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dragonmythfandom · 5 days ago
Ok guys there is FINALLY a podcast with Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan!!!! I realy love those two. 
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padawanryan · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz: I was nearly cast in X‑Men Origins: Wolverine
Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has revealed he lost out on a role in X‑Men Origins: Wolverine to Lord Of The Rings actor Dominic Monaghan.
Words: Emily Carter. Pete Wentz photo: Tom Pullen.
Pete Wentz’ new Loud And Sad Radio show is already proving to be hugely entertaining: after reminiscing about Kim Kardashian’s appearance in Fall Out Boy​’s Thnks Fr Th Mmrs video in the first episode, the bassist has just revealed in the second instalment of the show that he was almost cast in X‑Men Origins: Wolverine. Amazing.
Pete – who has a daughter named Marvel – says he lost out on the role to Lord Of The Rings actor Dominic Monaghan, who plays mutant Christopher ​‘Chris’ Bradley in Wolverine. Speaking on Loud And Sad Radio with Pete Wentz on Apple Music Hits, the bassist says he was offered ​“a really small role” in the film while also shooting the star-studded F*@#ing Ben Affleck sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live! around 2008/2009.
“Literally, while I was filming this, my manager called me and they were like, ​‘You’ve been offered a role in the next X‑Men,’ ” Pete recalls. “ ​‘It’s a really small role. You’re going to have to fly right from the F*@#ing Ben Affleck shoot to Australia to film it. And they need to know right now.’ And so I was like, ​‘Okay, cool. Let me think about it.’ I go on, I film the F*@#ing Ben Affleck thing with this guy, Dominic Monaghan. He’s in Lord Of The Rings, you know, whatever? Really cool, really funny. We’re paired together in the song.
“And I get home from the shoot and I’m like, ​‘Yeah, I want to go do X‑Men. I don’t really care what I have to miss. Fly me to Australia.’ And my manager was like, ​‘Well, while you were thinking about it, they actually cast the role.’ I was like, ​‘Fuck.’ ”
He continues: ​“And they were like, ​‘Oh yeah, it’s this guy Dominic Monaghan doing the part.’ I was like, ​‘Are you fucking kidding me?! I was literally just standing to this guy.’ And if he wasn’t so nice, I’d be fucking furious. But I think that was my one chance. We might have been sitting here doing In Defence of Pete Wentz as an X‑Men character.
“When I watch the movie, I see his character and I’m always like, ​‘That could have been me,’ you know? And it’s this tiny little character and it’s this tiny little blip of a role that he probably doesn’t even think about ever. I don’t know.”
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