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#don’t flirt w me thank u
daydreamsteve · a day ago
18! flirty bucky w shy (post-serum) steve! :P
[thank u for this request!!! i hope u enjoy :) 🏳️‍🌈🍻😇 warnings: alcohol mentions/ bar setting]
not that i mind
Bucky Barnes makes Steve nervous. He probably isn’t doing it on purpose; He’s just handsome and witty and it flusters Steve to no end.
Bucky is a new coworker of Steve’s, at The 107th, a gay bar where Steve’s been moonlighting for a couple of years. The first time he saw Bucky, Steve thought he was a customer, and his immediate train of thought was along the lines of “God, I hope he hits on me,” even though Steve hates it when customers do that.
So yeah, Steve has a bit of a crush. He can’t help it, Bucky is charming as fuck, with perfect comedic timing that always makes their shifts together just fly by. Steve’s nights working with Bucky are better than his nights off at this point.
It doesn’t help that Bucky is a huge flirt. Maybe it’s the nature of the place- hell, before Steve worked here, it was his spot to pick up guys. Guys like Bucky. Oh, Bucky is so his type. He’s got a cheeky smile and he’s just as tall as Steve but built thicker, with muscles everywhere that Steve just wants to run his hands over, and hold onto. It’s not often Steve finds a guy as big as him, maybe even bigger.
Bucky never flirts with customers, though, which Steve admires. Because there have been more than a few to drool over him, with his dark hair tied into a loose bun, his tattoos that you can only see when he pushes up the sleeves of one of the henleys he’s always wearing. He has all sorts of one-handed bartending tricks because he had a few years in between losing his arm and getting a good prosthetic. The moves always get people. They always get Steve.
He’s doing one right now. Even though Steve’s been at The 107th longer, Bucky’s been bartending for years so Steve always lets him do the fancier drinks. Bucky also has fun with it, and Steve likes watching him smile.
“Whatcha looking at, Stevie?” Bucky asks, looking over at him, breaking him from his thoughts. “I know you’ve seen me do this one before.”
“I- uh, yeah…” Steve stutters, grabbing a rag and wiping down the counter.
“Not that I mind,” Bucky continues.
Steve looks around to see if anyone is listening. The only people at the bar, though, probably the ones who ordered the drinks, are talking to each other.
“No?” he replies, focusing intently on the one stain he’s never been able to scrub away.
Bucky sidesteps a little closer. “Getting a little attention from the best-looking guy in the joint? Not so bad.”
Steve’s cheeks turn pink. Bucky’s said flattering things like this to him before, but never so blatantly, and never when the place wasn’t busy, when it wasn’t just the two of them, half an hour out from closing. If Steve didn’t know any better, he’d say Bucky was legitimately hitting on him this time.
But that’s just Bucky, right?
“Thanks,” Steve says, a little bashful, to his own embarrassment. He can’t help it, Bucky just does something to him. “Though I think that title might be yours.” Steve averts his eyes but can feel Bucky’s smile on him anyways.
“You’re too kind, Steve-o,” Bucky responds, turning his back to the bar and sliding in next to Steve so that their arms touch. Steve continues to scrub. “I don’t suppose such a stand-up guy wants to stick around the bar after closing and have a drink with me?”
It’s an opening. Bucky knows how shy Steve is around him, he must be able to tell. He’s giving him an out, if he wants it. 
But Steve just turns to him, meets his eyes- God, his eyes are beautiful- and grins. “That sounds nice, Buck.”
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honklore · a day ago
would you consider doing an au where dream is a high school teacher (maybe a math teacher or english teacher or something?) and he has been crushing on his colleague, maybe an english teacher or an art teacher, and his friends have been teasing him quite a bit for it since he hasn’t had the courage to ask them out, which is quite weird considering he’s usually so confident, but it’s just a lot of flirting and shyness between the two until he final caves and asks them out? maybe even some of the students had begun to call him out on not acting on it? it’s perfectly okay if you don’t wanna do this but thank you for reading it :))
you + me = <3 | dreamwastaken
(math teacher!dream, gn!reader, dream likes u oooooh, cute kids, writer knows nothing about chess or how chess tournaments work, you requested high school but i can’t read so i chose middle school sorry!! this is literally nothing like you requested pls forgive me but i has fun, proceed with caution)
song to listen to: roadtrip by dream
Tumblr media
i am setting the scene to say that teacher!dream is hot!!!! like, rolled up sleeves and leather watch kind of hot !!!!!!!
dream with fluffy waves that he sometimes ties into a bun if it gets too hot,,, brown roots and blond hair, brown eyebrows, forest green eyes,,,,,, freckles,,,,,
teaches middle school math!! very patient w his kids!!! but also has been known to go on tangents so long that they last until the bell rings
he’s the teacher whose classroom the weird/shy kids sit in at lunch
reads up on his students special interests and tries to ask them about it and encourage them
doesn’t make kids write out their entire process during testing bc he understands some students work in their head and can’t <3
works with different methods to help each kid learn math in their own way
the sweetest ever omg i can’t imagine a nicer teacher than dream
has a open-policy snack cabinet in case some of the kids can’t buy their lunch
has rlly cheesy anti bullying posters on his wall but actually talks to his students about it and makes sure they know he is someone they can go to
okay this is supposed to be a love story not an i heart teacher dream story sorry
you’re the art teacher of the middle school!!! you are also one of the favorites when it comes to teachers
dream is sort of a practical logical comforter and you’re a more dreamy, imagination-based comforter
so the kids ofc have their favorites
you’re a wonderful teacher !!!!
you let the kids use art class as a sort of art therapy, giving them time to do whatever they want with colors and mediums of their choosing
and assignments are usually fun!! you make it fun by giving them good topics that encourage them to express their opinions and personalities !!!
dream has the FATTEST crush on you
it’s so big and he’s very bad at hiding it
literally buys an extra coffee friday morning
slips into your classroom like “oh? hey ___ ? didn’t expect you to be here!!”
you: “in my own classroom?”
dream: “ANYWHO!! they messed up my order AGAIN and gave me a caramel frappe instead of a matcha so you can have it”
he does this every week
new excuses sometimes but it’s always ur favorite flavor, sitting right beside his matcha in a lil cup holder
dream is the type of guy to make sure your fingertips touch when he hands you your cup
so he can blush about it later and pretend it means something
any time he needs supplies or something he goes to you first instead of the communal supply closet
during his break he’ll come in and try to talk to you while your kids are painting
you sometimes sit with him during lunch!! and the kids that all sit in his classroom love you, even if they don’t have art
and every time you do he stutters over his own words and his neck gets rlly red
the kids all give each other side eyes when he does this
math kids 🤝 art kids : tired of witnessing dream’s bad flirting skills
dream brings you a cupcake on your birthday and a little necklace w a crystal on it :/
“i googled crystals for protection!! because i want u safe always!! and i made sure it was sustainably sourced!! let me know if you don’t like it!!”
how could you not like it :(
his eyes are wide and almost worried and when you give him a big smile he gets so happy like :((
your students are just. super still behind their easels hoping this is the moment you’ll actually kiss him
but no
it isn’t until a few of your kids come up one day and ask about forming an official chess club
they need at least one teacher willing to supervise and go on tournament trips and stuff
half of the team asks you and the other asks dream
but they don’t communicate that to each other
so it’s a saturday when both you and dream show up to the school in your casual clothes, unlocking one of the rooms for the kids to practice in
you help some kids set up while dream takes a few to the side and begins to teach them the basics, since not everyone who joins is an actual player
some just wanted to be w their friends ^u^!!!
but dream keeps catching your eye over the sea of middle schoolers and it makes your cheeks heat up whether u want them to or not
the two of you becoming the unofficial parents of the middle school chess team; you take turns supervising but usually both go to trips for tournaments!!
there are six students who make up the chess team + a few who just come for the snacks and respite
and your team is actually so good they qualify for state
and it’s going to be an overnight trip !!
some parents have also agreed to come chaperone
the team is so excited!!! the entire team got to go even though only a few are competing
theres a lot of lovely support going around
your kids are expressive and bright, all wearing special t-shirts they made that count as “uniforms”
they are twelve and dgaf about what ANYONE has to say
puffy markers and all
and before the tournament they surprise u and dream with ur own shirts :(( they are so sweet omg
and ofc you and dream wear them!!! fashion be damned!!!!!
man they just look up to you guys so much
they really needed a place to fit in and your club gave them that
even the ones who are HORRIBLE at chess are sitting in the bleachers with you guys, cheering on their friends ><!!
it’s all so wholesome omg
and your team ends up qualifying !!!!!!!! it’s huge !!!!!!! you all go out for celebratory milkshakes sponsored by mr wastaken !!!!!
and everyone falls asleep with a big smile on their face that night
the next day is full of driving,, and you and dream share a lil seat at the back of the bus
all the kids are winding down, listening to music or playing games on their phones
and dream is so warm, shoulder pressed against yours when he hands you one of his earbuds and is like ,,,, do you want to listen to music with me?
and ofc you do
so the two of you take turns picking songs
dream adds them all later to a playlist called ___ and dream’s epic roadtrip playlist
now that interstate is paved with memories amirite?
once all the kids are picked up at the school, you are about to call your roommate to come pick you up
but dream is like. i can drive you home
dream is that guy who drives with one hand and keeps the other on top of the gear shift <3
you’re just excitedly recounting all the kid’s faces and all the silly stories you were told in the hotel when dream is finally at your apartment complex
and he just bursts
“i really like you”
and you’re just. stunned bc you knew he was fond of you but you never thought he’d be brave enough to SAY it
“i like you too dream!!”
“would it be too cheesy to walk you to your door and kiss you goodbye?”
“maybe... but i like cheesy.”
thank you for requesting!!!
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illicitghosts · 2 days ago
dan the dancer
a/n: okay so i haven’t read soc so i’m going off tv kaz so bare w/ me but u do have some sense of book kaz so,but he might be ooc,, and the song dan the dancer by mitski reminds me him SO named it after the song and i loved @songofpatrochilless nervous fic too so shout out to them. i’m sorry i’m advanced if this is bad
summary: idek 😭
Tumblr media
you and kaz relationship was different
complete opposites
he was always so mean yet you didn’t let that bother you
yet he was just a man w/ who needed therapy
it frustrated him a bit, because everyone was scared by him
you both didn’t know where your feelings developed
kaz had butterflies when you left leaving notes around
“don’t forget to sleep on time and please finish the paperwork on time - y/n <3”
or when you make him food and bring it up to him
at that point you are basically the mother to the crows
it was always so neatly plated, he couldn’t fathom someone doing this for him
for you it was always his confidence
literally not giving anyone shit, but it was mostly private moments
him saying thank you with a small smile when you left him his food
or when fixing something on his clothes,like a undone button (which he ends up being beet red and turning away)
when kaz realized he liked you, maybe even more was when he first felt jealous
he’d get a pit in his stomach when you were being playful with matthias or jesper
linking arms when walking down the street or hugging each other, knowing you really couldn’t do that with him
he didn’t tell anyone, weeks had passed
but one day when you had to go out shopping for groceries, no one wanted to come with you.
so you had to drag kaz, in exchange of doing his laundry and counting the money
at one stop particularly, a seller was clearly flirting with you.
soon asking you on a date, completely red all over your face
kaz clearly hearing this, stood his cane out in between you and the seller, loudly and stepping forward
“they already have a boyfriend, back off” he said sternly with a glare, which gave you goosebumps
soon you both walked off to a small ally, you were so confused
“what the hell was that??? he was simply flirting”
he just stood there while you were rambling, tired of you not under standing 
“I LIKE YOU! isn’t that hard to understand” he said quickly, his ears red all over and clearly frustrated
you were a complete mess when you found out he had feelings for you
questioning “why me?” he had clearly only thought of you as part of the crew
a flush began to form around your cheeks.
