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#disney henchmen
minzart · 4 days ago
Wait, since iago is here, all the other villains sidekick are probably there too. For example, pain and panic shapeshifting into birds to spy on idia and Yuu’s date, The hyenas causing student stampedes so Leona can save Yuu, Ursula’s eels spying on Yuu to get information about their likes and dislikes, Evil Queen’s crow is being used as a messenger, maleficent’s raven is causing hell on the others attempt to woo Yuu, King of hearts giving riddle pep talks
And FINALY THE KING OF HEARTS, YES, I FORGOT ABOUT THE LITTLE DUDE! Ok I watched only one time the alice movie but still
POOR KING OF HEARTS, the guy's bullied by the others oh my God only his wife to save him
He tries to give Riddle "the talk" "sir... your majesty I already know about this"
He tries his best but has no guts, Riddle wonders how the hell did the queen married him
jokes on him. When talking to the king he discovers that he's a great listener and his insecure but some times calm voice is realy reassuring for some reason reminds you of someone?
Surprising great at upping the boy's moral! "D-don't worry! I am sure they will find your tea party wonderful! I saw their little smile when they left last time!"
While the queen isn't above using more... seduction, the king has the most wholesome ideas and usually works best for the poor boys dignity
Oh the HYENAS, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, mischief encarned, they are loving the food, realy, more than they ever think they could eat.
Respect Leona bc he just let them do their own thing, however they become annoyed when Ruggie is pushed around too much "c'mon let the kid have a break once!"
When they see that a certain herbivore is catching the eye of said lion and scar himself just comented on how convenient it would be to have some chaos on certain day at certain time...
Crowley is losing feathers and hair by the second, WHO IS LETTING A ZOO LOSE AT THE SCHOOL??!! And who's gonna have to pay the price? Yuu, who's trying desperate to gain control on the hyenas and they don't look friendly, no sir
Luckily Leona came and up to the air they go, just a little problem, he wasn't aware of this plan, and now he's mad and start scolding the hyenas, they stop snickering at him carring yuu like a bride on the broom, looks like the plan might have been a success
"Leona you can put me dow now y'know"
"Do you realy think I don't see that scratch? Honestly herbivore you're bold to think I would let you harm yourself more than those imbeciles already did"
Flotsam and jetsam are such sneak litte shits, they are always watching, anytime Yuu pass by a lake or river, they are there, watching and listening
The Leech twins are a little skeptical about those two eels who just popped up on the octavinelle tanks, but soon lear they can be very entertaining and very useful, especialy if you can understand them
Oh they love to prank any poor unfortunate student that is next to a body of water, be it by calling them out or... biting
Azul got some very good information from them, favorite color? Dunno, but they are going to scarabia to study later this evening, and if he doesn't do something they are sure the scarabia boy is planing someting
Cue Azul's trying to interfere before something happens or just crashing on some dates when he can
On yuu's birthday day Azul gets them something they comented only to Grim and he just plays it off as a coincidence
Now the evil Queen's Crow has the chillies job among the seven henchmen, you see, Vil has so little privacy that even if he were to text yuu the public would know by one means or anothers
So what's the second best way to communicate? Letters! So the Crow's job is to come and go with them, wich makes him the second henchmen that has a good reputation with Yuu
Many times, as letters take time to be ready, he's just chilling on schools grounds, looking around, finding food, chilling with Diablo the usual
And then... Crowley shows up and oh boy, how can a bird so small manage to creat such a smug aura, and how can a grow ass man be so fucking jealous of a bird territorial thing? Oh no no no, Crowley knows very fucking well who this is and he ain't letting this little shit rob his position as best Crow to yuu no sir, OUT later that day he laid awake until 3 AM now realizes that a certain someone might not be totally dead
Pain & panic have notice how late Idia's staying awake and in some days comes back way later, so what they do? They go after him
And surprise surprise the boy is mopping by some ruin around the dorm, he was doing a video for those shows he likes so much, judging by the clothes and sticks, but stoped and is... wait... is he laughing?
Oh. Oh~ seems like he's not alone, the little prefect he doesn't shut up about is there and he's socializing with them how adorable! For someone who was in denial seconds ago they look fine together
So they just start recording, Ortho teached them, cute interactions for what? Two hours, they show it to him and Hades later, the room almost turned to ashes by his embarrassment, Hades is super fucking pround and betrayed Why didn't you told him earlier Idia?!
Would they go and record Yuu's life for him? Absolutely
Diablo my boy! best raven, I don't care, third best character in that movie only topped BY Maleficent and the three faries, he can literally be a general.
Listen remember when Malleus wanted a friend like him? Yeah guess what? He does have him now and ahahah would you look at that child of man I think it wasn't friendship that I felt why are you so cute tonight?
