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ivankaramazovkinnie · 13 hours ago
Imagine “The Brothers Karamazov” but instead of fighting it out at the monastery they go on the Dr. Phil show. Just imagine.
Dr Phil: so you left your children to the servant when they were only toddlers, neglecting them
Fyodor: yes I did
Dr Phil: and do you feel that that was the wrong thing to do
Fyodor: fuck them kids bro, I’ll do it again
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egeminismi · a day ago
hayatım boyunca şöyle birkaç kişinin yüzüne tokat atmadığıma da çok üzgünüm . Ama bundan sonra değişeceğim kim ne hak ettiyse o
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beyazbirgece · a day ago
"Ya odanda öldürdüğün örümcek bütün hayatı boyunca senin onun oda arkadaşı olduğunu sanıyorsa."✨
Vicdanım sızladı...
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ivankaramazovkinnie · 2 days ago
Sometimes I’m happy and then I remember that the three main brothers (Alyosha, Ivan, and Dmitri) will never again be able to be together and just live. Not again. They will all die without that ever happening. And then I cry.
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kayraaw · 2 days ago
Zaten insanlar mutsuz olmadıkça başkalarının mutsuzluğunu anlamıyor. Mutsuz bir insanın hassasiyeti çok daha kuvvetli oluyor.
- Fyodor Mihailoviç Dostoyevski - Beyaz Geceler
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crimsonletter · 3 days ago
”When one plants their seed, shares their charity, their good deeds, no matter what form it may take, we give away a part of our personnality and take on a part of someone elses; becoming consensually complicit in each other; and if one is slightly more observant, the reward is even deeper knowledge, maybe even the least predictable discovery”
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot (1869)
Tumblr media
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ivankaramazovkinnie · 6 days ago
Grigory chose violence, toddler Smerdyakov asked a question and mans decided to clock him so hard he became epileptic. He gave the emo child childhood and brain trauma, double package.
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waxyflexibility · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1879
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ivankaramazovkinnie · 8 days ago
Ivan Karamazov’s “Mental Illness”
Let’s face it, Ivan was not having a good time throughout “The Brothers Karamazov”. But while a general analysis of his mental state would be fascinating (and is, in fact, something I plan to do int he future), I pose something different; that is, if someone, let’s say Alyosha, were to take Ivan to a mental health facility during the time period the book was set in, what would he have been diagnosed with, if anything?
So first, when does the novel take place? It has to take place, at minimum, a couple of years after 1861, when serfdom was abolished in Russia. I will keep this simply and go with mid 1800s, and if I have to specify I will use the google result, 1866.
The overall understanding of mental illness around the time of the novel was rudimentary and extremely inaccurate to what we know now. Many symptoms and conditions were grouped together; as an example, those who exhibited traits of autism would usually be diagnosed with the equivalent of “childhood schizophrenia”. There were only a handful of diagnoses given at the time, mainly, melancholia, mania, dementia, and idiocy. The latter does not apply, considering Ivan is remarked upon as an intellectual. For reference, these four categories were taken from documents from an English asylum (Russia was far behind, so I am going with the assumption that Alyosha said “fuck it” and took Ivan to a place with mental institutions). Under these three main diagnoses, there were also “subtypes” that were usually used dependent on the institution. I will refer to these as well, since they do count if they were diagnosed during the time period of the book.
To start, it must be understood that the three main diagnoses correspond to three modern diagnoses; melancholia to depression, mania to, well, mania, a component of bipolar disorder, and dementia to schizophrenia.
The general understanding of mental illness in the 19th century was, well, confusing to say the least. The emerging field of psychiatry had realized that mental illness was not, in fact, the result of demonic possession, but could not agree on the actual cause. Theories ranged from social factors, to physical diseases manifesting as a mental illness, to head trauma and an abnormal amount of stress. I like to think they’d have a field day analyzing our brain fever afflicted atheist.
