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#dog friendly bookstore
wellesleybooks · 2 days ago
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Sammy Cream Pie is our Dog of The Week
Sammy Cream Pie is a one-year-old Mini Dachshund, so named after his English Cream coat. His coloring is so unusual for a Dachshund, that, believe it or not, all of seven people have asked if he was a Golden Retriever. His birthday's coming up, but, unlike a Golden, he'll be staying this small (and mighty). If you see him around town on June 16th, wish him a happy day!
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wellesleybooks · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Miss Scarlett in the Library with a book (and a Pekingese).
Only The Dogist aka Elias Weiss Friedman could create such a fabulous picture to promote The Westminster Kennel Club's 145th annual dog show this weekend (June 12 & 13). The dog's name is Jude and the library is in the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY.
The Dogist by Elias Weiss Friedman 
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wellesleybooks · a year ago
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Dog of the Week
Gus is a 9-year-old Cockapoo who loves anything with a heartbeat. He's a therapy dog and can often be found enjoying a story at the library as part of the Read to a Dog program. He also does this adorable trick when asked nicely. Thanks for the therapy, Gus!
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wellesleybooks · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Hello, excuse me, I’m looking for a book. I can’t remember the title but it was blue and it had a cat on the cover.”
This sweet face belongs to Murphy. He visits the store from time to time with his Mom Judy, who works in our gift department.
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wellesleybooks · a year ago
Holiday Pups
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It is cause for a celebration anytime our customers bring their pups in for a visit.
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Kovu and I havent been in public in over a year, but my mental health has gotten worse and the worst of the pandemic is over so I'm considering starting service dog training back up. I brought him to a dog-friendly bookstore to see how he would do, and this what he immediately offered unprompted (': he is so cheerful and focused on me in public. When I sat down he laid down and settled right away. This is what loving your job looks like
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genshins1mpact · 5 days ago
Hello and welcome everybody to the first official S1mpact Sereniteapot Tour™️!
Tumblr media
For starters, we have our wonderful host and expert tour guide Mr. Zhongli, on stage, and everyone's favorite bard (or so he claims) Venti, playing live from our studio audience!
Tumblr media
First up, first floor! Behind this wonderful stage we have the lounge, where you'll find only the finest sofa, fireplace and eatery known to Teyvat. There are about seven dogs that claim residence in this area, and I doubt even Rex Lapis himself could resist those puppy eyes! We've included a Venti for scale, since he wasn't of much help with the cat café anyway.
Tumblr media
Next up, one of our three wonderful rooms, the resting chambers! Complete with three beds and dressers, for you and your traveling companions to enjoy during your stay. It's just like sleeping on a cloud! (No clouds were harmed in the making of this advertisement.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which brings us to our second and third rooms, the library and study hall, respectively. Ever wanted to curl up with a good book by the fireplace? Or need to practice your penmanship? Then look no further than the West Wing, and book your stay today!
Tumblr media
What's that above the lounge, you ask? Come on in and don't be shy, you've just asked the right guy! Follow Mr. Zhongli upstairs to none other than our state-of-teyvat........
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First ever Cat Café and bookstore! (Totally not a rip off of the B&N café why whatever could you possibly mean?) To the right, you'll find the dining area, where you may place your orders. Off to the left, you'll find our cozy selection of fan favorite novels. And where the two meet, you'll find all of our wonderful, friendly kittens! Venti tested, Zhongli approved.✔
(*Alchemical textbooks and supplies to be used at own risk, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask a local Albedo, coming soon to a teapot near you!)
Tumblr media
And this brings us to the end of our Teapot Tour™️, we hope you've had a wonderful time with us all, and we can't wait to hopefully see you around on your next trip. Remember: Book smart, book S1mpact.
Hit us with the jingle, Venti!
🎵 ❝ If you're ever in need of a place to stay / Hang up your coat, come on in for the day / Leave it all behind, like the sun's fading rays / Enjoy your rest, the very best, is what we pray
Come and book your stay at the Sereniteapot Express today! ❞ ehe 🎵
Tumblr media
*Some restrictions may apply, not everyone may qualify for a free trip to the Sereniteapot Express (rich people pay extra); Scaramouche not allowed on the premises due to property damages from his big ass hat and complaints from guests about his ankle-biting. "You break it you buy it" and other similar fees may apply. For further inquiry or to schedule your next vacation with us, simple dial 1-888-tey-vatt today!
Okay but seriously please someone book a stay, we really need the mora, Zhongli and Venti keep eating us out of house and home, Childe never returned from the war, Diluc never came home, and even Mona's wallet is starting to look fat compared to mine. Do us all a favor and stay a night to help us feed the cats or something? Have a heart and do your part, stay a night.. or maybe two.. so we don't have to start making those depressing ASPCA commercials too!
ps: If you hear an odd bump in the night, that's probably just your local demon-conquering adepti crash landing onto the roof for a nap. 1 like = 1 almond tofu for the evil bonkering
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peralta-guaranteed · 8 days ago
Mama and Mac playground date hc
- playground dates with Mama are a very rare thing. Daddy is definitely the one to take him to the park on their days together and go crazy on the playground - when it's Amy's turn she usually takes him along on all her errands (and he loves that too, loves getting handed the change at the grocery store and guarding it like treasure, and stamping things at the post office, and helping Mama with mealprep) or to some learning activity like a kid-friendly museum or the library or they go through the children's section of bookstores
- but sometimes he can drag her to the park on their way from all those things, and he says hi to every dog that passes by name because he knows them all from his walks with Cheddar and the grandpas, and he also says hi to the ice cream vendor and the hot dog vendor and the soft pretzel vendor and Amy's definitely gonna have a chat with Jake about that
- they've obviously been to the park lots as a family too, but Mac still excitedly tells her all about the place like he's only just discovered it with Jake last week and then shows her the playground as if she's never seen it and it's supposed to be the greatest thing in the world (which to him it might actually be)
- "Okay, you can go play before we go back home and get dinner started" she says and moves to settle down on a nearby bench, fully intending to read one of her books while Mac has the time of his life with the little friends he automatically makes everywhere he goes
- "No Mama, you gotsta play with me!" "Peanut I'm way to big for most of the stuff-" "Daddy's bigger than you and he plays on it!" "Daddy is also a lot more crazy than Mama, you know that"
- and then Mac levels her with a look, a look she knows from his dad all too well, and says the ultimate words, although slightly wrong from the way he's been clearly told to say them: "Daddy said you would be chicken to play" and she knows a bet when she sees one, even if the original starter of the bet is using a surrogate
- and goddamnit but her husband knows her too well, and knows all her buttons to push. Because she's up on that seesaw in less than a minute, and going for highest jump from the swings, and even racing Mac along the monkey bars for a bit. She's got sand literally everywhere, and she's pretty sure there's at least one Yuppie mom staring at her the entire time, but Mac is also laughing and jumping and running over for a hug every so often and who cares about anything else?
- they get home all sweaty, covered in sand and leaves, Mac's jeans are completely stained and so are Amy's, and there's definitely an ice cream spot on both of their shirts. And Jake only grins as they pass him in the kitchen while heading to the bathroom for a shower and a change of PJs and says "So I guess you weren't too chicken"
(- he has to clean the sand out of their clothes as punishment before washing them, and also give Amy a massage for her sore muscles because she hasn't been that crazy-active in months after making Lieutenant)
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taeminyourmind · 27 days ago
Get to Know Me ~
I haven't done a proper get to know me blog, and I would like to properly introduce myself. I adore you all and found that I may seem standoffish because I rarely post anything other than fics, but I promise I'm a friendly bee, I just am nervous to meet new people ^^
Tumblr media
For personal reasons, I will go by taeminyourmind
I have 2 dogs and currently work at a bookstore
I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, and listening to music
If I could live in a decade, it would be the 80's - you'll most likely find me listening to 80's music (especially pop and rock) & watching 80's TV shows and movies
My favorite movie is Titanic, my favorite TV show is The Golden Girls, my favorite artists are Michael Jackson & Bruno Mars, my favorite book is The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (we love to see character development), and my favorite color is purple
I've written fanfics for my other fandoms when I was younger, but this is the only blog I've been serious about
I got into K-pop when I was a junior in high school - though BTS introduced me to the genre, SHINee took my heart
My favorite K-pop groups are SHINee (ult), EXO, Super Junior, VIXX, and Big Bang
My favorite K-pop album is SHINee's Everybody (I believe in Everybody era supremacy) but I also love The Misconceptions of Us
My favorite SHINee era is Everybody and my favorite Taemim era and album is Press It
My favorite Korean drama is Voice and my favorite Korean movie is 형 (My Annoying Brother)
I used to learn K-pop dances and make covers
My Korean is rusty, so I want to get better so I can visit Korea and become one with the surroundings and interact confidently with people I meet
That's all I can think of, so please, have a great night and let's get ready for Taemin's comeback ^^ and always feel free to message or inbox me
Squishes and love,
taeminyourmind 💘
Tumblr media
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biasedwriting · a month ago
Kaleidoscope of Our Summer ||1||
Tumblr media
The heat was sweltering, coming in almost visible waves. Fanning herself, Minah eyed the condensation rolling down the jug of iced tea considering if she wanted to pour herself another glass. She wasn’t particularly used to the humidity having moved to Seoul just a year and a half back to attend university.
“Don’t stare at it, just drink it.” Hongbin groaned over the loud music, picking up a magazine to fan himself vigorously from the deck chair he was sprawled across. “Trust Wonshik to throw a ‘welcome back hyungs!’ party in the middle of fucking summer.”
Peeling the light fabric of her sundress off her skin and watching it flop back, Minah nudged him with her toe. Hongbin was one of Sanghyuk’s gaming friends who she’d hit it off with quite well. “He’s just being nice to his hyungs, and if I remember correctly, they’re your hyungs too.”
“Psh, yeah, they are.” Hongbin rolled his eyes, reaching for the cold jug of iced tea and pouring himself a glass before clumsily waving it around. “But a pool party for this is a bit much.”
“You wouldn’t be complaining if you knew how to swim. And don’t act so impersonal. The last time you got drunk, you sobbed about missing your Hakyeon hyung after calling Hyogi and me. I didn’t miss the clingy hugging when he arrived either, Mr Lee Hongbin.”
“Shut up, I did not,” Hongbin grumbled, as the woman in the red sundress shrugged, picking up the jug and poured herself a glass. “Remind me as to why I’m friends with you again?” he glared at her cheeky grin.
“Because I’m Hyogi’s classmate and he thought I was fun so he introduced me to you guys.” She replied, taking a deep sip of the too-sweet tea.
