hands glow and she places them over him. “I’m here. I’ll fix you.”
Vision takes a deep breath as her energy courses through him – familiar, like the smell of her hair or the softness of her skin. The fire that threatened to consume him earlier cools to a gentle pulse as the nanobots in his body feed on her energy, accelerating repairs, putting his body back together again at a rate even they had not been designed for. But they hold onto their structural integrity and Vision is able to see clearly again. His thoughts untangle and his strength returns.
She withdraws her powers, her palms warm as she cradles his head in her hands. “How? How did you get here?”
Vision puts his hand over hers, reveling in the feel of her skin against his. “It is a rather long story that I will share with you when we leave this place.”
“First things first,” she says, crushing her lips to his and at that moment, he realizes how much he has missed this as well, the sheer physicality of her love for him. A mad god howls in rage just beyond, the Dark Dimension threatens to swallow them both, but he is lost to the taste of her mouth and the warmth of her arms wrapped around him.
“Hey, guys?” comes a voice that pulls them from their bubble of bliss. “I could use some help over here.”
They pull apart to see Dr. Strange, locked in some magical struggle for dominance against the god of the Dark Dimension, straining against his power.
“I’ve got this,” Wanda says, rising into the air. “Don’t go anywhere.”
In awe of her power, he takes off beside her, ready to offer her the backup she really does not need. “You will never get rid of me again.”
One-shot masterlist on tumblr
ScarletVision Collection on AO3
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thatoneaspie · 22 days ago
Would be fun to run the Marvel Twitter for a day just so I could tweet things like:
“Might bring back Vision in Dr. Strange 2. Idk. Probs will kill him again lmao. I think that’s like 5 times he’s died now. Wanda should be in therapy right? Anyways yeah idk what do u guys think”
And watch everyone collectively lose their shit.
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serpentargo · 23 days ago
so if loki shows up in thor: love and thunder, which is connected to guardians of the galaxy vol. 3. and if so, then it will obviously be connected to loki series, which (loki series) is connected to dr. strange: in the multiverse of madness, which (dr. strange 2) is connected to spider-man: no way home and wandavision. and if it's called the multiverse - it is related to everyone and everything.
remember, that loki was one of the causes of thor and jane falling in love, and him promising to get to her again, which connected him and her in thor: the dark world, and then to thor: love and thunder. when loki fell into space in thor 1, and got to thanos, which then lead to the events of avengers 1, making avengers a proper team. loki was imprisoned, but by the end of thor: the dark world he is the king of asgard. then we have avengers: age of ultron, which lead to wanda joining the avengers; next thing we know, is that the mind stone in vision's body is from loki's scepter. loki sent odin to earth, and thir comes to look for him, and comes to doctor strange (post-credit scene in dr. strange 1). loki was one of the causes of odin's death, which lead to ragnarok, which was a prequel to a biggest crossover: infinity war - endgame. vision died because of the mind stone in his head, which lead to wanda grieving and cresting her own reality - wandavision series. in endgame, loki took the tesseract, which lead to steve and tony going back in time, and steve saw peggy, which convinced him to go back to her, which is why we have the falcon and the winter soldier series now. loki took the teserract and he got his own series.
so... yeah.
loki is definitely ten steps ahead of us all.
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whoppert · 28 days ago
Failed Missions (Stephen Strange Smut)
Tumblr media
Wordcount: 1182
Warnings: NSFW - P&V sex, oral - female receiving; angst (not too bad tho i reckon); no beta reader
The mission had gone badly.
At least that’s what you assumed. Stephen had come back from his mission with the Avengers and snapped at you to leave him be for the evening before disappearing to his office. You didn’t need magic to read the wave of frustration rolling off of him, so you left him be and continued with the cataloging you were doing.
After a few hours you tried knocking on the door to check on him, but when you didn’t receive a response you pushed on the door with your hands and slipped into the office. It was dimly lit and moody.
“What do you want?” Stephen didn’t look at you when he spoke, instead content to continue reading the grimoire in front of him.
“It’s been hours. I wanted to know if you were alright.”
“I’m fine.”