Goes to their night walk and finds them adorable together, notices yuu's extremely dangerous life, especialy the fact that they have no magic and guess who just got adopted by a bird
Yuu finds some trinkets and he himself delivers some, never getting from Malleus treasure, he gets those from around school
So bc Malleus nor his mistress can't watch over yuu all day he does the job instead
And he's not surprised to see how many boys grew interest on them, and he just loves sabotaging their plans over and over
It brings him great amusement when he sees the hope of a perfect confession fading from the students eyes
Sometimes even plays the victim to be rescued by Yuu and brought to Malleus immediately, causing more interaction between them by day time
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minzart · 5 days ago
Jafar helping Jamil is kinda cool...did Jamil meet lago too
Did I just watched some of Iago's best clips to do this? Yes,Yes I did. And I forgot how good he's at imitating voices wich wouldn't surprise me if I remembere that he was aparrot
And for what I saw twst don't count the sequels so let's say iago was stuck with jafar until now for the sake of my sanity
Literally was stuck with jafar for one thousand years or so, a bird needs to fly men
Now I imagine the metting was something like this:
Jafar: and this is Iago, he will help you on your duties
Jafar: don't mind the tongue just shove a Cracker on his mouth and everything's ok
Iago: don't you dare punky
Jamil: I... (explosions sounds from the kitchen) I got more important matters now, just, just don't destroy my room
Jamil just straight up asks him what he wants to eat and now he's on Iago's golden boy list FINALLY SOMETHING OTHER THAN CRACKERS
Shares stories about Jafar and had war flashbacks when meeting kalim who tried to feed him
Iago: I swear to you kid he went NUTS when he discovered the little rascals Identity, didn't stop laughing for hourrrsss
Becomes Jamil's unofficial pet, and accompanied him on classes sometimes, Grim is suspicions of him... Lucius tried to eat him at least once, mostly just exploring the area, saw Crowley once and:"why does the chicken brain has a human body and I don't???"
When he discovers Jamil's crush? Oh boy...
Yuu: hey Jamil! Is that a parrot?
Jamil: my... sister... send him for a vacation, he was so lonely without me
Yuu: ow isn't he handsome~ can I pet you?
Iago just... stares and let them why not, it's not like he has a choic- ohhhh the scratches~
Yuu: handsome like the owner hm?
Jamil is realy considering living in his hoodie after that.
One night Jamil was just going to bed and
Yuu's voice: I love you jamil~
He jumps and turns to Iago who's cracking his butt off his blush
Jamil throws pillows at him
Iago likes the kid, specially if he's gonna give him food
Jamil's ok with him, finds Iago funny and isn't gonna pass the opportunity to vent his frustrations to a bird that can and will talk back but knows when to shut up about those things
Iago: and then you just push him off a cliff and BAM everything's resolved!
Jamil: it's not that simple
Iago: It's better than waching them being swoon away kid!
Jamil: you realy think I don't have a plan? And you are going to help me through it
Iago: oh boy I see the resemblance now
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roamngreenwoods · a month ago
walking anywhere with my little sister is so stressful bc shes taller than me and one of her strides is like 2 of mine so i have to speed-trot alongside her like a 5′7 chihuahua 
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jesshq · a month ago
Tumblr media
Panic tends to hide being sick like sniffles and sore throat, then he wakes up one day with a bad flu, and upset he can’t work.
So ‘daddy’ hades takes panic’s temperature and he has 105f which is temperature for normal flu and is sending panic back to bed no if, ands or buts
Yes I have a headcon that:
- hades got the imps onesies to wear in the underworld for bed as it can get cold down there
- and pain, panic and neurosis have thumb sucking habits (pain has a sleep/stress biting habit) when asleep or stressed/upset. So hades got them pacifiers to comfort them (pain has a heavy duty teething toy)
So that’s why panic is wearing pjs and has a pacifier because he had just woke up and headed downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast only for hades to notice his sluggishness and find out he was sick, also hades gave panic his pacifier due to since panic is sick he shouldn’t be sucking his thumb, the pacifier is for comfort for panic instead of his thumb
Panic doesn’t like being sick as he can’t work or help his ‘dad’ or brothers doing underworld stuff....but he doesn’t mind getting extra cuddles and comfort from ‘daddy’ hades and his brothers and sister: pain, neurosis, paranoia and hope (paranoia and hope are OCs of mine)
Also I was referring to hades as ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ because of my headcon of: hades is pain, panic and neurosis (and paranoia and hope) biological father
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evildisneydorks · 2 months ago
4 words
Creature Henchmen getting baths
(Example: iago, pain and panic, facilier’s shadow, Joanna (who ever you want))
How do the villain catch them/give them baths
(Added some that don’t live in the mansion cuz my blog mah rules- jk)
-The first time Jafar attempted to bathe Iago was a mess.
-The little rascal had never been bathed so it flew off the vizier’s hands as soon as he felt the water on him, splashing it all over Jafar.
-Now he’s way chiller about showers and takes them regularly since Jafar insists on him looking presentable.
Pain and Panic
-Hades did bathe them when they were younger, but it was a mess so he soon told them that they should do it themselves.
-Panic is the one who bathes with more frequency and keeps reminding Pain to do the same, not because he dislikes it but because he finds it tedious.
-They usually just take short showers because they have to be ready for work in time, but on more relaxing days they would take a bath. And yes, of course they would splash each other and turn it into a battle right away.
Flotsam and Jetsam
-They are underwater. I don’t know what type of Spongebob physics do ya’ll believe in, but you cannot take a bath under the water.
-They normally just groom themselves (since those two act like cats) but sometimes, when Ursula is in a good mood, she will spoil them a little bit.
-Ursula will scrub their scales with a special tool and then make their skin smooth with some special lotion.
-Unlike any normal cat, she actually enjoys baths!
-She gets very spoiled while she’s getting washed with a lot of fancy bath products, shampoos and conditioners. If the hideout smells like roses and vanilla it means that Felicia is getting a bath.
-It’s also the perfect time to get a paw-dicure and some hair styling!
-He has always enjoyed bath time, especially when there’s bubbles involved.
-Maleficent used to bathe him when he was younger but he quickly learned how to do it himself so now just takes a little bath everytime he’s feeling dirty.
-But he will sometimes join Maleficent while she’s taking a bath, like the little rascal he is.