A whoop cut through the music as Jaehwan cannonballed into the pool, sending water everywhere. Hongbin ducked behind the magazine watching the excited man dog-paddle across the pool to a dark-haired man floating on his back with a screech of “Taekwoonie hyung!” making the man baulk at the bundle of energy speeding his way.
Minah eyed the interaction with a shudder. She didn’t know very much about Jung Taekwoon other than that he was one of Hyogi’s favourite hyungs (even if he didn’t admit it), and that he and Hakyeon (who had smiled kindly at her upon meeting) had just returned from their mandatory enlistment. Sanghyuk had mentioned that both Hakyeon and Taekwoon had been strong influences in his life from when he had just gotten into middle school.
Taekwoon caught her eye the moment she saw him with his imposing, broad stature, long limbs and almost feline features. He had nodded at her and softly greeted her when Sanghyuk had introduced them earlier that day. He hadn’t stood around to make small talk, instead choosing to drape himself over Jaehwan who had been lazing on the couch.
Minah turned to see Cha Hakyeon sitting by the pool with his feet dipped in, chatting away with Wonshik. Hakyeon was very handsome too and Minah wondered if Sanghyuk exclusively made friends with good looking people. He had been friendly and open, telling her that Sanghyuk has been full of praise for her and to come to look for him if Sanghyuk caused any trouble, leading to a very whiny overgrown manchild Hyogi.
There was a certain familiarity between everyone there that had her twisting the fabric of her dress awkwardly between her fingers, hoping that perhaps Hongbin’s sister Ara would turn up from her part-time job at the local bookstore or Wonshik’s girlfriend Haneul would come in with some more food even though Minah had brought (far too much of) her famous pasta and a variety of sandwiches, but Haneul had texted her that she would be late since she was busy taking interviews. Jaehwan’s cousin, Miya, was running late since she was volunteering at the local counselling centre that day. As much as Minah felt like she had been adopted into this little family, sometimes she felt like an outsider.
“Damn it, the iced tea is over,” Hongbin sighed, breaking her reverie, as he stumbled out of his seat to pick up the jug. Minah held her hand up and shook her head.
“You are definitely not making the next batch, you pretty much made liquid diabetes in a jug.” She declared, taking the jug from the shaky table. “Also, where is Sanghyuk?” she wondered aloud, and Hongbin nodded to the kitchen.
“Eating as much pasta as he can before Taekwoon gets to it.” the dimpled man snickered making the lady roll her eyes.
“Didn’t he say he’s going to swim after this?”
Hongbin shrugged, “if he has a deathwish, who am I to stop him? Now off you go to make your ‘oh so perfect’ iced tea.”
Fighting the urge to smack Hongbin’s handsome face, Minah trudged back into the house as another wave of heat hit her, making her grateful for her choice in clothing. The sandals were not particularly ideal but had been bought to fit the aesthetic. The heavy soles made a racket as she hurried into the kitchen to unsurprisingly find Sanghyuk with his cheeks stuffed and an attempt at a wide grin of greeting.
“S’good.” he mumbled with his mouth full, stabbing his fork into the large bowl of pasta. Minah shook her head before reaching for the iced tea premix concentrate and carefully measuring out the liquid into the jug. Sanghyuk nudged at her with another cheesy (no pun intended)  grin.
“Must you insist on grinning like one of those men who flip women’s skirts?” Minah grumbled, nudging him. Towering over her, Sanghyuk managed to look somewhat offended with his mouth full.
“Why would you even say that?” he whined, making the shorter shoot him a look.
“You’re planning something, I know it.”
“I am planning absolutely nothing at all!” Sanghyuk gasped, holding his hands up as if to show he was innocent. Minah didn’t drop her glare as she vigorously stirred the iced tea before turning to the freezer to get the ice out and drop it into the jug. Shovelling a last forkful of pasta into his mouth, Sanghyuk turned to her.
“I’ll see you outside!”
“Sure!” Minah called back, banging the tray on the counter to get the ice out before plopping it into the jug as the dark liquid sloshed noisily in it. She remembered the watermelon juice Jaehwan had brought being put in the fridge as well and hurried over to retrieve it. Heaving the two jugs, she nudged the back door of Wonshik’s house open with her hip before very carefully walking down the little stone path to the pool.  She eyed the contents of the jugs wearily as they sloshed around, threatening to spill out.
“I got it!” a voice called chirpily, and Minah noticed Hakyeon coming towards her to relieve her of her burden. “Kim Minah right?” his sharp features morphed into a kind smile “those sandwiches you brought are a hit, thank you!”
“Ah, thank you!” Minah found herself blushing at the flattery “I figured we’d all get hungry if we were playing by the pool.”
“Yeah, Taekwoon just got out and he’s attacking the sandwiches like it’s his last meal” Hakyeon laughed, nodding towards the dark-haired man silently munching on what looked like an egg sandwich. Minah found herself grinning as she walked with Hakyeon towards the pool. Hakyeon set the jugs on the table, drawing Jaehwan’s attention.
“Hey! Minah! You’re here! Excellent!” Jaehwan smirked, edging towards her and making her eyebrows quirk in suspicion.
“I was here the whole time.”
“Yes! Sanghyukkie! Minah is here!”
“Ah yes! Wonderful!” Sanghyuk scurried over with a giant smirk pasted across his face.
“What are you two getting up to?”
“Nothing.” they chorused, standing on either side of her. Minah vaguely heard Sanghyuk mumble a “3...2...1” and she found herself heaved into the air. On reflex, she screamed as the two men held her limbs and swung her towards the pool with mirthful laughter being the last sound she heard when her body hit the water.
Now, Minah knew how to swim. She’d been comfortable in water ever since she was very young. Somewhere in the back of her brain, she knew this had been Sanghyuk’s plan, but what was now causing her to panic was her sandals weighing down her legs as she frantically tried to kick her way to the surface of the water. Holding whatever little breath she had managed to gasp in whilst screaming, she reached for the straps of her sandals and began struggling against them cursing the existence of buckles. She could feel the burn in her lungs for the lack of oxygen which was enough to distract her from the splash in the water.
Once the physical strain kicked in, she nearly quit, cursing Sanghyuk with her last breath as a figure sped towards her and an arm wrapped securely around her, yanking her up to the surface. In her panic, she swung her arms around the shoulders of the person and took in a deep gasp of air before turning to identify her rescuer only to find that she was pressed up against the very naked chest of the handsome stranger named Jung Taekwoon.
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slaywhat · a month ago
On February 19, 2013, a body was recovered in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. It was later identified as that of Elisa Lam, a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She had been staying at the hotel when she was reported missing at the beginning of the month. A maintenance worker discovered the body when investigating guest complaints of problems with the water supply and pressure.
Her disappearance had been widely reported. Interest had increased five days prior to the discovery of her body when the Los Angeles Police Department released a video of the last time she was known to have been seen on the day of her disappearance by an elevator security camera in the hotel. On the footage, Lam is seen exiting and re-entering the elevator, talking and gesturing in the hallway outside, and sometimes seeming to hide within the elevator. The video went viral, with many viewers reporting that they found it unsettling. Explanations ranged from claims of paranormal involvement to bipolar disorder, for which Lam took medication. It has also been argued that the video was altered prior to release.
The circumstances of Lam's death, once she was found, also raised questions, especially in light of the hotel's history in relation to other notable deaths and murders. Her body was naked, with most of her clothes and personal effects floating in the water near her. It took the Los Angeles County Coroner's office four months, after repeated delays, to release the autopsy report, which reports no evidence of physical trauma and states that the manner of death was accidental. Guests at the Cecil, now re-branded as Stay on Main, sued the hotel over the incident and Lam's parents filed a separate suit later that year. The latter was dismissed in 2015. Some of the early Internet interest noted what were considered to be unusual similarities between Lam's death and the 2002 horror film "Dark Water". The case has since been referenced in international popular culture. It was the subject of Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, a four-part 2021 Netflix docuseries.
Lam, the daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, was a student at the University of British Columbia although she was not registered at the beginning of 2013.
Lam was adventurous. She took a trip to California but traveled alone on Amtrak and intercity buses. She visited the San Diego Zoo and posted photos taken there on social media. On January 26, she arrived in Los Angeles. After two days, she checked into the Cecil Hotel, near downtown's Skid Row. Lam was initially assigned a shared room on the hotel's fifth floor; however, her roommates complained about what the hotel's lawyer would later describe as "certain odd behavior" and Lam was moved to a room of her own after two days.
Built as a business hotel in the 1920s, the Cecil had significant financial difficulties during the Great Depression of the 1930s and never recaptured its original market as downtown decayed around it in the late 20th century. Several of Los Angeles' more notable murders have happened at or have connections to the hotel. In 1964, Goldie Osgood, the "Pigeon Lady of Pershing Square," was raped and murdered in her room at the Cecil, a crime that has never been solved. Serial killers Jack Unterweger and Richard Ramirez both resided at the Cecil while active. There have also been suicides, one of which also killed a pedestrian outside the front entrance of the hotel. After recent renovations, it has tried to market itself as a boutique hotel, but the reputation lingers. "The Cecil will reveal to you whatever it is you're a fugitive from," says Steve Erickson, a journalist who spent a night in the hotel after Lam's death.
Lam had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. She had been prescribed four medications – Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Seroquel and Effexor – to treat her disorders. According to her family, who preferred to keep her history of mental illness a secret, Lam had no history of suicidal ideations or attempts, although one report claimed she had previously gone missing for a brief period.
In mid-2010, Lam began a blog named Ether Fields on Blogspot. Over the next two years, she posted pictures of models in fashionable clothing and accounts of her life, particularly her struggle with mental illness. In a January 2012 blog post, Lam lamented that a "relapse" at the start of the current school term had forced her to drop several classes, leaving her feeling "so utterly directionless and lost." She titled her post, "You're always haunted by the idea you're wasting your life" after a quotation from novelist Chuck Palahniuk. She used that quote as an epigraph for her blog. Lam worried that her transcript would look suspicious with so many withdrawals and that it would result in her being unable to continue her studies and attend graduate school.
A little over two years after Lam had started blogging, she announced she would be abandoning her blog for another she had started on Tumblr. Its content mostly consisted of fashion photos, quotes and a few posts in Lam's own words. The same Palahniuk quotation was used as an epigraph.
Lam contacted her parents in British Columbia every day while traveling to California. On February 1, 2013, the day she was scheduled to check out of the Cecil and leave for Santa Cruz, her parents did not hear from her and called the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Her family flew to Los Angeles to help with the search.