Melancholia, despite appearing pretty straight forward, has a lot of different definitions and applications. And while it is most similar to what is now known as “Major Depressive Disorder”, the differences are immense. The “depression of spirits”, as it was later called, corresponded with the “depression of the body”. These are your physical symptoms of depression; slower movement, overall dejected look, change in appetite and sleep patterns, more physical pain, etc. Another point of note is that around the time of the novel, many theorized that there could be a moral cause of this disease. That is, some sort of moral distress could cause an onset of melancholia. Psychiatry ended up putting melancholia on a spectrum. It was also referred to as partial insanity, after all. At the lowest of the fall, those afflicted with melancholia would experience delusion of thought, fraught with anxiety paranoia.
Another category going along with melancholia was monomania. Now, this one interests me. Monomania is the “partial insanity of the brain, but only in regards to one area”. This in of itself sounds confusing, until you realize that it is usually referring to a person’s specific delusion; thus, in modern terms, it would probably be akin to someone in psychosis who is not schizophrenic or experiencing mania. Psychosis can also be present in depression. It is characterized by preoccupation with one idea, and importantly, does not impact the intellect of those afflicted. To simplify this, here is a quote: “a psychosis characterized by thoughts confined to one idea or group of ideas.”
And there we have it, those are the two that I have concluded Ivan is most likely to be diagnosed with: melancholia and monomania.
I guess now I should probably discuss my reasoning. Since I am attempting (with another piece) to diagnose Ivan from the DSM, I will only give rudimentary information here. His belief in his own responsibility and preoccupation with his father’s murder would most likely be classified as a delusion of obsession, or an obsession with, and so considering he is also an intellectual, they would stray away from mania and dementia. Not to mention, Ivan portrays a fairly dejected mood throughout the novel. He makes multiple references to his planning to commit suicide. He exemplifies the Russian “тоска”, which is another topic for another time (it’s a Russian specific mood of melancholy, which is a huge oversimplification of things, by the way). So that would lean towards melancholia. Now, I do not know whether these disorders could or were diagnosed in tandem. Psychiatry could have placed his psychosis as resulting from melancholia, or his dejected mood at the end of the book from monomania.
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if the brothers karamazov was a movie the theme song would be daddy issues by the neighbourhood.
grushenka: so, go and cry little boy. you know what your daddy did too.
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hkarabulutt · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
İnsanı en çok acıtan şey hayal kırıklıkları değil, yaşanması mümkünken yaşayamadığı mutluluklardır.'
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ivankaramazovkinnie · 9 days ago
Ivan entering Fyodor’s house: hi I’m-
Smerdyakov appearing from the shadows: omg BESTIE 🤣😜 it’s SOO good to finally have INTELLIGENT conversation 😌🥰 I LOVE having intellectual company 🥰😍 BESTIE we NEED to start hanging out 🥺🥺😌
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conwaybaker · 10 days ago
The Chance of Charted Stars
spanning so far
to the edge of the galaxy
it makes me wonder
how absurdly lucky i must be
that i ended up under
a sky so overwhelmingly pretty
and of all the places in space
this little quiet spot is where i was placed
it’s true, i was gifted a perfect nighttime view
but what saintly thing did i do
to be owed the resplendent fortune
that the very same sight was gifted to you too
shown to us in the cold, chittering our teeth
lighting up the sky, as the world falls asleep
possibly for the both of us, to join and huddle beneath
a secret, between two people, for the both of us to keep
laying so close, we can hear
each other’s hearts gently beat
stay, for however many years
and chart every single star with me
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ivankaramazovkinnie · 11 days ago
Therapist: smiling Dostoevsky can’t hurt you, he’s not real
Smiling Dostoevsky:
Tumblr media
This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, what the absolute hell is this thing.
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freyahel · 12 days ago
İnsanlara olan saygımı korumak için onlardan uzak durmaya çalışıyorum.
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trashykawahq · 12 days ago
Hellooo! I'm in love with your writings. 😍❤️
I have a request for you (BSD), based on "There's that smile" with Dazai and "Comfort(Exam breakdown special)" with Chuuya.
