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#doctor strange fanfic
iron1strange · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
* english is not my first language.
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kimistorm · 2 days ago
Go Away! (Doctor Strange x Reader Part 9)
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Pairing: Doctor Strange x fem! Reader
Series: It’s all a Little Strange, Chapter 9 Masterlist
You sighed as you laid in your bed at Kamar Taj. It was such a crazy day and you were too tired to return back to your home. Along with the threat of Kaecilius, it was better for you to stay at Kamar Taj.
Stephen saw right through you. He knew you were hiding something from him. It pained you to acknowledge this, but you have killed before. Obviously never in a hospital, but you have killed. It was during a battle, and it was quite frankly a life or death situation. If you hadn’t done the killing, you would’ve been killed.
You frowned as the memory brought itself back up. It wasn’t your greatest moment. You turned around and stuffed your face in your pillow. Right as you and Stephen were really starting to like each other, things spiraled downward. Judging by his reaction to having killed, he’d be livid to hear that you’ve also killed. Tears started to roll down your cheeks and you let them form puddles in your pillow.
Your mind then conjured up a list of every way that Stephen Strange was better than you. Master of the New York Sanctum. Got his M.D. and Ph. D. at the same time. Astral projection. Eye of Agamotto. Cloak of Levitation. His skill with magic that is so advanced. What took you years he did in months. Acclaimed neurosurgeon.
The tears started to fall faster and you cried into your pillow, “it’s not fair. It’s not fair!” your tears turned into ugly sobs and you turned to face the stone wall so that you could actually take breaths of air. “How is he just so much better than me?”
Behind you, you didn’t hear the door creak open through your loud crying. “(f/n)?” you heard the low voice of Stephen, “are you...are you okay?” Oh great. Just the person you wanted to see.
“Go away Strange!” you shouted and threw a pillow at him. “I don’t need you ruining any more of my life.” You grabbed a different pillow and buried your face into it. You felt the bed beside you sink and knew he hadn’t listened to you. “I said go away.” You grumbled angrily through your pillow.
“What’s wrong (f/n)?” he asked quietly, “I thought we were on first name basis now?”
“Go away before I make you leave.” You threatened through your pillow, and squashed the loud crying to be dealt with after he left.
“What happened?” he asked soothingly.
“It’s none of your business.” You shot back defiantly, “I’m not some child you need to baby.” You wiped your tears on your pillow.
“But we’re friends.” He pointed out.
“No. I’m your mentor and that’s it.” You argued and wiped some more tears.
“If we were just that, I think you’d insist on me calling you Master (l/n).” He countered. You bit your lip; you couldn’t argue against that.
You took a deep shuddering breath to find your composure, “what do you want Stephen?” you sat up and turned to look at him.
“I just want to know what happened. You seem pretty upset.”
“You don’t need to worry yourself over it.” You waved away his concern.
“I’m your friend, I can tell you need a shoulder to cry on right now.”
You laughed through your tear-stained cheeks, “I didn’t know you were capable of sympathy.”
“Oh come on.” Stephen groaned and shoved your shoulder good-naturedly, “I was trying to be nice.”
“I appreciate it, but, I just need some time alone.” You denied.
“Who can you talk to?” he asked suddenly.
“What?” you asked in confusion.
“You have to have a friend in this place.” He argued, “who is it?”
You thought it over, “probably Daniel.” The weight of what happened a few hours hit you over the head, “oh my gosh Daniel.” You didn’t even think twice about it, you leaned into Stephen and cried into his shirt, “he’s dead Stephen. He’s dead!”
“It’s alright (f/n).” He soothed and rubbed your shoulder with his hand.
“He’s gone! Killed by Kaecilius and his cronies!” you wailed.
“I know, I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything about it.”
“I was there Stephen!” you cried, “I could’ve done something!”
“You tried your hardest (f/n),” his low voice seemed to calm you down a bit, “you’re amazingly strong. Even when your life was pouring out of your side, you fought. Daniel knew what he was going into.”
You nodded in his shirt and your crying had calmed down, but each breath was still a shuddering breath filled with hiccups, “thank you Stephen.”
Taglist: @panhoeofmanyfandoms @daydreamer-in-training @marine-captain-deku @turkisherlockian
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funkylittlebidiot · 2 days ago
Chapters: 2/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Doctor Strange (2016), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, Harley Keener, Other Avengers, Original Child Character(s) Additional Tags: Irondad, Mama Bear Stephen Strange, Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Parenting Peter Parker | Supremefamily | Strange Family, it's a triquel so you know what to expect honestly, so self-indulgent, Author does whatever she wants Series: Part 4 of About Them Summary:
Parenthood is about one thing; preparing your children for the future.
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rosequartzwriting · 3 days ago
A Shaking Struggle
Pairing: Doctor Strange X Reader (gender neutral) 
Description: It’s lunch date time and you pick to go to a Japanese restaurant for sushi. But there is one problem: because of his hands, Stephen can’t use chopsticks. 
Warnings: light swearing
Word Count: 1.6K
A/N: THE IDEA FOR THIS HIT ME LIKE A TRUCK AND I NEEDED TO WRITE IT ASAP! IM ACTUALLY SOBBING AT HOW ADORABLLY EMBARESSED HE WOULD BE! Enjoy lol. Also special thanks to my friend Hailey for being my beta reader for this one <3
Masterlist | Fic Reading Recs | Ao3 | Quotev | Coffee
Tumblr media
Walking through Greenwich Village always gave you excitement, knowing that the New York sanctum was in the area. It was also just a generally nice place to be in the city, so walking on your own to go see Stephen was always relatively peaceful. As you walked, the afternoon sun added warmth to your enthusiasm. Pretty soon you could see the sanctum in the distance, the recognizable window on the roof standing out among the other buildings. After a few minutes, you found yourself on its doorstep ready for your lunch date with its protector.
You woke up to a text from him that morning which said: I’m off in the afternoon, lunch?
No “good morning” or no “how are you this morning?”. Blunt and straight to the point, but still with his charm. You had laughed at it and replied with a simple Okay! and made sure your afternoon was cleared. Most of the time the doctor was occupied with his mystical work, but when free time came up for him he would let you know right away and ask you to hang out. 
Before you could knock, you were suddenly already inside with a rush of wind. The split second of confusion passed once you realized you were in Stephen’s office, finding him at his desk behind a book and a cup of tea wearing casual clothes. You regained your balance and held back a laugh.
“Hi!” He said with that cheeky smile, looking like he did not just teleport you from the front door into his office. 
“I thought I told you not to do that,” You said, the laugh in your voice coming through. “It’s dizzying.”
“Well, it’s funny.” He gave you an innocent look, one that you could not resist smiling at. 
“So, you ready for lunch?”
“Yeah, I just finished up some reading.” He closed the book and put it on a tall stack on the edge of his desk. “Where do you want to go?” He asked before taking a sip of his tea.
“Oh! There’s a sushi restaurant just down the street that I haven’t been to. I heard it’s really good!”
Stephen sputtered into his teacup. A sudden jerk to his hand added to the event, his shaking hand giving out and forcing him to put down the cup. You watched a little tea splash out onto the desk. He cleared his throat and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“You alright?”
Stephen looked back up at you, “Yeah, I’m good. Sure, sushi. Let’s go!”
You smiled at him and held back a little noise of excitement. He got up from his desk and came to join you, casually offering you a hand and saying “Lead the way,” before you pulled him off to exit his office and back out into the busy street. 
A bowl of miso soup sat in front of Stephen. He had abandoned the spoon and resorted to drinking it right out of the bowl, which he saw you doing as well which brought a feeling of comfort. Staring down at it, he saw his own reflection on the surface thanks to the lighting of the restaurant. It was like staring down into a bowl of his own shame and insecurity. 
When you had suggested sushi, Stephen tried not to choke on his drink. Sushi, Japanese restaurant, Asian food. Insecurity had overcome him in a wave. He liked Asian food, loved it, but he did not want to eat it in front of someone else. But he didn’t want to say no to you. The look of excitement in your eyes was something he never wanted to say no to. You looked like you really wanted sushi. So he decided that he had to suck it up.
He tried to distract himself. Talking with you was the best thing he could do for himself, hearing you talk eased him slightly. But he found himself zoning out, forgetting what he had asked you mere seconds ago and some of your words not making sense to him. 
Stephen had always been a tad insecure about his shaking hands, often forgetting about it thanks to his mystical work. But he had never been so overcome with the feeling until now. When he was in front of the person that he was so smitten with, one that he wanted to impress and charm. 
But the little paper package that was sitting on the table to his right was not going to let him impress you today. 
The focus that it requires to steady his hands with magic was difficult to do when he was as nervous as he felt now. Just the presence of you was throwing things off as well, so your existence was not helping at all. 
He was a master of the mystic arts and he could not steady his hands because he was too nervous. Goddammit, he thought.
“I’ve been feeling so tired, work hasn’t been kind to me.”
Stephen looked up at you and pretended like he heard everything you said. He nodded while taking another sip of his soup. He tried so hard to naturally steady his hand around the little bowl, but somehow, his hands shook harder. He desperately tried not to spill the soup.
“You okay?”
Stephen was caught off guard, “Hmm?”
“You seem tired, too.”
“Oh, yeah. I am. Been busy. Uh, things have been crazy.”
Stephen began to talk about a few things that had come up for him recently. Seeing you genuinely interested in what he was saying, resting your chin on your palm while looking up at him with sweet eyes, was enough to ease his nerves just a little. And the talking helped as well, he made sure to exaggerate just a tiny bit to stroke his own ego.
But then a waiter came over with your orders of food. A litter verity of maki rolls, some nigiri pieces, and tempera pieces in a little basket. The way your eyes lit up made Stephen smile, but there was a hint of hesitation on his face. 
Any trace of comfort was gone from him and you were already opening your packet of chopsticks.
Shit, he thought. 
He went to pick up his own.
You were so hungry and so excited that you already had your chopsticks ready. Everything looked so good you did not know where to start. You looked between everything, “Okay, what one do we try first?”
You heard the clatter of wood on the table. Looking across the table, Stephen had dropped his chopsticks. There was this look of dread on his face. He then quickly picked them back up again, tore the two sticks apart with a frustrated jerk, and tried to place them in the correct position between his fingers.
He was struggling to even hold them. 
Then you realized that for all the time you have known this man, from dating for a couple of months to the time of being friends before that, you have never seen this man with a pair of chopsticks. The reason was obvious once you remembered the state of his hands.
“Do you... do you need some help there?” You asked, words laced with a laugh that threatened to burst out. 
“No no, I’m fine.”
You could tell that it was not fine.
He had managed to place each of the sticks in a correct and comfortable position, but it looked like it took some effort to even keep them in place. You seriously doubted he could pick something up with those. 
“You sure?” You asked, trying oh so hard not to laugh. 
Stephen let out a heavy sigh and put the chopsticks down. “Okay, I promise you I know how to use chopsticks. I just avoid them cause it’s not fun watching me struggle,”
“You could have just told me,” You replied, still desperately holding in a laugh. But the smirk and growing smile on your face was betraying you. 
“Cause it’s embarrassing,” He said in a low tone, rubbing his forehead in the self-annoyance.
This poor man had this look in his blue eyes resembling that of a helpless puppy. 
“Stephen, it’s okay. You can use your hands. It’s actually considered alright.” You giggled. You put your chopsticks down and picked up a roll with your fingers, just to make him feel more comfortable.
He sighed relief and a weight was visibly lifted from his shoulders. You had not noticed the tightness to him until it was gone, you assumed it was from him being tired from work. He picked up a roll with his fingers himself and you both tried it together. After mutual agreement of how good the food was, you both continued to chat in-between bites. 
“When I was first studying in Kathmandu, I was mostly fine because most food is just eaten with your hands. But when it came to chopsticks, I gave up and resorted to spoons and forks.”
“So you were the white guy eating with a fork?” You snickered.
“Hey, I told you. I know how to use them! I’m just physically challenged, okay.”
You finally let that laugh out and he ended up laughing along with you.
“Wait, aren’t you able to steady your hands a little though? Use a bit of magic?”
“Too nervous. Can’t hold it properly.”
You raised your eyebrow, “Doctor Stephen Strange, nervous? Wow, that’s new.”
“It’s your fault.”
“I make you nervous?”
“Aww, really?”
He shrugged shyly.
You found that fact very amusing. That the person he was dating, you, could make him so nervous and make him fear embarrassing himself in front of could break down his huge ego. He’s the cutest, you thought.
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aelaer · 5 days ago
The Blood in Your Veins: 9/?
I keep forgetting to update tumblr when I have a new update, whoops. It's written up to 15, and I have bits of 16 and 17 written out. It's just about getting it all out of my head and onto paper. But we're about halfway done on AO3.
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Tony Stark & Stephen Strange, Tony Stark/Stephen Strange. And getting to know a handful of original characters that were needed for the plot.