Facilier’s Shadow
-Shadows don’t take baths.
-I think the Shadow is the one that has to remind Faci about taking showers, and by that I mean the Shadow dragging his owner to the bathroom because sometimes he’s so busy he forgets his basic human needs.
-They both have to be refreshed and smelling good for the clients!
-McLeach has to wrestle with her so she will take a bath, every darn time.
-Scrubbing is quite difficult and let’s not talk about clipping and filing claws. She won’t stop moving and Percival is not a patient man so he might end up restraining her, with cuts and claw marks all over his arms
-Even then, she will splash some water on his face each time she gets and run away. Shewill be very sorry for that later.
-Absolutely despises baths and would rather die than jump into a tub full of water.
-Poor Cindy always ended up with scratches all over her arms, just a little sadistic thing he did to make his baths more enjoyable.
-He’s a lot more gentle with Tremaine tho, in part for her intimidating presence that extinguishes almost any flame of rebellion and in the other hand because she knows what he likes and doesn’t like so the torture is more endurable.
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bees-self-ships · 2 months ago
Happy Cupid day ms bee - Pain and Panic
“They give you some flowers they picked from outside the underworld”
(Valentine’s day isn’t just to show love to people you have a crush on or love, it’s also to show love to people you care about like friends and family)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You boys just made my day, these are lovely, thank you 😌❤️
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evildisneydorks · 2 months ago
What happens when the henchmen get sick how do the villains help them feel better
(Limiting myself to the ones that either live in the mansion or interact with one of the house’s residents)
-He becomes a drama queen even when he gets mildly sick so Jafar ignores most of his whining.
-But his master does start to get worried when the parrot is silent, because that means something is actually wrong.
-Jafar’s first instinct will be to let the illness pass on its own but will react to the first sign of it getting worse. He won’t become worried and protective right away but he will give the bird some remedies and try to comfort him, emphasis on TRY.
-Maleficent maintains a level-headed attitude when dealing with Diablo’s illnesses since she knows he’s prone to get sick easily, so she lets him rest and gives him some medicine if necessary.
-Diablo will sometimes ask for some comfort and Maleficent will deliver, even allowing him to sleep with her sometimes.
-Maleficent in a nutshell:
Tumblr media
Flotsam and Jetsam:
-These two get very sleepy when they are not feeling okay so Ursula lets them sleep for as long as they want until they feel better.
-She might prepare some special food or a treat to make them feel better, alongside some medicine to accelerate the healing process.
-When she’s in a particularly generous mood she would cuddle them just like when they were babies.
Pain and Panic:
-The Imps rarely get sick so when they do Hades gets a little bit worried, but hides it behind annoyance for the little “inconvenience”
-He will give them the day free to get better and rest a bit, because according to him “he has no use for them when they are lethargic and all bummed down”
-Hades does care because he was way gentler with them when they were younger.
Mr. Smee:
-Oh shit, how?! If Smee gets visibly sick it means it’s probably serious so Hook lets him rest as much as needed cuz Smee is an old man.
-He tells the captain not to worry because as long as he’s cozy on bed he’ll be fine.
-Hook is not that attentive but checks on him regularly to see if everything is okay, even staying late at night, (Although some people say that this is because Smee is not there to remind him to go to sleep at a reasonable time
-He tries to hide his obvious illness but he’s a terrible liar so Yzma notices it anyway.
-She begrudgingly gives him the day off just beacuse she has no use for a ditzy and even more mellow Kronk. He tries to tell her that he can still work but ultimately gets send to his room to rest.
-Yzma  may or may not have mixed a healing potion on Kronk’s food to accelerate the process of healing, excusing herself that she is not paying him more than 1 day off so she needs him to heal ASAP.
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jesshq · 3 months ago
disney villain and henchmen randomness:
made this for @slashingdisneypasta
all of these are random things I thought the villains and henchmen would be like, I hope you like them
also I censored cussing that was text, but if you go to the video links there will be cussing so be warned, also if you watch the video’s imagine the Disney villain or henchmen are those people in the videos:
Panic, kronk, lefou, Reuben, Kaa, Joanna, and fidget: “eating a cinnamon bun each”
 The other henchmen: cannibalism/cannibals…
Panic, kronk, lefou, Reuben, Kaa, Joanna, and fidget: ? “Heard that and don’t get it why their being called cannibals”
(they are cinnamon rolls and must be protected)
Diablo: you insufferable, reprehensible, deplorable, vermin
Goon 1 (the pig like one): wha?
Goon 2 (bird like one): it’s aristocratic talk for “f$#% off dips$#%$”
Horus: you’re full of s$#%.
Iago: my overall personality or my dishonesty?
Banzai:  ED! Don’t run with sharp rocks!
Banzai: “hands Ed a sharp bone” try this
(This one had scissors and a butterfly knife but the hyenas are from the pridelands so sharp rocks and bones seem more accurate)
[in a argument]
Pain: f$%# you
Pegasus: “in a horse which the imps can understand” later, now listen here you little shit…
(I ship pain x Pegasus ok….pain even admits he loves Pegasus in the movie 2when Pegasus was beating him and panic up)
Kronk: “making spinach puffs and freezing” my sad friend senses are tingling…
“Cut showing a crying Anastasia”
Kronk: “runs for her startling her” ahhhhh!!!!
