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#dom loki x sub reader
clandestineloki16 hours ago
Hey can I request a really soft Dom Loki where him and reader just have really sweet fluffy sex
"you're so beautiful like this, darling," he smiles down at your blissed-out expression, bending down to suck on your neck, an fresh addition to the previous purple and red marks on your chest and collar bone.
"norns," he sighs as you clench around him. "i love you so much."
as if in reply, you mewl into his shoulder, feeling his cock dragging inside you, hitting all the right spots.
everything is so intense, yet gentle all the same.
"i'm- i'm almost-" your ankles lock around his waist, pulling him harder towards you, but loki breaks your legs apart, holding your shaking thighs so that they don't get sore around his waist.
"ssh, ssh, don't force it, sweet, i'll get you there," he coos, placing your legs back on the bed and pushing into you deeper. "i'll get you there, i promise. we're in no hurry, just relax, darling."
he rubs your clit in gentle circles, and the tension in your body visibly eases as you sink into his touch, whimpering softly.
"you're so sweet, so lovely... a-and-" he hisses, throwing his head back at the feeling of you around his cock.
"-fuck, darling, i wish you could see yourself right about now. you're so beautiful. i love you so much."
those words of praise send you over the edge, and loki kisses you so passionately it almost brings you to tears. his movements stagger as he nears his high, pulling you close as he releases inside you, chanting your name like a prayer.
through heavy breaths and stutters, he chuckles. "i would have showered you in praise much sooner if i had known you loved it so much, darling."
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clandestinelokia day ago
"not yet."
"please, please, please, i can't take it anymore, please, loki-"
"not. yet. wait for my signal."
"i-i-i don't think i can-"
"you will."
loki just loves watching people teetering on the edge of insanity. call him sadistic, but there's just something enthralling about the way you call out his name like a chant just as you let everything loose.
"just a little longer, darling."
he's looking for something, waiting for just the right moment so he can see the look of overwhelmed pleasure on your face as your body goes absolutely sensitive for his words and his actions.
over the buzzing of the vibrator and the clink of the wine glass in his hand, he hears your soft cries and whimpers. you feel absolutely good, really, but the amount of downright cruel聽edging you've gone through for the whole hour you've been tied to the bed with a vibrator in your is almost too much to handle.
loki's eyes soften in sympathy, and a small part in him wants to just let you come to relieve the pain.
but he knows you can take it.
because behind those vulnerable sobs he can hear the slightest bit of desperation to please him, because for you there's no pleasure in being disobedient.
"you're almost there, love... keep going... and... now."
loki snaps his fingers sharply, and the high-pitched song of ecstacy that fills the room not even a breath after brings a smug grin to loki's face.
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clandestineloki3 days ago
Hiiiiii, I really love your loki work and I've literally saved so many just to read them over again and I was wondering if I could request a NSFW headcannon where the Sub!reader has been a little neglected by Loki and he realizes it and feels super bad so he does everything he can to make sure she feels loved with like NSFW and a dash of fluff 馃ズ
"how are we feeling?" loki checks up on you, a hazy, twitching mess soaked in cum and sweat.
"g-good," you shiver as he licks up your folds, your legs shaking from the overstimulation.
he chuckles against you, his hands keeping your thighs from closing. "hmm, i don't think so, darling. if you can still talk that means i haven't fully exhausted you."
a finger prods at your entrance, and his eyes twinkle at the way you're so responsive.
"don't worry, i'll make up for the lost time. in fact, how about for every day i was gone you get three orgasms. one for the mornings,"
he slips his finger in, curling it upwards, eliciting a long high-pitched whine from you.
"one for the afternoons," he drawls, lapping up your nectar, slipping his tongue inside your cunt as you moan and plead for mercy.
he glares at you, a warning to stay still. you turn your head away shyly and try to bring your hands to cover your burning cheeks, but the silk around your wrists leave you no leverage.
"and one for every night i know you tried to touch yourself to sleep."
you whimper as his fingers speed up, your legs too weak to resist. tears of pleasure form in your eyes and your body locks up as you feel that high coming very, very fast.
and you know it won't stop any time soon.
"one last, sweet," he gently pats at your cheek, making sure you're still awake. he chuckles as you nod dumbly, your strength long gone after the tenth(?) time he made you cum, leaving you to lie still and take the pleasure he so generously gave to you.
"i'm trying to pleasure my darling, and i can't do that if she's asleep, can i?" he teases. "now, lay back a bit. i'll be more gentle this time. savor it, love."
you feel his cock slide inside you, the feeling of being so full making you gasp and unconsciously pull him in deeper.
"you're-you're always so good for me, taking me so well," he grits out, trying to keep his composure.
"mhm," you sigh, your mind merely a floating mass of nothingness as he moves slowly, hitting all the right spots in you.
your orgasm washes over quickly- but it's a softer, warmer one, one that has you gasping and purring as you hit that sweet conclusion.
