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#dog days are over
luthienmuse · 4 days ago
I really want new Florence music but not if it’s associated to the girlboss puppy killer movie
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0rph3uss · 5 days ago
Florence + the Machine have done more for society than Elon Musk and his stupid self aware cars ever will
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starlight-rats · 8 days ago
Day two: the target now has the same "omg let's go" effect the clicker does. Baby boy loves to work
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It'd be super cute for you to rank iconic f/f duets. Dog Days are Over // I Feel Pretty/Unpretty // River Deep, Mountain High // Me Against the Music // Take Me or Leave Me xxx
bold of you to assume that I can choose. how dare you. I'm just kidding but also I'm definitely not kidding.
1. Dog Days Are Over. it took all of my self restraint not to let my Faberry instinct kick in and put I Feel Pretty / Unpretty in first place, but I did it. Dog Days Are Over is simply superior. Tina's high notes in the second verse? ugh. incredible. Mercedes being herself? I couldn't ask for more. they're so happy to be able to be singing, and it's just so cute.
2. I Feel Pretty / Unpretty. this song is in my Fruit On Fruit Crime playlist. that's how gay it is. the gay vibes are literally off the charts. the only other song that I can think of off the top of my head that feels this gay is So Emotional, and even then this one beats it, simply because of the context. they sound incredible. Rachel isn't very good at duets because she refuses to pull it back when her partner isn't as good as her. this is one of the few duets that she does with someone who's not as good as her, where she doesn't completely blow her partner out of the water. Quinn sounds incredible. Rachel sounds incredible. I love it, and I love them.
3. Me Against The Music. this is one of Brittany's best songs, vocally. she sounds frickin' awesome in this song. Santana sounds great, but when does she not? the music video is phenomenal. the sheer talent, oh my god. also they both look really pretty. the white SUIT? I deserved more Suitana.
4. River Deep, Mountain High. okay, hear me out. this is good. incredible, even. but I think it's overplayed. I think that both girls have better songs, vocally. however, it's a solid duet, and they OBVIOUSLY deserved to win the duets competition.
5. Take Me Or Leave Me. I love this song, but the really obvious attempts at trying to make Rachel seem better than Mercedes exhaust me. Mercedes' whole thing is high notes and riffs. yet, whenever Rachel and Mercedes sing together, they give all of the high notes and riffs to Rachel. it's really obvious that the writers were trying to make Rachel seem better than Mercedes, and it just didn't work. however, the duet is still really good, and I think it's really cute when they stop fighting at the end, and they start singing with each other. also, Rachel's little smirk throughout the entire song, like she wants to enjoy it, but she knows that she shouldn't because they're technically fighting, never fails to make me laugh.
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whaleiumsharkspeare · 22 days ago
Every morning, I wake up with a song stuck in my head, and for the past three days it has consistently been Jeremy Jordan’s cover of “Dog Days Are Over”
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libdemdisaster · 25 days ago
@omniishambles​  [CONTINUED:] "If somebody had asked me 'where do you see yourself in a couple of years' I don't think having lunch with Malcolm Tucker straight out of prison would have been on my list." (from adam for malcolm)   
 * * *
Tumblr media
  “I certainly wouldn’t have said ‘sharing a bowl of fucking olives with an ex hack’, that’s for sure. And here I thought the food was going to be better when I got out.”
Malcolm grinned, a little softer than Adam would have seen in the old days. It was less sly, less aggressive. It wasn’t the precursor to a scathing remark- the one that he’d just made was incredibly mild by comparison, meant in jest as he perused the menu. But it was very surreal. When the dust had finally settled and his sentence had been passed, Malcolm saw very quickly who his real friends were.
Not that he truthfully expected there to be many. And most of the handful that remained he wouldn’t exactly call close. But they were there. And they were willing to reach out, once he was no longer behind bars. Enough time had passed now that he didn’t have gangs of journalists circling his car or trudging up and down his driveway, either. Most of them these days weren’t even fucking old enough to remember who he was.