Anastasia: aaahhhh!?!?!?!
kronk: “hugs her” no cry friend
Anastasia: “giggles and wipes tears from her eyes”
(Look up animated a grump: and imagine pain and panic as arin and Iago or flotsam and jetsam as Danny, and a random henchmen as Ross)
(Another game grumps thing:  )
“Ursula, and jafar and hades playing a glitchy game”
Ursula: now look how silly this is “flying around”
Hades: you have to….”character gets stuck”
Jafar and Ursula: oh...ooohhhhh “hades gets up and leaves glowing red” heheheh
Jafar: hades don’t leave hehehehe “hades closes the door”
Ursula: HAAAAADEEEEEES I LOVE YOU~ “trying to get the characters free”
hades: NO IM F%&$ING DONE!! IM F%&$ING DONE!!
Jafar: “losing his s&$t laughing” no your not
Hades: this is bulls&$#
Ursula: hades! “Laughing at hades rage too”
Hades: look at this bull#$& man
Jafar: hades! “Laughing more”
Hades: you gotta draw a line in the sand!
Ursula: hades “laughing more”
Hades: you have to draw a line in the f#$%ing sand guys!!
Ursula and jafar: “laughing so hard” 
Hades: you have to make a statement!!!
Hades: “as Ursula and Jafar laugh harder” you gotta look inside yourself and say ‘what am I willing to put up with today?’ NOT F*&%ing THIS!!! “Flames up and points to the tv screen”
Ursula: “gets the character free” IM FREE I BELIEVE I CAN FLY
(Listen to grump it:  thinking of Disney villains and henchmen raging at a game)
Scar: “to facilier” what do you wanna eat?
Friends from the other side: the souls of the innocent~
Facilier and shadow (facilier’s shadow): a bagel 
Friends from the other side: NO!
Facilier and shadow: 2 bagels
Kaa and shere khan, cruella de vil, Horus and jasper: “to hades and pain and panic, scar and the hyenas” did you know you can’t say bubbles angry 
Hades and pain and panic, scar and the hyena: really?
Maleficent: does anyone know why hades, scar and their henchmen are on the roof trying to angrily yell/screaming bubbles on the roof
Kaa and shere khan, cruella de vil, Horus and jasper: “choke on their drink/food in laughter”
Iago and jafar: “notice hades and the imps over working” what are you doing?
Hades and the imps: working
Jafar and Iago: you guys should rest, look at your hands “gestures to hades and the imps cramping hands from signing scrolls”
Hades and the imps: we’re ok just let’s us-
Jafar and Iago: “pouting” 
Hades and the imps: what’s that look for?
Jafar and Iago: “grabs their friends and tries to drag them off their chairs but fails” GO REST
scar and the hyenas: “see this and join in trying to pester hades and the imps into taking a break” you can work later
Jafar and Iago: “leave to Ursula and the eels room where hook and mr smee are” Ursula, flotsam and jetsam, mr smee and hook. Hades and the imps are overworking themselves again…
Ursula and the eels: excuse?!?...
Mr smee and hook: what?!?...
“Little later”
Ursula and eels: “coiled around hades and the imps with coils and tentacles and drags them off their chairs by their desks” HADES! PAIN AND PANIC! REST!
Hades and the imps: “unholy screeching and complaints as their dragged to their room”
Hook and mr smee: “follow to help Ursula and the eels”
Facilier and shadow (insert other villains and henchmen):  “coming back from the store and see Ursula and the eels dragging hades and the imps to their room, with hook and smee following” f$#% this s#$& we’re out “leaves”
(hades and the imps are workaholics)
Frollo: “minding his own business when hades, facilier, shadow and the imps tap him from behind and he turns around ” OOOOOH MY F&#$ING GOD!, IT'S A DEMON/WITCHCRAFT SPAWN!! JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE F$#&!!! OH MY F$#%ING GOD! F%&#ING DEMON/WITCHCRAFT SPAWNS! JESUS CHRIST “falls on his knees” WHAT THE F$#$#$#$#$#&!!!
Hades and facilier: “losing their s#$& laughing”
Pain and panic and shadow: “as well laughing hard”
Hades: “holding pain and panic and his third imp neurosis (actually a canon thing in the animated series)” these are my sons you can’t have them... good day sir
“Person tries to touch the imps”
Hades: “flares up and holds the imps tighter” I SAID GOOD DAY SIR! “leaves with the imps”
“The villains and henchmen are out in a mall and missing hades, jafar and Ursula as well as their henchmen in the crowd”
Mr smee and hook: oh dear we’re missing some of us
Shadow and facilier: oh don’t worry
Gaston and lefou: no one can find allies like Gaston and lefou
“A giant snake and angry squawks, electric zaps along with a women yell, and three fire flare ups of teal, red, and pink appear in the crowd each followed by angry cursing and more”
Gaston and lefou, shadow and facilier: found them ^^~
All the other villains and henchmen: oh boy/dear/dang it
(vanossgaming team 6 animated prank part:  (imagine the henchmen as human like with animal/creature parts example iago looks like a harpy): with vanoss being iago, wildkat being banzi, basically as shadow, delirious being flotsam and jetsam, terroriser being pain and panic (due to their immortal state XD) and nogla being a ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ kronk )
Hades: BOYS!!!!
Hades: “realizes the thing he was looking for and thought the imps stole it was on his desk the whole time” oh...NEVER MIND 
(before I do this one I need to explain, my headcanon that the disney characters have ‘worlds’ they live in with their movies era example: hercules characters live in ‘ancient’ greece in their ‘world’ but have some modern day things made using magical things (like TV, indoor plumbing, magic like phones) added to their ‘worlds’ but hercules, aladdin and little mermaid characters are share the same ‘world’ as in the hercules animated series: ursula appears in the episode hercules and the bacchanal, and then there's hercules and the arbian night where hades and jafar team up)
Maleficent: “thinking with ursula” so are you and hades related and you, him and jafar are from the same world  ooorrrr….