"there you go," he whispers, wiping away some half-dried tears from your face, smiling with pride.
he unties your wrists, making sure to rub your skin to ensure blood circulation.
"i'm so proud of you for taking all that so well," he hums into your ear. "i love you so much."
he can't help but smile wider as you mumble something incoherent while turning to him and burying yourself into his chest.
"please never leave me that long again," you whisper, pulling him closer.
"i might if you get this needy every time i do."
you slap him- at least, attempt to- because it comes out as a weak pat to his cheek that he merely snickers at.
"i'm kidding darling. i wasn't faring so well without you either," he wraps his arms around you.
absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.
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clandestineloki6 days ago
requested by anonymous: one where loki's sub has really hard subdrops and he gives her aftercare and love, and it ends with them having a bubble bath? thank you!
[cw: implied smut, baths, fluff, that鈥檚 it]
the worst- or rather- the best is over.
you鈥檙e facing away from loki, his arms are around you, your back to his chest as he lets you recover from the sudden drop in your body temperature as well as catch your breath.
but he knows he has to pay attention to what you鈥檙e thinking.
he doesn鈥檛 want to overwhelm you- norns, he already ravished you out of your consciousness just minutes earlier- so now he鈥檚 patiently laying next to you; drawing small patterns on your arms (which are slightly flaring red from how he pinned them above your head earlier) to subtly let you know he鈥檚 here.
when he feels your shoulders shake as you stifle a sob- and another, and another- his heart aches, but he knows what he has to do.
now that the silence has been broken, gentle hands turn you to face loki as your tears flow freely. he doesn鈥檛 say anything, not yet, he just rubs your back reassuringly as your body racks with sobs. he pulls you to his side as you let your emotions out, your neurochemicals all over the place.
once your cries die down, your teary eyes flutter open to meet his warm, affectionate gaze. he smiles down at you- and he doesn鈥檛 expect you to return it just yet, it鈥檚 alright- and presses a kiss to your forehead, telling you he鈥檚 proud of you and how you鈥檙e so brave, and how you鈥檙e always so good for him.
he鈥檇 think he鈥檇 have his words memorized, but everything he feels for you is fresh- never fading, never always the same but just as perfect.
he lets you know how much he loves you, and continues peppering soft kisses along your neck, apologizing for the bruises on your skin. he takes you into his arms and kisses you with all his heart.
when he pulls back, his smile grows wider once he sees the love in your eyes as well.
he lifts you up bridal style and walks to the bathroom, keeping you in his arms as he sets the bath with a flick of emerald magic. you want it with bubbles?聽he turns to you with a silent question, and you nod, mouthing a please. he nods back, bringing a hand up to your cheek and brushing away some of the half-dried tear streaks below your eyes.
once the bath is done, he sets you down into the enormous tub and follows in after, watching as you sigh in relaxation, the tension in your body waning away into the warm water, iridescent foam adorning the curves of your body as you sink deeper into the soapy water.
he washes himself with a damp towel before moving over next to you, wiping gently but firm enough to get both your cum off, being careful of bruises and reddened areas because of too much pressure.
when the two of you are done, he kisses you once more, before whispering another 鈥渋 love you鈥, so tender it almost brings you to tears. you say it back- as you always do- by pulling him in again to meld your lips with his.
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clandestineloki6 days ago
requested by anon: Heyo! I loooove your loki x reader smuts! Can you do one where she is trying out rough sex for the first time with Loki and he is super rough but also caring during it and once its over he takes care of reader and cuddles her? Thank you! <3
roses are red. bruises are blue. the bed is a mess. so are you.
but you love it, loki chuckles in your ear, grinning madly at your reply- a long high-pitched moan as he feels you shiver and clench around him sporadically.
your hands claw at the sheets below you for rescue before pleasure overwhelms you, but it doesn鈥檛 help. loki knows your insides too well, hitting the right spots in you with his cock again. and again. and again with no mercy.
your legs are shaking with the force of every one of his thrusts, and you bury your face in the pillow to silence your whines. loki sees this and growls, pulling the pillow away and shoving two of his fingers into your mouth.聽
immediately, his vision almost goes black when he feels you whimpering on his fingers. he thrusts even harder, even more determined to get you to fall apart for him.
you, on the other hand, aren鈥檛 that far from it. you鈥檙e too gone to process anything besides loki鈥檚 words, the last push:
鈥渋鈥檓 not going to come until you do, pet. don鈥檛 you dare hold back.鈥
and who are you to disobey?
