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#does Disney really not have enough characters to make this actually pride themed
botwstoriesandsuch · a month ago
hey Kip! I’m sending asks into different writer’s askboxes, inquiring about cool themes/development facts/stuff the author wants to share about their personal favorite work of their own. What’s yours? :)
Ok so this ask is old and when I first got it I was like “dang I don’t really have a lot to talk about, what should I talk about I could those revalink headcanons the Kip Cut that turned into a working fic uhh hmm maybe I’ll just make something new to talk about real quick” and then I did and now there is a 12+ chapter Revalink fic in my drafts and I’m gonna talk about that now, whoopsie doopsie [click "j" to skip]
aHEM, OK so allow me to break out the primary school white board because yeah, I have a lot of thoughts and the oxford comma has not yet made it’s home into my brain. oh and spoilers for paraphrase. for both all of Chapter one and future events in later chapters, but it’s really nothing you couldn’t surmise from the AO3 tags
so I really wanted to tell the story of Revali and Link learning and struggling to love again after the less-than-fortunate events of Botw, but I wanted you say...fresher, approach on the subject? Like I know we always say that fanfic writers writing the same tropes and stories time and time again is good because we eat that shit up--but at the same time I had asian parenting as was told never to half ass anything ever, no matter what. So now I'm gay and extra and have depression maybe and oh would you look at that @motherhyrule has dropped a beautiful revalink prompt right into my lap
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Great so now that we have, that, I shall take you on the step by step process on how to make a :sparkles: story. So step one is to spend at least five to eleven business days for your white board to dismantle your genre and themes and work them around your character arcs. Luckily I have prepared one ahead of time
Tumblr media
s*breaks out those laser pointers that uni professors use* So let's start with defining genre. As define because I HATE you, fuck you. I want you to suffer and writhe on the ground, motherfucker. How dare you think that I would give you nothing but pure predictable fluff, fuck you and yours
is the set of expectations that your audience has when consuming a piece of media
And the great thing about fanfiction is that unlike movies or book where the genres are more vague like, "oh it's a noir mystery genre. so there's a crime, maybe a murder, and a detective and a criminal." or "oh it's a teen romance. so there's some white people and a morally questionable six-pack 18 year old love interest that will be painted as desirable for some reason" BUT with fanfiction HALF of the work out the window, because as soon as you see those #revalink #aro sidon #zelpha #revali is an idiot and #found family tags you already know what's up.
Now what's so great about genre and expectation? Well the fun thing about it is that
I will use it to fucking break you.
... ... ...
<3 For example! <3
In Chapter 1: Holes, you already expect there to be revalink, you already expect them to be soulmates with the soulmarks and there's angst and yadayada ya. Revali and Link have to match because thatttss what this is all about, this is about them! This is about cute, little soulmarks and romantic words!
But whoooopsie doopsie [disney channel laugh track plays] they DON'T match anymore! Link's got a different mark! The number one rule of this entire genre has been broken whoooooooooooooooops. *ba dum tiss*
You might notice with a lot of my writing that I do this a lot, this whole..."oop but there's one little thing that's different." TebaSaki sick fic? Ok cool, but what if Teba burns an irreplaceable relic of the Rito champion to fight a wizzrobe first to characterize why his dumbass clicks with Saki. Mipha deciding to persue Link? Ok what if she chases after a dragon to externalize this conflict as she pierces it's flesh for a scale. Link fighting a Lynel? Ok but what if it's actually a sidlink angst fic in disguise and it's also world building on how Link deals with the bloodmoon that erases all of his efforts which is sort of similar to how his existence was erased from Hyrule 100 years ago mwaahahaha! Ok now that I say this outloud I think I just have a pattern of using fight scenes to externalize character growth. I like fight scenes...anyways.
I think another great thing about the realm of fanfiction is that with the tagging system, I can basically use a chekhov's gun sort of deal, without doing any writing. You know I'm gonna use that gun marked "soulmates" but you don't know when I'm gonna shoot it, and you SURE as hell don't know how.
And huzzah! One of the main points of conflict both drives the tension between Revali and Link, solidifies the unique genre and setting of this world, while also creating a new mystery that will carry over for the next few chapters.
