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#dom!loki smut
clandestineloki · 16 hours ago
Hey can I request a really soft Dom Loki where him and reader just have really sweet fluffy sex
"you're so beautiful like this, darling," he smiles down at your blissed-out expression, bending down to suck on your neck, an fresh addition to the previous purple and red marks on your chest and collar bone.
"norns," he sighs as you clench around him. "i love you so much."
as if in reply, you mewl into his shoulder, feeling his cock dragging inside you, hitting all the right spots.
everything is so intense, yet gentle all the same.
"i'm- i'm almost-" your ankles lock around his waist, pulling him harder towards you, but loki breaks your legs apart, holding your shaking thighs so that they don't get sore around his waist.
"ssh, ssh, don't force it, sweet, i'll get you there," he coos, placing your legs back on the bed and pushing into you deeper. "i'll get you there, i promise. we're in no hurry, just relax, darling."
he rubs your clit in gentle circles, and the tension in your body visibly eases as you sink into his touch, whimpering softly.
"you're so sweet, so lovely... a-and-" he hisses, throwing his head back at the feeling of you around his cock.
"-fuck, darling, i wish you could see yourself right about now. you're so beautiful. i love you so much."
those words of praise send you over the edge, and loki kisses you so passionately it almost brings you to tears. his movements stagger as he nears his high, pulling you close as he releases inside you, chanting your name like a prayer.
through heavy breaths and stutters, he chuckles. "i would have showered you in praise much sooner if i had known you loved it so much, darling."
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| loki x reader | smut |
anon requested. loki and fem!reader where he GETS really into it during a rough session and you start crying cause it’s so good & being teased all day with a vibration spell
cw: torture, slight dubcon, slapping, edging, dacryphilia, d/s, degradation, biting, mentions of blood, possession 
dark Loki 🖤
Tumblr media
“Stop that,” Loki hissed, stalking over to you like prey.
“Make me, master,” you taunted him.
Loki grabbed you by your hair, hauling you roughly to your feet. You shrieked, your hands going to his wrist as you tried to catch your balance.
“Am I going to have to whip the insolence out of you? Or is that what you want, you filthy little brat?” Loki snarled, his words hot against your face. You gasped as his teeth sank into your neck, leaving a mark that was soothed by his tongue and cold lips just seconds later.
You jumped at the sound of Loki cracking a whip beside you, black leather snapping the floor near your feet. Your soaked heat gave away your craving for Loki’s sharp discipline, wanting to be spanked.
And the god of mischief could see right through you.
He cracked the whip again, though nowhere near your body, only to watch you jump. He practically threw you onto the bed, releasing his grip on your hair. You bent to his unyielding strength, unable to fight the god off even if you wanted to.
“You think I’m going to give you what you desire? My dear, you cannot goad me into tanning your backside. If you’re going to act like such an insolent whore, I will punish you accordingly.”
Icy fear rippled through you, and your eyes widened. Loki’s sadistic laughter sent a chill down your spine, and you scrambled back toward the headboard, having a split second of distance between you. You’d never be able to escape the cunning god, and it was fruitless to even try. It only furthered his amusement, seeing you utterly helpless against his will. 
His magic was sharp and violent, surrounding you before you could even object.
“By the time I’m done with you, you will beg me for mercy,” the cold laughter left no room for argument, and a wave of terrorized regret settled in.
“Pleading with your god won’t help you now.”
Green sparks flashed from his fingertips, and your hands were restrained above you. You shook your head, starting to kick before leather bound your feet to the bedposts, forcing your legs open. Your body was completely exposed to him, the sturdy leather limiting even your ability to struggle.
“Not so brave now?” Loki feigned pity for you. You shook your head before he sharply grasped your jaw. His grip was tight, feeling like he could break it with no effort.
“Address me properly!”
“No, master,” your voice was meek, confidence and mischief long gone.
He let go of your jaw, waving his fingers inches above your face. A leather band appeared around your neck, and he tugged at the steel ring, forcing your head up. Your body burned in embarrassment, ashamed of the way he handled you.
“I’ll have to show you just how easily I can dominate you.”
You didn’t need to apologize, the words were meaningless to him. Whether or not you were regretful now, he was going to make you sorry.
His hands roamed your body before pinching you sharply, wanting to hear you shriek. You would’ve writhed if your limbs weren’t completely restrained, and he smirked as he groped your tits with bruising force.
“My darling, I’m going to torture you, and there is nothing you can do but just lay there and take it,” his words made you whimper.
He licked a hot stripe up your neck before nipping sharply at the underside of your jaw. You opened your mouth to protest, but in an instant he was kneeling above you and fucking into your throat.
He fully knew what your intention was, but he was fast enough to not have to hear your begs. His arousal only heightened as you choked around him and struggled to breathe.
“Bite me, and I’ll leave your ass bleeding,” Loki threatened, though you’d never dare to even think about it. You tried to relax your jaw as you stopped resisting, letting him brutalize your throat.
He leaned forward and slapped your sex, sneering at the way your body jerked from the sharp pain. Your shriek echoed around him, only furthering the pleasure he was taking from you. He did it again, soaking up your screams of pain and startled arousal.
Loki shouted something vulgar in old Norse as he came down your throat, pulling out and covering your mouth with his hand, forcing you to swallow it all. You choked as he pinched your clit sharply, tears pricking at your eyes. You swallowed and heaved oxygen into your lungs as soon as he let go of you, blinking away the moisture in your eyes.
He laid beside you, admiring the bruises that had already started to paint your skin. His lips curved into a smirk, scaring you further than you thought possible.
He was being generous in letting you catch your breath, though you flinched as his fingers ran over your body.
“Don’t worry, my darling, I’ve got to go work and attend to my subjects in the throne room,” Loki spoke, his voice still entirely sinister. You looked at him hopefully, though he didn’t release you of your bonds.
He snapped his fingers and suddenly you felt a dull vibration pulsing inside of you, spreading through your pussy and swirling around your nerves. You screamed as it grew more intense, crying out at the stimulation.
“I’ll keep you right on the edge all day, and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll turn it off when I come back.” Loki sneered, delighting in your begs for mercy. He stood up, armor appearing under shimmering seidr.
“Have fun, darling.”
The golden doors of his chambers thundered shut behind him, leaving you chained up to the bed with invisible vibrations pulsing and buzzing deep inside your throbbing cunt.
Sobs wracked your body until your mind was completely melted from exhaustion and hours of prolonged stimulation. It was never enough to push you over, keeping you teetering on the razor-sharp edge. You were helpless on the bed, weak sobs shaking your chest. You supposed you should’ve been thankful you weren’t chained up and tortured in the throne room for the Asgardians to witness. Loki had done it before, and you certainly wouldn’t put it past him to do it again.
Loki loved to humiliate you and put you on display, but you decided that this was infinitely worse. His sick and twisted game had you utterly weak and your mind numb. You were forced to take what he gave you
Loki returned hours later, and you were far past any point of sanity. The sun had set, leaving you to suffer in the dark. You were overly sensitive and soaked, and the echo of his footsteps on the floor practically jarred you.
“Look at you,” he breathed, golden lights glowing and casting halos around you. He looked almost heavenly, if it wasn’t for the expression of cruel, starving, sadism.
And you were so far from angelic.
A ragged scream tore from your lungs as the torturous vibrations ceased. Loki smirked, jerking your head up by the collar around your neck, wanting you to look him in the eyes. 
“Beg me to fuck you,” he commanded, earning a dry sob in response. 