Hotel staff who saw Lam that day said she was alone. Outside the hotel, Katie Orphan, manager of a nearby bookstore, was the only person who recalled seeing her that day. "She was outgoing, very lively, very friendly" while getting gifts to take home to her family. She talked about what book she was getting and whether or not what she was getting would be too heavy for her to carry around as she traveled".Orphan said during a news interview.
Police searched the hotel to the extent that they legally could. They searched Lam's room and had dogs go through the building, including the rooftop, but the canines were unsuccessful in detecting her scent. "But we didn't search every room," Sgt. Rudy Lopez said later, "we could only do that if we had probable cause" to believe a crime had been committed. On February 6, a week after Lam had last been seen, the LAPD decided more help was needed. Flyers with her image were posted in the neighborhood and online. It brought the case to the public's attention through the media.
On February 15, after another week with no sign of Lam, the LAPD released a video of the last known sighting of her taken in one of the Cecil's elevators by a video surveillance camera on February 1. In approximately two and a half minutes of footage, Lam, alone, makes unusual moves and gestures, leaving the elevator at one point while its doors remain open, even after she appears to have pressed every button. When the doors fail to close after she returns, she leaves; the doors close later.
The video drew worldwide interest in the case due to Lam's strange behavior, and has been extensively analyzed and discussed. It was reposted widely, including on the Chinese video-sharing site Youku, where it got 3 million views and 40,000 comments in its first 10 days. Many of the commentators found it unsettling to watch.
Several theories evolved to explain her actions. One was that Lam was trying to get the elevator car to move in order to escape from someone who was pursuing her. Others suggested that she might be under the influence of ecstasy or some other party drug, but none was detected in her body during autopsy. When her bipolar disorder became known, the theory that she was having a psychotic episode also emerged.
Other viewers argued that the video had been tampered with before being made public. Besides the obscuring of the timestamp, they claimed, parts had been slowed down and nearly a minute of footage had been removed. This could have been done to protect the identity of someone who otherwise would be in the video, either related or not to the disappearance.
During the search for Lam, guests at the hotel began complaining about low water pressure. Some later claimed their water was colored black and had an unusual taste. On the morning of February 19, Santiago Lopez, a hotel maintenance worker, found Lam's body in one of four 1,000-gallon tanks located on the roof providing water to guest rooms, a kitchen, and a coffee shop. Through the open hatch he saw Lam lying face-up in the water. The tank was drained and cut open since its maintenance hatch was too small to accommodate equipment needed to remove Lam's body.
On February 21, the Los Angeles coroner's office issued a finding of accidental drowning, with bipolar disorder as a significant factor. The full coroner's report, released in June, stated that Lam's body had been found naked, clothing similar to what she was wearing in the elevator video was floating in the water, coated with a "sand-like particulate." Her watch and room key were also found with her.
Lam's body was moderately decomposed and bloated. It was mostly greenish, with some marbling evident on the abdomen and skin separation evident. There was no evidence of physical trauma, sexual assault, or suicide. Toxicology tests showed traces consistent with prescription medication found among her belongings, plus nonprescription drugs such as Sinutab and ibuprofen. A very small quantity of alcohol (about 0.02 g%) was present, but no other recreational drugs. Investigators and experts have however noted that the concentration of her prescription drugs in her system indicated that she was under-medicating or had stopped taking her medications recently.
The investigation had determined how Lam died, but did not initially offer an explanation as to how she got into the tank in the first place. Doors and stairs that access the hotel's roof are locked, with only staff having the passcodes and keys, and any attempt to force them would supposedly have triggered an alarm. The hotel's fire escape could have allowed her to bypass those security measures. Her scent trail was lost near a window that connected to it. A video posted to the Internet by a Chinese user after Lam's death showed that the hotel's roof was easily accessible via the fire escape and that two of the lids of the water tanks were open.
Apart from the question of how she got on the roof, others asked if she could have gotten into the tank by herself. All four tanks were 4-by-8-foot cylinders propped up on concrete blocks. There was no fixed access to them and hotel workers had to use a ladder to look at the water. They were protected by heavy lids that would be difficult to replace from within. The hotel employee who found the body said that the lid was open at the time, removing the issue of how she could have closed the lid from inside. Police dogs that searched through the hotel for Lam, even on the roof, shortly after her disappearance did not find any trace of her.
Theories arose pertaining to the elevator video. Some argued that she was attempting to hide from a pursuer, perhaps someone ultimately responsible for her death, while others said she was merely frustrated with the elevator's apparent malfunction. Some proponents of the theory that she was under the influence of illicit drugs are not dissuaded by their absence from the toxicology screen, suggesting that they might have broken down during the period of time her body decomposed in the tank or that she might have taken rare cocktails of such drugs that a normal screen would not detect. The very low level of her prescription drugs in her system, and the amount of pills left in her prescription bottle, suggested she was under-medicating or had recently stopped taking her medication for bipolar disorder, which might have led to a psychotic episode.
The autopsy report and its conclusions were also questioned based on the incomplete information. It does not say what the results of the rape kit and fingernail kit were or even if they were processed. It also records subcutaneous pooling of blood in Lam's anal area, which some observers suggested was a sign of sexual abuse; one pathologist noted it could also have resulted from bloating in the course of the body's decomposition, and her rectum was also prolapsed. Even the coroner's pathologists appeared to be ambivalent about their conclusion that Lam's death was accidental.
Since her death, her Tumblr blog was updated, presumably through Tumblr's Queue option that allows posts to automatically publish themselves when the user is away. Her phone was not found either with her body or in her hotel room. It has been assumed to have been stolen at some time around her death. Whether the continued updates to her blog were facilitated by the theft of her phone, the work of a hacker, or through the Queue, is not known, nor is it known whether the updates are related to her death.
In September 2013, Lam's parents filed a wrongful death suit, claiming the hotel failed to "inspect and seek out hazards in the hotel that presented an unreasonable risk of danger to Lam and other hotel guests" and seeking unspecified damages and burial costs. The hotel argued it could not have reasonably foreseen that Lam might have entered the water tanks and since it remained unknown how Lam got to the water tank, no liability could be assigned for failing to prevent it. In 2015, the suit was dismissed.
Diving deeper into the theories surrounding Elisa Lam's death...
Some point to Lam's Tumblr blog, where she often wrote about her depression and anxiety, as evidence that she died by suicide. But as reported by the CBC, the coroner said that "a full review of circumstances" didn't support the idea that Lam ever intended to harm herself.
accidental drowning...
This is the theory most supported by lead investigator Detective Wallace Tennelle. Lam had a history of bipolar disorder, and Lam's sister told Tennelle that Lam took four medications, including Wellbutrin (an anti-depressant), Lamotrigdine (an anti-convulsant), and Quetiapine (an anti-epilleptic and mood stabilizer).
"My opinion is that she fell off her medication, and in her state, she happened to find her way onto the roof, got into the tank of water," Tennelle said, per CBC. "At the time, I think that water tank was maybe full. But as people used the tank, used water, unknown to her, the level was dropping to a point where she could no longer reach out and escape, and she died that way."
Misuse of Substances...
Because of her unusual behavior in the elevator, some have theorized that Lam was misusing substances and a hallucinatory episode led to her death. Lam's toxicology report found no evidence of substance or alcohol misuse, but self-described body language experts have claimed that her actions signaled "a level of emotional dissonance."
Some believe that Lam's elevator video suggests that she was afraid someone was following her. In the footage, she looks out into the hallway before jumping back in to frantically push the buttons. In an episode of "Real Life Nightmare", forensic psychologist Cheryl Arutt said "it looked like maybe she was hiding from someone. She seemed to be hiding in a corner, trying to make herself small and be out of sight."
Tenelle said that at one point they did see Lam "come in with two gentlemen" who gave her a box. They were never captured by the cameras again. After her death, Lam's belongings were found in the basement, but Tennelle didn't suspect foul play. "My partner and I tried to figure out how somebody could have put her in there, and it's difficult for someone to have been able to do that and not leave prints, not leave DNA or anything like that," he said.
Paranormal torment...
Since its creation in 1924 in Skid Row, the Cecil has been linked to a variety of criminal activities; this includes housing serial killers like Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, and being the last known location of Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia. Because of the many tragic deaths that have happened at the hotel, some believe that Lam was hiding from a supernatural entity in the elevator. Many point to her strange hand motions as a sign she was communing with a spirit.
The Dark Water connection...
A lot of armchair theorists like to bring up the 2005 film Dark Water, suggesting that maybe someone murdered Lam to copy the events of its plot. They point to the fact that the main characters are named Dahlia (like the Black Dahlia) and Cecilia (like the Cecil Hotel). In the movie, residents at the apartment complex where Dahlia and Cecilia are living complain of dark, foul-tasting water, which leads to the discovery of a girl's body in the water tank on the roof.
Tuberculosis test subject...
One of the weirder conspiracy theories speculates that Lam was a guinea pig for a new tuberculosis medication. There was a tuberculosis outbreak in 2013 on Skid Row, and theorists pointed out that one tuberculosis test is called the LAM-ELISA.
Portal to another dimension...
But by far the wildest theory suggests that Lam died because she opened a door to another dimension. This theory hinges on believing the spooky urban myth of the "Korean Elevator Game." According to the rules, a player has to enter an elevator alone and press a series of buttons in order to enter a parallel dimension. In this new world, electronic devices don't work and there's nothing outside but a red cross. The player is not supposed to leave the elevator, and if a strange woman steps on, they shouldn't speak to or look at her. Some theorize that Lam was trying to play this game when it all went horribly wrong.