“i like you too…” you said softly “now lets go and finish shopping” placing your hand on top of his gloved one
soon you both decided to be something more
it was a secret at first, longing stares and hanging out more than usual for months
but one day you in kaz’s office reading to him, a letter on some crow business
so completely unaware of his smile (which is rare)
jesper being oblivious walked in and saw the smile plastered over his face and had the realization
“GUYS” as jesper ran downstairs
when the crew found out oh my god
jesper would NOT SHUT UP, constantly teasing kaz
“so y/n how did you get him soft? what’s your secret? how can you get him to smile?”
kaz almost killed him on the spot
Inej was so happy for you guys
knowing kaz for so long and his past she was glad that he had you
matt, nina, and wylan had no clue and were so confused but were glad you were happy
but affection in public was hard, affection in general, kinda took a toll on you
he noticed that quickly, seeing nina and matthias able to kiss without guilt
or jesper and wyaln being wrapped in each other arms lovingly
once you were getting ready for bed, particularly that day was a bit harder on you
matt and nina had a cute date on the roof and you helped matt w the set up but it it hard
you and kaz didn’t have a proper date yet even after months of dating
quietly crying as you were in the bathroom, splashing water on your face
he always said you could be honest w/ him but you couldn’t hurt him like that
in your mind it was worth it for him.
sniffling and cleaning yourself up, trying your best to hid the redness around your eyes, nose and cheeks
YOU HAD NO CLUE kaz was outside, it stinging his heart hearing you cry.
but stayed quiet and never mentioned it
until you came to say goodnight in his room
“y/n….” gave you chills down your spin
“oh shit” you thought. “this isn’t gonna be good”
you sat at the end of his bed, him leaning on a dresser
the tension could be cut by a knife
you guys just sat in science for a while
you opened you mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the words. small tears forming around your eyes
you just looked down, sniffling and wiping your tears “i’m sorry” quickly standing up and walking away
before you could leave, you felt a hand on your wrist looking back and seeing kaz with a soften, but stern, look on his face
he pulled you in a hug quickly, making you freeze in confusion feeling guilty for not hugging back
he pulled away, placing a gloved hand on your cheek “it’s okay” rubbing his thumb back and forth
“are you sure?” you asked, lazily rapping your arms around his torso. making sure you aren’t pushing boundaries
he simply nodded, going in for the hug. placing a kiss on your hair. content that he could do something small (yet big) for you
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eijishimas · 2 days ago
tries to get u to do sinful activities in the sheets w him but ure a lil slow about what he means so he just has to show u a good time ;))
sexy man sexy man— au’s are so fun to write, and demon/incubus!bakugou just makes sense to me??
i hope i did this idea justice tbh, i missed writing thirsts a little bit. sorry this took a little long (ik this was from around bakugou’s birthday OOPS) thank u for ur patience, sweet anon <3
hopefully the length of it makes up for it hehe,,, enjoy
Tumblr media
there’s always been a bit of a looming presence over your shoulder when you turn in for the night. i’d like to think that demon!katsuki has been watching you for awhile now. he just observes you sleeping, which is kinda weird, but he wants you for himself. everything from the steady rise and fall of your chest, how you rub your thighs together when you’re cold, how your fingers grip the sheets when you have a nightmare. he wanted all of you. he can’t even stand it when you’re on your phone texting other men, or even your friends. not that you ever knew that.
when he manifests in front of you for the first time, you’re more confused than frightful. he’s tall and large, with sharp teeth and glowing eyes paired with devilish horns. veins run up and down his scarred arms, exuding power and dominance over you without him even needing to bat an eye. this man is such a FLIRT. he’s forward and possessive, wanting you all for himself and he isn’t willing to share. he knows you’re a virgin, he’s never had such an innate desire to corrupt someone more than you. your innocence would die with him, and he would drink in your facial expressions as you screamed around his cock with greed.
demon!katsuki would have you lay face down, your back arched as he nudges your wet folds with the head of his massive cock. it’s girthy, thick and twitching for you, and the grin he has on his face is undeniable. and you, poor innocent you, have no idea what you’re in for. your hands are clawing at the sheets and you’re whimpering from the stretch, moaning while he presses inch after unbelievable inch into you. you’ve never felt so full before, not with your own fingers at least. you’re quivering, bending before his will like water down a never ending stream.
while he fucks you, he pulls your back up to his chest so you can hear him growl, his pointed teeth dragging against your sensitive skin and making you clench your walls involuntarily. he’s got a strong hand around your throat, fucking you with only half his cock because he can already see the bulge in your tummy each time he pushes in. that feeds the fire in him, his ego inflating as he dirty talks you to filth. “been a while since i’ve had such a cute little virgin. i forgot how fuckin’ tight you all were. yeah that’s right, squeeze my cock just like that.”
oh i almost forgot to mention— his tail. absolutely devilish as it slinks around your torso, red in colour and smooth in texture. there’s a tiny triangular scale at the end of it, sharp and dangerous as it scours your body, tracing the insides of your thighs and warm against your swollen clit. he loves hearing you whine, watching you squirm as the stimulation from him is all far too much for your inexperienced body to handle. he’s barely working up a sweat and you’re cumming from how his cock kisses your cervix inside of you with each thrust of his hips, being unable to hold back your release any longer. making a mess on the bed with your essence, you’re gasping for air as katsuki licks a long strip from the base of your neck to the spot just below your jaw.
“what a good little plaything. don’t go wasting this pretty pussy on anyone but me, or else you’ll have some hell to pay for. hah?” he sinks his teeth into your skin, grinning at the mark he made. you were from that day on his, and only his, little plaything.
Tumblr media
all works © eijishimas 2021. do not reuse, modify, or repost.
@lonleyweeb77 @cynthus-no @lonelyheart-cluband @smhhyung @stoopidnekobish @kiridarling @kirislilrock @baku-deku1 @angelsofprey @hajisuu @damnitcrowley @alixdelcourt @foruthemoon @peaxhcringe @justanotheruselessextra @izukuuarchive @katsuki-kitten @shokoarashi @bakugous-trauma sorry i couldn’t tag all of u!
want to be on the taglist? see here.
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jeannemarythefourth · 2 days ago
gideon the ninth characters and whether i could beat them in a fight
notes to consider: i am a college freshman. i am 5’3”. i have only physically fought my older siblings, and even then it wasn’t really full on. my fencing experience lasted roughly six weeks when i was 11, and my tae kwon do experience was roughly eight weeks when i was 9.
characters i could win against:
harrowhark. LOOK. she’s short, she’s skinny, her only defense is a bunch of fucking skeletons. if i caught her by surprise and just tackled her right out the gate, she’s gone. whether or not vengeneance would be enacted upon me by her cavalier would depend on how far in gtn we are and also how much of a douchebag she was being to me beforehand.
isaac. he’s 14 years old, which does give him an edge in terms of sheer committment to violence, but he’s also 14 years old. i fully believe that if i were to challenge isaac to a fight, he would completely forgo his necromantic abilities to fight me on even footing.
palamedes. again, this man is skinny as hell. he does have the advantage of height, but i have the advantage of having never had a nosebleed in my life, so. the only way he wins is if he uses that pointy chin to get a good stab in. plus, afterwards camilla hect would wreck my ass immediately afterwards, so it wouldn’t really be worth it.
ortus. yeah that’s it
naberius. yes, he is an expert cavalier and definitely in better shape physically than i am, but as gideon proved, he can’t handle attacks he isn’t expecting. if we full out brawled he‘d have no idea how to throw a punch. plus he is DEFINITELY vulnerable to psychic attacks, aka i say mean things about him
characters i would lose against:
camilla hect. absolutely i’d lose. she would stab me in milliseconds. also i’d never even want to fight camilla hect when i could flirt with her and/or stare at her from the distance. camilla hect my beloved — 
gideon. we all knew where this one would land. she is already so hot and so buff which is one of my only weaknesses, and also she probably has a sword. i’m dead. hopefully i maybe come up with a funny one liner as i admit defeat and she laughs and that is triumph enough 
the second. they’re talented and driven! nothing else to say here honestly 
ianthe. she would never fight me physically, but we could definitely have a battle of wits, aka we’re mean to each other u til on of us breaks. i’d break first simply due to lack of practice. also if she hit me w the meat constructs i would immediately surrender simply because that is disgusting. 
coronabeth. there is something in me saying that i could perhaps beat her. but that is incorrect and corona’s best weapon, because she would skewer me (and i’d thank her) 
cytherea. are you kidding? it would take milliseconds. she’d body me. i’d be dust. she wouldn’t even bother villain monologuing about it. 
characters with whom the outcome is up in the air:
teacher. he’s old as hell, but he’s also a whole bunch of people stuffed into one old as hell body. yes, i know marta died fighting him. rip to her but i’m different.
jeannemary chatur. 9 times out of ten she beats me. the tenth time i win, because she is 14 years old.  
characters with whom a fight would never occur: 
aiglamene. she would not care. it’s just not happening
the fifth. the fifth are probably trained at conflict resolution, so if i tried to fight them they’d hold me at bay while talking me down from it, and also i would never want to fight them in the first place. none of us would gain anything from it. 
the eighth. i don’t care enough about them to fight them 
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thefanficmonster · 4 days ago
heyyy can i get a jealous corpse imagine? so like my idea is that maybe reader (she/they) encounters her ex during a stream (like he’s invited to play w them) but corpse gets like super jealous because her and her ex left on good terms and her ex is flirting w her not knowing she has a boyfriend (or maybe corpse and reader aren’t dating yet still in talking stage?) so corpse gets super jealous and pouty lol and reader comforts him :)) no pressure to like stick to anything i said tho, thank u sm!!!!! hope u have a good day <3
Hi lovely! This idea is SO AMAZING - Thank you so much for sending it to me, I’ll make sure I don’t disappoint you with the final product when it comes out. On that note, I apologize for the long wait you’ll have to endure until it’s posted but I promise it’ll be worth it! Lots of love, Vy 💌
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howisavedtheworld · 9 days ago
how i love you | kuroo tetsuro
genre: fluff again! i cant help myself ok😩 kuroo tetsuro x fem!reader, established relationship i guess
warnings: kuroo being a huge flirt,, some curse words i think, nothing serious honestly just going on a date w kuroo and eating spicy ramen, if u dont like spicy food im srry u do for the sake of this fic LOL <3
a/n: kuroo is a total flirt like he will play it off just to see u get embarrassed GOD i NEED IT,,,right NOW 💳💥✋🏾
wc: a short and sweet 954 :)
“are you sure? you literally hate spicy ramen, tetsu.” your boyfriend’s eyes peek over at you from his menu, glints of determination ever present.