“Please, master, fuck me, I need you,” your words came out in stammered gasps, but Loki appreciated the valiant attempt to obey. 
“As you wish, my darling.” 
The cuffs around your ankles disappeared, and Loki bent your knees up to your chest, leaving your hands tied to the headboard. The god sank into you all at once, forcing your body to take him. You were so overwhelmed from stimulation and pleasure you started to sob again, fresh tears rolling down your face as Loki slammed into you with as much force as he could use without breaking you. 
“You look so pretty when you cry.” 
Loki leaned down and licked the tears off of your face, making you shudder and writhe under him. You screamed as he pounded into you at a deeper angle, rough violence bleeding white into your vision, sending you deeper into rapture. 
You gazed blindly at the god you served, the king of Asgard who adored you far more than your mortal mind could fathom. You were his, in body, mind, heart, and soul, fully submitted to his will and desires. 
“I want to feel you fall apart.”
The bottled frustration from hours of edging shattered, Loki tearing an orgasm from you for the millionth time. Everything exploded into raw pleasure.
Loki followed quickly, the sight of your powerful orgasm and the feeling of you pulsing and throbbing around him bringing him to meet you. 
When you settled back into reality, the bliss wearing off, Loki was kneeling beside you. The leather was gone from your body, and he was gently cleaning you up. He wiped your face tenderly, tilting your head up to gaze at him. 
“Hi, darling. You alright?” Loki asked, making sure he hadn’t destroyed you. 
“I think so,” you murmured, barely able to keep your eyes open. 
He hummed as he wrapped his green cloak around your aching body. You buried into the safety of his arms, searching for your saviour even in your sleep. 
“You’re mine. My perfect girl.”
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clandestineloki · a day ago
"not yet."
"please, please, please, i can't take it anymore, please, loki-"
"not. yet. wait for my signal."
"i-i-i don't think i can-"
"you will."
loki just loves watching people teetering on the edge of insanity. call him sadistic, but there's just something enthralling about the way you call out his name like a chant just as you let everything loose.
"just a little longer, darling."
he's looking for something, waiting for just the right moment so he can see the look of overwhelmed pleasure on your face as your body goes absolutely sensitive for his words and his actions.
over the buzzing of the vibrator and the clink of the wine glass in his hand, he hears your soft cries and whimpers. you feel absolutely good, really, but the amount of downright cruel edging you've gone through for the whole hour you've been tied to the bed with a vibrator in your is almost too much to handle.
loki's eyes soften in sympathy, and a small part in him wants to just let you come to relieve the pain.
but he knows you can take it.
because behind those vulnerable sobs he can hear the slightest bit of desperation to please him, because for you there's no pleasure in being disobedient.
"you're almost there, love... keep going... and... now."
loki snaps his fingers sharply, and the high-pitched song of ecstacy that fills the room not even a breath after brings a smug grin to loki's face.
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clandestineloki · 3 days ago
Hiiiiii, I really love your loki work and I've literally saved so many just to read them over again and I was wondering if I could request a NSFW headcannon where the Sub!reader has been a little neglected by Loki and he realizes it and feels super bad so he does everything he can to make sure she feels loved with like NSFW and a dash of fluff 🥺
"how are we feeling?" loki checks up on you, a hazy, twitching mess soaked in cum and sweat.
"g-good," you shiver as he licks up your folds, your legs shaking from the overstimulation.
he chuckles against you, his hands keeping your thighs from closing. "hmm, i don't think so, darling. if you can still talk that means i haven't fully exhausted you."
a finger prods at your entrance, and his eyes twinkle at the way you're so responsive.
"don't worry, i'll make up for the lost time. in fact, how about for every day i was gone you get three orgasms. one for the mornings,"
he slips his finger in, curling it upwards, eliciting a long high-pitched whine from you.
"one for the afternoons," he drawls, lapping up your nectar, slipping his tongue inside your cunt as you moan and plead for mercy.
he glares at you, a warning to stay still. you turn your head away shyly and try to bring your hands to cover your burning cheeks, but the silk around your wrists leave you no leverage.
"and one for every night i know you tried to touch yourself to sleep."
you whimper as his fingers speed up, your legs too weak to resist. tears of pleasure form in your eyes and your body locks up as you feel that high coming very, very fast.
and you know it won't stop any time soon.
"one last, sweet," he gently pats at your cheek, making sure you're still awake. he chuckles as you nod dumbly, your strength long gone after the tenth(?) time he made you cum, leaving you to lie still and take the pleasure he so generously gave to you.
"i'm trying to pleasure my darling, and i can't do that if she's asleep, can i?" he teases. "now, lay back a bit. i'll be more gentle this time. savor it, love."
you feel his cock slide inside you, the feeling of being so full making you gasp and unconsciously pull him in deeper.
"you're-you're always so good for me, taking me so well," he grits out, trying to keep his composure.
"mhm," you sigh, your mind merely a floating mass of nothingness as he moves slowly, hitting all the right spots in you.
your orgasm washes over quickly- but it's a softer, warmer one, one that has you gasping and purring as you hit that sweet conclusion.
"there you go," he whispers, wiping away some half-dried tears from your face, smiling with pride.
he unties your wrists, making sure to rub your skin to ensure blood circulation.
"i'm so proud of you for taking all that so well," he hums into your ear. "i love you so much."
he can't help but smile wider as you mumble something incoherent while turning to him and burying yourself into his chest.
"please never leave me that long again," you whisper, pulling him closer.
"i might if you get this needy every time i do."
you slap him- at least, attempt to- because it comes out as a weak pat to his cheek that he merely snickers at.
"i'm kidding darling. i wasn't faring so well without you either," he wraps his arms around you.
absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.
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earlgreydream · 5 days ago
| loki x reader | fluff |
anon requested. loki kinda degraded sub!reader and she scrunches up all tiny and sobs afterwards because she thought he meant what he said
cw: slightly smutty, slightly angsty
Tumblr media
You begged Loki to let you come, fighting against the magical restraints your dom had placed around your wrists and ankles. 
“Oh, you want to come so bad you’re crying? You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?” Loki sneered, the words sending arousal pooling deep in your belly, even though you fought against it. Your body jolted at the slap administered to your inner thigh, a pained cry escaping your lips. 
You’d been acting up and testing Loki’s patience, which is what earned you this punishment, your pleasure being dangled in front of you, just out of reach. You’d broken his rules, and he’d had enough of your attitude. 
“Come now before I change my mind,” Loki’s tone was dangerous, and the pressure inside of you shattered. He followed your lead, finishing inside of you before he pulled out and made the restraints vanish. 
As the pleasure wore off, his words echoing in your mind, You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?
Loki stood off of the bed, going to run you a hot shower. As soon as he’d stepped away, a sob tore through your chest, your shoulders heaving as you cried. You curled up in a ball, feeling small and alone on his massive bed. 
Loki heard you crying, and he felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He abandoned the shower and ran to your side, kneeling down on the bed. You looked so tiny and fragile, folding in on yourself. His chest ached when he heard your soft sounds and saw the way your hands trembled as you tugged at your hair, trying to self-soothe. He reached out to pull your hands away, wanting to keep you from anxiously tearing the hair from your sensitive head.
“My darling-” his voice cracked when you jerked away from him. You hiccuped on your broken sobs as they wrecked you, emotion flooding every last thought and turning you into a mess. 
