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gunchucks-wukong · 26 minutes ago
those wr shippers tm on twitter be like "oh no why are rg fans replying under post ur so toxic" meanwhile the post is targeted harassment, biphobia, and hate no one asked for. Do you ever. Think. That maybe. You're the one doing the fucked up shit? That you're the one being in the wrong for harassing people in a first place? Leave them alone, mute the ship and mind your business? I just- i am so tired.
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fandom-discussions · 27 minutes ago
ahaha sorry for the late response, yahoo mailing list anon here! i guess i'm mostly curious as to how it worked, how you found them? like was there a list or a database somewhere or? otherwise feel free to ramble!
i don’t really remember exactly how i found them. i was on two wrestling fanfic ones/ probably by googling wrestling fanfic or wrestling slash, tbh. i know some geocities and fansites did have lists of them and this was back in the day of web rings that had a ton of links. 
for how it worked, you had a template and rules of how to post and what you could post. then people would reply to your email (if you sent out a fic or an update) with their review of it. you’d have threads of off topic stuff and discussions going on. it was a lot of fun. i always had them grouped together because the more members there were, the more emails you’d get. but you could get a daily digest of all the emails that went out that day, which is what i did. 
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mysso · 3 hours ago
tubbo lore!!!!
gonna bite all the people that say tubbo doesn't have lore. he has SO much lore. here is a list of some favorite things feel free to add on
when he convinces schlatt not to destroy the camarvan at the elections
conversely: when he destroys the signs despite quackity trying to stop him
wait, schlatt? what are you doing- i can't get out. schlatt? his shakey voice there my GOD
yeah. fight him. woo. actually, i think i forgive technoblade. + while tommy and techno were fighting, tubbo walked away with niki in so they wouldn't have to watch
his impromptu presidency speech: yes it has damages, but everything has damages... i want to fill in the holes
when he’s giving the exile decision and he starts saying they’ll fight and then his voice just dies in his throat. his humorless laugh and forced steadiness as he exiles tommy
idle president activities in nlm... making laws with ranboo and showing how their characters were getting closer while also demonstrating his own character's inbuilt trauma... be loyal, no fireworks, no explosives, no withers...
i feel like schlatt. ... i think my end is near, ranboo.
christmas carols with ranboo. "technoblade blew me up with color" <3
tubbo and ghostbur going through the nether, ghostbur explaining how blue worked and telling tubbo to let all his sadness go into the blue and throw it away, tubbo saying he didn't know if he made the right decision exiling tommy and dropping the blue into the lava, and ghostbur going quiet before saying "you have so much blue in you, tubbo"
hey big q, look what i found!
finding the tommy tower. repetition of "we need to see tommy", shakey voice, increasing incredulity sloping downhill into sudden realization of the worst
do you remember what schlatt did to me? let’s have a festival
the connor hostage situation. "tommy? you're... you're alive?"
when quackity stepped in to finish his green festival speech because he couldn't quite say "let the festival begin"
operation "don't let our home get blown up"
the speech to quackity just after the second festival defending ranboo. the body language of him crowding quackity up against the wall... the increasingly passionate yelling... the zooming in...
silently jumping in front of tommy to take the firework when techno shot him
actually his entire lore on festival. the unspoken acceptance of death and destruction. ouch
founding of snowchester. looking for peace, a place to retire, to escape all the war and trauma of his past
when he was so close to dying on the mountain and sounded so GENUINELY scared
tommy, keep the discs, i’ve done enough in my life! i’ve done enough! keep the discs it’ll be worth it, it’ll be...worth it...
tubbo zoning out in the vault is so in character. as ranboo says: unaware of the danger he puts himself in. c!tubbo lemme give you a hug please come on
the big tower from lego batman with the eye on top
well this is checkmate. i suggest you resign.
who am i without you? yourself.
the nukes!!!!!! that's such a wacky lore point i love it. a one-off joke that becomes like a main thread of s3.
jack manifold, have you ever heard of the manhattan project?
building the memorial for tommy after he died in prison... removed from snowchester but close enough to protect
the increasing paranoia in the detective room
am i allowed to be paranoid?
the entire ranboo and michael family arc. they are playing house in minecraft and i love them for it. building michael's room, taking a moment to gush over how cute the room was, regularly visiting him
nukes continued: the interrogation room... mimicking the magma block/blackstone/redstone torch palette of the og manberg stage because that's what he found intimidating... the distress in his voice...
the dead man's switch.
the tour with foolish, especially as they revisited the dead liminal space that is pogtopia. freakin' creepy. traumatized archivist, og l'manburgian and cabinet member, showing foolish all the hidey-holes and escape tunnels built up over the months of history...
rebuilding the piston door into technoblade’s lake vault, refusing to steal from him, and hesitating to disturb the “war monument” to recover his old house all in the name of preserving history. it's the archives! the roman archives!
how every stream is really half-lore. a slice of life glimpse into c!tubbo's daily life. it adds a lot of subtlety to his character <3
shout out to tubbo underscore hq for compiling this list with me! @bupine @snowchesterapologist @mintslaysdragons @choose-people @junesjuniper
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mysso · 4 hours ago
tubbo: wait- he's not biologic is he?
ranboo: no, he's a pig. he's a zombified pig. what are you trying to imply tubbo??