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clandestineloki6 days ago
Loki being reader's sugar daddae plz omg
sugar daddy loki spoils you to no end.
sugar daddy loki knows each of your little fidgets and what they mean. he knows you aren't used to this whole spoiling thing; he knows you've been fending for yourself for lord knows how long, overdue a break and someone to take care of you. exactly why he chose you, when there were so many women throwing themselves at his feet.
well, not that they stood even the hair of a chance against you.
the night he admitted his love to you was the best night of his life. he ravished you thoroughly, whispering praises and reasons why he wanted you and only you at his side, and he came harder than he ever had in all his life, his bliss prolonged with every "i love you" coming out of your lips.
mall trips are the worst for you, because even if you get a lot of good things from the best shops, it makes you feel a bit guilty that he spends so much on you.
"darling," he whispers, snapping you out of your own thoughts. "what are you staring at?"
"nothing, just spacing out."
"you're not spacing out, darling," he chuckles. "your spacing out expression is quite distinguishable from the look in your eyes when you see something you want to get a closer look at."
he tilts your chin up.
"now, if you're too shy to point, lead the way, my darling."
you take his hand and walk- more like tiptoe- over to a shop with lingerie on display, loki following you with an amused smirk on his face as he realizes what kind of store you were looking at.
once you enter and your little walk of shame ends, loki chuckles and turns you back to him, pressing a little kiss of reassurance to your lips.
"no need to be embarrassed, darling," he teases. "you're certainly much bolder when we're behind closed doors."
he smiles at the little flustered look on your face as you survey the聽mannequins one by one, tracing the fabric with pretty hands, the same hands that you touch yourself with while he enjoys the view.聽
you're far from the innocent, curious, and- for lack of a better word- rather... dense? virgin you were when he first met you, but you're still the purest woman in his eyes.
the only woman in his eyes, he corrects himself.
"did you find anything you fancy?"
his voice makes you jolt and place a hand over your chest, as he chuckles and takes a look at the set you're admiring.
"do you like this?" he asks, and you already know his left hand is reaching into his pocket for his card.
"i'll try it on in the fitting room," you place a hand over his wrist, and he chuckles at how you think you can stop him from treating you the way he should.
"alright, but the moment you step out i'm either buying it or ripping it off you."
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clandestineloki7 days ago
SWEET BABY SUB!READER SUPREMACY UGHH 馃槪馃槪馃槪 Anyway I'm a HUGE fan of your works and i love how non-toxic the love is!! Could you do one where she tries to dom him but feels it's not really for her and loki takes over and just rails the everloving fuck out of her? Your smut is so much better than the whole Fifty Shades series!
"are you sure about this?" you ask, gently brushing some hair away from his eyes.
loki quirks up an eyebrow at you.
"i'm definitely enjoying the view," he smirks as his eyes trail down to your figure graced by a black corset with carefully laced ribbons down the middle. "but are you sure you can handle me?"
聽 he pulls you to his chest and lowers his voice to a drawl next to your ear.
"just say the word and we'll do it the way i know you like best."
your breath hitches, but you keep your resolve. tonight is the night you take control.
"just sit back and let me please you for once." you whisper back, and loki shrugs, laying back down.
"yes, my queen."
he puts one hand behind his head, watching as you hover over him, your hands grabbing onto his waist to steady yourself as you lower yourself down onto him.
he grins as you let out quite a loud whimper at the feeling of being so full, but you shut him up effectively you begin to move your hips, biting down hard on your lip to stifle the noises of pleasure escaping you.
he can't hold back either, shakily sighing at the feeling of you squeezing him so tight.
he keeps his eyes on your blissed-out expression as his hips buck up to meet your staggering pace.
but to his surprise, your hands come down to push him flat on the bed.
"s-s-stay still, l-loki-"
you intend to sound more domineering, but to your slight embarrassment it comes out sounding like a plea rather than an order.
you hear loki chuckle darkly, and you look down at him, your hazy eyes meeting his dark gaze and mocking grin.
"oh? and what are you going to do to me, my queen?"
he knew you wouldn't do anything, honestly. there's no way you can bring yourself to order him, let alone get him to obey you.
聽 it was always the other way around, him pulling you into an abyss of pleasure and you putting all your trust in his hands.
you clench down particularly hard to catch him off-guard, then lean just right over him, your lips almost touching.
"shut up," you hiss.
he only chuckles, his reaction anything but what you expected.
"i find it amusing how you think you can keep this up."
suddenly, he turns the tables on you. you're caged under him, your hands pinned to your sides and you cry out at the new angle his cock presses into you.
"you've had your fun, pet," he growls, bringing your legs over his shoulders, leaving you catching for breath. his lips slam onto yours. as he swallows each of your moans, his tongue slips into your mouth as you part your lips willingly, finally relinquishing the control you never really had.
"it's time i remind you who's in charge here."
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clandestineloki8 days ago
Hii I really love the way you write about Loki your amazinggg. Could you write something about Loki giving hickeys to his sub on the neck (and breast if you don't mind), pleaseeee? 馃ズ
"stop it," you giggle, pushing his face away from your collar bone, and he chuckles, snatching your phone away, hovering over you and trapping you on the mattress with his arms.
how can he not indulge, when you're being so adorable, wearing nothing but a loose shirt and light pink underwear, giving him easy access to your most sensitive areas?