“I’m not going to remind you that you are terrible at communicating your feelings, but you should keep that in mind.”
Stephen still refused to look at you, but a flash of colour spread across his cheeks before disappearing as quickly as it came. “Stop doing that. My feelings are none of your business.”
You couldn’t have held back the eyeroll if you tried. “I’m not doing anything. I don’t need my empathic powers to read you. Not my fault I have a psychology degree.”
“Just leave.” Stephen stood up fast as a bolt, his hands resting on his desk top and the chair flying backwards with a clatter. “I want to be alone.”
“You always want to be alone. Stop brooding. What happened during the mission? Maybe I can help.”
“You can help by leaving me alone.”
Your arms crossed over your chest, hip cocked and an eyebrow raised. “Why on earth would you ask me to live here if you want to be alone so much?”
He raised a gloved hand to his temples, rubbing them like he was developing a headache. “I didn’t think your assistance in magical research would require so much babysitting.”
“Fine.” It was like you’d been slapped in the face. “If you didn’t want me here, what is the point of bothering? I’ll leave. But I swear to god if you don’t start learning how to talk to people with respect I’m enlisting Tony to find you a fucking therapist, asshole.”
Spinning around, you marched towards the door to his office, but you only got it half opened before he was behind you, his hand pushing it shut over your shoulder and impeding your dramatic exit. He filled the space behind you, tensed like a caged tiger and you felt your body automatically strain with nerves.
Was he looking for a fight? It wasn’t abnormal for you to be sarcastic with him, but this felt different. Electrically charged.
You didn’t dare turn around.
“I’m sorry.” His mouth was so close you could feel his breath on your cheek.
“I didn’t think you had the ability to apologise,” you replied, willing it to sound bold and powerful, but your voice wavered a little, betraying the twisting mess in your stomach. A hand wrapped around your waist, your hips pulled backwards into his body as he pressed a kiss to your neck. “Stephen?” Your voice was no more than a squeak. “Stephen, I-”
“The mission was bad,” he whispered into your neck. “I fucked up a spell and the team barely got the chance to get away. If it had been a moment later…” his voice dragged out the final syllable, as he began kissing the exposed skin connecting your neck with your shoulder.
His hands were roaming now, wandering up and down your torso, stopping just shy of your breasts, and you felt heat begin to coil in your abdomen. Without hesitation you arched your back, giving him better access to your breasts and pressing your behind into his pelvis.
He groaned and you felt a flush colour your cheeks. Your breathing had picked up a little since he’d found your nipple through the thin fabric of your shirt, and you felt a hardness build against your ass.
“That’s not your fault…” It was all you could muster towards making a coherent sentence. Of course, it wasn’t like you hadn’t thought about a scenario like this before, Stephen grinding and hard as his hands explored your body, but it was something you’d committed to confining to the nighttime when you were alone in your bed.
“I don’t care whose fault it is,” Stephen murmured darkly. “I won’t be the cause of anyone’s death.” His hand slid from where it had been inching down your belly to the apex of your thighs. Wetness began to form as he massaged you through your pants.
The moan escaped before you could stop it and you clapped a hand over your mouth to muffle it. Stephen span you around, his eyes roaming over your form, before his mouth found yours and you fell backwards against the door behind you-
Except the door never came, and you’d fallen straight through a portal onto a soft bed. Stephen was already on you, a knee between your thighs and his fingers creeping up under your shirt and his mouth on your neck. You couldn’t focus, couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling of his skin on your skin and after a moment Stephen vanished, only to appear at the end of his bed, unbuckling his pants.
His hands were on your hips as he dragged you to the edge of the bed and pulled your bottoms straight off, grasping his hard cock in his hand as he knelt down, his tongue licking clean up your wet core.
You moaned deeply as you began to come undone under his tongue. If he was in a better mood, the sounds you were making might have caused him to chuckle and make a comment about how they were so much less frustrating than what usually came out of your mouth, but as things currently stood all he wanted was release.