Some Other Tags: Gen or Pre-Slash, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Kidnapping, Hurt Stephen Strange, Hurt Tony Stark, POV Stephen Strange, Medical Procedures, Palladium Poisoning, Hollywood Science, Canon-Typical Violence, Canon-typical resignation to a possibly terminal condition
Summary: An overly-long prompt story written for tumblr’s @ironstrangeprompts #608: Kidnapped to play doctor for a still unseen other prisoner, Stephen realizes there is only one person on the planet who would have palladium in their blood.
Chapter 9: An Oath I've Sworn
As always, Meera immediately took the blood sample from Stephen to analyze once he got back from breakfast with Tony, and Stephen got back to the tediousness of largely slide labeling and data entry for both Jada's and Meera's numerous tests and experiments. They had conducted well over a thousand at this point, that much he knew. But despite the countless hours in trying to find anything to fully counteract the continuous palladium poisoning, a solution better than the lithium dioxide injections had yet to be found, and it was growing increasingly unlikely that anything would be found. Still, they labored on.
About an hour after his return, Meera called at him. He looked over his shoulder as she disposed of her gloves and when she caught his eye, she gestured to her computer. As he came over, she said, "It's not good."
Stephen slowly exhaled at the current numbers and the chart beside it. "Well, we weren't sure if the extra smoothie a day would do much," he pointed out.
"I was hoping it would do something," Meera hissed in frustration. "We both were."
He glanced over at Jada's sleeping form as Meera mentioned her. "It was worth a shot," he said.
"Jada's models expected a steep growth at some point, but it seems too early to me," she continued. "Look—it took him three weeks to get from 0.3 to 0.36, right when we started the lithium dioxide injections. There has been nothing conclusive in his blood and urine tests that point to a weakening kidney, so surely the rate should have remained the same. This jump to 0.45 from the 6th to the 11th made no sense then and makes no sense now. That it's at 0.61 only a week later…" She trailed off and raised her glasses to rub at her eyes.
"At the rate it's going, it will have near doubled in two weeks," Stephen murmured.
"From all my models, the lithium dioxide should have continued to slow it. It makes no sense. Perhaps his body has started developing some sort of tolerance to it?" She sighed. "Increasing the dosage of the lithium dioxide may be the only choice we have here. Does Stark know the risks?"
Read More on AO3
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rosequartzwriting · 6 days ago
The Agent and Her Sorcerer
Pairing: Doctor Strange X Fem!Reader
Description: You, an agent who works with The Avengers, comes back to the compound to find that Doctor Strange has brought you coffee.
Warnings: mentions of drinking and doing the dirty
Word Count: 2.4K
A/N: Originally posted on Quotev | Things have been busy, so has mental heath things, so idk when new things will come out. I love this piece tho so I hope this makes up for it. 
Masterlist | Fic Reading Recs | Ao3 | Quotev | Coffee
Tumblr media
Gif by @cumberbatchlives
Technically a sequel to The Sorcerer and The Agent
When you stepped off the jet and onto the landing, you let out a long breath of relief. That field mission was finally over. It was an early call that got you out of bed before the sun came up. Too early for your body to function, but with the encouragement of coffee and Captain Rogers forcing you out of bed, you conquered the task. You checked your phone for the time, it was now around noon. You were ready to sit down, maybe even take a nap. You desperately needed a break.
But you knew you would not be able to rest.
Tony was already on your ass. He came out of nowhere, scaring the life back into you, and shoved a tablet in your hands. "Before you file your report, you got another one."
You groaned, falling into step beside him to make your way into the building. "Already?"
Tony pushed a few things on your tablet and an image came up. It was one of the objects you had recovered from this morning's mission. On the side was a stream of jumbled letters and numbers.
"Decoding, seriously?"
Tony shrugged, with a grin on his face that you wanted to punch off. "Hey, you're best for the job."
"Can't FRIDAY just run through it?"
"Where's the fun in that?"
You glared at him.
"Come on, you got this."
You rolled your eyes, "Fine. Only because it might give us a new lead."
"Atta girl! Don't stress yourself out."
You were already stressed.
"Oh and by the way, someone in the lounge is here to see you."
After a brief moment of surprise, you knew who it was. Tony saw the smile appear on your face, then winked at you. You rolled your eyes at him.
You tucked the tablet under your arm and made your way to the lounge. Maybe you were getting a little break before continuing for the day after all. A small amount of energy that came from your happiness pushed you forwards.
When you got there, sure enough, there he was.
"Hey, I thought you might want coffee."
You chuckled. Of course you wanted coffee.
Stephen Strange had a coffee tray in his hands that had two cups in it. He was standing around looking a little awkward, a little out of place at the compound. He looked relived to see you, as if anyone else in the doorway would made him embarrassed. His serious demeanor was no where in sight, a hint of warmth in his cheeks.
He wasn't wearing his sorcerer robes, but casual clothes. A jacket, dark jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, simple things that you got to see him in more often now. You liked it. Very much.
Without any hesitation, you made your way over to him. Giving him a big smile the entire way. You put your tablet down so you could take the cup he was holding out for you. "Thank you." Your gloved hands brushed against his bare shaking ones. The contact was enough to widen your smile.
"Don't mention it."
"Hi! How are you? What's new?" You asked him, leaning one hand on a table and sipping your coffee with the other.
Stephen let out a breath, "Well this morning I helped to try and close a dimensional rip in space time. If we hadn't managed to close it then it would have swallowed an entire country."
"Sounds exciting, Doctor." You hid a smirk behind a look of playfully exaggerated interest.
"Oh it was." He was trying to hide a smirk too, "How about you, Agent (L/N)?" His cheek twitched, trying desperately to not let that smirk slide through.
"Well I just came back from a mission in London where an very well hidden Hydra base was found. There were a few of their agents there, kicked some ass, and managed to recover some of their tech and files. You know, normal things."
"This is a very casual conversation despite its content." He commented.
You both broke after that, smirks turning into fits of chuckles. You reached up and kissed him on the cheek.
The two of you were developing into a 'thing' recently. Whenever he would come to the compound, you would have your eye on him. And you could feel his eye on you as well. It had been going back and forth for a while, finding excuses to talk to each other and purposely being in the same room as one another. Casual attraction.
You noticed the little details in him. Taking every opportunity to make a snarky comment during meetings. Dedication and a 'cool calm' overtaking him whenever disusing anything serious. His gaze of sparkling blue, sharp features, and welcoming smile. The very presence of him either made your heart stop or quicken, sometimes both simultaneously.
Whenever you were both having a conversation, whether for work or just friendly chatter, you found yourself entranced by him. His voice, his gorgeous face, his personality. Not casual attraction anymore, you were sightly obsessed.
But there was always this look in his eyes, that he recognized your attraction to him. And a look that told you he had similar emotions. You just knew it. You paid attention to him. You noticed him paying attention to you with interest, catching him staring on occasion.
Things had went from zero to one hundred at a party that Tony threw last week. You had a little too much to drink. Stephen did too. You found yourselves alone. Things escalated from there. You woke up the next morning in his bed in the New York sanctum, cuddled in his arms. You both went out for breakfast that morning. He took you out for dinner a day after.
Ever since then, he shows up at the compound when he can, or calls you to ask how you are doing. Work for both of you has gotten pretty busy lately so finding time to go out together was hard. But you promised each other another date as soon as you both were free.
This was a long time coming, you both knew that. All it took was one little push. But you did not expect that push to be a little alcohol. It happened anyways, so you decided to take it without complaints.
Stephen looked around, making sure no one else was in the room to intrude. After confirming, he leaned down and stole a kiss from you. You giggled and let him, leaning up into him. He pulled away to let you have another sip of your coffee.
He wasn't drinking from his own cup. You felt his eyes on you. It did not take long to figure out why. You were still in your uniform, one that is similar to Natasha's. Black bodysuit, weapons belt. Skin tight. A blush crept up on your face, some memories coming back from that night. He has seen you wearing this before, but now his gaze had a different weight to it.
"Liking the view, Strange?" You asked with a raised eyebrow and mischief glittering in your eyes.
He shrugged, "Now that I know what it all looks like, I like the view even more." Casual. Calm. Cocky.
You playfully smacked him on the shoulder, bringing his hint of a smile into light. Tucking the tablet under your arm, coffee in one hand and Stephen's own hand in another, you pulled him over to one of the couches. The two of you sat down. "I have a little tech and paperwork to do right now. You're welcome to stay while I do it, if you're free."
He relaxed beside you, an arm slinging over the back of the couch. "I've got time. Wong is watching the Sanctum, I have the afternoon off."
"Maybe if I finish early we can go out?" You asked with a perky smile.
He gestured to your open tablet. "Better get to work then." You laughed, quickly kissed him, and did get to work. You explained to him your tasks, the decoding you needed to do and then fill out your mission report file. He seemed interested, looking over your shoulder the whole time as you explained your process. He watched you complete the decoding, send the results to the cloud, and start typing away at your morning's mission report.
Stephen's presence behind you the entire time was comforting, taking away some of the stress of your busy work. His warmth and the smell of coffee in the air made you content. You felt him start to fiddle with the tails of your hair, you jokingly swatting him away before he went right back to it.
During the breakfast date, and the dinner date, you saw more little things about him you liked. There was curiosity and interest in his eyes. Behind that serious shell was gentleness and kindness, a full heart who thinks for others. It was like after that night, you got to see the real Stephen Strange, not the Sorcerer Supreme. He was a gentle lover, even drunk, making sure you were comfortable the entire time. Eating out together, he was a gentleman. Seeing him around the compound, he seemed to be smiling more.
You never knew the great Doctor Stephen Strange was a total softy. It made you like him even more.
While writing, you found yourself putting extra care into reviewing the mission and its details. This may have been caused by knowing Stephen was watching your every move and you wanted to make a good impression of your work ethic. You made sure to skim through for any mistakes or typos in your writing as well. After some time, discarded cups on the coffee table and Stephen now subtly nuzzling your neck, you submitted your report.
"Do you have to do that after every mission?" The man who was practically wrapping his entire body around yours on the couch asked.
"Yeah. That was one of the longer ones. Most things were more straightforward this time around, but I did a lot in London today." You heaved a sigh, momentary wiggled out of Stephen's arms to plunk your tablet down on the coffee table, and relaxed back into the couch.
"Have anything else to do?" He asked.
"Not currently." You turned to him, now giving him your full attention. He seemed to like it.
"Well then, maybe you and me can go grab lunch?"
"I'd like that."
You watched his eyes dip down, briefly glancing at your lips before looking back up at your eyes. You caught him. This told you what he was thinking about, and soon you were thinking about it yourself. And then you were doing it. One of his hands rested on your cheek, the other found your waist as he kissed you. Your hands tangled around his neck and up into his hair gently.
It was like you lost track of time. You just focused on Stephen, a hand of his running over the fabric of your tight uniform.
"I'm glad Tony threw that party."
You and Stephen urgently parted at the interruption. Standing in the doorway, Steve and Natasha had smug grins. They were still in their uniforms from the mission, Steve's shield strapped across his back. You groaned.
When you told only one person that you went home with Stephen that night, it had spread through the compound like wildfire. Your coworkers all knew, and they were relieved. Finally, they had said. You must have not noticed how obvious you and Stephen's electric stares and intrigued chatter were.
You were a little embarrassed at being caught making out, but the embarrassment practically radiated off Stephen. He immediately straightened upright and cleared his throat. Apparently he did not show his vulnerable side to anyone but you, him instantly clicking back into a neutral expression when facing someone else.
Nat got right to the point, ignoring the irritated look on your face, "We got a new lead. There was a new location marked in one of their files found in London. Venice. We leave in thirty."
A frown glazed your features. You were really looking forward to spending some time with Stephen again. You looked at Stephen, who shared a mutual disappointed look in his eyes. But you knew that he would go let you work. It was annoying.
It wouldn't hurt to ask. Would it?
You stood up from the couch, grabbing your tablet to pull up your report again. You strided towards your bosses, a lick of confidence in your posture.
"Um actually I was kinda hoping if I could get the rest of the day off." You sang.
Steve let out a breath in a smug laugh, while Nat was hiding one of her own.
With a smile, you handed Nat your tablet, the mission report on the screen. Clean, detailed, care put into it, reflecting your hard work you had accomplished all morning. You saw her eyes look it over, the captain leaning in to do the same.
"You did work hard this morning." Steve pointed out.
"And you did eventually save our asses in the end." Nat added.
As you said to Stephen earlier, you did kick ass during the mission.
You gave them a look of hope. It was obvious what you wanted, they both knew it. For some reason you felt like they were lengthening the moment to tease you. To leave you in anticipation.
After what felt like minutes instead of seconds, the two turned to each other and exchanged expressions. Steve nodded. Natasha handed back your tablet.
"Go play with your sorcerer and his magic hands." Natasha whispered to you with a wink. A deep blush crept up onto your neck, and you saw her smirk. Scrunching your face up in a mock sneer, you snatched your tablet back.