;If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741. You can also reach out to the Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860 or the Trevor Lifeline at 1-866-488-7386, or to your local suicide crisis center.;
Tumblr media
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littlechaeii · a month ago
02 𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖔 𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖞
Tumblr media
Summary: you weren’t really sure how it happened, but an average student who wore glasses and spent all her extra time on bookstores and library managed to date your school’s volleyball club setter. On your 3rd year of law school, your ten years anniversary to be exact, he went home from Argentina and it was a week before he was going back, he broke up with you with the reason of he can’t handle long-distance relationship anymore despite being at it for two years. You didn’t cry, you stood there as he was sobbing in front of you, you held his face in your palms and offered him a gentle smile, gentle enough to let him know you’ll support him and will always be watching him, together with the child in your stomach right now, but he doesn’t need to know that.
chapters: prev//next
Tumblr media
after feeding Hayato, you spent the whole morning preparing for your afternoon picnic with the boys, cooking up food, cleaning the house and preparing the picnic basket, it was your day off
by afternoon, Akira called you during their stopover saying she wants you to pick her up tomorrow morning which you agreed to do
it was a well-spent afternoon, you walked to the park, pushing twin stroller. 
you set up the picnic blanket and the food as you laid the twins on the blanket and almost immediately they crawled around the cloth giggling at each other while you indulge in a new book, a sandwich and an iced coffee
the neighborhood teenagers played with your sons (with your permission ofc) cooing at how adorable they were
you spent a good four hours in the park, it was already getting dark when you decided to go home, you kept your stuff and journeyed back home , dropping by the grocery store in front of your place to stock up on your food and your babies’ food 
the store was owned by two lovely old couple who were always happy with having you come by, they would give you coupons for baby food and offer to take care of the boys as you shop, it wasn’t only the elderly couple who loved the boys, your landlady who got divorced the same year you gave birth to your kids also loved them and brought fruits for you during her visits, the couple and their three-year-old son next door loved inviting you every so often, the lovely flower shop owner down the streets gave you flowers on mother’s day when she saw you were pregnant even the Thai food restaurant owner and his daughter loved giving you discounts on takeout with the promise of bringing the twins with you the next time you come visit
you were truly blessed to have such an amazing and friendly neighborhood 
when you arrived home, you quickly put the groceries to their rightful places, gave the twins a bath and tuck them in and then finally eating dinner
Tumblr media
you were now standing in front of the airport, waiting for your best friend to arrive, you left the twins in the care of your parents
“besstiieeee” the shrill voice of your bestfriend invaded your ears as she ran towards you and gave you a tight embrace which you reciprocated
damn you missed this woman so much
“oh my gosh I missed you, you crazy woman” you rolled your eyes at her but there was a happy smile on your face
“where’s your hotel? let’s take your stuff there” you suggested
“oh no don’t worry about that, my assistant already took care of that”
sometimes you forget that your best friend was now a world-renowned photographer 
you nodded silently 
“let’s go shopping for clothes to wear tomorrow” she squeals enthusiastically
“oh yea sure i’ll accompany you, I have clothes at home-”
“oh no girl, we are glamming you up” you looked at her with a deadpanned expression
“what? i haven’t seen you glammed up, since- i don’t know High School Prom? pleaaassseeee” and then she hits you with her puppy dog eyes 
you just sighed knowing you were in for a shopping spree that lasts for an eternity 
Tumblr media
you tilted your head in confusion as you walked in a fashion store owned by  Karasuno’s ace?
“hello to you Akira” he said in a gentle voice 
the first time you talked to him you were actually shocked at how gentle his voice is, he always seemed so...intimidating?
“can you pick an outfit for my best friend? we’re attending a high school reunion” 
he looks at you and offered you a small smile 
“alright, this way ladies”
Tumblr media
you were now standing in front of the venue, wearing a tight gray dress with a white long sleeve kind of see through material underneath and some black heels (this) while Akira stood beside you in her pretty red velvet dress
your heart was thumping really hard against your chest, it felt like it was about to break your ribcage, you wanted to back out right then and there 
“let’s go?” Akira asked patting your shoulders as you nodded nervously 
you entered the venue and saw a lot of familiar faces, you were not very friendly during high school and you were either known as “Oikawa’s girlfriend” or “Akira’s bestfriend” 
but you did greet the people who greeted you and exchanged smiles with some people often
you even met Kyotani, Yahaba, Kindaichi and Kunimi at the bar as they greeted you and Akira 
you gave them a “good evening” and a smile
unlike you, Akira was a sociable person, that’s why you were left in a table alone while she greets her old friends, you even had to assure her that you were fine
“Y/n” you turn your head to the direction of the familiar voice
“Iwa” you smiled at the former ace 
“it’s been so long, how are you?” he asks as he sits on the chair beside you
“I’ve been good” you smiled 
there was silence for a while when he suddenly spoke up
“how are they?” he asks 
“they grew up healthy and happy” you tensed up a little bit
“did you receive my six-month gift?” he asks and you chuckled
“yes Iwa, the stroller was very convenient, thank you” you gave him a smile 
“are you planning on telling him?” he asks
you gave him a sad smile
“being in the same industry, you know fully well that now’s not the right time” 
he nods at you silently, yes he knows, but he can’t help but feel sad for his bestfriend, he was missing out on a lot, he also can’t help but feel sorry for you, you were only in your mid twenties yet you are carrying such a heavy burden
raising a child isn’t easy, let alone raising twins, parenting and finance are no where near easy tasks
“iwa-chan you-”
that moment, your breathe hitched, the pounding of your heart muffled the music blasting, your throat started to tighten and there were tears ready to form at the back of your eyes
you wanted to run to him, hug him tightly, tell him everything you’ve been going through since he left, tell him about his sons and how they resembled him so much
but you were stuck in your seat 
Tumblr media
still kind of surprised that some people liked this story tysm <3, you can send me a dm or an ask if you guys want a tag on every chapter update, I’m also open in accepting requests
Reblogs and comments are appreciated😊💖
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blackberrybucky · a month ago
friends don’t
A/N: i lowkey kinda lost the thread of where this was going, but i still really like it. this is for @ohmoonbeam​ writing challenge with “cause I can’t make you love me if you don’t” and one bed. i hope you like it bby!💕
summary: a friendship turns into something much more
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Bucky,” calls a voice from the other side of Bucky’s door, followed by three short raps on the wood.
It wouldn’t be entirely unheard of for someone to visit Bucky.
If he had any friends.
Since he doesn’t, he’s a little confused. He rises from the small couch in the corner of his apartment, crosses the floor and peeks through the peephole.
Through the tiny circle, he can see a woman-innocent looking enough.
Instead of opening the door, he speaks through it. “Hello?”
He can hear your scoff. “You’re just going to leave me out here?”
“I don’t know you, of course I am.”
“I work at Book Bin, around the corner. Dr. Raynor recommended you stop by?”
Bucky says nothing, so you continue talking.
“I helped you find The Hobbit in our DVD section last week.”
He looks through the hole again with a clearer head. He can see it now, the familiarity. He still hasn’t watched the movie-couldn't figure out how to work the DVD player.
Sliding the original lock, plus the several he had added after moving in, he opens the door.
You sigh, smile forming on your face. “Hi.”
“Do you want to come in?”
People still offered that, didn’t they?
His worries are quieted when you bend to pick up a bag at your feet, step inside.
You take in his sparsely furnished apartment, the bare walls. “Nice place you’ve got here.”
“It works for me.” He shrugs.
You nod, take a seat on Bucky’s couch without even asking. “That’s all that matters.”
A silence falls over the two of you, and suddenly Bucky feels like he doesn’t belong in his own apartment. He shifts his weight, leans against his doorframe.
He clears his throat.
“So, you needed something?”
“Oh! No. Not really.” You shake your head, reaching for your bag. “I wanted to give you these.”
You pull a stack of books from the confines of the canvas bag.
“I thought you might like them.”
You extend your hand, and Bucky crosses the room, takes the books from your hands and scans the titles. The Lord of the Rings, Slaughterhouse Five, and Tuck Everlasting.
“Thanks.” He swallows, throat suddenly thick for reasons he can’t put a finger on.
“Anytime.” You shrug. “Everybody should have books in their life.” You smile, kindness oozing from you.
It overwhelms Bucky, especially when he considers how greatly he doesn’t deserve it.
“You can keep ‘em, if you like any of them.”
He smiles, tries for friendly. “That’s kind of you, but I really should pay-”
You stand, wave a hand in his direction. “Hush. I wouldn’t dream of taking your money.”
Bucky makes a disgruntled sound in his throat. “M’not a charity case,” he grumbles.
Your eyes widen. “I wasn’t saying-”
Bucky places the books on his coffee table, opens his door. “I’ll see you at Book Bin sometime.”
You're trying to hide the hurt in your eyes as Bucky ushers you out the door.
He hears you murmur an “I’m sorry” after the door closes in your face, and his heart clenches.
He's messed up.
The bell above the door chimes as Bucky walks into the shop. He's armed with all the confidence he could gather while staring in his mirror.
Which, admittedly, wasn’t much.
He spots you in the back corner, shelving books, and makes his feet walk toward you-though they feel like lead.
“I’m sorry,” he murmurs, once he’s in front of you. You jolt, look at him for the first time. “I was rude to you when you’ve been nothing but kind to me.” He sighs, a ragged thing. “It’s just...people keep treating me like I’m...” He trails off, shaking his head. Before he can continue, he realizes he’s being just this side of too vulnerable, and he backpedals. “It’s been weird since I got back to New York. I took that out on you, and I’m sorry.”
You nod, obviously wanting to press him, but choosing not to. “Thank you, Bucky. I appreciate that.”
He smiles, and you return the action. He assumes the two of you are done here-apology uttered, forgiveness-or something like it-granted.
He turns on his heel, makes for the door.
You call after him, “I have to get back to work right now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts about the books. I could come over later?”
He thinks of the last time you were in his apartment-the prickly feeling his skin had gotten, the twisting of his stomach.
He turns, looks you in the eye. “That’s okay.” He smiles, though he doesn’t want to. “It was nice seeing you.”
Then, he hurries out of the shop, bell chiming as he leaves.
Bucky is huddled in blankets when his doorbell rings. Assuming it’s nothing, he sits up as quietly as he can, trying not to make the floorboards beneath him squeak. He stretches his hands over his head, hoping to lose the ache in his shoulders.
If the feeling of his soft mattress beneath him wasn’t so horrifying, he’d welcome sleeping in a bed.
The doorbell chimes again, this time followed by a soft knock.
He gets to his feet, hoping he’s not going to get stuck listening to some salesman this early in the day.
Eye to the peephole, he’s more shocked than he should be at who stands outside.
He slides the litany of locks, pulls open the door, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s still shirtless-dog tags the only thing touching his chest. He braces his vibranium hand on the door facing.
“Hi,” he says, voice still gruff with sleep.
Your eyes drag down his chest, and Bucky realizes then that he had answered the door before pulling on a shirt. He crosses his arms over his chest, clears his throat.
You meet his eyes. “Hi.”
“Did you wake me up just to chat or...?” Bucky sounds like a jerk, even to his own ears, but you have to go.
He has to get you far away from him.
You look vaguely taken aback. “I wanted to check on you. You seemed a bit off yesterday.”
“So, Dr. Raynor sent you.” Bucky huffs a laugh, rolls his eyes. “News flash: just because you work at her favorite bookstore, doesn’t mean you know anything about her patients.” He shrugs. “Me, for the most part.”
Your eyes narrow. “I didn’t say I did.”
“Oh, so, you just came over out of the goodness of your heart?”
“Yes.” You hiss. “Believe it or not, Barnes, people can be nice without ulterior motives.”
“Not in my experience.”