Loki’s magic sparked around you, cleaning you up and leaving you both in loose clothing. The green shimmer surrounded you, Loki’s fruitless attempt to touch you without frightening you. It was warm, and seemed to buzz with its own life, but didn’t make you feel any better. 
“My darling, have I hurt you? Tell me whatever is wrong so that I may fix it,” Loki begged, wanting nothing more than to pull you into his arms. 
“Don’t touch me, please,” you tried to catch your breath, wanting to get your keys and leave. 
He sank back, giving you space. His eyes were concerned and sad, and he fought against the urge to pierce into your mind, ripping the truth from you. The door vanished from the wall as you tried to run out, and you whipped around to face the god, who was kneeling on the bed and looking wounded. There was no exit, Loki keeping you contained to the bedroom until your devastation was resolved. 
“Y/N, I won’t let you leave when you’re so upset. You cannot drive safely. If you wish, I can take you anywhere you want to go,” Loki fretted, and though you knew he was right, you only grew more and more upset. 
“Come to me, darling,” Loki opened his arms, the authority in his voice making you comply. You knew this was a fight you couldn’t win. You’d end up in Loki’s arms confessing your pain whether by his will, or your own.
Your sobs broke his heart, and he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you down into his lap. He held you firmly, and eventually your struggling subsided as you let yourself weep against his chest. 
“Please don’t make me pry the truth out of you,” Loki begged softly into your hair. He didn’t want to add to your pain, he only wanted to fix it. He was very aware that sifting through your mind to take your private thoughts was something that made you feel extremely violated. He wanted you to tell him on your own, but he wouldn’t let you keep such heartbreaking secrets from him. 
“Y-you... did you mean what you said about me? That I was pathetic, and d-desperate and a whore?” You sobbed out, stammering over your words.
“Oh, oh my goodness. My darling, I am so sorry. I never meant any of that. I thought you understood I just said it in the scene... please my love, I adore you more than all of the stars. Never think you are not the most perfect, beautiful, eloquent, and lovely person in my eyes. I love you, I will never say such horrible things again.” Tears flowed freely down Loki’s face. You were startled, unused to seeing raw emotion from him, especially not guilt. It hadn’t occurred to you that the words Loki had spoken were just part of the scene, part of the sex you were having. He wasn’t typically fond of degradation, but he was experimenting in the moment, never expecting it to be received as genuine. 
There was no room for doubt in his words. He meant his love then, and he would spend the rest of his life proving his love to you.
His strong arms cradled you against his body, trying to hold you together.
“I’m so sorry, so sorry,” he breathed apologies like a repetitive prayer.
You listened to his heartbeat, letting the rhythm slow your racing mind. Your sobs eventually subsided, calmed by the steady circles of his hand on your back.
“I forgive you,” your lips moved against the underside of his jaw.
“Please always stop me, tell me then, if anything at all makes you feel even the slightest bit unsafe. I never want you to feel this way again, certainly not at my fault,” Loki begged, and you nodded before burying your face back in him.
“Do you still love me?”
“I love you the most,” you promised.
Loki talked you into staying the night, doting on you to the point you were almost smothered. His magic conjured everything you wanted, even in the back of your thoughts.
“Do you want to go get some?” He asked, and you turned, tilting your head in confusion.
“To Paris. For the macarons.”
“You’re reading my thoughts,” you sighed softly, but a smile graced your expression as you kissed him.
“No, I’m sleepy. Maybe tomorrow?” You asked, and he nodded, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you back to bed.
You situated yourself in his arms, your back against his chest. His larger frame shielded you, wrapping you in safety and warmth. You slept soundly with him, the pain and uncertainty from the afternoon long gone and replaced by his love.
The smell of coffee rose you out of your sleep. Your eyes took a few moments to adjust to the soft light spilling in through the windows, and you sat up, suddenly realizing you weren’t in Loki’s bedroom at his apartment, where you’d fallen asleep.
“Loki?!” You called, and he leaned in the doorway.
“Good morning. I didn’t mean to frighten you. We took a short trip in your sleep. We’re at my Paris flat.”
You smiled, stretching your arms above your head as you yawned. Loki put a coffee in your hands, leaning down and kissing your forehead.
“If I cry will you spoil me more often?” You teased lightly, and he shot you his signature dom look of warning, making you shudder.
“It breaks my heart to see you cry, my darling,” Loki’s tone was apologetic, guilt still left over from the day before. You squeezed his arm as you sipped your coffee.
“I’m okay,” you swore, earning another kiss from your lover.
“Mm. Finish that up and we’ll go to the patisserie down the street.”
“Yes, sir.”
He smiled, happy you were cheered up and back to normal. He moved his fingers and a pretty sundress appeared hanging on the back of the washroom door for you, delicate white flats placed below.
“Dressing me up like your little doll?”
“Careful, or I will dress you, after I get that attitude in line.”
“I love the dress. And I can put it on by myself,” you apologized, pecking his lips before walking to the bathroom.
You returned in the sundress, a white beret adorning your head along with it. You relished in the bright smile Loki rewarded you with. In a shimmer of green, he was dressed in pastels that matched your own. You loved to see him in casual clothes instead of the Asgardian armor he frequently wore, and he indulged you for this small Parisian vacation. 
“You look stunning, my darling.”
Giggles erupted from your lips, making Loki’s heart soften. He dipped his head down to kiss you, making your nose scrunch up in the cutest way that he loved. His long, slender fingers folded with yours, holding your hand as the two of you made your way out of the flat and onto the bustling street. You were thankful for the sunny weather, greatly improving your mood from the rough night in New York’s rain. 
“Feeling better?”
“Much,” you nodded.
“Let’s get some crepes. Sound good?”
“Sounds perfect, Loki.”
The young god pecked your lips before pushing you inside of a patisserie. 
“Salut,” the girl working called to the two of you as the bell clinged on the door.
“Darling, what would you like? We can take some macarons to go,” Loki asked, pointing to the pastries behind the glass.
You chose a few, and Loki rattled off your order in French to the shopkeeper, taking the bag from her and moving you to sit at a table in the corner for your crepes. 
“Can we stay in Paris for a couple of days? Just us, not any of the distractions from New York,” you asked, leaning your head against his shoulder and accepting the bite he fed you. 
“Most certainly.” He kissed the sugar off of your lips before the two of you left for a park with your snacks for later. Loki held your hand as you walked along a low stone wall beside him, your eyes level with the extra height. 
“Y/N, you must know that you are so, so terribly loved.”
You turned and snaked your arms around his neck, looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
“I do not doubt your love, Loki.”
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clandestineloki · 6 days ago
requested by anonymous: one where loki's sub has really hard subdrops and he gives her aftercare and love, and it ends with them having a bubble bath? thank you!