“ugh, i already told you, babe.” he whines. “i’m building my spice tolerance! i’m tired of my tongue only being able to handle sweet things.” his eyebrows wiggle suggestively at you, and you press your lips into a tight line.
“i have no idea what you mean by tha-“
“oh, you have no idea?” his menu falls quickly to the table as he leans towards you in the dimly-lit booth.
you hide your face behind your menu, ignoring his half-witted advances.
“nope. no clue. anyways, i’m thinking of getting the nagoya ra-“
“no, babe, babe. let me explain. basically what i was trying to say is that i really like sweet things.”
“what are you thinking of getting?” you try to evade him. “i know you said you wanted to get something spicy, but maybe you should play it saf-“
“by far my favorite thing to eat, oh, and it’s a really, really sweet thing is p-“ his voice mimics a purr, sending vibrations to your entire body.
“kuroo.” you tilt your menu towards him to make eye contact pleadingly. “we’re in public.”
his face contorts to one of confusion as he scoffs.
you realize that he’s caught you in the web of sexual tension that he built.
“huh? what were you thinking of? i was gonna say pie. apple pie. kenma’s been sharing them with me, and i didn’t even realize how much i liked them!” there’s a playful gleam in his eyes now, and you let out the breath you were holding.
“ohmygod, i hate you.” you groan, lightly smacking his arm with your menu. “i hope your ramen is too spicy and you can’t even finish it.”
he lets out a hearty laugh, and his familiar calloused fingers grasp yours affectionately.
“let’s hope not, cus i really do want this ramen.”
while his words ring true, you have a gut feeling that this will not go in his favor.
your gut feeling is right.
just two orders of piping hot ramen bowls later, kuroo tetsurou is a babbling mess.
his shirt is now stained from the reddish broth, and his lips are plump, embodying a deep shade of pink.
every two seconds, he takes a sharp inhale and he won’t stop begging you for yet another sip of your water.
you indulge him, of course, sliding your glass over to his side of the booth.
“don’t say i didn’t warn you, tetsu.” you shake your head, watching him effortlessly chug down your full glass of ice water.
he places it back down with a satisfied ah! and looks at you, a dribble of water chasing down his chin.
“thanks,” he grins. his smile slowly wipes away as he glances down at his still full and steaming bowl, letting out a few exaggerated whines.
you chuckle, taking a few bites out of yours easily.
he marvels at you, a soft exclamation leaving his lips.
“how the hell do you do that?”
you shrug. “you know i like spicy food, babe.”
“you’re amazing, you know that?”
you roll your eyes, feeling your cheeks heat up at his words. it’s just like tetsuro to make such a bold claim about you doing something as simple as eating ramen.
“i’m serious!” he gapes at you. “i can barely eat this!”
“thanks, babe.” you respond weakly, having never gotten used to the ease with which he finds the things you do worthy of praise. “we just have different spice tolerances. everyone does. don’t feel bad.”
he snorts. “okay, now you’re just pitying me. see how mine was actually sweet? you’re all like,” his voice switches to a mocking tone. “your tongue is sooo underdeveloped but don’t feel bad about your stupid little tastebuds.”
your mouth drops abruptly, and you let out a laugh, shaking your head in disbelief.
“i didn’t even say that!”
“but i could tell, i could decipher what you meant-“
“that’s not what i meant!”
“yeah, okay.” he jokingly grumbles while you let yourself be consumed by your laughter.
it’s just like tetsuro to do things like this as well. to make all of your moments of love be filled with just as much laughter, to remind you that he has so much love for you that it spills into every thing he does. every joke he cracks at you is an attempt to see you smile, every time his fingers clasp in yours, he’s sending a signal. even the time he gets spicy ramen knowing he has no spice tolerance, he does it to feel even closer to you. to let you know that his love exceeds any inkling of uncertainty, that he would hang the moon and stars just to prove it.
“babe, honestly, this water didn’t really help much. do you think i could get a kiss?” his eyes look hopeful towards you, and you smile.
“yeah. tetsu, of course.”
you both lean in, eyes locked on each other until your lips ghost.
you smile again, hand moving to caress his face.
he pushes into you first, lips soft and familiar, and you taste his chapstick, and the aftermath of spicy ramen.
most of all, you can feel the way he loves you.
when he pulls away, he stirs for a second, holding up a finger.
you look at him expectantly, not realizing that he just had to let out a hefty burp.
“kuroo!” you pull away, waving away the scent of spicy ramen and egg. “why in my face?”
“sorry, babe. it’s how you know i love you.”
you will always be sure of that.
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kanejdyke · 12 days ago
do the meme thing for S&B
Keep in mind I’ve read the books and I widely prefer six of crows
favorite female character: inej
favorite male character: jesper
worst female character: show!zoya. book!zoya was just mean but grows out of it since she was never truly malicious and the writers don’t get that there’s a difference between just being mean and racist, which ain’t something u can shoo away 🙃
worst male character: I don’t care for Mathias. The bigot who decides to stop being prejudiced bc he falls in love w someone of that group they were prejudiced against is just the WORST storyline, I just don’t care mathias or helnik that much. also sometimes mal pissed me off like thank god the show gets rid of his fuckboy characteristics in the book like how he was flirting with other girls and then gets all hypocritically pissed at alina when she gets all flirty w the darkling.
otp: KANEJ, also I like genyalina, alinej, and malina mostly show!malina
brotp: inej/jesper
notp: darklina 😐 their aesthetic and lovers to enemies arc slapped but like alina is 17 and the darkling’s geriatric ass is over 100s of years old and the amount of darklina stans who ironically hate mal but wanted a darklina endgame 🚶🏻‍♀️get the darkling’s ass Alina KILL HIM!!!
Tell me a Movie/Tv Show and I’ll tell you…
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kissingsamus4head · 13 days ago
hi love !! congrats on 100 <3 i’d like to participate in your event if that’s okay (it’s rly cute btw)
sakusa with i , j , w , x , and y maybe adflfksksk that’s a lot so you can pick a few from that if you want can’t wait for you to grow more, we love to see it !!
oh gosh thank u loads !!!!! i feel so honored I love your work sm 😭
i got a little carried away with these 🙈
Tumblr media
i. inspiration- did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems?
kiyoomi is someone who’s going to have an impression on those around him, even if they don’t realize. he wants the absolute best for the people he loves most and so he’s always pushing you to be your best! it’s incredibly subtle, you’ll be sitting doing your work one day and suddenly realize that he has somehow eradicated any ounce of an urge to procrastinate.
in terms of how I think a relationship would change omi, I think he’d learn to chill out a little. he doesn’t need to be working and upgrading and stressing all the time, it’s okay to sit back and just enjoy life. he’s forever grateful to you for how you’ve managed to be his rock, he almost feels more human, more connected with himself? I guess if that makes sense.
j. jealousy- do they get jealous easily? how do they deal with it?
kiyoomi gets jealous and is absolutely embarrassed about it. he knows it’s illogical, that you’re your own person and you’re absolutely allowed to have relationships with other people ! he has loads of trust in you, he’d have to in order to be with you in the first place, but deep down he can’t help the fact that other men flirting with you/close with you just absolutely grinds his gears. you always have his full attention and the thought of that not being mutual breaks his heart <//3 he knows your relationship isn’t exactly ordinary and he can’t help but worry you’ll seek out someone who can provide a bit more stability.
that being said, he’s either going to be petty about it or open with you— it really depends on the severity of the instance. if it’s some guy flirting with you in the grocery store he’ll turn his nose up at you and nag about how you should “go ask that other guy to buy you those chips you like.” he doesn’t mean it, he’s asking you to reassure him in a way that he won’t have to embarrass himself. otherwise, he’s gonna sit down and air out how he’s feeling because he’d want you to do the same! communication is incredibly important to him when he’s not busy pouting.
w. wild card- random fluff headcanon
i can just feel in my soul that he’s an incredible baker— and he thinks it’s super relaxing. if he’s particularly worked up about something you’ll find him in the kitchen making some obscure and difficult dessert like a soufflé or something. for the longest time he was a bit embarrassed about it but really he enjoys it too much to play it off.
x. xoxo- are they very affectionate? Do they love to kiss and cuddle?
yes! maybe this is unpopular but I think omi is really into physical touch. to him it’s something that’s just very intimate, even if it’s as simple as placing his hand on your lower back to guide you. there’s nothing he loves more than coming home from a long day, face planting in your lap, and letting you toy with his hair until he falls asleep & vise versa. he’ll reserve his touch for those he’s really close with, and then just let it all out. it’s near impossible to cook a meal without his back up against your chest.
y. yearning- how will they cope when they’re missing your partner?
he blows up your phone with zero shame. did you eat today? did you get your work done? are you able to get home safe? did you get home safe? text me when you get home. what are you eating for dinner? don’t stay up too late.
he’s thinking about you always and wants you to know! he’s fussy and a worrier and he knows you’re capable of functioning without him but that doesn’t make it any easier for him— truthfully he has a bit of trouble functioning without you.
Tumblr media
send any hq character + any letters from this list !
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itsamixofthings · 15 days ago
falling harder. 28/04/21
hi bby. 3 days later than the usual. wow i really fucked up last month’s thinking i could be edgy with a voice memo.
I realise I’m falling for you harder and harder (haha;)) everyday. To depths I didn’t know was possible. I’ve already told you this, but it all feels so natural. To be able to fall for you with a peace in my heart is such a bliss I didn’t realise was ever possible, and I have you to sincerely be thankful towards. HAHA, maybe its the years of agonising my feelings for you before you even looked at me that way... no. We both know its definitely how you treat me. You make me so happy. and seesshhh you been getting hella more sexual now. i go w//u//w but also EW because its in the am?? are you okay sir? but goddamn thinking bout me on your lap, your lips on mine, your hands on my face. ugh. you are very difficult to resist. 
It's the 30th April, Friday night. I’m sorry this one’s so messy and late. Everyday is a new development between us. I overthink and burst and you cradle me through a screen even when my approach was wrong. (It was the death thing lol… I laugh) I love you man. I wondered if it was going to be difficult for me because for the past few weeks I’ve wondered if I could actually say it to you, but tonight as I write, I know for sure that’s how I feel about you. 
I watched this tips for long distance relationship video (lol.. 39 miles) yesterday and one of it was that conversations don’t have to be so frequent, that it should be ‘’quality > quantity’’ or else conversations would be recycled. But I really don’t think that’s the case with us. For 9 months we have talked every single day. It sounds like so much effort but it really hasn’t felt that way. I don’t know man. I’m so into you. You’re so into me. Every conversation we have just feels so right. Whether big and deep or small talk or sexual talk 😈 or just being fools. Its all just the perfect level for me. How lucky is that. I love when we kiss we can just joke in between. I love how shamelessly you tell me what you want to do with me. I love how you flirt, damn. Yikes this just became way too gross too quickly.
I appreciate you so much. Thank you for saying I could have your soul all those months back. I’m always looking forward to our journey. If I’m doing this life shit with you by my side, I think I’ll learn to thrive at some point. 
Mwah. I love u brudda.  