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candiedbonemarrow · 6 hours ago
Can i also say something? It's a bit tragic that through most the comic, Karkat cares a lot more for Eridan than he ever did for Gamzee, despite how the fandom portrays it-
Oh it most definitely is. I think that comes up a lot in my analyses often, and even though I kind of brush over it, it’s meant to be what it is: Karkat either picked the wrong person to be his moirail, or he feels a lot more flushed for Eridan than he’s thinking, and no matter how you look at it, Gamzee still doesn’t get the treatment he deserves. Just like Feferi, Karkat pulled Gamzee into a moiraillegiance that was toxic for the both of them. You can tell that even Gamzee recognizes Karkat isn’t as close to him as Gamzee might like, and, again, that’s probably part of why Gamzee doesn’t actually GO to him in his time of need. It’s because of Karkat’s mushy, unclear feelings that Gamzee doesn’t have support when going through drug withdrawal and that’s tragic. Obviously Karkat doesn’t know what happened, but that’s just it:
How are you supposed to know what happened when you couldn’t even be there for your own moirail, and what makes you think you deserved the one you were actually chasing if you couldn’t treat the one you had properly?
And I mean, yes, he treats Eridan much better, until he doesn’t. So I mean, until Karkat sorts out his shit, it’s not like he deserves either of them, and by putting them in the back of the cover artwork for Summerteen Romance, he acknowledges that. It’s not bad for Karkat to change his feelings, but to drag Gamzee along for the ride, only to change his mind when Eridan is no longer an option?
That’s fucked up, man
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ahsanalishaw · 6 hours ago
Live on YouTube discussing "Rethinking Evolution & The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection." Check it out;
#rethinkingevolution #theoryofevolution #podcast #innovation #research #science #health #biotech #healthcare #cancer #celltherapy #genetherapy #digitalhealth
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candiedbonemarrow · 7 hours ago
Analyzing Karkat’s feelings for Eridan through Summerteen Romance: A completely Useless and Redundant activity (unless you’re me)
So, I admittedly did not read Summerteen Romance until yesterday (nor have I read any of the other Paradox Space comics.) HOWEVER, what I did find while reading was that, while there were romantic undertones that I did not care for regarding DaveKat (sorry folks,) there was some... interesting symbolism and contextual evidence suggesting some underlying, complicated feelings, regardless of how you view Eridan and Karkat’s relationship. Let’s take a look, and I’ll let you decide for yourself what is (and, what isn’t,) there. Keep Reading for long ass post, I apologize
Part One: Establishing Why The Fuck Any Of This Matters To Karkat, Or Why It Should Matter To You:
First of all, for those of you who do NOT know what Summerteen Romance is, both Karkat and Dave sum it up fairly decently in this panel:
Tumblr media
For those who are having trouble reading the text on screen (me too,) here’s the takeaway: Karkat has written what is essentially an Alternate Universe Friend Fiction, where all of his friends are going to summer camp together and having an experience that changes their lives, presumably for the better, during their very impactful adolescent years. While I think this is COMPLETELY out of character for Karkat (especially as a creepy violation of privacy and potentially making a mockery of his dead friends, given he potentially writes them wrong or simplifies them into grotesque shadows of themselves,) this is a good look into what’s going on in his head. As he says here, after Dave gives some stupid comment about his worldbuilding regarding his brother (which Jesus Fuck, Karkat, maybe don’t write his abusive brother into a fanfiction HE’S going to be reading,)
Tumblr media
Caption: Hey, this is an Alternate Universe, remember? I can write the characters however I want. (Maybe just be happy your stupid bro has a role in my opus in the FIRST place!)
And then when he gives him even more shit for it (understandably,)
Tumblr media
Caption: Oh, I see how it is. I don’t get control over any universe I make, huh? Not even when it’s fucking imaginary.
So he’s writing this as a reflection of what went wrong, and changing the narrative to make things right. He wants control. He can write his friends HOWEVER he’d like, regardless of whether or not they’re really like that. And, look, okay, they’re not all that in-character. Take a look at this panel where Kanaya says some overly stiff shit that would be better utilized as sarcasm for her:
Tumblr media
Caption for Kanaya’s quote: I would reiterate that we should follow our counselor’s example and be in bed sleeping. I am pretty sure having fun without adult supervision makes one a delinquent.
Since this is more of a reflection of Karkat’s view of Kanaya, as he’s writing this, we can assume he thinks she’s more of an overly-responsible rules stickler, regardless of her behavior otherwise (he does not think she’s put together if we’re analyzing the whole comic, FYI, which is good, since Kanaya is a lesbian goth mess and I love her for it.) There’s also a fair chunk of the ending pages where one of the SBAHJ characters rides Equius like a horse and he just lets them but I’m not going to show those pictures to you because Equius would not let anyone but Nepeta do that and Equius deserves better than that anyway, so. 