[cw: implied smut, baths, fluff, that’s it]
the worst- or rather- the best is over.
you’re facing away from loki, his arms are around you, your back to his chest as he lets you recover from the sudden drop in your body temperature as well as catch your breath.
but he knows he has to pay attention to what you’re thinking.
he doesn’t want to overwhelm you- norns, he already ravished you out of your consciousness just minutes earlier- so now he’s patiently laying next to you; drawing small patterns on your arms (which are slightly flaring red from how he pinned them above your head earlier) to subtly let you know he’s here.
when he feels your shoulders shake as you stifle a sob- and another, and another- his heart aches, but he knows what he has to do.
now that the silence has been broken, gentle hands turn you to face loki as your tears flow freely. he doesn’t say anything, not yet, he just rubs your back reassuringly as your body racks with sobs. he pulls you to his side as you let your emotions out, your neurochemicals all over the place.
once your cries die down, your teary eyes flutter open to meet his warm, affectionate gaze. he smiles down at you- and he doesn’t expect you to return it just yet, it’s alright- and presses a kiss to your forehead, telling you he’s proud of you and how you’re so brave, and how you’re always so good for him.
he’d think he’d have his words memorized, but everything he feels for you is fresh- never fading, never always the same but just as perfect.
he lets you know how much he loves you, and continues peppering soft kisses along your neck, apologizing for the bruises on your skin. he takes you into his arms and kisses you with all his heart.
when he pulls back, his smile grows wider once he sees the love in your eyes as well.
he lifts you up bridal style and walks to the bathroom, keeping you in his arms as he sets the bath with a flick of emerald magic. you want it with bubbles? he turns to you with a silent question, and you nod, mouthing a please. he nods back, bringing a hand up to your cheek and brushing away some of the half-dried tear streaks below your eyes.
once the bath is done, he sets you down into the enormous tub and follows in after, watching as you sigh in relaxation, the tension in your body waning away into the warm water, iridescent foam adorning the curves of your body as you sink deeper into the soapy water.
he washes himself with a damp towel before moving over next to you, wiping gently but firm enough to get both your cum off, being careful of bruises and reddened areas because of too much pressure.
when the two of you are done, he kisses you once more, before whispering another “i love you”, so tender it almost brings you to tears. you say it back- as you always do- by pulling him in again to meld your lips with his.
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clandestineloki · 6 days ago
requested by anon: Heyo! I loooove your loki x reader smuts! Can you do one where she is trying out rough sex for the first time with Loki and he is super rough but also caring during it and once its over he takes care of reader and cuddles her? Thank you! <3
roses are red. bruises are blue. the bed is a mess. so are you.
but you love it, loki chuckles in your ear, grinning madly at your reply- a long high-pitched moan as he feels you shiver and clench around him sporadically.
your hands claw at the sheets below you for rescue before pleasure overwhelms you, but it doesn’t help. loki knows your insides too well, hitting the right spots in you with his cock again. and again. and again with no mercy.
your legs are shaking with the force of every one of his thrusts, and you bury your face in the pillow to silence your whines. loki sees this and growls, pulling the pillow away and shoving two of his fingers into your mouth. 
immediately, his vision almost goes black when he feels you whimpering on his fingers. he thrusts even harder, even more determined to get you to fall apart for him.
you, on the other hand, aren’t that far from it. you’re too gone to process anything besides loki’s words, the last push:
“i’m not going to come until you do, pet. don’t you dare hold back.”
and who are you to disobey?
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clandestineloki · 6 days ago
Loki being reader's sugar daddae plz omg
sugar daddy loki spoils you to no end.
sugar daddy loki knows each of your little fidgets and what they mean. he knows you aren't used to this whole spoiling thing; he knows you've been fending for yourself for lord knows how long, overdue a break and someone to take care of you. exactly why he chose you, when there were so many women throwing themselves at his feet.
well, not that they stood even the hair of a chance against you.
the night he admitted his love to you was the best night of his life. he ravished you thoroughly, whispering praises and reasons why he wanted you and only you at his side, and he came harder than he ever had in all his life, his bliss prolonged with every "i love you" coming out of your lips.
mall trips are the worst for you, because even if you get a lot of good things from the best shops, it makes you feel a bit guilty that he spends so much on you.
"darling," he whispers, snapping you out of your own thoughts. "what are you staring at?"
"nothing, just spacing out."
"you're not spacing out, darling," he chuckles. "your spacing out expression is quite distinguishable from the look in your eyes when you see something you want to get a closer look at."
he tilts your chin up.
"now, if you're too shy to point, lead the way, my darling."
you take his hand and walk- more like tiptoe- over to a shop with lingerie on display, loki following you with an amused smirk on his face as he realizes what kind of store you were looking at.
once you enter and your little walk of shame ends, loki chuckles and turns you back to him, pressing a little kiss of reassurance to your lips.
"no need to be embarrassed, darling," he teases. "you're certainly much bolder when we're behind closed doors."
he smiles at the little flustered look on your face as you survey the mannequins one by one, tracing the fabric with pretty hands, the same hands that you touch yourself with while he enjoys the view. 
you're far from the innocent, curious, and- for lack of a better word- rather... dense? virgin you were when he first met you, but you're still the purest woman in his eyes.
the only woman in his eyes, he corrects himself.
"did you find anything you fancy?"
his voice makes you jolt and place a hand over your chest, as he chuckles and takes a look at the set you're admiring.
"do you like this?" he asks, and you already know his left hand is reaching into his pocket for his card.
"i'll try it on in the fitting room," you place a hand over his wrist, and he chuckles at how you think you can stop him from treating you the way he should.
"alright, but the moment you step out i'm either buying it or ripping it off you."
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clandestineloki · 7 days ago
SWEET BABY SUB!READER SUPREMACY UGHH 😣😣😣 Anyway I'm a HUGE fan of your works and i love how non-toxic the love is!! Could you do one where she tries to dom him but feels it's not really for her and loki takes over and just rails the everloving fuck out of her? Your smut is so much better than the whole Fifty Shades series!
"are you sure about this?" you ask, gently brushing some hair away from his eyes.
loki quirks up an eyebrow at you.
"i'm definitely enjoying the view," he smirks as his eyes trail down to your figure graced by a black corset with carefully laced ribbons down the middle. "but are you sure you can handle me?"
  he pulls you to his chest and lowers his voice to a drawl next to your ear.
"just say the word and we'll do it the way i know you like best."
your breath hitches, but you keep your resolve. tonight is the night you take control.
"just sit back and let me please you for once." you whisper back, and loki shrugs, laying back down.
"yes, my queen."
he puts one hand behind his head, watching as you hover over him, your hands grabbing onto his waist to steady yourself as you lower yourself down onto him.
he grins as you let out quite a loud whimper at the feeling of being so full, but you shut him up effectively you begin to move your hips, biting down hard on your lip to stifle the noises of pleasure escaping you.
he can't hold back either, shakily sighing at the feeling of you squeezing him so tight.
he keeps his eyes on your blissed-out expression as his hips buck up to meet your staggering pace.
but to his surprise, your hands come down to push him flat on the bed.
"s-s-stay still, l-loki-"
you intend to sound more domineering, but to your slight embarrassment it comes out sounding like a plea rather than an order.
you hear loki chuckle darkly, and you look down at him, your hazy eyes meeting his dark gaze and mocking grin.
"oh? and what are you going to do to me, my queen?"
he knew you wouldn't do anything, honestly. there's no way you can bring yourself to order him, let alone get him to obey you.
  it was always the other way around, him pulling you into an abyss of pleasure and you putting all your trust in his hands.
you clench down particularly hard to catch him off-guard, then lean just right over him, your lips almost touching.
"shut up," you hiss.
he only chuckles, his reaction anything but what you expected.
"i find it amusing how you think you can keep this up."
suddenly, he turns the tables on you. you're caged under him, your hands pinned to your sides and you cry out at the new angle his cock presses into you.
"you've had your fun, pet," he growls, bringing your legs over his shoulders, leaving you catching for breath. his lips slam onto yours. as he swallows each of your moans, his tongue slips into your mouth as you part your lips willingly, finally relinquishing the control you never really had.
"it's time i remind you who's in charge here."
