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heartdrive · 42 minutes ago
help us buy a home
Hi all, I'm Tris and I’m a poor trans dude. I've debated posting this for a long while but me and my family are heavily looking into buying a forever home. We need lots of help doing that. 
Our current residence is unsafe and we need to move for the health of my mom and sister. Our flooring is giving way,(Multiple traffic areas are weak. You will fall through them.) we have leaking ceilings (we have to use towels/pots when it rains), termite damage, a bug infestation, mold, unsafe water, plumbing issues (our tub and sink drains are detached and unusable), and pretty bad electrical issues to top it all off. 
We live below the poverty line and saving money for repairs or big purchases like this is basically futile, but I’ve managed to save almost $3,000 to go towards a down payment and closing costs for that potential home we find. But to get there I need some help as our home situation is getting increasingly dire, and I don’t know if this place will be habitable for another year or two. 
“Why don’t you just repair the place?”  We don’t Want to live here anymore. We never have. It’s been 11 years of living in a cramped mobile home and we want out. I am currently working on repairing bits and pieces that I’m capable of, and getting signed up for state benefit programs that can help repair some parts of the trailer, but it’s been a struggle to do so. 
Alongside the unsafe living conditions and such, for the sake of my mom, she desperately needs a new home. She's currently been sleeping on an old, broken couch for the last 5 years (as we do not have enough bedrooms). She deserves to have a room of her own and an actual bed to sleep in. 
I’d greatly appreciate if this could be shared around as I hardly have 30 followers!
Here’s my Ko-Fi page where you can donate if you can;
I also take commissions as my only source of income as I cannot work. All of my art and commission info can be found here; @synthc0re ! 
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drdone · 2 hours ago
hey, guys, I still need groceries so if you're able I could use some donations, but don't worry too much and I appreciate everybody who's helped already
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millenniumitem · 2 hours ago
hey guys, i don’t know this individual personally (so i can’t supply any additional details or vouch for its veracity), but i heard about this gfm through the grapevine and it’s heartbreaking ): if you guys could share or donate if you have $ i’m sure the ppl involved would be very relieved and grateful
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gaydaryl · 4 hours ago
anyone wanna throw £2 my way so i can have dinner tonight?
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eraswap · 6 hours ago
CharityDApp | Global Payment Support
CharityDApp is a decentralized P2P Ecosystem for charitable practices. One institution can run their charity campaign and, and anyone can contribute through Era Swap (ES) Token, which is globally accepted.
To know more, visit
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blazehedgehog · 6 hours ago
I was looking for RTX mods for games like GTA5 and found a one that looked rad, but it was effectively pay-walled behind Patreon to get access to it. I recall running into this with a Minecraft mod several years ago as well. What is your opinion on game mods that do this?
Note: it was pay-walled for $10, and supposedly will be released for free whenever it is "done".
I mean, I dunno. I’m definitely of two minds.
Mod creators have existed since the beginning of time and they’ve always worked for free. Which is cool! These people are doing things just because they want to do them. It’s a good way to build applicable skills for game development and there’s always been this kind of graduation process where you go from being a modder to a real-actual game developer. Because being a game developer pays money.
And that system is great. It was a sign of the true mega-fans. People who were so dedicated they took matters in to their own hands and did it themselves just for the love of the game and the love of the community around it.
But the internet and the gig economy is changing everything. People are learning they don’t have to “graduate” to an actual game developer if they don’t want to.
And that can lead to bigger, more robust mods, sure. The line between “modder” and “professional” can be blurred in some really interesting ways. Like, for example, take Cemu, right. The Wii U emulator. That’s an incredible emulator and it runs games very well! Arguably a lot of that is because they make $3000 a month on Patreon. It’s easier to justify working on the emulator because it’s bringing in money, and that attracts other talent looking to make money as well. And it leads to a very high quality emulator. I can often emulate Wii U games better than I can PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube stuff. Sonic Colors at 60fps in Dolphin is a struggle on my system, but 60fps in Breath of the Wild using Cemu is almost flawless. Cemu is magic, and it’s undoubtedly thanks to their Patreon. Horizons have been expanded.