Let’s just establish that these characters, especially Karkat, as you’ll find out later, are, well, out-of-character, partially on purpose, but maybe on accident, but mostly on purpose. Why does it matter if they’re all partially out of character, then?
Well, because they’re not. Not all of them, anyway. And I think it’s apparent from Vriska and Terezi’s shenanigans in the top part of the panel, but to be honest, they didn’t add much to the comic for me at all, so I don’t really care if they’re in character (also Terezi didn’t even stick up for Nepeta when Vriska kicked her out of the bottom bunk what the fuck??? Terezi why)
No, it’s important because Karkat rights Terezi’s wrongs, making it so that Terezi doesn’t stab Vriska in the back, and so that Equius manages to have the spine to do shit for Nepeta, and because Tavros actually manages to get Vriska off his back. He’s trying to write good things in for his friends, and to fix shit, right? And LOOK, this is pretty important to him. Accurate portrayals are important to him. It’s why he says THIS in regards to Dave skipping out on the script some:
Tumblr media
Caption: You can’t just skip lines like that, Dave! My screenplay is a DELICATE MACHINE and every sentence is essential. You just RUINED Nepeta’s entire character arc you piece of human TRASH.
Bit of critique, Karkat; if Nepeta’s entire character arc is ruined because of some passing comment she made in the beginning, maybe you shouldn’t be writing Nepeta that intimately. That’s your friend, dude. Just a thought. At least this goes to show that he wants character development for his friends, regardless of whether it never happened in the first place or not. Great! Take some artistic liberties, do whatever you want!
So why, then, doesn’t he write out Eridan’s betrayal? Why of ALL people does Eridan get proper character representation AND a happy ending, without killing people, but STILL become the villain, and getting to redeem himself? And why is Eridan’s character representation STILL better than both Terezi and Vriska’s, despite him not being in the story as much, while arguably being more influential?
Part Two: Hey, Uh, Karkat, Your Characterization Of Eridan Is So Good, That’s Pretty Fucking Sus My Dude:
I had a character analysis post for Eridan SOMEWHERE before I completely destroyed my old blog and had to remake, so I don’t actually have the original post. However, allow me to find a properly intact reblog of it where you can still read it, in its shitty, hastily-written glory. Props to everyone who contributed on that post, by the way. It’s optional reading, but it DOES give you more insight on just how close Karkat and Eridan are, and how it’s kind of scary that Karkat can actually write him this well. Let’s start with something everyone knows intimately; the way Eridan talks like a rich, racist asshole, regardless of whether or not he actually FEELS that way:
Tumblr media
Image caption, without crossouts: I’m too wwealthy for this place. Wwhat wwas my dad thinking, sending me here?
Image caption, with crossouts: I’m too high in the blood caste wwealthy for this place. Wwhat wwas my lusus dad thinking, sending me here somehow, despite being a literal seahorse?
Tumblr media
Eridan’s dialogue, without crossouts: This dump’s got nothin’ on MY log cabin.
Eridan’s dialogue, with crossouts: This dump’s got nothin’ on MY hivve log cabin.
Don’t worry about those color swatches right now. They’re actually very relevant later but like, not right now, since we’re taking a look at his dialogue for now
Those cross-outs are because of this, by the way:
Tumblr media
Image caption: THAT’S NOT ALL! The version of the script you’re holding has been PAINSTACKINGLY adapted for HUMAN AUDIENCES. Like 90% of the references to TROLL CULTURE have been replaced with HUMAN BULLSHIT. I had to slog through HUNDREDS of hours of terrible earth movies for this, Dave, so maybe don’t act like the TWO SECONDS it takes to read ONE LINE are a HUGE FUCKING CHORE.
(Sorry for more color swatches, they really are fucking important, I fucking promise you I swear)
Eridan sounds properly like the douchebag he’s SUPPOSED to be, right? You’re already into like, page two or three of his weird fanfiction and there’s no doubt that that’s Eridan, or that he’ll continue to talk like Eridan. You’ll see his dialogue as we go along as well, but I mean, that’s like THE moment he starts talking in this friend fiction, so they’re his first impression lines, and I mean, fuck, idk, they work pretty well for first impressions.
But look, that’s the easy part. Where’s his quadrant shit?