Is Revali right in that Link's rebirth makes him destined for someone new now? What will Link do with the information that his soulmark has changed? Why did it change? Did Revali's change as well? How does anything fucking work right now?
And sure, you might be able to tell where things will end with them, but you sure as fuck will not know how because I HATE you. Fuck you. I want you to suffer and writhe on the ground, motherfucker. How dare you think that I would give you nothing but pure predictable fluff. I am not your goddamn fairy godmother, I will do as I fucking please. You will suffer as you fucking deserve, fuck you and your little tiny--
Tumblr media
Oh! But you might have noticed on my little planning whiteboard thing that there was a little T-Chart! For Revali and Link! That's because the next important thing besides plot (and in a lot of cases, including this one, it's argued to be even MORE important than plot) is
[to the tune of that history of the world video on youtube]
So yes, it's a little T-Chart outlining their character views in relation to the themes. And the great thing about themes is that they're not something you can necessarily predict in the same way you can with the genre and plot.
But now see, I'm very lazy so I'm just gonna plagiarize @hyrule-kingdom-updates thingy [that you should read btw] because they said my point quite clear enough
Tumblr media
Now I don't really need to care about those points about bond and relationships and being understood, because I'm dealing with already established canon characters. I'm not some NERD who dabbles with entire casts of ocs who even cares about ocs not me that's for sure ahaahahaahahahahahaahahahahahAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *cries in my orphaned WTTU fic* AHAHAHA*sobs*DONT FUCKING LOOK AT ME THAT WAY I SWEAR--
Tumblr media
/j I love ocs
But the points I do wanna focus on is the idea that characters provide new perspectives on the theme, and that characters growth can be tracked based on their wants, lies, and needs.
So see, themes can be predicted the same as genre/plot because while you can have the same fanfic plots and tropes, theme will always vary!
Sometimes it's a journey of selfworth with Revali! Sometimes it's an exploration of trauma with Link. Sometimes it's about how you deal with the vulnerabilities of love with Mipha. Sometimes there's straight up NOOOO theme, and people just be fucking, and kissing, and baking, and having a good time. And that is totally fine too!
But I'm not a fucking coward.
I'm gonna weave in themes with my plot, because I fucking can.
I'm not a weakling like you.
Do you hear me, 2019 Kip? Do you hear me Demmers? Do you hear me Quill? I'm coming for your ass. You think you're so great, but I'm coming for you. Rest assured that your graves will be as deep as your sculptured pride--
Tumblr media
Heeeere is that T-Chart again, plus more!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yyyyyYou might notice that Revali and Link are quite parallel, to paraphrase. Ayoooo, see what I did there? *dabs* I'm a genius. Anywho
They both start off the same way: 100 years ago they were in love and happy. Basically the equivalent of childish naivety. For the first time in their lives, life is whimsical and charming, and they make each other happy. In fact, it's almost a flaw with how they perceive this happiness. But don't worry! It doesn't last long!
You know what happens.
I think the chart is pretty self explanatory. Revali builds walls fast enough to give a republican a wet dream. Meanwhile Link makes every aromantic in the chat groan with his doubled down sentiments in the idea that his chances of being truly happy again are gone.
Now, I can't exactly describe the full on process of the inbetweens, and where Revali and Link are gonna go from here, have to read it for yourself! Heehee...but something I did think was fun was how these character views on the themes are revealed. Because you'll notice that, I never give exposition. Ever.
Ok well, let me rephrase that. I never give exposition scenes. I will never give you a big LOTR fancy wizard scene explaining the ins and outs of a character's question or the world's magic or whatever. I'm a very impatient Kip, and I value efficiency. Nonono, it's all about multi tasking, baby!
Chapter 1: Holes is divided into three parts.
Post 100 Years - Medoh (Establishes Ghost Rev/Bonk Head Link's view)
100 Years Ago - Flight Range (Establishes old Revalink views)
Post 100 years - Mark (Develops Ghost Rev/Bonk Head Link's view in contrast to who they once were)
I think the way that you structure flashbacks is incredible vital, as it's a very quick way to characterize people without having them say stuff like "I used to be like you, until I took an arrow to the knee" or whatever.