Ursula: I honestly don’t know…. I know we live in the same ‘world’ but… “thinking too” my father is Hades and Zeus’s brother if i'm right.....
Pain and Panic, Iago and Shadow and Flotsam and Jetsam: “flying/swimming round around hyper as all hell” WOOOOOOOO
Faciler and Jafar: “groans as they watch their henchmen on sugar high”
Hades: ok who’s the wise guy who gave them sugar…. “Tired/angry dad mood activated”
Kronk: I did...they wanted to test some sweets for me…”thinks he’s going to get in trouble”
Ursula: oh well then that's ok then Kronk you didn’t know, that they get sugar high
Jafar: I'm not dealing with the crash thou.. Uh where did they go?
Hades: found them~.. “Smiles evil like” let’s leave them with him~
Hades: “passed out on the couch with pain and panic asleep on him” zzzz
Jafar: “peeks over holding a marker with Iago”
gaston: “peeks over too with lefou with makeup”
“3 hours later”
Hades: “wakes up and along with the imps and they don’t notice what their friends did, and head to the kitchen”
Ursula and the eels: “see hades and the imps and choke on their cups of coffee”
Maleficent: “giggles seeing hades” good morning sexy~ 
Diablo: you girls sleep well?~ “trying not to laugh”
Hades and pain and panic: “tilt their heads” what do you mean?
“They notice their reflection in Ursula and the eels’s tank/movable water, and they see they have makeup on and writing/doodles on their faces”
Hades: oh for the love of…”glowing red”
Pain and panic: oh our gods… “eyes change”
Hades: JAFAR!!! GASTON!!! “Flares up”
Both imps: IAGO!!! LEFOU!!! “Follow their boss/’dad’ “
“Later outside shows Jafar and Gaston running from a red flamed Hades, and Iago and Lefou and running from two shapeshifted into beasts imps”
Jafar, Gaston, Iago and Lefou: WORTH IT XD
“Inside watching the chase” 
Faciler: should we tell them me and Shadow took photos of Hades and the imps and posted it online?
Hook: who’s computer did ya use? 
Shadow: “as he records the chase going on outside” cruella’s and Horus and Jaspers’s too 
Mr. smee: I guess it’s good they’re out of town then….
Yzma: me and Kronk made popcorn who wants!~
Scar: and the other villains and henchmen are placing bets: are they going to escape the wrath of the lord of the underworld and the embodiments of pain and panic? or will Hades and the imps give up?
“All the villains and henchmen inside are eating popcorn and watching the chase go on”
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jesshq · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got bored and decided to practice drawing my fav imps from Hercules
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not bad for drawing them with little references huh?~ also when I did pain I did his eyes changing which was reference to this:
Tumblr media
Where his eyes change due to he felt pain
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jesshq · 4 months ago
“Still upset about what alittlecursed did but I wanna post again”
Hey I think I’m going to be posting again, I also have a second blog a ask blog that has been open for a while with some fan kids called: ask the HQ misfits:
It’s open for asks
same goes for this blog
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alittlecursed · 4 months ago
The henchmen (any of your choice) reacting to their masters and the master's s/o having children.
Jealous AF!
He’s used to being the ‘baby’ of Jafar and his s/o and now everything is ripped from him by an actual baby!
Iago is sorta mean to the baby, like taking their toys away when the baby makes too much noise, mock-crying with them as a taunt, venting out to the baby, nothing serious but he shows the baby he doesn’t like them
But one day, Iago saw a servant of the palace shouting at the baby and making their way to grab the baby. Jafar and his s/o were off attending duties and left the servant in charge of the baby but once Iago saw that, that was a NO-NO
He ripped the servant’s clothes, clawed them some, and even bit their nose and they ran out!
The baby stopped crying and bragged Iago and used him as a teddy bear to fall asleep
From then on, Iago is good with the baby, maybe a bit sarcastic and rude but that’s how he is
The Hyenas
(Not counting Nuka, Vitani and Kovu)
Ed sees Scar’s offsprings like little siblings. Will “baby-talk” with them when they are babies and by the time they are cubs, they’ll have established their own secret language which irks Scar and Shenzi
Ed also offers to babysit the cubs when Scar and his s/o have to be off somewhere, and Scar only lets him as long as Shenzi and Banzai watch over Ed. But surprisingly, Ed is a good babysitter, very attentive
Banzai is weary of Scar’s cubs because they are Scar’s cubs and he knows the lion. And he doesn’t like kids, so he tries to stay away from them
But of course, he has to interact with them when babysitting. He makes joking comments which are meant to be hurtful but the cubs always laugh. And the cubs like to play-fight with Banzai because he actually fights back some
Shenzi is the last one to warm up to Scar’s offsprings. She either ignored them or treated them indifferently, and she also scared them by shouting at them and made them cry
But with time and patience, Shenzi accepted them (more or less) but she still keeps an eye on them waiting for when they turn ruthless on her clan
Flotsam and Jetsam
First of all, they’re jealous because their momma octopus now has a bloodline so they won’t be on Ursula’s top priorities anymore
Second, they don’t know anything about babies and children so Flotsam and Jetsam are lost on how to babysit one when Ursula asks them to
Jetsam hates the kids because they always pull on his tail and it hurts! He hisses and snaps at them to get them off
Flotsam just stares at the kids from a distance and makes sure they don’t get hurt, but other than that, he’s far away from them
They’re both annoyed with Ursula’s kids and hurt because she’s not spending much time with them but they are never going to tell Ursula that! And Ursula can’t figure out what’s going on because they won’t talk to her and she doesn’t want to push them
So Ursula’s S/O comes into the picture! And they talk with Flotsam and Jetsam, helping them open up about their feelings and then talking about it with Ursula who immediately goes to cuddle her two precious eel babies
From then on, Ursula, her s/o, and the eel brothers work together so Flotsam and Jetsam don’t feel left out and they feel comfortable with the kids as well as teaching the kids how to gently touch the eel brothers
This little raven is jealous too! Because for years it was only him and Maleficent, and yeah Mal's s/o got in the picture not too long ago but Diablo was still the precious baby - and now!