Well, it’s more complicated than just ‘he has them and he pursues them’ because, uh, in this one... he doesn’t. BUT, that’s actually more accurate to his character anyway! In the comic proper, if you pay special attention, he tries to keep his feelings to himself, for the most part, and is flighty when pushed:
Tumblr media
(Note, his panic message is sent after fellow, not lady, and I thought it was pretty obvious that was Karkat, but like it’s actually whatever. Sorry for no caption but I am literally not writing out a whole damn pesterlog rn, this shit is way too long as it is)
Just like in the comic, Eridan doesn’t express his feelings to Feferi until after she comes clean about her own, which is, to say, that in this friend fiction,
he doesn’t at all. Like, not even a little bit. NOT THAT HE DOESN’T EXPRESS SOME SORT OF LIKE, grumpiness at other people having her attention, but like, he really does not give too much of a shit. THIS, right here, is the extent of what he has to say on the matter:
Tumblr media
His entire commentary, as Feferi is admiring Bro (blegh, by the way,) boils down to “WWHAT?!” and “JUST BURY ME. JUST BURY MY WWHOLE FACE.” AND THAT’S IT. That’s it for the ENTIRETY of this friend fiction, they don’t even have conflict otherwise, he LITERALLY stays out of her hair and everything. I think this is VERY important for his character because between the time Feferi dumps him up until Eridan wants to go join Bec Noir in the comic, Eridan doesn’t talk to Feferi. At all. He leaves her alone and really, his offer when he comes up to her is not to even be FRIENDS, it’s to say ‘hey, like, wwe’re gonna die an’ evverythin’ but like, I dunno, t’savve my owwn hide I’m gonna go over there wwith ol’ man bitey barkbeast, wwould y’like t’also not die’ and that’s it. The only reason that even escalates, by the way, is Sollux; I’m sure if she’d said a simple no he would have left, considering how easily he’s shut down here:
Tumblr media
(and apologetic. Mind you, everyone seems to think he’s some sort of heartless monster or hairbrained idiot who just doesn’t get it or want to get it, when he’s actually literally so sorry for everything that he does that he’ll immediately backtrack when someone’s like ‘hey dude! Don’t, maybe?’)
This is MORE than proper representation for Eridan regarding feelings, I think, and look, people think he’s demanding with the people he cares about, but in reality, he’s looking for acceptance (which, they don’t have to give, but considering Vriska abuses the shit out of Tavros, kills Aradia indirectly, and blinds Terezi, all before entering the game, and Equius is generally accepted, despite being just as openly racist regardless of whether he means it or not, I think maybe they could give that to him a little bit, if he’s really their friend.)
Which leads me to the portrayal of Eridan’s betrayal:
Tumblr media
Eridan doesn’t give up this easily- at least, not under normal circumstances. After all, he was busting ASS on his planet to get shit done, from the way people talked about it, literally BARRELLED through for his friends despite their complete and utter disregard for him, despite them constantly putting him down, despite being pushed out of their circle. Even FEFERI dumping him didn’t lead Eridan to completely go apeshit (REMEMBER, THERE WAS AN ENTIRE CHUNK OF TIME INBETWEEN WHERE ERIDAN WAS ON HIS PLANET DOING SHIT AND TRYING TO HELP THE HUMANS.) But at the same time, it’s obvious why they won him over:
They made him feel important, seen, and wanted.
Ultimately, Eridan would have stayed, I think, if it weren’t for Karkat’s fatal flaw and role in him going, or lack thereof in staying (which I believe he recognizes here, but we also have to get to that later.) In the friend fiction’s adaptation of the events that unfolded on the meteor that day, This happens right before:
Tumblr media
Quick synopsis, Dave disses everyone, though poorly (there were also a few panels before this,) but ends up ‘flirting’ with Eridan instead. While I don’t understand why Karkat chose flirting in PARTICULAR over other things, since Eridan actually seems to be more friendship motivated in general, even if quadrants are a huge motivator for him (trust me, that comes into play later as well,) 
Tumblr media
but it’s apparent why Dave chose to exploit the part of him that wants to be noticed, because it gets Eridan to look back. I mean, literally, how can a two word comment that could easily be taken as a diss if said in a different tone get anyone, let alone ERIDAN, to think twice about things?
Tumblr media
(No one is sharing that bunk with him, Aradia is dead so there’s not 12 trolls)
Tumblr media
(more color swatching, I apologize)
Hm, wait, right. I forgot. Not even his quadrants want him to stick around, so it’s understandable that in his vulnerable state of being constantly excluded from shit and being put down, one nice comment is going to make his head turn. Just one PRECURSORY comment, and one ‘we could use someone like you’ is enough, in this situation, to turn him over, all because of some building exclusion that, was probably getting heavy on Eridan’s shoulders.
(The red text on this post ties in with the text on the top bit of the panel where Feferi and Kanaya are burying him in the sand, by the way. His quads don’t even care or want him around... except for when they’re using him, like when Feferi needed someone to feed her lusus, which Eridan would have probably done regardless of quadrant status, and when Vriska wanted someone to FLARP with her because no one else would do it anymore, because it was too dangerous)
I mean the buildup isn’t the final reason he decides to turn over in either case but like whatever. That’s still to come
Color swatch time.
Part Three: Hey, Karkat, What Are Those Funky Color Inconsistencies You’ve Got There, Dude, Did You Have Something You Wanted To Tell Us, Or Are We Reading Too Much Into Things:
Color is so important when it comes to troll identity.
Racial coding, class status, personal and quadrant identity, you name it; trolls and color go together like peanut butter and jelly (says someone who is ironically allergic to peanuts.) So it’s only natural that you have to have consistent color symbolism when it comes to, well, accents and quadrant colors on trolls, regardless of the amount of flexibility you can have with it! Right? We all agree that established quadrants can have their specific blood color added to their quadrantmate’s wardrobe, and that while trolls are allowed to wear other colors, quadrant colors in particular are unique and special. We ALSO agree that similar colors are still visibly different from each other, no matter how analogous they may seem.