"Have fun, you two." Steve said as a goodbye, and him and Natasha left the lounge to get ready for part two of today's investigation.
You turned back to Stephen. He had an impressed look on his face. Now standing, he threw away your empty coffee cups in a nearby bin."You didn't have to do that, you know."
"Too bad. Already did." You shrugged, sauntering back over to stand in front of him.
Stephen gave you a smile, and opened a slingring portal right in front of you both. "Then lets go."
You put down your tablet and went to empty your weapons belt. "I'm still in uniform, Stephen." You laughed, "I should go change first."
The sorcerer snapped his fingers, and your skintight Avengers uniform turned into a pair of leggings and a blouse. An outfit Stephen had complimented you on last week. You were surprised he remembered it.
You rolled your eyes at him, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your hand and pulled you through the portal.
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dxctorstephenstrange · 8 days ago
“Sorcerer, Heal Thyself.” (short fic)
The nightmares.  Again.
So much death; his and theirs...over and over.  Different ways, but the same outcome: failure.  Loss.  Decimation.
The awakening; always sudden, gasping for air as if trapped in a bell jar, hands aching terribly, so badly that it brings tears to his eyes...or perhaps it's something more, something deeper.
A slow crawl out of bedsheets soaked in sweat, and a flick of a wrist to make them clean and orderly again, creating the illusion that it never happened.
In the bathroom now; cold water splashed on a face etched with an ache both physical and emotional.  No magic solution for this; no spell or mystical artifact to erase the fear, to ease the doubt, to end the loneliness.
The tears come, falling freely now as the memories flood in.  A dear sister, heartbroken parents, an angry brother, a terrible accident...broken hearts, broken bones, broken lives.  Nothing but grief and bitterness.
Rage setting in now, deep and raw.  "You son of a bitch!  YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" The words echo in the Sanctum, woven with pain and despair.
A mirror shatters against an unleashed fist, digging into flesh and drawing blood.  Fresh pain that electrifies every nerve ending and acts to clear the fog of regret and sadness.
"I can fix this...I can fix it."  He looks at his hands.  A few more cuts, none of them least they won't scar.  Clean the wound, apply antibiotic ointment, wrap to cover, elevate to stop the bleeding...just like a good doctor should.
As the first hints of the morning color the sky, Doctor Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, stands before the window that bears the Seal of the Vishanti, steeling himself as the night ends and another day of protecting all of reality from danger begins.
Sorcerer, Heal Thyself.
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rulerofthelimbo · 8 days ago
Rating: Explicit
Category: Multi/Poly relationship
Fandoms: Marvel 616; Marvel Comics
Relationships: Stephen Strange/Victor von Doom/Clea
This is a, uh... spin-off? DLC? Sequel? I don't know what to call it but it's the forbidden NSFW Doomcleaphen scene that never made it to the final cut of Oblivion. I didn't have the energy to write smut at that time, and I'm not sure if I still do haha. In any case, if you wish context, angst and confessions, I recommend to read Oblivion first. This scene only happens at the end anyways. But if you're looking for smut only, you're also valid. So here it is! Hope you all enjoy it! Thank you for everyone who supported me and my super hyper master blaster rare OT3. Also the same old excuse that I'm not a native speaker so I apologize in advance ~
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geeklikeagirlstudios · 9 days ago
Just a Non-Couple Walking here
A little drabble for you starring one of our team’s favorite pairings, StrangeFrost.
Loki stretched and yawned, the light of a new day creeping through her window. Running a hand through her messy hair, she shuffled out of bed towards the shower. Turning it scalding hot, she stepped inside, head resting against the tile as she struggled to stay awake.
After she’d been in the shower a few minutes, she heard the curtain move and felt another body step in the shower. “Well you look exhausted,” Strange said.
“And whose fault is that,” she groaned, not opening her eyes. “Didn’t hear you complain last night.”
“The serotonin made me temporarily forget that I hate you,” Loki countered. “Now go away, I have to get clean.”
“You’ve been in here like ten minutes and you’re barely even wet,” he rolled his eyes, turning down the temperature. “The steam will just make you more tired, you know.”
She tiredly flipped him off.
Strange got under the water, washing himself off. Loki watched out of the corner of her eye, casting her gaze downward at the thing that had made her so tired.
“Loki, I can sense you staring.”
“You’re making that up,” she mumbled, shutting her eyes again. Strange sighed.
“You know last night doesn’t have to mean anything, right? We’d both had too much to drink and we got desperate. We can agree to never speak of this again and move on with our lives.”
“Fine by me,” Loki scoffed.
“Okay then.”
Five minutes later, Strange had Loki pinned against the wall, the water only barely hiding her cries of pleasure.
Once the two finally had the mental faculties to turn off the water and get dried up, they managed to get dressed.
“You want to get coffee?” Strange asked Loki as he threw on a shirt.
“Fine, but you’re paying,” she said, zipping up her pants. “I still don’t have any Midgardian money.”
“I was going to offer anyway,” he said. “Just so we’re clear though, it’s not a date.” She snorted.
“Of course not. As if I would ever.”
“Exactly,” he nodded.
The two walked out, arm in arm as any non-couple would.
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screamsinbisexual · 10 days ago
Someone please help me find this fanfic!!
It’s a Bucky Barnes x reader where they’ve never met but reader is in a coma. They can’t get good medical care cause of money but their spirit/astral projection/whatever it’s called is waking around and Bucky is the only one that can see them. So he finds their hospital room and makes Tony pay for their medical bills. It’s very specific and I can’t find it anywhere!!
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butterysalt · 12 days ago
|| MCU Masterlist ||
* This masterlist will be updated when new works are posted
*Mostly reader insert works. Any other pairings will be specified.
UPDATED - 04/25/21
** I have not yet watched WV or TFATWS.
Tumblr media
Stucky (Steve x Bucky)
Love You, Rogers (Angst) (Old Drabble)
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oliviamaze · 14 days ago
Wanda: after WandaVision, before Doctor Strange 2
Tumblr media
Fandom: MCU, Wanda Maximoff, WandaVision
Word-count: 206 words.
The Darkhold has a pull to it. An undeniable vicious aura. Wanda could feel it, but wasn’t quite sure what she should do about it.
“Let it be”, part of her said, as she walked among trees of the mountains, taking in the breeze. She was growing more powerful everyday with this unexpected resource.
She thought of the witch she took it from. Her words remained imprinted in her, as a repetitive lullaby: “you’re the Scarlet Witch”. At that time, an obscure concept to her, but as she learned from Darkhold everyday through astral projection, the blurriness of it all was slowly fading.
A being of spontaneous creation, the witch said, powered with chaos magic; supposed to exceed even the Sorcerer Supreme...
She remembered hearing that term briefly, at Stark’s funeral. Someone pointed to her a man, tall and pale, dark-haired with a goatee. Her brows wrinkled as she concentrated on trying to remember his name, but nothing came except a profound impression about his strangeness.
If the sorcerer supreme was the authority between beings like her, as implied by its title, should she then pursue him for guidance?
And if he were to find out about what happened in Westview, what would he do?...
English is my second language and I’m trying to improve my writing in it (and in general), so if you’d like to respectfully give me feedback through message or ask, I would appreciate it!
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avengershumanresources · 16 days ago
blood 10 - Strange/Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dr. Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult Themes, smut, adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence
Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. When the king disappears during battle, hope is lost and he is presumed dead.
When the late king’s uncle, Obadiah, takes the throne until your brother Peter is of age, he quickly arranges a marriage for you with a wicked king in a neighboring kingdom.
With the realms politics in question, and rumors of an upcoming siege to overthrow Peter’s rule before it starts, you quickly learn who is loyal to the crown and who is not.
part 9 - part 11
Chapter Playlist
10 - a trick
Peter had Sam and Clint notify the guard. Natalia and James secured the Queen and Princess Morgan, and before anyone had time to breathe, Peter stormed Obadiah’s bedchamber.
The king woke with a start, opening his mouth to protest the interruption and stopping immediately when the tip of a sword went to his throat. 
“Is this supposed to be a coup?” he mocked while Peter marched him out of the bedroom toward the throne room. “You’re in over your head, boy.”
Peter didn’t reply, keeping his sword up until they were securely in the throne room where Wong, Steve, and Thor waited with crossed arms. 
“King Rumlow will not stand for this,” Obadiah’s confident tone faded once Peter shoved him forward. “Whatever you’re planning, you’re outnumbered.”
“Per the law, if the council feels the king is unfit, he may be removed in favor of the next in line,” Wong recited. 
“He’s not of age!” Obadiah spat but Steve looked between the men. 
“A few months?” he asked the group. “I saw the records say his birth was yesterday, 22 years to the day.” 
“It’ll be noted,” Wong hummed, the quartet watching the king for his next move. 
“Traitors-,” Obadiah threw a finger between the men accusingly. “Where’s Strange? Not man enough to face me himself?”
“Uncle, if you step down peacefully, you can live out your days unbothered at the border,” Peter offered tersely, watching the manic man for any sudden movements. “Please.”
“Ha!” Obadiah threw his head back, taking a few steps away from the group. “Do you honestly think I believe that? You’ll send that bitch assassin or the cripple missing an arm after me.”
Peter saw Steve tense at the insults, but maintained a firm tone with the disgraced king. 
“Please uncle,” he tried to reason. “There are many who wish to see you punished for your transgressions-.”
“Transgressions?” Obadiah spun on to him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve tried to bring peace to the kingdom. I’ve broken no law.”
“You ordered the death of my father,” Peter stated, unflinchingly. He stated the older, larger man down. “The punishment for treason is death and I am giving you the option of survival.” 
Shouting was beginning to rise from the courtyard outside the throne room. Flickers of torches and the whinnying of horses soon meshed into the sounds. 
“The men who wish to see you dead far outnumber anyone loyal to you,” Steve warned, eyeing the lights through the stained glass. “You have nothing to offer Rumlow, there’s no guarantee he’ll be willing to waste the men on a lost cause.”
There was a there was a crash from the hall outside the locked throne room door. Swords clanged against once another and the shouting grew louder. 
Turning to the men, Obadiah smirked when someone began slamming against the door. 
“Are you certain of that, Peter?” he asked, his grin growing wider. “Don’t think I was blind to your schemes. I know all that goes on in this castle.” 
He rounded on Peter, a finger prodding the prince’s chest. 
“I heard all about the tavern meetings with the Asgardians and this pathetic attempt on my throne,” he glowered down at him. “I knew exactly why the Asgardians were here, a betrothal, don’t be stupid! I knew about that little slut too. Now she’s with her weak father... probably lamenting how I outsmarted them. You’re a fool, Peter, and you’ll hang for this.”
There was a stunned silence, all eyes falling on Peter, who’d backed away with Obadiah towering over him. Shouts and banging could still be heard from the halls, a group now trying to break down the door. 
All at once, Peter let out a furious yell. He grabbed the front of Obadiah’s sleeping gown with one hand, the other going for a dagger at his side. 
“Do you see this knife?” he snarled, pricking the tip against Obadiah’s neck to draw a single droplet of blood. “My sister used it to defend against that beast you’ve brought into my home. Do you know who gave it to her? One of the most dangerous criminals in the next two kingdoms, pray tell me, uncle- what do you think they will do to do if I don’t kill you now? The assassin who so trusted my beloved sister, he gave her a weapon to defend from you?”
“You’re going to lose.”
“What will they do, Obadiah-,” Peter dug the blade a little deeper into the kings skin, making the man squirm. “When the truth of her death comes out? When the truth of my fathers death? The longest reign of peace and economic prosperity in generations. What will the farmers, whose crops Rumlow burned under your orders, do to you?”
“Peter!” the door burst open and Wong grabbed Peter, teleporting him, Thor, and Steve away before Amora could blast the group. 
She rushed toward the king, hands glowing, while she skimmed him over for injury. 
“The queen and princess are gone,” she reported. “My king rallied his troops the moment he caught wise of what the prince was planning. Sir, he still commits his men to you, per your agreement.”
“No marriage?” Obadiah practically stammered out. 
“My grace, the specifics can be dealt with, should we survive this treacherous siege, now hold on,” she grabbed his wrist and teleported with a cloud of green smoke. 
“The princess was moved to the crypt,” Loki reported once he met Stephen in the courtyard, his troops readying to support the guard within the castle. “One of the priests heard wind of the siege and gave her a quick blessing before fleeing.” 
That wasn’t part of the plan.
Stephen had done his best to ensure you would have been removed from the stone coffin before you could risk suffocating. With an active battle, there was no guarantee when he could rescue you.
“I have to move her now,” he realized at Loki’s urgent implication. 
“Better now than when the castle is burning,” the prince replied snarkily. His attention was caught by a large flame in one of the guard towers. Obadiah had resisted.
It was time. 