Can you do a scenario/headcanons with Akutagawa or/and Fyodor/Ranpo (If you haven't write for Fyodor and Ranpo or you don't want to, that's ok.) where the reader is pushing herself so hard to study and forget about her, like, having lack of sleep and doesn't eat too much, being extremely tired and sensible emotionally, and crying because of stress when her boyfriend isn't around just because doesn't want to bother him with her exams. And one day her boyfriend hearing her crying and deciding to confront her about this, then dragging her to bed and take care of her and give her cuddles and the support she really needed.
Tomorrow I'm having an hard test, and I'm studying so hard that I forgot to take care of myself. (Lack of sleep, don't eat enough, crying because of stress and having lots of breakdowns).
Ik it's gonna be late when you're gonna respond to this, but I don't mind. And I'm sorry if the request is too long. And also sorry for my bad English.
Self Care
Pairing: Reader x Fyodor Dostoevsky
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
He can’t stand by and idly watch as his love works herself to the bone. Fyodor is going to get her the rest she deserves one way or another. 
Hey, I hope your studying went well! Remember to take breaks and study in moderation. Burn out can be hell to deal with
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She ignores the painful way her head pounds as the words in the textbook swim in all different direction, a mass of blurry letters. Y/N drops her head in her hands in frustration and muffles a small groan using the back on her hand. She can’t do it. She’s been trying for days, sitting at this desk, forcing herself to focus and memorise, but she can barely remember anything.
Her sniffles eventually turn into gut-wrenching sobs, as she grips her head and wills herself to keep going. Just a week. She has to keep doing this a week and then she can forget this stupid material forever.
Can she really keeping doing this for a week, though?
She’s snapped out of her thoughts when she hears someone clicking their tongue. Turning around, face tear-stained, she spot Fyodor standing in her doorway, a frown gracing his features. 
“I’m fine.” Her voice is unsteady and choked up as she turns back around, frantically wiping at her eyes and willing the tears and sobs away. It doesn’t work, even as she grabs her textbook and tries focusing on the words, which are swimming from a completely different reason now. 
“Darling, this isn’t fine. Surely you have the sense to realise that?” Fyodor stands behind her, placing a hand on the wooden desk and leaning over to get a look at her face. When she stubbornly looks the other way, lower lip wobbling, he grabs her chin and pulls her face his way, clicking his tongue in disapproval at her state.
“I-...I have to-” She’s cut off by her own yelp as Fyodor shakes his head, and in one, smooth motion, hauls her off the chair and into his arms, carrying her towards their bedroom. She struggles half-heartedly, before giving into the familiar and comforting warmth, letting him hold her. When was the last time she let him hold her like this? The though draws a hurt whimper from her and she buries her face in his shirt, letting the fabric soak up the tears. 
He gently places her onto the mattress and pushes her back until she’s sitting comfortably against the pillows. He leaves momentarily and comes back with a tall glass of water and a snack, something she would be able to stomach in her state. 
He instructs her to eat and drink, not leaving room for any arguments, watching her as she does so. Y/N calms down considerably, the cool water soothing her hoarse throat and the snack giving her body the energy it so desperately craved. 
He carefully situates himself next to her under the covers and lifts an arm, inviting her towards him. 
“Come here.” His voice is low and soothing and she wants nothing more than to listen and agree, but the voice in her head is nagging at her to get back to work. She ends up staring at him, unsure.
“It wasn’t a choice, love.” He speaks up again. “You’re done for today. I don’t want you back at that desk for a while.” 
She caves, shuffling forwards until she’s wrapped in his arms, under the covers, nuzzling into his chest.
“I’ll have to go back eventually.” She whispers, her voice scratchy. She turns a little red when he chuckles, his arms tightening around her.
“Don’t worry.” He places a kiss to her temple. “’I’ll keep you well occupied.“
Requests Are Open! Send ‘Em In
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birdivaneninmavisi · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Ne kadar çok anladıysam, o kadar derinlerine battım, sıkıştım kaldım içlerinde.."🌿
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