So let me ask you something.
Tumblr media
What, pray tell, is this?
Now, in this panel, Gamzee and Eridan have similar color schemes, and arguably, some colors on Karkat’s backpack are more similar to Gamzee’s than Eridan’s. From farther away, it SEEMS like Gamzee’s color scheme is more similar to his pack. Arguably, Kanaya’s purple on her backpack is more similar to Gamzee’s purple in the comic, but Kanaya is more known to wear purple, and since Gamzee is more violet here, it’s no problem, right? That’s Gamzee’s purple on his bag.
Tumblr media
,,, oh boy. Alright. So we have to talk about this now.
Those red arrows are for placement of characters but we’ll talk about that more towards the end, but why is ERIDAN’S violet the MORE SIMILAR COLOR SWATCH TO KARKAT’S BAG, HERE. Karkat has a lot of purple in the comic proper, but that’s because he’s Gamzee’s moirail, and the purple is still more similar to the purple on Kanaya’s bag, when seen in the comic!
Tumblr media
I mean, LOOK. That’s PURPLE. That’s not NEARLY as red toned as the stuff Karkat’s wearing on his back in that picture. Arguably, you could say that like, a lot of troll tech is the color purple, but that might also refer to the grade of quality it is. Here’s Tavros’ recuperation pod, which is red, which disproves that all recuperation pods are the same level, and his laptop is teal, which also disproves that all shit that trolls own need to be color coordinated or whatever, BUT, considering Karkat has absolutely NO color in his room except for a select few pieces, and those pieces are overwhelmingly purple, and happen to be his most expensive items, and also, he’s a mutant, so he’s probably not registered by the government and doesn’t get his allocated funds (holy shit I sound fucking whack rn,) I’m assuming Gamzee gifted him these items (even though they’re a basic human right but like that’s probably why they’re all purple. Anyway)
What’s even more confusing is that Eridan and Gamzee have similar color schemes, that seem to switch around a bit, almost a little too much. And under any other circumstance, I’d be like “whatever, it’s just color, who the fuck cares.” This is Homestuck. You can’t be too flexible, or else it gets out of hand.
But just to be sure, let’s see how flexible Nepeta and Equius’ colors are:
Tumblr media
Our original reference panel for them, just so we can see how similar they are. They’re not perfect, but let’s see if they at LEAST hold up a little better when compared to Vriska’s blue, which does change a bit throughout this whole thing:
Tumblr media
(Sorry for swatching Vriska’s blue on her skin, I thought the contrast would make it more obvious.)
Oh. So it DOES hold up, fairly well. It’s not like it’s COMPLETELY obvious with Nepeta’s hat and tail, always, but Vriska’s blue is arguably more green toned than Equius’, and that stays consistent even in lighting changes. I would ALSO argue that even with lighting changes, that green Nepeta is wearing is DEFINITELY meant to be the green on Equius’ hat. The two are connected. There’s no arguing. But like, even in other panels, how does it hold up?
Tumblr media
Alright, here’s one where we can TRULY compare colors! Gamzee’s more purple than violet colored, Eridan’s violet is more violet, his scarf and shorts are more of Vriska’s blue tone, and Equius’s blue and Nepeta’s green are literally almost dupes. Clear, cut colors!
Tumblr media
There’s even a part at the end where the lighting changes and, lo and behold, Nepeta’s green and Equius’ blue are similar!
Tumblr media
AND EVEN DIFFERENT THAN THE BLUE OF ERIDAN’S SCARF AND VRISKA’S SHIRT! I cropped this because I do not like the events unfolding in the corner, sorry, I just wanted the color swatches. There’s a bigger version of this panel later that proves he’s off to the corner and Vriska is wearing her blue, I promise.
Now we’re gonna go back to Eridan and Gamzee. Surely, they’re more clear cut, right?
Tumblr media
Oh, cool, that text box looks fairly purple! I wonder what the swatch turned up is
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
,,,,,,,,, okay well if the text box is literally like the same color but Gamzee’s looks more violet and Eridan’s looks more purple and their colors match sometimes I mean there’s gotta be SOME panels where they’re different enough to
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay this one right? This o
Tumblr media
,,, oh, oh dear. Okay. No, they can’t be that similar. Right? Like, there are times where they have stark differences, like in the picture above! There’s different lighting and everything!
I don’t think the color flexibility is a mistake, not here.
Even in the canon comic, Karkat and Eridan were, arguably, way too close for comfort, and I mean, consider the way Dave and Karkat talk. Think for a moment. Think about how ANYONE talks to Karkat in the comic, and how he talks to them.
Now look at this actual canon dialogue that Karkat and Eridan have together:
Tumblr media
Hm. Cool. Thought I should just bring that up.
Look, even the couch represents this shit, okay? Not to be an english teacher bitch, but,
Tumblr media
That goes from more red, to more blue, and it’s a v e r y mushy fade. Like, I literally don’t care what this comic was aiming for, one shoulder vs. the other shoulder, one troll vs. the other troll. I dunno. Maybe I’m reaching.