“Go, before I go myself to avoid this barbaric carnage,” Loki pulled on his battle helmet and began to rally his men. 
Stephen didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly drew up a portal to the Stark family crypt below the castle. He raced to the newest section of the tomb, where your grandfather and your father’s empty coffin sat under a carving of your great-grandfather.
He ignited the torches with a wave of his hand, immediately spotting the recently disturbed stone tomb. Raising his palm, he blasted the lid of the entrapment, pushing the stone aside and summoning a light to better see inside. 
To his relief, you were there, arms folded over your chest, body tucked in a hastily wrapped funeral shroud. He ripped the cloth back, pulling your unconscious body out of the stone chamber and draping you over his lap on the ground. 
A quick check of his spell, and it was still holding. Your seidr was still concealed and you were still alive, just in a deep, charmed, sleep. 
He scooped you up, throwing open a portal to the chambers he’d prepared at his home, and quickly draped you onto the bed. 
Sensing his magic, Wanda stepped through her own portal, glancing up at her friend in concern. 
“It’s early,” she noted with a tilt of her head. 
“Obadiah didn’t surrender or attempt to negotiate. Brock joined the attack,” he explained. “The king needs to rally the troops here and notify our allies.”
Wanda gave a curt nod, disappearing as quickly as she’d appeared. 
He returned his attention to you, lightly touching the seidr seal on your wrist and ensuring the spell would hold while he was out of sight.
“I will return my love,” he vowed, tucking a strand of hair out of your face and pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. He double checked the wards around the bedroom a final time before opening a portal to Tony’s encampment within his estate grounds. 
“Peter, what’s happening?” Pepper demanded when the trio sudden appeared in her chambers. James and Natalia were both in their feet, awaiting further instructions. 
“Where’s Morgan?” he demanded, moving through the room until he located his baby sister in the old nursery attached to the suite. “We have to get the two of you to safety.”
“She wanted to sleep, James and Natalia told us to stay ready, but-,” Pepper hurried after him. “Peter, what is going on?”
“I’m removing Obadiah from the throne,” he stated matter of factly, scooping up Morgan and grabbing a cook off a nearby hook. “Brock is trying to help him, but our men far outnumber theirs. You and Morgan are being moved to Kamar-Taj for the night, then into the Asgardian keep.” 
“And the lords and ladies?” she stammered out, overwhelmed by his calm demeanor despite the screams and fires outside. She absently took her daughter when Peter passed her off, watching James and Natalia assemble a few more essentials into a small silk bag before passing it off to Peter. 
“Long evacuated, the men who wished to fight still remain,” Steve supplied. “Wong and myself will be accompanying you to Asgard. Queen Frigga will provide passage to Asgard once Brock’s troops are recalled from the border and Amora’s mystic boundary is broken.”
“Kamar-Taj has a prepared trunk for you,” Natalia explained softly. “I put it together with Peter a few weeks ago. It should have what you need until you reach Asgard.”
“What about the rest of you?” Pepper’s gaze feel on Peter. “What will you do?”
“I’m going to kill Brock and Obadiah,” he promised confidently. “Overcome and conquer.”
Pepper paused, reaching for his face and cradling his jaw with her palm. 
“Your father would be so proud,” she whispered, the brief spell broken when an explosion sounded in the courtyard. 
“Magic,” Wong confirmed. “Amora probably summoned her apprentices. We need to move to ensure we are not followed.”
“Be safe, my sweet son,” Pepper kissed his cheek and followed after Wong and Steve, Morgan tucked tightly in her arms. “I love you.”
“Goodbye mother,” he replied, watching the spot in the room until the portal snapped shut and he was left with Thor and the assassins. 
“What now?” James asked, peeking through the queens window nervously. 
“There’s a passage down the hall that should lead you to the armory. Through there, you should be able to reach Loki and our combined men. Mordo and Stephen have called for reinforcements from Kamar-Taj, and they should be able to fend off magic users while we handle the rest.”
“Asgardian forces will be here by dawn,” Thor promised. “With another wave due before nightfall.” 
“Obadiah won’t be missing for long,” Peter continued. “He’s a pig, but not a coward. He will want to oversee things in person, likely with Brock. That’s when we hit them and end this.”
“And Amora?” Natalia quirked a brow. 
“Leave that to Loki,” Thor muttered grimly. “He has a score to settle with the Enchantress.”
You jolted up with a gasp. 
The room was dark, but something unfamiliar about it sent the seidr in your veins prickling through the goosebumps on your skin. 
Reaching around, you swallowed anxiously. The bed was all wrong. The fabrics not the silks and cotton you’d grown up with. Eyes adjusting to the darkness, you realized you weren’t in your bed chambers at all. 
A yell and response outside the window had you scrambling to your feet, spying a number of fires burning in the dark sea of land outside whenever you now found yourself. 
Your groggy brain ran through its last memories. The assault. The conversation with Stephen. 
The sleeping draught. 
How powerful had it been?
You looked down at your hands, a faint glow of violet emitting from your hands and up your arms. You’d barely had time to examine it when the door to the room burst open. 
“You’re not supposed to be awake-,” Wanda stated, swooping on you and catching sight of the seidr. Eyes wide, she tried subduing the small bit of magic, but the moment the crimson tendrils tried touching the violet, the seidr grew brighter and spread more thoroughly over your body. 
“What is going on-?” You reached for your skirts and realized your dressing gown had been changed to a deep crimson formal gown. “Where is Stephen? Where is my home?”
“Princess,” Wanda reached for your hand, but the seidr snapped back at her and she pulled away. “I don’t know what’s happened. Stephen is... I can better explain...” 
She looked overwhelmed, her eyes constantly dropping to watch the raw power radiating off of you. 
“You’ve been asleep for two days, almost three nights,” she stated briskly, and you shook your head, frowning. 
“That’s impossible,” you whispered. 
“The sleeping potion Stephen gave you... it was to mimic the effects of death,” she continued softly. “We’re at the main keep for his family. Princess, the kingdom is at war.”
“Wanda, you were supposed to seal it, what’s taking so-,” Loki stopped in the doorway of the room. “Princess.”
He looked as bewildered as Wanda to see you standing and alert. And twice as concerned with the seidr energy coming from you. 
“That’s not good,” he stated bluntly. “Amora is going to see you like a beacon in the night.”
“Brock’s men have secured the castle already, if he knows she’s alive-,” Wanda agreed, speaking quickly and tersely with the prince. 
“Alive? Of course I’m-,” you paused. Mimic the effects of death. Eyes growing wide with realization as to what Stephen had done, you huffed a sigh. “Brock is still aligned with Obadiah?”
“It’s tentative,” Wanda replied. “But if his Stark bride is alive and well...”
“He’s already calling troops through the Kree empire, and the sea artillery is moving toward Asgardian waters,” Loki frowned, reaching forward and trying to calm your magic with his own. When it spat back at him like Wanda’s, his lips formed a thin line of concern. “Strange’s seal was so powerful I couldn’t sense it, so he isn’t holding right now because of the princess. There’s something else keeping him by Obadiah’s side. This will just soldifiy whatever deal they’ve struck. We need to figure out how to seal the seidr.”
“Could she just learn to control it?” Wanda offered. “I don’t think external means are going to suppress it much longer.”
“Wanda, how long did it take for you to learn to hide your own essence from enemies?” Loki pressed. “We need to locate Stephen.”
Eyes glowing, Wanda nodded and disappeared, presumably to retrieve the sorcerer in question.
“Loki, is my family-?” you started and he nodded. 
“Your mother and sister are in Asgard,” he replied. “Peter is...”
“He’s on the battlefield,” you finished with a knowing sigh. “Do we stand a chance?” 
“The Wakandans have mobilized and will be sending reinforcements soon,” he explained, gesturing for you to hold out the hand with the seal on your wrist. “Incredible. Your power... destroyed the rune. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
“The Wakandans have no loyalty to Peter,” you voiced, furrowing your brows. Are they aligned with Asgard?” 
“Well, no-,” he started. “They stand behind House Stark but, there is an important thing you should know now that you’re awake.”
He drew a portal, knowing her couldn’t teleport with your present state, and led you to what looked like a massive dining hall within the same building.
Hundreds of men were resting, some singing ballads and others sharing large bowls of stew and bread. 
You looked to Loki for explanation. 
Was Stephen hurt? Had your brother perished? 
He stood stoically, his gaze falling on the back of a man tending to an infantryman’s dressings. When he turned his head, you gasped and rushed over. 
“Father..?” you hesitated, his face was covered in mud, and he’d grown a large beard, but as soon as you saw his eyes, you knew. 
“Look who had risen from the grave,” he teased. “Welcome to the afterlife. It’s not quite what the priests suggested-.”
You cut him off, throwing your arms around his shoulders. 
“You’re alive,” you stammered in awe. “I... how? They say a pike went through your chest.”
“Oh, about that...” he touched the from of his chest. “Loki is a very skilled healer, and Wanda foresaw that particular complication... it’s a long story, best served for better conditions.”
“The seidr broke the potion’s effects,” Loki stated, looking down at the soldier and waving a hand over his bloodied wound. The wound was immediately cleaned and the soldier’s eyes drifted shut, his chest soon rising and falling in a peaceful sleep. “We’re trying to locate Stephen. Wanda and myself couldn’t interact with her.”
“I see,” Tony looked to you, eyes following the new elements of magic dancing lazily over your upper body. “Certainly the wards around the keep should continue to mask it?”
“For now,” Loki reported. “If Amora approaches too close, it could mean exposure.”
“You knew about all of this as well?” you looked to your father, still struggling to keep up with everything being said and plotted. She turned to Loki. “And you knew he was alive”
“And Wanda,” Loki added. “Natalia, and more recently, Stephen.”
“What?” you blinked in surprise. That wasn’t right. Stephen certainly would have told you. 
“We couldn’t risk Amora catching on,” your father quickly sensed your shift in emotion. “She was watching you because of your seidr, trying to tamper with your thoughts. You had to be left in the dark until we knew you were a safe distance from her.”
“Amora is a very powerful magic user who betrayed the trust of my mother and yours,” Loki informed you, his hand tensing at his side. “We couldn’t risk her getting ahead of our plans.”
“That’s going to go to waste if we can’t continue the charade you’re dead,” Tony clarified. “Brock is only barely allied with Obadiah. We have the numbers right now, but if he becomes serious about taking our kingdom, he and the Northern Kree far exceed our men, the Asgardians, the Wakandans, and the Southern Kree.”
“Your grace,” a blonde woman in knights armor approached and bowed her head. You noticed that the blood from the cuts on her cheeks was teal- a Kree. “King Odin is riding for us. He will be here within the hour, ready to provide more men.”
“Thank you Lady Carol,” Tony nodded while the female knight bowed and exited the room. Your eyes trailed after her in a dazed stupor. You’d never seen a female knight before. You’d read that the Kree society was more favorable to the female gender, but you never would have imagined the Kree would let a woman directly report to a king. 
“We need Frigga,” Tony sighed.
“We would have to ride to Asgard ourselves. The mystic boundary Amora out on the borders of too powerful, no one has been able to teleport or portal through it,” Loki grumbled. 
Tony cursed under his breath and stood, a hand on your back, guiding you through the mess of cots and soldiers. Some were injured, most were just worn from battle and resting until they were called upon again. 
Leading you and Loki out of the hall, Tony stopped once he was certain you were alone. 
“Only the sorcerers and myself are aware of your situation,” he murmured. “Peter and the queen are none the wiser. We need to keep you within the walls of this keep until Stephen is located and we have our next steps.”
“Can I help at all?” you asked, feeling more like a prized hen than someone who was useful. “I know some healing salves and wound mending?” 
“We can’t risk it,” Loki looked to Tony who was considering the suggestion. “One incident with the uncontrolled seidr and that could be the end of us.”
“My sweet, I’m sorry,” Tony pulled your head in and kissed the top of your hair. “It won’t be long until Stephen arrives and we can make a clearer decision.”
As if on cue, Wanda appeared, blood coating her hands and the dark robes she wore. 
“Stephen was injured in battle,” she explaine, Loki quickly teleporting with her without another word. 
“I bet he’s in the master suite,” your dad mused, a wink in your direction. “He has all of his potions and trinkets in there for emergency.”
You paused, hesitating between leaving your newly alive father, and being by your love’s side. 
“I’m needed in a war council,” he answered the dilemma. “We can catch up when the world isn’t burning around us.”
He gave your hand a final, reassuring, squeeze before giving you a quick layout of the keep. You thanked him, promised to keep him updated, and dashed down the halls. 
As you hurried, you felt your dress restricting your movements, and briefly considered trousers to be a more apt clothing option for the moment. 
It was when you felt the restriction around your legs disappear when you looked down and saw your clothes had shifted. Your crimson gown now crimson trousers, your corset a more reasonable bustier, and a cloth shirt tucked under a matching jacket with the Stark sigil subtly embroidered on the chest. 