Suddenly his warm tongue disappeared and you looked down to see Stephen positioning himself at your entrance, the bottom of his shirt in his mouth and a hint of smooth skin on display. He pushed in, a muffled groan filling the air before he began thrusting. The feeling was overwhelming, like seeing stars during the day and you breathed in unison as he moved within you, muttering sweet things and half-broken incantations in your ear before you reached the edge together. The power radiating off of Stephen filled your entire body with pain and pleasure and satisfaction.
You were both still and after a moment he collapsed on the bed next to you exhausted.
No one spoke for a while. Did you two just- Stephen had- and you? Your mind raced, but you tried your best to quieten it down before you could overthink the situation.
“It wasn’t your fault,” your voice barely more than a sigh.
From beside you, Stephen nodded, but when you turned your head to examine his face, you found yourself alone.
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i need stephen to smile more in the next dr strange movie, thank you >:(
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strawberrypincushion · a month ago
I like how Marvel is continuing the "government agency is a buncha clowns" shtick from Wandavision and carrying it over to Loki
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) uses her magic to make fun of / call S.W.O.R.D a circus and make them literal clowns
Loki in typical snarky fashion calls the tva / Time Keepers a circus and designates them clown status
Here's hoping they continue this trend and have Dr. Strange join in and / or have Wanda and Loki cause Stephen grief by spouting off one liners and calling people clowns.
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robertdoc · a month ago
Written a while back, but posted here today in honor of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness coming out one year from today - so this is my alternate version of the story that’ll probably be more comforting than the real one.
Thanks to so many factors, Spider-Man almost certainly won't be in "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" after his own multiverse adventure in "No Way Home" ends - and he won't get to join Dr. Strange and Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch in whatever multiverse adventure they're in.
But what if he could?
For that matter, what if he could be in a Multiverse of Madness where Wanda didn't threaten the entire multiverse just to get her kids back - at least not for the whole story? What if someone who knew Wanda's pain could talk her down in time - without any evil neighbor to stop it this time - and then help Wanda help Dr. Strange repair the multiverse and much more?
What if there was a world of multiverse madness where Wanda got to make a friend, instead of merely being the villain/potential villain who threatens reality one more time? And what if Peter got to make a real magical friend who didn't betray him, helped him save all worlds and gave him extra courage to face his world again too?
It may not happen on the big screen in this world. But in this section of the multiverse, it's a different story.
But its really more of an excuse to imagine a Multiverse of Madness version where Wanda and Peter become friends, Wanda gets to do more and be more than a Darkhold possessed witch who may end reality just to get her kids back [aka WandaVision 2.0], and these two find some relief/found family in each other instead of just being flung towards their next round of endless, story demanding trauma.
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strawberrypincushion · a month ago
I had a thought and so I shall share it with you all (you gotta suffer with me):
So at the end of Wandavision what if, when Wanda is using the Darkhold and she hears her kids (Tommy and Billy) crying out for help - what if it was because of senior scratchy (who's secretly Mephisto).
Think about it: Wanda only messed with Agatha, but she didn't do s**t to her bunny rabbit (yeah he could just be a bunny but stay with me) - So Agatha got mentally f**ked over by Wanda but what if Mephisto (senior scratchy) is still on the loose. And he's the one who kidnapped Tommy and Billy - hence why their crying out for help.
And then with the series leading into Dr. Strange 2, easy peasy way to work in Mephisto. Stephen deals with demons on like a daily basis, and if he wants Wandas help - what better way to get her invested by showing her, her kidnapped children??
Just a thought.
*cough* and Quicksilver shows up too. (Because Wanda Still has Not had Closure!!!)
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nyrdcast · a month ago
MCU Phase 4 Rumors: Mutants, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange
#MCU Phase 4 Rumors: Mutants, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange #fantasticfour #drdoom #xmen #wandavision
It’s only been 2 weeks since the MCU rumor mill shut down after nothing predicted happened in WandaVision; this week, Reddit User U/AgathaHarkness_ shared some tweets from @MainMiddleMan, the same guy who told viewers to watch Ralph Bohner’s necklace weeks before it was reveals that it was the source of his “powers” and Agatha’s control over him. Note: these are potential spoilers. If you don’t…
Tumblr media
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