"ticklish?" he teases, before grabbing your wrists with one hand and pinning them to your sides, blowing raspberries onto your neck as you squeal.
"n-no- haah, loki," you take in a shuddered breath as his lips reach a spot that makes your toes curl.
"hmm? what was that, darling?" he looks up at you with a quirked eyebrow. "wha-what was what?" you look away nervously.
聽 he smirks, and interlocks his fingers with yours, dipping his head back under your jaw to experimentally trail his tongue along your skin, feeling his cock twitch as you shiver and weakly squeeze his hands in yours.
"stay still, darling," he hums against your neck, slowly pushing a knee in between your legs and up to your clothed cunt, and the thin fabric does nothing to conceal the fact that you're enjoying this.
his lips latch onto your neck, sucking slowly. he smirks against your skin as he feels a choked sigh force its way out of you, and he pushes his knee up harder and that soft breath turns into a whine that spurs him on to ruin you more.
he doesn't keep consistent, alternating patternlessly between light kisses and slightly harsher bites, just enough to lull you into a state where you have no choice but to keen for him- after all, you're all his, and it's time he finally聽marks you for anyone and everyone to see.
"i know it feels good, darling, but i've barely just begun," he pins your wrists above your head with one hand, and growls one word right next to your ear, pleased at how you react and surrender so willingly.
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insanitybyanothername8 days ago
I read one soft!story about cockwarming Tate Langdon and now I'm desperate for more Tate Langdon cockwarming stories. Also some Loki ones would be nice. Intimate cuddles sound so relaxing
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the-departed-potato21 days ago
Therapist: 鈥淵ou can tell a lot about someone鈥檚 situation by what they read. So I would like you to make a list of what you are currently reading.鈥
Me: 鈥淲ell I mostly read fan fiction鈥
Therapist: 鈥淭hat鈥檚 fine just send me the links鈥
Me: um..... 馃憖
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clandestineloki21 days ago
"p-please, l-loki-"
he thrusts into you harder, eliciting a pleasured moan out of you.
"loki- i'm n-nah- not gonna last-"
"hold it," he growls against your ear, licking the helix, and you shudder and whine.
loki loved testing your body, seeing how long you could hold off your pleasure.
and he was so proud- you were the only one this determined to please him- being a good angel, lasting the whole time as he counted down from one hundred.
he pulls you tighter against him and moans right into your ear- that bastard knows how much his voice riles you up.
"seven. you've come this far, you wouldn't want to start over?"
he leans in extra close, reducing his voice to a dark whisper.
"this time, from two hundred?"
you let out a scream and whimper, shaking your head. "i'll take it! i'll take it! i'll be your good girl! please!"
he chuckles sadistically, one hand weaving into your hair and the other moving down to your clit.
"n-no, no, please, i won't make it!" you sob, but he tugs on your hair and your words trail off into a mewl,
"stay still, now," he coos mockingly, "how will i make you cum if you keep writhing like that?"
you can't respond, instead, you whimper in helplessness as you feel your inevitable climax bubbling up in the pit of your cunt.
your vision blurs into a haze as tears of pleasure well up in your eyes.
his fingers rub tight circles into your swollen nub, and you try to flinch away at the contact. but loki's arms are around you. he won't let you go anywhere.
he pulls your head back by your hair and latches his lips onto the most sensitive part of your neck.
"l-loki! please! i-i'm gonna cum-"
he suddenly thrusts with all his might.
"then be my guest," he growls.
a scream tugs at your throat as an endless chant repeats in your head, you're not going to make it, you're not going to make it, you're not going to make it-
and suddenly, you let go. the only thought going through your mind is that you did it, you pleased loki, he must be proud.
it seems like forever as you relish in the pleasure you've held off for- well, forever. your toes curl as wave after wave surges through you, as you cling onto loki and cry out his name, tremble after tremble after tremble.
once the euphoria is over, though, it's as if all strength leaves you as you fall limply onto the bed, catching your breath. your shaking hands fist the sheets as you choke on your tears.
you barely register loki pulling out of you, turning you around gently so he can hold you as you slowly come back from your high.
as time passes, you gradually hear loki whispering praises to you as he leaves kisses along your jaw, shushing your whimpers and brushing away some flyaway strands of hair from your eyes.
"how are you feeling, sweet?" he whispers against your ear.
"my legs hurt," you whisper back, curling in on yourself in embarrassment.
"do you want me to go run you a bath, or should i clean you up here?"
"here," you reply, burying your face in his chest.
"i'll have to get up for a moment. is that alright? or do you need me to stay for a while?"
he feels you hug him tighter for a second before letting go, wrapping your arms around yourself as you shiver from the loss of warmth.
"it's alright."
