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𝐑𝐄𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐆𝐘 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐓🤍 ((with two of my favorite Reuma-based pictures))
All of you can ask to me: why Reumatology? To be honest: I’m not sure. I’m just feeling this very strong connection with this speciality since age 7.
Yes, I’m not a medical student yet, I graduated from a general nurse technical high school, I’m a passivated radiographer right now, who wants to matched into this profession, so I have only experience as a nurse, but Reuma was and it’s maybe the only speciality what I can imagine for myself. It’s calm, seems like simple for the first time but isn’t, you can connect with your patients, and they are very grateful for your help. What more do I need as a doctor?✨
In every situation it’s important for me to have a certain point in my life to which I can return anytime if I’m feeling myself lost. And for me this point is maybe Reuma, where I can care about people with artritic, inflammatory problems, not only the elders. I can diagnose a lot of interesting diseases, I can looking for my patients’ condition for a longer time, too!
What I though from my mom in this 13 years just amazes me every time, not just when I’m reading Reumatology textbooks or the journal what I borrowed from the principal. It’s maybe not something smallness thing, maybe this is my destiny. And I will do anything for my destiny and happiness!🦋
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oilyspine · 6 days ago
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04.09.2021 Friday
Stepping out of my comfort zone this quarter and serving as the VP for the Gonstead Club at Life University. Feeling slightly overwhelmed but also grateful for this opportunity to continue to grow and pour into other future doctors.
(I’m having to public speak every week so if you see me hiding in a corner that is why)
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oilyspine · 7 days ago
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04.08.2021 Thursday
Glad to have the option after a long week to do my lecture at home tonight. But I am loving learning about taking care of pediatric and perinatal patients. This specialty is definitely where my heart lies❤️
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oilyspine · 9 days ago
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04.06.2021 Tuesday
Long day of lectures but enjoying the learning process.
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oilyspine · 10 days ago
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04.05.2021 Monday
Happy Monday ☀️
First day of 10th quarter and first full day back of lectures in person. Motivation is high! Let’s hope it stays there.
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nemvagyoksenkijateka · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Friday vibes with a delicious coffee, a candle and chemistry revision🥴✨
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focusedmedstudyblr · 2 months ago
Okay so I started my classes from 11th January. And I'm doing quite well not my best yet . I'm improving a lot , I'm self studying. I gotta work on my writing speed and handwriting tho . So thats the task for nowadays. Also gotta study more of chemistry. I messed up some of my tests but I'm learning from my mistakes and improving.
2021 is the year of success
Picture from " her muse "
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focusedmedstudyblr · 3 months ago
From tomorrow I'm going to take my classes and I'm really motivated . I'm going to make the effort and I'll have high grades from now on . 2021 will be the year of success .
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focusedmedstudyblr · 3 months ago
To do list for tomorrow:
Take 2_3 recorded lectures of chemistry
Make notes
Self study ( biology +chemistry)
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vanillavulpae · 5 months ago
*Drugs and Their Side Effects*
1. ACE Inhibitors- Dry Cough
2. Amphotericin.B- Nephrotoxicity
3. Ampicillin- Hypersensitivity
4. Androgen- Virilization
5. Antipsychotics- Sedation, Orthostatic hypotension, Tardive dyskinesia
6. Anti- TB- Hepatotoxicity
7. Aspirin (cox-I Inhibitors)- Hepatotoxicity
8. Atropine - Dryness of mouth, Blurred vision, Constipation
9. Celecoxib,Valdecoxib (cox-II Inhibitors)-cardio and Hepatotoxicity
10. Chlorambucil- Alopecia
11. Chloramphenicol- Grey baby syndrome, Bone marrow depression
12. Chloroquine - Phototoxicity
13. Ciprofloxacin - Phototoxicity
14. Clofazimine- Pigmentation of skin, Discoloration of Urine
15. Clozapine - Agranulocytosis
16. Erythromyicin- Cholestatic Juandice
17. Ethambutol - Optic Neuritis, Retrobulbular Neuritis
18. Hydrochlorthiazide- Hypokalamia
19. Isoniazid - Peripheral Neurtis
20. Metronidazole- Disulfiram like reaction
21. Minoxidil- Hirsutism
22. Morphine- Constipation
23. Nimesulide - Hepatotoxicity
24. Nitrogen Mustard- Bone marrow depression
25. Nitroglycerin- Palpitation
26. Penicillin. G- Jarisch Heximer Reaction
27. Phenformin- Lactic acidosis, GI disturbance, Metalic taste
28. Phenytoin- Hirsutism
29. Quinidine- Cinchonism
30. Quinine Sulphate- Black Water Fever
31. Repaglinide- Althralgia
32. Rosaglitazone- Anemia,Weight gain
33. Sitagliptin- Coldness
34. Spironolactone- Hyperkalamia
35. Cimetidine- Gynacomastia
37. Sulfonyl Ureas derivatives- Bone marrow depression
38. Terfenadine- Type-I arrhythmia
39. Tetracyclines- Discoloration of teeth
40. Thalidomide- Phocomelia
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maestings · a year ago
To those of you working on becoming Doctors/Surgeons: Rumor has it they tell you one of the first lessons you learn is to work with the nurses. Is that true? What do you all think nurses do? Do you think we are itching to call you and wake you up at all hours of the night for work? Do you think we sit around waiting for a good reason to inconvenience you with YOUR PATIENTS?