But then you get what happened when Bethesda opened the real-money mod shop in Skyrim, where a lot of mod authors that were doing it for the good of the community flipped over and started charging for their mods. Where they’d have version 1.7 be free, but they’d release version 1.8 and you had to buy it. That kind of thing.
That really wounded the mod community and set a nasty precedent for what could be possible. It introduced a new side to people who would rather make a fast buck. It’s corporatizing something that was normally done for the intrinsic benefit of “because I want to see it” instead of “because I think I can make a lot of money from it.”That shifting of the moral goal posts can lead to uncomfortable directions.
(Understandably, the modding community reacted very negatively to that, and Bethesda turned paid mods off.)
It also calls in to question what games themselves are even charging for, developmentally-speaking? Is $10 for a shader pack really worth it when you could buy a whole entire complete game for that price? Depending on when and where you bought it, you could be spending $10 on the game itself and $10 on the shader mod for that game. That value feels a little out of whack, doesn’t it?
I don’t know how all of this shakes out. I suppose it all depends contextually on whether or not you feel its worth it. I personally wouldn’t spend $10 on a shader pack, but I did buy PPSSPP Gold back in the day because it was $8. I’ve come close to buying Redream.
But those are also emulators. There are a bunch of games across multiple genres I could use them with. They are a platform.
I’m sure a lot of work went in to the RTX Shader pack but also it’s just a shader pack and $10 for that feels a little steep. Going back to worth, PPSSPP Gold cost me $8 and Redream Premium is $5. Both of those cost less than that shader pack and offer more utility.
I dunno if that shader pack is such a good deal. Just because you can paywall everything doesn’t mean you should.
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eraswap · 6 hours ago
CharityDApp | Easy To Manage And Promote
It is easy to manage and promote your charity campaign on CharityDApp. It is powered on a blockchain network and does not has multi-layer intermediates to cost extra charges or cuts.
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achilies · 7 hours ago
hi i'm in a rlly rlly bad place financially, me and my mother r struggling to buy food & i'm currently preparing for exams which means i don't have the time to try and find a job at the moment. i understand these r tough times for everyone, but if u wish u could help me out a bit !
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mousedetective · 7 hours ago
Please Help? (UPDATED)
My other help list was getting kind of unwieldy so here goes a new one.
I have a lot of things I need help with and have taken out payday loans to cover some of the things. Now I have two due on the 30th and one due on the 2nd, and the amount owed is basically the entirety of my SSI/SSDI checks, plus I still need at least $100 to cover transportation costs via Uber or Lyft for my mom's breast reconstructive surgery on May 5th. If anyone can help, even a little, that would be greatly appreciated.
Cashapp- $afteriwake23
I really appreciate monetary help and reblogs. Thanks in advance!
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kouki-dough · 7 hours ago
Hey y'all I want to ask everyone a big favour. Can anyone donate any amount of money? Me and my mom are having some financial trouble and I need money for school and for my transition.
To give something back I'm planning on making weekly general tarot readings and personalized readings for anyone who wants them.
Paypal - koukid0ugh
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myneighborisaunicorn · 13 hours ago
PLEASE I really need money. I just lost my office job and I have overdue bills to pay. I'm working part time as a fruit vendor but my daily earning isn't even enough to buy myself proper food. I applied to a new company and a new office job is waiting for me but I won't start till the 26 of this month and that's only for training. My electric bill and rent was due just last week. I have no electricity right now in the apartment and I can get kicked out anytime. I need $300 to cover my bills. I'VE BEEN CRYING SINCE MY POWER GOT CUT OFF. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ANYMORE. I think it's better if I just end my life. I have no friends to run to or family to ask help from. All I have is my cat. She's the only thing keeping me sane. I just really need money, I'm desperate. I can't even sell anything since the only thing that I have I can sell is my phone. Please if there's a kind soul out there please help me. I'm not asking for money I'll pay you back once I start with my new job. I just really need help please please please
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apyr-core · 20 hours ago
hi. as you may know the argentinean economy has been on a constant crisis for some decades. there is a new curfew and its highly possible that we'll go back to total lockdown. not only did my job search get dwarfed to virtually nothing, but also this is the third month my mother has gotten barely any work, and we're already on a tight budget.
dollars are overvaluated here so even spare change will do for me. please consider buying me a $1 ko-fi? (/malakartz)
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julliunite · a day ago
If you appreciate my personal blog, and my style of writing I use here called Julliunite, a form of writing I created, please make a donation of any amount.