I’m not reaching with this last part.
Part Four: Happy Endings, Or Hey, Karkat, Why Can’t You Also Let Yourself Have Good Things, Even If You Understand Where You, Personally, Went Wrong:
So, in the original comic, Eridan kills Feferi, kills Kanaya, destroys the matriorb, knocks Sollux out, and then leaves Karkat alone in a room full of bodies (leaves him unscathed, might I add, which, look. Given what happens earlier, only goes to show how much Eridan cares for him, but that’s something everyone overlooks but we’ll get to that in like two minutes I swear.) This is after he’s already decided to betray everyone, not before, and like, we all know he dies, it’s whatever. Why’s that important.
Tumblr media
Here’s our representation of the room where it happened. We have Aradia, we have Feferi, we have Karkat, we have Kanaya, we have Aradia (as a ghost because she’s dead.) Sollux comes in there a bit later to diffuse the bomb his coding created (haha symbolism.) Who we DON’T have, yet, is Eridan. That bomb represents Eridan and what he’s about to do to everyone in the comic proper, when he shows up. It’s not necessarily that Sollux CREATED this, by the way. The buildup was already there. It’s just Sollux who knows how to push the right buttons to get Eridan to fight with him in the first place, and initiate grimdarkness.
So what happens in this one to make it different?
Tumblr media
That happens.
Look, Eridan doesn’t come into the reactor room with the attitude that people can convince him to stay, or that anyone will take him back for his actions. He’s well aware of what’s about to happen and that people don’t want him around anyway.
But you KNOW. You KNOW he would have taken it all back if someone had done what Karkat did here, and Karkat ACKNOWLEDGES that Eridan knew that he felt like the team didn’t really need him, or want him, and that he’d be better off elsewhere. He also acknowledges that it’s not even a mistake on HIS PART, not something that he’s MADE YET, anyway (this is in regard to joining Jack, not the murder, not yet.) He also acknowledges that if Eridan had actually gone over there, he would have been a powerful ally to Jack, and someone who was, arguably, USEFUL, and that would at the very least give him some sort of fulfillment, even if it wasn’t the friendship he needed. This is a crucial moment where Eridan needed someone to just ask him to STAY and help, after everyone has already rejected his help and presence.
Karkat shows him compassion, here. It’s something small, it’s something cheesy. But it’s forgiveness, and it’s care, and it’s asking him to stay and do something and be there. It’s what Eridan wanted all along, and he finally got it in this adaptation. All he needed was one person, and yeah, it might have actually needed to be Karkat, specifically (we’re getting closer to why that is I SWEAR I SWEAR)
Tumblr media
... AND, then, if he’d done that, given the temptation of Sollux’s taunting and constant shit-talking...
Tumblr media
... he would have stayed to help. He would have been reliable. He wouldn’t have let anything happen to him if Karkat had just, said something. Stepped in. He was IN THE ROOM. He wasn’t SAYING ANYTHING. And here’s the thing! In Summerteen, Eridan caused a lot of this conflict with the camps! We don’t get to see the plot develop, but he MIGHT ALSO be the reason for the bomb! But Karkat acknowledges that Eridan is reliable, and he’ll fix it. Gamzee is supposed to be his moirail, but what’s Gamzee doing this WHOLE time?
Uh, nothing.
Nothing at all for pretty much the entirety of the Summerteen Friend Fiction, actually. These are literally all his lines of dialogue:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s it. That’s IT. In every other place, he’s just sitting in the background! There was a bomb about to go off in the cabin and Gamzee was literally just chilling outside. I love Gamzee to pieces, and this was more a reflection of Karkat’s perception and feelings towards the whole situation than anything else, and that’s important to note, but yeah, he wasn’t there, and he wouldn’t have been there to be able to fix it. He hasn’t been a part of any of this conflict. He hasn’t done anything in this fic at ALL to push it forward, and them blowing up his sand castle was his most climatic moment. In the comic proper, Gamzee had already been possessed by Lord English and had killed Nepeta and Equius already, when they were in the reactor room, but in the parts before, where Karkat also makes him a background character in Summerteen, doing whatever he pleases... he was probably busy battling his drug addiction withdrawals, alone, doing his best to tough it out without his moirail’s help, since he knew Karkat was busy (which is probably when Lord English got him.) It’s not Gamzee’s fault for not being there, but one thing’s for sure: Karkat can rely on Eridan more than Gamzee to fix problems, even when Eridan was the one who started them.
So what DID Karkat do wrong?
Tumblr media
Right after Eridan attacks everyone (but Karkat) in the reactor room, proper, instead of actually messaging current Eridan, he messages past Eridan, and thus, creates what is probably Eridan’s biggest breaking point. EVERYONE had pushed him away up until now, except for Karkat, and then he gets this message, and even Karkat (who didn’t even say this to Vriska and Gamzee after they murdered his friends, by the way,) didn’t want him around, so like, why NOT go to Jack? Karkat created the problem before it even started, all because he decided to go attack an Eridan who hadn’t done anything yet. You know, Eridan would have probably told Karkat he was thinking of joining Jack and Karkat could have told him not to and it would have been just fine, had he NOT, sent this. Everything would have been fine.