Stopping in shock at the change, it occurred to you that the seidr had merely been responding to your mental requests.
That, you could get used to. No wonder Stephen and Loki were always ready for balls and events faster than you. 
You picked up your pace, rushing through the halls until you found the master suite exactly where your father had told you. 
A maid was shuffling out as you approached and you quietly slipped in, doing your best to ignore the blood saturated towels tucked under the maids arms. 
“It was a toxic arrow,” Wanda was explained to Loki. “It isn’t allowing the blood to coagulate properly. He’s going to bleed out.”
“I imagine Amora had something to do with this,” Loki murmured, glowing emerald hands hovering just over the gushing wound. “Strange. Stay with us. Stay awake.”
You were discarding your jacket and rolling up your sleeves, moving toward the makeshift apothecary stand while Stephen kept his eyes squeezed in pain.
“If she enchanted the poison or venom before applying it, we should be able to pull the toxins magically, right?” you recalled from a text you’d read during one of the long nights in the observatory. 
“I’m trying to, but I can’t detect any traces of magic in the wound,” Loki replied tensely.
“I tried isolating a few drops of his blood to detect any foreign components, but the poison is too powerful. It’s using the body’s defenses in its favor,” Wanda looked rattled, a far cry from her usual, composed, demeanor. “If we had more time, I know I could find the proper antidote, but he’s going to bleed out before then.”
Your fingers hovered over the herbs and elixirs, eyes shut while you considered their words and tried to recall the specifics of what you’d learned under his tutelage. 
“Is it actively poisoning his body, or just preventing the wound from clotting?” you asked, your finger twitched toward an herb used to create fiberous seals on wounds from cuts.
“Preventing the cut from sealing,” Wanda reported back, watching Loki try and fall to seal the wound magically. All the rags and bandages he piled ontop of the injury just continued to saturate through. “Bandages are not working. He’s bleeding through everything.”
“We need ice on the wound,” you called out, throwing the proper herbs and liquid into a mortar and pestle. “Shrink the blood vessels and slow the bleeding temporarily.”
Loki’s hand turned to ice and he pressed it on the skin around the injury. 
“It’s working,” Wanda called back.
“Clean the area,” you instructed, the paste now smooth and plentiful. You turned and searched the room for extra bandages, finding some by a pile of Stephen’s ripped and bloodied robes. 
You passed the remedy and bandages to the sorcerers at his bedside, knowing your seidr would prevent you from making close contact with him. The thought in itself breaking your heart. You wanted to wipe the sweat from his forehead, press a kiss to his hand and promise all would be well.
“Put the paste on the bandages and cover the wound. Keep applying the ice until we can get the bleeding to slow,” you watched Wanda move swiftly in tandem with Loki, pressing the seal to the injury and letting the prince take over applying pressure and ice. 
“Princess?” Stephen’s voice called, almost delirious.
“I’m here,” you moved within his eyesight, a smile thrown on your features to conceal your deep worry for him. “What did I tell you about getting shot with arrows, my love?”
“You never mentioned arrows,” he grunted, eyes opening briefly to take you in and closing when he winced in pain. “Next time be more- hngh- specific.”
“Next time don’t get shot,” you countered playfully, eyes falling to the white bandage at his abdomen. Ideally, only a little blood would be able to get through. It’d buy enough time for Loki and Wanda to find a better remedy without letting him bleed out. 
“It’s working,” Wanda announced, jumping and moving to the large library of books scattered around the room. Her hands began to glow, her fingers pulling texts off the shelves and discarding them almost as fast.
“Strange, were you injured anywhere else?” Loki asked tersely, eyeing a cut by the sorcerer’s eye. “We need seal all of your cuts, just in case.”
“Face,” Stephen replied after a pause. “Hands.” 
Loki got to work, smothering the bandages with the salve and covering the cuts. 
“Got it,” Wanda held up a book victoriously. “Antidote will take a few hours to prepare. Loki, you’re going to need to move to the front line. Let Peter and Thor know what is happening. I’ll make sure there’s enough for everyone afflicted.”
“I hadn’t heard any reports of similar circumstance,” Loki murmured, looking back down at the bandage to ensure it was still holding. “This seems personal.”
“To our favor then,” Wanda hummed, summoning her ingredients and moving quickly through the steps. “I will report this to King Anthony. Go.”
Loki disappeared with a flash of light, leaving only traces of smoke where he stood.
“You’re not supposed to be awake,” Stephen realized after you’d seated ourself next to him. 
“The seidr had other plans,” you noted softly. “Do not worry, we will address each problem as it’s necessary. You need to rest.”
“Wasn’t I just tell you that?” 
“Then listen to your own words, you do often boast of how good your own advice is,” you teased. 
He reached for your hand, but you pulled away, frowning apologetically at him. 
“The seidr is… it doesn’t like magic-users at the moment,” you explained quickly.
“That’s… unfortunate,” he mumbled, lolling his hand forward and staring up at the ceiling. “Ever the more reason not to die, I suppose.”
11- a battle cry 
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thisuserlovesyou · 16 days ago
In a way, fanfic writers have it better than canon. Because when I write, I'm always wondering what would the best scenario be? What trope? What plot? What vibe? What time period even? And there come fanfic writers you can just have all of that existing if they want to.
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avengershumanresources · 17 days ago
blood 9 - Strange/Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dr. Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult Themes, smut, adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence
Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. When the king disappears during battle, hope is lost and he is presumed dead.
When the late king’s uncle, Obadiah, takes the throne until your brother Peter is of age, he quickly arranges a marriage for you with a wicked king in a neighboring kingdom.
With the realms politics in question, and rumors of an upcoming siege to overthrow Peter’s rule before it starts, you quickly learn who is loyal to the crown and who is not.
part 8 - part 10
Chapter Playlist
WARNING: Mention of violence/attempted assault from prior chapter
9 - a king’s arrival
Thank the gods Loki crossed Stephen’s path first, because things were happening far more quickly than the sorcerer had anticipated. He had heard a particularly chilling rumor upon his return to the castle from surveying the magical barriers with Amora and was in route to your quarters to check on you. 
Loki intercepted him and caught him up to what had happened.
Loki had told Peter the details of what he’d stumbled upon between you and Brock. Immediately inflamed, Peter started in motion the rebellion he’d been planning with Nat and the guard. With the Asgardian army’s support, Peter could easily usurp the throne from Obadiah by the end of the night. 
Especially now that the alliance between him and Brock was in question with the betrothal in a murky area. 
Less than twelve hours, Stephen calculated while Loki kept pace with him toward your room. That’s all it took for the plans to go into motion and the next steps to proceed.
“He didn’t-,” Stephen asked after they’d arrived, his anger simmering and threatening to boil based off of his companions response. He needed to keep control. He needed to kept his head or risk you falling into harm.
“No,” Loki stated clearly. “It was stopped before he finished his task. Her seidr did well to protect her. You acted in good judgment by not fully sealing it.”
“Amora?” he pressed and Loki smirked back at him. 
“She’s been tending to Brock the last hour, but I’m certain they won’t have time to rally a guard to their cause,” he explained quickly. “My men outnumber theirs two to one, and from what Natalia has told me, the majority of the guard will support Peter.” He paused and glanced around, lowering his voice.
“Besides, even if they mobilize troops, after you finish your part, Brock will have nothing else to gain from an alliance with Obadiah.”
“And the queen and younger princess?” Stephen’s hand rested on the knob of your door. Eyes shut while he listened to Loki’s report.
“James is with them now,” Loki nodded. “They’ll be moved once Peter makes the first move. I’m meeting with Thor before dinner to confirm some of the entry points to the castle in case Obadiah tries to deter us once things get.. chaotic.”
Perfect. Everything was falling into place, and you were none the wiser, which meant neither were your enemies. 
Loki disappeared once Stephen summoned a tray of stew and started through the door, unsure how he’d find you on the other side. 
Personally, Stephen wanted to rip Brock to shreds. He wanted to cut the skin off of him and sprinkle salts and other acids over open wounds and watch him scream. He wanted to gauge his eyes out, fling him from the tallest balcony, and listen to his cries for mercy. 
It wasn’t a pride thing. Stephen wasn’t the least bit upset that you’d been sullied or marked by another man, no, he was upset because he’d hurt you. 
And seeing the aftershocks for himself only further fueled Stephen’s rage. 
You were in a sleeping gown, hair pulled loose, legs curled into yourself, fully submerged in your bedding. When he set the tray of food down on a nearby table and stirred you, his heart broke at your swollen eyelids and red, glossy eyes. 
He should have been there sooner. 
“Stephen?” you asked sleepily. You clearly cried yourself into exhaustion, your cheeks still puffy from the ordeal.
“My love,” he sat on the edge of the bed and fully enveloped you in his arms. You were a bit tense at first, but immediately sank into him when he started rubbing soothing circles into your back. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.”
“It’s not your fault-,” you murmured with a small hiccup and a sigh. Pulling away, you looked up miserably toward him. “He’s a monster... we knew that. I shouldn’t have sent Steve to find you.”
Stephen stopped, taking your hand and pressing his lips to your palm, cradling the shaking digits tenderly. 
“You did nothing wrong,” he stated firmly. “A lady shouldn’t have to fear her company- her betrothed- would... dishonor her in such a horrendous manner. You were brave and defended yourself. I’m proud of you for being so strong.”
Your eyes watered again, your bottom lip trembling. A few tears snuck down your face and before you could wipe at them angrily, Stephen caught them with his thumb, his hands moving to cradle your cheeks. 
“Loki... he said he would fix it... is everything...?” you asked meekly and despite the gnawing feeling that lying to left him, he nodded. 
“All is under control,” he assured you softly. “Why don’t you have some stew and continue resting?”
“Will you stay?” you asked, gripe tightening around his hand. 
“I’m not going anywhere,” he promised, pressing a kiss to your forehead and helping you settle into bed, before handing off the tray. 
He sat next to you while you picked at your food, listening while you told him about what had transpired in the garden earlier and how your seidr had reacted when you’d fought Brock off. 
“Loki was right,” he noted, passing you a slice of bread from the tray. “It was lucky Amora was off the grounds when that happened. She would have noticed and retaliated immediately.”
You hummed to yourself, dipping the corner of the bread into the stew and taking a small nibble. 
He could tell you were still out of sorts, the fresh exchange with Brock having come so unexpectedly and traumatically. More than anything, he wished he didn’t have to do what happened next. 
“Here,” he finally relented when you barely touched your meal, pulling the tray aside and out of the way. “You should sleep.” 
“I’ve rested plenty,” you protested, but after a pause, gave in and snuggled deeper into your blankets. 
“I’ve got something that should help,” he pulled out the small glass vial, holding it between his fingers for you to examine. The liquid inside shimmered an almost stunning cobalt blue against the light from your fireplace.
“A sleeping draught?” you guessed, reaching for the vial and examining it for yourself. 
“Not quite a sleeping draught,” he explained, plucking the cork free and letting you give the scentless liquid a sniff. “It’ll relax you enough to let you ease into a full and restful sleep.”
“So, a sleeping draught?” you teased with a small grin, swirling the liquid in the bottle with a tilt of your hand.. 
“Call it what you’d like, but it’ll help. You just drink the whole vial,” he instructed, watching you consider it briefly. 
“Am I going to fall into an eternal enchanted sleep?” you asked, joking, but unaware of how close to the truth you were. “Like the old stories?” 
“It won’t be eternal,” he assured you with a forced chuckle, settling his hands at his side so you wouldn’t see him shaking. This was it. The most crucial part of the plan. “You’ll wake with a full night’s rest. It’ll help you feel a little better.”
“At least that’ll help me face him tomorrow,” you murmured, swallowing the contents of the vial in a single gulp. You let out a yawn. “Don’t leave until... sleep..?” 
Your eyes were already fluttering shut and he plucked the bottle out of your hand before it broke on the ground. 
“Stephen?” you asked again, voice laced with sleepiness. “I love you.”
“And I you, princess,” he choked out, standing and pressing a final kiss to your head. “Please know I do this all out of love.”
You mumbled something incoherent before your body fell unnaturally still, the potions effects quickly taking over. 
He had to work fast. Waving his hands over your body, he changed your night dress to the outfit you’d worn earlier with Brock. 
The image made him sick. Your skirt was covered in blood, the corset nearly ripped off your frame- fortunately, your recent tears had swollen your face and reddened it more.
He positioned you delicately above the blankets, draping your hand over the edge of the bed and wrapping the vial carefully in your slack fingers. 
He dug through your nearby desk for some parchment and enchanted a quill to mimic your handwriting. A final goodbye, as far as anyone was concerned.
After all, the events had been so traumatic to you, you’d raided Stephen’s observatory and crafted a deadly poison to kill yourself. 
And aside from him, Tony, Loki, and Wanda- everyone would think it was effective, in turn, removing you from harms way while the castle was reclaimed.