And with the main structure of the chapters and the fic as a whole is focus on their characters, that means I can hide whatever other stuff I want in those scenes, becuase you're too busy absorbing the fun character stuff to realizing I'm giving you boring exposition. Like for example:
Post 100 Years - Medoh and Mark
Foreshadowing for the end of the fic
Set up connection to Medoh with Revali
Link has defeated Windblight
Link has been visiting Revali every night for the past few days
Link has already met Kass and presumably Teba
Link doesn't have the Mastersword
Revali's Gale is still an ability that needs master and practice on Link's end
And that's just some of the stuff.
And see, the only reason I can efficiently give all of this information regarding character, and even exposition, is because of the theme. The themes make everything relevant, and everything circles and encompasses one another, so there's absolutely no wasted space. I mean don't even get me started on how it's gonna be to characterize the other characters around this
Tumblr media
I don't wanna talk about the other characters too much either because that's spoilers, but you can probably take a gandar based on my notes.
And oh my god this is just on the theme of the faults that come with "soulmates" and "true love" and all that, and how even magical destined relationships still require work and effort, and that no one thing or person solves all your problems. And that's not even TOUCHING the shit on trauma and scars. I didn't think it was even possible for me to talk about botw without touching on that, ha. Ah well, I've been talking for too long.
Revalink has a lot o' writing potential so das pretty cool yeah, I am excite
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courtclose0 · 6 months ago
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This bleak, but brilliant existential thriller from director Lee Chang-dong captured a “truly Unusual and refreshingly casual” tone when it arrived in cinemas again in 2019. It’s a wonderful piece of do the job which marked Spielberg out as Probably the most awe-inspiring directors of his technology. An ode to giving up all of your earthly possessions and heading off by using a head stuffed with goals. This wistful and inspiring adventure follows a younger male who drops every little thing to take the harmful journey over the US in the Alaskan wilderness. Excludes oblique obtain, dial-up World wide web, other non-geographic numbers, 070 personalized numbering, and 076 paging demand-bands. United kingdom mobiles consist of numbers routed through the United kingdom by a UK cellular operator. Cellular numbers routed outside the house the UK will incur a demand. Re-dial before 60 minutes to stay away from connect with expenses. 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Total specifics of get in touch with fees/connection costs set out in our Tariff Guide at Skyrim was declared within the Spike Online video Game Awards on December 11, 2010; Howard appeared onstage during the awards and offered the announcement trailer, which introduced the game's story and discovered its "eleven–11–eleven" release date.[36] It had been the quilt story for your February 2011 problem of the sport Informer magazine, wherein journalist Matt Miller wrote a fifteen-website page posting that exposed the first details with regard to the match's story and gameplay.[14] Requested about downloadable articles (DLC) packages inside a June 2011 interview, Howard expressed the staff's intention to release DLC packages, obtaining accomplished so for previous releases; he discovered that it had been the workforce's intention to release a lessen number of DLC packages which were larger in material than These unveiled for Fallout three, as he felt that releasing a bigger number of low-written content packages was "chaotic". Downgrading a assistance with your bundle may possibly lead to loss of bundle price cut. For those who update any element of the provider, normal pricing will utilize to that upgrade. Virgin Media reserves the appropriate to withdraw or amend the pricing if you change any section within your package. Virgin Media reserves the appropriate to withdraw this give at any time. Supply might not be utilised at the side of almost every other present unless stated by Virgin Media. £35 setup price applies. Offer you finishes 30/eleven/2020. sixty five Metascore A divorced female and her diabetic daughter consider refuge inside their recently-ordered dwelling's Protected place, when a few Males split-in, looking for a missing fortune. Limitless broadband: No website traffic administration and no month-to-month information usage cap. Exterior aspects can have an effect on speed. See for usage guidelines and factors that will affect your broadband pace. Not sure you need many of the passes simultaneously? Not a challenge. Now Television set is totally versatile, enabling you to definitely only select the passes that match your preferences. The Godfather is so synonymous with greatness, it’s sometimes taken with no consideration just how near cinematic perfection the film receives. All the film is weighty with gravitas, plus the incredible cinematography and atmosphere on the piece is testomony to the get the job done of Francis Ford Coppola's position as among the foremost filmmakers in Hollywood heritage.