"thank you, darling," he presses a kiss to your nose before sitting up. "i'll be back in a minute with water and something to clean you up. get some rest."
you nod. he smiles.
he turns away as your eyes flutter shut, and he swears he hears you say i love you just as you doze off.
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clandestineloki26 days ago
i love your works! can i have a wholesome scenario where loki just overstimmed sweet baby!reader to tears and he gives her wholesome aftercare? thank you!
"Loki- I-I, please, please please-"
"Please what?" he pouts almost mockingly. "You want to stop? You want less? Or... possibly that quivering little cunt of yours wants even more?"
He knows you can't answer, and that's what he loves about this. you're restrained by seidr on the bed, unable to curl your toes or clench your fists. All you can do is lay there and let the vibrator pressed up against your g-spot ruin you while Loki has the front row seat to how your dripping folds contract around the toy that hasn't stopped buzzing for hours.
He'd be lying if he said he didn't wish that toy was him.
"Loki, s' too m-much, I- ah! Too f-fast-"
But this view will do, he thinks to himself, as he purrs to you in that dark voice that has your mind reeling. Your moans have gotten louder and louder by the minute as he can practically hear your orgasm approaching, the moans turning to pleads turning to whines turning to sobs, the squelching, the little remnants of struggling against his magic, though he made clear you weren't going to leave the bed for quite some time.
"Don't fight it, darling, I'm just trying to make you feel good. Don't you like it, sweet?"
After all, the night was still young. The two of you had all the time in the world.
"I know it hurts, but it feels good, doesn't it? Breathe, love, there you go. See? You're taking it all so well. Can you do that a few more times for me, please?"
Both of you know a few more times means until he's satisfied and until you're soaked in your own cum and tears.
After a seemingly endless loop of screaming, and gasping, and hearing Loki praise you through it, and choking on your tears, and cumming, and cumming, and cumming until you nearly pass out, the tiny part of you that can still process anything besides the pleasure he so lovingly forced onto you registers that the tremors from between your folds have finally, finally stopped.
Loki gently pulls the vibrator slowly, ensuring not to hurt you, as he smiles at the little whines you let out at the feeling of the toy slowly leaving you.
You feel a weight lift off your chest, and you feel that his seidr is gone and you can somehow move a bit more freely, though you're still entirely tensed up and sore. Your teary eyes flutter open, and you are met with an emerald gaze and the smile you fell in love with.
"Loki," you sniffle, and he coos and gathers you in his arms, letting you cry and sob and catch your breath into his shoulder.
"You were such a good girl!" he whispers, and pulls back a little to look into your eyes. "You took all of that so bravely. I'm so proud of you."
Your face remains in a pout, though he knows the little twinkle in your pure gaze is the equivalent of a smile.
He kisses your puckered lips slowly, relishing in the way you softly whimper against him, and threads his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp, smiling into the kiss as he feels you become more relaxed in his hold.
"How are you feeling, love?" he pecks your nose lightly.
A bit in a daze, you nod, and he chuckles.
"I don't think that answered my question, sweet," he pushes your cheeks together so you're pouting even more. "How are you feeling right now? Did I go too far?"
You shake your head. Loki sighs in relief.
"Was it good?"
Almost immediately, you nod.
"I'm glad. Are you sore?"
You avert your eyes and nod.
"Oh, my poor darling," he nuzzles his nose into your neck. "Would you like to go take a bath or should we stay in bed a little longer?"
He knows your answer, as you wordlessly cling onto him tighter. He laughs and nods.
"Alright, sweet, but only for a while. We have to get you cleaned up. I know for a fact dried cum isn't the best thing in the world."
You whine, and bury your face into his chest. He smiles to himself.
Loki wills himself not to move as he watches your eyelids slide shut, and you try to breathe in and out at a slower rate. He knows you're not asleep, you're just trying to catch your breath and slow your heart a bit.
If there's anything he loves more than ravishing you, it's the afterglow. He can never think of a time he left you to take care of yourself after sex. Aftercare was essential to him, even if he already took large extents to not exceed your limits. You've always apologized for being so vulnerable after romps like this, but he brushes it off and says it's his way of showing he loves you.
"Love, it's been a while," he hums into your cheek, and you sigh softly, opening your eyes to meet his.
"Hello," he playfully grins. You smile, though it's a tad lopsided, and he chuckles at how dazed you are.
"Hold on tight sweet. On three-!"
He lifts you up into his arms and you cling onto him, as he walks to the bathroom and sets you down in the tub, shedding his clothes and joining you in after.
"There we go, that seems better doesn't it?" He grins, then over exaggeratingly gasps. "Norns! I almost forgot!"
Two glasses of champagne magically appear in his hands, and you giggle as he hands one to you.
"Congratulations on your promotion, darling," he toasts. "You deserved it. You deserve everything you've ever worked hard for. I love you so much, darling."
"I love you too," you smile shyly, and the two of you clink glasses and indulge in the wine, right where the two of you need to be.
