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#dmc5 dante
alackeneshadow · 18 hours ago
"To see one's justice through, a man must fight for it. Even if the one who stands before him is his kin. The brothers of blood disagree on the very reason of their existence. They must fight."
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 21 hours ago
Nero: *takes a deep breath*
Nero: I lo-
Dante: Yes, you love V, we know, you love V so much, they’re the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love V, we KNOW , you love V you fucking love V ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.
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Nero: If you two know eachother, why did the witch try to kill you?
Dante: That's just the witch's way of showing his love for me.
Dante: Ya see, kid, His actions may speak a different tone, hiding underneath that is a deep unshakeable desire for m-*Gets attacked by Shadow*
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triclitch · a day ago
It's hard to imagine. How Nero would be if Vergil was around.
Like Nero acting like Dante . Yes .
Nero acting like Vergil . . . The world can only take so much imbalance.
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junmistral · a day ago
Sparda family reunion!
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Animation ↓↓↓
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mariana-souza · a day ago
I had to separate chapter 4 into two versions(cyan and magenta) because the scenes are so distinct that keep bouncing between them was getting hella confusing and cutting the reading flow.
Here's some small teaser from each version(cyan and then magenta):
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Tumblr media
About the magenta version on a side note: I really dislike when a character is twisted "just because yes" or with nonsense excuses. I tried to make Kyrie's change of personality the most story-wise as I could, it just wasn't show in the story yet. Although, the sweet Kyrie from DMC4 is still there, she just got new personality traits... and demonic powers LOL
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th-xeno · a day ago
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dmc5 missions 19-20 in a nutshell
how to support artist if you like my art
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eonssame · a day ago
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The more I think about it, the more I realize how broken the twins really are.
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 2 days ago
[Outside Witch V's shop]
Dante: Let me handle this, kid. V and I go way back.
Dante:[knocks on door]
V: I AM not opening this door, Dante!! You are not welcomed here anymore.
Dante: V, your door is always opened to those who need it. Remember? "Open to everyone; Enter freely and unafraid"
V, with a new sign:[opens door slightly and smiles at Nero] Would you hang this up for me?
Nero:[takes sign from V] Sure.
Dante: What's that?
Nero,looking at the new sign: He had a sign made.
Nero:[hangs up new sign on the door so it reads "Open to Everyone Unless you're Dante"]
Dante: Damn witches
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nitro-devil · 2 days ago
Its time for
Nikko is severely depressed, lets do shitty sketches
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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trickstersmagic · 2 days ago
That scene from the Injustice comic where Batman and John go to Madame Xanadu’s door except it’s with Nero and Dante with Witch!V 
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viktorzin-blog · 3 days ago
I covered Bury The Light, and actually added a full orchestra to it. Check it out!
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gold-steined · 3 days ago
"It's all Dante's fault!"
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mariana-souza · 3 days ago
*Trivia time*
DMC:FS works with two simultaneous sub-plots that goes around the main one. For don't mess up with the storytelling, some chapters will have two versions that I nicknamed as "Cyan" and "Magenta".
Making a reference to the characters' magic colors, Cyan is a chapter with only the perspective of Vergil and Nero, while Magenta(an "artificial color" between red and purple) shows only the perspective of Dante and Kyrie.
Since I always have some short of gameplay-wise ideas, Cyan and Magenta would be two variations of the story campagain, where in one you would play only as Vergil and Nero and the other you would play as Dante and Kyrie.
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drenched-in-sunlight · 4 days ago
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dante & (partially?) DT Nero. 
elden ring AU
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queen-of-hoshido · 4 days ago
Nero: Not gonna lie, I'm kind of afraid of Y/n...
Dante: As you should be.
Nero: No, for real, they're kind of-
Dante: As. You. Should. Be.
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