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sleepykittypaws · 11 months ago
Perfect for Pride Favorites: Movies and Series
The global pandemic means a socially distanced Pride in 2020 which can make it hard to embrace the visibility and openness the celebration is supposed to represent. But there are plenty of ways to cheer LGBTQ+ representation, while still staying safe at home. [Update: A year later, thanks to readily available vaccines, this is thankfully less true, but I still think these movies make perfect Pride viewing.] Here's a few of my personal Pride picks…
Tumblr media
Updated: June 1, 2021
Movie Favorites
The Wedding Banquet (1993) - This heartbreaking and humorous story of a gay Taiwanese man whose marriage of convenience (she gets a green card, he appeases his traditionalist parents) turns into the wedding of the century. Sweet and funny—a real gem.
Pride (2014) - This true story of a group of gay activists from London who joined the 1984 miners strike in solidarity is well done on every level, and will leave you feeling far better about humanity than when you began.
Maurice (1987) - Merchant and Ivory had a profound effect on my teenage self, and this E.M. Forster adaptation about repressed longing in Edwardian English society helped birth a lifelong Hugh Grant crush.
Love, Simon (2018) - Impossibly charming and sweet teen love story guaranteed to make you smile. (Also a stealth Christmas movie!)
The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994) - Wacky, a little wild, and oh-so-Australian, this drag queen, road trip comedy is all heart.
Booksmart (2019) - One of my all-time favorite movies of any genre, this Olivia Wilde-directed comedy is so smart, so funny and so re-watchable it would definitely be higher on this list if I didn’t feel it was just slightly off-theme, with only one of the main characters being gay, though her relatable experience are one of the best parts of the story, which is why I feel this friendship comedy deserves inclusion.
The Half of It (2020, Netflix) - Alice Wu’s absolutely gorgeous ode to Cyrano beautifully addresses both sexuality and the immigrant experience, without ever feeling preachy. Made me very much want to see Wu’s first feature, Saving Face.
The Favourite (2018) - Olivia Coleman is perfect as a fickle, feckless Queen Anne, whose head is turned by a delightfully devious Emma Stone.
But I’m a Cheerleader (1999) - Natasha Lyonne is the titular cheerleader who finds herself in conversion therapy in this pitch-perfect satire that also manages to be a laugh-out-loud rom-com.
Beginners (2010) - A touching father-son story based on the real life of a man finally able to explore his true identity at age 75, after his wife passes away.
BONUS: The Pixar SparkShort Out, released on Disney+ in May 2020, is perfect, gentle, sweet, all-ages entertainment, that’s a great way to show kids of any age that love is love. 🏳️‍🌈
Tumblr media
TV Series Top 10
Schitt’s Creek (2015-20, CBC/Pop) - An absolute gem of a show that explores its characters sexuality, while only very rarely being specifically about them. So much sweeter and poignant than the jokey name would imply, an absolute gem that hit its stride in season 2, and has one of the most perfect series finales I’ve ever seen. (Originally for CBC/Pop but streaming on Netflix.)
One Mississippi (2015-17, Amazon) - Tragically overlooked comedy starring Tig Notaro as a lightly fictionalized version of herself. Cancelled much too soon, this one deserves to be so much better known than it is. A worthy weekend binge.
A Very English Scandal (2018, Amazon) - Already mentioned my Hugh Grant crush above, but he really is very good here as, once again, a very repressed Englishman.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-20, Netflix) - A candy-colored confection of silliness where Tituss Burgess consistently steals the show from the title character, and even brings it to Queen Bey with his spot-on, must-see Lemonade parody. (I said what I said.)
Tales of the City (1993-2001, PBS) - While I haven’t seen the new Netflix run, the original Tales miniseries left an indelible impression. Soapy in the best possible way, but never condescending or crass. A real eye-opener for the sheltered college freshman I was when I first saw this.
The Other Two (2019-ongoing, Comedy Central) - This story of two struggling older siblings and their suddenly YouTube famous baby brother is a joy on so many levels.
Love, Victor (2020-ongoing, Hulu) - This delightful spin-off of Love, Simon adds another sweet, teen love story to the canon.
It’s a Sin (2021, Channel 4/HBO Max) - This Russell T Davies limited series that looks at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in UK is heartrending but so incredibly well done.