Not even Peter nor Natalia was privy to what he and his fellow magic users had planned. 
Once the coast was clear and your body was taken to the family tomb, Wanda would bring you back to his ancestral home, now occupied by your father’s rebel army. 
Stephen couldn’t imagine you were going to be pleased with his dishonesty, particularly after drugging you and keeping your father’s survival to himself, but at least you’d be safe. 
And in the end, that’s all that mattered. 
Satisfied with the scene he’d crafted, Stephen removed the dining tray with a wave of his hand and portaled outside of the kitchens where he intercepted your personal maid, Violet. 
“The princess is unwell,” he explained, letting the princess expression of solemn sympathy flash across her features. “Could you bring her a tray for dinner?”
No one would know he’d crossed your path, and Amora would be too focused on healing Brock to notice any non-seidr magical ongoings around the castle. 
Excusing himself to his own quarters, Stephen cleaned himself up for dinner... and a show. 
“The princess-!” he heard Clint call into the dining room that evening. Pepper had excused herself from the meal to tend to the suddenly ill with pox, Princess Morgan. 
Brock had the audacity to actually join the group, with Amora smiling dutifully at his side while he and Obadiah discussed trade routes. 
Loki and Thor had graciously accepted the kings invitation, and as usual, Stephen was in his place next to Peter. 
“What is it?” Obadiah demanded sharply. 
“She’s-,” he paused looking to Brock with unease. “Your majesty, the princess has killed herself.”
Stephen waited until someone else reacted first, putting on the most confused and dismayed expression he could manage. 
“Take me to her,” he demanded with Peter hot on his footsteps.
Sure enough, you were still laying in bed. Someone (probably Violet) had folded your hands over your chest delicately, and placed the empty vial next to your note. 
Stephen made a show of checking you for signs of life, even offering Amora a chance to give a second opinion. 
Fortunately, he was that good at what he did. 
The potion mimicked the effects of death so well, even the enchantress was shocked by the sudden turn of events. He could tell she was trying to feel out any signs of your seidr, but after a brief pause, turned to confirm the truth to her king. 
Loki hissed a curse under his breath and turned on Brock, knife in hand, pressing the cowering king against the wall, demanding justice for the premature death of his bride. 
Peter, for his part remained composed. He ordered that he be the one to inform the queen, and parted with his fists clenched at his sides and his eyes filled with fire. 
“This is... a tragedy,” Obadiah knelt by your bedside, nudging Stephen aside and taking your hand into his. “So young and just before her wedding. A cruel circumstance of the fates!”
Stephen could have sworn he heard Loki snort at the dramatic scene the king was putting forth. 
Thor had managed to pry the prince and king apart, demanding Amora  “remove the villain from his sight before he changed his mind”, leaving the two Asgardian princes, Stephen, and Obadiah alone in the chamber.
“Is there no saving her?” the king asked quietly, looking up to Stephen with a desperate frown. “I know what she was to you. Tell me, is there truly no hope?”
Stephen cleared his throat, letting a slight break in his voice crackle as he spoke. 
“My grace, I’m familiar with the poison, and Enchantress Amora will confirm my words,” he looked down at you with a heartbroken sigh. “The princess was well aware of the potion she was consuming. There is no return. My most sincere apologies for your loss, your highness.”
Obadiah nodded to himself, standing back up. 
“Then the kingdom goes into mourning,” he stated decidedly. “Alert the priests, and have the maids prepare her for viewing.”
He looked at the Odinson brothers, a small sneer tugging at his expression. 
“Perhaps we can renegotiate our trade deal,” he suggested, earning a snarl of insults from Thor. 
The room now empty and the door closed while maids and servants scurried about with the news outside, the two sorcerers exchanged a look. 
“You did well, the effects are convincing,” Loki lifted your arm and let it drop to the bed. “You’ve accounted for rigor mortis?” 
“Brother?” Thor stepped forward, lips pressed together tightly as he took in the exchange. “Surely this isn’t another of your tricks?”
“Of course not,” Stephen waved a glowing hand over your body, a small spell that would mimic the effects of rigor mortis, and eventually wear off as the natural sensation would in time. “This trick is mine.”
He repositioned your hand delicately over your chest. 
“Is the princess... asleep?” Thor lowered his voice. 
“In a sense,” Loki patted his brothers arm. “Keep it to yourself, brother. We need Peter’s fury if this is to go as planned.”
“But she’ll be moved to the crypt-,” Thor started and paused, a knowing smile on his face. “I see. Let me know if I can be of assistance.”
The door swung open and Pepper swept inside with a quiet, red haired, maid behind her. 
“The loss is truly a tragedy of our time,” Thor continued, putting on a better performance than Loki and Stephen combined. “The beast that pushed this beautiful maid to an early grave must face justice!” 
He slammed a fist against your armoire, meeting Peter’s gaze with a passionate nod when the prince reappeared to comfort his mother. 
“Morgan can’t know until the morning,” Pepper stated, her eyes were wide in horro, her voice wavering. “I want that man out of my home.”
She looked between Thor, Loki, and Peter, the men nodding curtly and excusing themselves from the space. 
“Stephen, dear Stephen,” Pepper took his hand. “I’m sorry.”
It was a genuine reaction that, admittedly, startled the sorcerer. He’d had suspicions that the queen had known about the two of you- and you’d as much confirmed them earlier in the evening- but the way she looked to him with such earnest sympathy made him realize something. 
The queen had stood in his very place not even a few months prior. 
She too, had lost the love of her life to senseless violence at the hands of King Brock Rumlow. 
It was no wonder she wanted the king out of her sight. 
“If it’s comfort to know, it was painless and peaceful,” he mumbled with a nod toward the vial. “She fell asleep and felt nothing.”
“That will bring me some peace,” Pepper murmured, eyes returning to your still form. “Thank you.”
She reached for his hand and gave it a tight squeeze before asking that she be left alone with you for a few moments to mourn. 
“Take the time you need,” he stated softly, managing to blink back tears in his own eyes. 
Leaving the room, the countdown began. 
You’d be awake in four days, and he needed to ensure you were out in the family crypt and removed to safety in that time. 
Loki would prod Peter to remove Brock by force, and depending on how the king responded, would likely expedite any funeral plans for you. 
Who would have time to mourn when the castle descended into chaos? 
The queen and younger princess would be removed for their safety and then the real challenge began. 
Getting Peter onto the throne.
“Did you know she would do this?” Natalia asked, pulling Stephen aside after leaving the queen. She caught tugged on his arm furiously. “Stephen, look at me!”
Natalia would be the most difficult to convince. He knew it from the beginning. She was your oldest friend and most trusted confidant. 
“I... she assured me she was going to be fine,” he kept his eyes low, guilty even, if she looked at him too carefully. “We spoke briefly after Loki had informed me... I shouldn’t have let her out of my sight. She’s said she’d wanted to rest.”
“And then you asked Violet to bring her a meal?” Natalia questioned, eyes narrowing. “It’s not like you to leave the princess behind when she’s distressed.”
“I don’t think she was particularly pleased with my gender at the time,” he shot back. “Please excuse me, I’d like some time alone with my thoughts.”
He parted abruptly, praying to himself that Natalia wouldn’t dig around too deeply and ruin this whole charade. 
Across the kingdom, just outside of the House Strange keep, Wanda lightly touched Tony’s shoulder, eyes glowing bright crimson. 
“It’s happened,” she informed him. “The dawn truly brings a new day.”
“And a new king,” Tony grunted. “I just hope Peter is ready.”
10 - a trick
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- Pricefield Headcannons
-Pricefield Headcannons Pt. 2
- Like A Butterfly In A Storm (coming soon)
BAU Headcannons
Honestly i have dozens of ideas from criminal minds and zero time so it will probably be a bit before I start writing
A/N: I totally will take requests!
I would appreciate you guys reblogging this
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blood 8 - Strange/Stark!Reader
Tumblr media
Relationship: Dr. Strange/Princess!Stark!Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult Themes, smut, adult language, implied sexual violence, general violence
Synopsis: Reader is the daughter of the legendary King Anthony Stark, Uniter of Lands, The Iron Defender, and leader of the realm. When the king disappears during battle, hope is lost and he is presumed dead.
When the late king’s uncle, Obadiah, takes the throne until your brother Peter is of age, he quickly arranges a marriage for you with a wicked king in a neighboring kingdom.
With the realms politics in question, and rumors of an upcoming siege to overthrow Peter’s rule before it starts, you quickly learn who is loyal to the crown and who is not.
part 7 - part 9
Chapter Playlist
WARNING: Attempted sexual assault/violence
8 - a secret
The news swept over the castle like a wave at high tide.
Prince Loki and Prince Thor were leading a brigade of men toward the castle, and the rumor was that the princes were furious with Obadiah. 
“I did say trust me, didn’t I?” Stephen joked while the two of you watched the men cross the threshold into the castle grounds, both princes sitting majestically upon their steads, leading their entourage inside. 
“They’re going to get themselves killed,” you murmured.
“Obadiah wouldn’t be so forward in front of the public,” Stephen reasoned, eyeing the Asgardian guardsmen as they continued their march inside. “They look like they’re ready for a war now. He’s be stupid to start anything with the men they’ve brought.”
He wasn’t wrong. The men looked as angry as their leaders were rumored to be. Their armor shimmered against the bright summer sunlight, and their weapons didn’t look like they were in town for a diplomatic mission. 
If you hadn’t known any better, you would have guessed they had plans to overthrow the castle themselves.
“He is on our side, right?” you asked again, nervous at the confident way the brothers surveyed their troops below. 
“Yes,” Stephen assured you with a confident nod of his head. “They both wish to see Peter safely on the throne.”
“I hope I don’t actually have to marry him,” you blurted out, catching Loki’s eye and offering a small wave in his direction. He bowed his head and rounded his horse into the castle behind the last of his infantry.
“Oh no?” Stephen teased, pinching your arm with a chuckle. “Did Brock win you over with his boyish charm?” 
“Gods you’re unbearable sometimes,” you shoved his arm and started back for the castle. “Let’s get ready. I have a feeling court is going to take a while.”
“Announcing, Prince Loki of Asgard,” Sam bowed and stepped aside while the dark haired prince sauntered forward, ignoring the wave of whispers and dirty looks that were sent his way by the court. 
You were seated a few levels down from your uncle with Peter and Pepper. Morgan was with her nursemaid, and the rest of the court stood on the ground, watching the scene unfold with great interest. 
“You have a lot of nerve showing up,” Obadiah opened, glaring down at him. Brock was at his side, arms crossed while he glowered down. 
“You have nerve with your slander, your majesty,” he snapped back. “Defaming your closest allies for what, this traitor?” 
“I remind you, you’re standing in my keep,” Obadiah snarled back and Loki laughed. 
“My brother and my men are already within your walls, with reinforcements waiting at the border,” he countered sharply. “I dare you to make a move against me. Even with your hound at your side, you would be making a very powerful enemy.”
Obadiah exchanged an uneasy look with Brock before clearing his throat. 
“Why are you here?” 
“You’ve stolen my bride,” Loki stated simply, eyeing drifting in your direction. You kept your expression neutral, despite your heartbeat kicking against your chest. “I’ve come to collect my due and close what relations Asgard has with you. Unless you have something to offer to appease my father’s understandable frustrations.”
The murmurs started up with that. 
Peter even leaned over and whispered in your ear. 
“He didn’t mention that,” he said, frowning, his fingers curling nervously against his armrest. You reached over and touched the top of his hand, focusing on calming your younger brother. 
“You know how he is,” you reminded him softly, willing calm toward him. After a moment, you saw his body relax. “He’s negotiating. You know our uncle won’t listen otherwise.”
Peter gave a curt nod, returning his focus to the scene before you, and listening intently to the exchange. 
Amora, for her part, had been ignoring the whole ordeal until you tried calming Peter. When you pulled your hand away, you instantly felt her eyes bore into you from across the room, where she and Stephen stood away from the crowds. 
“I was under the impression there was no claim to the princess,” Brock cut in, glaring now at Obadiah. The tension between the three men was palpable, even in the massive throne room. 
“Don’t be ridiculous, there wasn’t,” Obadiah hissed, waving away the other king and returning his attention to Loki. 
“I beg to differ,” Loki reached in his robes and pulled out a rolled document. The entire room was on edge as he passed it to Sam and the knight handed it off to the king.  
Obadiah took his time in unfurling it. He skimmed it over, expression reddening, with Brock reading over his shoulder. 
“Forgery!” he cried, throwing the document aside. Loki snapped his fingers and the paper materialized back into his hands. 
“This was written three days after the princess’ brith, pledging her to me when we came of age,” he explained coolly, mostly to the crowd. Ladies and lords gasped at the revelation, eyes darting between the royals at the scandal.
“Why weren’t you married sooner?” Obadiah demanded, ignoring the cutting scowls from Brock. “She’s had her blood for years now. The contract is no longer binding.”