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clandestineloki29 days ago
hello!! i hope you're having a lovely day! i was wondering-- loki, but he's so rough it hurts, and aftercare is absolute bliss after???? 馃ズ馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏
Tumblr media
poor, poor you.
you're so fucked out you can't even think, let alone speak or make any noise besides a choked sob of pleasure.
"pl-plea- f-fu-fu- GAH!" you shriek into the pillow your face is pressed against as loki thrusts consecutively into the spot that has your body shaking uncontrollably.
"you owe me one more," he growls from above you, pulling you onto your knees as he goes even- f-fuck- deeper from behind.
you don't know how many times you've cummed, it feels like one long string of burning bliss that shoots through you like electricity. he's taken you against the wall, on the floor, chest-to-chest, and, now, with your face in the sheets as he pounds into your dripping cunt from behind.
"i-i -m so close- f-fuck-"
he hasn't given you a moment to breathe, stringing out every one of your orgasms for as long as he can before hurling you into another without any breaks.
loki is determined to see you come apart for him.
and you will, real soon, because one hand threads through your hair and pulls your against his chest, sucking yet another bruise into your neck, while the other hand moves down between your petals and rubs tight circles into your clit.
"cum now," he orders. "cum right now or i'll keep this going until the sun rises and you're clenching onto me with pathetic tears running down your face-"
it's no question, and because you're oh so good for your master, you don't hold yourself back as white flashes through your eyes and you scream until you no longer can.
loki lets go of your hair, breathing in the scent of sex and sweat that never fails to bring him down to earth after every night he ravishes you thoroughly. he kisses you gently on the shoulder, but he notices you're still breathing quite heavily.
"are you alright, angel?"
you literally can't respond, catching your breath from hours and hours of tiring your whole body out.
"do you want me to pull out?"
he sees you nod.
"stay still for a bit, angel."
he shifts up on his knees so he can begin to slide gently out of you-
a sharp whimper escapes your lips from the sting, and loki feels his chest tighten.
"ssh, ssh, don't cry, i鈥檓 sorry, i'll go as slowly as i can."
he continues to pull his cock out, as you cry softly, sensitive from the consecutive orgasms he elicited out of you.
"there you go, it's over," he moves as gently as he can so as not to hurt you, and presses a kiss to your hair once he sits up against the headboard.
"can you turn over and lie on your back, angel?"
you nod, but even that movement costs so much strength. your vision is hazy and your breath is still labored.
you wince as you turn over, letting out a hoarse groan as you finally relieve the pressure off your arms and stomach.
"there you go!" loki whispers, and presses a kiss to each of your cheeks, then your lips. "thank you. you were so good for me, angel. so good for me. i鈥檓 so proud of you."
you smile at his praise, and move to hug him, but he lightly taps your shoulders.
"you're not lifting a single finger for the rest of the night. i'm going to take care of you now."
loki gently lifts you up bridal style and heads for the bathroom, setting you down on the counter.聽
in a second, you鈥檙e dozing off against the marble surface, your soft puffs of breath making the strands of hair on your face flutter in sync with your rising and falling chest.
he looks down at the tiny band on your index finger, the one he proposed to you with just earlier this evening.
he smiles softly.
he knows he鈥檒l have to wake you up a bit again to get you in the tub, but he wants to appreciate this moment for a little longer.
he turns to fill up the bathtub to draw a nice, warm bath, but not before giving his sleeping beauty a sweet, appreciative kiss.
Tumblr media
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clandestinelokia month ago
a scenario where loki kinda degraded sub!reader and she scrunches up all tiny and sobs a bit after cause she thought he meant what he said? thank you
Tumblr media
Alright, but Loki鈥檚 aftercare would be first class.
He鈥檇 be a little sideways at the reassurance part, though, so you gotta talk a bit about what you feel too.
But this one particular night, when he鈥檚 pushed you to 99% of your limits- in a mindbreakingly pleasurable way, of course- it nags you even after he scatters soft kisses over your twitching thighs.
鈥淒id you mean what you said?鈥
Loki looks up at you while he cleans your legs, his eyebrows furrowing.
鈥淚 said a lot of things. Which one are you talking about, darling?鈥
鈥淲hen you said-鈥 you take in a shaky breath, and your voice is reduced to a quiet mumble.聽鈥淲hen you said I鈥檓 just some whore to pleasure you.鈥
He tilts his head. 鈥淵ou remember that?鈥
鈥淚 remember everything you say during scenes, Master. You say I鈥檓 your slut, you say I have to work for every ounce of pleasure I get, you say you might just find another way t-to satisfy yourself-鈥
You flinch at the way your voice sounds: broken, hoarse, and choked-up with every set of tears that stream down your cheeks.
鈥淗ey, darling,鈥 he moves to sit beside you against the headboard.聽鈥淚 told you that I鈥檓 not Master聽when the scene鈥檚 over. It stays in the scene, and so does everything I say or do to you. Do you understand?鈥
You nod a bit.
