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#distant shores
justancthersimblr · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Some stuff is happening rn so I won’t be able to post this week but here are some pics of my MC and the LIs of Distant Shores (also one of my favorite books except that ending *cries*). Hope you all have a great week! ♥
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findingdrake · 2 days ago
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deviiancetv · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
My gay Choices pirates!!!
I played this story before, but deleted the app and it didn’t save my stuff 😭 but I can’t wait to replay again 🌈
Andreas x Edward FOR THE WINNN
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raleigh-edward · 6 days ago
The ending of Distant Shores taught me one thing, that it is better if you play a book after it's completely released and you have an idea regarding what kind of an ending did it get or whether it'll get a sequel or not. If nothing it sorta mentally prepares you if the book in general or it's ending are lackluster and you know what you're getting into.
I stopped playing FA at chapter 9 and now I know what to expect from the rest of the book. It sorta saved me a lot of trouble ig? Just like we binge webseries after knowing their user ratings, in the very same way this helps too. Since you become aware of what to expect and don't have unnecessarily high expectations.
Ik it sort of spoils the story but this sorta works for me.
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isporticus1234 · 7 days ago
Spring Clean-Up
So it’s April. And once again time for a spring clean-up of the tag lists. 
These things are so old, but we’ll give it a shot anyway.
Below is the most recent list I could find on my tag lists. Some stories will be broken down to pairing as some works have multiple different pairings written for them. All my previous works will be edited and uploaded shortly, as well as some new stories that I can remember of what I wanted to write.
Please let me know by at April 14, 2021 if you would like to stay where you are at, or if you would like to get changed, or if you would like to join the family! Besides each work will be a specific pairing (if I write multiple for that story) and will say either if the works for it will be a re-upload, upcoming works, or both.
Just one word of warning. Please do not think just because you are tagged means you are obligated to say something or stay. This isn’t a lifetime commitment, so please do not ever feel obligated to say that you want to stay if you truly have no desire to. There will be no hard feelings (except maybe some extreme judgment in my head when I take a shower) whatsoever.
See you all soon!
Royal Romance/Royal Heir (Re-Uploaded/Upcoming): @ao719 @texaskitten30 @openheart12 @mom2000aggie @kingliam2019 @gkittylove99 @masterofbluff  @malvolari-take-my-soul @choiceskatie
Bloodbound (Re-Uploaded/Upcoming): @kinda-iconic @bloodboundstuff @masterofbluff @adriansbiss @lucy-268 @seriouslybadchoices @malvolari-take-my-soul
Open Heart (Re-Uploaded/Upcoming Works): @openheart12 @ao719 @queencarb @lucy-268 @naddie-plays-choices @rookieoh @crazynutella @choiceskatie
Distant Shores (Re-Uploaded) (Edward x MC and Oliver x MC, please specify pairing or all): @naddie-plays-choices @malvolari-take-my-soul @crazynutella
The Nanny Affair (Re-Uploaded/Upcoming): @naddie-plays-choices @choiceskatie
Foreign Affairs (Upcoming Works/Re-uploaded) (M!Blaine x F!MC; Tatum x F!MC; M!Blaine, x MC x Tatum; please specify pairing or all): @jkismyasmr @lady-calypso @alexabeta
Perma-Tags (All Stories and Pairings) @the-soot-sprite @choices-addict @mvalentine
Ride or Die (Logan x MC) (Upcoming Works)
My Two First Loves (Re-Uploaded; Noah x MC, Mason x MC, Ava x MC; please specify pairing or all)
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myhikari21things · 7 days ago
Reading My Entire Library Week 38 (April 1, 2021-April 7, 2021)
American Gods-2001 Neil Gaiman
Dreamcatcher-2001 Stephen King
Season of Storms-2001 Susanna Kearsley
Summer Island-2001 Kristin Hannah
Baron: The Cat Returns-2002 Aoi Hiiragi
Coraline-2002 Neil Gaiman
Distant Shores-2002 Kristin Hannah
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myhikari21things · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Reading My Entire Library
Distant Shores by Kristin Hannah (2002)
April 6, 2021-April 7, 2021
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distantshoresaw · 8 days ago
DSAW Prize Winners!
Thank you all so much for the beautiful content and participation celebrating this fun and unique book! As promised, 5 winners have been randomly selected to receive an art commission.
Thank you all again for making Distant Shores Appreciation Week such a success, it wouldn’t have happened without all of you!
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distantshoresaw · 9 days ago
Thank You!
Tumblr media
Thank you everyone who participated in Distant Shores Appreciation Week. It was such a nice experience seeing all your amazing posts. It really made up for the lack of content for Distant Shores in the fandom and brought back memories of this beloved book.
There were 100+ entries that we recieved for the week, which in our opinion was a great success, it would not have happened without your enthusiasm and cooperation. We hope that all of you enjoyed this week as much as we did.
The prizes for DSAW would be announced shortly!
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distantshoresaw · 9 days ago
Distant Shores Appreciation Week - Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Day 1 (MC) Masterlist
Day 2 (Charlie Smith) Masterlist
Day 3 (Edward Mortemer) Masterlist
Day 4 (Oliver Cochrane) Masterlist
Day 5 (AU/Alternate Endings) Masterlist
Day 6 (Side Characters) Masterlist
Day 7 (Wildcard) Masterlist
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31: Anything’s Possible
[March Prompt List] || [March Daily Masterlists]
Tumblr media
⟢Distant Shores:⟢
SpreadJoy [Oliver Edit] by @storyofmychoices​
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alais-bladesoflight · 10 days ago
I want to play another book again
I finished Endless Summer, Most Wanted, The Crown The Flame, The Heist, Witness (yes even this)Hero, It lives , A courtesan of Rome and more..
So my options
1- America's Most Eligible
2-Distant Shores
I'm so bored right now
My keys are just staying still...
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distantshoresaw · 11 days ago
Day 7 (Wildcard) Masterlist
Tumblr media
DS ost x graphics - edit by @robintora
Distant Shores Farewell Playlist by @thepixelberrybush
Art by @pansexy-choices
Art commissioned from @artwinsdraws by @lilyoffandoms
Instagram edit by @lightsilenced
Fic by @lilyoffandoms
Charlie Smith Art by @raleigh-edward
Love is the most reliable compass - fic by @princess-geek
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