Shameless (2011-20, Showtime) - This remake of an also-very-good British show never found a tragedy too gritty to toss at the Gallagher clan, and while it got wildly soapy and silly in later seasons, the complicated relationship Ian had with his sexuality and mental health is more than worthy watching in show’s early years.
Modern Family (2009-20, ABC) - Yes, this sitcom got schlockier and more trite the longer it stayed on the air, and, yes, many question casting straight actor Eric Stonestreet in the role, but don’t underestimate how this widely-seen portrayal of loving, same-sex parents in a long-term relationship (and eventual marriage) on a major broadcast network changed hearts and minds. Representation really does matter! 
BONUS: My all-time favorite comedy is Happy Endings. I’ve probably seen each episode five or six times, minimum, at this point, and one of the main characters is gay (albeit played by a straight actor) but, when I was considering this list, I was trying to think of series I loved that actually changed the conversation, centered on the LGBTQ+ experience, or both; Not just any depiction of Queer life at all, and I don’t think Happy Endings quite fits that bill. But, it is super funny and hugely binge-able, so if you’ve somehow missed it, rectify that immediately. (The whole series is on Hulu, HBO Max and Netflix.)
Tumblr media
More Movies to Explore
As films centered on LGBTQ+ characters, issues and relationships finally start to enter the mainstream, there are an almost limitless number of options, including many far more serious than my mostly lighter fare favorites above. (I often default to sunnier viewing as my “favorites,” because they leave me feeling light and happy.) That so many movies about the LGBTQ+ experience are dark, disturbing and dour says a lot about how far we have yet to go as a society.
With that in mind, here are a few more options. Not an exhaustive list of every LGBTQIA+ film, just others I’ve seen (and one I want to), and would recommend…
Moonglight (2016) - This Best Picture winner is absolutely searing.
Other People (2016) - This funny mother-son movie came thisclose to making my Top 10.
Victor/Victoria (1982) - A musical comedy classic, whose gender-bending is legendary, and striking for its time.
Cabaret (1972) - A bit of ditto the above, but this one stars Liza Minnelli.
Saving Face (2004) - The Half of It’s Alice Wu’s first feature.
Love Is Strange (2014) - John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as a long term couple finally able to marry.
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018) - Richard E. Grant and Melissa McCarthy are both excellent in this true story of (sometimes toxic) friendship and fraud.
The Kids Are All Right (2010) - I, personally, found the gender politics a little confounding in this much-praised movie about a lesbian couple’s kids meeting their sperm donor, but undeniable it’s well acted.
Brokeback Mountain (2005) - This Oscar winner is definitely more than a little overwrought, but it’s also powerful in many places.
Jenny’s Wedding (2015) - Not earth shattering, but watching Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel plan their wedding offers lighthearted charm.
The Thing About Harry (2020, Freeform) - Delightful, sweet made-for-TV holiday (Valentine’s Day) rom-com that just happens to be about two men. Not earth shattering story-wise, but fairly revolutionary for a mainstream cable TV network.
I Hate New Year’s (2020) - LGBTQ holiday rom-com about a singer who goes home for the holidays and (surprise!) finds unexpected romance, made for streamer
Kissing Jessica Stein (2001) - The ending of this one is, I will be the first to admit…Disappointing. I also haven’t rewatched it in years, so it’s possible it doesn’t hold up at all, but this Jennifer Westfeldt film was, at the time, one of just a few lesbian rom-coms.
The Prom (2020, Netflix) - Another problematic pick, this film version of the Broadway musical got a lot of grief for casting James Corden as gay and, well, just casting Corden at all. The story is trite, the big stars—Nicole Kidman! Meryl Strep!—clearly stunt casting and, like many Ryan Murphy projects, it is absolutely over the top…And yet, I dug it and had so much fun watching it. What can I say, cheesy Broadway musicals are my thing. 
The Imitation Game (2014) - Harrowing historical drama and infuriating example of how dangerous homophobia actually is.
Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - This true story of an AIDS patient struggling to help himself and others survive is all right, all right, all right. (I apologize and will show myself out.)
Personal Best (1982) - Mariel Hemingway is a raw nerve in this movie as much about love as sports.