I depend on your generous monthly donations. Thank you for your kind support!
What is Julliunite?
Julliunite uses the following format:
Before the Start
After the Start
Before the Finish
After the Finish
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productionsbyfaith · a day ago
Did you know?
Sacha Healings and Miracles Book
Available in English and Spanish
A true story about Sacha - When Sacha was a baby she was so small and had to have breathing treatments. Growing up she had to have several surgeries and had a life-threatening situation. God is the greatest Healer and performing Miracle.
Order your copies today and help Children in the process. It is all about giving back.
Only Available at
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hearsedrivers · a day ago
As of today, April 14, 2021, I am officially broke.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello, my name is Victor. My other post has lost traction, but as some of you know, I am in an on-going struggle with paying off my tuition. I have finally paid off my entire balance, which is great! However, it drained literally ALL the money I had in both my checking and my savings.
I can’t be left in the red like this. I have to pay for medication for my autoimmune disease, since we are in a global pandemic. I also have to pay for gas and food since I’m an essential mail worker.
I do tarot/graphic/iOS 14 layout commissions, so if you want something for your money then we can talk about that. And if you’re a minor, or are not financially stable enough to donate, then a reblog still means the world to me. Thank you. ❤︎ $vachick96
Ko-fi: victortrevor
Ko-fi is powered by PayPal, so you can donate through PayPal without seeing my deadname. If Venmo is your only donation method, then you can DM me for that.
[I.D.: 2 pictures. The first one is an online bank statement showing that op paid $1,936.15 to his college on April 14, 2021. The second one shows that he now only has 88 cents in the bank. End I.D.]
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gdorah · a day ago
hey. full description in the link but to summarise, my noise cancelling headphones - that i use 24/7 to handle sensory issues - got lost when i was at the hospital a few days ago. i've called the hospital several times, spent hours looking for them in my car and outside the main entrance just in case, and they haven't been handed in anywhere
i can't afford the full cost of replacing these especially because i've been shielding & largely unable to work since the start of the pandemic. so, PayPal pool. any reblogs are appreciated, so is any amount
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Hi! I just updated my Ko-Fi shop! It means that with every 3€ donation I will draw you a b/w character sketch (you can pile 2 or more donations to get 2 or more characters in a sketch!) like the ones you see here (they are details lol the complete pic is bigger):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So if you want a quick image to go with a post or with a fanfiction, or you have a fave character you want me to draw you can donate here! And in the message you can add your preference!
I don’t have limitations about the sketches so far (the classic rules apply: if you’re not 100% sure I can draw something just ask here via anon and I’ll answer right away 💖) just consider they’re simple and they’re not full colored illustrations! 🍀
The sketches (or just details of them if you prefer) will be posted on a gallery on kofi: check it out regularly to see new content! Also I’m thinking about adding special stuff for supporters only so keep your eyes open! 👀
Thank u for following! And thanks @woodsman2b for the support!!! 🥺🥺🥺
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yungtorless · a day ago
Our beloved baby brother, the youngest of six children and the only son was killed heartlessly by Dekalb County Police in his own home on April 12, 2021, although the family was not notified until nearly 24 hours later.  We have eyewitness accounts that contradict the false news reports which reportedly states the police's side of the story.
Matthew "Zadok" Williams was a son, brother, uncle, cousin, and a 35 year old responsible man who never had the opportunity to grow old.  Zadok would not kill an insect.  That's how gentle he was.  He was shot in his own home. The media has portrayed him as a “knife welding man” but eye witnesses did not see a knife.
Our Zadok was beautiful. He was a home owner. An avid reader. An activist. A humanitarian. A pacifist. He was full of life and love so exuberant that he radiated. He was the only boy out of 6 children and we cherished every moment with him. My family is devastated by this lost. Our lives will never be the same.
No one deserves to be killed like this. It must stop. We deserve to be safe in our own homes. Please share this post. We are seeking your support in our pursuit for justice.  Anything helps.  #JusticeForZadok #JusticeForMatthewZadok
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