He has to share momma Mal with children! Do you know how needy and attention-grabbing those gremlins are!? 
Diablo avoids the children whenever he can, mostly by flying out of the window when they enter a room or hiding until he has a chance to escape 
He is always on Maleficent's shoulder or near her when she is alone or just with her s/o. He's at least happy he can still be with Maleficent when torturing prisoners or the hooligans, and that he is involved in her evil plans, but he's still sore by the fact that Maleficent shares her love with children
Maleficent notices the change with Diablo and does something about it. She teaches her children how to treat Diablo with care and respect first before setting up a little play date with her children and Diablo, making sure Diablo can't escape from this
Begrudgingly Diablo learns to play nice with the children, nipping their fingers and shrieking at them as a little revenge for taking Mal but feigning innocence when Mal catches him
The upside Diablo sees to this is the fact that he can get lots of treats from the kids easier than with Mal
He’s super happy Yzma has a family! 
Honestly, he didn’t picture Yzma having a family but he’s happy for her and goes to her house a lot of time to help her out with the kids like cooking, cleaning, going on trips to the market, even playing with the kids 
He’s the really cool uncle and the kids adore him just as much as he adores him
Kronk helps bring out their talents like chemistry and master planning and other things but he puts them in a direction that won’t lead to their downfall like Yzma
Don’t get him wrong, he sees Yzma as family and knows she can do great things but her life (downfall) is not the one for her kids and Yzma quietly agrees
It’s hard for Kronk to say no to Yzma’s kids when they pul off the puppy-dog eyes and it results in all of them being grounded
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jesshq · 5 months ago
This fanfic/shot goes for @alittlecursed who wanted me to make a story based off one of my headcons for panic from Hercules in which when panic was a child he wanted to buy iago from the market but when he finally had the money iago was sold to jafar.
Hades sighed as he looked the boy and his monkey “I made a promise to your mother kid….come on boys let’s go” he says as he gestures to leave to tell this kid what was his name Aladdin’s mother he was ok, he always had a soft spot for orphans…Hades turns to look at his ‘boys’ Pain and Panic only to notice “Pain where your little brother?” Hades says worried and looks at the 8 year old impling “um I think he saw something in the market…” Pain looks worried too as he thought his little brother was here with them too,
“Come on let’s go find him” Hades says as he picks up Pain and they head to the market place in Agrabah.
—————————-(meanwhile somewhere in the marketplace)——————
Panic in human child disguise stole some water and a apple and was looking in a cage, when him and his brother and ‘daddy’/boss and past this stall he saw a red baby bird with blue on its tail and wing tips, he saw it had no food or water in a while as its colours were duller. “Here you go..~” the 5 year old impling whispered to the baby bird as he broke the apple in half and the baby bird ate it like there was no tomorrow the same went with the water. “Poor baby…” Panic whispers as he pets the baby bird as it ate the second half of the apple, he notices a board with some numbers on it next to the cage, he then felt a cold/hot chill on his back and turned around to see His ‘daddy’/boss there along with his older brother. “Hi daddy I wanna help baby bird but what’s this?” Panic says as he holds up the sign to Hades.
Hades sighs in relief seeing Panic safe and sound as Pain who had fell asleep on his back “Panic don’t scare me like that I was so worried so was Pain..” Hades crouched down and hugged Panic tightly “I’m sorry…” Panic says as Hades pulls away and looks at the sign Panic was holding “huh? where did you get this price tag?” Panic just points to the baby bird cage “there I wanna help the baby bird he’s sick…” Hades looks at the price tag which says 500 gold which he can guess what’s what this region uses as currency “Panic it says you have to buy the baby bird, it’s a pet” Hades however can agree with Panic the baby bird was sick, “can I get him?” Panic asks tilting his head innocently and looking at his allowance in a little pouch he and Pain each had to hold things like money.
Hades sighed “sadly no buddy...come on let’s head ho-“ before Hades said anything Panic started to shake his head “nonono I wanna help the baby bird and free it” Panic said as tears started to form in his eyes which tugged at Hades heartstrings. Hades frowned as Panic was actually like his mother who was like this when she saw someone or something in trouble like the baby bird, then Hades had an idea “how about this Panic you do extra chores and etc. I’ll up your allowance so you can get the baby bird~” he explains as he wipes Panic tears away, Panic looks at the baby bird and puts its price tag back where he found it and smiles at the baby bird which tilts it head back to him “I’ll be back for you~” Panic whispers to the baby bird and walks back to Hades and takes His ‘daddy’s’/boss’s hand and Panic turns into his normal imp form and they teleport away.