“We were to be married after the king returned from battle,” Loki lied easily. “But the princess was distraught and asked that it be postponed. I, ever the gentleman, respected these wishes until such time there was stability in the kingdom. I never imagined such a betrayal by an allied nation would have occurred in such a short time.”
Eyes shot to you while the kings continued their interrogation over who would eventually take your hand. 
You kept your eyes down, only looking up to Pepper when she lightly touched your hand with a loving smile. 
“The princess mentioned none of this,” Obadiah howled, and when attention was diverted back to you, Loki jumped in and saved you from embarrassment. 
“Of course she didn’t,” he stated, tone as calm and cool as it’d been when he entered the room. “Look at you, she’d lost her father and potential betrothed in one sweep. She was probably terrified to go against you. It’s why I’m here, to defend her honor, take her as my bride, and return to Asgard.”
“I won’t allow it,” Brock voiced, stepping down from Obadiah’s side and moving to the ground near Loki where he continued his case. “The princess has agreed to marry me.”
“Under context of further terror, I’m sure,” Loki supplied sharply. “Your men slaughtered her father, leaving nothing behind. What other option did she have but to agree?”
“Do not play this court for fools,” Brock hissed. “We all know it was Asgard who planned the attack and framed my kingdom. The trading negotiations were never enough.”
“Is that so?” Loki asked, expression darkening. “I was under the impression that the trade routes benefited this kingdom handsomely. Is it not convenient that I’ve been given permission from my father to end our agreement if I see it necessary?”
The room began to panic at this. A few of the lords even voiced their protest at the concept, and seeing that he was losing the crowd, Obadiah bellowed out.
“Enough!” his voice rattled against the glass in the windows and echoed through the chamber until everyone fell silent. “I will convene with my council until the matter is resolved. Loki, you and your men will be our honored guests until this… confusion is settled.”
“I accept your invitation,” Loki smiled snidely at Brock with a grand bow. “My men will settle in the land surrounding the castle for the time being, and appreciate your generosity during this… difficult time.”
Court was dismissed, but ladies and lords lingered, watching the royal family and the kings as they turned the public spectacle into a more private conversation. 
“Princess?” Amora questioned, appearing at your elbow just as you stood from your chair. “May I have a word with you?”
Eyes wide, you tried to seek out Stephen, but he was nowhere to be seen, likely caught up in the crowd answering questions and speculations from the lords and ladies. 
“The princess and I were about to enjoy a walk through the gardens,” Pepper looped her arms through yours, throwing on another smile. “You’re welcome to join us. I will try not to be a bother.”
Amora’s gaze flickered over the queen, her plastered on smile faltering slightly at the offer. 
“I’d be honored, you majesty,” she finally stated, letting Pepper lead the way to the gardens with a pair of guards behind. 
“It’s a beautiful day, don’t you agree, Amora?” Pepper started the conversation, forcing Amora to keep in step with you and the queen. “I planted some roses last year that have finally come to bloom. Do you like roses, Amora?” 
“I do,” the sorceress answered tersely before turning to you, eyes glowing an ominous green. “Princess, what do you make of what just occurred? Is it true you were frightened from telling the truth of this prior betrothal?” 
“My late husband always intended for the princess to marry Loki,” Pepper answered before you could even open your mouth. “It was hardly a secret. You should have seen the two at balls when they were children. It was so endearing.”
“Then do you protest the marriage of the princes to my king, your grace?” Amora tried and Pepper stopped, pulling her arm free of yours and giving the sorceress a once over. 
“I don’t know what game you’re playing, witch, but I suggest you stop,” she practically growled at the blonde. “My daughter will not marry your king, and your schemes will be stopped before the moon is full.”
Amora’s eyes snapped back to normal, her pupils flaring at the overt threat. 
“How can you be so confident?” she countered, voice full of venom. “You would do well to stay quiet and pretty on the side. You’re no longer queen, in case you’ve forgotten.”
“My son will sit upon the throne in three months time,” Pepper reminded her. “And if there is any obstruction to that, those who stand in the way of the Stark family will burn. Darling, what are the family words?”
You startled at the shift toward you.
“We shall overcome and conquer,” you recited quickly before Pepper returned a razor sharp smile toward the sorceress.
“I think your king might need you,” Pepper added, waving away the blonde and turning toward her roses without so much as a second glance. “Gods know we don’t.”
You’d never heard such open hostility from your step-mother. The woman had always had a calm reserve about her that you’d respected during times of crisis. She’d been the voice of reason when you’d seen your father fretting over alliances or military tactics.
Amora hesitated a moment, looking from Pepper to you, before letting out a resigned sigh and leaving the two of you to the flowers. 
“Is she gone?” Pepper asked, tinkering with a rose that was struggling to bloom. 
You waited until Amora had returned to the castle interior before confirming she was out of sight. 
All at once, Pepper enveloped you into her arms and sighed, squeezing you against her chest.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered, pressing her forehead against the top of your hairline. She pulled away after a moment, her hands still lingering on your shoulders while she tried to read your expression. “This is never what we had planned for you.”
The honesty in her tone broke your heart. How many times had she and your father discussed your future? Your prospects?
“We can only do our best,” you murmured. “Who could have predicted the turn this would have taken?”
“If you had to choose, who would make you happy?” Pepper asked seriously and you considered her words carefully.
“Of the two?”
Pepper’s expression lifted at the question, a knowing smile playing at the edge of her lips.
“I see,” she hummed in thought. “That damned idiot never came forward.”
Feeling your face warm at that, you sighed with a defeated laugh. 
“He probably thought there was more time,” you reached for one of the nearby roses and gave it a sniff.
Pepper paused, and when you looked to see why she hadn’t spoken, her expression had fallen, eyes lost a million miles away.
“I think we all did,” she finally whispered, blinking back the pooling water in her eyes. “I do believe you could be happy with Loki.”
You made a noise- not quite of agreement, but not of total disgust. 
“He might even allow you certain… liberties,” she offered lightly. “For his mischief, he is a good man at heart.”
Pulling away from the flower, you finally met her eyes directly, knowing that you would have to face this eventually.
“He’s doing this for our family,” you whispered, keeping your gestures calm and neutral under the eye of the guards. You plucked one of the roses free and move to attach it to the collar of her dress. “He means to stop the alliance Brock and Obadiah are planning, to keep Peter on the throne.”
Pepper’s expression hardened at the information. You could tell she was forming connections as you fidgeting with the button holes and slide the rose into place. 
“You keep secrets well, dove,” she reached for the flower affectionately before leaning and kissing your cheek. “Peter… not so much. Have you gone to the kitchens recently? I hear you might have a reunion with a little thief from yesterday.”
She pulled away and started back toward the castle, one of the guards following behind her, the other remaining to watch you. You realized that it was Steve, his expression guilty when you approached.
“Were you listening?” you challenged and he sighed.
“Only a little,” he confessed. “For your safety.”
“A conversation between mother and daughter?” you smirked and he rolled his eyes. 
“You should go to the kitchens,” he offered in place of an explanation. “Or rather, shall we?” 
“Are you ready for what you must do?” Wanda asked, lifting the glass vial Stephen had sealed and set out on his desk. 
The observatory was unnaturally quiet. The fireplaces extinguished, the books all stacked away or moved to his family home in the countryside. Aside from him and Wanda, there was no life in the room, all traces of your late nights together, books read, or spells learned had been erased.
It was almost time. 
“What choice do I have now?” he asked, plucking the vial from her hand and giving it a shake. “Loki can buy us some time, but until the family is secure we cannot make a move.”
“The princess is headed to the kitchens,” Wanda stated, pausing while her eyes glowed red. “Brock is unhappy with todays events and is looking for her.”
Stephen clenched the vial in his palm. He didn’t want to exploit your emotions, but you wouldn’t be able to hide from Amora forever. The queen had done a marvelous job of keeping her away, but she, along with every other magic user in the room, had felt the seidr you’d unwittingly passed to Peter.
“I need to be with the king,” Wanda suddenly stated, eyes wide. “The future is moving toward us faster than expected, Stephen.”
She disappeared in a cloud of red smoke, leaving him to his empty, broken room. 
Would the two of you get a chance to steal away in its comfort again? 
Would you even forgive him for lying and hiding the truth from you?
Opening his hand and rolling the vial around his palm, he sighed. Wanda was right. Things were going to move quickly and all at once after the first weight dropped. 
Natalia hadn’t expected you to be glaring at her from across the kitchen.
So when you dragged her to the hallway, demanding an explanation, she was at a loss for words. At least, until she saw Steve’s smirk from the corner of the space. 
It was nearing time.
“Stephen wanted me to be closer to keep an eye on things,” she lied. It wasn’t a complete lie. She was close and Stephen had agreed with the plan (the plan set in place by your father, but you weren’t to be made aware of that just yet) and she was keeping an eye on the quiet rebellion stirring under Peter’s leadership.
All the paths were beginning to converge, whispers turning to quiet battle cries as the castle readied itself for battle. 
And you were none the wiser. 
It was too risky otherwise. Amora was focusing in on your seidr and any lapse would pull the magic user’s attention. If you even thought about rebellion and war, the sorceress would be tipped off and Brock or Obadiah would make a move to counter it. 
“Why wouldn’t he have told me?” you demanded, arms crossed. Steve continued to look amused in the background. Natalia would have to knock him straight one of these days…
“Safety,” she merely replied, shrugging.
A call came from the kitchens and she used it as an excuse to exit, but you followed behind stubbornly. 
“What aren’t you telling me?” you asked, pestering her while she scooped up a basket of bread for the Asgardian troops outside.
“Princess, please, you’re in the way,”  Nat shoved past you, earning a small gasp from one of the kitchenmaids at the casual way she addressed the princess. Pulling you aside, she lowered her voice. “You’re going to expose me. Just trust what is happening is for your own good.”
She stalked off, fuming at the way Steve continued to smirk to himself, knowing full well he was the one who brought her down there. 
Not that he was entirely to blame, it was part of the plan, just a little earlier than anticipated. It meant that Natalia had to work fast and get a message to Loki and Thor’s camp before nightfall.
“Is this funny?” you asked Steve dryly, motioning toward the stairs back to the main living quarters with a defeated sigh.
“Not at all, your highness,” he answered cheekily. 
No one was willing to answer your questions. OR rather, no one was around to answer your questions. 
The observatory was locked- meaning Stephen was off the grounds. Wanda wasn’t around, Peter was avoiding you after the ordeal in the throne room, and even Wong was no where to be found. 
“Maybe you should retire to some light reading before dinner?” Steve suggested after having followed you across the greater length of the castle. 
“You’re hiding something too and I’m not thrilled about it,” you snapped, turning on him. “Why is Nat in the kitchens? Is James in the stables?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, he’s in the armory,” Steve answered, deadpan, watching your expression until he finally let out another laugh. “Princess, I promise you, there is no grand conspiracy against you. Master Strange is just ensuring extra layers of protection are in place for you.”
“For what? My wedding?” you asked bitterly. “I thought that’s what Loki was for.”
“These are dangerous times, my grace,” he replied. “One can never be too sure of who to trust. I caught a Baron at the border not three days ago negotiating with one of Brock’s men for privileged information.”
“Who?” you asked, a little curious as to who would be so bold.
“Zemo,” he said the name sourly. “He was apparently promised more land and favor in Brock’s kingdom for supplying vulnerable points of entry to the castle.”
“Oh,” you paused, considering the passages you’d ventured through with Natalia and Stephen over the years. 
As if reading your mind, Steve spoke up. 
“They’re secured,” he murmured, before nudging your shoulder at an approaching figure.
“Princess,” King Brock greeted with fake enthusiasm. He reached for your hand and gave the knuckles a light graze of his lips. “Would you like to take a small walk around the castle with me?”
“The princess was about to start her afternoon studies,” Steve informed him briskly. 
Brock sized him over, just then realizing he was even there. 
“The princess can spare some time for her betrothed,” he stated firmly, looking down at you, hand still clutched around yours. “Isn’t that right?” 
“Let Stephen know I’ll be with him shortly,” you urged, hoping Steve would do well to get the sorcerer or someone who was capable of intervening. 
He nodded briskly, excusing himself and hurrying down the hall with your message. 
“Quite the ordeal today,” Brock commented, guiding you toward the private quarters. “Tell me, do you wish to marry that brute? I can’t imagine with your delicate heart that wedding the monster who killed your father would be acceptable.”
You swallowed, pulling your hand free and pretending to fix a button on your sleeve to occupy yourself. 
“I serve at the pleasure of my king,” you answered neutrally. “What agreement he makes is outside of my control.”
Brock stopped, eyeing you suspiciously.
“Why do I get the feeling you don’t trust me?” he asked sharply. “Or like me for that matter?”
You froze like a deer at the hunt. 
You didn’t trust him, and you were far from liking him. You knew in your heart he was the one who’d killed your father, who’d betrayed him and brought your home into chaos with a mad king on the throne. 