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hugs-4-primogems · 20 days ago
hiii back again w another request <3 but please remember to take care of urself! eat and stay hydrated <3 what r ur thoughts on a dom!reader just yanking zhongli + kaeya into an alley whilst out for a while, or on kaeyas night patrol, and just absolutely railing them, overstimming until theyre crying🤤i can see kaeya being a tease all night and thats what causes it but im not sure sbt zhongli bc hes .. so innocent and clueless
ps ... the sub diluc headcanon of him .. just softly telling u how good he feels as he whimpers... i teared up he is so cute and i thank u for ur wonderful writing
Hello hello!! Welcome back anon! I will make sure to take care of myself thank u so much! Oooh man yeah making these pretty boys cry would be a dream come true. Thanks for coming back to request again!
NSFW Sub! Zhongli and Sub! Kaeya x Dom! GN Reader railing them in an alley
We all know Kaeya. He probably deserved it. 
He invited you on his night patrol shift just for you to see what he does, but really he just wanted to be a nuisance and see how much you can take of it.
You’d be by his side walking around Mondstadt, and he’d suddenly take the hand that was resting it on your shoulder, and run it further and further down your back until it’s resting on your ass. You quickly swat his hand away and he just laughs. You already knew it was going to be a long night. 
Not to mention the constant flirting coming from him. Was he trying to fluster you or just be annoying? At this point, you’re not sure, but the only thing you feel is a burning desire to take this man down a peg right now.
At one point he presses you against a wall and starts touching your chest and you’re like wtf and he says “Well, I’m demonstrating a body check for if we were to see a suspicious figure of course. Why, were you thinking something different?”
That’s when you snap. Has he forgotten who’s in charge here? He can’t just blatantly act out and not expect the railing of his life. Maybe that was his goal here, but who were you to deny him of his whorish fantasies?
You grab his hands off of your chest and pull him into the nearest dark alley. You were going to make him beg if it was the last thing you did. 
“Oho, what’s gotten into you Y/N? Something bothering you?” He teased as you pressed him face-first into the stone wall. This fucker-
“You really need to learn when to stop running your mouth.” you spit while taking out your bag for supplies. 
For my readers without dicks, you take out one of the biggest straps you own that you brought along for this very reason and some lube. You knew him well enough at this point that you expected having to use it at some point tonight. My readers with them, just the lube.
Kaeya continues teasing and acting like he’s still the one in charge here. Until you pull down his pants and he knows you’re serious. But still, a smirk spreads across his face as you roughly spread his ass to lube his hole. It infuriates you all the more that he hasn’t dropped his brattiness yet. 
“You’re lucky I’m prepping you at all,” You sneer “You’ve been fucking with me all night as if you don’t already know how this ends. You act all high and mighty, but in the end, you’re always the one begging me to fuck you.”
He laughs at your comment and wiggles his hips outward at you in a teasing manner, daring you to continue.
You scoff and decide that there’s been enough playing. You grab his hips harshly while digging your nails into his skin, pulling them to you. If he didn’t know he was in for it yet, he definitely did now. You lined yourself up with his hole and pressed into him all at once. He gasped and his hands scrambled to try and hold onto something. You kept one hand on his hips, while the other trailed up to press the side of his face against the wall. He didn’t deserve the chance to adjust to your cock after what he pulled tonight.
Immediately you began thrusting in and out of him, Kaeya attempted to keep his composure, but you could hear the pants coming through his gritted teeth. The lewd sound of your hips slamming into his ass was filling the air, along with your combined sounds of pleasure. He was trying so hard not to enjoy it, but you were stuffing him so good. After a minute of your rough fucking, he was full-on moaning. Oh, how the mighty fall. 
You smirked to yourself at the sight of him. His eyes were squeezed shut and his soft lips were parted. You tightened your grip on his hair as you slammed into him even harder than before. His hips repeatedly hit the stone wall causing Kaeya to cry out. Experimentally, you angled your hips differently, trying to hit his sweet spot. You knew you had found it when he yelped and teared up. “How pretty…” You thought. 
You continued abusing that spot until he was whimpering and desperately fucking his hips back onto your cock. 
“Y/N I c-cant oh~! I’m gonna cum I-I’m gonna cum!” He shamelessly cried. What a whore. Anyone near this alleyway could probably hear him. If only the people of Mond knew how their very own cavalry captain was being broken down so easily in a back alleyway. 
His cum spurted out of him and onto the wall in front of him as he whimpered. But you weren’t planning on stopping yet. Your pace didn’t falter as you continued driving his hips into the wall. 
“W-wait no too much!” He sputtered, obviously overwhelmed. You didn’t respond and kept fucking into him, brushing against his prostate with every stroke. His silky hair on top of his head still tight in your grasp. He came again soon after without warning this time, once again painting the wall with his cum. You watched as tears began to run down his face with a desperate expression. He was past whimpering at this point as his full-blown cries escaped his lips. 
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry Y/N please I promise I can be good! P-please!” 
He really was so desperate now, and a mess to be honest. With one final harsh snap of your hips, you were finished.  Pulling out slowly, you watched his abused hole clench around nothing. He started to slide down the wall, his legs giving out on him. 
The next part is up to how forgiving you want to be. 
Either, you quickly grab him by the hips to support him as you slide down the wall together. You held him tightly in your arms, sitting him between your legs as you both panted and came down from the highs. You placed a kiss on the top of his head and praised him for taking so much.
Or, you could leave him slumped against the wall, blow a kiss, and walk away. 
Now… as anon said he’s very clueless so he wouldn’t pull something like Kaeya. But, what I can see is you trying to hint that you want him and flirting with him, and it's just going over his head completely. 
You two were walking around in Liyue and Zhongli was practically ignoring you. It wasn't on purpose but he had matters to attend to and currently, they were the most prominent thing in his mind.
You tried being subtle and flirting with him, trying to get his attention, but he just straight up doesn't catch your drift. He’ll just give you a confused smile and go back to what he was doing. God damn it. His ignorance to your advances weas cute but also so frustrating. You really just wanted to go home to get rid of how pent up you were, and weren’t sure how much of this game you could take.
The ache between your thighs was far too much to bear at this point. So, you grabbed him by the hand and took him to the nearest alley. He gave you a very confused look and started to say “Y/N what are you-” before you pushed him down to be sitting on a crate. 
“You’ve been ignoring me all day Zhongli.” you say while beginning to take apart his intricate outfit. A blush spread across his face as he struggled to answer you. Before fully pulling down his pants, you brought one hand to his face and gently stroked his cheek, while the other was placed on his crotch, pressing slightly. “You’ll make up for it by helping me out right now, won’t you?”. He just nodded into your hand, dumbstruck like a lovesick puppy. You smiled and called him a good boy before kneeling, moving to fully pull down his pants and boxers.
He was only half hard, but you could change that. Gently running a finger down the underside of his length caused him to shiver. You didn't have the patience to tease him, you needed to ride him until you broke him after all. You quickly began pumping his cock, listening to the sweet whimpers coming from the man above you. Once he was fully hard, you pulled down your own bottoms and undergarments. It was time for the fun part. You spread some of your arousal down to your hole and began straddling Zhongli’s hips, getting in position. 
You looked up at his flustered face as you sunk down onto him all at once. He let out a cry at the sudden feeling of being inside you. You wasted no time bouncing harshly on his lap. You let out pleasured hums and gasps at the feeling of him stretching you out. Finally, you were getting the relief you needed. You held onto his shoulders as you continued fucking down onto him.  Zhongli was completely overwhelmed by your tight walls, his head was thrown back and his tongue was slightly lolling out of his mouth. You clenched around him tighter, wanting him to fall apart completely. He immediately responded to the feeling of your walls clamping down around him and let out a loud, deep moan. His hands flew up to your hips to grip them tightly. 
He was so far gone into the pleasure and you hadn’t even really begun. The inexperienced ones are always so sensitive. 
He began to let out pants of your name as he was getting close. “Y/N I-I can’t! please slow down!” He cried 
But, you didn't. You wanted to make a mess of him and nothing was going to stop you. He groaned and his hips started bucking up into yours as he came inside you. You felt your own orgasm approaching but suppressed it out of wanting to overstimulate him. 
You knew how sensitive his cock was after he had just come, but you kept slamming your hips down into him. His groans were quickly becoming broken and breathy. He wanted to say it was too much, but he wanted to please you even more. 
Tears began to run down his cheeks as he cried out your name. His legs were shaking beneath you and you could feel it. You silently thank the archons for how stable the wooden box under him was because you were fucking down onto him as hard as you could. His hips were wildly bucking up into yours, he couldn’t even control his own body. 
“Y/N!! Gonna cum again please!!” He moaned. “Then cum baby, come on give me one more you can do it.” You panted in response. 
With the loudest cry yet, he spurted out his cum into you. You then came as well, arching your back, and releasing on his cock. You both let out a symphony of lewd noises, riding out your highs together. You were positive that anyone nearby could hear how much noise you were making.
You leaned forward into his chest and he wrapped his arms around you. 
After he caught his breath enough to speak, he whispered to you “Y/N, I truly apologize for being neglectful today.” You kissed his cheek and wiped away his tears, signaling that all was forgiven.
Did I overwrite for Kaeya because I love/hate this man? Maybe
Sorry it took a little while, I had trouble coming up with something for Zhongli!
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peachysaeng · 23 days ago
not me almost tearing up at u saying ure proud of me it means a lot :( married again ? 😯 omw rn !!!!! pls don’t want others flirting with my jae >:((
YES I AM HEHE <3 ure gonna get a dm one day with the WORST pick up line istg i’m gonna be as cheesy as possible 🤩 you’re so cute oh my gosh wanna squish u so bad :(((( *pokes ur cheeks*
u thought about me.... 😇 just know i was watching the album preview and literally was like “holy f’ing sht” out loud bc it’s THAT good :’))
well little update,, weekend just got kinda ruined ahaha,, BUT have my jae serotonin for the upcoming week now thank u angel 🥺 sending a million more kisses to u AND cuddles so ha ! <3 ( actually cant get over how cute u are stop making me all heart eyes for u smh ) — 🍯
wipes away any of your pretty tears away. NO TEARS FOR THE PRETTY ONE!!! but yes yes yes, i am very proud of you- knowing that you're able to make it through the day is already such a big accomplishment and you manage to do it and i'm just 💖〰️💖 GOOD JOB 🍯 ANON BUT YES WE'RE GETTING MARRIED AGAIN COME HERE BBY baby im sure they know we belong to each other shhhh
I WILL BE WAITING THOUGH!!! i'm so excited for it but you hush!! you could tell me a bad pickup line and i'd think it's the bestest thing ever. literally falls harder for you. BUT I WANNA SQUISH YOU TOO!! squishy little thing.
but i'm sorry to hear that love :( i'll make sure you have a better weekend next time and it'll only get better from then on :(( at least have a good rest of your week, if not, i might just have to fight someone ANYWAYS sweet dreams beautiful!! and sleep amazing tonight. i'll always be thinking of you <3 mwah mwah i love you :(
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up-sideand-down · 24 days ago
5 Sefikura? U///w///U
send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
Sephiroth looked over when he felt a hand starting to take his. He smiled at Cloud and squeezed the fingers that were in his palm, but kept his attention focused on what Genesis was saying. 
“I can’t think you’d survive out there on your own dear,” Genesis was saying, “You never do when it’s a publicity stunt and I-”
“Love those, I’m well aware,” Sephiroth said. He jumped, startled just a bit, when Cloud leaned into his side a little harder. This was very...unlike Cloud. Cloud didn’t really do public displays of affection. He liked keeping things private. He looked back to Genesis who had kept talking like he hadn’t even noticed. 