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clandestineloki · 8 days ago
Hii I really love the way you write about Loki your amazinggg. Could you write something about Loki giving hickeys to his sub on the neck (and breast if you don't mind), pleaseeee? 🥺
"stop it," you giggle, pushing his face away from your collar bone, and he chuckles, snatching your phone away, hovering over you and trapping you on the mattress with his arms.
how can he not indulge, when you're being so adorable, wearing nothing but a loose shirt and light pink underwear, giving him easy access to your most sensitive areas?
"ticklish?" he teases, before grabbing your wrists with one hand and pinning them to your sides, blowing raspberries onto your neck as you squeal.
"n-no- haah, loki," you take in a shuddered breath as his lips reach a spot that makes your toes curl.
"hmm? what was that, darling?" he looks up at you with a quirked eyebrow. "wha-what was what?" you look away nervously.
  he smirks, and interlocks his fingers with yours, dipping his head back under your jaw to experimentally trail his tongue along your skin, feeling his cock twitch as you shiver and weakly squeeze his hands in yours.
"stay still, darling," he hums against your neck, slowly pushing a knee in between your legs and up to your clothed cunt, and the thin fabric does nothing to conceal the fact that you're enjoying this.
his lips latch onto your neck, sucking slowly. he smirks against your skin as he feels a choked sigh force its way out of you, and he pushes his knee up harder and that soft breath turns into a whine that spurs him on to ruin you more.
he doesn't keep consistent, alternating patternlessly between light kisses and slightly harsher bites, just enough to lull you into a state where you have no choice but to keen for him- after all, you're all his, and it's time he finally marks you for anyone and everyone to see.
"i know it feels good, darling, but i've barely just begun," he pins your wrists above your head with one hand, and growls one word right next to your ear, pleased at how you react and surrender so willingly.
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earlgreydream · 10 days ago
| loki x reader | smut | fluff |
anon requested. loki fic with fem!reader where she’s super needy for him in the tower and he finally gives in at the end of the day
a/n: i’ve been asked for more ddlg content and dom loki, so I’ll indulge you 
*ddlg does not include age regression
Tumblr media
You stirred as Loki carefully pulled your body on top of his. Your arms snaked around his neck and you buried your face in his shoulder, your chests pressed together.
“Daddy,” you breathed softly, making his heart warm.
“Just rest, sweet girl. I’ll be gentle.”
The promise comforted you, and you slipped back into the dream state you’d been disturbed from. He snuggled you against his body, spreading your legs open around his hips.
Loki loved quiet mornings with you, and he adored the slow and sleepy sex that came along with it. He felt your breathing even out and your fingers lax in his hair, realizing you’d drifted back off in his arms.
He carefully eased into you, going gently enough that you barely stirred. Your arms tightened around his neck as Loki rocked into you, blissed out in your half-asleep headspace.
He eased into you with shallow thrusts before rolling inside of you until he bottomed out. Your breathy moans encouraged him, and he pressed down on your lower back as he rocked up into you.
He reached between you to gently stroke over your clit, making small shudders roll down your spine. You whined into his neck as he buried himself in you repeatedly, the slow movements lacking any kind of rough force that got the two of you off quickly.
You called out to him quietly, begging for just a bit more pressure. He smirked into your hair at the whimper of complaint you made when he took his hand away, going back to his deep, rhythmic thrusts.
“Daddy,” you protested, grinding your hips and trying to get the friction that he stole.
“Relax, sweet girl. Go back to sleep, just lay there and be good for me,” Loki hummed, fingertips trailing up your sides. You whined out a ‘no’ and he lightly swatted your ass, breaking the gentleness.
You resided yourself to obedience, focusing on the feeling of him dragging along the inside of you, his veins and ridges catching on your walls. A cloudiness filled your head, swirling need deep in your belly, and you softly pleaded with Loki to help you. His smooth voice hushed you, and you felt him twitch as his hips stuttered. Your eyes rolled back as he came, holding you still on him. 
You settled on him, ignoring your throbbing need. Warming him wasn’t enough, you needed him to truly touch you. Loki made no move to help you, and your hope was beginning to fade. You were softly lost in subspace, clinging to his chest and listening to his breathing. 
Loki was pleased with how well behaved you were being. He knew if you were any more awake, you’d be squirming in his arms and begging him to play with your button. 
“You’re so sweet for me,” Loki’s soft praise made you melt into him, your fingers tangling loosely into black hair. 
“Always sweet for you, daddy,” you buried your face in his neck. 
He spent as much time inside of you, curled up in bed as he could, before he finally had to get up for meetings. He apologized as you cried out and whimpered when he slid out of you, leaving you empty and needy. 
“Come back,” you begged, and he frowned.
“I’ve got to shower and have meetings with Mr. Stark,” Loki said, and you trailed your fingers down between your legs before he grasped your wrist.
“No, you know better.”
“Don’t go,” your eyes were wide, and he sighed.
“Come shower with me.” 
You climbed out of the bed, following him into the ensuite and climbing under the stream of hot water with your boyfriend. He mumbled half-heartedly about you trying to make him late, but it didn’t stop Loki from taking the time to wash your hair and scrub your skin for you. He loved when you were soft and sweet, and he loved taking care of you. The idea of spending the day in meetings instead of in bed with you made him sulky, especially when you begged for him to stay.
Loki had gone to work, leaving you lying on the couch in your room, where you’d convinced him to sit with you for a while. Netflix droned on softly in the background, but you weren’t really paying attention. You were sleepy and needy, and all you wanted was Loki. 
You were rarely in the type of mood where the cloudy head consumed you, but now you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything other than lay on the couch. Your fingers played with the bracelets around your wrists, gold metal and green beads from Loki, who loved to see you adorned in his colors. 
You were tired of being alone, and you quietly walked around the penthouse at the top of Stark Tower, searching for Loki. Everybody was gone, and you finally went downstairs to the conference rooms, walking into the one where everyone was seated around a huge table. The avengers didn’t pay you much attention, used to you being around while they worked. 
Loki’s blue eyes watched you as you walked over to him shyly, and he pushed out his chair, reaching an arm to you. You climbed onto his lap, and his arm slipped around your waist.
“Need you,” you whispered into his jaw, kissing him softly.
“I’m working, sweet girl. I’ll take care of you later,” Loki’s voice was soft enough that only you heard. 
He gently pushed you off of his lap, squeezing your thigh. You pouted at him, and he gave you a slightly amused smile. You frowned, the ache between your legs overwhelming you. You wanted him to relieve you, but Loki was more than insistent on making you wait until he was done working. 
After exhausting Netflix, you resolved yourself to baking in the huge kitchen of the penthouse, making cookies and listening to music to pass the time. You climbed on top of a chair to reach a plate from the top cabinets, squealing as hands wrapped around your waist, steadying you. 
“I’m taller than you,” you giggled, standing over Loki as he took the plate and set it aside. He lifted you down and pulled you into a kiss. 
“Careful, little love.”
He set you down on the floor, helping you pull the cookies out of the oven and set them to cool on the plate. 
“Are you finished with work?” You asked hopefully.
“Yes. You’ve been needy all day?” He teased, wrapping his arms around you from behind and cupping you under your dress, making you gasp. You looked around, making sure nobody else was around to bear witness. 
“Yes! You were so mean, daddy,” you whispered, looking up at the mischievous god.
You squirmed as he slid his fingers under the lace, pushing two inside of you. You were bright red, torn between wanting to just give in, and fearing someone would walk in and see Loki fingering you in the middle of the kitchen.
You leaned back against him, your knees going weak as he brushed against the spot that had you melting. You gasped as he pulled out, and he took your hand and pulled you back toward your room.
