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#don't give up
nicholeckrueger · 9 hours ago
All the emotions
“Every emotion”
Joy, Pain, Gratitude, Fear, Abundance, Suffering, & (+)
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4damien · a day ago
As a starting artist...
When I started writing, I wrote ALL the clichés.
-Unpopular, bullied kid falls in love with the most popular and beautiful girl in school
-A war between heaven and hell
-Lines like 'you are sorely mistaken'
The first book I wrote was over 300 pages and it was absolute TRASH. Half way through the story, I couldn't even read the beginning anymore because it was too cringey.
In the beginning, your lines will be sloppy, your writing will be armature, you will sing and play off key. It's FINE. You are still learning! You will use those clichés and mistakes to learn how to write, how to draw, how to sing.
Don't let ANYONE get you down when they say 'that's so cliché' or 'that sounds boring', you need time to build. Continue to build and nothing you make will be cliché after enough time.
There is nothing wrong with starting easy.
Everyone does.
Just keep going.
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fromexperiance · a day ago
From experience:
When you feel lonely, sad, or even fake, you don't have to tell everyone that you are. It makes you sound self-centered. Even though friends, family members, or just people tell you to tell them if anything is bothering you, don't do it. You are only going to make a fool out of yourself. I know that this sounds like bullshit, but it's true.
No one is going to solve your problems but yourself. No one is going to understand them the way you do. Just do it your way because no one will see how they look to you. You are a human. You need to respect that not everything is to be done by someone else. This is your life so show that it is.
Be someone that is confident of doing their own problems. Be someone that can do things alone. This is your life. No one has to mess with it unless you tell them to. So go. Go and solve your problems because it will honestly make a better you.
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sillyheaart · 5 days ago
Y es que no me arrepiento del pasado.
Sé que el tiempo a tu lado cortó mis alas...
Pero ahora este pecho es antibalas.
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castledaveigh · 7 days ago
Suicidal thoughts, but I won't do it
Take that how you want, it's important I admit it
I'm afraid of commitment, don't know how to fix it
Maybe codependent, can't tell the difference
When the push comes to shove, I'd rather bend than break
But something's gotta give, ain't that what they say
When you're torn between reality, and a choice you could have made
Or should've made, they're not the same, I'm not the same
Maybe I'm broken, either way I'm clinging on closely
I know it's unhealthy, appreciate your patience
I know that I'm selfish, do my best to be selfless
I know that I'm changing, I know that I'm changing
- joba
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thegeminifairy · 7 days ago
friendly reminder!
nothing is forever. sounds a little depressing but it's actually a good thing. don't you think if good moments lasted forever we would get kinda bored? i know i would. i don't love my bad days but i do believe that we need them to appreciate the bad ones. it's a cliché but some people still need reassurance. keep your head up and keep going. your bad moments will end and the sun will shine and you will feel happiness again. same goes for the happy days. be grateful for the fights because it means you're alive. you still get you live another day and live on this beautiful earth. treat life with kindness and before you know it, the bad day will end and a new one will welcome you. with that said, don't ignore your feelings. don't shove everything down and let it pile up till you break. cry, scream, grief. just remember not to lose hope. you got this! i believe in you! you're loved and cared for and i'm here, cheering you on.
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ghostxtreme · 10 days ago
Going around social media, Jaune's fate at the end of the series could be one of these...
1) Staying single for rest of his life in honor of Pyrrha's memories.
2) Get together with Weiss, married and have children (based on recent interaction)
3) Die in battle and join Pyrrha in the afterlife
4) Move on and married someone not from the cast
5) Something else entirely
Not all is goood, but sometimes, bittersweet ending is the best ending.
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gtfoshady · 11 days ago
and if you get tired learn to rest, not to give up.
good night!
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feroniara · 13 days ago
Give me one night And I will give you A thousand in return Don't sleep
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dearmahalko · 13 days ago
Sometimes we can tend to forget that we too have to breathe and remember God doesn't give you what you can't handle. And when you have had enough, change it. The only thing  that is your greatest enemy is your negative thoughts. Change is a big step in life itself. Make each day count and just remember life is too short to take anything for granted and to worry about things that doesn't even matter. Be thankful you are alive today  💓 remember to love yourself and be thankful everything you have. Have a positive mind and let God take care of the rest 💓
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