鈥淎nd, no, of course not, I don鈥檛 mean that. I love you so, so much. I cherish you more than anything, know that, darling.鈥
鈥淚-I do know that, it鈥檚 just-鈥 you sigh, curling into yourself.聽鈥淚t hurts a little sometimes.鈥
Loki feels his heart break at how broken your voice sounds.
鈥淚鈥檒l do my best from now on, darling, don鈥檛 worry. You鈥檙e always so good for me and I鈥檓 proud of you for that.鈥
He gently lifts you up into his arms.
鈥淣ow, what do you say to a bath and then dinner in bed?鈥
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clandestineloki2 months ago
Headcanon? *raises hand* Loki punishing his sub...
For me, edging is his go-to punishment.
Whether you flirted with a guy for too much, or teased him at an inappropriate time, or simply because you were too sexy for him to handle -which is all the time, he'd have you restrained to the bed, trembling on his fingers , yet at the last second he'd pull out.
Because that's his way of reminding you who's in control.
(^I don't mean the above statement in some kind of toxic way, but as his way of just slightly asserting just how much power he has over you.)
Holy fuck he can go hours of edging and denying you pleasure.
And as much as you're spewing out apologies and begging him to let you over the edge just once, Loki will probably edge you for a few times after that just to spite your little twitching cunt.
He'll lay out a towel, stick his fingers in, just barely touching your sweet spot, count down from 100 in a dark sexy drawl, and if you clench even once he will start over.
"P-Please, I-I-I- nnh, Loki-"
"What is it darling?"
"P-Please... let me c-come I-I'm- hic- I'm s-sorry-"
And because he's not completely evil, he'll grant your wish.
He'll make you come, oh he will, until you can't- and maybe another, and another, and because you asked for it, a few times more than your poor cunt can handle.
You'll be choking on your pleasured sobs, because as much as you're finally getting relief it's becoming too much. But can you say anything? No, not a single word, because poor you can't even exhale without moaning or whimpering.
Loki just loves it when he sees you like this, just laying there- restrained, but laying there all the same- and in the throes of pleasure, pleasure that his own sadistic hands gave you so generously- because he gives his all, even if you're overstimulated, even if you're too drunk on pleasure to reply, because you asked for it from the beginning, with the way you teased him so much like the little minx you are.
He's just giving you what you want, right?
But as he basks in the afterglow of your punishment, he reminds you more than once that you still have the power to ask him to stop, because he would never punish you for anything besides the sake of pleasure, and that he loves you more than he can put into his words, or, more accurately, his fingers.
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clandestineloki3 months ago
for the kink game,, humiliation/degredation kink and name calling? or, on the other hand, praise kink!! >:D
but why not both?? one order of sugar-coated degradation, coming right up!!
鈥淟oki,鈥 you whisper out his name meekly, as you nuzzle into his thigh. 鈥淟-Loki?鈥
He closes the book with a snap, and grabs your chin between his thumb and his index finger.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not my name.鈥
Your eyes widen as you look away. 鈥淪-sorry, sir,鈥 you correct yourself.
Loki smirks. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 better. Carry on, pet.鈥
鈥淐an I suck your cock? P-please, s-sir?鈥
Loki snickers, but to your slight disappointment, he shakes his head.
鈥淎nother time, pet. I鈥檓 quite occupied at the moment.鈥
He gestures his other hand to the book. You shake your head, your fingers gently grasping at his wrist.
"It's o-okay, you don't have to m-move, I c-can do all the w-work, sir."
He chuckles darkly. "Oh, can you now? Then why are you sweating like a dumb bitch in heat?"
You are, you think, dammit. But who wouldn't after sitting on their knees for an hour with a vibrator up their cunt?
"It-it feels good, sir."
He grins, and you know that doesn't mean something good. You hear a click, and in your peripherals you can see Loki thumbing a remote-
The tremors in your body accelerate as he maxes the device inside you, and you grab onto both his thighs to secure yourself from falling forward.
Loki never gets tired of teasing you. God, not a day goes by where he doesn't think of fucking you so hard till you're nothing but a melted puddle of mind-fucked pleasure. All. For. Him.
Over the sound of the buzzing, and the lewd sounds coming out of both your mouth and your pussy, you hear him, telling you just how proud he is of you.
"That's right, my good little slut," he drawls into your ear, "it always does."
He always has to have the last laugh.
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clandestineloki3 months ago
Kink game post thing: Literally just orgasm control鈥 Edging/denial and then forced and overstimulation... Yeah 馃槼 Thats it
Loki pulls his fingers away just as you're about to tip over, and grins almost sadistically at how you mewl so sweetly, unable to say anything from how dazed you are from the pleasure.聽
聽"Love, don't you taste so sweet?" He makes sure you can hear every filthy sound before slowly swirling his tongue around each of his digits. "I could drink you forever and never get tired of it."聽
聽You don't reply, and that's what he wants.聽
To see you so desperate, so willing, yearning for him just as much as he desires you.聽
He adores the way your nimble fingers gently wrap around his wrist, shakily trying to pull him back towards you.聽
"What's the matter, love?" He chuckles, running his hands up and down your thighs.