“I don’t mind taking some of your jobs. I think I-” Genesis said. 
“Do them better, you’ve said so before,” Sephiroth agreed. He left out that it gave him more alone time with Cloud. But as Cloud’s arms tightened around his waist, he wondered if he should mention that. Cloud was clinging to him. Cloud was not “clingy”. Sweet, but not...a hugger like this. What was going on? 
“You’ll let me know alright, sweet?” Genesis said. 
“Of course, thank you Genesis.” Sephiroth said. Genesis finally seemed to have noticed Cloud. Cloud gave a sweet smile. If Cloud smiled like that though...he wasn’t being sweet. His eyes didn’t crinkle and went cold. The last time Seph saw Cloud smile like that was when he accidentally insinuated Cloud’s mother slept around. He’d been forgiven after Cloud told him what “easy woman” meant...and gave up a pint of pistachio ice cream (and not the cheap kind). 
“I’m glad we got a chance to talk,” Genesis said, “but let me know. I think Cloud has been dying to take you home though.” Sephiroth nodded and rested an arm around Cloud’s shoulder. 
He looked down and quirked an eyebrow. 
“What’s this?” he asked. 
“What’s what?” Cloud sighed innocently. 
“Why are you hugging me in broad daylight like this?” Sephiroth said. 
“I need a reason to hug you?” Cloud said. Something clicked in Sephiroth’s brain. 
“Wait a minute, are you jealous?” Sephiroth asked. Cloud’s face flushed red and he frowned. He only did that when he was caught. 
“He was flirting with you,” Cloud said, “all that ‘dear’ and ‘sweet’ and ‘precious’... I’m not blind Seph.”
“That’s just how Genesis is,” Sephiroth said, “if that was him flirting, then he flirts with anything that moves. He called a mechaning darling this morning.” 
“That’s fine if that’s how he is,” Cloud said, clinging tighter, “then this is how I am.” Sephiroth smiled. Cloud was always so reserved in public, but no less loving. It was...kind of flattering to be pursued and wanted to openly though. 
“I’ll take you as you are,” Sephiroth said, pressing a kiss to the top of Cloud’s head. 
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gamerwoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello friends, it’s Rocket!!! So I recently hit another really big milestone (honestly idk how I did it with my shitty updating schedule that doesn’t even exist, and lack of posting anything on here because of work lmao) and I really want to do something this time around to celebrate since I don’t think I did anything last time. But since I couldn’t decide on just one thing to do, I’ve decided to do a bunch of things!! So I’ll probably have this lil celebration thing going on for a little bit so I can get things done over a period of time instead of just trying to rush things out in one weekend. But more on that in a sec!
Before I get into the celebration stuff, I just wanna give a huge thank you to everyone who’s followed, whether you’ve been here since I was msvteenx or you just now followed me. I appreciate it a lot. And even if you don’t follow me but you reblog my content, thank you so much!! The fact that people like my writing makes me so happy I can’t even put it into words. And if you’ve followed me for any other reason other than my writing, I appreciate you as well!! :] 
But the biggest shoutouts to @neverknewgrey2016 @sadienita @akirabfs @hansols-yoda-boxers​ and @sunlightwoo​ for just being really great friends and always being super encouraging and my #1 hype people, especially lately when I hardly have the time to do anything but want to do all the things lmao. I love y’all and I’m really glad I met you guys and that I have y’all in my life 🥺💕
Okay, so onto the celebration stuff!
Yup, you read that right. Ya girl is bringing back SKZ Imprinted!!! Which also means that I’ll be opening requests for this series!! However, I will be re-posting all of the old parts that I didn’t already use in other Imprinted series lmao. So some members won’t be up for requests.
These are the members you can request for:
Requests are a first come, first serve basis. You can specify their mate, the plot, the genre, etc. Or you can be super vague and just say “hey can I have Imprinted [insert member here]” and I’ll come up with the rest!!
My only rule is no smut. I don’t have the time or energy to write that rn.
Requests for Stray Kids Imprinted will close when I receive a request for all 4 members. You can check who has been requested here.
I know this isn’t something many people will probably engage in, but I still think it could be fun. Pretty much anything goes and I have to answer. So ask whatever the heck u want 😌
The only things I won’t answer are:
My real name/my full name
Where I live
Personal info about my family (such as their names)
Anything along those lines
Please be sure to start the ask of by saying it’s for the 8k celebration!! I’ll be answering them all Sunday (4/18) night!!!
I think I do these every single time I do a milestone celebration lmao. But this time, instead of just finding one of those posts to reblog or link, you can request a specific au type (werewolf au, mafia au, ect) and/or genre and/or thing that happens in the drabble. Just make sure you include an idol you want!!
Groups/idols you can request for:
Stray Kids
For example “single dad!Seungcheol picks his daughter up from daycare and tries to flirt w the worker but his daughter embarrasses the fuck out of him” or something along those lines. Basically, your request must have enough info for me to be able to write something with it lmao.
For drabbles, I’ll allow smut.
The drabble game requests will close either next Saturday (4/24) at 8pm EST or sooner if I get bombarded with them and can’t keep up lmao.
For a short period of time, I’ll have requests open for small things, which include:
fake texts
headcanons (this goes for general headcanons but also headcanons for any series or fic or character I have that maybe you wanna know more about or add onto)
drabbles (see above)
And yes, smut topics are allowed.
Requests will close whenever I feel like closing them lmao :)
Thank you guys so much again for 8k followers. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all the love and support on my writing or just in general. I love you guys!! 💕💕💕
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Winner gets bread (or ice cream?)
Tumblr media
(U w U i want soft boi back)
Credits to the owners of these wonderful gifs!
Pairing: Boyfriend! Soobin X reader 
Genre: Fluff, Mostly crack 
Word count: 895
Warnings: Cringey flirting
Requested: YES! by  @dayawantstosleep
Note:  I'm so sorry bae!!! I took sooooooo long, I had exams and a writer's block.and then I deleted my account so your ask was deleted ;-;   I hope you like it!!! A big thanks to @dearseungie for helping me out and @affectionaterainoflove​ for proofreading and @lost-lepord-beanie​ for helping me with the last plot
Prompt:   Flirt. 
                 100. “Is it working?” 
                 47. “How did you do that?”
Tumblr media
You were hanging out with your boyfriend at his dorms. His band mates were outside, so he saw this as the perfect opportunity to spend time with the love of his life. He had hardly gotten time to shower you with attention like he usually did. At first, he was busy with recording and practices, then there were promotions for their latest album, and now, he was in charge of hosting Music Bank alongside Oh My Girl’s Arin every Friday. He had a whole day where he could enjoy you presence.
You had made him promise you that the both of you would have a fun baking contest the next time you hung out at their dorms. Well, the day was today!
“Come on Binnie, you had promised!!!” You whined, clinging on to his back.
“I know, I know. But why waste time, Y/N? You know I only have today to spend time with you!” He argued.
“I-” You said outraged, trying to find words, “Waste time?!!?!? You think baking is a waste of time?!?!?”
You slipped yourself off his back. You were now standing in front of him with your arms crossed and a pout painted on your face.
“Okay okay, I’m sorry. It’s not a waste of time. Happy?” He said apologetically.
“No, I won’t accept that dry sorry till you come and bake with me. I wanna see how bad you are at it” You said not looking at him.
“Excuse me? Me? Bad at it? Babe, you don’t know who you’re challenging” He said
“Okay then, Aprons on, and towards the kitchen!” You said running towards the kitchen.
Within five (5) minutes, both of you had aprons on, and were in the kitchen finding all the appliances and the ingredients.  
“Okay so, we’ll start on the count of three, but before that, I want a prize for winning.” You said looking up to him.
“And what makes you think you’ll win” He asked raising an eyebrow.
“Um, Hello? The years’ of experience?” You said proudly.
“Oh- I forgot about that, but you, miss, should not underestimate me. If you win, I take you out for ice cream, you buy as much as you want and I pay. But if I win, you buy me a life time supply of bread. Deal?” Soobin said.
“What?!?!? A life time supply? I don’t own Yeonjun’s Black card!” You protested.
“Okay, okay fine. Not a lifetime, but at least for a month straight. Deal?” He proposed again.
“Fair, I suppose” You continued “On the count of three, one, two, and three!!! GO!”
Soon, the both of you were working hurriedly. You, having years experience, were way ahead of him in a few minutes. Now he had to think of ways to distract you.
He saw that a strand of your hair was irritating you. You were huffing at it because your hands were covered in flour but it kept falling back. It was bothering you as you were measuring the sugar which was to be added. It was a sign for Soobin.
He slowly approached you.
“Hey babe, look here” He said.
As you turned to him, he brought his face closer to yours. He tucked the stray strand of hair behind your hair and slightly brushed the back of his hand against your cheek. The action made your heart flutter, heat rising to your cheeks as you observed him.
“Are you blushing?” he asked while another idea sparked in his brain.
“N-No, b-but now all my calculations are messed up!” You stuttered.
“Y/N, Do you have a map?” He asked
“All of a sudden?” You asked still blushing “No, Not right now.”
“I keep getting lost in your eyes” he said as he stared into your eyes.
With that you pushed him back, laughing uncontrollably at his pathetic attempt at flirting
“What?” Soobin asked, looking puzzled.
“You call that flirting? Babe, stop getting tips from the internet.” You said still holding on to your stomach.
“Well, I wanted to distract you” he continued, “Is it working?”
“yes, it is working, but that was the worst flirting I’ve ever seen or heard. Boy, you live with Yeonjun, did he not teach you anything?” You asked
“What? I’m better than Yeonjun!” He argued.
“No honey, I’ll teach you” You offered.
“Please give me your hand” You said as you put your hand forward.
“M-My hand?” He asked as he looked at it for a while, but put it forward.
“I want it in marriage” You said, “That’s how flirting is”
“I- That was actually good. I have to say, I’m impressed babe.” He said and he pecked your cheek, “Let’s continue”
Within a good amount of time, both of you were done baking the scene was somewhat hilarious.
Your cake was the definition of perfection, whereas Soobin’s, well it was a disaster. He was awestruck.
“Y/N, How did you do that?” he asked completely amazed.
“Talent, babe” you said with pride” and besides, a chef never tells their secret"
He was mesmerized by how talented his girlfriend was and he felt lucky to have a girl like you.  You pecked his cheek and said
“Get the keys babe, a promise is a promise. I’m going to empty your bank balance today.” You giggled.
“Yeah, Yeah, I remember. Go get ready, I’ll get my wallet.” Soobin sighed.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @dayawantstosleep @affectionaterainoflove @lost-lepord-beanie  @dearseungie @naebyols @bbhyeoliskooks 
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slutforsalvatore · a month ago
vcan i request w a reader who wears glasses and is kinda shy abt that fact and one day her bf stefan finds out and instead of finding it not pretty, he finds it hot and is super turned on (you can add smut if YOU want) and is like "Y/N you look so hot"
pairing - stefan salvatore x glasses wearing, fem!reader
type - fluf, smut
warnings / includes - mild language, suggestive, teasing, flirting, lots of making out and kissing, steamy makeout scene + touching, the end alluding to sex. the end is really just a mindless makeout scene bc i didnt want to write full on smut, but i decided to add a little more than i usually do :). and this takes place in the first season 
“Shit,” you muttered, shuffling through your bathroom cabinet. You moved everything around, trying to find your contact boxes. You could’ve sworn you had enough for the next month, but apparently, you were wrong. You must’ve miscounted or not had enough when you picked up the full six month supply six months ago.