“I’ll take care of you, sweet girl.”
You squealed as he tossed you onto the bed, your clothes disappearing in a glimmer of green seidr. Loki was on top of you in a second, kissing up your torso and pinning your wrists to the bed frame. You gasped as green silk bound your wrists to the iron frame, rendering you immobile.
“I’m going to make all your waiting worthwhile,” Loki grinned, his lips dragging along the curves of your body.
You whined loudly, seeing no need to be quiet. Loki smirked against your skin and bit you lightly, making you squirm. He laid down between your legs, holding your thighs over his shoulders before burying his face in your cunt.
Loki’s tongue and fingers pushed inside of you, and he sucked your clit between his cool lips, working immediately to get you to come. Your screams of ecstasy sent electricity through the god, egging him on until your orgasm shattered through you. Heat spread like fire through your veins, and your hands yanked at the silk, your back arching off the bed. Your legs were shaking around Loki, and he grinned up at you with devilish eyes.
Your chest heaved as Loki lapped up your release, the overstimulation making your body writhe, unable to escape his sweet torture you loved. A grin crossed your face as he kneeled up above you, catching your lips in a kiss.
“Feel better?” Loki asked, kissing your cheek.
“Loads,” you giggled, pulling on your wrists. He waved his fingers and your hands were set free. You dragged your fingers through his black hair, wrapping your limbs around him. He held you, smiling and kissing your face.
“Why’d you tease me all day?”
“Because I like it when you’re all clingy and needy.”
“You could’ve stayed in bed with me all morning,” you suggested, smiling as he squeezed you.
“Mischief is more fun.”
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the-departed-potato · 21 days ago
Therapist: “You can tell a lot about someone’s situation by what they read. So I would like you to make a list of what you are currently reading.”
Me: “Well I mostly read fan fiction”
Therapist: “That’s fine just send me the links”
Me: um..... 👀
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clandestineloki · 26 days ago
i love your works! can i have a wholesome scenario where loki just overstimmed sweet baby!reader to tears and he gives her wholesome aftercare? thank you!
"Loki- I-I, please, please please-"
"Please what?" he pouts almost mockingly. "You want to stop? You want less? Or... possibly that quivering little cunt of yours wants even more?"
He knows you can't answer, and that's what he loves about this. you're restrained by seidr on the bed, unable to curl your toes or clench your fists. All you can do is lay there and let the vibrator pressed up against your g-spot ruin you while Loki has the front row seat to how your dripping folds contract around the toy that hasn't stopped buzzing for hours.
He'd be lying if he said he didn't wish that toy was him.
"Loki, s' too m-much, I- ah! Too f-fast-"
But this view will do, he thinks to himself, as he purrs to you in that dark voice that has your mind reeling. Your moans have gotten louder and louder by the minute as he can practically hear your orgasm approaching, the moans turning to pleads turning to whines turning to sobs, the squelching, the little remnants of struggling against his magic, though he made clear you weren't going to leave the bed for quite some time.
"Don't fight it, darling, I'm just trying to make you feel good. Don't you like it, sweet?"
After all, the night was still young. The two of you had all the time in the world.
"I know it hurts, but it feels good, doesn't it? Breathe, love, there you go. See? You're taking it all so well. Can you do that a few more times for me, please?"
Both of you know a few more times means until he's satisfied and until you're soaked in your own cum and tears.
After a seemingly endless loop of screaming, and gasping, and hearing Loki praise you through it, and choking on your tears, and cumming, and cumming, and cumming until you nearly pass out, the tiny part of you that can still process anything besides the pleasure he so lovingly forced onto you registers that the tremors from between your folds have finally, finally stopped.
Loki gently pulls the vibrator slowly, ensuring not to hurt you, as he smiles at the little whines you let out at the feeling of the toy slowly leaving you.
You feel a weight lift off your chest, and you feel that his seidr is gone and you can somehow move a bit more freely, though you're still entirely tensed up and sore. Your teary eyes flutter open, and you are met with an emerald gaze and the smile you fell in love with.
"Loki," you sniffle, and he coos and gathers you in his arms, letting you cry and sob and catch your breath into his shoulder.
"You were such a good girl!" he whispers, and pulls back a little to look into your eyes. "You took all of that so bravely. I'm so proud of you."
Your face remains in a pout, though he knows the little twinkle in your pure gaze is the equivalent of a smile.
He kisses your puckered lips slowly, relishing in the way you softly whimper against him, and threads his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp, smiling into the kiss as he feels you become more relaxed in his hold.
"How are you feeling, love?" he pecks your nose lightly.
A bit in a daze, you nod, and he chuckles.
"I don't think that answered my question, sweet," he pushes your cheeks together so you're pouting even more. "How are you feeling right now? Did I go too far?"
You shake your head. Loki sighs in relief.
"Was it good?"
Almost immediately, you nod.
"I'm glad. Are you sore?"
You avert your eyes and nod.
"Oh, my poor darling," he nuzzles his nose into your neck. "Would you like to go take a bath or should we stay in bed a little longer?"
He knows your answer, as you wordlessly cling onto him tighter. He laughs and nods.
"Alright, sweet, but only for a while. We have to get you cleaned up. I know for a fact dried cum isn't the best thing in the world."
You whine, and bury your face into his chest. He smiles to himself.
Loki wills himself not to move as he watches your eyelids slide shut, and you try to breathe in and out at a slower rate. He knows you're not asleep, you're just trying to catch your breath and slow your heart a bit.
If there's anything he loves more than ravishing you, it's the afterglow. He can never think of a time he left you to take care of yourself after sex. Aftercare was essential to him, even if he already took large extents to not exceed your limits. You've always apologized for being so vulnerable after romps like this, but he brushes it off and says it's his way of showing he loves you.
"Love, it's been a while," he hums into your cheek, and you sigh softly, opening your eyes to meet his.
"Hello," he playfully grins. You smile, though it's a tad lopsided, and he chuckles at how dazed you are.
"Hold on tight sweet. On three-!"
He lifts you up into his arms and you cling onto him, as he walks to the bathroom and sets you down in the tub, shedding his clothes and joining you in after.
"There we go, that seems better doesn't it?" He grins, then over exaggeratingly gasps. "Norns! I almost forgot!"
Two glasses of champagne magically appear in his hands, and you giggle as he hands one to you.
"Congratulations on your promotion, darling," he toasts. "You deserved it. You deserve everything you've ever worked hard for. I love you so much, darling."
"I love you too," you smile shyly, and the two of you clink glasses and indulge in the wine, right where the two of you need to be.
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clandestineloki · 29 days ago
hello!! i hope you're having a lovely day! i was wondering-- loki, but he's so rough it hurts, and aftercare is absolute bliss after???? 🥺👉🏼👈🏼
Tumblr media
poor, poor you.
you're so fucked out you can't even think, let alone speak or make any noise besides a choked sob of pleasure.
"pl-plea- f-fu-fu- GAH!" you shriek into the pillow your face is pressed against as loki thrusts consecutively into the spot that has your body shaking uncontrollably.
"you owe me one more," he growls from above you, pulling you onto your knees as he goes even- f-fuck- deeper from behind.
you don't know how many times you've cummed, it feels like one long string of burning bliss that shoots through you like electricity. he's taken you against the wall, on the floor, chest-to-chest, and, now, with your face in the sheets as he pounds into your dripping cunt from behind.