——————————(a few weeks later)—————————-
Panic worked up enough money to get the baby bird and now him and ‘daddy’/boss were going to go buy the baby bird, he and Hades were walking in human disguises towards the pet shop where the baby bird was. “ excuse me?” Panic asks holding his pouch with his allowance in it and the shopkeeper looks at him and Hades “can I buy the red baby bird with blue on its tail and wings?” Panic asked innocently and looked towards the cage the baby bird was in only to see the baby bird was gone. “I’m sorry I just sold that pest this morning to the sultan’s Vizier….” the shop keeper said dryly and said “and my next parrot hunters aren’t going to be back for 5 months..” Hades eyes narrow, hating how this guy was talking to him and his 5 year old impling in his care who was threatening to cry any minute “your telling me that you sell birds from the wild….” Hades snarls, not noticing the sultan walking by “well it’s easier then breeding the rats with wings and easy shaking down people like you buddy” the sultan walking by the stall stopped because all he along with many others around the stall heard was Panic starting to cry.
“Hey buddy shut your brat up!” Yelled the shopkeeper, that triggered Hades to snap “OH AND YOUR NO BETTER! ME AND MY SONS CAME BY HERE WEEKS AGO LATE AT NIGHT AND MY SON SAW THE BABY BIRD STARVED AND DEHYDRATED!! YOU STEAL WILD BIRDS! ABUSE THEM TO MAKE THEM PET! MY SON HERE WORKED WEEKS TO EARN THE MONEY TO BUY THE BABY BIRD! I DON’T BLAME HIM FOR CRYING!!” Hades yelled back at the shopkeeper the guards came over demanding what this fight was about, the sultan had enough and came over before things really got out of hand and removed his cloak, “I say WHAT THE MEANING OF THIS” he demanded as the guards and the shopkeeper “I come walking by to buy something for my daughter only to find a person from afar and his son who is crying” the sultan says as he rubs still in disguised Panic’s head who was still crying to soft whimpers.
The shopkeeper began to speak only for the sultan so look at him “I heard everything…. guards arrest this man for illegal poaching and selling of wild rare animals which was a law before my dear wife died…” the sultan said as the shopkeeper was dragged away by the guards, the sultan looked over towards Hades who was trying to comfort Panic, “I’m extremely sorry for all this I wish I could help but…” the sultan said sadly remembering what Hades said that Panic earned all the money for the baby bird…”it’s ok..” Hades said still rubbing Panic’s back “we have to go” just as Hades was about to leave looks at the sultan “do me a favour I bet your wife would be very upset for any orphans who live on these streets to have no food or water...plz help them” with that Hades went around the corner, the sultan froze “ do you know about my wife..!?” The sultan ran around the corner only to see no one there but smoke, he did what the mysterious man from afar said about what his wife would want for the orphans of Agrabah streets…
—-——-—————-(back in the underworld)———————-
Hades sighs since they got back from Agrabah, Panic had refused to come out of him and Pain’s room, the fates have tried, heck even Pain couldn’t get him out, and when Panic the ‘light’ of the underworld was upset…. the whole underworld was upset too. “Ladies what am I to do?...” Hades asked the fates “he and Pain both want a pet lord Hades….why not get them a pet we need a guard dog down here” the fate of present said. “Ok I’ll think about it I have a meeting on Olympus...I’ll be back you ladies are in charge of the boys” with that Hades was gone in a puff of smoke.
The fates noticed Pain in the kitchen making a sandwich and grabs a apple and a juice box “what are you doing child” asked the fate of past as Pain looked at them “Panic was hungry I’m making him a sandwich” the 8 year old impling smiles softly, the mess around the kitchen showed he was making something to eat, “come on let’s clean up” the fate of present said as the fates sensed something touching the tapestry of fate and divided with the fate of present helping Pain clean up the kitchen, the fate of past headed to being Panic his lunch Pain made him, and the fate of future headed to the tapestry of fate to see what’s wrong.
When The fate of future gets to the tapestry she sees Panic holding it about to sew something into the tapestry “PANIC! what in the underworld are you doing child!” She yelled, making Panic jump and pricked himself with the needle as the fate grabbed him “I...I wanted the baby would have been happier here….I..I” The fate of future anger disappears and let’s go of Panic's arm as Panic starts to cry again. “Child..” she says softly “what happened has happened….but messing with the baby bird’s future won’t make it happy…. or you either...but can I show you something” the fate smiles softly as she bandages Panic’s finger, sure she’ll get in trouble with her sisters but Panic was going to mess with fate….
Panic watched the fate of future gestured to the tapestry “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen but….” Panic’s eyes landed on that the fate of future was pointing to a misty projection of him and Pain with a lot of creatures and humans one of which was a familiar looking bird, “you’ll meet you baby bird again Panic…. Just give it time~” Panic just said nothing and hugged the fate of future “thank you ms Atropos..” Panic smiles softly as Atropos hugs him back “come now I bet you’re hungry..~” and with that she brought Panic back to the underworld palace for lunch.
The fates told Hades what Panic almost did with the tapestry while both Pain and Panic eat this dinner, “he only knows that he’ll meet the baby bird again..” Atropos said as her sisters were annoyed she showed Panic the future of the baby bird. “I don’t care if it made him happy and content….he’s happy now~” Hades smiles as he watches Panic eating again “I can’t wait for them to see the surprise I got them..~”.