Karkat gives everyone a happy ending in Summerteen, right? So like, what is it?
Tumblr media
(Sorry for accidentally painting over Eridan’s face I am a disgrace)
Oh. So most people get a happy ending, not EVERYONE. Aradia doesn’t even GET hers, and
Tumblr media
Karkat’s not in it with them. He’s an observer, only there to stop menial conflicts. Throughout the ENTIRETY of Summerteen Romance, Karkat barely says ANYTHING, and when he does do stuff, he does stuff like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mere one-liners, barely talking at all, a bland, uninteresting protagonist whose only traits are handsomeness and Stoic Leader, who only ever says good things about his friends, always believes in them, is well received, and...
that’s it. I also want to acknowledge that these moments, and the moment where he says something to Eridan, are the only times he talks in the entirety of Summerteen Romance. That’s it! Karkat, who is arguably the main character of his own story, and one of the bigger main characters in Homestuck...
... put himself to the side in favor of making the narrative about his friends, and, even moreso, took him out of their happy ending, and decided that instead of meddling in everyone’s shit, like he TRIED to do, he’d shut up and only talk for one, crucial moment, and make other bullshit passing comments otherwise. And there’s the second mistake he thinks he made:
Not shutting his goddamn mouth, ever. Less talking, more doing, and less doing. Just letting his friends work it out, without him.
Tumblr media
Karkat was thinking of writing himself out from the very beginning of Summerteen Romance.
Even in the PROPER INTRODUCTORY PAGE of this entire thing, Karkat’s just a faceless character in the front showing no trait of endearment, and the people he feels he betrayed most, who betrayed him most, and, arguably, two of the people he CARES about the most, are put at the very back, so far separated from Karkat, because he feels like he hasn’t done anything to deserve their closeness. I mean, look at TAVROS. Even in Summerteen, his happy ending for Tavros is that he stuck up for himself, and like, look!
Tumblr media
He KNOWS what happened to Tavros. He feels GUILTY. He knew exactly the kind of shit Vriska would do to him, even if he dumbed it down, and he shows that they all just turned their heads and let it happen, and he knows that if he had put his foot down and done something for Tavros,
if he had been there for Gamzee, if he had been there for Eridan,
He could have at least made things better for them, even if it’s not perfect. And the end of Summerteen isn’t perfect, because it’s not like Tavros still has his legs, and it’s not like none of this conflict ever happened, it’s just. Fixing the parts that killed his friends. Tavros is an abuse survivor in Summerteen. He’s someone who died from his abuser in the comic proper.
He only changes one of those narratives by himself. I think that shows where his biggest regret lies, and that’s a fucking big oof for Gamzee, and an even bigger oof for Tavros, who died at the hands of Vriska.
But hold on. Everyone but Aradia and Karkat get happy endings, because Karkat wrote himself out of his own story. And Karkat fixes his biggest regret with Eridan by being there for him, right?
Tumblr media
So why does Eridan get two, when he never really needed to find love in the first place and it didn’t fix anything,
Tumblr media
WHY is the person he found love with the one with Karkat’s color plastered on him,
Tumblr media
And why does that person, in this panel, have the same ambiguous fluctuating purple-violet on them that Karkat has had throughout this entire Summerteen Romance bullshit?
I mean none of this matters anyway and there’s no way the author actually thought about any of this symbolism, but there you go, take from that what you will, maybe I sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but that was fun and I don’t care
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sylkhi · 9 hours ago
Last one for the day. This one is a bit about how being a godly parent works?
So, I think that really really minor gods put their demigod children under the protection of a more major god with powers similar to their own. An example of what I'm talking about (though it isn't truly it in many ways) is how though Jupiter sired Jason, Juno is essentially his mother. Again, a lot of the things about this example aren't exactly what I'm talking about, but just read and see.
The reason for the choice of god should be pretty obvious (I think); they want their kid convinced once they manifest any powers or skills they might have.
My example is that the erotes (cupid, agape, pothos, etc) would put their children under the protection of Aphrodite/Venus because they'd have similar powers. After that, claiming should work the same. I HC that Macy isn't a child of Aphrodite, and is actually a child to one of the erotes.
But the problem with putting their children under other gods is that these other gods tend to ignore the children in favour of their own.
For that reason, more often than not, the god chosen is Hermes.
Hermes is the god of a lot of things, so even the more niche gods can get away with it. He's also the one of the only ones who'd treat them without any bias and give them all a pretty okay amount of love and attention.
Demeter is another one, and that's because she considers all agricultural gods (even the ones she's had children with before when they were mortals) to be her children, and thinks of the whole situation as "children of my children".
So, does anyone ever know the truth about who the parent of the demigod is?