Battle of the Sexes (2017) - The exploration of Billie Jean King’s sexuality, in a movie that’s mostly not about that, is well-done, raw and honest, even in its painful parts.
Heavenly Creatures (1994) - Definitely not a light watch, this early Peter Jackson movie, that features Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey in a based-on-a-true-crime tale, is riveting.
Tangerine (2015) - Another stealth Christmas movie, it’s somehow best-known for being shot entirely on an iPhone, when it should be better-known for being absolutely brilliant.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) - Based on the Off Broadway musical, this rock star epic is darkly funny.
A Single Man (2009) - Precise, tailored, painful film, which is no surprise when you learn the director is designer Tom Ford.
Longtime Companion (1989) - One of the very first mainstream movies to center its story on gay men, this tale of how the AIDS crisis impacts a group of friends starts out a little cheesy, but hits you in the feels soon enough.
God’s Own Country (2017) - Another bleak, brutal, British film redeemed somewhat by its hopeful ending.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2020) - Absolutely gorgeous movie that takes its time, but never feels slow. 
Carol (2015) - Cate Blanchett as the most proper, exquisite housewife that ever was—right up until she isn’t. (Yet another stealth Christmas movie on this list…It’s almost as if I have a thing for holiday films.)
Call Me By Your Name (2017) - Another in the longing looks hall of fame,  It’s become almost a parody at this point, but the film really does pack an emotional wallop.
Boys Don’t Cry (1999) - Heartbreaking, brilliant and based on a terrible true crime.
Beautiful Thing (1996) - Really lovely coming-of-age story from the UK. 
The Birdcage (1996) - Robin Williams is way, way too much here, but it’s still sort of delightful.
Beats Per Minute (2017) - Drama about AIDS activism in 1980s Paris.
Philadelphia (1993) - This legal drama earned Tom Hanks his first Oscar, and the story holds up.
The Boys in the Band (1970) - Based on the play, this is an essential Queer cinema watch. 
The Boys in the Band (2020, Netflix) - This faithful, and only slightly updated, Ryan Murphy remake features an all-star cast.
Torch Song Trilogy (1988) - Based on Harvey Firestein’s plays about his own life, this is funnier, and more poignant, than I expected going in.
My Own Private Idaho (1991) - Keanu Reeves and River Pheonix as wandering grifters in love.
I Love You Philip Morris (2009) - Ewan McGregor’s very weird rom-com about a con man. One of those that I loved when I first watched, but have never revisited, because I’m not sure I’d feel the same way again.
Milk (2008) - Sean Penn as real-life, ground-breaking gay politician, Harvey Milk.
Trick (1999) - New York City-set rom-com that’s a little low budget, but heartfelt.
Latter Days (2003) - This indie rom-com is about a Mormon struggling with his sexuality, and a guy who makes a bet he can seduce him.
Straight Up (2020) - A story about friendship, romance and soulmates sans sex.  
Paris is Burning (1990) - OK, so this one’s a documentary, but it’s an outstanding, entertaining must-see.
Disclosure (2020, Netflix) - Another doc on trans representation that is entertaining and educational, a rare combo.
The Children’s Hour (1961) - What The Boys in the Band is to gay male cinematic history, The Children’s Hour is to lesbian film legend.
Pink Flamingos (1972) - Perhaps John Waters most crass creation—and that’s really saying something. Not my personal style, but undeniably a classic.
Transamerica (2005) - Not sure how well Felicity Huffman’s portrayal of a trans woman has held up, particularly after watching Disclosure, but this is one of the first mainstream films to take a trans lead seriously at all.
Plan B (2021, Hulu) - This BFF road-trip comedy is raunchy, very R-rated and yet, at its core, is one of the sweetest and funniest movies I’ve seen since Booksmart, and deserves inclusion on this list for this line alone: “Believe it or not, it makes a real big difference to your mental health when you are free to be who you are.“
Some of My Best Friends Are (1970) - This Fannie Flagg film is a camp Christmas classic.
The Christmas Setup (2020, Lifetime) - This sunny holiday film, starring real-life spouses Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, is one of the best made-for-TV Christmas movies of recent years, and it was the first LGBTQ-centered mainstream cable Christmas romance. 