————————————(after dinner)——————————
“Ok boys I have a surprise for you~” Hades smiles as both Pain and Panic are waiting sitting on Hades throne “what is it daddy?” Panic tilted his head, Pain nodded liking surprises, just as Hades was about to respond when a three headed puppy jumped out of the doors leading to the throne room and pins Hades down and licks him, Pain and Panic’s eyes light up with excitement “PUPPY” Panic smiles and flys over to the three headed puppy who stopped licking Hades and the other two heads started to lick Pain and Panic faces making both implings laugh and giggle. “Is he really ours?” Panic had tears of joy in his eyes, “yep~ he’s both of yours” Hades smiles as Pain smiles and pets the puppy left head, “but he needs a name~” Hades smiles as the middle head nuzzles his face, “can we name it Cerberus?~” Panic asked and Pain nodded making Hades laugh and smile “Cerberus it is then~”.
——————————-(a few years later at the house of mouse)———————
A place has opened up and all Disney characters meet up and chat and watch cartoons, the Hercules characters walk in and are introduced by Mickey Mouse himself and they were at the henchmen for the Hercules crew. “All right henchmen meet Pain and Panic Hades’s henchmen who are capable of shapeshifting can you two Demonstrate your abilities plz?” Mickey smiles “might wanna say what you want them to turn Into” said Hades, Panic along with Pain took a deep breath and shapeshifted into multiple things that the crowd asked, finally Genie from Aladdin yells “hey turn into a little Agrabahian boy!” Pain and Panic turn into the little Agrabah boys they turned into when they helped Hades with Aladdin a few years ago. “Seriously this isn’t a challenge~” Pain smirks.
After their introduction to the other henchmen they were talking to the other henchmen until “hey Iago did ya see their Agrabah boy looks” said The snake Kaa, Panic turned to see a red parrot with blue on his wings and tail tips land “yeah I saw them” the parrot reaspond. Panic froze along with Iago when their eyes met as the last time they did Panic was 5 and Iago was a chick, despite this Iago and them talked and etc. When the night was over and everyone headed back to their worlds till next night.
The Hercules crew was about to leave when “Hey Panic was it” Panic turned around to see Iago landing in front of him, “yeah what is it?” Panic began to say only for Iago to hug him “thanks for being one of the few people that were kind to me when I was a chick back then in the marketplace…” Panic’s eyes widened when Iago said that, “see ya next week!” With that Iago flew back towards the Aladdin characters. Panic smiles softly as Atropos was right he would see his baby bird again….just needed to wait and he can’t wait till next week when he sees Iago again.
Here ya go @alittlecursed
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jesshq · 5 months ago
Disney neurosis headcons:
This is my headcons for hades’s third imp minion that no one knows much about: neurosis (this baby boy):
Tumblr media
Is pain and panic’s missing brother who their mom (my Hercules OC plague) had to give up and left him with her mom sorrow (another Hercules OC) as plague couldn’t be on the run from her half father misery (another Hercules OC) with three kids (leaving neurosis with her mom and half father was the hardest thing plague had to do..)
Is pain’s missing little brother and panic’s missing twin brother (panic and neurosis were born on the same date and time as pain but 3 years later due to their mom being on the run and couldn’t get enough nutrients to keep her pregnancy at the 4 month mark for panic and neurosis so when she finally had them she had enough nurtaints also felt safe enough to start to developing panic and neurosis)
Is a 5 mins younger then panic
Has fur
Has a sensitive stomach
Due to abuse misery (when misery put a curse on plague’s children that anyone around them would hurt and abuse them till misery is ‘defeated’) he has a fear of getting punished for failure
Has panic/anxiety attacks
Due to his sensitive stomach he does eat but if he eats too much he gets a bad stomach ache
While in misery and sorrow’s care when hope and paranoia where born (two more Hercules OC’s of mine their pain and panic and neurosis little brother and sister) neurosis begged misery to abuse him more over letting misery abuse hope and paranoia which misery agreed to
When hades found neurosis (more like given to by sorrow as neurosis needed to leave as misery’s abuse was becoming too much for him) he found a spell mark on neurosis that plague put on him so when hades found neurosis he could see neurosis is plague’s son (hades made a promise to take care of plague’s kids not realizing he was the father)
When hades brought neurosis after he failed his task for messing with Hercules back to the underworld he assigned Pain and panic to help neurosis out due to his panic/anxiety attack and eating issues
Like panic needs coffee in the morning
Like both his brothers he has 3 forms: god form, misery form, and Titans form (he looks like a wyvern) just like pain and panic
He has a pet harpy that also serves as a service animal for his panic/anxiety attacks as hades’s welcome to the family gift 
He works in the harpy stable half the time and hades lets him as he is comfortable with that job
He gets really mad if you hurt any of his harpies (Hercules found that out the hard way)
Is good friends with Hercules after his failed mission
Has hermaphroditism
Is mates with mayhem a winged wolf that used to work for Hecate who he betrayed and now works for hades and Zeus. Mayhem is also havoc and wreckage’s little brother
Is also mates with tele and lethe’s little sister melanie
Due to a curse put on him and his mates by Aphrodite and Hecate in which they would lose their first born (which hades and Persephone revived)
Hysteria neurosis and Melanie’s daughter is the baby they lost and hades and Persephone brought back to life
Discomfort is neurosis and mayhem’s son like karma is a hybrid with his lower body being a wolf like and his upper body being imp
Neurosis is a good parent for his son and daughter and a good mate for his mates
Neurosis can throw his voice to make people think he’s there but not
His weapon is a boa
Like pain and panic (and siblings) he can shapeshift and manipulate fire
Likes to cuddle and get hugs
Cares for harpy eggs and chicks if their parents are killed by heroes (now you know how Hercules found out the hard way not to kill harpies especially the ones neurosis cared for)
Doesn’t like violence and is abit of a some extent (as he is hades’s missing son their for he has some of hades’s temper just like his brothers pain and panic)
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