You cursed again, beginning to put everything back in its place. You picked up your contact solution, it ending up slipping out of your hands and falling on the floor.
“Nice job,” you muttered to yourself, bending down to pick it up.
“Y/n? You okay?” Stefan’s voice sounded from outside your bathroom.
You straightened up, beginning to panic. “U-Um, yeah! Do-Don’t come in, I’m uh… shaving my um… vulva?”
You quickly took off your glasses, shoving them and the contact solution into the cabinet. You slammed the cabinet shut, calming yourself as Stefan enter the bathroom. 
“I thought you said you shaved yesterday?” Stefan asked.
“Oh…. um,” you leaned against the sink, putting your hand to the back of your neck and rubbing it sheepishly. “Well, you know, hair grows back very fast. Especially on women’s bodies. It’s amazing how we survive,” you chuckled.
Stefan smirked, leaning against the doorframe. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking you up and down. You looked at him shyly.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You asked.
“Because you’re cute,” he answered. You smiled, “Thank you. I try, you know.”
“So, what dropped on the floor? Your vulva?” He teased.
You rolled your eyes, “Funny, but no. My razor did.”
“Ah, I see. Sounded kinda heavy.”
“Well, what do you think it was? A computer?” You chuckled, turning around to get ready for work. You went to grab your toothbrush, but you missed by a few inches. You sighed and squinted to try and get your vision clear. 
“You okay?” Stefan frowned. “Yeah, I’m just tired,” you shrugged, grabbing your toothbrush again. This time you were successful.
Stefan hummed in reply, coming up behind you. He wrapped his arm around your middle, setting his chin on your shoulder.
“Why’re you tired? It’s not like you did anything last night,” he said with a grin.
You giggled and put toothpaste on your brush. “Ha-Ha.”
“No, really! It’s not like you spent the night with a sexy vampire having the best sex of your life,” he remarked.
You smiled from ear-to-ear, leaning into him as you began to brush your teeth. After a few minutes, you bent down to spit, your ass pressing against Stefan.
“Ooh,” Stefan said, his hands caressing your waist. “Trying to get me riled up.”
You giggled, standing back up and putting your toothbrush down. You spun around, putting your hands on his chest.
“Would it be so bad if I was?” You titled your head. “Hmm, no,” he smiled.
“Good,” you bit your lip, your eyes gazing at his lips. You stood up on your tip-toes, closing your eyes as you pressed your lips to his.
As you two kissed, your hands roamed his chest, going up to his neck. Your fingers buried themselves in his hair as Stefan’s hands went from your waist to your ass, his hands going under your thighs and lifting you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist, opening your mouth to take in a shallow breath. Stefan took the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. You started to pant heavily as you french kissed him.
“Mm, Stefan,” you hummed, butterflies swarming in your chest.
You grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling him impossibly closer. Stefan’s lips trailed down from your lips to your neck. You sighed contently, rolling your head to the side so he had better access. His lips attached themselves to your sweet spot that was near the nape of your neck. His fingers climbed up your sides and under your top, skimming over your skin.
“O-Ooh,” you squeaked, pulling his hair as encouragement. “Stefan,” you sighed as his lips trailed down further.
“Hey, Y/n- Oh, my God! My eyes!” Bonnie exclaimed.
Your eyes flew wide open and you pushed Stefan away, him stumbling back into Bonnie. You landed on your feet swiftly, pulling your top down.
“Sorry, Bonnie,” you apologised without looking at her.
“It’s alright,” she chuckled. “I just didn't expect you two to be at it this morning.”
“Well, you know us hormonal, in love teenagers,” Stefan smirked.
“Yeah, I can definitely relate,” Bonnie snorted. “Anyways, can I use the bathroom? Jeremy and I were on our way out, but I need to redo my makeup.”
“Yeah, go ahead,” you nodded, moving out of her way.
You and Stefan went out of the bathroom, closing the door behind you. You looked up at Stefan, immediately irrupting into a fit of laughter.
“Oh, I can’t believe we got caught,” you groaned, running your hands over your face.
“Hm, well, wanna continue?” Stefan asked. You sighed and put your hands against his best, “Oh, I wish, but I gotta get ready. My shift is in thirty minutes.” 
“Alright. Need me to drive you?” He asked.
“Sure,” you nodded and went to your room. Stefan followed you and watched as you got changed into your uniform. You worked at The Grill alongside Matt. You had to wear jeans and the company shirt.
You began to put your jeans on, but missed the leg hole completely. You began to topple over. You were about to fall when Stefan caught you in his arms.
“Ah, thank you,” you chuckled. “No problem. Hey, are you okay? You seem to be… missing things,” he asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” you reassured. You moved out of his grasp to get dressed.
Stefan narrowed his eyes and stared at you, wondering why you were acting so weird. You usually weren’t so clumsy and stand-offish. He hoped that you weren’t hiding anything.
“Alright, let me just go to the bathroom real quick and we’ll go,” you said.
Stefan nodded and let you go to the bathroom, going downstairs to get in his car.
“Oh, hey, Stefan,” Elena smiled as he climbed down the stairs. “Hey,” he greeted her.
“Is Y/n finished?” She asked. “Yeah, almost. she’s upstairs. I’m giving her a ride to work,” he answered.
“Oh,” Elena frowned. “I thought I was going to do that.”  “Oh, sorry. She said I could take her,” he apologised. “No, no, it’s okay. Why don’t I go and see who she wants,” Elena said, going up to the stairs.
Elena walked to the bathroom, knocking on the door. “Y/n? Can I come in?”
You opened the door immediately and pulled her inside. Elena yelped as you shut the door behind her.
“Are you okay?” Elena asked. “I don’t have any more contacts,” you said.
Elena stared at you for a few minutes before bursting out laughing. You glared at her, not understanding why she was laughing.
“What’s so funny?” You asked.
“No-Nothing,” she giggled. She gasped for air and sat straight up, re-composing herself. “I just don’t understand why you’re so worried.”
“Do I have to explain it to you again? I don’t want Stefan to see me in my glasses,” you explained.
“You’ve been dating him for four months and from how well you two are doing, it looks like dating could turn into marriage. He’s gonna see you in your glasses sooner or later,” she sighed.
“Not if I can help it. Look, I know I told Stefan that he could drive me, and that’s fine, but I still need you to do me a favour.”
“Like what?”
“I need you to go to the eye doctors and get my supply of contacts.”
“No,” she shook her head. “What! Why? Please?” You whined. “I’ll literally do anything you want if you do this.”
“As tempting as that sounds, I’m not going to help you hide yourself from Stefan. He’s going to find out. And it’s better if it’s sooner than later,” she argued.
“He’s never going to find out. Please? I’d hate to ask Bonnie since she’s out with Jeremy,” you frowned.
“Why not ask Caroline?”
You laughed, “You think Caroline cares? You think she thinks about anyone other than herself?”
Elena rolled her eyes, “Well, then looks like you’re just gonna have to face your problems.”
“You are no help.” You muttered, pushing past her and going to your cabinet. You grabbed your glasses and stuffed them in your pocket. 
“You’re seriously hiding them until you get to work?” Elena scoffed.  
“Yep!” You exclaimed, running down the stairs. You slipped on your sneakers and went outside to see Stefan waiting for you in your car. You got in, huffing in exasperation.
“You okay?” Stefan asked. “Yeah, Elena’s just being annoying,” you grumbled, buckling your seatbelt.
Stefan didn’t say anything, but put his hand in yours, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles. The action calmed you down immediately and you relaxed in your seat as Stefan drove you to The Grill. He parked in front of the restaurant, turning off the car and looking to you.
“Want me to pick you up?” Stefan asked. “Considering you’re gonna have my car? Yes,” you nodded.
Stefan chuckled at your teasing tone, leaning over the seat and pressing a kiss to your lips.
“Don’t work too hard,” he said. “No promises,” you winked.
You gave him one last kiss before hopping out of the car. You went into the restaurant, putting on your glasses, making sure you avoided the windows so Stefan wouldn’t see you. You went to the back, punching in your time card and tying an apron around your waist. As you went to grab a pen and a paper pad, Matt walked in. You glared at him as you saw a teasing smile on his face. 
“Why does it look like you’re about to make fun of me?” You asked. 
“I’m not. I just think it’s funny how you still hide your glasses from Stefan,” he shrugged. 
You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, well, if you had to wear glasses, you would’ve hidden them from Elena.”
“Actually, probably not,” he stated. “Well, good for you,” you said. 
“You shouldn’t be afraid of Stefan seeing you in your glasses.”
“I look soo ugly in them, Matt. He’s gonna run away the first chance he gets,” you frowned. 
Matt chuckled and shook his head. “Give him more credit, Y/n. He’s so in love with you.”
“Thanks,” you muttered. “And hey, for the record, I think you still look pretty with your glasses on,” he complimented. 
You softened up at his words. “Don’t let Stefan hear you say that.”
“You know I didn’t mean it like that. Anyways, table three needs their food and table twelve needs to order,” he said. 
“On it,” you nodded, smiling at him as you left the back. 
You finished your eight-hour shift, feeling absolutely exhausted. This whole week you had been working eight to ten-hour shifts. You wished you could take the night off, but you needed to money for college. Damon, and even Stefan, had insisted on compelling the school board to let you get in for free. As tempting as the offer was, you declined for now. You wanted to feel normal in all the supernatural events that were happening around you, and working six nights a week let you do that. 
As you finished wiping down the last of the tables, the door opened and the bell jingled. 
“We closed ten minutes ago. If you’re hungry, there’s a diner down the road, about 5 miles out, that’s open 24/7,” you said. 
You turned around to see who the intruder was, but dropped the rag as you saw that it was Stefan who had walked in. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and a box of takeout, as he did every week after your Saturday shifts, to praise you and help you relax after a long week of work and school. You had totally forgotten about him coming. Which meant you hadn’t put your glasses away. 
Before you had turned around, Stefan had a big smile on his face, excited to spend the night with his girl. But his smile faltered once he saw the glasses on your face. His excited expression was replaced with a surprised and confused one, but he didn't mean it in a bad way at all. He was actually intrigued to see you in glasses. 
He never had seen you in any type of glasses before. Not even the fake ones girls wore with their outfits sometimes. He liked the way yours looked on you, though. He thought you looked gorgeous. Something about the way the way the blue frames made your eyes pop, how your lenses accentuated your eyes more. He could see your lashes and makeup more clearly now. Not to mention how cute you looked, too. It all made him just fall more deeply in love with you, which he didn’t think was possible as he was already so infatuated with you. The way you were looked at him through the glasses, all innocent-like, turned him on, too. A lot, honestly.  
He pushed the dirty thought that were beginning to enter his mind as he saw a few tears roll down your eyes. He knew that his reaction probably wasn’t the best, and regret was painted all over his face once he realised that. He put down the flowers and food, moving towards you with open arms. But you stepped back, turning on your heel to walk away. Stefan sighed and used his vampire speed to go in front of you. You bumped into him suddenly, letting out a little huff. You tried to push past him, put he put his hands on your arms to stop you, gently holding you in place.