Dashing in December (2020, Paramount Network) - Though The Christmas Setup beat it to air by one day, this same-sex-centered Christmas romance is fun, festive and a little more flirty than your standard Hallmark holiday flick.
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thedrowsydoormouse · a year ago
If you could make any household pet enormous what would it be? My dog is already pretty big (he sat on my throat the other day and I almost blacked out).
Favourite mythology/fairy tale etc? I don’t know if this really counts but I really love hearing ghost stories from the Disney parks. I love the contrast between the super clean, family friendly, safe image Disney prides themselves on in the parks versus the darker underbelly of the hauntings showing the not so safe and family friendly side.
If you could design a planet what colours would you choose? Every color of the rainbow, made metallic/sparkly, with a black background so they really pop.
Sentient plants or sentient machines? Machines. I’m basically vegetarian so sentient plants would be a nightmare.
Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks? Disney who also owns Pixar so I guess both of those!
Ice cream or soup? It depends on the weather and what I feel like having because I love both.
If you could live in any TV show/film/book which would you choose? Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist because I would love to know what songs are playing in my head so I can make a playlist.
Futuristic or steampunk? Steampunk. Give me corsets and top hats and all that crazy shit any day!
Space travel or time travel? Time travel because eventually, if you travel far enough into the future, you wind up in space anyway.
Superhero or sidekick? Hero. I hate being told what to do.
Favourite guilty pleasure? I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you like something just own up to it and own your truth instead of feeling like it has to be at all shameful.
Best comfort food? I live in Southern California and grew up eating a lot of asian food so my comfort foods have become Chinese takeout, sushi, thai food, and stuff like that.
Least favourite school subject? Biology. My teacher was the worst and it was so boring.
Weird quirks/actions you’ve noticed you do since rp? I don’t rp nearly often enough to have developed any quirks.
Favourite scene from any book/show and why? I have way too many but in the most recent episode of Zoey’s her powers were glitching and she was singing all her inner most thoughts out loud and that entire episode was fucking brilliant!
If you could come back as an undead being which would you choose? Vampire. I’m already basically nocturnal, I’m inhumanly pale, and I can totally get behind the aesthetic.
Rp scene that was the most difficult to film. See previous rp question.
Oddest things you’ve used to make a costume or film stand? When I was in college I had to make a ball gag out of a couple headbands and a dog toy for a student film I worked on. It was a very fun, interesting Halloween.
Favourite type of chocolate? Milk chocolate.
Do you think you’re best known for fluff, angst or crack? I haven’t actually published any of my writing yet but a lot of it is very angst-y.
Favourite hot drink? Tea. I could drink nothing but hot tea all year because there’s so many variations and flavors to suit my moods.
Outfit aesthetic you aspire for? “Is she a witch, a vampire, or a rock star. Or maybe she’s a pirate. I honestly can’t tell but I wish I was her because she is fabulous.”
Sun, moon or stars? Moon AND stars.
If you could master any five languages which would you choose? French, Irish, German, Spanish, and Italian.
Favourite place? It depends. My favorite place here in California is New Orleans Square in Disneyland. But my two favorite places to travel to are New York and New Orleans.
Something that’s bothering you at the moment? I can’t tell if I’m bored or hungry.
Favourite headcanon? Jimmy Palmer (NCIS) is openly bi but completely forgot to come out at work which is why it’s never mentioned or talked about.
Plot of a story/show you wish had been completed? I wish we had actually seen the Tiva reunion in Paris instead of just hearing about it second hand through the notes Senior had Jimmy deliver.
Favourite trope? Sexual tension you could cut with a knife.
Favourite flavour of crisps/chips? Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators.
Sweet or sour? Both
Spicy or savoury? Both again.
What would be the theme tune to your life? Monster by dodie
Favourite breakfast food? I hate breakfast.
If you could live in any historical era which would you choose? Sometime between the late 60′s (Vietnam Conflict era) and the 80′s when punk and goth were just starting out and counterculture was becoming more of a thing.
Premise of memorable childhood TV shows? I grew up watching a lot of Food Network more than actual kids tv and my favorite show was about how various sack foods are made.
If you could be any shape what shape would you be? I’m already pretty close to an hourglass shape.