You chuckle darkly. “Let’s not open ourselves up to new experiences, that’d be too scary.”
Bucky purses his lips, anger humming just below the surface of his restraint. “Why are you still here?”
You shove a bag into his chest-canvas, just like before. “I was just leaving.”
You storm off. Bucky can feel the cloud of your anger that gets left behind.
His heart twists with the knowledge that it’s his fault.
A few days later, a box shows up in his mailbox. A small, thin thing, and Bucky has no idea where it came from.
It’s not like he’s doing a lot of online shopping.
Or any, for that matter.
He gets upstairs, inside his apartment, before he rips the seal open. Inside, he finds a DVD he’s sure he didn’t order.
He pulls it out, slip of paper floating to the floor. Bending, he picks it up.
Mr. Barnes,
The DVD you requested arrived today. I wanted to get it to you with no trouble, so I mailed it. Hopefully it arrives promptly.
He turns the DVD over in his palm, the second Hobbit movie.
He feels awful.
He wants to call you, hear your voice, wants to apologize, tell you the truth about why he’d behaved the way he had.
He doesn’t.
He puts the DVD on top of the first one on his coffee table, walks to the bathroom, intent on showering.
A text wouldn’t be that bad, would it? Bucky ponders while he towels off his hair, cropped strands drying much faster than they used to.
He walks into his bedroom, finds his phone on his nightstand. Thumbing through his contacts, he finds you and clicks message.
Bucky: Hey. I just wanted to let you know I got the DVD. Thanks.
He plays around with the punctuation, but any place he puts an exclamation point makes him look ridiculous.
He holds his breath, presses send, waits for the Earth to swallow him whole.
Sooner than he would have thought, his phone chimes.
Y/N: I’m glad it showed up
Bucky sighs, runs his tongue along his teeth. He shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t invite his particular brand of chaos into your life.
He doesn’t even know you and there’s something about you he just can’t forget.
Bucky: Listen...I know I was awful the other day. It was some misguided attempt at protecting you, but it was wrong. I’m sorry.
Y/N: Bucky Barnes, man who helped save the world, trying to protect somebody? I’m shocked.
He stands, towel now wrapped around his waist, too absorbed in texting you to finish getting ready.
Bucky: Ha. I don’t know about that.
Y/N: I do.
Bucky: If you say so.
Bucky takes a chance with his next text, puts his heart on the line.
Bucky: Are we good?
Y/N: We’re great, Barnes
Y/N: Best friends, I would say
Bucky breathes a laugh. He sets his phone down, moves to get dressed, suddenly feeling like a weight has been lifted from his chest.
Something of a routine starts after that conversation. For weeks, a bundle of books will show up on his doorstep, tied with string. A bag of takeout from a restaurant Bucky has never been to, but usually ends up loving, will arrive with just a knock.
A blossoming friendship, one might say.
One day, things are a little too much for Bucky-everything is just too loud.
He wants a break, is all.
So, when he lays down on his living room floor, cool wood against his head, it’s entirely innocent in its motivations.
Ignoring his phone calls might have been a bad addition to his plan.
He's not sure how long he’s been laying on the ground when the pounding at his door jars him.
“Bucky!” Sam yells. “Are you okay in there? Do I need to call Shuri?”
“What? No.” Bucky shakes his head, rolling back and forth against the floor.
Super soldier hearing picks up on Sam’s scoff. “Well, somebody might know that if you would pick up your phone.”
Then, “How you holding up, Barnes?”
Bucky angles his head so he can follow the voice. He spots you just in time to see you crawl through the window from his fire escape.
You look at Bucky’s closed front door. “I thought you tried the fire escape.”
“Don’t tell me that’s how you got in?”
“How else?”
Bucky interrupts your bickering. “You called her?”
“Of course I did,” Sam replies. “Nobody else could get you up. Since you were playing like you had left the 21st century.”
“Who says I have to get up?” Bucky grumbles.
You maneuver onto the floor, lay down next to Bucky. You hit his arm lightly with your hand. “What’s our objective here?”
“Don’t really have one.” Bucky shrugs.
You hum. “That works.”
Bucky sighs. “It’s just, the phone–it won’t stop ringing. Between Dr. Raynor and Sam and Steve and fucking talk shows wanting to talk to the Winter Soldier…” Bucky trails off, shakes his head. “There’s never any quiet.” He sighs. “And it’s gotta be me, because I should want to do those things. I should want to go to therapy and hang out with Sam and visit Steve, but…all I want to do is stare at this ceiling.”
You don’t mention the fact that Bucky left you off the list, and he’s grateful. He doesn’t think he could tackle that particular ball of emotion, those particular feelings blooming in his chest, right now.
“For how long?”
“Just a bit. Just…long enough for some…”
Bucky nods. “Peace.”
As if to further make his point, the phone begins to chime where it lays next to him.
Bucky groans, waits for the sound to stop.
When it’s silence once again, you speak. “There’s nothing wrong with you, Bucky. Nobody is meant to go go go all the time.” You chuckle. “People aren’t designed that way, we’re not built for it.” You take a deep breath. “So, if you want to stare at the ceiling until you feel okay again, I’ll wait with you.”
Bucky’s heart constricts. His hand reaches out, finds yours laying next to him–inches away. Cautiously, his hand snakes over yours, intertwines your fingers. He’s expecting lots of things to happen after that, but none of them are for you to squeeze his hand, start to rub your thumb back and forth.
Suddenly, nothing matters–not Sam still in the hall, not the ever present ringing of his phone. The world shrinks until it’s only the two of you.
Sometime later, the light of the moon sneaking in through his windows, Bucky sits up. There's a knot in between his shoulder blades and he stretches his hands above his head, tries to remember how to move.
“It’s late.” He yawns.
You sit up, nod. “I should get home. Are you feeling okay?”
“Much better.” Bucky nods, smiles. “You know,” Bucky starts, “you could just stay here. If you want.”
Bucky doesn’t chance a glance at you, but he can hear the shock in your voice.
“That’d be great. Thank you, Bucky.”
“It’s no problem.” Bucky shrugs. “You can take the bed; I’ll sleep out here.”
“Nope.” You shake your head. “You just started sleeping in your bed, no way I’m letting you go back to the floor.” You stand, offer him your hand. “We can share.”
Bucky tries to ignore the way his stomach flips, lets you help him up. “Sure.” He nods, unable to argue with the look in your eyes.
Bucky's nerves are ablaze. He can feel you, inches away, like a fire.
The covers move as you pull them over you. “Goodnight.”
Bucky rolls onto his side. “G’night.”
Bucky can tell you’re not asleep. Maybe it’s that knowledge that propels him forward, makes him roll over and speak the words he’s been holding in for too long.  
“I’m in love with you.” He blurts. “I know we’re friends, and I know I’m ruining this, but...” He trails off. “I just can’t help it. I can’t not tell you.”
You're silent, and Bucky assumes that must mean something awful, so he keeps talking.
“This doesn’t have to change anything.” He shakes his head, trying to convince you or himself-he's not sure.
“Bucky, calm down.”
He looks into your eyes, takes several deep breaths.
Your hand reaches, cradles his cheek. “I love you too,” you murmur.
Bucky leans in, drawn like a magnet.  
Never stood a chance, really.
The feel of your lips against his makes something click into place in his chest, something that was broken a long time ago.
Suddenly, he’s immensely grateful for bookstores, and new love.  
Tumblr media
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firebirdofscythia · a month ago
Have you ever thought about like a modern au of Thesan, Eris, and Aleron? Like if you have what do you think they’re like personalities, careers, and aesthetics would be like?
Not in depth enough to discuss with someone but I have vaguely (this has changed I started messaging @lucien-stan so she could help me sort shit out). Enough that they live in my mind rent free with so many aus.
We’re gonna roll with a modern college au rn
As for aesthetics:
Tumblr media
Eris. Cut himself off from his family, currently working two jobs. One at a bookstore, the other at a cafe/bakery. He has one dog (featured in the mood board) who he absolutely adores more than life. He’s majoring in public relations (I know a lot of ppl would say business major but idk I just know more about PR and kinda vibed with it for him).
Tumblr media
Thesan. Neutral and pretty minimalist aesthetic. He’s a plant dad and works at a plant shop. Elain works there two and they’ve become close friends that way. He’s in pre-med.
Tumblr media
Aleron. International security (also known as global security) major. Had one class with Amren, a criminology major, and know they’re so close it’s scary. Works at an animal shelter (here’s your friendly reminder to shop responsibly and that shelter animals need love. Please look into what you can do for your local shelter) and fosters animals. Absolutely a cats over dogs person but don’t you dare think that means he doesn’t love dogs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some of my texts with Lys as we sorted this stuff out and made headcanons.
I might have to write some modern au shit for them now. Also gonna take this chance to say, I do take prompts and if y’all would like to see stuff for certain ships please pop into my ask box and let me know. I can’t promise it’ll be written immediately but I will see it and try to get it done.
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travelaspire · a month ago
15 Best Things to Do in Worcester, MA
Also famous as the “heart of the Commonwealth”, Worcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts after Boston. Worcester is one of the busiest yet welcoming cities I Massachusetts.
The city is located near Boston, making it quite an explore-able and entertaining place. The city is culturally very rich as people from different places live here due to its affordability and good environment. The city is vibrant, energetic and offers a great vibe to all the visitors.
Being home to a large number of cultural places like museums, theaters, art galleries, regular concerts, and many more, the city is fun and offers a lot to explore to every visitor. Following are the things that you cannot miss to do if you visit Worcester:
The Art Museum
Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Worcester art museum has an extensive collection of artworks from various cultures around the world. The museum has a collection of more than 35,000 artworks collected throughout the various periods.
The museum also organizes different types of exhibitions which glorifies the cultures followed around the world. Some collections also showed some of the best artists and their work. The museum is also known for its valuable silver collection by Paul Revere.
The museum also has a stunning armor gallery, and some surprisingly beautiful displays. It also has a gift shop to purchase souvenirs and a cafe that serves refreshing beverages.
John Phelan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
EcoTarium is a museum which is based on a unique idea of introducing people to science and nature together. The museum is a great place to visit for educational and enlightening purposes and spend some time knowing about earth and its environment and the natural world.
The museum is designed in such a manner that the visitors will automatically develop an interest in science and nature. It has three levels of exhibitions which are designed to increase the tourists to explore natural world.
The museum also plans a number of events and activities throughout the year which are great for getting some insight into ecology. It also organizes summer camps as well as fests like great pumpkin fest.
The Hanover Theater for performing Arts
Jay Yuan /
Originally built in the year 1904, the Hanover Theater for performing arts was known as Franklin Square theatre back then. Even in the past, the theatre used to put up a lot of shows.