"i-i -m so close- f-fuck-"
he hasn't given you a moment to breathe, stringing out every one of your orgasms for as long as he can before hurling you into another without any breaks.
loki is determined to see you come apart for him.
and you will, real soon, because one hand threads through your hair and pulls your against his chest, sucking yet another bruise into your neck, while the other hand moves down between your petals and rubs tight circles into your clit.
"cum now," he orders. "cum right now or i'll keep this going until the sun rises and you're clenching onto me with pathetic tears running down your face-"
it's no question, and because you're oh so good for your master, you don't hold yourself back as white flashes through your eyes and you scream until you no longer can.
loki lets go of your hair, breathing in the scent of sex and sweat that never fails to bring him down to earth after every night he ravishes you thoroughly. he kisses you gently on the shoulder, but he notices you're still breathing quite heavily.
"are you alright, angel?"
you literally can't respond, catching your breath from hours and hours of tiring your whole body out.
"do you want me to pull out?"
he sees you nod.
"stay still for a bit, angel."
he shifts up on his knees so he can begin to slide gently out of you-
a sharp whimper escapes your lips from the sting, and loki feels his chest tighten.
"ssh, ssh, don't cry, i’m sorry, i'll go as slowly as i can."
he continues to pull his cock out, as you cry softly, sensitive from the consecutive orgasms he elicited out of you.
"there you go, it's over," he moves as gently as he can so as not to hurt you, and presses a kiss to your hair once he sits up against the headboard.
"can you turn over and lie on your back, angel?"
you nod, but even that movement costs so much strength. your vision is hazy and your breath is still labored.
you wince as you turn over, letting out a hoarse groan as you finally relieve the pressure off your arms and stomach.
"there you go!" loki whispers, and presses a kiss to each of your cheeks, then your lips. "thank you. you were so good for me, angel. so good for me. i’m so proud of you."
you smile at his praise, and move to hug him, but he lightly taps your shoulders.
"you're not lifting a single finger for the rest of the night. i'm going to take care of you now."
loki gently lifts you up bridal style and heads for the bathroom, setting you down on the counter. 
in a second, you’re dozing off against the marble surface, your soft puffs of breath making the strands of hair on your face flutter in sync with your rising and falling chest.
he looks down at the tiny band on your index finger, the one he proposed to you with just earlier this evening.
he smiles softly.
he knows he’ll have to wake you up a bit again to get you in the tub, but he wants to appreciate this moment for a little longer.
he turns to fill up the bathtub to draw a nice, warm bath, but not before giving his sleeping beauty a sweet, appreciative kiss.
Tumblr media
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y-napotat · a month ago
Tumblr media
I know it’s not much but it took along time I had to go frame by frame and make it look real
@jabbagabbabackup @spookyscarykittycat @thefanficmonster
yours are coming soon.... *not in this style tho unless u want?*
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clandestineloki · a month ago
a scenario where loki kinda degraded sub!reader and she scrunches up all tiny and sobs a bit after cause she thought he meant what he said? thank you
Tumblr media
Alright, but Loki’s aftercare would be first class.
He’d be a little sideways at the reassurance part, though, so you gotta talk a bit about what you feel too.
But this one particular night, when he’s pushed you to 99% of your limits- in a mindbreakingly pleasurable way, of course- it nags you even after he scatters soft kisses over your twitching thighs.
“Did you mean what you said?”
Loki looks up at you while he cleans your legs, his eyebrows furrowing.
“I said a lot of things. Which one are you talking about, darling?”
“When you said-” you take in a shaky breath, and your voice is reduced to a quiet mumble. “When you said I’m just some whore to pleasure you.”
He tilts his head. “You remember that?”
“I remember everything you say during scenes, Master. You say I’m your slut, you say I have to work for every ounce of pleasure I get, you say you might just find another way t-to satisfy yourself-”
You flinch at the way your voice sounds: broken, hoarse, and choked-up with every set of tears that stream down your cheeks.
“Hey, darling,” he moves to sit beside you against the headboard. “I told you that I’m not Master when the scene’s over. It stays in the scene, and so does everything I say or do to you. Do you understand?”
You nod a bit.
“And, no, of course not, I don’t mean that. I love you so, so much. I cherish you more than anything, know that, darling.”
“I-I do know that, it’s just-” you sigh, curling into yourself. “It hurts a little sometimes.”
Loki feels his heart break at how broken your voice sounds.
“I’ll do my best from now on, darling, don’t worry. You’re always so good for me and I’m proud of you for that.”
He gently lifts you up into his arms.
“Now, what do you say to a bath and then dinner in bed?”
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clandestineloki · 2 months ago
Before and After (NSFW)
requested by anonymous
tw: mentions of sex, subspace, subdrop, unspecified stress, words of comfort, so much praise, fluffy smut, loki is a wholesome dom, pet name angel because i like it <3
loki gives off dom energy. admit it, one smirk and a drawl of your favorite pet name will have you on your knees in record time.
he could be kissing you softly, gently, or even literally just holding your hand and in less than fifteen minutes you'll be under his spell.
you'll feel sleepy, yet you're wide awake. you'll feel a pleasant magma warming your thighs, and you'll know you're in too deep.
loki knows when you're in that floaty headspace, and he likes it just as much as you do, (if not more) because his little angel won't have to think about anything besides her pleasure and his.
it's funny how you think he doesn't know what you want when you snuggle into his lap, pretending to compare your hand sizes when, in reality, he knows you're thinking of how his fingers deliciously curl up to nudge that spot inside that makes stars burst in your eyes.
he knows you've had a rough day, and he doesn't want to take it slow, but he knows you need one last push before you finally submit to him wholly and let him help you forget the rest of the world.
"what's on your mind, hmm, angel?" he lowers his voice to a whisper as he flips both of you over, your back flat against the mattress.
you don't reply, only whimpering softly as you look up into his eyes. he holds your chin in between his index finger and his thumb. "i asked you a question."
"i-i... don't know."
he quirks an eyebrow. "it's alright if you don't feel like talking," he chuckles as he brushes his thumb against your lips. "there are other uses for those lovely lips of yours."
"...not now," you shake your head slowly.
loki's smirk drops and he pulls you up to straddle his lap, knowing something's not right. you've never turned down a chance to have his cock in your mouth before.
"angel," his hand comes up to brush some strands away from your face, "what's bothering you? please tell me. i'm worried about you. i want to help."
the whimper you let out is heartbreaking. it holds so much pain and confliction, loki wants nothing more than to turn that sad sound into something more sweet and ecstacy-filled.
you look up at him, and it takes all your willpower to hold back tears. "can we- can we talk about it later? i... just wanna do something else for now."
he gently kisses you, drawing back just a bit so he can speak against your lips. "of course, angel. we'll talk about it when you're feeling better."
he flicks his wrist and a green shimmer envelops the both of you before it fades away along with both your clothing. loki lays you down gently on the bed, ensuring there's a pillow you can rest your head on.
"i only ask one thing for now, angel. don't move a single finger. let me take care of you."
after pleasuring you with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock, and after you've come undone more than enough times, loki gently cleans your spent cunt and twitching thighs, chuckling as they instinctively jolt at the slightest brush of the towel against your ankles.
but he doesn't expect you to try and get out of bed so quickly afterwards.
when he asks where you're going, your eyes shy away and he can hear the unshed tears in your trembling reply.
"i-i need some space."
loki shakes his head, lifting you into his arms and carrying you back to bed. "no, i think that you think i need space; i don't. now, you promised to talk to me. this is for your own good too, angel. i just want to help."