If you could switch lives with any character who would it be? Breena Palmer from NCIS. I want a husband who loves me and our kid as much as Jimmy does and it would be kind of awesome to work as a mortician!
If you could switch the limb of one animal with another (e.g a spider leg to a fish tail) what would you choose? I would swap out my dog’s paws with cat paws because his nails hurt like a mother fucker when he steps on me.
If you could create a country what would you name it? Addamsland.
Do you make ny resolutions? Never have, never will.
Season you’re most looking forward to? Fall. I’m ready for Halloween.
Fish scales or reptile scales? Fish. They tend to be more metallic or holographic!
Paper or parchment? Paper because I’m not pretentious.
Paperback or ebook? Paperback. 
Warm tones or cool tones? I am painfully cool toned.
Creative subjects or analytical subjects? Subjects that require creative analysis.
Fog or snow? Fog. Give me those horror movie vibes!
Make up a premise for a TV show you’d want to see. Everyday life of a Chosen One post revolution in the style of B99 or Parks and Rec.
Any unpopular headcanons? Sam never actually got his soul back, he just got better at hiding it.
Favourite story genre? Urban fantasy. Give me magic in a big city like modern day New York and show how it seamlessly weaves into everyday life.
Trope that is most overrated in your opinion? Enemies to lovers but only if it’s done wrong like with (this is gunna piss off a lot of people) Reylo. Don’t have a girl fall in love with her abuser. If it’s done right in a way that doesn’t promote domestic abuse then I’m fine with it and sometimes even enjoy it. But it’s done wrong too often for me to ignore.
City lights or candle light? City lights. I want to bathe in neon.
Which element do you think best represents you. Fire. I can be really useful and helpful but I can very easily get out of control and destroy everything.
Opinions on valentine’s? Fucking hate it.
If you could feasibly live on one other planet, which would you choose?
Wood or marble? Wood. Marble, to me, is a little too Kardashian. I’d rather see an ornately carved wooden entrance way than one with giant marble staircases and marble pillars and the walls painted to match the marble.
Are you a spontaneous planner or an in advance planner? I like to have some idea of what I’m getting myself into but I also enjoy being able to go with the flow the day of and seeing where my moods take me.
Did you have any weird beliefs as a kid? The mirror in my bedroom was a portal to a different universe.
Any famous historical figures you think don’t deserve it? 90% of the famous white men. Like fuck Elvis and fuck the Beatles.
If you could be any plant which would you be? Mistletoe because of my red hair and my love of poison!
Any weird facts? Teeth are actually closer to calcified skin than bone.
Did you have a treehouse as a kid? No.
Rabbits or ferrets? Rabbits.
If you could switch lives with someone you know for a day, who would you choose? My dog. He does basically the same shit I do all day but he doesn’t know what’s going on so he never stresses about anything.
Opinions on nicknames? Some are fine. It depends on who gave it to you and their reason behind it. 
If you could become instantly skilled in one new skill, what would you choose? Fixing computers.
Ink wells or biros? normal pens.
If you had to switch one: fish in the sky or birds in the sea, which would you switch? Birds in the sea. 
Cheesecake or sponge cake? Both.
Weirdest deja vu moment? Last night watching TOWIE and talking with my mom.
Field of wildflowers or a forest? Forest. Weird shit happens in forests.
Nymph or merperson? Nymph.
Funniest story behind an inside joke? My freshman year of high school I was in the fall play and during my costume fitting they had me try on a dress that fit me like a second skin. The problem was they put it on me backwards so I had to rush to get it back on the right way. At the same time, one of the guys in the cast was trying to get into the wardrobe room and was pounding on the door telling us to hurry up which led to my friend, who was helping me with the dress, yelling at me to suck in my boobs (which were shockingly big for my 90 lb., 14 year old self) while twisting the dress around and another friend stopping the guy from opening the door. The whole thing gave off very B99 cold open vibes and it was great! Every time my friend saw me after that she’d yell “suck in your boobs” and we’d both die laughing, much to everyone else’s confusion!
If you could, would you choose to erase any of your memories permanently? I would erase all my memories from 9/11. Hopefully that makes me not as depressed and anxious.
@anangelamuse-castiel-spnfam I don’t know how I finished mine first because that never happens but now it’s your turn!
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