However, in the year 1912 the ownership of the theatre was changed which resulted in remodeling and changing of the infrastructure of the theatre. A two story lobby was added to the original theatre along with some vintage decorative items like mirrors and chandeliers.
The theatre looks lavish and beautiful due to its decoration. It has a seating capacity of up to 2300 people. The theatre organizes a lots of shoes ranging from shoes that can be enjoyed with family to shows for friends’ groups.
Mechanics Hall
Kenneth C. Zirkel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Mechanics hall is something that you will not find in every part of the world but in this city. The hall was built in the year 1857 with an objective to help mechanics develop their manufacturing and other skills.
However, in 1977, the hall was changed and converted into a famous venue for concerts and art performances. Mechanics hall is also a source of great pride to the city as it is ranked in one of the four top concert halls in America.
This hall has an elegant building which is perfectly suitable for events like weddings, concerts, as well as Galas. The building also has some great pieces of art. The place is a total aesthetic and definitely deserves a piece of your time.
American Antiquarian Society
Harold Stiver /
American antiquarian society is a place for all those people who enjoyed digging history of places.
The place has a great material available on the history of America before 1876. It has more than 3 million books, and a gigantic collection of other print media such as manuscripts, newspapers, graphic cards, periodicals, etc.
The place also showcases the first book which was printed in America, the Bay Psalm book. For people who are not very comfortable with reading, the place has an arrangement for them as well in form of digital collections of American history.
The place has all that information for you that would not be available anywhere else, with beautiful views and a gorgeous building.
Crompton Collective
For engaging shoppers and collectors, the city has its own beautiful boutique market right in the heart of the city. Crompton collective is a market where independent Sellers and makers sell their produces.
The place has almost everything to offer. From craft items to clothes, this place is a win-win situation for all. You can pick up some eatables or antique collections for decorating your interiors.
The market also has a bread company nearby where you can stop and pick up some refreshments. All this is housed within one building that is absolutely worth a visit.
Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Massachusetts Vietnam veterans Memorial was built in the year 2002 in order to honor the residents of Massachusetts who gave up their lives in Vietnam.
Along with that this memorial also acts as an honor for all those members who worked for the nation during the period of 1955 to 1975. This memorial is quite different from others as it is built using lush green trees and flowers.
The memorial is surrounded by a lake and has a number of benches to sit on while looking at these beautiful pieces. While you enter the memorial, 13 letters are written on the granite while at the exit the name of the martyrs have been written in an alphabetical order.
It has another memorial which is dedicated to dogs, Vietnam war dog Memorial, which honors more than 4000 dogs and their services during the Vietnam war.
Historical Museum
John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The Worcester history Museum was established in the year 1875 and has a variety of items dedicated towards describing the history of the local area.
The museum is owned and managed by a local person, who is solely responsible for taking care of all the documents and descriptions present in the museum. This museum is the only place which is dedicated entirely to the history of locals, their artefacts, and their life.
The museum also has a uniquely designed bookstore and a very great gift shop selling affordable items, in case you are planning to buy some gifts or books about the local history of this place.
Wormtown Brewery
Opened in the month of March 2010, this place was originally started as an Ice-cream shop which was later converted into a famous and well managed brewery.
The brewery offers some of the best beers and other drinks to the visitors, has received a special medal and a few awards for attracting locals as well as visitors and giving them the best time of their life.
The brewery also offers really tasty food and live music; in case you are someone who is planning for a romantic date or a brunch. The staff at this place is very courteous, friendly, and serve you with their whole heart which makes this place the best in the town.
Central Rock climbing center
The vibrant and cultural city of Worcester also offers a fun and adventurous getaway for entire family at Central rock climbing Centre. The Centre was opened in the year 2009, and provides various kind of indoor activities to the visitors.
The place has the best machines and equipments. The art and decoration of this place is incredible. It also has a gym inside which is a great attraction for all the fitness buffs. It offers climbing and other community activities along with yoga classes and other fitness activities.
If you are someone who is not very familiar with gym and climbing techniques, the staff will always be there helping you patiently and making you as comfortable as possible.
Elm Park
Jay Yuan /
Claiming to be the first public park in the entire country, Elm Park was designed in the year 1854. Since its inauguration, the park had seen a large number of ups and downs due to which the condition was very bad until recently.
A renovation project costing worth $4 million was started to revive the park into its original glorious state.
After the renovation, the park has beautiful and well-managed walkways, swings for kids, slides, as well as other attractions. The bridge in the park is handicap friendly and is designed by the new architect learners and college students. This is the perfect destination for a family outing if you have kids.
The Green Hill Park Farm
Don’t be fooled by the name, it is not a park but a zoo which is situated within the property of the Green Hill Park. This is a perfect place to visit for kids and children who enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat.
The zoo has animals such as chicken, sheep, goat, pigs, ducks, and a few other species. The people responsible for managing the zoo are very efficient in their jobs and takes well care of all the animals housed in the farm.
The pathways are friendly for handicaps and are well managed and groomed with the help of colorful and beautiful flowers around the borders.
Bancroft Tower
Jay Yuan /
Bancroft tower in the city of Worcester was planted and erected by a philanthropist in the sweet memory of his friend. The tower found its place on the national register of historical places in the year 1980.
With the height of 56 foot, this building is more like a dream. The built of this tower is made using natural stone which gives away vibes of a Castle. You can also climb the Bancroft tower to enjoy the beautiful view around the place as it is located in a very less populated area of the city.
This place is a perfect fit if you are looking for some personal time and enjoy clear air and lush green ecology.
Salisbury Mansion
John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The only sole historic museum in Worcester, Salisbury mansion was built in the year 1772. In the beginning it was constructed with the purpose of being used as a house and a store, however the idea was changed and the entire building was converted into living spacey in 1820.
The property has seen a lot of changes in the past few decades but was greatly restored by Elizabeth Tuckerman Salisbury. After the restoration, the property is considered to be one of the richest property in terms of having historical documents and data.
The property in New England is considered to be one of the best visits for people who are interested in undertaking informative tours and walk throughout historic buildings. One can learn a great deal about the past of new England and Massachusetts from this museum.
Tuckerman Hall
Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
The Tuckerman Hall in Massachusetts is famous for being one of the buildings that was entirely constructed by the first female architect in America. Tuckerman hall was brought to reality in the year 1902 using neoclassical style of architecture.
The building was renovated in the year 1999. After the renovation, the place is perfect for events such as weddings, corporate dinners, festivals, concerts, as well as a large number of other gatherings.
The place has a capacity of holding 521 guests and has a beautiful infrastructure along with intimate and eye-catching setting. The hall made its spot in the national register of historic places in the year 1980 and is absolutely worth your time.
The beautiful city of Worcester in is one of the most culturally rich and dynamic city in Massachusetts. The city has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture of the place.
It is a perfect visit for all those people who are enthusiastic in visiting art, history, culture as well as adventure places. With its affordable accommodation and services, the place can be visited with quite a comfort.
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worldoftom · 2 months ago
Oh, you already know I wanna know ALLLLL about The Carpenter of West End! 👀👀👀
hehe first thanks for tagging me ;) 💙
Well. The Carpenter of West End is a ball of fluff basically. Reader moved away from a toxic home to study and is renting a room to these two lovely elder ladies who have been best friends and roommates for 35 years, called Mathilda and Agnes. They also own the bookstore where reader starts working. Said bookstore has this little cafe area and that's how bookworm!reader meets carpenter!Tom 😌 he's adored by her landladies, not the greatest book enthusiast, comes into the bookstore every Tuesday for a cup of the Tea of The Day with his hyper friendly dog :')) aaaand the rest is history 😉
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kamenriderlogik27 · 2 months ago
Saber headcanons part 4: Kento past + pre-caliber
-Like Sora, even though his dad was a swordsman, he went to a regular public school up until the day his dad betrayed the SOL. 
- The public school might be where he first met Touma (not sure about this yet since we don’t know who Touma’s parents are nor know his relation to the SOL) 
- If he did end up meeting Touma at school, then their first meeting would have to be on the playground. With Touma preferring to read a book instead of play with the other kids. 
- some of the other boys get annoyed at his lack of interest in joining their game, and they start picking on him. Kento, being his father’s son, detests the site of bullying and comes to Touma’s aid. After chasing away the bullies, Touma invites Kento to read with him to which Kento accepts; the start of a strong bond that transcends time. 
- Even though his dad wanted Kento to follow in his footsteps, Kento’s parents (suggesting that he has a mother) encouraged him to look into other careers such as a policeman, firefighter, soccer player, etc. 
- Because his dad was always away on missions, there would be times where Kento wouldn’t see his dad for moths on end. But his dad always made sure to write him letters of his adventures. 
-  Even though Kento was there the day his father betrayed the SOL and witnessed his father attack kamijou Daichi, he ended up fainting before he could see anything else and woke up two days later in the Northern Base’s clinic due to Ogami finding him and bringing him there. 
- Kento searched everywhere, high and low, for Touma and Luna, and waited at their promised place everyday just in case they came by.   
- After almost a year of waiting and not finding them, he started to believe that they were both dead and instantly blamed himself for his father’s actions. 
- Wanting to at least try and make things right, he started asking Sofia and anyone he could come across in the SOL about anything regarding his father, the betrayal, and what happened that day. 
- After finding out that no one really knew anything, he decided that he had to become a swordsman himself in order to investigate more. 
- He became the current Espada, Shinsen’s, student after begging Sofia to help him become a swordsmen. However, in order for Shinsen to fully accept him, Kento had to prove himself worthy and complete difficult tasks such as running for a specific amount of time, cleaning a very large ballroom, etc. which Kento did without complaint. 
- (according to RiderWiki, Shinsen took Rintaro under his wing after Nagamine died. I found this out a day after writing Rintaro’s headcanons. After reading it, I first thought that oh, maybe Rintaro and Kento really did grow up together then. But that still doesn’t answer why Rintaro seemed to be surprised at his presence in ep 2 and 3 and why he used formal speech when talking about and to Kento as if they didn’t grow up together. After thinking for a good long while, here’s what I came up with.)
- As Shinsen had already taken Rintaro under his wing after Nagamine died, He had trouble figuring out ways of teaching his two students in similar or different fighting styles (as Rintaro was still the successor of Nagare and Blades’s title and thus had to be taught a fighting style fit for the swordsmen of water.). Rintaro, not wanting to burden Shinsen as well as wanting to take more after his master’s fighting style, suggested that he learn Blades’s fighting style through books by himself so that Shinsen could focus on training Kento. 