Here’s why I ask:
Last week, I had a new admit at 2030. (Right after shift change) They were admitted to one of our general surgeons from the ER. The ER Dr. is supposed to communicate with the admitting physician and send the patient up with an order set. That did not happen, so in the midst of administering meds, Starting a unit of PRBC, monitoring a patient on new chemo, doing my full assessments, answering a million questions and fulfilling requests in every room, I had no orders for my new admit.
I stopped what I was doing, and sent a Doc Halo to the surgeon (who was on call) saying that their “patient arrived to the floor and to please give me a call at # with orders.” I waited for a call on my IP phone and none came. Literally two minutes later I got a DocHalo message back saying, “No one answers the phone so deal with it.” I tried to have him paged and he never responded.
(I spoke with the charge nurse who wasn’t up front to answer the main phone because a patient on the other side of the floor was declining, ((and we don’t always have a unit clerk at night))THE CHARGE NURSE WAS IN STAFFING WITH SIX OF HER OWN PATIENTS!)
So, I stepped out of my scope of practice that night and made orders for a patient. I stuck to the basics and made the call because I was put in the position to. THIS IS NOT OK. When you become a physician DO NOT do this to your nurses. You signed up for this life! You decided to be in a position to be called at all hours (y’all it was only 830pm and he was on call), and to be responsible for other peoples lives. Do not be unapproachable, Do not be a pompous ass.
The next morning this physician came in, saw the patient and gave me a smug look and went to talk to the floor manager. He told my manager, “One of your nurses called me for orders she should have already had at 0200 and didn’t answer the damn phone when I called!”
I sent a screenshot to my manager of the DocHalo conversation right after it happened. My manager said, “ Actually sir, it was 2030. Why couldn’t you tell that nurse to call you at a specific number? Why couldn’t you call the specific number she gave you? Why would you put my nurse in the position to do your job when its not in her scope of practice?” He said nothing and backed into the elevator and didn’t say a word.
I wish I could say he is the only Dr. to act like this that frequently puts patients on my floor (several of them prefer our floor) but he isn’t. I did what I had to do to get my patient through the night, but it is not my job to write orders.
If you’re becoming a Dr. please try to remember:
1. Nurses are human beings. If we have to call you, then we HAVE to. We do not WANT to, especially if you’re known to be difficult or unapproachable, but we do it for the patients.
2. This is our livelihood: Please do not put us in the position to step out of our scope of practice and potentially lose our license. DO YOUR JOB, and put your petty crap aside. Please.
3. I field patient requests and questions in the middle of the night to make sure that you are not called for stupid reasons. I back you up. When patients complain about your lack of bedside manner, I talk you up and help them feel more comfortable with your ability to treat them. I have your back, why on God’s green earth cant you have mine!?
*Sorry for the extra long post*
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medschoollyfe · a year ago
Tumblr media
Today was quite productive. I studied for my first OMM exam at my local Starbucks, ate a healthy lunch and dinner so I decided it was ok to get froyo with my roomie. I have enjoyed getting to learn these soft tissue techniques. Today I practiced on my aunt and uncle and witnessed just how much the techniques can help others. It made me look forward even more to the field I decided to go into.
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lost-girl-2701 · a year ago
okay, so i want to be a doctor... part 1...
I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was a kid. Helping people. That was my everything when I was six, clutching a toy doctor’s kit and conducting (albeit very inaccurate) examinations on whatever “patients*” I was able to gather that day. The notion was reinforced when MGP was born a few months later, leaving both a very sick newborn and a very ill mum behind. I remember how my Nan always kept telling me to be gentle with Mum, to be quiet and caring, to keep an eye on the baby. Countless hospital and doctor’s appointments followed for the two of them, and I spent a great portion of my childhood sitting in waiting rooms, willing for there to be some form of answer, something to be done. I used to watch my mum be in pain, watch as she forced herself to work everyday and come home exhausted and wish there was something I could do to help more than doing the chores or helping MGP with her homework, particularly when the bulk of her stress was down to not being able to get a doctor’s appointment. It was at the age of fourteen that I truly decided I wanted to be a doctor, when she came home one night, tears flooding down her face, because she didn’t know what to do anymore. Six year old me seemed to speak in that moment and - though no plastic doctor’s kit was pulled from the toy box - my caring instinct took over and I started to look into making my dream a reality.
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helloansigt2 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Day 171, 20/06/2018. Ya girl got her first stethoscope today. GUESS WHO’S GONNA BE A DOCTOR GUYS!
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edwardpark · 3 years ago
Al Capone had tertiary syphilis
Mind. blown.
I was into mob history all throughout high school and didn’t know this. Al Capone was actually let out of Alcatraz on November 16, 1939 because he developed neurosyphilis (advanced form of tertiary syphilis) and slowly became insane. He was not going to harm anyone outside of prison so they’re like meh, let him go crazy outside. 
Tertiary syphilis can also cause:
Aortitis, leading to ascending aortic aneurysms.
Tabes dorsalis: demyelination of nerves of the medial lemniscus (posterior column) system of the spinal cord leading to a loss in proprioception and DTRs, and causes Charcot joints (progressive degeneration of a weight bearing joint due to nerve loss) and shooting pain. 
Argyle Robertson pupils, pupils that accommodate to distance, but do not react to light. 
They also cause GUMMAS (granulomatous lesions in the skin, bone, etc)!!
Professor Jensen has the best historical tie ins for microbiology. 
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