“Baby, look at me,” he demanded softly. You disobeyed him, not wanting him to see how big of a nerd you looked like. Stefan’s right hand left your arm and went under your chin, lifting your head up. You tried to fight his pull, but he was five times stronger than you, easily. His heart broke as he saw your mascara-stained tears all over your face. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked. “You saw me in my glasses,” you mumbled. 
“Is that so bad?” He asked. You nodded your head. “Yeah, because I look ugly. My eyes are ten times their regular size and I look like a librarian.”
“Yeah, a sexy one,” he smirked. 
You frowned, shaking your head. “You’re just saying that.”
Stefan sighed, looking you deep in the eyes. “You know that I wouldn’t be saying that if it wasn’t true.”
“Men are good liars,” you pouted. Stefan chuckled, “Y/n, you look hot. I’m serious.”
You searched his eyes for any hint of a lie. But of course, you couldn’t find it. You knew in your heart that he wasn’t lying. You knew that he loved you no matter what, but all the doubts and insecurities overshadowed the logic. You shook your head once more, averting your eyes from him. Stefan noticed this. He knew that just telling you how he felt wouldn’t work. He had to show you, which was what he was best at, anyways.  
His left hand left your arm and snaked itself around your waist, pulling you flush against him. His right hand moved from your chin to your cheek, cupping it softly. As he started to lean in, you started to panic. You couldn’t understand why he wanted to kiss you while you looked like a raccoon with glasses on, but all of your doubts left your mind as his lips brushed against yours. You melted into him instantly as he kissed you. The kiss was slow and tender, making your mind foggy and knees weak. After a few minutes, though, you started to get impatient. 
Your hands made their way up to his hair, tugging fistfuls as you deepened the kiss. You opened your mouth, allowing Stefan to slip his tongue into your mouth. Your tongues fought for dominance as you started to walk backwards. Stefan hit the bar counter, pulling away. 
“You believe me now?” He asked in-between pants. 
You grinned, “Totally.” 
You then crashed your lips back onto his, this time kissing him in a more fervent manner. Stefan’s hand left your face and went down to your thighs, where his other hand already was. He lifted you up and spun you around, setting you on top of the bar counter. You grinned into the kiss, wrapping your legs around his waist and pressing yourself against him. Your hands left his hair and went down to his shirt where you lifted up the hem, trying to get it off. Stefan broke away from the kiss, discarding his shirt quickly. 
He leaned back into you, this time attaching his lips to your neck. You groaned softly as he nipped at your soft skin, his hands making their way up your shirt. You cradled his head in your hands, arching your back as his hands groped your breasts through your bra. You moaned his name, closing your eyes as one of his hands went down to your pants. He un-buttoned your jeans, taking this sweet time with touching you.  
His fingers glided over your skin softly, putting little-to-no pressure. Your whole body felt like it was on fire as he touched the area just above your panty line. You could feel the little heartbeat beginning to pulse between your legs. You began to grow impatient again as he wasn't touching you where you needed him the most. Your frustration caused you to whine and complain. 
“Stefan.” You dragged out his name, pulling on his hair. Stefan smirked against your skin, knowing what you wanted, but refusing to give it to you so fast. 
“Patience,” he whispered. 
You groaned and pushed your hips up to his fingers, trying to get him to put pressure. He chuckled and ran his fingers over your underwear, applying pressure over your clothed clit. 
“Oh,” you gasped. Stefan watched with a satisfied grin as you threw your head back in pleasure, your mouth agape and chest heaving up and down. 
As his fingers started to slip under your underwear, you two heard voices in the back. 
“Stefan, we have to go,” you breathed out. 
“Wanna go back to my place?” Stefan asked, removing his hand from your pants and helping your re-button them up. 
“Yes, please.”
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hvnlydmn · a month ago
“hello, love!!! i would like to be matched with a male haikyuu character please ☺️💗 i totally love you for this!!! tho i know how much i already do but yeah 💕
you know how i look like already bb but yeah, as you can see i’m really really girly (with my appearance and clothing) and quite high maintenance tbh!! but don’t worry because i maintain myself, all good!
generally, i’m a bubbly and warm person 🤗 i just want good vibes, y’know? to attract all that positive energy! so, i like to keep things lighthearted and fun for me and for everyone. i’m that type of friend who makes sure that everyone is comfortable and no one is left out!! i’m also quite quick-witted so i’m usually the goofy one in the group! 🤩 a bit chaotic at times too; so despite looking all girly and demure, my actions sometimes say otherwise 🥴😗 tho my social battery drains pretty quickly! i’m very affectionate with my friends too! i always tell them i love them (as u can see HAHA) because i feel like life’s short and we never know what might happen so... pls accept all my love 💗 so hugs, little treats, random ily and imy are very common from me!!!
i’m very passionate when it comes to my career and academics!!! i’m a psych major and i’ll take up medicine in a few years, so i still have a long way to go and being a doctor is my #1 priority. so if something or someone gets in the way or does not support me, i will most prob be all like bye 👋 but since i’m so goal-oriented, i can be too much of a perfectionist. being a perfectionist has its perks w/c i love!!! but i can also overwork myself, taking too much of my time, effort, and energy. and in moments where i am drained and stressed, i can be a total bitch with a sharp tongue aha so i try to get that good energy again 😩 another negative trait of mine is that i am quite spoiled AHH ariana be saying i want it, i got it, and i’m all like “girl same”
my top 3 love languages are physical touch, gifts, and quality time (in terms of giving). i like to spoil my s/o the way i spoil myself HAHA tbh, i won’t be too shy to flirt. if i like that person, best believe i’ll do all i can be noticed by him and to even talk to him. so if he won’t make the first move, then i will!! but if he makes the first move, then i will bite back 😈 though sometimes, i have my shy moments too because in reality, i’m the big baby 🥺💗 can really be a clingy ass, sometimes a koala in the form of a human tbh 😩✊ so yeah my ideal type is someone who will love those and also can tolerate with my bullshit esp my bratty and bitchy side!! i also prefer someone who’s also career-oriented; has high aspirations and is independent. we’d have our own things happening, but we’d be each other’s best cheerleaders YAAAY 🤩💗💗
BABE THAT’S ALL HAS THIS BEEN TOO LONG 🥺🥺 but hey thank you so much, ains my loveee!! ilysm!! 💗”
Tumblr media
i match you with —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— literally falls instantly in love with you, he just really loves your aesthetic & thinks you’re so pretty, but when he learns just how truly amazing and bubbly you are, he feels like he falls in love all over again because he didn’t think you could get any more perfect than you already are! he just loves the warm vibes that you give off, and finds himself letting down his walls pretty quickly, so you get to know the real oikawa fairly quickly!
— he loves how lighthearted and fun your relationship is, he’s just never felt more comfortable to truly be himself than he does with you. he is obsessed with how quick witted you are and chaotic/goofy you are also, he can be pretty goofy himself [PRETTY AND CHAOTIC COUPLE] but both of you just end up laughing until your sides hurt daily, it’s like a breath of fresh air for him to be able to always feel so happy, he’s finally able to just relax and let himself be loved.
— if your social battery drains he’s always quick to take you home if you’re out, ends up just cuddling up with you to help you recharge a bit and running his fingers through your hair as you lay against his chest. loves how affectionate you are, he’s the exact same and more times than not, he can’t help himself from blurting out a random love confessions whenever you’re just rambling about anything. always ends up getting a little blushy when he realises though and decides to just pull you into a hug to hide it, smirks if you end up a little blushy too and always tries to play it off like he done it deliberately to fluster you.
— PASSION? he is in love with you, absolutely adores how passionate you are because he’s the exact same - he finds himself so inspired by your drive to be better, but you both are able to have each others back because you both have the tendency to overwork, although you both find yourself wanting to take better care of yourself for each other. he’s going to support you the whole way although he wants you to be the same, volleyball has always been his passion and he knows he’s a perfectionist and tends to get a little too focused, although knowing that you’re always gonna be cheering in his corner, grounds him back to a steady flow of time because he knows he’ll always have love.
— although you both can get a bit heated when you’re stressed or overworked, you always end up working things out once you’ve calmed down, although he can also be pretty sharp tongued - he always apologised for ever hurting you, and will definitely make up for it even if it’s the last thing he does. having you in his life is one of the most important things to him, he just can’t imagine not having you by his side, although his mind can get a little cloudy his heart knows it’ll always be you.
— HE !! WILL !! SPOIL !! YOU !! he genuinely does not hold back, if you mention you like something he will buy it for you in every colour, everytime he goes overseas for a game he’ll return with some random expensive gift - he just doesn’t see any point in holding back when it comes to you, he’s a big gift giver, plus you look so pretty when you get all giddy about the new present he brought you home. his favourite has to be the necklace with his initials on it though, loves placing kisses against it as it hangs around your neck.
— he loves flirting with you, even in a long term relationship he wants to remind you that he’s still so in love with you, even if you’ve been together forever! he’s super open about his love for you and doesn’t see any reason in having to hold back, he’d scream it to the world if he had to. loves how clingy you are also, he’s definitely the exact same - always gets whiney when he’s tired and flops on-top of you, he just constantly wants to be close to you, even though he’s a lot bigger than you he still tries to climb over you like he’s not over 6ft. he’d be your biggest cheerleader and has so much love to give you.
# — he looked happy, you think. his eyes a little glassy with tears as he laughed wholeheartedly into the room, his hands on your thighs as they lay across his and you feel love, a warmth that settles in the room quite like the blanket you shared with him how, your voice mixing with his as he sings along to an ariana grande song, and although he’s probably off key you know you wouldn’t change it - because the flush of his cheeks and the brightness in his eyes is all you’ll ever need, a look that was only reserved for you in the 3ams after he’d pulled you away from studying, whispered love confessions in your ear and a pout on his lips because he knows it always made you melt - but it’s those 3ams that you cherished most because although he always told you that you were his world, it was those moments he always looked at you like you were more than that.
runners up — miya osamu, sugawara kōshi
Tumblr media
matchups — closed
a/n — bb klaire ily ily ily !!! HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS IM SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG AAAAAAAA <3
Tumblr media
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xonepeacelovex · a month ago
nxt 2 u
Tumblr media
Characters: Seo Changbin x Reader (Y/N)
Genre: Enemies to Lovers | Fluff
Prompt: Are you flirting or starting a fight?
Credits to the owner of the gif. 
I am thanking ✨@chans-starlight✨ for showing me this gif. Boo, this one is for you. 👻
This is not related to NXT 2 U by 3RACHA but listen to it for good life. 
Lately, Seo Changbin has been too much for you to handle. He’s doing things that makes your heart beat faster, in a good or bad way, you don’t know. What you know is he’s playing with your heart.
And that’s exactly what he’s doing, as he look at the paper in front of him, arms crossed. You just finished presenting your proposal for the school festival. It’s not your job but they asked for an idea and you happened to have one. You are sure this will bring money for the donation.
The other student councils gave you a round of applause. Agreeing that your proposal will indeed raise money, no questions. Yet Changbin’s face tells otherwise. He sigh deeply and you ready yourself for anything he’ll throw at you. 
Knowing that Changbin will definitely play the devil’s advocate, you prepared answers to his possible questions. You won’t back down easily. You’ve been preparing this for two weeks. You won’t accept a no for this proposal.