Yes. Our favourite resident liar-cum-horse-man, Chiron, has millenia of experience and can tell who a demigod is child to. He keeps quiet about it, and he's eaten up about it to the point that that part of him is pretty numb. He still feels a pang every time he has to keep quiet about it, though.
The other relevant person who knows is King Minos, and he tells the spirits of demigods who their true parent was when they pass, not for his role as the judge of truth, but because he enjoys watching their faces crumble when they realise just how much of their life was a lie. He's a cruel man, just like his father Zeus.
Jason playing a role as a sort of Pontifex Maxima also created a hubbub, because now minor gods are represented enough to feel they have the power to protect their demigod children after claiming them (that's the point of claiming btw, divine protection from a demigod's godly parent)
They won't claim their children who've already been claimed by another god before, but those children will likely make the connection by similarity in powers. The situation is a bit of a powder keg.
No shitposting for this one, I feel the topic just deserves a ficlet with an OC. Is that something you guys would be interested in seeing? Do tell.
Anyway, deuces.
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takotuesday · 10 hours ago
Great things happening on stereo right now. Com chat with us! via Twitter
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omnigeekempire · 12 hours ago
Comparing Orcs To Black People & Other Minorities Is Probably The Most Disrespectful Shit I've Ever Heard! Might As Well Just Call Them The N-Word!
Comparing Orcs To Black People & Other Minorities Is Probably The Most Disrespectful Shit I’ve Ever Heard! Might As Well Just Call Them The N-Word!
The sheer fact that I’m writing this already pisses me off! How in God’s good name did the discussion of Orcs being the fantasy version of Black people even come about? Actually don’t answer that, I already know the answer to that. (more…)
Tumblr media
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prose-for-hire · 14 hours ago
After rewatching The Initiative(season 4 episode 7), I realized that after several years of knowing about vampires, Willow still has the nerve to yell come in at an unlocked door🍒
I know! She prob knows more that the rest of the Scoobies about vampires/rules too and yet there she is casually inviting any vampire in the local area in for tea lol
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senenews · 14 hours ago
Real Madrid : Sergio Ramos et Florentino Perez ont une discussion voici ce qui en serait ressorti
Real Madrid : Sergio Ramos et Florentino Perez ont une discussion voici ce qui en serait ressorti
Après des mois de négociations, les dirigeants du Real Madrid auraient pris une décision drastique au sujet du dossier de Sergio Ramos. Pour rappel, le capitaine du club Merengue est libre de discuter avec le club de son choix puisque son contrat arrive à son terme au prochain mercato estival. Plusieurs rumeurs sont alimentées par la presse au sujet du dossier du capitaine emblématique du Real…
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dktc-turgle · 15 hours ago
After next episode, I’ll do a write up like my last two posts for Sam. He’s the third part of the trifecta, but I want to see how he adopts the new role first. Fingers crossed on a fan theory...
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omnigeekempire · 15 hours ago
Tower of Fantasy Is What I Wanted To See Genshin Impact Deliver!
Tower of Fantasy Is What I Wanted To See Genshin Impact Deliver!
Tower of Fantasy, an upcoming open world game from Hotta Studio, is a game that up until recently was just something more of an afterthought. However, the more I look into the game, the more I realise that his is what I wanted Geshin Impact to play! (more…)
Tumblr media
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literary-lion · 16 hours ago
What Makes You Pick Up a Book? | Let's Talk Bookish
What Makes You Pick Up a Book? | Let’s Talk Bookish
TL;DR: Author, Cover, Hype. Book marketing is a mysterious profession where people try to find out the answers to the exact question that Raefala @ The Portuguese Bibliophile has posed this week. What is it that makes us as readers pick up a book and choose to read it? How can author and publishers get more people to pick up there book? I think it’s probably different for everyone which makes…
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ahsanalishaw · 17 hours ago
General Motors is the US 🇺🇸 largest automobile manufacturing company. Read my article & learn more;
#automotive #cars #generalmotors #generalmotors #automotiveindustry #manufacturing #innovation #additivemanufacturing #engineering General Motors Fleet. General Motors Fleet
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divaricca · 17 hours ago
Whether we have ourselves cremated and scattered, buried or set up as a monument. Either way, the body will return to dust to Mother Nature, in her natural womb.
I'm not fully sure but the consciousness or what we call soul will either proceed in dimensions without time and space, or return to a collective subconscious zero point of the earthly-experience.
Back to the cosmic womb; where we should not fear its divine - loving - void.
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mmwcrypto · 17 hours ago
Daily Discussion, April 16, 2021 : Bitcoin
Daily Discussion, April 16, 2021 : Bitcoin
Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you! If you don’t get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing it differently or commenting again tomorrow. Join us in the r/Bitcoin…
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omnigeekempire · 17 hours ago
Ultra Age: High-Speed Change Action KOREAN Game
Ultra Age: High-Speed Change Action KOREAN Game
Ultra Age, developed by Korean publisher INTRAGAMES and developers Next Stage and Visual Dart is a high-speed action roguelike game with some sweet ass combat. It somehow flew under my radar, but then again I’m a one-man show and am bound to miss something from time to time. (more…)
Tumblr media
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