But that suited him just fine. He was over it. He’d spent long enough in London to decide that he fucking hated the sight of it, which had prompted a swift move to the country. And to his surprise, he’d adapted to it very quickly. He’d also adapted to a somewhat domestic life, spending most of his time with Sam and the dogs. It was a massive cliche and it was peaceful as fuck.
Coming back to the city was an occasional thing, usually meant as a chance to see his sister and his niece.
  “But I appreciate the invite, you know. It’s good to breathe some filthy city air every now and then, keeps the lungs turning over.”
       * * *
“Not entirely ex-hack,” Adam replied casually as he scanned the menu, “Got a column in the Guardian now. If you want to call that journalism. The beef looks good.” 
It would be a lie to say that Adam’s invite to lunch had been purely out of generosity. He was curious, of course he was. He wasn’t going to pass by a chance to hear about what had gone down and what the once legendary Malcolm Tucker was up to now straight from the horse’s mouth. 
When he had told Fergus about his lunch date he had given him a mildly alarmed look and muttered something about ‘ghost of christmas shit’ and how he better not invite him along. Adam hadn’t planned to. This was a one on one, man to man, kind of talk not a fucking double date. 
“But don’t worry,” he said and set his menu aside, “off the record. Unless you want to.“ Couldn‘t hurt to offer. As far as he had heard Malcolm had retreated to the country with no interest in returning to the world of politics. Adam couldn‘t blame him - leaving the eternally spinning toxic roundabout of politics had been good for him, too - but it only made it more intriguing.
He leaned forward to reach for an olive. „Is it true you live with your former assistent?“ he asked and popped it into his mouth.
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achrilock-atmospheric · 27 days ago
Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
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#meows#h. hand work pls.#ik i made you work on one and a half arts but come ON let me draw lfls angst#someone i managed to draw a good side profile lfls but NOT the angst i ordered#and i came home to my parents fighting almost the entire time my mom got back from work and apparently today was#my f*thers first day off in nearly 10 days so it just made things extra worse and mighty stressful on me#bc for whatever reason they didnt close the door! and when my f*ther gets annoyed his voice hits octaves only dogs can hear!#one day i swear imma just start howling like a dog when he starts getting high pitched watch me#wish theyd get couples therapy. or better yet a divorce so my f*ther can pay shit dad money#also apparently he didnt leave like i thought i think he just stormed out and played basketball w my brother#oh well! besides that i helped implement a lesson into my partners fourth grade class and i wanted to cry the students were so#sweet and cute. i couldnt see em for most of the time tho bc i was sharing my screen but apparently when i switched over#they saw my icon of cinder and all went AWWW KITTY!!! and then at one point i went quiet while they worked to not disturb them/#not overstep since it was my partners class not mine and one girl goes 'is ms [my last name] still there :(' ALL SAD AND I.....#i go again tomorrow so they can finish up their activity im just *__* children are so sweet i wish i could teach younger grades#but god id feel like a fool messing up ''easy'' math and science. but i love working with kids so its aaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!#and by kids i mean like elementary school age ill still will be dealing with ''kids'' aka teens as a hs/middle school teacher but still.....#it makes me miss volunteering in the sunday school class. well not enough to go back bc covid obviously#and also my great aunt doesnt work there anymore and i dont wanna deal w strangers.......
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milky-maid-library · a month ago
Part 2 of the dog days are over? 🥺👉🏾👈🏾
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write-the-stars · a month ago
Heya! I dunno if you’re still wondering this, but re: that song featured in the (cute af) tiktok you’d reblogged feat. the yoga doggo, that’s “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine! (I’d recognized it ‘cause that’d been the song that got me into her music~) Hope you’re well, btw :)
Oh my god, thank you so much!!!!!!!! That was the song for our flat dance one year in ballet!!!!!! The costume for that dance was so comfortable, and our pointe dance that year was to this beautiful song, I don’t remember the title, if I was home I’d have my programs and I’d be able to find it. The costume for that dance was also amazing. That recital was a fun one all around, from what I remember. Sorry I’m rambling at you, I’m kind of sick and out of it. Thanks for the well wishes, and thanks again for the song title!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
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