“I don’t know what you mean, my liege,” you lied, continuing down the hall and pretending to admire a tapestry you’d seen a thousand times before. 
“Don’t play coy,” he catch your arm and spun you to face him directly. “It wasn’t me, you know. It was the Asgardians. They wish to frame my men for their misdeeds.”
You ripped your arm away, glaring up at him.
“Hundreds of our men saw you on the horse, leading the charge,” you snapped, forgetting exactly who you were speaking so freely with in the heat of the moment. “The Asgardians weren’t even positioned for that area. How could they have assembled so quickly and nearly destroyed our army for effectively?”
Brock gaped at you in surprise, not expecting such a curt and honest response from you. The surprise quickly shifted to fury and he grabbed the top of your arm, pulling you toward a nearby room and shoving you inside. 
The room must have belonged to him or Amora. It was a standard living arrangement with an armoire and a four post bed, but no personal touches that suggested it was permanent situation. 
“Who do you think you are?” he snarled, shoving you against a wall. “You’re lucky anyone is giving you a second thought, don’t think because that bastard prince has shown up that you aren’t anything but something for my seed to fill.” 
He was in your face, hissing his words as he continued to push you back against the wall. 
“Get away from me,” you threw an elbow, catching him in the jaw, but that served only to fuel his anger. He caught you by the wrist, twisting your arm behind your back and pinning you face first onto the cold stone. 
You could hear him fumbling with his belts, his breath hot against your neck while you tried to snuggle yourself free. Each movement made him twist even tighter on your hand, sending a shock of pain up the arm. 
“Has your wizard fucked you already?” he snarled, pressing his hard member against the back of your skirts. “I bet you’re just a little whore for him, aren’t you?”
You squirming became more desperate. His hands caught your waist, his knee edging up the skirts. 
“Too bad you’re mine,” he growled, pulling at the strings of your corset and trying to shuffle it down your waist. “I’ll have him hanged and let you watch his pathetic body sway in the courtyard while I fill you with my heirs, you pathetic whimpering fool.”
He’d nearly succeeded in pinning you in place when you remembered the dagger hidden at the front of your dress. Using your free hand, you slipped it free and rolled against his grasp, swinging the sharp object toward him.
It caught his face and he reeled back, yelling in pain, blood dripping from his cheek. 
“You bitch!” he swung, catching your face and sending you stumbling back toward the bed. He moved toward you, blood spilling over your dresses while he reached down and gripped your neck, hiking the skirts up while he ripped his pants down. 
You tried to scream, to throw fists, but no matter how you fought, he was overpowering you. 
You closed your eyes, willing it all to be over, to have someone hear the chaos, but no one came. You couldn’t let this happen. Every inch of skin repelled at his touch, your entire soul repulsed by his very existence, you willed everything inside of you to get him as far away from you as possible. 
Your world was going dark when you held up a weak hand to try and shove him off of you one last time while he positioned himself over you. 
The was a yelp of surprise and a crash. The constriction on your throat loosen and no longer was he ripping at your skirts. 
Opening your eyes, you saw Brock hunched over on the other side of the room, a fresh wound bleeding from the back of his head, the stone wall behind him cracked slightly. 
You looked to your outstretched hand, a faint glow of violet was fading and you slowly sat up to take in the situation. 
Did you just kill him?
“Princess?” a voice was calling from the hall, a short rap of knuckles on the door before it opened, revealing Loki.
“Close the door,” you urged sharply, your voice broken from the damage Brock had done to your throat. Loki obliged, taking in the scene with wide eyes. He was at your side in an instant, touching your cheek where you were certain a bruise was forming around your eye.
“What happened?” his tone had dropped dangerously, and from the look on his face, you were certain he already knew the answer.
“Did I kill him?” you asked, eyes falling behind your friend to the slumped over king on the ground. “He’s bleeding…”
“I hope so,” he hissed, standing and moving to the king. He checked his pulse and sighed. “Alive.”
“What are we going to do?” you asked, panic now forming in your chest. This was very very bad. If Obadiah found you… or him… or he told someone about…. 
“Let me handle it,” he murmured, returning to your side. “Hold still.”
His hands were cool while he traced around the tender spot on your face. As he moved his fingers, they glowed a beautiful emerald color and the pain began to recede.
“Look at me,” he ordered gently, lifting your chin to examine his handiwork. “Lovely as ever, princess.”
Dumbfounded, you touched the bruise and found no pain or swollen skin. 
“I couldn’t control it,” you whispered, looking down at your hand when you dropped it into your lap. “Stephen said it would be best not to completely seal it. That it might serve as protection but…”
Loki chuckled at your hesitation.
“I’ll take care of him,” he promised firmly. “He won’t remember a thing. You’re fortunate that Stephen and Amora are examining the barriers around the castle. She would have sensed your seidr immediately.”
“Won’t she know you tampered with him?”
“She’s good, but I’m better,” he winked and helped you to your feet. “Are you injured anywhere else?” 
There was a pause while you realized precisely what he meant. 
“No, he didn’t- he wasn’t able to-,” you stammered out, cheating aching at the fresh memory. Loki pulled you to his chest, wrapping his arms over your shoulders protectively. You hadn’t realized you’d been trembling until he had steadied you.
“You should retire for the evening,” he suggested. “I’ll have someone bring up your dinner.”
“What about-?” you looked to Brock, still unconscious on the ground. 
“I told you, I will take care of it,” he reminded you with a playful smirk. “Here.”
A shimmer of green overtook you and you looked down at your formally ripped and tattered dress. It’d been replaced with a fresh dress in Loki’s colors of emerald and gold.
“You’re hilarious,” you joked, smoothing out the silks and bending over to recollect your dagger and sheath. 
“You have to admit, you do you look good in my colors,” he teased.
“I prefer my own,” you countered, the dress shifting to the crimsons of house Stark. “Or maybe the blues of Kamar-Taj.”
He rolled his eyes.
“You’re just cruel,” he sighed, leaving the dress in red. “Lock your doors. Only answer for those you trust. I’ll inform Stephen what has happened as soon as I’m done.”
He guided you toward the door, a hand on your back. 
“Are you sure?” you asked a final time and he just smiled, letting you back into the hallway and closing the door behind you.
“Trust me,” he supplied before the door latched shut. 
A lot of people were saying that to you recently. 
On the other side of the door, Loki looked at the king and scoffed.
Snapping his fingers, he left the man exactly how he was, materializing outside of Prince Peter’s quarters.
“Your highness!” he knocked frantically on the door. When Peter peered out, Loki rushed in, rapidly explaining what had happened between the princess and the king.  
Peter went into a frenzy, while Loki stood to the side, watching the young man announce it was time to make their move against Obadiah. 
The younger prince was absolutely right, in more ways than he realized.
9 - a king’s arrival 
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A peculiar case
@elderlyseagull :)
Started this all the way in March and finally finished. I can't promise a chapter two though :[ hope you enjoy this tidbit though!
London, England 1897
221b baker street - Sherlock's office
Holmes sat at his large fireplace, his eyes fixed on the amber like flames that cracked and sizzled. Today had been suspiciously quiet but in a way the detective enjoyed the small time to think clearly to himself. His body leaned into a more bent over position, his elbows rested on his knees as one hand was brought towards his mouth where his pipe was caressed in his hand nearly towards his lips. 
Sherlock was heavy in thought even with no case on his hands he was busy nursing his racing mind. His eyes fixed on those flames as his brows furrowed, taking a moment to glance at his pocket watch. Patience Holmes. Just as the watch ticked past another minute there was a brief yet light knock on the door before it creaked open. 
"And right on time!" Sherlock chimed turning his attention towards the doctor who had slowly entered the living area. Watson. 
"Ah, keeping time on your mind?" Watson quizzed adjusting his dress jacket and lightly smiling towards his best friend. As he approached, he reached in his pocket noting that Holmes was observing his every move before he gingerly brought a folded letter from his pocket.
"We have a case after all?" Holmes asked, raising one brow as he lifted himself from his recliner to stand in front of his assistant. To which Watson briskly nodded, extending the letter to Sherlock's already open palm watching as Holmes took the note briefly turning to his fireplace to read the writing.
A quick scan of the details and the detective seemed mixed in how to react, the case sounded quite peculiar with the content. It was brought to his attention that Doctor Henry Jekyll had been found dead in his office poisoned by his own hand and yet in the body of a murderous man. Mr. Hyde. Yes, he indeed recalled the month where London was screaming and in a flurry of fear amongst the murder of Sir Danvers Carew it threw the city in chaos.
"Do you know what our last two cases have in common?" Sherlock responded plainly his body turned back towards the shorter man as he puffed his pipe awaiting James' retort or deduction. Being respectfully quiet to listen and observe.
Watson blinked and looked to the side, rethinking to the past few weeks trying to recall what they had investigated. He gazed back to the detective, an intrigued yet  expression mixing on his face. "Doctor's? And if I presumed are referring the murder weapon from the last case a few months ago?" He queried, pausing yet Sherlock grinned nodding along snapping his fingers to signal something like 'correct.'
"Precisely Watson! Right on the mark as always!" Holmes cheered, breathing out a puff of grey smoke after he opened his mouth. Much to Watson's disapproval yet he stayed silent while Sherlock made his way to his desk and cleared off the investigation board above the desk. "It makes me wonder, why would the doctor resort to such an act?" He responded bringing the pipe back to his mouth to take in another puff. 
Watson for a short moment went quiet inquiring upon Holmes' question, his own hands caught within his dress shirt to gingerly take a handkerchief from the small pocket. "Ah, well I inquire it must've been stress related?" The doctor popped the question in a quizzing tone like he was starting a list of possible outcomes or situations to fit their case. 
"Hm." Came the short yet heavy response, such a short nonverbal response but carried the weight of Holmes' possible proposition or the thoughts he carried in his mind. Almost like popping balloons in his mind Holmes' would bite at his bottom lip dragging a small pin into a piece of paper upon his board.
"Dear Watson, we have a possible lead already..I think we should have a word with Gabriel Utterson. What do you think?" Sherlock questioned picking his pipe out from his trenchcoat reading to light it once more. His head slowly turned to eye his partner over his shoulder.
"Sounds like a good start Detective." Watson announced softly dabbing at his forehead to rid it of sweat with the small handkerchief letting a small breath leave him a bit worried to figure out this case.
"Then we get on it! Let's find out what drove our dear doctor to such a fate.." Holmes' whispered, lowering his expression towards the window, his hand brought to his face where the pipe was set back in his mouth. His features relaxed into a dour expression while he puffed the pipe making small clouds of grey leave and amber fizz. Time for yet another mystery game, sounds delightful. With that it was set up, London's best detectives were on the case and Sherlock was throwing on his outfit once more to join in. 
It was time to set things right.
[End of Chapter One of A Peculiar Case]
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lokiscepter · 22 days ago
"So.. I guess this is goodbye."
Loki nodded solemnly. "As much as I don't want to admit it, it has been a pleasure working with you."
Mobius couldn't help but smile at the remark.
"Now, this portal will transport you directly to Wanda Maximoff's whereabouts. You have to stop her." The portal, golden and mysterious, stared back at Loki as he turned to look at the doorway that materialised behind him. "Be careful."
"I'll keep that in mind."
Loki turned back and his eyes met Mobius's. In that fleeting second, something connected between them. As Loki's emerald orbs met Mobius's blue ones, there was an unspoken understanding between them that lasted for as long as their eyes were linked together. An unfamiliar warmness sparked like lightning inside of Loki and shook him to his core. His eyes went wide; this feeling was new to him. He couldn't suppress a smile that was causing the corners of his mouth to lift upwards. He just hoped that the other didn't notice.
"Thank you."
"For what?" the bond was broken, and Mobius averted his eyes bashfully, placing a hand on his neck.
"For everything," Loki took a step closer to him.
He was right in front of him now. Mobius finally mustered up the courage to look up at the god.
"I guess I should thank you, too. For fixing the timelines, you know. Without your help and cooperation, we probably couldn't have done it." Mobius cursed himself inside his subconcious. What even was that? he chastised himself.
Loki smiled again; it was genuine, it resembled the first rays of sunshine that leaked through the cracks of the curtains at sunset. "I'll get going now." Loki jogged forward and stood at the mouth of the portal. Turning back for one final glance at the TVA, he disappeared into the mist.
"I'll see you around!" Mobius called after him. He was sure that the god of mischief wouldn't be able to hear him. As if on cue, the portal vanished and a wall replaced it.
Mobius chuckled. He stood for a while, staring at the blank space before him aimlessly. He turned back and faced the TVA, where agents and workers were going about their own business like any ordinary day. But to Mobius, there was an exceptional, intimate feeling that settled at the centre of his heart, and he was certain that it was there to stay for a long time. Until next time, Loki, he thought. I will always find you again, no matter where you are, no matter what the cost.
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