- Even though Shinsen felt guilty at not being able to properly teach Rintaro what he needed to know, it still worked out perfectly since Shinsen could properly train Kento while Rintaro studied, and then both boys would be able to practice what they learned by sparring.  
- Kento was always super focused on training and bettering his technique, but he was still a kid at heart and wanted friends. however, at the same time, didn’t really believe that he deserved friends. This didn’t stop him from attempting to have friendly conversations with Rintaro during breaks while sparring though. 
- However, due to Rintaro’s personality and habit of taking things too literally, Kento was never able to start up a fun conversation with the water swordsman apprentice that proved to be even slightly similar to the conversations he would have with Touma and Luna. 
- Being as young as he is and having gone through so much pain, I can actually see Kento almost seeing Rintaro as a possible, unintentional replacement for Touma. But because Rintaro has gone through some shit himself and want’s to focus on his own path, he kinda goes against the image of Touma that Kento unintentionally put on him. The frustration Kento gets from this fact builds up so much that it explodes one day.
- That one day happened to be one of the rare days where Shinsen would be teaching the boys a new technique at the same time, since it was a pretty basic swordsman technique that didn’t require any particular style. Unlike most times where Kento would usually wait until a break or after sparring to strike up a conversation, Kento instead started speaking as the boys sparred. At first he talked about things like the weather and what they both had eaten that day (of course with Rintaro not saying much other than “can we please focus?”) then his words slowly got more aggressive to the point where Kento started mocking Rintaro’s lack of character. 
-Rintaro of course, tried his best to ignore Kento and focus on sparring, but when Kento asked “who do you take after, your mom or dad?” he finally felt as if he had to respond. 
- R: “I don’t know...” 
   K: “How can you not know? Don’t you have a family?”
   R: “The SOL is my family.”
    K: “Are you dumb? The SOL is an organization! They can’t be your family! A family AT LEAST has to have a mother and father!” 
- The last sentence Kento said brought Rintaro to tears, so he quickly yells “You don’t know anything!” and runs off back to the base. 
- For the next year, Rintaro refused to participate in anymore lessons and spars with Kento, and would always run the other direction if he so much as saw Kento appear anywhere. Kento did feel really guilty about what he said, especially after Shinsen scolded him and explained Rintaro’s situation and past. That being said, he tried his best to find Rintaro to apologize, only to always watch the boy’s back as he ran away. 
- Somewhat fed up with having to chase the water swordsman apprentice, Kento came up with a plan to have Ren capture Rintaro and tie him up so that he couldn’t escape. He honestly wasn’t expecting his plan to work so well, but because it did, he was finally able to talk to Rintaro and ask for forgiveness. To which, Rintaro gave under the condition that they both work hard to become swordsmen. After this incident, Kento saw Rintaro in a new light. He wasn’t a boy that could possibly fill up the whole Touma and Luna left, instead, he was Rintaro; a fellow apprentice who was really talented and smart. And Kento really admired him for that. 
- The only reason why Kento flew in on his magic carpet in ep 2+3 is because he was on a mission somewhat far away and wanted to see Touma as soon as possible once he was done. 
- Despite being overjoyed that Touma was actually alive AND had been introduced to the SOL/become a Kamen Rider as well, Kento was actually super nervous about meeting him again. He thought about what he would do and what he would say. He wondered how he would ask Touma about Luna, and how he should explain about what happened that day 15 years ago. When Rintaro told him about walking into Touma’s bookstore while riding his blue lion, Kento thought that maybe riding in on his magic carpet might be a good conversation starter if anything got too awkward. 
-He’s literally imagined his and Touma’s reunion hundreds of times after he heard that Touma was alive. He also wanted to ask him questions like “where did you go to school?” “What college degree do you have?” “Did you go on any adventures?(bookwise or real life)” ect. Kento just really wants to know how his friend has been all these years. 
- Kento is actually a neat freak and low-key OCD. He can’t stand being messy and has his own, somewhat professional way of organizing. Though he’d rather let others clean if there’s a way for him to opt out. 
- Kento is very fond of fictional novels, especially if they’re books that he read with Touma and Luna back in the day. However, he has no patience for non-fication, and secretly finds them very boring. His favorite genre of fictional novels would have to be adventure, fantasy and anything with super heroes. However, he does have a secret soft spot for romance (to the point where he has his own ships), and would rather die than admit to this fact.
- Is on the book side of the “Book vs. Movie” argument because he has never actually watched a movie to the end. Whenever he finds time to watch a movie, he ends up being so tired that he falls asleep before the climax. Reading a book at least gives his eyes something to focus on, plus books are like ‘a movie in your head’. 
-Kento kind of gives off a ‘spring’ feel to me, so I think that his favorite scents could be fresh laundry, calm lavender, and a warm spring breeze.
- Doesn’t dog-ear books, thankfully. But he does end up using weird objects as book marks. (i.e. an old receipt, a library card, post-it note, basically anything small, flat and within hands reach.)  
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mvsicinthedvrk · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
wei wuxian // task 08: spring cleaning
wei wuxian lives in a brownstone in the eastern market neighborhood-- he doesn’t own the house, but he rents a bedroom and shares the kitchen and living room space down on the first floor with the other people who live in the house. 
it’s a friendly neighborhood, quiet but within walking distance of the eastern market metro and the more metropolitan areas of town. there’s a strip of independently owned restaurants, and a coffeeshop, and a bookstore, and a huge indoor and outdoor market on the weekends. the brownstone he lives in has a revolving cast of people moving in and out for short-term careers in the city or airbnb-style visits. (**ooc note: if you have anyone in need of a roommate still, there’s plenty of rooms in this brownstone up for grabs). 
his space is on the second floor, of three. he doesn’t spend a ton of time in his room by himself, but when he does, it’s the perfect quiet space-- he painted the walls black (don’t worry, he got permission) and it basically hosts his bed (black sheets, multiple layers of thin grey blankets), his desk, and his closet. he’s fairly minimalist but does keep some candles on the nightstand, along with whatever book he’s reading recently. his dizi (his bamboo flute) also stays next to him on the bedside table, for safe keeping. he doesn’t remember where it came from, but he know he’d be devastated if the giant fluffy dog from one of the apartment rooms upstairs would find it and use it as a play-toy. he doesn’t have a tv, but uses his laptop to do anything he needs. he also has a speaker system on top of his desk, so he can play spotify constantly. his desk is a disaster zone, but he does have a tiny bulletin board where he pins reminders, grocery lists, and art that his younger students draw for him. outside his bedroom window is a calm, brick-laid street, with trees that line the sidewalks and glowing street lamps that he can block out with thick black curtains if he wants. his bathroom, next to his room, is also minimalist, and all black and white with a few tiny plants. despite not having a ton of stuff, his entire space is usually a mess, and he never makes his bed.
the shared living area downstairs is warm and bright, full of perfectly mismatched furniture. he didn’t choose the style of furniture, and he didn’t choose the colors (or he definitely wouldn’t have chosen orange and green...) but he certainly helps make it feel lived in by adding new pieces of art or photographic prints to the walls when he finds good deals around town, by filling the bookshelves, and by adding more and more pillows to the chairs every month. the house also has a shared rooftop space with wicker patio furniture, twinkle lights, and a grill. people from all walks of life fill the house on a weekly basis. 
wei wuxian loves having friends over to appreciate such nice real estate, so please come visit him sometime. 
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a-solitary-sea-rover · 2 months ago
AC Tales: Diana, Part 1
In her short life so far, if there was one thing Defiant had learned, it was the value of privacy. Ever since she had first awakened, it had felt like everyone wanted to talk to her.
Because you’re the first! They kept saying, First full-scale American AC-75, first boat from the New York Yacht Club in seventeen years... and they wanted interviews, or to thank her, or to wish her luck. And it was nice to hear their well-wishes, but saying the same things over and over again got a bit boring.
Her crew and builders, being old hands in the racing business, had tried to give her some measure of a normal upbringing, letting her play with their own children as she grew while her hull was completed and giving her time to bond with her older sister, Maggie, the spirit of the team’s scaled-down prototype boat. (Well, older chronologically even if her human form looked and acted younger, metaphysical biology being what it was.) The rather adorable strawberry blonde 9-year-old had been nicknamed “American Maggie” after everyone had decided that it felt too cruel to call her by her hull’s name, “The Mule”.
But, especially once Defiant was full-grown, there was no escaping the curious. She could be reading in the NYYC library at the Clubhouse on 44th Street, or getting breakfast at Belle’s Café in the Newport Shipyard on a day off, or sitting along the Cliff Walk waiting for sunset and trying to compose a poem, and someone’s eyes would light up as they recognized her from the videos and photos and then it started all over again. “Oh, but you will bring it back, won’t you?”, and “We’re all behind you in Bristol”, and “I remember it like it was yesterday, Ted Hood came into my little bookstore...”
And she would nod politely and thank them, of course, and say it was great to have their support, but as soon as that light got into their eyes, it felt like they were seeing her as a shipgirl celebrity, and not, well… a person.
It didn’t matter if she had changed out of her uniform, her face had simply become too familiar on Aquidneck Island— the classically beautiful brunette with calm sea-green eyes who looked about the right age to be a college sailor but was really only a few months old.
At one point, Defiant had gone digging in the closet of her skipper’s wife and stol—borrowed a jacket and cap from the last team he had been part of, as a disguise. The red and gray of the Swedish Artemis Racing did seem to throw people off, and she had felt comfortable in being incognito— until she had come back to her base and run into Hutch himself, who had laughed and said he understood. “Next time you want to borrow it, just ask.”
Most of the team’s time was spent in Newport, Rhode Island, training on Narragansett Bay. Quickly but cautiously, Defiant had learned to rise out of the water on her hydrofoils, skating through turns, wind-shifts, and simulated maneuvers against an imaginary competitor. The AC-75 was an experimental class, and every move was as new to her crew and engineers as it was to Defiant herself.
There were mishaps aplenty, falling off her hydrofoils with a mighty splash, tipping when she was trying to hover stable, finding that equipment got stuck and pushed her this way or that. But Defiant was a tough and determined girl, and after ensuring she was in one piece, she always got right back into another run. Her movements were always careful, but as the training progressed, she became more and more graceful, swinging through crisp turns at 30 knots or more.
All of this earned spectators, of course. As a single-hulled sailboat cruising along on a single armlike hydrofoil faster than the small inflatable motor boats her engineers followed in, Defiant looked almost like a flying saucer. Passing near the shore or by ferries or pleasure boats, she caught glimpses of binoculars and camera lenses trained on her. Somewhere in that audience, she knew, were spies for the other America’s Cup teams— scouting out your opponents from public property was perfectly legal, after all.