His eyes darken as he feels the way your thighs quiver in his hold. More specifically, at how he wants to fuck the tremors out of your body until you're nothing but a whimpering, weak good little girl.聽
Your voice is soft at first, as you choke on your sobs, your tears dampening the blindfold snugly tied around your face.聽
"L-Loki- I- I need to cum- pl-plea- ah!"聽
聽He presses his thumb against your clit, just keeping it there, persistently still, even as your hips instinctively jolt upwards at the sudden touch.聽
"Do you want to cum, love?" He teases just a bit.聽
God, it's sadistic, he knows. But there's just something about the way you always nod so desperately, the way your breath beautifully hitches when he pushes his fingers back inside you, the way your fingers weave into his hair as his tongue and his fingers bring you to an orgasm that crashes over you so fast and so hard.聽
However, fuck, he doesn't stop there. He loves your half-sobs and half-whimpers as you realize he isn't satisfied, that he'll make you cum until you can't anymore.聽
It's sadistic, but it's out of love.
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clandestineloki3 months ago
knife kink?? not necessarily cutting but like using a knife to assert dominance or something?? thank you!
When I was younger was a little confused why people started thinking knives were hot, and then boom loki came in my life.
You can鈥檛 hold in the gasp of surprise when he presses the flat side of the knife against your collar. He traces it lightly, in contrast to the hardness of his gaze, and the hardness of something else pressing against your thigh.
His eyebrow quirks at your sudden change in breathing, and he smirks against your ear. The feeling of his hot, steady breath on your ear quite complements the icy-cold trace the dagger leaves on your skin.
鈥淭hey say a skilled fighter should know not only how to use a weapon to bring pain...鈥
He grazes it down to your chest, and hooks the curved edge of the blade onto the middle of your bra.
鈥淏ut to use it to bring pleasure as well.鈥
He curls the blade just enough to pull the flimsy cloth apart, and you whimper at the sudden contact of your heaving breasts with the air. Your knees threated to buckle, but you freeze once again as he brings the knife to your chin, just close enough to keep you still.
He chuckles darkly.
鈥淗ave I succeeded, darling?鈥澛
kinkshame or kinksame?
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clandestineloki3 months ago
Kinkshame or kinksame:
Beat up kink? Like... this isn't an officially recognised kink, but when a person is all sore and weak after a fight, or feeling ill and needing to lie down and recover, and they're kinda whiney and out of it... and now you gotta take care of them and they're all sensitive and wanna take care of you but they're healing so you get to care for them. Idk, its hard to describe 馃槄
Loki's hand pulls on your hair, but you stop sucking his cock to gently take his hand in yours. You chuckle as you place his hand back on the bed and look up at him through your lashes.
"Loki, love, what did I say about your hands?"
"I-" he gasps through his teeth as you lick a fat stripe up his cock, and you swear it's more likely he hates this more than his actual injuries.
His eyes are fixated on the ceiling, because he know if he looks at you he won't be able to hold himself back. "I-I can't help it dove. You're doing so well, I just wish you鈥檇 hurry up a bit."
As much as your cunt clenches from the praise- and you know he knows this because you can't help squeezing your thighs together- you know he's just trying to get on your good side and get through with the teasing.
You're better than that, you think as you smirk up at him, laughing at the impatient.
"Loki, I'm going to make you feel good, but only if you lay back and let me," you muster up your best pout face.
"You're going to pay for this once I get better," he growls, clenching his fists and seething at how bad he wants to flip the two of you over and fuck you till you cry, but he can鈥檛.
Well, yet.
He's all smug inside because he knows with a flick of his wrist his wounds will be gone, soon to be replaced with angry red scratch marks from how hard he's going to fuck his kitten for being such a good girl.
kinkshame or kinksame?
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clandestineloki3 months ago
based on your zodiac sign, what would loki say before fucking you till you cry?
aries: "get on your knees. now."
taurus: "stay still before i chain you to the corners."
gemini: "you fucking asked for it darling."
leo: "you'll hate me when i'm done with you."
cancer: "that's a good girl. now can you do that again, for me, dove? just one more, i promise." "that was beautiful, dove. can you do it again?"
libra: "spread those pretty legs for me, dove. a few minutes and i won't give you that choice."
virgo: "relax, darling. you're such a good girl. let me please you for being such an obedient dove."
scorpio: "i'll ruin every other man for you."
sagittarius: "i'd grab the headboard if i were you."
capricorn: "be careful what you wish for."
pisces: "you do realize that once i start, the only thing that can stop me is your safeword?"
aquarius: "you look away for even a second and i'll stop."
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