"...i-i feel like shi-"
he raises his eyebrow. no calling yourself bad words, angel, his gaze warns you.
"sorry, l-let me rephrase that. i-i feel... bad... that every time i have a stressful day i take it out on you like you're my emotional punching bag."
loki frowns. oh, how he wants to tell you that no, you aren't taking it out on him- at least not in a manner that makes him feel like your emotional punching bag- but he needs to hear what you feel. 
"g-go on," he says, seeing you sad like this making an unsettling feeling twist in his stomach.
"i-i realized i get... clingy when i'm stressed. i don't want to get you into a negative mood just because i'm stressed. i'm working on solving my problems by myself, b-but earlier i slipped real bad and that was pretty selfish."
"angel," loki gathers you into his arms, rubbing circles into your soft skin. "you're too kind to be selfish."
"no buts, you told me how you feel," he presses a finger to your puffy lips. "let me speak now."
you nod, looking down. loki leans down, encouraging you to meet his eyes. "do you know how much it pains me every time you try to hide how you feel?"
you shake your head, and loki brings his hand to your cheek, only to feel it slightly damp. he brushes hair away from your face and cups your cheeks in his hands. he almost coos at the hazy look in your eyes, it just goes to show how vulnerable you feel in his arms.
just a little more, and his angel will finally submit.
"i see you everyday, fighting battles no one else can. i see how you try to stay happy for yourself and for everyone. i see you, trying to stay strong, and i'm proud of you for being strong, but it's alright to let those defenses down." you smile up at him sadly, nodding, and he sighs again, brushing tears away from your face.
"and do you know who taught me that?"
you shake your head.
"you did."
you gasp softly, your eyes watering again, and look up at him. "i... i did?"
"of course," he pulls a blanket over the two of you and lays your both on your sides, facing each other. 
"you showed me what it was like to have a friend, to have a lover, to have someone to trust, someone to love, someone to take care of me. i might be the one magicking money and other needs-" you let out a breathy laugh and he smiles "-but you're the one who does all the work. you're the one who's given me a reason to keep fighting my battles, and your battles, too. so please don't think you're being a burden when you tell me your problems, because what you're really doing is giving me the chance to return the favor for everything you've done for me. it's the least i can do to be there for my angel."
there. that one last push.
a tiny cry leaves your lips, this time out of love and joy at hearing his words, and throw your arms around his neck and sob thank yous into his shoulder.
"i love you so, so, so much," you close your eyes and nuzzle into his shoulder, "i'm so lucky to have you."
loki kisses your head, as he rubs your back, his eyes glistening with tears as well.
"not as lucky as i am, angel."
loki smiles. you finally understand your worth.
and that’s all he ever wants.
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clandestineloki · 2 months ago
Headcanon? *raises hand* Loki punishing his sub...
For me, edging is his go-to punishment.
Whether you flirted with a guy for too much, or teased him at an inappropriate time, or simply because you were too sexy for him to handle -which is all the time, he'd have you restrained to the bed, trembling on his fingers , yet at the last second he'd pull out.
Because that's his way of reminding you who's in control.
(^I don't mean the above statement in some kind of toxic way, but as his way of just slightly asserting just how much power he has over you.)
Holy fuck he can go hours of edging and denying you pleasure.
And as much as you're spewing out apologies and begging him to let you over the edge just once, Loki will probably edge you for a few times after that just to spite your little twitching cunt.
He'll lay out a towel, stick his fingers in, just barely touching your sweet spot, count down from 100 in a dark sexy drawl, and if you clench even once he will start over.
"P-Please, I-I-I- nnh, Loki-"
"What is it darling?"
"P-Please... let me c-come I-I'm- hic- I'm s-sorry-"
And because he's not completely evil, he'll grant your wish.
He'll make you come, oh he will, until you can't- and maybe another, and another, and because you asked for it, a few times more than your poor cunt can handle.
You'll be choking on your pleasured sobs, because as much as you're finally getting relief it's becoming too much. But can you say anything? No, not a single word, because poor you can't even exhale without moaning or whimpering.
Loki just loves it when he sees you like this, just laying there- restrained, but laying there all the same- and in the throes of pleasure, pleasure that his own sadistic hands gave you so generously- because he gives his all, even if you're overstimulated, even if you're too drunk on pleasure to reply, because you asked for it from the beginning, with the way you teased him so much like the little minx you are.
He's just giving you what you want, right?
But as he basks in the afterglow of your punishment, he reminds you more than once that you still have the power to ask him to stop, because he would never punish you for anything besides the sake of pleasure, and that he loves you more than he can put into his words, or, more accurately, his fingers.
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clandestineloki · 3 months ago
for the kink game,, humiliation/degredation kink and name calling? or, on the other hand, praise kink!! >:D
but why not both?? one order of sugar-coated degradation, coming right up!!
“Loki,” you whisper out his name meekly, as you nuzzle into his thigh. “L-Loki?”
He closes the book with a snap, and grabs your chin between his thumb and his index finger.
“That’s not my name.”
Your eyes widen as you look away. “S-sorry, sir,” you correct yourself.
Loki smirks. “That’s better. Carry on, pet.”
“Can I suck your cock? P-please, s-sir?”
Loki snickers, but to your slight disappointment, he shakes his head.
“Another time, pet. I’m quite occupied at the moment.”
He gestures his other hand to the book. You shake your head, your fingers gently grasping at his wrist.
"It's o-okay, you don't have to m-move, I c-can do all the w-work, sir."
He chuckles darkly. "Oh, can you now? Then why are you sweating like a dumb bitch in heat?"
You are, you think, dammit. But who wouldn't after sitting on their knees for an hour with a vibrator up their cunt?
"It-it feels good, sir."
He grins, and you know that doesn't mean something good. You hear a click, and in your peripherals you can see Loki thumbing a remote-
The tremors in your body accelerate as he maxes the device inside you, and you grab onto both his thighs to secure yourself from falling forward.
Loki never gets tired of teasing you. God, not a day goes by where he doesn't think of fucking you so hard till you're nothing but a melted puddle of mind-fucked pleasure. All. For. Him.
Over the sound of the buzzing, and the lewd sounds coming out of both your mouth and your pussy, you hear him, telling you just how proud he is of you.
"That's right, my good little slut," he drawls into your ear, "it always does."
He always has to have the last laugh.
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clandestineloki · 3 months ago
foodplay? specifically sweet stuff? Thank you
Loki trails the spoon down your thigh, so slowly. You can't help the moan that seeps out of your lips at the warm liquid coating your skin, nor can you help but squirm in your restraints.
"G-God, I'm gonna be s-sticky all over by the time y-you're done-" your breath hitches as the honey dribbles down onto your thighs, as he trails the honey lower and lower down your legs.
"But you like it," he cockily affirms, smirking at the sight of your petals slick with your nectar. He kneels down between your legs and adores the beautiful mess he's made of you. "I told you this would be fun."
"How exactly is this gonna work out for me- oh," your next words die out as he gently lifts your left leg, swirling his tongue around the trail.
You let out a soft moan at his half-lidded gaze. How is this so hot? He's doing nothing but licking up the mess he's made on you, alternating between soft, ticklish little licks to completely grazing his tongue on your skin in a way that makes you see fucking stars-
"Breathe, love," he chuckles, patting your thigh twice to get your attention. "You're practically vibrating, and I haven't even touched you-"
He suddenly licks all the way down to your cunt, and you let out quite a noise at it.
"-down here."
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