You look at him, face void of emotion, patiently waiting for what he’ll say. 
“This isn’t right,” Changbin insisted, eyebrow raising, pointing at the files in front of him before directing his gaze at you. 
Really? All of the student council agreed that this is already the best they have ever heard.
You want to remain emotionless but as your heart pounded hard against your chest, it makes it harder for you. You also raised your eyebrow, mirroring his face. You sit down in front of him, running your hands through your hair. 
Thank God. You are on the other side of the table cause you’ll swoop his ass.
He looks at you directly while crossing his arms again as you hold his gaze. You lean back in your chair, “Tell me what isn’t right in my proposal,” you ordered, raising your eyebrow at him while crossing your arms too.
Changbin doesn’t know if he finds it cute or irritating that you are copying his actions. He knows you’ll never back down in a challenge. He knows it and he’s using it against you.
“What if no one in your list agreed to participate?” he asked you, bringing his arms down to rest on the table, clasping his hands while waiting for your rebuttal. His biceps looks bigger than before.
You are sure he’s just flexing it. 
Resting your elbows against the table, putting your chin under your intertwined hands. “You’ll agree, right? Mr. President? For the good cause?” giving him a tight lipped smile. 
It’s really a simple proposal, you suggested a hug booth. Since your school is full of heartthrobs called Stray Kids, you decided to use it for your school’s advantage. Why not, right? Everyone wants a hug from them and you are sure they’ll be happy to help except for one. 
It took a while for Changbin to answer to you. The other students are looking back and forth between you two, enjoying the scene unfolding, waiting for one of you to start a fight.
“I don’t want to,” he smirked. Of course, he doesn’t want to. “My hugs are reserve for someone,” he added, staring at you with a knowing smile while your eyes landed on his arms. 
Upon hearing it, your face became red, with embarrassment or anger, you also don’t know. 
It was few a weeks ago, he just happened to be there. He saw you crying accidentally. You never even asked for it but he hug you until you stopped crying. You never even tried to get away from his arms, knowing that it’s Changbin, your arch nemesis, who’s hugging you. You never even noticed that he’s not hugging you anymore until he cleared his throat. You are so into the hug than him, you admitted, even though he’s the one who initiated it. In your defense, you felt safe in his arms that time. Unbelievable, really. That same arms are the one who’s causing you to stutter now.
“W-who,” stuttering, you coughed, clearing your throat. He’s still looking at you while your eyes lose its focus, blinking away from his arms. You sit up straight, gathering your confidence, glancing at Changbin, ”Who’s that someone?” you asked. 
“You forget already?” he answered sadly, pouting at you. Of course, you know. He’s enjoying teasing the hell out of you. This time you stand up, leaning over the table, placing both of your hands on it. A dangerous smile playing in your lips, looking at him, “Are you flirting or starting a fight?” you questioned Changbin.
He smiles as he stands up, also leaning over the table. Now, he’s the one copying your actions. He stopped when his face was inches from you, “It depends. What do you like, Y/N?” he stated, smirking then winking at you.
You scoffed as you back away from him. Straightening your uniform, “I think you are flexing too much,” you stated, giving him a smile. Getting your things from the chair as you walk away from the meeting. 
You feel really embarrassed with what Changbin’s trying to pull. You need a break or else you’ll give him what he wants.
“Are you that bothered?” Changbin shouted as he saw you exiting the door. 
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familyfriendlyweed · a month ago
late night snaps (quackity x reader)
Tumblr media
a/n : before we get into the story, i wanted to thank you all for such support on my first post - i only posted it yesterday, and got a hell lot of likes and reblogs and even gained 23 followers, which is insane for me (or maybe i just don’t know how tumblr works, haha)! anyhow, i’m really happy you guys enjoyed it <3 
 it was 02:37 and you were editing your newest video. you had no idea it would take so long, though! even if you were used to staying up very late, you knew you have to put away your laptop and go get some sleep. 
 saving the video as a draft and shutting your computer off, you started to blindly search for your phone, since your eyes didn’t get used to the darkness yet. finally finding it, you turned it on to set an alarm for the next morning when you suddenly saw a snapchat notification from ten minutes ago. it was from Alex. you curiously unlocked your phone and tapped the little notification to be led straight to snapchat.
idiota : hello mamacita
 your face instantly lit up in a childish smile. you started to type your response eagerly like it wasn’t 2 am and you didn’t have online classes tomorrow. 
 you : why hello there, el señor
 you saw Alex’s silly bitmoji pop up as he started to type.  
 idiota : what is my chica bella doing up so late?
 you giggled, getting comfortable in your bed - this meant a long chatting session on its way.
 you : YOUR chica bella? when did that happen?
 idiota : ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!! >:((((
 you : fine you big baby, i was finishing editing a new video
 idiota : hmm i see, i see
 you : what about you though? u should get some sleep!!! :(((
 Alex’s bitmoji started typing, then stopped for some reason. you lifted your eyebrow at that. then he continued, but it took a while for him to finish.
 idiota : why, i just couldn’t fall asleep when you were on my mind all the time, mi amor
 your cheeks grew red in an instant. you knew you could handle jokes pretty well, but this was quite too much. Alex never got so far as to actually flirt with you.
 you : eh??? what drugs are u on
 idiota : the only drug for me is you mamacita
 you snorted. you had no idea if he was being serious or not, even if the second option was more likely.
 you : literally go to sleep wtf
 idiota : i’d sleep better if you were by my side ;)
 this was enough for you - you felt as if you got one more message like this from him, you’d die from the hotness in your cheeks. setting your phone down, you made your way to the bathroom before bed.
 you came back five minutes later, only to see your phone full of notifications from Alex. your heart was thumping really hard, you weren’t used to this, but you opened snapchat anyway.
 idiota : mamacita?
 idiota : ....
 idiota : mamacita, don’t joke w me like that
 idiota : did you really just leave me on read wtf
 idiota : i’m sad come back :(((
 and at last, there was a snap from him. you were quite scared at this point. with a shaking hand, you opened it.
Tumblr media
 you laughed so hard that you seriously thought you’ll have a seizure. still laughing, you snapped a selfie with a cute filter on (you really thought you looked horrible at the moment), captioned it with “your chica bella had to take a piss u simp” and sent it to Alex.
 he opened the snap almost imediatelly and started typing afterwards :
 idiota : mamacita!!!! you look hermosa!!!!
 you : that’s because i have a filter on lmaoo
 idiota : mamacita don’t let yourself down, you are so beautiful :((
 you started to text a sarcastic reply, but stopped. for some reason, Alex seemed like he was being truthful. he wasn’t joking around when he called you beautiful, that was too affectionate.
 you : ...really?
 idiota : si, si! <3
 you tugged at your lip in a thinking manner. true, you had feelings for Alex, but you never thought he had something similar to you. or maybe... maybe he was just supporting you as a friend. figuring that was probably it, you texted :
 you : thank you quacker B]] ur also v handsome
 idiota : mamacita likes me!!!!!😍😍😍
 you smiled sadly. Alex was definitely playing around. you got lost in thought for a few moments, thinking about how would he act if he was actually in love with someone. would he, perhaps, be more mature? that would be very weird to look at.
 finally coming back to planet Earth, you looked at your phone only to see that Alex has written a shit ton of messages again :
 idiota : i want to see you, mamacita
 idiota : it’s fine if u don’t want to, you’re probably going to sleep anyway...
 idiota : but maybe let’s meet tomorrow?
 idiota : mamacita?
 idiota : ....
 idiota : i’m coming over <3
 your heart gave a leap of embarassment and surprise. why would he even say that?
 you : wait what
 you : wdym “i’m coming over”
 you : no tf ur not
 you : go to sleep
 idiota : doesn’t mamacita want to see muah???
 you : no, that would be awesome, but you should go to sleep, really :(
 idiota : y/n, i already told you, i can’t sleep when you’re on my mind
 you froze in spot, staring at your screen for what felt like an eternity. did he just call you by your name? you knew he only says it in serious situations. deciding to change your tactic, you started texting seriously :
 you : are you like... for real now?
 you : because i know you call me by my name in serious situations, but maybe it’s only a prank, so just answer me truthfully, okay?
 Alex started typing, it took even longer that before, but at last you saw his message, this time without caps, spammed question/exclamation marks, nothing silly at all :
 idiota : i am serious, y/n. believe me, this is not a prank. i just really wanna see you. 
 your heart skipped a beat or two, your face renewed its redness. you felt as if you were dreaming.
 you : okay... i’m really glad. come over, please
 idiota : thank you so much
 you started pondering in your head - how did this happen? how did this silly conversation turn out like this? 
 but what if Alex texted you because he wanted to come over in the first place? after all, he knew how shitty your sleep schedule was. that would be awesome, you thought, a small smile dancing on your lips.
 you checked the snap map only to see Alex about 100 meters from you. wait... what? 100 METERS??? was Alex near your place the moment he texted you for the first time?
 you jumped up, starting to tidy up your messy room up, only to remember you look like poop at the moment - hair messy, face tired, clothes scrunched. 
 exhaling heavily, you tried to change your appearance quickly - you ran into the bathroom, brushing your hair panickily. then you wrenched the makeup bag open and started to rummage through it trying to find some mascara or something...
 ding ding! 
 you froze, your eyes widened. he was already here, what the hell?!
 you quickly put on some mascara, ran into the hallway while brushing your face with your hands from stress (completely forgetting you have mascara on, somehow) and unlocked the door.
 Alex’s figure was dark, since the lightbulb in the corridor wasn’t working, and it almost gave you a fright. but as soon as he engulfed you in a warm hug, the tension in the pit of your stomach vanished. you hugged him back almost unsurely, but smiling.
 “hello, mamacita”
 you giggled. for some reason, you got the strongest urge to cry. probably from happiness, but it still was confusing to you. nevertheless, tears started running down your cheeks, mixing with mascara, probably making you look like you were going to a halloween dress up party. 
 “hey, why are you crying?” Alex asked, brushing a strand of hair from your face.
 “i look horrible.” you laughed, wiping your tears away.
 “nooo, why won’t you listen to me? i already told you you’re beautiful.” he said with a cute pout. 
 “alright, alright, i’m very beautiful, let me down now.” you said, noticing that he was still holding you in his arms tightly. 
 “whatever the chica bella says.”
 he put you down.
 “aren’t you going to turn on some light? i feel like i’ve gone blind!” Alex exclaimed jokingly and you giggled.
 “i’m like a bat, i hate much light, sorry. buuuut i could turn on this little lamp.” you said, making your way to your desk and turning on a cute little lamp the shade of warm pink.
 “perfect.” Alex said, eyeing you in light now. you thought he’ll make a comment about your awful mascara-stained face, but he said nothing, just smiling and looking at you in awe, like you were some princess in a ball dress instead of a tired college student in messy shorts, an oversized t-shirt and two different socks, because you couldn’t find a pair of the same ones.
 “perfect.” he repeated, shrugging with a smile on his face, like seeing you was everything he needed.
 you laughed and hugged him, muttering a “thanks for coming”. Alex didn’t hesitate and also hugged you, holding you as close as possible, as if he let go of you, he’d drown and would never come back to be by your side again. 
 little did you know, he felt the exact same way.
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