Most of them, however, were just the same fans so eager to talk to her onshore. But out there on the water, she didn’t have to talk to anyone except her crew. The only sounds in the world were the wind rushing by, making the lucky whistle across her hydrofoils, the creaks of her carbon-fiber hull, and the calm, familiar voices of the people she trusted more than anyone.
So Defiant savored that world of wind and spray as long as she could, tracing long white streaks of foam across the dark blue waters of the Bay as she sped along. She played with the seabirds and sometimes caught glimpses of seals on the rocks as she passed small capes and islands. Once, she had even spied a pod of porpoises chasing a school of fish.
While she was an inshore racer, not meant for long trips or the open seas, Defiant still found it exciting to turn her bow away from the city and head as far out into the bay as she could, watching all the familiar landmarks of Newport shrink behind her.
“What if we could keep going?” She had once asked, during a practice out in the far reaches of the harbor. They had just finished a run and were resting for the moment. Defiant’s carbon-fiber hull was in displacement mode, her hydrofoils raised and the hull itself floating like a traditional sailboat amidst the waves. An inflatable chase boat had pulled up alongside, and engineers were performing checks before the next test began.
Sitting on the thin portside edge of the cockpit in which her crew were somewhat protected, Defiant stared out to sea, her waterproof sneakers dangling just above the water. “Where would we end up? Well, I mean, in the Atlantic, obviously...”
“Southwest? Well, Block Island’s that way—“ Her skipper Terry Hutchinson stood behind her, pointing out to sea with a calloused finger. “Then Montauk Point and you’d be into Long Island Sound.” Terry was fairly pale given his outdoor profession, a large man with a broad face, dark, friendly eyes, and, currently hidden under a red-and-white crash helmet, thinning, close-cut white hair. Turning slightly, he pointed in another direction. “Southeast, there’s Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, duck under those and you’re out in the North Atlantic.”
“Mm-hmm.” Defiant nodded, sipping from her water bottle. She had a strong bond with Hutch— even though she was the “brainchild” of her designers, it was hard for her not to think of the kind, understanding captain whose children and dog she had grown up playing with as a father of sorts. She kept her eyes on him as he talked.
“Due South? Well, that’s just open ocean for a while, you’d go down past the whole East Coast, past Cape Hatteras and Florida—“ Past Maryland, too, Defiant thought, where Terry had grown up sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. “I don’t think you’d hit land before the Turks and Caicos. ‘s a good thirteen hundred miles of open sea, or around that.” He flashed his typical goofy, gap-toothed grin at her, knowing the thought excited Defiant.
Thirteen hundred miles! What a trip, and you’d end up in the tropics, on a beach totally different from the ones around them. Different shells, different seaweed, different colors in the water and the light. It really was exciting to think about. But there were closer places that excited Defiant, too. “What about Bermuda?”
The race from Newport to Bermuda in every even-numbered summer was one of the most famous in North American sailing. She had met a few sailfolks who had made the trip around the harbor, and she hoped she’d get to watch the start next year— although her hull would probably be in Italy by then.
“Right about there. It’s about six hundred miles, through the Gulf Stream.” Another voice answered, from up near her mast, in a clipped New Zealand accent.
Defiant turned to see Dean Barker, her helmsman, pointing out to sea, somewhere between Terry’s “due south” and “southeast”. Dean would know about Bermuda, of course— he had lived there for two years with his family during the last America’s Cup cycle.
Defiant had pored over the photos and videos of those races— spindly catamarans flying on hydrofoils of their own across a vast amphitheater of turquoise water so clear that passing clouds cast shadows straight to the bottom. Different from her own monohull design, of course, but with very similar technology inside. Dean had been skipper for a Japanese syndicate then, helping his friend Kazuhiko Sofuku build the first team from Japan to compete in the America’s Cup since the economic crises of the 1990s. While they’d only gotten as far as the semi-finals, their performance had been a strong one, especially for a brand-new team.
She had never met Hikari, the spirit of their sleek, black-hulled catamaran, but in the pictures she looked happy-- a slight, cheerful young Japanese woman in a black and red wetsuit who could have been Mr. Sofuku’s daughter but styled and spiked her bangs to look like Dean’s. Hikari was racing in another league now, but she had kept the haircut and still sometimes called and e-mailed “Barker-san” with her well-wishes.
“You miss it, Dean?” Defiant asked, feeling the bobbing of her hull become slightly more pronounced as the wake of a passing fishing boat reached them. “How d’you think I’d do on the Great Sound?”
Her helmsman chuckled, a smile spreading across his weathered face. “It’s a beautiful island, great racing conditions. Waters are a little calmer than here, but I think you’d fly just fine.” Dean took a sip from his own water bottle. “Maybe you’ll get to visit someday, after the Cup is over.”
Obviously, that came first. Her mission was to help her crew-- and later, once the team’s final boat was built, her sibling-- train to race in Auckland. If all went well, she would get to travel the world and race in the World Series events that came before, where every team would be getting used to racing each other. But for the final America’s Cup competition itself, the teams would be bringing out their second, finalized boats, drawing on what had been learned from the test vehicles, like her. She was the experimental boat, never meant to race for the Cup itself.
“It’s pretty crazy to think, but that’s the same ocean, too.” Defiant reached down a hand to let the dark blue-green ocean water wash over her fingers, splashing clear against her skin. “Here… Bermuda... Auckland… it’s all flowing together, one ocean into another. If we went out from here, into the Atlantic, we could get to any coast if we went far enough and in the right direction.”
In the olden days, America’s Cup challengers had needed to sail to the race venue on their own (which had required them to be tougher and more robust than the light, nimble defenders, putting them at a considerable disadvantage). But that rule had gone out after World War II, and as the modern racers were free to be as light and agile as possible, Defiant’s hull was utterly unsuited for sailing all the way to Auckland. She didn’t have sleeping berths, or anywhere to store the food and water necessary-- she didn’t have any sort of enclosed cabin at all.
But it was exciting to think that you could get there on a ship, just by heading out into that blue horizon. If she was an IMOCA 60, maybe...
“It’s amazing.” Dean said, with a nod, and then turned to stare back at the horizon. He was a Kiwi by birth, but staring out to sea, his profile was a hawk’s-- sharp cheekbones, a nose like a raptor’s beak, and piercing sky-blue eyes, visible now that his dark visor was pushed up onto his helmet. When he removed his helmet on the dock each day, he looked even more raptorial to Defiant, his spiked brown bangs sticking up like feathers disturbed in flight. If anything, Dean felt as much like a father to her as Terry did— a quieter, more reserved father, but still a kind and understanding man who cared deeply about making sure she was safe and happy. She found his steely, hawk-eyed gaze reassuring— if there was a course to victory, those sharp eyes would spot it.
As he gazed out at the horizon now, Defiant wondered if her helmsman was still thinking of Bermuda. Or was his mind back in his home city of Auckland, on the waters he knew best in the world?
Defiant had been able to go unbothered in Pensacola when the team had first arrived at their winter training base, but after enough local news stories, she’d had the same problem with getting noticed, at least along the waterfront.
The best place to actually go unnoticed was New York City, if she could only get away from the NYYC’s midtown Clubhouse. In street clothes, Defiant could blend in with the crowds, visit museums, parks, and restaurants, and give a fake name to people who would nod politely and continue with the conversation. If she was representing New York (and she technically was, even if the Club focused more of its attention on their facilities in Newport), she wanted to get to know it. Well, she was learning-- it was a city of eight million people, not all of whom wanted to talk racing tactics, wore blazers and ties, or were quite as... WASP-y... as the crowd on West 44th Street. It was new and fascinating and exhilarating.
The visits to New York were never very long, of course. But Defiant treasured her memories of them, especially as the Cup grew closer and she spent more and more of her time in transit, on cargo planes and ships as her hull was transported to Auckland. On the long freighter ride across the Pacific, she had flipped through the photographs on her phone when trying to sleep, recalling the happy moments as she drifted off.
In this one, she was walking on the High Line at sunset, eating a Mexican-style ice pop.
Here was a group photo with the aircraft carrier Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, and Concorde Alpha-Delta at the museum they shared on the Hudson River, and shots from the tour Intrepid had given her.
There was a photoset from an afternoon in Central Park with a few of her crew, steering the little remote-controlled sailboats at the model boat pond and then eating Belgian waffles from a cart afterwards, Defiant’s topped by apple pie jam. (Dean had gone with strawberries and whipped cream.)
More photos from earlier that day, wandering around an Egyptian temple at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Terry and his family. There was a picture his son had taken of her and Hutch looking at a sphinx carved from black stone, where they looked like any father and daughter on a visit to the museum.
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joannessims3 · 2 months ago
#NewBeginningsChallenge - Twinbrook (Part 3)
In this part, the wild stuff begins. I switch control to the Bayless family. While Skeet is at work I attempt to start my killing routine for another time. But not for the rest of the family! Little Tay gets taken away by the social worker, tried to starve him twice. On the first try he ate something from the fridge. And I killed Gwayne and teen Chase. A set of Sims, namely Jasmine and Adrian, get married. Their (adopted) dog Peanut ages up, and its thumbnail appears black. I decide to put it up for adoption. Through MasterController, I attempt to turn Jasmine into a fairy. And I did, with great success. Tay cancels his action of eating food before it's too late and the pet adoption social worker comes at home. We let the rest watch TV until the social worker came at their place and took away Tay. The funny thing was that BOTH social workers came at the same time!!
Skeet finally becomes widowed. He tries to escape from his widow life and find love through Bobby Sargeant's eyes. His wife Scout died in game. And Bobby was a widow, too. They finally fall in love, and since Bobby rejected Skeet's proposal, we got him to move in. Jasmine and Adrian move houses, and they move to Bobby's old house.
...Back to my current household! Howard, Nate & their cat Hazel. Strange as it may seem, Hazel mastered the Hunting skill and the boys had an unexpected visitor at home. A random man who is not  associated with neither Howard nor Nate, they're friends with one of them. Evening time, and Nate goes out with this guy. They witness an old age death at The Red Rendezvous, Nate tries to flirt with this guy, he changed his mind of leaving but in the end they played foosball together. They headed home.
Sunday morning and Howard decides to do the laundry. He even messed with the washing machine and repaired it so it does not become unbreakable! Nate rakes the leaves, increases his nerd influence, attends a meet & greet at the bookstore, and watches TV with Howard.
For this post AND/OR every #NewBeginningsChallenge I curate which pics I want to share to avoid errors and censorship. They are clean and LGBTQ+ friendly!
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The story goes on... I hope you enjoy! :)
Until next time, Joanne :)
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